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by alyssashortstuff
1 month ago
Forum: TUG Talk
Topic: Getting tied up "professionally"
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Re: Getting tied up "professionally"

There are options that wouldn't jeopardize your career. I have bound and photographed dozens of women, some of whom did not want to be identifiable in the pics. The key is to find a photographer and a rigger (or a photographer/rigger) in whom you can trust. They can be found in your local kink comm...
by alyssashortstuff
8 months ago
Forum: Fictional Stories For Everyone
Topic: Memoirs of Peter S aged 14 and 3/4 m/f+ (Part 7 added)
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Re: Memoirs of Peter S aged 14 and 3/4 m/f+ (Part 7 added)

I thought this was very well written all throughout. The build up and explanations for all the emotions and feelings were great. I enjoyed reading this
by alyssashortstuff
1 year ago
Forum: TUG Talk
Topic: Introduce Yourself
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Hello, I'm Alyssa. I enjoy being tied up and been enjoying that for years. I used to lurk around and read some stuff but I made an account to become more of a part of the forum