Hitchhiker (M/F, some F/F)

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“You awake?”

For a moment I laid on the bed, under the covers, waiting for an answer, before I remembered that Elsa was not in the cabin. I sat up, yawned, before grabbing clean clothes out of the little cupboard behind the drivers’ seat. Looking at the clock on the dash, I could see I had slept for 5 hours, which for me was enough to make me feel refreshed.

“Coffee time.” I said to myself, opening the curtains and letting the morning light shine into the cabin.

Dressed in my usual shorts and t-shirt, I climbed out of the truck, locking the door, and walking to the rear of curtain trailer, opening the left door. The sides of the trailer were made of strong vinyl, but the rear doors and the front wall were metal.

“Yo, sleepy head, are you awake?” I called out.

Elsa looked back at me from halfway down the trailer.

“I am getting coffee; do you want some? Anything to eat?”

She shook her head in return, indicating she didn’t want coffee or food. I shrugged, closed the door, and walked towards the main building. I had parked away from the building, the rear of the truck facing the tree line, and there were only 2 other trucks parked close by. Most other trucks were parked in a line in front of me between my truck and the truck stop building. There was a Derailed Diner, a Subway and a Chester’s in the Oasis Travel Center on County Road 64, right off the I-10. A Marathon pump and a TA Truck Service completed the plaza. The person who build the place had a sense of humor, as a train car and a truck jutted out from the main building as if they had crashed through the walls.

“Good morning.”

I was greeted by a young blond woman when I walked into the diner. It was about half full, with what looked like mostly truck drivers.

“Sit anywhere you like.”

The hostess looked like she was barely 18 but was pleasing to the eyes. I sat down at an empty table near a window, mostly out of habit, although I could not see my truck from the diner this time. A menu was already on the table. As almost always, I went for the big all-day breakfast. Traffic on the I-10, which I could see from the window, was going at a good speed, but I new we would hit Mobile, AL, soon, hence I had stopped here.

“Coffee?” The waitress, an older woman in her 50’s, asked me.

I nodded and waited for the cup to be filled. So far the trip had been easy. From Bunnell, FL, to Las Vegas, NV, was 2300 miles, a trip I could probably do in 33 hours straight, if that had been legal and physically possible. I had done a couple of weird trips in my time, but never one that required 33 hours of constant driving. Once I hit Jacksonville, FL, I had changed from Interstate 95 to Interstate 10. Traffic had been light, it was the middle of the night, and I had made good time. Elsa had been sleeping in the bed and she did not wake up till after I stopped at the truck stop and filled up on gas.


The plate was full of hot food and I dug in. It was excellent, just what a truck driver needed. Thinking ahead, I knew we would change interstates at Mobile, going from I-10 to I-98. I did not want to hit that in Mobile’s rush hour traffic, plus I wanted Elsa to see the crossing over the bridge at Mobile Bay. And since we were on a tourist trip, well Elsa was at least, I figured we could visit the USS Alabama, a WWII battleship.

“More coffee?”

I nodded and the waitress filled up again. I enjoyed the breakfast, even if it was early afternoon. When I was done, I settled the bill, leaving a nice tip, and walked back to the truck. I grabbed some keys from the storage area in the door and walked over to the back of the trailer, opening the left door again.

“Ready to come out?” I asked Elsa.

She nodded and I climbed in the trailer. Still dressed in the blue shorts and the t-shirt she got from Mandy before we left, her hair was unkept and she looked happy to see me.

“Did you enjoy your time in here?” I asked her.

“Hmmppffff.” She grunted as a reply, shaking her head.

The side canvas of the trailer was thick enough to not let much light in. It was not completely dark, enough light entered from the edges of the canvas, but it was not very bright. I looked at my Swedish hitchhiker for a moment, taking in the view of the helpless woman. Her hands were cuffed in front, with a 6-foot chain running from the cuffs to the rail in the floor of the trailer that would normally be used to secure a load. I had forgotten I had bought the chain, a small sized stainless-steel coil chain, when I stopped at the Walmart after leaving Chicago. Two padlocks, one connecting the cuffs to the chain, the other connecting the chain to the floor of the trailer, prevented Elsa from getting away from the center of the trailer. The chain allowed her to walk around, but not far.


“Yeah, I know you want out. It has been 5 hours since we locked you in here.

“Hmpf?” She asked.

I just nodded, figuring she just wanted a confirmation. I unlocked the handcuffs. Her hands went to her mouth, but I had taken precautions to prevent her from getting her gag off. The gag consisted of one of her own panties, I had no idea if they were clean or not, stuffed in her mouth and tape wrapped around her head, covering her face from her nose to her chin.

“Hmmppffff.” She grunted, frustrated that she was not able to remove the gag.

The fact that I had wrapped her hands with electrical tape, after I had handcuffed her, made it impossible for her to work on her gag. I had used a whole role of tape for her hands, wrapping them in nice tight balls.

“You want the gag out?” I asked, always being the gentleman.

She nodded and I carefully, as to not pull out too many of her natural blond hair, removed the tape. She spit out the panties.

“Thank you.” She sighed.

She held out a hand towards me, indicating that she wanted me to remove the tape from her hands. Ignoring her, I walked back to the door of the trailer.

“Coming?” I asked.

“Really? You are going to leave me like this?” She held up her still tightly taped hands.

“It will not stop you from walking.” I said, jumping out of the trailer.

Elsa walked to the end of the trailer, sat down on the edge and I helped her down.

“We’re almost at Mobile, Alabama, and I thought I would take you on a tourist trip. The USS Alabama is located at Mobile and it is open to the public. There is more to see there, a submarine and planes and military vehicles, but the main attraction is the retired battleship. She was the fourth and final member of the South Dakota class of fast battleships built for the United States Navy in the 1930s.”

“Look at that, a walking encyclopedia.” Elsa grinned.

We walked to the front of the truck, after locking the trailer, and I helped Elsa into the cabin on the passenger side. Once I got in on the driver’s side, I did up her seat belt, before doing mine. I had done my quick walk around the truck and trailer and it looked good, so I started the engine and headed for the exit of the truck stop.

“We will be crossing the Blakely River and Spanish River, which together form the Mobile Bay. It is a long bridge, but I figured you wanted to see it. Once we’ll cross, we’ll head to the battleship.” I said.

“Sounds fun. I never been on a battleship before.” Elsa replied.

Turning back onto the I-10, it did not take long to drive the 18 miles till we hit the Mobile Bay. The bridge is 7 miles long and is one of 2 bridges across the waters.

“Wow, that is impressive.” Elsa said. “Which I could take some pictures, but somebody taped up my hands.”

I had not thought about that.

“Sorry.” I said.

I drove as slowly as I could, without being a danger on the road, but traffic was light heading into Mobile. Leaving Mobile was already picking up traffic. After 4 miles of the bridge, I took exit 30 onto US Highway 98, also known as Battleship Parkway. Elsa could see the battleship ahead and once we made it to Battleship Park, I stopped at the entrance gate.

“Afternoon.” The young guy at the counter said.

I handed him the entrance fee in cash.

“Thank you.” He said, handing me my receipt.

“I can park here, right? I did not see a sign saying, no trucks.” I asked.

“Yes, you can park, just park with the RV’s, we have enough space.” He said, waving me through.

I drove towards the main parking area, noticing 2 RV’s parked in the lot closest to the road and parked the truck next to them. Turning my attention to Elsa, I worked on the tape on her hands, unwrapping her hands. Once her hands were free, she moved her fingers around.

“That feels better. You are really helpless without fingers.” She stated.

“I bet, but it was fun watching you.” I replied.

She took a moment to freshen up, before grabbing her phone and exiting the cab. I grabbed my Nikon camera and climbed out on my side.

“What you want to do first?” She asked me after walking around the cab.

I locked up and looked at the sky. Clouds were starting to move in from the Gulf of Mexico. The weather forecast had said rain in the evening.

“Let’s do the outside displays first, then we’ll do the Alabama.” I suggested.

Elsa agreed and after spending over an hour viewing the military equipment outside, we finally walked to the enormous ship. The tour was self-guided, which is perfect, as we can take as long as we want at some points and skip other items. It turned out that Elsa had a craving for knowledge, she wanted to see everything of the battleship, and before we knew it, closing time was coming up and we had not even seen half the ship. And we had no time to visit the Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion or the USS Drum, the submarine. When I looked over at the visitor parking lot, my truck was the only vehicle left.

“Did you enjoy the Alabama tour?” The guard at the entrance to the Alabama asked.

He was a tall good looking blond guy, about Elsa’s age, dressed in military uniform.

“It was great.” Elsa replied. “It is a shame we missed some of the other parts, but I bet you have to arrest me if we would not listen to you and walked around some more.”

The guard smiled, his eyes glittering. Elsa was laying it on thick, flirting with him. The weather was changing, more and more clouds were rolling in.

“Yeah, we would have to put you in the brig on the Alabama.” He replied.

“What is a brick? I am from Sweden; I don’t know what that means.” Els asked him.

“Sweden? Wow. That is interesting.” He replied.

I was kind of standing on the side, letting the two have their conversation. Elsa stood in front of the guard, looking up to him.

“My parents are from Norway. Kan du Norsk?” He asked.

I figured he asked if Elsa could speak Norwegian.

“Jeg snakker litt norsk. Pratar du svenska?”

He smiled and shook his head.

“That was about as much as I can say. I assumed you asked me of if I spoke Swedish?”

“Yes. I speak a little Norwegian, but not that well. My English is better.”

“I was born here, so the little bits I know in Norwegian are from my parents. I am Jens, nice to meet you.”

“Hi Jens, I am Elsa. This is Jack.”

We shook hands. Elsa explained she was hitchhiking through the US and I was showing her around.

“The brig, not brick, is the prison on the ship.” He answered Elsa’s earlier question.

“We did not get that far. Maybe I should have you arrest me, so I can see it.”

Jens was still smiling. Suddenly his radio came to life.

“Jens, can you close up? I have to leave early.”

“Copy that Steve. Will do. Did you shut down the Alabama CCTV system?”

“Yes, only the outside cameras are on.

He put his radio away and his smile just got bigger. He reached behind his back and took his handcuffs out of the pouch they were in on his belt.

“Seems I will be the only one working tonight. Turn around miss. I have to detain you for being on this property after visiting hours are over.”

Elsa looked at me with a grin, before slowly turning around, holding her hands behind her back, allowing Jens to cuff her. After double locking them, he held on to Elsa’s upper right arm and guided her to an entrance into the bowels of the Alabama. Jens indicated to me to follow him.

“Do you have any weapons on you?” He asked her when we were inside a hallway.

“No sir.” Elsa said.

“I will have to search you. Would you like me to call a female guard or can I do it?”

“You can search me.” Elsa grinned, knowing perfectly well there was no female guard around.

Expertly he ran his hands over Elsa’s body, the blond woman not helping by moving around, so he had to redo certain parts. His hands rested a little longer than needed on her butt and breasts, but I figured Elsa was okay with it, since she kind of enticed him. Finally, it looked almost as if Jens was going to search her again, he grabbed her at her upper arm again and led us deeper into the ship. We had to go down several levels, sometimes on steep stairs, it was after all a battleship, not a cruise liner. We were heading deeper into the ship than the normal tour would.

“Mind you head.” Jens said after opening a watertight door.

Jens opened a door in the hallway behind the watertight door. The room we walked into was small, but it was divided into 2 areas. One side had a desk and chair, the other just a bench. Both areas were divided by steel bars. The door we entered by was on the desk side of the steel bars.

“Welcome to the brig.” Jens said, walking Elsa over to the door in the steel bars.

The door itself was also made of steel bars, framed on all four sides. He opened it, it was not locked, and helped Elsa sit on the steel bench. Two steel ankle cuffs were screwed with short chains to the bottom of the bench. Expertly Jens locked one onto Elsa’s left ankle. Normally two people could sit on the bench and both be chained to the bench, but in this case there was only Elsa, so Jens used the other cuff on Elsa’s right ankle, forcing her to sit in the middle of the bench, her legs slightly spread.

“You can wait for your preliminary hearing here. I must go and lock the ship up. Jack, are you joining me?” Jens asked.

I nodded. I did not mind seeing a bit more of this battleship.

“We’ll be back.” Jens said to Elsa, closing and locking the steel bar door that gave access to where Elsa was chained up.

“You are going to leave me here?” She asked, seeing how Jens directed me to the door of the room.

“Prisoners don’t get to choose. You will stay here until an officer is available to listen to your rebuttal.”

He looked at Elsa for a few moments, a smile on his face, before he followed me out of the room. He turned the lights off and closed the door, leaving Elsa in the pitch dark.

“It will take an hour to close her up. Elsa will have to wait until I am done. I already did a few far away areas before I met the two of you, so we should be good. Okay?”

I nodded in agreement and followed him, glancing back one more time to where Elsa was sitting locked up. This was probably not what she had in mind, but as so often, there was nothing she could do about it. I could only grin.
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Thank was so much fun. I really enjoyed that chapter. I wonder how long she will be on ice and if they will set up a fake hearing for her.
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Nice change of pace - glad Elsa is getting to experience some variety in her captivity, and finding out what happens when you bait guards that have prisons and chains!
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This one's one of the best storys I've ever read. I hope you'll continue soon! Keep up the great work
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I continue to enjoy this story, the characters' interactions continue to be quite cute and amusing. I tend to trend towards "darker" stories (and admit my imagination runs wild with alternative 'what if' darker results for our pervy little damsel) however this may be one of my favorite light hearted bondage stories I've ever seen. I always eagerly check for updates on this one!
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Gagfan wrote: 4 days ago I continue to enjoy this story, the characters' interactions continue to be quite cute and amusing. I tend to trend towards "darker" stories (and admit my imagination runs wild with alternative 'what if' darker results for our pervy little damsel) however this may be one of my favorite light hearted bondage stories I've ever seen. I always eagerly check for updates on this one!
Agreed. Although I wouldn’t be opposed to any dark turns. 😈
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Great as always! A very interesting scene is unfolding. I love the creativity you put in this story.
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