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Chapter 20 - Heaven and Hell

It must've been a bit past nine by the time Nick and Brad decided to put the fire out and call it a night.

I was slowly walked into the tent, where my cot had been installed and was quickly ordered to get undressed.
It was a little chilly out, but the inside of the tent was about to get a whole lot warmer.

Curiously, the two chairs Nick and Brad had been sitting on were also brought in. Maybe they figured it was gonna be raining during the night and didn't want them getting wet.
It didn't matter.
I was gonna be sleeping inside the tent tonight, and I couldn't help but feel all weird and tingly about it.

Just the thought of being so close to these two hunks, being able to feel their body heat and pick up their scent made me a little lightheaded.

The rectangular-shaped tent was pretty big and roomy. It stood almost two meters tall, allowing both Nick and Brad to stand upright without having to bend down at all.
It was still a confined space though, and it felt a little weird being zipped up in here with two, muscular, half naked hunks.

I quickly took my shirt off while Brad zipped the tent shut and turned the lighting units on.
Nick dragged my cot between his and Brad's mattress, and fixed up the adjustable legs so that I'd be sleeping a bit above ground.

I pulled my pants down and found myself more than a little annoyed at the fact that Nick's big boxer-briefs were still as loose as ever. At least I wasn't sporting a boner, I thought to myself.
Being self-conscious, I held with upper left arm with one hand and used my other hand to try and cover up my underwear-clad crotch.

I just stood there, awkwardly while the two hunks when about fixing our sleeping arrangements.

When Nick unbuckled the collar from my neck, I thought that maybe I'd earned myself a good night's sleep without having any straps or restraints holding me down.

I was proven wrong.

Nick pulled out his extra wide roll of heavy duty duct tape and started plastering my arms down to my sides.
I offered no resistance whatsoever, but Brad still saw fit to hold me tight while his big, muscular, blond friend wrapped layers of the dreaded tape around my upper arms and chest.

Pretty soon, my upper arms and wrists were plastered down to my sides and my feet and ankles were taped up in a similar fashion.

"Hmm...looks like somebody's enjoying this." Nick spoke, as he wrapped the big, black tape around my ankles, again and again.

I tried focusing on something else, tried to think of something that would prevent my excitable manhood from standing up hard and erect.
It was all in vain though.
No matter how hard I tried to fill my mind with other stuff, the heavy sound of industrial duct tape and the sensation of it being wrapped around my helpless limbs was throwing my sex drive into full throttle.

Add to that, the fact that Nick's big, muscular arms were bulging each time be brought the large roll around for another pass. I was being wrapped up and packaged by these two horny muscle-gods.

My mounting shame reached new levels when I was lifted up off the ground and lowered face up, onto the camping cot.

With my limbs wrapped up tight and my hands and wrists plastered down to my thighs, I had no way to hide or conceal the throbbing erection that was ragging inside Nick's white Calvin's.
His stupid XL boxer-briefs were about three sizes too large for me and the massive front pouch easily accommodated my engorged shaft.

With me lying on my back and my body all taped up like this, my arousal was impossible to miss. And there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

I tried looking away, tried closing my eyes, but no matter what I did, blood kept pumping into my groin.

"You like this shit, don't you, faggot?" Brad chuckled, crouching down over my cot and eyeing me in a malicious manner.

"No." I lied, feeling my face go bright red at the realisation that both hunks were solely focused on me now.

"Yeah, he likes being all taped up like that." Nick laughed, ignoring my painfully obvious lie and taking position on the left side of my cot before sitting down on it.

Now I was really worried.
Not only was I hopelessly taped up and vulnerable, but I was stuck between two hunky bullies, neither of them apparently too intent on getting any sleep right now.

"Dude. Is he ticklish?" Brad asked, putting his hand over my chest and gently using his fingers to brush one of my sensitive nipples.
His touch immediately caused me to squirm around, but I managed to stay relatively calm and quiet.

"Only one way to find out." Nick said, suddenly bending down from his seated position and digging his strong fingers onto both sides of my exposed stomach.

The instant his fingers dug into my sides, I burst into a violent fit of laughter.

Brad clamped his fingers on both my nipples and squeezed, causing me to cry out real loud, in both pain and excitement.

"Shhh! Shut up." Nick growled, aggressively digging his fingers right into my crotch.

He wanted me to be quiet, but I couldn't help it.
The instant they started their attack, I knew I was doomed.

"AAAHH! No...Nick..StoaAAHHH! AAAAAHH!" I cried out, unable to stop myself from screaming and yelling as their big, strong fingers dug, explored and pinched my various body parts.

"Quiet, bitch." Brad spat, slapping me on the face while simultaneously twisting my right nipple and causing me to squirm and cry out anew.

"NO! STOPPPP! STAAAHAHA!" I yelled out, thrashing as much as I could in my heavily taped up state.

"Dude. Let's shut him up." Brad suggested, clamping his large hand over my face.

"Mppppffff!" I protested, glaring up at my captor to let him know I didn't approve.

"Yeah, gimme your sock. I'm gonna shove it in his mouth." Nick answered, stopping his relentless attack only to focus his attention towards my face.
The muscular blond hunk quickly got up, stood up over me with his legs on either side of the cot and sat himself down, right on my chest.

He had his full weight on top of me and had his giant, nylon-clad thighs on both sides of my head. But Nick didn't care one bit about the fact that he was crushing me.
The huge, muscle-bound hunk just wrapped a hand under my jaw and squeezed my cheeks together playfully.

Brad sat on the upper end of the cot, right next to my head, and raised his foot up before pulling his big old, Nike trainer off.

"No!" I whimpered, in a pitiful, almost-desperate voice.

"Shhhh. Quiet down." Nick purred, chuckling mildly while playing around with my face.
I tried turning my head away, but Nick just grabbed my hair and held my head down to the cot.

Brad took his sock off, causing a bunch of lint and other stuff to fall out of it as it was turned inside out.
It looked positively foul and I genuinely wanted to be as far away from it as possible.

" I don't want that sock in my mouth!" I cried out, nearly puking at the sight of the jock's big, brownish-yellow Adidas sock.

Oh god, it smelled bad!

"Haha, that's too bad buddy. It's going in whether you want it or not. Open up!" Nick ordered, taking his friend's large sock and balling it up in his hand.

"Mmmnno!" I protested, crinkling my nose and squinting my eyes shut.
I cried and trying twisting away, but Nick was WAY too strong and heavy. His weight easily kept me pinned down and he had no trouble keeping my head still.

I screamed and yelled, but the muscular hunk didn't care.
"Yeah...haha! Chew on that." he chuckled, using his big, bulging arms to ram the raunchy sock into my protesting mouth.

I tried to let out a final yell, but instead, found myself getting a mouthful of big Brad's funky old sock.
"Uggmmphh..." I cried out, immediately gagging and coughing on the size and taste of the bully's sock-wad.

"Haha, dude! My sock must taste like shit!" Brad shot, laughing at my expense and at the rather, violent reaction I was having.

It didn't take long for Nick to jam the whole sock past my lips.

The cheesy wad was real big and filled my mouth and cheeks up to bursting.
Not only was the taste of it making me sick, but I could still catch whiffs of the thing even though it was plugging my mouth up and stopping me front screaming.

Before I knew it, big, black duct tape was being roughly wrapped around my head and being pulled tighter with each pass.

"Good thing I got this industrial-grade stuff to shut your big mouth up." Nick mumbled, wrapping another three layers of extra wide tape around my mouth and neck.
He just sat on me, looking completely oblivious to the fact that I wanted to puke from the size and taste of the stuffing in my mouth.

"ummgg...ugggmmggghh!" I protested, unable to get a single word out past the thick sock gag.
My eyes burst wide open and I shook my head in sheer frustration as the strong taste of Brad's musky sock filled my mouth.
I was literally gagging on the cocky jock's nasty foot cheese.

"Haha. Deal with it." Nick laughed, bringing the tape around for a final pass before ripping the strip off and patting it down over my left cheek.

I protested again, but my complaints were so muffled that neither jocks cared.

Before I had time to recover or even get accustomed to the foul, cheesy taste in my mouth, strong hands and fingers resumed their merciless assault.

At first, it was my ribs and sides, but then my crotch, thighs and feet came under fire as well.

The attacks did nothing to ease my engorged erection.
In fact, it was only getting harder and harder, to the point of becoming sore and tender.

I screamed and begged, but it was no use.
The giant sock wad easily kept my protests at bay and stopped me from getting even the smallest of words out.
I was fucked.

When Nick sat on my chest, facing away from my face, Brad started attacking my feet, and I nearly lost it.

A heavy weight settled onto my bound ankles and strong fingers began aggressively digging into my super sensitive soles. Almost on cue, Nick introduced his warm fingers into my XL boxer shorts and began tickling the base of my throbbing erection.

I nearly choked and passed out, then and there.

My entire body tensed up and started convulsing. I laughed and screamed, coughed and gagged, but the heavy hunks were so busy laughing that I was being paid virtually no attention.

"Uggghh! Mmhhggh...uugggppf!" I screamed, my eyes bulging out in terror as the two bullies teamed up to assault my most sensitive area.

"Haha!" Nick laughed, digging his fingers into my crotch and aggressively tickling my inner thighs and balls.

I was on the verge of shooting my load, but I had nothing to hump, nothing to rub on.

I wanted to touch myself, but my hands were taped down to my thighs and well out of reach.
This was torture, plain and simple.

It continued like that for what seemed like an eternity, until FINALLY, the hunks decided to give me a break and got off my crying, whimpering, quivering form.

"Shit. I'm fuckin' sweating like crazy." Nick said, getting up and using his forearm to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

I couldn't help but notice the way the light from the lighting units bounced off his sweaty pecs and abs, and didn't fail to notice beads of sweat rolling down his torso, coming from his great, big, bushy armpits.

"Yeah, me too." Brad laughed, gulping down some water and using his beach towel to pat himself down.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one dealing with a ragging hard-on.
Brad had quite a bulge in his sweatpants as well, and Nick had what looked like a MASSIVE erection in his nylon trackies, to the point where he had an enormous tent sticking out in front of him.

He wasn't doing anything to conceal it either.
He just walked around, a HUGE, shiny blue tent sticking way out, past with his sweaty, muscular torso.

I was kinda grossed out by the thought of how sweaty and musky he must've been down there. But at the same time, I couldn't help but admire how he shamelessly displayed and assumed his masculinity.
Nick had the body of a god, and he wasn't afraid to show it.

After chatting with each other for a minute or two, the hunks finally decided to take it up a notch and move things forward.

I had no idea what they had planned for me, but it didn't take me long to realise that I was about to fall prey to another one of their sadistic ideas.

What's worst, I couldn't do anything, couldn't go anywhere and couldn't call for help.
Not with my arms and legs all taped up nice and tight, and not with a huge, smelly sock plugging my mouth up.

My fate was sealed.
I was doomed.


STOP! Are you enjoying Steven's adventure so far?
Drop a comment in the comments section below to let me know what scenes you've enjoyed the most and what you think of the characters and their current relationships.
Carry on. And good reading!
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Post by BondageKitten »

Poor Steven! I feel so badly for him. But I am enjoying this story.
I'm a damsel. I'm in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day.

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Post by LK3869 »

pfew... getting hot under that tent !
three "little" tents under one big tent :lol:
Honestly, tickling has never been my stuff but some other part of that play gave me wicked ideas... Thanks...
don't run ! I'm friendly ...

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Poor Steven. Glad to see another chapter up!

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Thanks for the nice comments guys (and gals) ;)
I'll be posting the next chapter a bit later today.
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Note from the author: Another completely original chapter portraying events that never occurred in the original version. Please share your thoughts.

Chapter 21 - Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire

I didn't know why, but Nick and Brad apparently thought I was moving around too much even though the only thing I could do was wiggle my toes and squirm around a bit.

With my lower face excessively taped up and my mouth stuffed to bursting with Brad's giant sock, even my loudest screams and protests weren't making it out of the tent.

I could do nothing but watch as the two half-naked hunks grabbed a bunch of ratchet straps and started strapping my restrained body down to the cot I was resting on.

I was strapped down real tight, first my chest, then my feet and soon my upper thighs.
Brad even grabbed my underwear-clad boner and yanked it down to fit a strap over my groin and forearms.
"Uggghh!" I cried out, nearly shooting my load when his big, strong hand grabbed my engorged shaft.

After securing the strap under the cot and tightening the restraint, he let my boner go, causing it to spring back down onto my lower stomach, right over the strap he'd just fixed up.

While my body was being mercilessly strapped down, I couldn't help but look up to see Nick's giant armpit over my face as the hunk shoved a thick pillow under my head and strapped my neck down to the camping cot.
He pulled the strap tight, 'causing his muscles to bulge out, and giving me an up close view of his massive biceps.

Here I was, taped up, gagged and strapped down from neck to toe.
I had an enormous erection in my loose-fitting briefs and a big-ass sock in my mouth to keep me from being able to call out for help.

The horny jocks weren't finished though.

Nick grabbed the thick gorilla tape and kneeled down over my face before unleashed the industrial-grade material onto my forehead.

"Umggh?" I cried out, looking up to see the blond hunk's giant armpit and huge bicep bulging over my face as he wrapped the black tape around my forehead and all the way down under the cot.

The tape came around over my forehead, a second, third and fourth time, each pass securing my head down to the pillow tighter and tighter.

I couldn't turn my head or lift it up at all, but the blond muscle-god wasn't finished.
The next pass came down right over my already taped mouth and four more passes were made over my face, going all the way under the cot and back over my mouth and jaw again.
My heavily stuffed and duct taped mouth received five thick layers of gorilla tape before the roll was severed and thrown to the floor.

To test my new restraints, Brad dug his fingers into my soles, causing my eyes to burst open and my body to tense up.

"Uggghhmph!" I screamed, only to hear the tinniest of whimpers making it out past the huge sock-wad and layers of tape.

"Yeah, that's more like it." Nick chuckled, crouching over my head and grabbing my taped jaw with his large hand.

I couldn't move an inch!

I looked up at Nick and allowed him to see the terrified expression that was imprinted on my face.
I genuinely feared what was to come.
All I got though, was a tap on the face and a large hand ruffling my hair up.

The big, blond bully was about to get up and turn away from me, but I cried out and whimpered as loud as I could to get his attention.
I wanted him to know, I was NOT okay with this!

"Mmmphh!" I cried, in a high pitched, heavily muffled voice.
Tears filled my eyes. I'd never been bound up and gagged this severely, and although my manhood was rock-hard and standing at attention, I was frightened beyond reason.

Nick immediately focused his attention back onto my face and crouched back down over me before running his fingers through my hair.

"Shhh...calm down, boi." he purred. "I don't want you falling off the cot and hurting yourself. That's why we had to strap you down and tape you up like that." he said, gently brushing his fingers across my face and peering down into my frightened hazel eyes.

"Mmmgggh...ugghmm. Ugghmm." I angrily protested, not accepting his stupid excuse.

"Haha." the hunk chuckled, smirking down at me and ruffling my hair up. "Brad's sock is pretty big, eh kiddo?" he asked, knowing full well his words would make me even more frustrated than I already was.

Just being reminded of the fact that I was gagging and chewing on the jock's foul-tasting sock, nearly made me puke.
"Uggmmmph!" I cried out, futilely trying to fight the straps and gorilla tape holding me down.

"Been wearing those socks for a fuckin' long time, man." Brad told Nick, before sitting down on the cot, right next to my bound thighs.

His words made me gag and cry out in disgust.
"Uhhggmmm!" I screamed, closing my eyes tight and crinkling my nose and face up.

"Aww haha..." Nick laughed, giving my face a light tap and smirking down cockily at me. "You're so fuckin' cute all taped up like that. And you're lucky that mouth of yours is stuffed up, 'cause I can think of something
big and hard I'd like to ram down your throat right now, Steevie-boi." he chuckled, causing Brad to laugh hysterically.

Nick often joked around about raping me or gang-banging me when his buddies were around, but up until now, I'd never really taken him seriously.

Suddenly, the sock in my mouth didn't taste so bad and I found myself gulping in apprehension as Nick stood up and inadvertently displayed the MASSIVE tent he had in his shiny blue track pants.

The blond hunk sat down and positioned his chair so that he was sitting right next to my taped up face.
He opened up a beer and took a few sips of it, while Brad sat on the other side of my cot and spent a few minutes pinching my nostrils shut and watching me struggle for air.
Nick watched and laughed, but didn't say anything.
He just sat there, gulping down his beer while sporting a massive erection inside his noisy nylon trackies.

Things got really ugly when Brad suddenly got up, squatted down over my face and pulled his sweatpants down.
I looked up, my eyes bulging out in surprise as the muscular jock's large butt came over my face.

"Mmmmnnuhhg." I tried screaming, unable to twist or turn my head away.

Taking advantage of the fact that my mouth was plugged up and taped shut, the stupid jock lowered his fat butt over my face and let a loud fart rip out of his ass.
My senses immediately went into full alert and I threw myself into a violent fit as the stud's gas filled my nostrils and caused me to cough and gag.

I HATED him!
I wanted to kill him, but I couldn't even move a finger!

Nick laughed, he and Brad practically doubling over at the fact that I couldn't move or do anything to get away from the stench.

Brad pulled his pants back up and sat his big butt back down on his camping chair, while I spent the next minute or so, crying, choking and cursing as loud as I could in my gag.

"Mmmmgghh...uhhgmm!" I screamed, glaring up at the stupid brute and hating him for what he'd done.

Even though I couldn't move my head at all, my cot was just a bit off ground level, allowing me to see both jocks as they sat on either side of me, high up in their chairs.

Brad planted both his large, sneakered feet on top of me and used his right foot to nudge my face, showing me how utterly helpless and pathetic I truly was.

I cursed him as loudly as I could in my gag, but the hunk apparently took great pleasure in watching me trying to mouth off.

His satisfaction only grew when my violent protesting was cut short, the size of the thick mouth-stuffing suddenly causing me to gag and nearly choke.

"Haha, yeah that's right, bitch!" he laughed, planting his right foot down over my chest. "Choke on my big sock."

I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream!
They had no right to tape me up like this. No right to touch me or stuff my mouth up!

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, Nick proved otherwise.

"Alright." he said, lifting his left foot up over his right knee. "Time to air out these bad boys." he chuckled, smirking cockily as he grabbed his massive basketball shoe and pulled it off his foot, causing my ears to pick up a sickening, wet "plop".

No. NO. NO!
My eyes shot WIDE open in fear of what was to come.

"Oh fuck...haha." Brad laughed, bending down to ruffle my hair, obviously relishing the terrified look I had on my face. "You're in real trouble now, aren't you, faggot?" he teased, giving me a light tap on the face.

I couldn't care less about being called a faggot. At this point, I couldn't care less about Brad, for that matter!

I had a way, WAY bigger problem to deal about right now.
Nick's feet!
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Post by Pup »

That chapter certainly enforces how it really isn't consensual for Steven at this stage; kinda makes me miss the later chapters tbh. Still, great as usual Bondagefreak.

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Post by sniffingyoursocks »

Yeah, it isn‘t consensual, but somehow, that‘s also what really makes it hot at this stage.

Can‘t wait for chapter 22, Master.

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Post by socjuc »

Bondagefreak this enhancement is TOP! thoroughly enjoying your tweaks and new content. Like how Brad gets into it enjoys Steven's pain! The detail is perfection and what makes this truly epic...I can't also wait for the next chapter....and of course chapter 23 :D lol...

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Post by lengban »

Honestly love this latest chapter a lot. It's great to see some more stuff with Brad, and can't deny a fluttering in my chest at the descriptions of his ass and using it to torment poor Steven some more. Love the original works thrown in like this so even veteran's of the old site can have tasty new treats of wonderful content from a favorite story to enjoy! Keep up the awesome work, sir. n.n

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Post by Deleted User 641 »

I’m hooked! Your prowess in descriptive writing is especially exciting. I’m eager for more!

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Post by bondagefreak »

Thanks so much for the great comments guys (and boys/pups)! ;)

[mention]lengban[/mention] welcome back, mate! Glad to see you're back onboard and hope you and my other longtime readers (ex: [mention]socjuc[/mention] and company continue to enjoy this).

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for the comment. Looking forward to hearing more from you as the story progresses.

It's nice to see the second polling option gaining some popularity.
I'll be posting chapter 22 a bit later today.
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Chapter 22 - Dire Straits

By the time Nick had finished pulling off his second shoe, the tent was already reeking from his abnormally strong foot odour. It wasn't just a normal type of "stinky". This was some serious foot stench, and I mean SERIOUS.

Even worse, I was gagged with a giant mouth stuffing and had about a dozen layers of tape sealing my lower face up, meaning I had to sniff in the potent musk through my nose.

Ugh! I was gonna be sick!

I watched the blond muscle-hunk big up his big old Reebok trainer before opening it up a little and taking a quick whiff out of it.

He immediately coughed and pulled it away.
I could tell from the grossed out expression on his face that he wasn't faking it, which made it even scarier.

"Bro." he said, calling out to Brad. "I dare you to take a whiff out of this." he said, extending his huge, beat up basketball shoe.

Brad gave his friend a look of disbelief before scoffing loudly at the idea.
"No way! I'm not sniffing your fuckin' shoes man!" he laughed, refusing Nick's offer.

"Aw come on. Don't be a pussy. Just take a fuckin' whiff." Nick pressed, tossing his large Reebok trainer onto Brad's lap.

Brad grabbed the thing and gave it a dreadful look before opening it up and unwillingly bringing the opening close to his face. The shoe barely got within half a foot of his face before his expression changed from apprehension to utter disgust.

"Aw FUCK! DUDE!" Brad cried out, throwing the dreaded sneaker back to Nick with full force.

"Hahaha!" Nick laughed, catching the heavy, worn out shoe. "Cant believe you fell for that, bro!" he laughed, nearly doubling over at Brad's sickened reaction.

I tried to make myself as small and remain as perfectly still and quiet as possible, but it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened.

To my great relief though, Nick tossed his bad boy down to the ground and didn't make me sample the inside of his shoe.

My relief was short lived though.
With my head taped in place and kept immobile, I was left completely defenseless when the hunky blond bully decided to put his feet right on my upper chest and cross them so that they were sticking up, just a few inches from my face.

His feet were huge, and his giant ankle socks looked ripe, stained and raunchy beyond reason.
His feet were incredibly warm and moist. With the cool air around us and the condensation building up inside the tent, I swear I could see fumes coming out of his socked soles.

My lungs started burning and I immediately tried fighting my restraints and wiggling my head away.

By the time my nostrils flared open, my face must've been red from oxygen deprivation.
Fresh air came rushing into my lungs, and with it, a good amount of rotten cheesy stench coming from Nick's massive, size 13 feet.

"Uuuggghhhm!" I cried out, unable to stop myself from gagging and eyeing his huge stinkers in sheer terror.

"Haha." Nick chuckled, no doubt getting a big kick out of my reaction.

He wiggled his big, socked toes, causing my eyes to narrow down on the source of the rancid stench.
I focused on the foot closest to me and couldn't help but to try sink my head back into the pillow as the threat of having to take another whiff dawned upon me.

"Mmnnnhh...mmhhgg." I grumbled, eyeing the sock furiously and desperately trying to free my mouth up so that I wouldn't have to sniff up my sexy friend's abnormally potent foot odour.


I watched his huge, musky feet and nearly gagged at the warmth and humidity emanating from his big, brownish, pungent-looking socks.

"No! No!" or rather, "Mmmgghh...mmgghh!" I tried screaming, not wanting to give in to my burning lungs while Nick had his nasty soles so close to my face.

The second breath I took was even more painful than the first.
I crinkled my nose up, squinted my eyes shut and prepared for the worst. Still, that wasn't enough.

"Uuuhhgg." I gagged, nearly choking on my large sock gag, halting my breathe before my lungs were even half full.

My eyes shot wide open and I couldn't help but eye the hunky jock's socked foot with newfound fear, as though it was my worst enemy.

"What's wrong, boi?" Nick asked, smirking and feigning ignorance. "You look like you're having trouble. Everything okay down there?" he asked, wiggling his socked toes once again.

My body threw itself into a sudden fit of rage and I ended up giving Nick a piece of my mind.
I wasn't too gentle about it either.
Of course, he had no idea what the hell I was babbling about and couldn't make out a single word of what I was saying, even though I was desperately trying to push the enormous sock-wad out of my mouth.

I was furious!

I struggled, grunted and strained against the duct tape and straps holding me down. I moaned and grunted, sweating in anger as Brad's, fat old sock plugged my mouth up and filled my cheeks.
"Mmmnnggh!" I screamed, angrily trying to cope with the giant wad that had been forced and duct taped into my mouth. And it wasn't just any wad... No. The brutes had used a big, smelly Adidas sock to fill my mouth up and stop me from being able to speak or protest. Brad's sock, no less.

I didn't care how hot Nick looked right now, sitting there, his great big pecs and biceps exposed.

I HATED his feet and wanted to be let out on the spot!
He knew his feet smelled incredibly strong, and he knew I couldn't breathe through my mouth!

"FUCK YOU!" I yelled through my gag, glaring up at the hunky, blue eyed jock.

"Oh, I think he's angry." Brad laughed, sounding as amused as Nick was about my heated reaction.

I was so focused on Nick, that I didn't even see Brad bend down to pick up one of the blond muscle-god's big, old basketball shoes.

"Here you go. Chill out." he said, opening up his buddy's putrid hightop sneaker and moving it over my suddenly frightened face.

"Ugghuu...Ugghhuu...Ugghuu." I tried to plead, desperately trying to shake my head no and eyeing the shoe fearfully.

The jock just ignored me and my face quickly found itself being swallowed up by the blond muscle-hunk's massive shoe.

"UGHH!" I cried out, managing to hold my breath, but still grossed out by how hot, moist and heavy the air surrounding my face was.

I fought against the gorilla tape and desperately tried moving my head and wiggling around.
But I was pinned down and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it!

My eyes were wide open, but with my face inside the giant basketball shoe, it was pitch black.

I could hear the mocking laughter and incessant chuckling coming from my two brutish captors, but nothing worried me more right now, than having to sniff in the funky, pungent air that surrounded my face.

"UUGGGGHHH!" I screamed inside my thick gag, my body tensing up so much that even the cot quaked underneath me.

My toes curled up and my muscles went into shock.
It smelled absolutely ripe and shitty in there and knew I'd be sick if I had to take another whiff of the moldy, foul-smelling shoe.

The big Reebok trainer was pulled off my face and both jocks laughed at how terrified and scared I looked.

"You better calm down, boi! Or I'm gonna make you take another whiff of his shoe!" Brad threatened, grabbing my hair and placing the massive, worn-out sneaker dangerously close to my face in order to prove his point.

My resolve was crushed and my stamina, depleted.
I gave Brad my best, most pitiful puppy eyes and started pleading and whimpering in my gag, unable to stop tears from dripping down my face.

"Yeah, that's more like it." he said, putting the shoe down to the floor and resting back on his chair before placing his sneakered feet onto my torso.

"Dude! You've made him cry!" Nick shot, accusing his friend but chuckling mildly at the fact that his own shoe had singlehandedly broken my spirit.

"Aww, poor boi." he chuckled, bending down to wipe the tears off my face and run his fingers through my hair. "Shhh...if you're a good boi, Brad and I are gonna bring you fishing tomorrow." he offered, no doubt getting loads of satisfaction from my weakened state, but feeling a little guilty about it as well.

I gave the hunk a pleading look and whimpered mildly as he used his fingers to comb my hair back up and hush me.
"Okay. Shhhh. It's gonna be alright." He said, hushing me like a parent trying to soothe his crying child.

The jocks spent the next half hour chatting, drinking and exchanging jokes and work-related stories while completely ignoring me.

Nick kept his big, stinky feet crossed onto my upper chest, forcing me to deal with his foul, pungent smell, and causing me to gag and nearly choke every minute or so.
But to my surprise, he didn't move his feet any closer.

Brad ended up complaining about the stench a few times, but Nick's anecdotes were apparently captivating enough to take his mind off the fact that the blond muscle-hunk was stinking up the tent with his big socks and sneakers.

It didn't take long for the jocks to focus their attention back to me though.
I was apparently, irresistible in my heavily bound up and gagged state.

"Fuck!" Nick shot, suddenly bending down to squeeze my cheeks together after a few seconds of looking at me.
"Look at that fuckin' cute face." he told Brad, using his strong fingers to squeeze my bulging cheeks.

"Yeah, I think I like him when he has a fuckin' sock in his mouth." Brad shot, before gulping down the remnants of his beer. "I think he likes it too." he added, suddenly lifting his sneakered foot up and bringing it down over my still-very much engorged shaft.

It's true. Even after all that thrashing, sniffing and protesting, I had remained hard the whole time.
I didn't understand why, but my body was definitely enjoying the attention.

"Yeah, I can see that." Nick laughed, glancing down at the ever-present erection sticking out inside those great, big briefs he'd lent me.

"What d'you have to say for yourself, boi? You like being all fuckin' tied up and having a big, smelly sock inside your mouth?" he asked, his question dripping with scorn and ridicule.

I remained silent and immediately averted my gaze, but Brad apparently didn't like my reaction.

"Answer him." he growled, giving me a light punch right in the stomach.

"Ugghmmm...uggghmmpfff uggghmm." I moaned, trying to tell Nick that I wasn't enjoying this and telling him to let me go.

"Yeah." Nick chuckled mockingly. "Since you're enjoying your gag so much, I'll be leaving it in your mouth until morning." he said, suddenly throwing his earlier safety concerns out the window, so to speak.
He was probably too light-headed from the alcohol to care, or he figured that it was safe enough to keep me gagged this way, as long as I remained inside the tent with them.

It was probably a combination of both, I figured, looking up into his handsome face and noticing no signs of intoxication.

"Uhhhgg...uuggghh!" I cried out, protesting as loud as I could and using my eyes to let him know I didn't want the musky sock in my mouth all night long.

"Fuck." Brad mumbled, reaching into his pants. "I love it when he moans and tries to mouth off through my sock."

"Yeah, it's giving me a fuckin' boner as well." Nick answered, lifting a hand up behind his head and wrapping his other hand around the massive erection in his pants.

The loud swooshing of nylon filled my ears as the blond muscle-god started jerking himself off through his pants.
"RRRMMM...yeah." he growled, beating his erect meat and resting his head back against his hand, exposing the underside of his huge, muscular bicep and showing off his big, hairy pit.

Both jocks starting jerking off to the sight of me all taped up and gagged at their feet. But for Brad, that wasn't quite enough.

"Dude. Make him moan." he told Nick, apparently desperate to hear my muffled complaints.

Nick was only too happy to oblige.
The hunk suddenly uncrossed his socked feet and planted his left foot over my flaring nostrils.

The instant I got a whiff of his socked toes, my body went into shock.
My face trembled and I nearly went crossed eyed from how strong and absolutely raunchy it smelled.

"UUGGGHHMMMMPPHH!" I screamed, my eyes shooting wide before narrowing down on the sock that was planted right over my lower face and nose.

"Yeah, sniff it!" Nick shot, wiggling his socked toes and using them to smother my nostrils up. "I haven't washed these FUCKIN' socks in weeks!" he added, causing Brad to jerk off even faster and look down at my face in anticipation of my next sniff.

My protests were as loud and as violent as I could make them, but it didn't matter.
Less than thirty seconds later, I took another sniff of the beefy hunk's rancid socked foot, then another and another.

My heavily muffled cries and screams were so genuine and desperate that it didn't take Brad very long to cum.
He was the first to shoot his load.

"Ahh! Ugh! Fuck!" he cried out, beating his meat to the point of orgasm, until finally he breathed out and allowed warm seed to shoot out and fill the inside of his briefs.

It wasn't over though.
I still had Nick's foot over my nose, and the jock appeared to have better control of his senses, meaning he'd take longer to cum than his friend had.
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Important note from the author: Being a faithful update of the original version, the next chapter will feature some morally questionable non-consensual scenes. To those new readers that may be put off by this, please trust the author in that the above-mentioned scene is just a means to an end.

I do not promote, endorse, agree with or idolise rape or physical abuse, in any form.
Viewer discretion is advised.
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Post by Msueta@2 »

I loved in the older story where you put gas mask on his face and put it down your underwear and made him smell your package your farts and your butt maybe you can add that to one of your chapters also the first chapter in the original story where you got a jockstrap that was used and made steven clean it .

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[mention]Msueta@2[/mention] Hello my friend. Welcome back!
I take it you mean you preferred the original version when Nick was more intense in the way he treated Steven?
I was never a character in the story, even in the original ;)

While the previous/draft version was appreciated by many, it didn't escape my attention that the first few chapters were off-putting to a fair share of the M/M membership. So I'm afraid, much of the earlier development (like the stuff you mention) did not survive the update. There's a time and place for the hornier stuff, and we'll have plenty of time to explore those dark ideas again, later on. Keep in mind, that when those first three chapters were written, it was meant to be a stand-alone bondage flic (hence the simplistic title "Bound and Gagged in a Sleeping Bag").

Now that I have to opportunity to update and refine the entire saga, it's being re-written in a more dignified manner. One more befitting of a multi-part BDSM novel.
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Can't wait till next chapter comes out

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Important note from the author: Being a faithful update of the original version, the next chapter will feature some morally questionable non-consensual scenes. To those new readers that may be put off by this, please trust the author in that the above-mentioned scene is just a means to an end.

I do not promote, endorse, agree with or idolise rape or physical abuse, in any form.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Chapter 23 - Manhandled

Nick watched my face contort into a pained grimace as I lied there, sniffing his rotten, socked toes.
I was going stark crazy, but the big bully didn't seem to care. He just wiggled his fetid toes over my eyes and smothered me with them, forcing me to deal with full potency of his overpowering stench.

Nick eventually did remove his foot from my face, but not before forcing almost a dozen whiffs of his pungent toe cheese into my system.

He had a MASSIVE boner inside his shiny blue trackies, and the loud swooshing noises echoing inside the tent as he jerked off, easily drowned my heavily muffled grunts and moans.
Curiously though, he didn't blow his load right away. He jerked himself off, then stopped...only to resume and pick up his cadence a few minutes later.

I watched as the big, blond muscle-hunk wiped the sweat off his brow , and watched as he got up from his chair and pulled his trackies down, exposing his great, big, underwear-clad butt.

The sweat coating his abs caused his torso to glisten under the soft, battery powered lights.
His thick, predominant chest was heaving from the intense masturbation and his thighs looked hot and sweaty.

His black Calvin Klein boxer-briefs were huge, no doubt the same size as the ones I was wearing, size XL.
Nick filled them up well. A little TOO well in fact.
The leg slots looked uncomfortably tight around his big, beefy thighs. The fabric looked as though it was stretched, almost to the point of ripping.
Brad had a large ass, by any guy's standard, but Nick's was even larger.

His thighs weren't the only thing his extra large Calvin's had trouble containing. His big, fat buns looked positively massive in there.

The first time I noticed Nick's butt was in high school, when I was in my junior years and he was in his last.
He was playing basketball in the gym with a bunch of his buddies, one day at lunch, and he got "pantsed", which was a common practice among the Alpha guys.

They did it to all the younger guys in school and even did it to each other.

Sitting in the stands, I still remember going wide-eyed when I saw Nick's big, fat butt for the first time.
Even after he pulled his satin basketball shorts back up and resumed playing, it was hard not to notice the way his loose shorts looked snug around his round rump.

Nick had pretty much grown everywhere since then, going from a large, athletic teen to a real hunk-of-a man.
His thighs, biceps, shoulders and pecs were big, and he had the butt to match.

His ass wasn't the only thing that caught my attention though.

I didn't want the bullies thinking I was gay or anything, but when Nick turned around to face me, I couldn't help but stare in awe at the size of his package.
Holy shit!
His big old Calvin's had this giant, roomy front pouch. But apparently, it wasn't quite roomy enough for Nick.
The sweaty hunk had a MASSIVE boner going on, causing the entire front of his briefs to protrude and stick out several inches in front of him. It was obvious from the way his shaft was all caught up in there though, that even the enlarged front pouch wasn't roomy enough for the Nick's full erection.

The hunk wasn't only sweating from his pits, abs and forehead.
He had large sweat marks on both sides of his crotch, and his butt-crack looked like it was positively drenched as well. No doubt, as a result of the exertion and sweating all day inside those nylon trackies of his.

His big boxers weren't only tight and sweaty.
A good amount of pre-cum appeared to be seeping through the material, pretty much all over the crotch area and around the front waistband.

Nick played with himself for a bit, but didn't cum.
Instead, he crouched down next to my cot and grabbed my own, underwear-clad boner before wrapping his fingers around it and yanking it off my lower stomach.

Immediately, my body tensed up and I breathed in, a little taken my surprise at the warmth and roughness of his touch.

"Hmmmgggh!" I cried out, still uncertain about how I felt at being groped and touched like this by another man.

Nick didn't care though.
He just wrapped his large, construction-worker hand around my average sized shaft and started jerking me off, through the boxers I was wearing.

"Hmmgg. Ugghggm." I growled, caught between anger and ecstasy.
I tried bucking my hips and trying squirming away, but the gorilla tape and ratchet straps were holding me in place.

Further adding to my predicament, Brad took position at the foot of my cot and started aggressively digging his fingers into my soles, causing me to struggle, laugh and choke on my enormous mouth stuffing.

"Uhhmmg! Uggghhmm! Uhhgg..." I cried out, futilely trying to wiggle my feet away from the bully's fingers while simultaneously dealing with the big, strong hand roughly pumping my erect, throbbing shaft up and down.

"Quiet!" Nick barked, suddenly bringing his left arm up and clamping his large hand over my face to shut me up.

"Mmmggghh..." I cried out, suddenly finding my myself dealing with an added problem.

Nick was obviously way too engrossed in what he was doing to realise that he was smothering me up.
I was a small guy and he had large hands.
His thick palm covered everything, from my lower chin to the bridge of my nose, forcing to sniff his hand and fight for air.

Being gagged and mercilessly smothered wasn't the problem though.
As soon as my nostrils flared open, my eyes bolted wide at the realisation that a strong, musky odour permeated the underside of my captor's hand.

Ugh god!
It smelled like...crotch!

That's when I realised what I was sniffing.
Nick obviously didn't care and probably didn't even realise it, but he was smothering my face up with the same hand he'd been jerking off with this whole time.

"Uggghh! Mmmhhggg!" I cried out, trying to shake my head in frustration as my nostrils flared open again and again, the combined edging and tickling, forcing me to take whiffs of the blond hunk's funky crotch musk.

The jocks were merciless in their assault and pretty soon my thighs were quaking and my groin was tingling.
"Mmmphh. Mmmphh! MMMPHH!" I moaned, crying out in Nick's hand as my body reached orgasm.

Just when I thought I was going to explode, the attacks stopped and both jocks let go of me.

"NOOOO!" I tried yelling, eyeing Nick furiously as he looked at my handgagged face with great amusement, still oblivious to the fact I was sniffing his nasty man-funk.

My heavily muffled grunts and screams nearly made my two hunky captors topple over from laughter.
They could keep me like this, tickle me and edge me for HOURS if they wanted to. And there wasn't a SINGLE thing I could do about it.

It continued that way for what must've been half an hour, maybe even longer.

Brad tickled me senseless, Nick edged me hard, and each time I got close to orgasm, they stopped.

"Aww, cheer up Steevie-boy. You're a good sport." Nick said, finally getting up and ruffling my hair after the sixth time I'd been edged and denied.

Tired and sweaty, I looked up at him, my body shaking in exhaustion as tears streamed down my face.

Both jocks got up, but instead of freeing me, they left me strapped down to the cot and started fixing up their beds.

My cock was literally throbbing on it's own and from the sight of it, so was Nick's.
The difference was that he could just jerk himself off later. I couldn't.

I continued grunting in my gag, angry beyond belief at the fact that I was being left like this after they'd pretty much edged me against my will.
Neither of them paid me any attention though.

Now that the excitement was over, Brad was starting to get more and more upset about how bad Nick's socks and shoes were stinking up the place.

It didn't help that the blond bully had eaten too many beans during supper and was now gassing up the tent by ripping loud farts every now and then.

Nick and Brad spent the next few minutes arguing, until Nick finally surrendered and agreed to seal his trainers up inside his backpack, so that we didn't have to deal with his stink all night.

I couldn't turn my head, but I could still see Brad stripping down to his jockstrap and getting into his fat, red mummy bag.

Nick came at me with a pretty thick rectangular bag and threw it over me, placing the unzipped bag so that my body was completely covered, and adjusting it so that only my eyes and forehead were sticking out.
"Mmmgggh." I grunted, trying to get his attention as he turned around towards his mattress.

"Quiet!" the hunk barked, walking back towards me, his great, big bulge sticking out and sagging down between his thighs. "If I have to get up even once because of you, I'm taking your gag out and you'll be spending the night chewing on this old fucker." he warned, lifting his left foot up and pointing towards his putrid sock.

My expression changed from one of anger to one of fear as I eyed the blond hunk's socked foot.

"Mhhmmph." I whimpered, looking up at the towering jock with the best puppy eyes I could muster.

Nick just frowned and walked towards his mattress before shutting his light off.
I heard him unzipping his super thick, blue mummy bag. I heard him slide in and slowly zip back up.
Then everything went quiet.

I stayed there, for what seemed like an eternity.
Desperately trying to reach my throbbing boner. Desperately trying to soothe the erection that had been afflicting me for the past three hours.
My angry boner wouldn't go away. The heavy sleeping bag that had been spread out on top of me, just made things worse.
I tried driving my hips up and tried rubbing my shaft against the bag, but my restraints were flawless.
I couldn't move a finger!

I could only lie there and try to cope with the big, filthy wad in my mouth.
I was gonna be spending the whole night bound up against my will, dealing with the taste of Brad's raunchy old sock.

I spent the next hour, sobbing, struggling and crinkling my nose in disgust at the taste I was being forced to endure.

Slowly, my eyes closed, and slowly, I drifted into the dream world.
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I am enjoying the story - as usual. The first few chapters are still and will always be my favorite. If memory serves me correctly, one of these stories reached 90 chapters.

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Kidnap123 wrote:
2 years ago
I am enjoying the story - as usual. The first few chapters are still and will always be my favorite. If memory serves me correctly, one of these stories reached 90 chapters.
Welcome back, Den.
Yes, I was at chapter 121 when crashed.
It'll be some time until the leather gloves make an appearance, but if things continue to go well, I should be back at chapter 121 by mid-June.
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bondagefreak wrote:
2 years ago
Kidnap123 wrote:
2 years ago
I am enjoying the story - as usual. The first few chapters are still and will always be my favorite. If memory serves me correctly, one of these stories reached 90 chapters.
Welcome back, Den.
Yes, I was at chapter 121 when crashed.
It'll be some time until the leather gloves make an appearance, but if things continue to go well, I should be back at chapter 121 by mid-June.
Thank you! After three weeks in a hospital, it feels good to be out and back to reading great stories. Being in bed for three weeks, I could have at least been tied up. :P

Thanks on the gloves FYI.

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Me gusta!! Different from the old chapter but good. Hope from the last 2 chapters that the seed has been planted in Brad's mind on how he can have fun with Steven when it's his day to have "the prisoner" :lol:

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Thanks for the 60 votes so far folks! Nice to see so many new readers popping up.
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Gosh, those descriptions of Nick's butt really had my attention there. Half expected him to just sit on poor Steven just to make breathing harder as he teased him. And Brad is just merciless, keeping poor Steven struggling furiously and constantly. It's great to read these two teaming up on the poor bound boy in equally torturous but opposite approaches.

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Chapter 24 - A Welcome Respite

It was still pitch black when I woke up to hear stirring coming from Nick's side of the tent.
I heard his mummy bag's heavy duty zipper being opened and heard the jock sit up on his bed.

I was still groggy and half-asleep, but I wasn't gonna let this golden opportunity pass me by.
"Mmmhff!" I cried out, whimpering in my gag as the jock made his way towards the lunch cooler, no doubt craving a late night snack or something of the sort.

Nick's tall and imposing shape loomed over me in the darkness.
One of the lighting units was turned on, bathing our side of the abode in a soft, bluish light.

Nick looked down at me and saw that I was awake.
"Mmmhh." I whimpered, looking up at the muscular hunk's handsome face with my best puppy eyes, hoping he'd take pity on me.

The hunk just frowned at me and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"Shhh. Back to sleep." he ordered, putting a finger to his lips before turning to shut the light off again.

As soon as I understood that he'd be leaving me like this, I cried out anew. This time, whimpering and crying out with more despair and urgency than I had before.
I gave the jock my saddest, most pitiful set of eyes, if only to let him know I wasn't trying to defy or anger him.
I was begging for release.

Nick walked back up to me before crouching down over my face and cupping my chin in his warm, strong hand.
His touch felt good.

He frowned deeply before puffing his chest up and clenching his jaw tight.
He looked grumpy but was probably too tired to argue.
The blond bully could've just smacked my face and left me there, but he didn't.

"Alright. Quiet." he growled, pointing a finger at my face to reinforce his words.

To my great surprise and joy, he spent the next five minutes unstrapping me, freeing me from the gorilla tape and ungagging me.
I watched his big arms tare the tape away and watched as he used a pocket knife to sever the many layers of tape trapping my mouth shut.

As soon as the tape was off, the blond bully dug his large fingers past my lips and pulled out his friend's funky old sock before throwing it to the tent floor.

"Nick...Sir. I have to pee." I whimpered, suddenly feeling how limp my limbs were and how full my bladder was.

The jock sighed, but used his great strength to help me up to a standing position.
My legs felt weak and so did the rest of my body.
I was literally leaning on Nick and relying on his strength as he unzipped the tent and led me outside, a few meters from the tent.

I was barefoot and in my undies. The night air was cool but it felt really good to feel something other than tape and straps on my skin.
The cool breeze, combined with the strong pair of hands that held me tight and guided me to safety, were both welcomed changes to the sad routine I had been forced to endure.

"Come on. Do your pee-pee." Nick prodded, holding my upper left arm while pulling back a bit to give me some semblance of privacy.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes and blush at the jock's statement.
It was stupid, but part of me felt all weird and tingly from being spoken to in the same manner an owner spoke to his puppy. "Do you pee-pee." Sigh.

The funny part was that Nick wasn't laughing, even in the slightest.
He just wanted to crawl back in his bag and go back to sleep.
But here I was, being "taken out" to pee.

I did my business on the ground and was quickly taken back inside the tent where I was told to sit on the cot and stay quiet.

I tried to stay silent, but I couldn't help it when I saw Nick gather the straps that were all over the floor, around the cot.

"Nick..." I whimpered. "Don't tie me up again. Please!" I begged, 'causing the jock to give me a harsh glare.

"Quiet." he snapped, walking up to my seated form and giving me a light tap on the face.
I whimpered and rubbed the cheek he'd struck, immediately regretting my slip of the tongue.

I watched at Nick gathered the straps, tossed them under my cot and grabbed the rectangular sleeping bag before rolling it up and stowing it away.

The hunk went to the lunch cooler, opened up a bottle of orange juice and took a big gulp of the liquid before walking up to me and bringing the bottle to my lips.

Silently, I allowed the domineering hunk to hold the back of my head and pour the soothing liquid down my parched throat.

A strange tingling sensation washed over my face and body as I felt the big Alpha staring down at me as he fed me the sweet juice.

"Thanks." I whispered, trying to regain a bit of dignity by wiping the corners of my mouth with the back of my hand.

Nick closed the bottle back up before grabbing his dad's dirty old mummy bag and laying it down over my cot.
The heavy green bag was unzipped and my nostrils immediately picked up a whiff of the stinky duck down insulation.
"Uhm." I groaned, dreading the thought of spending another night inside the stinky army bag.


"Alright, get in." Nick ordered, putting the thick pillow I'd been resting on, underneath the old mummy bag's hood.

I wanted to complain about his dad's bag and the way it smelled, but one look at the jock's expression told me I'd better stay quiet and do as I was told.

Reluctantly, I got in the bag and lied down on my back before putting my head down inside the overstuffed, green hood.

"Scoot down, until your feet are at the bottom." Nick ordered.

I did as I was told, finding myself a little annoyed that the narrow, heavily overstuffed bag was too tall for me.
With my feet at the bottom like this, my mouth and nose were well under the small hood opening, making it difficult to me to breathe without taking in whiffs on the stench.

Before I had a chance to protest about the strong smell, Nick zipped his dad's bag up all the way over my face and grabbed the hood drawstrings, pulling them tight and knotting them together.

"Time to sleep." he said, double-knotting and triple-knotting the cords so that only a small, two-inch wide hole was left at the top of the hood. It was just wide enough for me not to suffocate inside the bag.

I managed to scoot up a bit, so that the hood opening was at my eye level, and immediately saw Nick looking down at my from his crouched position.

"Close your eyes." he said, which I did. "Get some rest..." he added, getting up and shutting the lighting-unit off.

From inside his father's super thick winter bag, I heard Nick scoot down into his own bag and heard him zip back up again.

I had no idea what time it was, but even several minutes after Nick had gone back to bed, it was still pitch black outside.

Jack's mummy bag was much thicker and more restrictive than I would have liked, but it still felt good be free of my gag and those restraints.

I could wiggle around, touch my crotch and toss and turn at will. This was bliss!

The down bag smelled as strong as ever. Small feathers kept finding their way inside my mouth and nostrils, and the strong stench of old duck down and decades of heavy use kept bothering my delicate olfactory receptors.

At least, I took some consolation at the fact that Nick's dad was a fairly handsome, well-toned, middle-aged man.
Had he been unattractive, I think the smells I was picking up would've been bothering me even more than they currently were.

I tossed and turned for a bit, before finally accepting the musky scent and thick down baffles that surrounded me.

I closed my eyes and thought about Nick, before slowly allowing myself to drift off into a deep sleep.
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