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Family ties (M/mm)

Stories that have little truth to them should go here.
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Family ties (M/mm)

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My name is Gregory, but most people call me Greg. I am a sixteen years old normal guy, who lives with parents in the suburbs of a small town. I am quite well built; not too muscular, but athletic. I have a nice six-pack of which I am really proud. Like most guys at my age would be, I suppose. 180cm tall, short blond hair, brown eyes.

During summer holidays I always stay at my uncle’s, my father’s brother. He lives not far from us, around 3 hours by car. He has a son, Jeff; he is my age. My uncle’s wife died 7 years ago due to medical error, when she was in the hospital with pneumonia. From that time my uncle had to rise Jeff alone, but instead being both mother and father to his son, he became more like his best friend. I guess he didn’t know how to handle the situation and thought it would be the best that way.

I get on with Jeff really well, but since I can remember we were always very competitive. When we were asked by our parents to do something we always had to find out which one would do it better, faster, etc. My mother thought that one day this whole competition thing would simply go off, but it never did.

That summer my parents drove me to my uncle’s house and after having a cup of coffee they returned home, leaving me, as usual, at my uncle’s for the next two months. I liked my uncle a lot, he always was cool and treated me well. He was a construction worker and worked much, sometimes seven days a week. But that time he had his weekends free, so we could do some stuff together.

After my parents had left my uncle helped me carry my luggage to my bedroom. It was next my cousin’s room; I wanted to say hi to Jeff, but apparently he was absent. My uncle told me he had sent him to run some errands and that he should be home any minute. Indeed, Jeff returned soon; we shook hands and he invited me to his room to play a new video game he bought recently.
While we were enjoying the game my uncle went to Jeff’s bedroom to tell us he had to leave for some time, but he would be back shortly. We barely noticed him, mumbled something like ‘sure, no problem’ under our noses and continued with the game. After about half an hour Jeff said:

“I bet I’ll win the next round.”

“You wish.”

“Ok, let’s make a bet. If I win, I’ll tie you up, huh?”

I thought about it for a moment. The game we were playing was real fun, and I was pretty good at it. I supposed I would definitely win, so I accepted the challenge. But I didn’t tell Jeff that yet.

“Why do you want to tie me up?” I asked.

“Dunno, I just thought it would be fun.” Jeff answered in a casual tone.

“And what if I win?”

“Then you get to tie me, how about that?”

“Why not.” I replied. “But won’t your dad be angry when he finds out.”

“Why should he? Besides, he’s gone now and by the time he comes back I’ll untie you.” Jeff said
with a grin on his face.

“You’re pretty confident, man. All right, let’s do it.”

We started the game and played for about half an hour. It wasn’t obvious who would win until the very end, but unfortunately I finally lost. Jeff boasted how good he was and how easy it was to beat me. In a while his attitude was gone and he said it was time for him to tie me up. He told me to wait in his bedroom while he collects some rope from his father’s garage.

“Dude, isn’t that too much?” I asked when he was back. He brought several coils of white rope with him.

“Don’t complain looser.” Was all he said.

He told me to lie down on the carpet and forced my wrists behind my back. He made them parallel to each other and bound them together. I wasn’t very uncomfortable, and the feeling was strange; I have never been tied up before so the loss of freedom was weird. On the other hand it was… thrilling to be unable to do anything. When Jeff was done with my wrists he moved to my legs. He tied them tightly at the ankles and left me to struggle.

“I bet I can get out from this in half an hour.” I said in a cocky tone.

“Oh yeah? Then I tell you what: if you get out I’ll give you fifty bucks, and if you don’t you give me fifty bucks. Deal?”


I immediately started struggling and trying to wiggle my wrists out of the rope. Jeff did a pretty good job tying me, but after a short while I managed to loosen the knot a little bit. Now I was sure I would win the bet. But in the same moment I realized would earn fifty dollars for nothing the door to Jeff’s bedroom opened and I saw uncle Dave staring at us.

“What the hell is going on?!” He asked and looked at his son. “You did this?”

“We’re just hanging out, that’s all Dad. Besides, he agreed to be tied up.” Jeff replied in an apologizing tone.

“Did you, Greg?” Uncle Dave turned to me now.

“I did. It’s a bet: if I can get out I get fifty dollars.”

“Bets again… Untie him Jeff. We’ll talk about this in the morning.” My cousin started untying the ropes binding my wrists.

“You think he’s mad at us?” I asked him.

“Probably not. But let’s not anger him anymore today.”

When Jeff untied my wrists he told me to take care of my ankles while he takes a shower. I did and
then it was my turn in the bathroom. We ate supper later and went to bed. I was wondering what uncle would say tomorrow.
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I woke up next morning around 9. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed. I put my soccer shorts and a T-shirt on. I remained barefoot, because it was already getting pretty hot outside. When I was done I went to the kitchen to grab something to eat. Jeff was already up and was finishing his breakfast.

“Morning, Greg.” Said my uncle who was cooking something. He was wearing faded blue jeans with very wide black leather belt, grey tank top and had his construction shoes on.

“Hi uncle.”

I sat at the table, and my uncle soon joined me and Jeff. We chatted a little bit while eating. Suddenly my uncle said:

“So, how your tie up last night, Gred?”

“Nothing to talk about, I guess. Jeff and I had a bet. If you hadn’t told him to untie me I am sure I could escape in no time at all.” I said in cocky tone.

“Yeah, right.” Said Jeff. I started arguing with him.

“No need to fight, guys.” My uncle cut in. “If you like bets so much, then how about this: I’ll tie you both up and give you one hour to escape. The one who is free after that time would have the other one make all the chores in the house during the whole weekend, what do you say?”

Jeff and I looked at each other and then said:

“Deal. When do you want to tie us up?”

“Just about now, just give me a few moments to gather some stuff.”

He told us to clean the kitchen after breakfast and went to the garage. He returned with two wooden chairs with high backs and armrests. Then he went to the garage again and brought a box with him.

When we finished washing the dishes uncle Dave told us to come closer to the chairs. He gave us both two small sponges and told us to squeeze them tightly. He took a roll of duct tape and began wrapping my hands, making my fingers completely useless. When he was done I had some sort of mitts on. My uncle turned to his son, and bound his hands the same way he did mine.

Then he made me sit on one of the chairs and put my arms on the armrests. He produced a long coil of rope and began to fasten my left arms to the chair, circling the rope around my arm and the armrest from my wrist to my elbow. After he cinched the knot my arm was perfectly immobilized. Soon he took care of my right arm and I was stuck. In a while Jeff was tied to another chair exactly as I was.

“Wow, you’re really tying us up, uncle.” I said amazed.

“Doing what I do I’ve learnt to do everything properly. Besides, if you tie someone up you want that person to stay tied up for as long as you want.
What would be the point in tying a guy up and let him free himself?” He asked rhetorically.

“I guess you’re right.” I said and tested my bonds; they were flawless.

Uncle Dave took several shorter coils and began tying Jeff’s legs to the legs of his chair. He bound them at the ankles and just below his knees.
Then he wound another coil under the chair and over Jeff’s thighs forcing him a little deeper into the chair. My legs were next, and in a while me
and my cousin were stuck and helpless. But my uncle was far from over.

“How does that feel, boys?” He asked in a teasing manner. “You think you can get out of that?”

“You bet I can!” Jeff said in a cocky tone. He was pretty sure he could get out. I, on the other hand, didn’t share his optimism in this matter.

“The time hasn’t started yet, so stop struggling.” Uncle Dave said firmly to his son, who was wiggling on his chair. Jeff calmed down a bit.

He took another coil of rope and went behind Jeff. I looked as he was wrapping the rope around his son’s torso and the chair, fixing him to the chair even more. The he tied his son’s waist to the chair as well. My turn was next and I soon had my torso and waist tied to the chair as well. The bonds were really tight and firm, there was no way I could untie myself.

“Now, before I leave you to struggle and futile attempts to get free, one final touch.” I heard my uncle say.

He went to his son and put a roll of heavy duty duct tape on his legs. The tape looked very solid and wide. My uncle knelt and untied his shoes and took off his socks. I guess once they were white, but know they were totally filthy, with stains of sweat on them.

“Dad, no kidding, you don’t have to gag us!” Jeff said frightened. He looked disgusted.

“Yeah, I do. The whole concept of being tied up is also to get gagged. You’re not tied up properly if you’re not gagged as well.” My uncle replied and stood up.

“Open wide, son. This sock goes into your mouth anyway, so just be a man and accept it.”

Jeff clamped his mouth shut immediately. His father let out a sigh and simply pinched his son’s nose with his fingers. It didn’t take long Jeff to open his mouth to breathe. The moment his mouth became open, his father jammed his sweaty sock into his son’s mouth. Jeff gagged a little, but his father didn’t pay too much attention to that. He took his time making sure the sock stuffed Jeff’s entire mouth. Then he tore a long piece of duct tape and pressed it firmly over his son’s lips. Then came two more stripes over his mouth, and two under his chin. Next uncle Dave unwound some tape and pressed it on Jeff’s cheek. He wrapped the tape around his son’s mouth over ten times, smoothing it after each wrap. I looked at my uncle muzzling his son cruelly, giving him no chance to spit the sock out. When he was done, he patted his son on his cheek and ruffled his hair.

“Hope you like the gag, son. I’ve been wearing that sock for the whole week in my job, so it got quite sweaty and dirty, but you’ll clean it for me,
won’t you, son?” He said playfully; Jeff just moaned in disgust.

Uncle Dave took another sock and the tape and came to me.

“You know what to do Greg, so why won’t you just open your mouth?” He said. I knew it was impossible for me to stop him from gagging me, so I opened my mouth wide.

“Good boy.”

Uncle Dave thrust his sock into my mouth; the moment it touched my tongue I knew how sweaty and salty it was. When it was past my teeth, my uncle muzzled my mouth the same way he did to his son. Three long stripes over my mouth, two under my chin, and ten wraps around my head, over my mouth.

“OK guys, the time starts now. You’ve got one hour to get free.” My uncle said.

Jeff and I started struggling and moaning into our gags.

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Post by squirrel »

Struggling against our bonds did us no good. Uncle Dave did an extremely nice job tying me and my cousin to the chairs. After only a short while of squirming and moaning into my gag I knew perfectly well that it would be impossible for us to free ourselves without help. Even my fingers were duct taped tightly and useless; the only part of my body that I could move was my head. So I stopped struggling and just sat there watching my cousin, Jeff.

He, on the other hand was fighting like a caged animal. The room was filled with his muffled shouts and he was thrashing as much as his bonds allowed him; which, of course, wasn’t much. Seconds after he started struggling I saw beads of sweat forming on his forehead; Jeff really wanted to get out of those bonds and win the bet.

The hour uncle Dave gave us to free ourselves seemed to last a lot longer than it should. Finally, when the time was up, he entered the room and said:

“How are you doing, boys?” He asked as in a teasing voice. Jeff moaned in reply; I remained silent.

He checked my bonds and retied those, which went loose. It surprised me a lot, because one hour has passed, and I expected to be untied. I guess Jeff was thinking exactly the same; when he saw his father retie the rope around my legs, he began thrashing and shouting into his gag again.

When uncle Dave made sure my bonds are secure he moved to his son. I saw that he tied Jeff’s knots a little tighter than mine; after all Jeff was struggling violently and was probably able to loosen some of them.

“Sorry, guys, but I guess you have to stay like this a little longer than you expected. You see Greg, your father called me yesterday and asked me to make sure you won’t go to that party you were planning to go to tonight. It seems that your friends aren’t as grown up as they appear to be, and we don’t want you to get into any troubles.” My uncle said.

I was shocked; when I realized what my uncle has just said I started squirming and shouting into my gag. I wanted to tell him that I was supposed to meet a girl I really liked there, and that I didn’t want to disappoint her. It was all useless; the ropework was flawless, and the gag was tight and secure. I was to be bound for as long as my uncle wanted.

“Mmmmphh” I heard Jeff.

I guess he tried to tell his father to untie him. Jeff wasn’t going to go to the party with me, so there was no good reason for his father to keep him trussed like that.

“Sorry, son, but you’re gonna accompany your cousin. You don’t want him to feel alone, do you?” Uncle replied with a smirk.

Now we were both shouting and trying to escape.

“Stop that guys, or I’ll make your predicament even worse.”

There was nothing uncle Dave could say that would prevent us from struggling and trying to do anything to loosen the knots. Unfortunately, we couldn’t even use our fingers; they were duct taped securely. There was absolutely no way we could free ourselves. But we tried and made as much noise as possible.

“Oh well, if you really want that, then fine.” I heard my uncle say and saw him remove his construction boots.

He grabbed the roll of duct tape and went to Jeff. He opened the boot wide and pressed it against
his son’s face. Jeff moaned in disgust and tried moving his head, but his father kept the boot firmly. With his teeth uncle Dave unwound some tape and plastered it on his boot. Then he wound the tape around Jeff’s head at the level of his mouth and forehead, making sure his son wouldn’t be able to shake the boot off.

When uncle Dave was satisfied he ruffled Jeff’s hair playfully, took the tape and his other boot and came to me. I tried pleading, but he ignored me. He placed his boot over my face; the musky scent filled my nostrils. It was a mixture of sweat, dirt and masculine odor. Being forced to breathe with my nose I had to inhale the scent; to my horror I realized that I liked that! A little tent was beginning to form in my trousers; I hoped neither my uncle nor Jeff would notice it…

I heard my uncle unwind the tape and soon I had his boot firmly duct taped to my face.

“Now boys, be good if you don’t want to make your position worse. And be perfectly quiet; I want to enjoy my cigar and beer while watching baseball. So don’t you dare disturb me, or you’ll both regret. Understood?” My uncle said and we both nodded.

“And with you” I heard him whisper into my ear “ I’ll have some later”

I gulped and moaned…

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Post by squirrel »

My uncle left the room leaving me and my cousin alone.

The smell of my uncle’s construction boot was disgusting. Yet I knew very well that I would have to inhale his foot odor for as long as my uncle wanted me to. I could do nothing; bound and gagged as

I was I couldn’t even shake the boot off. It was duct taped firmly to my face and I had to agree with that simple fact. I was extremely pissed off when my uncle told me I wouldn’t be able to go to the party tonight with my friends, but struggling and shouting through my gag did no good to me; I only got tired and produced more sweat. Finally I gave up and just decided to take all this like a man.

Jeff wasn’t as reasonable as I was; he shouted and struggled with all his strength. Of course, he got nowhere. The only thing he achieved was exhaustion. After some time he also resigned and just sat there, bound, gagged and finally quiet.

“So boys, how are you doing? Any luck with those knots?” My uncle said teasingly when he entered the room again.

He unwound the tape holding his boot to my face. The moment it was gone I inhaled deeply, sucking as much of fresh air as I could. I breathed like this for a few times. I waited for my uncle to remove the other shoe from his son’s face, but he didn’t even move to him. It must have irritated

Jeff, because his angry shouts soon filled the room. His father ignored him completely; instead he went behind my chair and grabbed it.

“I have a little surprise for you, Greg” he said as he started pulling the chair out of the room.

“Mmmhmm?” I tried to ask but nothing but pity sounds came out.

Uncle Dave dragged me down the hallway and to the doors of the garage. By the time we got to the room he was panting heavily; I wasn’t as light as I thought I was. Or maybe my uncle was weaker than I thought? I don’t know why but at that very moment this case seemed very interesting to me.

My uncle opened the door and dragged me inside. The garage door were closed but I saw my dad’s car parked inside. Which meant that my father must have been somewhere there too. Soon he came out from other side of our car, a large van. He didn’t even bother to say something to me, he and my uncle just shook hands.

“I see you’ve done an excellent work, bro.” My uncle said after he had checked my bonds.

“It wasn’t that difficult, he and Jeff agreed to take a challenge, so I tied them both up. In fact
Jeff is still tied in his room.”

“Nice. I must go and say ‘hi’ to him. But that’s for later. Help me with him, Dave.”

“Yeah, no problem”

Both of them took my chair and dragged it to the back of the van. My dad opened it and they both picked up the chair and put it on the floor of the van. I knew very well what they had in mind, so

I started protesting and screaming. It all came muffled, but the sweat on my face caused the adhesive to loosen a little. If I moved my jaw more I could loosen the tape and hopefully spit the gag out.

“Dave, stay with him for a while, I’ll go to Jeff and tell him what’s going on” My father said and went inside the house.

My uncle hopped to the van and sat on the floor in front of me. I didn’t want to break the gag right in front of him, so I just stared at him, pretty much nothing less I could do at that moment.

He also said nothing, so we spent those few minutes in silence. I managed calm myself a bit and tried to figure out the way to wiggle my hands free. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but since the knots went loose a little bit I thought I could give it a try.

“Sorry guys, it took some time to persuade Jeff to stay calm. He is an impatient kid.” My dad said as he entered the garage again. He had a roll of duct tape in his hands.

“You took the gag out, I suppose?” My uncle asked.

“Sure, he can’t be gagged while we’re gone. By the way, bro, it was a nasty idea to gag your own son with your sock. I like it, though.”

“Greg is gagged the same way. It was a challenge so I had to be fair, you know”

They both laughed and my dad hopped inside the van as well. They moved my chair to the front cabin with its back to the wall; I was looking at the door of the van now. My uncle went behind my back and started to peel the tape away from my mouth. It hurt a lot, but I was eager to spit that filthy sock. When the final piece of tape was removed from my mouth I started to push the sock with my tongue.

“You wish, son.” My dad said as his brother put his hand on my mouth.

“MMPHPHHH!” I tried to yell.

“Nobody said we’re gonna take the gag out, we just need to change the tape. You’ve been sweating all day, so the adhesive must have loosen.” I heard my uncle from behind my back.

My dad took some material from the pocket of his trousers and wiped my face from the sweat. When he was about to the sweat from my mouth my uncle took his hand away for a split second. It wasn’t enough time to push the sock out. The moment my dad was done, uncle Dave hand gagged me again. I was furious.

“Don’t be so mad, son.” My dad said.

He unwound some tape and plastered it on my face. Uncle Dave took his hand away and my dad started wrapping the tape around my mouth again. He went seven times around my mouth, making sure the tape sticks perfectly. I was gagged pretty well again, with no chances to get rid of the gag on my own.
When he was satisfied he ripped the tape with his teeth and plastered it on my face, smoothing it

“It’s so good to see you so quiet, boy. I guess I’ll tie you up more often in the future.” My father said and he and uncle Dave laughed loudly.

“You stay with him, I’ll drive. I grabbed your cigar, so you’ll have something to do during the ride.” He added and handed his brother the cigar.

“Thanks dude.”

My father left the van and closed the door from outside. I was now with my uncle; he didn’t say anything to me. He just lit his cigar, sat leaning against the van and enjoyed it. I had no idea what was going on. The only thing I was sure was the fact that I was save. I knew my family and was perfectly sure none of them would do anything to hurt me. I heard the engine start…

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Me and my uncle were in the back my father’s van. I was tied to a chair and my uncle was sitting, leaning against the van, smoking his cigar. He kept quiet and I knew well there it would be useless to try and talk to him. Not that I could do that; I was tightly gagged with my uncle’s sock and many layers of duct tape wrapped around my face. My mouth was parched dry; I was gagged for several hours now and I wanted the gag out. Unfortunately with my hands behind my back I could do nothing to make that happen.

“Plmmmmmsmmm” I tried to say to my uncle.

He just looked at me, but said nothing. He kept puffing on his cigar. When I made a sound he stood up and smoothed the tape on my face. He then patted me gently on my cheek and sat down again. This meant that I had to stay gagged for God knew how much more. I sighed and didn’t try to make any more noise.

We were driving for what seemed like hours to me, but I guess it was around 45 minutes. Finally I heard my father, who was driving, get out of his cabin and I could hear a garage door open. Wherever my folks wanted to take me, we were there. After a while the van moved again and we drove inside the house. After my father had closed the garage door he opened the door of the van.

“You had a pleasant journey?” He asked us and he and my uncle laughed.

“It was cool, bro. He didn’t fuss at all! Not that he could to, anyway.”

I grunted something behind my gag. Keeping me bound and gagged was one thing, but they didn’t have to make fun of me.

“Let’s get him out of here.” My dad said and they both came to me.

First they untied my legs from the legs of the chair. Then they untied my torso and I was able to stand up. I turned my back to them, expecting to released, but they laughed again and turned me back again.

“Sorry, son, but you have to stay tied up a little longer. If you promise to be a good kid, we’ll take the gag out in a while.”

I rolled my eyes and cursed behind my gag. That definitely wasn’t something I wanted.

They didn’t bother answering me and they simply walked me out of the van and to the kitchen. They sat me on a chair and told me not to get up. I thought they would tie me up to this chair, but they didn’t do it. Instead, my uncle left the room and soon I heard him drive our van away. I assumed he went to his house to free his own son. I was sure that leaving his son bound and gagged on his own wasn’t that smart of him, but my thoughts were unimportant now. At least to them…

“I’m going to cook dinner for us now, son. I want you to sit in that chair, don’t make noise and we’ll take the gag out so you can it. If you behave, we won’t put it on again. Deal?” My dad asked without even looking at me.

What else could I do? I nodded my head and stayed on the chair. I watched my father peel the potatoes, cut meat and vegetables and then prepare a nice stew. I liked the smell; in fact I have to say that my dad is an excellent cook and he should work as one, but he never felt like it. I guess it was like a hobby to him and making it his work would ruin everything.

Anyway, I waited in that damn chair, not daring to move. After an hour or so the stew was ready and at the same time I hear the garage door open again and the van driving in. My uncle was back. But he wasn’t alone. His son Jeff was with him and he was tied up exactly as I was: his hands behind his back and his mouth taped shut.

“MMPPHH!” Jeff tried to speak as my uncle seated him in another chair.

“Look boys, here is the deal” my dad started when Jeff calmed down a little. “We will take your gags out and feed you. Then we’ll give you some water. If you remain completely silent we won’t gag you again. But if you dare to speak you’ll remain gagged for the rest of the day.”

Me and my cousin looked at each other. We both knew that the only way to get rid of those disgusting socks from our mouths was to agree to the terms. We both nodded.

“Good boys.” My dad said and ruffled my hair playfully.

They took the tape from our faces and we were finally able to spit the socks out. What a relief… We both moved our aching jaws. My uncle poured some water to a glass and gave some to us. It was wonderful to taste something else than my uncle’s sweaty sock. I gulped the water and waited to be fed.

After dinner my uncle lit another cigar and just relaxed. My father cleaned the table and washed the dishes. When he was done he joined us at the table.

“Now look boys.” My uncle started to speak. “In the morning when you were both tied up, one of your friends called and invited you both to some kind of a party tonight. I asked some questions and it seems there will be a lot of alcohol and other stuff like this.”

He paused for a while. I liked the idea of getting out tonight. My uncle carried on:

“But we think it’s not a good idea to let you go. It’s far too dangerous to deal with vodka, drugs and God knows what else. So we’re gonna keep you tied up like this.”

“What?! What drugs dad, I don’t take drugs!” I shouted.

“You can’t do this to us!” Jeff added.

My uncle and dad looked at each other and grinned. The stood up and my dad clamped his hands on my and Jeff’s mouths.

“Told you to stay quiet, boys” my uncle said and grabbed the socks.

He came to me first and put the sock into my mouth again. He then did the same to his son. We couldn’t spit it out, because my dad hand gagged us again. My uncle took the roll of duct tape and unwound some. He plastered the piece on my cheek and wrapped the tape 15 times around my lower face. Then he did the same thing to Jeff. We were completely gagged again.

“You’re gonna stay like this until tomorrow morning. Since you can’t obey the rules you must get punished.” My uncle said and left they both left the kitchen.

My cousin and I struggled and shouted but it did us no good. We were stuck. Our captors soon came back and took us to the living room where they forced us on our bellies on the floor. We spent the whole evening like that.

When it was time to go to bed my uncle went to the garage and came back with several piles of rope in his hand. Without saying a word he tied both of us into hogties, so we won’t cause troubles while they were asleep.

My dad stayed with us and slept on the couch. It was safer that way I suppose.

In the morning they untied us completely. I was furious with them and I didn’t say a word. I simply went to my room and went to sleep again. It was really uncomfortable to sleep hogtied and I didn’t rest much.

When the anger was gone I realized that I liked being tied up. I talked about this with my father and he agreed to tie me up from time to time if my grades at school won’t go down. It seems that my whole competitive nature granted me something I never expected 

The end

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awesome story
Barefoot and cuffed. That's the only way to go.

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Love the sock gag in the story

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Holy shit

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sockgaggedsissy wrote:
7 months ago
Holy shit
What do you mean?

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Post by bondagefreak »

@squirrel Seeing this thread bumped back into the present gave me another excuse to reread this epic tale. Damn, it's been too long since we've seen an update from you.

Think I've got the syndrome. The squirrel-addiction syndrome ;)


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bondagefreak wrote:
7 months ago
@squirrel Seeing this thread bumped back into the present gave me another excuse to reread this epic tale. Damn, it's been too long since we've seen an update from you.

Think I've got the syndrome. The squirrel-addiction syndrome ;)
Then I think I have a syndrome too :P

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So cool!

When my parents found me tied up in my bedroom one day the reaction was much.... different. 🤪

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Reread this again and can't help but wonder when we'll be blessed with another one of your works, Squirrel?

Seems to me like the forum is ripe for another one of your epics.
I know I certainly am 8-)


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