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bondagefreak wrote:
1 year ago
Thanks for the comments guys! Glad you're enjoying this.

@squirrel up to which point have you managed to catch up to so far?

Chapter 15 :)

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Chapter 33 - The Surprise

"Alright, let's call it a night." Nick said, finally setting down his fishing rod and grabbing one of the heavy wooden paddles.

The evening had been fairly rewarding, with three catches for Brad and himself.
But the sun was almost gone and already the eastern horizon was giving way to darkness.

If they hurried, they would have just enough sunlight to get back to the campsite and set up a fire, Nick figured.

Brad reluctantly set his fishing rod down after attempting a final cast into the shallow bay, and the blond jock couldn't help but smirk when he saw his friend reel in his line with the bait still intact.

"Yeah, I guess we should get going." Brad finally said, following Nick's lead in grabbing a paddle.

Neither of them felt particularly rushed, but their strong arms worked wonders at getting the boat moving.

Soon they were cruising at high speeds and closing in on the sandy area that marked the entrance to the campsite.
Both hunks were looking forward to sitting near the campfire and playing with their little boy-toy.

Unbeknownst to Steven, he had been a prominent subject of conversation during the productive fishing trip.

Not only had Nick shared his intentions regarding Steven with Brad, but he'd also revealed how he'd spotted his submissive friend willingly sniffing his old Reebok stinkers on the way here...something he had promised to keep secret.

Overall, the evening boat trip had done wonders in strengthening the bond between the two Alpha men.
Unfortunately for them, their renewed friendship would do little to help them solve the predicament they were about to find themselves in.

Nick and Brad arrived on the beach in front of the campsite. Both jocks were breathing heavily, their exposed chests heaving up and down with each breath as they took a minute to recuperate from the quick paddling.

"That was quite a workout." Brad remarked, wiping his brow and glancing towards his friend who was equally as winded from the physical exertion.

"Yeah. Feels good." Nick answered, stretching his thick arms out and rotating his shoulders in an attempt to release the tension from his tired muscles.

The air had cooled down quite a bit, causing Brad to throw a hoodie on and inciting Nick to dress up as well.

The blond hunk quickly put on his tight-fitting white t-shirt before slipping his thick leather jacket on.
It was cut a little short, but complimented his broad, muscular torso particularly well.

The jacket creaked loudly under it's wearer's movements, the thick leather straining to contain Nick's big chest and massive arms.

Both jocks quickly unloaded the boat before dragging it up on the beach and securing it to a tree.

"So, what d'you feel like doing now?" Nick asked his friend as they both slowly made their way up towards the campsite.

"I dunno man. Start a fire, roast a few marshmallows. Maybe have some fun with our little faggot." Brad cheerfully suggested.

Nick merely smirked and nodded, agreeing with the idea of taking it easy for the rest of the night and having some fun with Steven.

Arriving at the campsite, Nick was eager to get a fire going and quickly started gathering kindling and dried logs.

Up here, the days were warm but the nights were cold. Tonight would apparently be no different.
To Nick, nothing quite compared to the warmth and comfort that a campfire could offer, not even a leather jacket.

Brad too was anxious to settle in front of the fire, but first, he had his little prisoner to check up on.

Poor Brad. Everything came crashing down on him when he entered the tent and laid eyes on the unzipped sleeping bag and loosened gurney restraints.

"FUCK!" came Brad's sudden yell from inside the tent.

Nick's heart skipped a beat.
Brad's yell wasn't angry, but sounded more panicked and surprised than anything else.
Nick knew something was wrong.

Maybe Steven was hurt, maybe they had left him too long and he had over-heated!

Nick dropped his fire wood and made a run for the tent, more than eager to find out what his buddy was yelling for. He too wasn't ready for the sight that greeted him upon entering the cozy abode.

Steven wasn't hurt.
He wasn't unconscious or dead.

He was simply...gone!

Both jocks stood there for an instant, stunned by the realization that their prisoner had escaped and fled.

Brad couldn't believe that Steven had been able to out-do his restraints and Nick couldn't bring himself to believe that Steven had gathered up enough courage to leave.

He had known Steven for a long time, and in all those years, never had he known his young friend to be outgoing or courageous enough to do anything as brash as wonder out into the wilderness at this time of night.

At first, Nick thought it impossible for Steven to escape. Surely he was still around and was only pranking them for the fun of it. He would never leave. He was incapable of doing anything of the sort. His little Steven was too weak...too much of a wimp, Nick told himself.

Scanning the rest of the tent, the idea was quickly chased away when he noticed bits and pieces of Brad's camera splattered across the floor.

It was clear now that their prisoner had escaped.
He had underestimated Steven. They both had.

While Brad silently vowed revenge, Nick promised himself he wouldn't slip up again. If they managed to get Steven back, he would make sure never to underestimate the young man again. In a sense, Steven had just earned a new degree of respect in the blond hunk's eyes, and probably in Brad's eyes as well.

Nick's mind began to wonder whether or not he'd went a little overboard with young Steven.
He knew about his friend's submissive tendencies, had known for a long time now. But maybe he'd crossed the line a little too soon. Maybe bringing Steven on this trip with Brad wasn't such a good idea after all.
If anything happened to Steven, Nick knew he'd never forgive himself.

"FUCK!" Brad yelled again, this time out of pure anger and frustration.
"How the fuck did he get out!?" the angry jock raged.

"Shit, this isn't good." Nick mumbled, trying to remain in control so that they could get this whole thing sorted out. "We gotta find him. It's gonna be pitch black in a few minutes."

He would have plenty of time to fume and rage once he got Steven back in his grasp. Now was the time to remain sane and keep a cool head.

Apparently, Brad didn't share his friend's philosophy.

"He could be anywhere by now!" he yelled, angrily kicking a piece of his broken camera to the opposite side of the tent.

There were only so many roads that led out of the campsite, Nick knew. Steven could be far by now, but it was almost pitch black outside and he was on foot.

With Brad's knowledge of the local roads, they had a definite advantage. If Steven stuck to the small dirt roads, like Nick thought he might, it would only be a matter of time until they caught up to him.

"How many roads lead away from here?!" Nick asked, laying a hand on his friend's shoulder in an attempt to calm him down.

Brad stopped to think for a moment. "Three." he finally replied. "One leading towards my cottage and the main road, one going up through the mountains before connecting to the first road, and one going around the lake. Why?" The jock finally asked, after elaborating the three avenues of escape their escaped prisoner could have taken.

"The third road, does it go all the way around the lake?" Nick pressed, ignoring his friend's question.

"Yeah! Why?!" Brad asked, sounding annoyed. "He could have taken ANY of those three roads!"

"No." Nick suddenly answered, a determined expression lighting his handsome features. "I know where he's going."

Brad looked at his friend quizzically for a moment, no doubt wondering why Nick was suddenly so sure about Steven's escape route.

The serious expression on the blond hunk's face however, was all the convincing that Brad needed to fall in line.
Nick was onto something.
Whether or not it would lead them someplace good, he didn't know. But he decided he would follow his friend's intuition. At least, for the time being.

Nick sprinted into action.
He put on his black sports cap and grabbed the wide military belt he'd worn during their afternoon hike.

The belt was fastened tight around his waist, over his nylon trackies and right under his thick leather jacket.

The water canteen was filled up and a pair of police-grade handcuffs were quickly latched onto the belt, adding to the many coils of rope and the giant roll of black gorilla tape that already adorned it.

Last, but not least, Nick grabbed his pair of thick leather gloves before slipping them on and clenching his fists tight, causing the leather to creak.

Brad bolted out the tent and started marching towards his Jeep.
Bending down to pick up his heavy duty flashlight, Nick followed suit and zipped the tent exit behind him.

The hunt was on.


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Ok, now I'm finally caught up. Wow, this story is like a classic great film that's been digitally remastered from the original version. You're writing is on a whole new level now. Great job bro!

Even though I know what the major plots are, it's always fun to go back and see things I might've missed or just rereading the buildup of a plot. It even brings back memories of when I read this the first time around and how my life was at that time back around 2012ish.

This story is among the greatest IMO. Can't wait to read the next chapters my friend! :)

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Rereading this story has certainly been good, though my only complaint so far is I did find this chapter better to read last time when it was all already there, and I didn't have to wait to resolve the cliff hangers.

Still, awesome. :lol:

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I would really like to know who would like to run away from such a masculine guys.... :)

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[mention]squirrel[/mention] Pretty much any sane, normal person I would think. Few people have the constitution to stand up in the face of severe abuse and even less people take pleasure in being at the receiving end of it.


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I think that Steven is in BIG trouble. Uh-huh. Poor boy.
I'm a damsel. I'm in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day.

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wow, 33 chapters, it took me a few hours to get through. But what a story! Love the way you describe it all, the attention to details,... Could be the way my mind works, but I can see it all happen and feel as I'm a member of a non-existing audience...

The downside of reading all chapters in one haul is that I'll have to wait for an update . But you sure gained a massive fan!

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[mention]Boundluis[/mention] Always thrilled to hear from new readers! Welcome on board man! And no worries, the next chapters will be published in quick succession.

Besides, while you wait for more chapters, you have your own story to work on (which we're all eagerly awaiting) ;)


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Ahhh damn.

Poor Stevie boy, but what hot hunters he got pursuing him! I can only speak for myself, but I‘d probably be too much of a wimp to hide when I‘d see Master Nick in his hot leather jacked and gloves with his military belt on....I‘d fall to my knees and beg him for forgiveness probably :oops:

Or probably not? However, can‘t wait to see how this goes on...

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Guess those gloves aren't a good sign. 8-)
Steven's hesitations in the previous chapter and that slow motion discovery and sudden acceleration at the end of this one, that effectively builds up anticipation toward what's next. Well done.
Plus strange insights into Nick's head. It's low action but intense. This part works very well.
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Chapter 34 - High Hopes

I felt a sharp sting as I stumbled to the ground and scraped my knee on what appeared to be a sharp rock.

The flashlight wasn't performing nearly as well as I had hoped it would and I was very badly equipped to fight off the growing chill of the night air.

Directing the flashlight beam towards my leg, I saw what looked like a mixture of dirt and blood around my bruised knee, and then noticed the well-concealed tree root that I had unceremoniously tripped on just a few seconds ago.

I normally wasn't this clumsy, but in my defence, it was pitch black outside and even with the flashlight on, it wasn't easy focusing on the path under my feet while dealing with the fear of being caught. I didn't have the time to set my eyes down to the ground and avoid the various sticks and stones that lined the way. Nick and Brad were surely on the lookout for me by now, and with the Jeep in their possession, they had a clear advantage over me.
Time, was a luxury I didn't have.
And a scraped knee was a small price to pay for my upcoming freedom.

Ignoring the sharp pain in my leg, I quickly got back up and resumed my escape.

The cold, the darkness and the sound of crackling branches and rustling leaves all around me kept my heart pumping. All those stupid science fiction and horror movies I'd seen began flooding my thoughts.
My mind worked hard, furiously conjuring up wild images of crazed killers and hungry beasts lurking in the darkness not far from me.

Doubt slowly started creeping into my mind.
The fear, the hunger, the cold; they were all slowly eating away my resolve.

Had I really made the right choice? Could I have resolved this by coming to an agreement with Nick and talking some sense into him?

I even faltered to the point of wanting to turn around and go back.
The only thing stopping me at that point, was the fact that I'd smashed Brad's camera to pieces and was scared shitless about what he'd do to me if I ever found myself in his grasp again.

Even as these thoughts came rushing through, I mentally scolded myself for being so weak and for faltering so easily. Focus Steven! Focus! I knew there were no monsters or psychotic killers in these woods and even though the cold was very real, the horrors bombarding my mind were not.

Something about the tall black trees looming all around me and the sound the wind made as it whistled through the dense forest, gave me goose bumps though.

Dark Forest.jpg

It felt like only a few degrees above freezing point and yet I had sweat beading my forehead and a dampness about me that I couldn't explain.

The mental stimulation I was going through wasn't helping my chances of success and I knew I had to keep a lid on my fears and my more than ever.

I tried calming myself and even starting humming a tune that used to play on the radio quite regularly. But my heart wasn't in it and the humming quickly stopped, giving way to the cold, eerie silence once again.

My heartbeat seemed to grow louder and louder with each step, and my head was pounding.
Only when my breathing became strained did I realize I still had the pathetic collar buckled around my neck.

So accustomed I had become to wearing it, that I hadn't even given it any thought before making my escape.
Luckily, the thing wasn't padlocked and my numb, half-frozen fingers stiffly worked the buckle open.

I felt a sudden sense of relief as the cursed leather band was unbuckled and unstrapped from my throat. It was purely symbolic, I knew, but part of me felt as though removing the collar moved me forward in my escape.

I had no idea how far my captors were. I knew that they had arrived at camp and had little doubt they were well underway searching for me by now. But I had no idea how close they were from my position or even in what direction they were heading.

I couldn't just drop the collar to the ground and hope two jocks wouldn't find it. I had to dispose of it for good.

Directing the flashlight towards my right, I was satisfied to see the seemingly endless barrage of dense trees and forest shrubs extend before me.

That was as good a place as any to hide something, I thought to myself.
Without giving too much pause, I swung my arm over my head and threw the leather collar into the dense foliage as hard as I could.

I was satisfied to hear it impact with several twigs and branches as it fell to the ground in the distance.
Nobody would be finding that anytime soon, I knew.

And so, with a renewed sense of urgency, I marched on.

Minutes went by and still the trail continued. The wooden cottage I had spotted while fishing on the lake last night, couldn't be too far ahead. I might have underestimated the distance a bit, but I knew I was on the right path and that I just had to keep going.

I curled my hands up into fists in an attempt to keep my fingers from freezing and attempted to curl my toes up together inside my sneakers as well.

I could see fog coming out of my mouth as the warm moisture from my breath met the cold night air.

Wearing only a damp t-shirt and a pair of thin running shorts, I became sorely aware of just how ill-equipped I was to face the outdoor elements.

I had to find shelter real soon.

Besides the threat of being caught, or the wild horror movie-inspired imagery running awry in my mind, the darkness and the cold became my worst enemies...that, and the constant doubts that refused to let go.
I hate to admit this, but in that moment, I remember regretting my escape and wishing I was still bound up inside that super fat, smelly old sleeping bag back at camp.

It was too late to go back though.
That much was certain.

Through the thick curtain of trees on my left, I could see the lake and hear the sound of the small waves crashing against the rocky shoreline.

The lake's dark waters reflected the pale glow of the moonlight and the strong winds kept its surface agitated.

With the road coming up so close to the lake, I knew I was on the right path. It would only be a matter of time before I reached the small wooden cottage. Freedom was at my fingertips. I could practically taste it!

I must have been walking for at least an hour by now, though truth be known, I had no way to tell the time or measure it's passage. I knew I wasn't walking as fast as I normally would, not with my bloodied knee and half-frozen limbs, still I was growing more confident by the second. I'd reach the cottage it a few minutes. It couldn't be much further.

Still walking, I quickly realised that I needed a plan of some sort.
The people who lived here wouldn't be expecting any strangers seeking respite, especially not ones in my battered condition.

I would need to come up with a plausible and realistic explanation for what I was doing out here all alone and why I was so poorly dressed to face the cold conditions.

My mind busily conjured up different scenarios while my feet kept to the road.

Finally I settled on the most realistic explanation I could find.
My cover story would be that I had been trekking into the woods a couple days ago.

I would tell them that I was a photographer for National Geographic, or some other nature-oriented magazine and that part of my job was to get to remote locations and photograph the scenery.

Yesterday evening while preparing for bed, I got freaked out by a bear and in a panic I started running. I couldn't find my way back to camp afterwards and spent the whole night out in the dark.

I would tell them that I spent the whole day walking, trying to find someone to help me...yeah, something like that should do. I honestly didn't really care whether or not they believed my bullshit story. I just needed a place to stay for the night and a ride to the nearest main road. Besides, countryside folk were usually much more generous and in tune with human needs than their urban counterparts.

If all went as planned, they would let me spend the night and would offer to drive me back to town in the morning.

Yes, that would have to do.

Thinking about my cover story some more, I quickly began to realize that it had one major flaw; Nick and Brad.
I would just have to cross my fingers and hope that they wouldn't show up at the cottage during the night.
I had no idea what would happen if they did or how the local residents would respond to three young guys showing up at their doorstep in the middle of the night.

I would have to cross that bridge once I got there.

The air continued to get cooler and cooler and I began to grow more desperate.

FINALLY, after what seemed like ages, the pebbles on the dirt road grew larger and larger until I was walking on a gravel path.

Raising my flashlight up and off the road, my heart skipped a beat when I noticed the wooden house only a dozen or so meters away.

At last! I had arrived.
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Chapter 35 - Broken Dreams

Arriving at my destination, my excitement was quickly subdued by the idea that my pursuers might have taken another route to get here before me. Maybe they'd set up an ambush for me. Maybe they were lying in wait, just waiting for me to come out into the open.

Ideas ranging from doubt to severe paranoia crossed my mind, but none of my wild theories were confirmed as I scanned about the surrounding area with my flashlight.

I was very much alone. Or so it appeared.

Beside the rustling of the leaves and the howling of the wind, I could hear nothing. No running engine, no footsteps, nothing.

The flashlight only provided partial visibility and I knew the beam would immediately reveal my location to any hidden onlookers, but I had no choice, I couldn't do without it.

Strangely enough, I could see no light around the wooden house-like structure. In fact, I could see no light emanating from it at all and no car or vehicle parked alongside it either.

Cautiously, I approached the front of the cabin.
What I saw was hardly encouraging. Quite the opposite in fact.

The white paint the covered the outside of the dwelling was all chipped off and the structure itself looked like it was in terrible condition. This place almost looked as though it was derelict!
The cold, the darkness and loneliness aside, there was something really creepy about this place.
Something wasn't right.

Old Shack.jpg

Scanning the front of the house with my flashlight, I located the door and a set of windows.

If someone lived here, they surely wouldn't be expecting anyone creeping about the house at this late hour.
I resisted the urge to flash my light into the glass windows and decided to just present myself upfront.

Taking a deep breath in an attempt to slow down my rapidly increasing heart rate, I walked onto the front porch and curled my palm into a fist before tentatively knocking on the front door.

No answer came.

"Hello?" I called out, knocking on the door again, this time a bit louder.

I was expecting the lights to be turned on and a pair of grumpy residents opening the door. But only silence greeted me.

"Hello?!" I repeated, desperation quickly taking over.

Again, no answer.

I knocked on the door, much harder this time, but ended up quickly backing away in dread.
The sound of my knocking on the door wasn't right! It sounded hollow, almost horrifying.

"No way." I muttered to myself, suddenly fearing the worst.
This couldn't be possible. Someone had to live here!

Walking up to the window on the left and pointing my flashlight inside, I was expecting to see a ghostly figure looking back at me through the glass.

But there was nothing. Nothing inside the cabin!
No furniture, no carpets, no chairs...just an empty room with what appeared to be a dirty wooden floor. The place was abandoned and all the remained was a shell!

My heart sank and I felt a knot in my stomach and bile fill the back of my throat.
I had to fight the tears that were welling up in my eyes. I'd been through all of this for nothing! I was alone out here, lost in a pitch black forest, standing next to some creepy derelict shack, with only a flashlight and some light clothes on my back.

My knees were shaking and I felt sick.

Backing away from the scary structure and nearly stumbling off the wooden porch, I looked in horror as the flashlight beam revealed a partially collapsed structure and what appeared to be a decaying rooftop.

From afar, what appeared to be a small country cottage, was in fact nothing other than a rotting shack.
The thing looked like it was right out of a horror movie.

I stood there, trembling in my shorts and my damp t-shirt, my head pounding and my limbs quaking.
I was cold and starving. My feet and fingers felt numb and I barely had enough energy to stand up on my own two feet.

My only option, was to get to the main road.
I couldn't sleep outside and although I could keep going, I had no idea how long the batteries in my flashlight were going to last.

Just as I was about to run away from the disturbing area that surrounded the abandoned structure, a sudden noise broke the eerie silence.

Immediately my heart froze and so did my body. I fumbled to turn my flashlight off and used the cover of darkness to avoid detection.

I'd definitely heard something not far away, but now everything was silent.
Wait, there it was again!

My heart was pounding as the sound of a cracking twig echoed from somewhere close by.

I held my breath, and heard another noise. This one was deeper, like a growl. No wait, not a growl...
Whatever it was, it was getting closer.
The low growl-like sound increased and the sound of another snapping twigs echoed through the dense forest.

The low rumbling sound gave way to something different.
It sounded like small pebbles being rubbed together, a definite crunching sound.
It took me a few seconds to realise what I was hearing. TIRES on a rocky dirt road!

With the swiftness of a hawk, I darted for the cover of the woods, not caring about branches and twigs that seemed intent on scraping my skin.

I got a pine tree branch in the face and a few cuts and scrapes on my exposed legs as a reward, but it didn't matter. I knew a vehicle was slowly patrolling the woods and I had no doubt it was Nick and Brad attempting to flush me out.

I crouched low and kept quiet.

My suspicions were confirmed when soft light coming from the vehicle's front LED beamers glazed through the forest cover. I recognized those lights and their shape. It was Brad's Jeep.

For some reason, I was frightened yet at the same time relieved to see the vehicle approach.
The wooden shack had really creeped me out, but right now it didn't seem so scary anymore.

I kept perfectly still and used the forest cover to stay out of sight. I knew there was no way they could see me while I was standing still in these thick shrubs.

My heart was pumping nonetheless, and I closed my eyes as the Jeep drove just a few meters in front of me and towards the abandoned shack. I kept my eyes shut and my head hidden until I heard the vehicle drive past me.

My relief was short lived as I saw the Jeep's rear brake lights light up and saw the SUV come to a halt.
They had seen me, I thought, eyes opening wide in panic.

I quickly realized my fears were mistaken when Nick and Brad emerged from the Jeep and stood around, scanning the surroundings with their eyes and flashlights.

I heard some mumbling, but couldn't make out what either of them were saying.
I saw Nick, just a dozen meters or so meters away. He was right there, in front of me, frantically looking around with his flashlight. Frantically looking around for ME.

"Steven!" I heard him shout, his call echoing several hundred meters into the darkness of the forest.
He sounded almost desperate, as though he was genuinely worried.

We had grown up together and I had come to count on him so often during my youth. I couldn't believe I was running away from him. It felt like this was all just a dream. A really bad dream.

Even though I blamed him for much of what I had gone through these last days, it stung my heart to watch him stand there, looking for me.

I knew there was no way he could flush me out. He would never find me here. I was too well hidden and the forest was just too dense to search in the cover of darkness.

I fought the urge to crawl out of the woods and walk up to him. Fought the urge to give up and allow myself to be taken back to camp. I was cold and scared and weak. I just wanted to run up to him and fall into his strong arms.
The solution was standing there, right in front of me!
I could be safe! I didn't have to be cold and! I silently scolded myself.
Why was I so weak?! Why did part of me want to crawl up to the blond bully and be captured again?

They had changed me. HE had changed me, I decided.

Ever since this whole thing began with Nick, a new voice was slowly emerging inside my conscious mind. I tried to fight it, tried convincing myself that I was normal and just a bit mixed up...but in truth, I wasn't just "mixed up".
I was heavily conflicted.
Part of me wanted to embrace the treatment I had received at Nick and Brad's hands and submit to it, but the other part of me couldn't accept it.

It had started with Nick's feet, his ordering me around and his general dominance over me. I found myself practically enjoying things...things I would never have imagined enjoying just a few short weeks ago!

I couldn't explain it. It was as if Nick could see right through me and was trying to release some deep dark secret I was holding within me.

God, I wanted to run out and beg him for forgiveness. I was just about ready to give anything for a warm meal and hug at that point.

But I knew I couldn't just walk up to them. Not after what I had done to Brad's camera.
Brad was undoubtedly furious, and I didn't know how Nick would react.
He used to be my closest friend, and yet, I did not know him nearly as well as I thought I did!
Maybe he'd be relieved to see me and ask me to come back at camp with him, or maybe he'd beat me on the spot, just for defying him and escaping.

While I stood there considering my options, my two hunters walked around the empty cabin and quickly scanned around with their pocket lights.
Brad was standing around quite a bit and didn't appear to have any hopes of finding me here.
Nick on the hand, was walking around at a quick pace and scanning around incessantly. He was either really angry, or really upset I decided.

I heard a loud thumping and a crash, and I knew they had broken through the wooden door and were looking inside the derelict cabin right now.

The Jeep was still running and the front beams were still on.
I had the sudden crazy urge to jump up and drive away with the vehicle.
I could've probably managed it and gotten out of here before they had the time to react.
I would never know for certain.

Nick and Brad emerged from the old cabin and walked back towards the Jeep.

Brad got in the driver side and closed the door. I saw Nick open the passenger side door and scan the surrounding area with his flashlight one last time.
I couldn't see his face, couldn't see his expression.
He stood there, looking around for a few more seconds before sighing deeply and climbing inside the Jeep.

I watched as my captors slowly drove away.
I knew I was supposed to feel relief, but that was the last thing I felt right now.

I couldn't suppress the tears that dripped down my frozen cheeks as a sharp pain suddenly built up in my chest.
In that moment, I was overcome with fear, pain and sadness.
Watching the Jeep pull away and seeing Nick search around for me like that, pained me to no end.

I sat there, sobbing and using my arms to try and warm my cold, damp body.
I cried and breathed into my hands. My fingers felt numb and I couldn't feel my toes anymore.

Meanwhile inside the Jeep, the atmosphere wasn't any better.

"Fuck! Anymore brilliant ideas!?" Brad yelled as he angrily hit the top of his steering wheel.

The jocks had been driving around for nearly two hours and their escaped prisoner was nowhere to be seen.

They had checked Brad's cottage, patrolled the roads around the lake and the old cabin log. The guys were running out of ideas and Brad was getting more irritated by the minute.

Nick tried to keep a cool head, but the shell he was putting up was beginning to crack.
He was starting to lose hope.

"Dude, calm the fuck down!" he snapped back, lifting up his sports cap and nervously running a hand over his short blond hair.

It was getting late and they were getting nowhere. Soon, the Jeep would be out of gas and they'd have to go back to Brad's cottage to fill up.

Nick couldn't think straight and couldn't predict Steven's moves. He'd never imagined the twerp being capable of doing this in the first place, much less predict where he was heading. Maybe Steven had given up and had decided to go back to camp. Maybe he was waiting for them there.

Nick had a feeling those chances were slim, but all he could do at this point was keep hope.

"Shit." the jock finally sighed, placing his cap back on his head and looking out through his passenger side window. "Just drive back to camp...we'll figure something out in the morning." he told his friend.

Brad silently agreed and without a word he drove towards the campsite. Both jocks were discouraged and disheartened from of their fruitless search and although both of them doubted they would get much sleep tonight, they could do nothing else but resign and give up their search.
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A quick apology to everyone. Really frustrated with myself at the moment.
Chapter 35 was published a little too quick, resulting in an abnormally HIGH number of typos and glaring mistakes.

Over a dozen corrections have been made over the last few minutes.
Consider giving chapter 35 a second read-through if you were among those "early birds" who got to read it before my final edits.


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Post by LK3869 »

Good thing I didn't read it too early then :)
But little hasty mistakes can't distract from the intensity of those lines.

I know I should refrain from placing thoughts in others' heads, but I suspect you fear we won't like your emotional and psychological moments. To me they are your most obvious display of talents. I mean, your kinky parts are awesome too but with a story of that lenght, the other parts are those where you really connect to the characters. So that you'll enjoy the kinky parts even more.

And suspense and rythm are damn efficient too in those last parts, so your story works great in every aspect.
Hope others will confirm it to you.
don't run ! I'm friendly ...

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Couldn't agree more. You, good Sir, are one talented writer.

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Chapter 36 - Conflicted

I couldn't move, couldn't get up. I was frozen in place, not knowing what to do next.
I knew if I sat here for too long, I would succumb to hypothermia. I didn't have anything to start a fire with.
The old, decrepit cabin provided little shelter from the cold and the flashlight batteries would surely start to fail me soon. Besides, the abandoned house looked way to scary for me to even dream about using it as temporary shelter for the night. I'd rather face the forest and take my chances out here than spend a minute inside that ghostly structure.

I wasn't particularly religious or superstitious, but something about the way the old shack looked run down reminded me of those horror movies where ghosts and spirits were running amok.
No. I was NOT going inside there.

I was cold and exhausted. My body was shivering and my limbs felt as though they were frozen in place.
I just wanted to be in front of a fire, zipped inside a thick sleeping bag. I wanted to forget this whole thing, forget the past few days and my escape attempt.

I wasn't prepared or equipped for this long term escapade in the woods, and to my surprise, I wasn't emotionally ready for what escaping from Nick entailed either. My breakdown after the Jeep had departed was a clear demonstration of that.

I would have liked nothing more than to curl up into a ball and fall asleep, but I couldn't. All I could do was lie there and ponder on my grim situation...a situation I had needlessly put myself into.

I should have remained at camp! I should have stayed inside that sleeping bag!
What could I have been thinking running away into the night like this with just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts?!
How stupid I had been to put all my hopes on a wooden shack I had spotted in the distance.

No. This was hopeless.

I was defeated. Defeated by my own short-sightedness, defeated by my own feelings for Nick, feelings I couldn't quite explain. My mind was telling me to get up and press on. My better judgement told me put my flashlight on and start marching in search of the main road. It was telling me not to give up my escape.
But my heart was telling me to give up and go back to camp.

It took me a while to figure out which voice to obey.
But finally, I decided to hush the voice of reason and just follow my heart.
It was calling, or rather, begging for Nick.

Slowly, I got up, turned my flashlight back on and forced myself to get a move on.
I had no choice. I had to go back.

* * * * *

Nick looked out his window, hoping to see Steven emerge from the woods. He knew that he was holding out for something that wouldn't happen. These roads extended for dozens of kilometers and his young friend could be far away by now. If Steven had left camp soon after he and Brad had headed out to begin their fishing trip, then their escaped prisoner would've had hours to distance himself from their position!

Nick knew that he was too late. They should have brought Steven with them! Or should have ended the fishing trip sooner! Maybe if they'd gotten back sooner, they could've caught up to Steven. But it was closing in on midnight now and the young lad was nowhere to be found. This was a hopeless cause.

Brad took the long way to get back to camp and decided to drive along the road that went all the way around the lake. Maybe with some luck, Steven was circling around the lake as well and they could snatch him off the road like this.

Brad couldn't drive fast and had to put his high beams on in order to avoid a set of particularly large rocks that had tumbled onto the road some time ago.

The ride was rough and bumpy, but neither of them cared at this point.

Half an hour later, they were approaching a point in the road that intersected with an even narrower dirt path. They had driven all the way around the lake and Nick knew they were just a few minutes away from camp.

He was so exhausted from the hours of searching that he had trouble keeping his eyes open.
He had completely lost hope at this point. The only option left was to fold and retreat back to camp for the night.
They could resume their search in the morning and if that didn't do it, they could alert the local authorities.

With his head laid back on the leather headrest and his eyes partially shut, the blond hunk's head nearly hit the roof as a shape began to take form in front of the Jeep's high beams, just a dozen or so meters away.
"Bro! Stop." Nick exclaimed, jumping in his seat, his senses suddenly going in a state of full alert.
He put a hand on Brad's shoulder to incite the jock to halt the vehicle and quickly fumbled with his seatbelt before opening the passenger side door and stepping out onto the dirt trail.

Brad remained inside the Jeep and kept the motor running while Nick walked out front to investigate.
He obviously didn't share Nick's level of excitement. Sure, he was relieved that they had probably found Steven, but he got a feeling that Nick's feelings for the small guy heavily outweighed his own.

Nick walked towards the approaching figure, only to confirm that it was indeed his young friend.
He didn't know whether to be angry or overjoyed. His heart was pounding and the knot in his stomach suddenly went away, only to be replaced with a growing sense of relief.

Steven wasn't making a run for it. In fact, he stopped his approach and just stood there, apparently not knowing what to do.

* * * * *

I stood there, with a lump in my throat.
I didn't know what would happen next, didn't know if I was going to be beaten up right then and there.

I was frozen in place, unable to move as Nick walked up towards me.

He slowly walked up to where I was standing and stopped a few feet away.
I could tell he was unsure about my intentions. Maybe he expected me to run away. I had no idea.

He stood there, staring right at me. I could do nothing but stare back, shaking, suppressing the urge to run up to him and fall into his strong arms.

He looked so big and buff standing there, two meters tall, with his cap, his leather jacket and his heavy-duty equipment belt on.

"Where are you going?" Nick finally spoke, his deep voice breaking the awkward silence.

Just hearing the sound of his voice was like music to my ears, and I couldn't help but fall in tears as I attempted to explain I was heading back to camp.

I tried covering up my escape attempt with a lie and came up with the excuse that I had just wanted to go out on a stroll and then ended up getting lost. But the words never made it out of my mouth.

I ended up standing there, shivering and crying pathetically. My knees felt like they were going to let go. I could barely keep myself up and standing.

Nick seemed to predict my imminent collapse and quickly closed the gulf between us.

In less than a second, I found myself wrapped up in a set of massive leather-clad arms and found the back of my head being cradled tightly by one of the hunk's big gloved hands.
I stood there, sobbing and shaking, burying my face against the blond hunk's t-shirt-clad chest, feeling the warmth of his body and basking in the familiar scent of his clothes.

"Shhh..." came the blond hunk's deep, soothing purr. "Everything's gonna be alright." he said, pinning my face against his strong chest and wrapping his giant, muscular arms around my upper and lower back. "Shhh."

I closed my eyes and snuggled up against his warm body.
I was safe now.


Disappointed with Steven's decision? Satisfied with the final outcome?
Upset about his lack of confidence and constant self-doubting? Please share your thoughts with us.


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Post by Pup »

Trying to decide if my memory is going, or if you have changed it a bit since the original. xD

Probably the former.

Regardless, love this chapter and love how well you convey Steven's emotions.

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Pup wrote:
1 year ago
Trying to decide if my memory is going, or if you have changed it a bit since the original.
Like I said, all the chapters so far have been re-written from scratch.
I can tell you, a LOT of it is different. The original version of this scene was far less detailed and was basically a pale description of events. Pretty much everything will be redone 'till we get to Part III. Afterwards I won't really have much to update.

On another note, a lot of my old readers are holding off reading this until I reach the point where we had left off (on the old board). That's kinda sad considering the sheer number of plot differences, details, photos and descriptions I'm adding to the beginning of the story.
Anyways, really glad you and some other readers from are still following.
Those that aren't will most likely find themselves confused later on when Steven has flashbacks about "times past".

You know what they say. "You snooze, you lose..."


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Well, I am one of those readers that chose not to read what i thought was just a polished version of the original story. I ignored that because I'm not one to go back and visit things I've seen already. I do the same things with movies.... I didnt think there was anything wrong with the tale you told initially.....

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[mention]chadmc90[/mention] You are not alone! I know of over a dozen guys on here who said that they'd only revisit this thread once I got back to the point where we left off.

Hopefully I've changed your mind ;)
I've used the original chapters as a basic blueprint, but have redone everything, cut some stuff out, added lots of new scenes and content, made the characters more believable, etc. I think you'll find this finished version even more to your taste than the original draft.


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Post by chadmc90 »

Yea, maybe, but still......

I will be honest. I wasn't a fan of the direction the plot took in the original story, which is one reason why I stopped reading. I know it's a story and all, but I just didnt like certain things. Sorry if this seems vague, as I dont want to spoil it for new members.

I'll consider it, and maybe I'll reread it soon.

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chadmc90 wrote:
1 year ago
I will be honest. I wasn't a fan of the direction the plot took in the original story, which is one reason why I stopped reading. I know it's a story and all, but I just didnt like certain things. Sorry if this seems vague, as I dont want to spoil it for new members.
No worries. I lost and gained many readers over the years. Though I'm sorry to hear the moral dilemmas I presented here have soured it out for you.

I don't remember where/when I lost you as a reader though. I have the original chapters saved up, but the WayBackMachine archives only have them up to 96, at which point you were still reviewing steadily.


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Chapter 37 - Safety First

Nick kept me in a tight hug before pulling my head back a bit and lifting my chin up with his big, gloved hand.
I felt incredibly small, standing against him like this, looking up into his handsome face.

I shivered as strong, leather-clad fingers grabbed my jaw and chin. Nick's expression changed from one of relief to one of slight frustration as he turned my head to the right and then to the left, noticing the many scrapes
and scratches that adorned my pale cheeks and forehead.

"You never, EVER run away from me like that. You hear me?" he barked, angrily frowning down at me and holding my chin up so that he could look straight into my watery eyes.

I sobbed and kept quiet before nodding my head quickly and averting my gaze downwards.
The jock let go of my face and allowed me to bury my head back against his chest before wrapping his arms tight around me again.

"Alright. Come on. I'm taking you back to camp." he purred, slowly releasing me from his overpowering hug and keeping a tight grip on my upper left arm before slowly walking me towards the SUV.

As we approached the Jeep, I let my head hang low in defeat, partly out of shame, but also to avoid Brad, who was still sitting in the driver seat.
I really wasn't looking forward to facing his wrath. I'd broken his expensive professional-grade camera, and I'd probably end up paying for it with tears and money in the long run.

Nick marched me towards the back door and opened it up so that I could step inside.

I tried to halt our approach by stopping in my tracks. This was the end of my freedom, I knew.
The instant I got in that Jeep, I'd be a prisoner again.

Nick didn't allow me to contemplate my options though.
His grip tightened and I found myself being forcefully dragged towards the opened door.

His hold on my arm was really tight. He really didn't want me going anywhere this time.

I was marched up to the rear side door, but instead of being guided in and helped up, my blond captor pushed my upper body down against the leather seat, pinning my face, chest and abdomen doing against it.

I was offered no explanation as two strong, leather-clad hands reached for my wrists and pulled them behind my back.
I whimpered in panic, but the hunk pinned my wrists together with one hand before telling me to be quiet and stop resisting.

I heard the sound of metal clinking together and then felt the cold embrace of sturdy handcuffs being slapped onto both of my wrists. I felt like I was being arrested...which I was, only, this arrest was technically illegal.

The cuffs were locked and tightened a little too snug for my taste, eliciting a frightened whimper from my part.
Nick ignored it and kept my upper body pinned down to the back seat before reaching for one of the coils of black rope he had latched onto his belt.

I squirmed around a little, but with my hands cuffed behind my back, I could offer no meaningful resistance as the rope was quickly looped and tightened around my already-handcuffed hands.
The blond hunk's thick leather jacket and gloves creaked loudly as he strained to bind me up abnormally tight.
He REALLY wasn't taking any chances this time.

The muscular brute bound my wrists up incredibly tight, wrapping the rope up around and between my helpless limbs and double knotting it midpoint before spinning the rest of the rope around a few more times, double knotting it once again.

I was suddenly pushed further inside the warm SUV, my light frame easily sliding across the back seat until my head was touching the opposite door.
I felt my sneakers being taken off and saw them being thrown into front of the Jeep, on the passenger side seat.

Nick probably figured that by removing my sneakers, he was even further discouraging me from trying to escape a second time.
He was right. I wouldn't get very far without shoes on my feet. Not on this rocky, treacherous terrain.

Brad watched silently from his rear-view mirror and I was careful to avoid his gaze.
Nick had removed both my shoes but he apparently wasn't done yet.

I heard a familiar zipping sound and angled my head to see the hunk fumbling with what appeared to be a set of thick, police-grade zip ties.
My thin socks provided little protection from the zip ties. The rough embrace of hard plastic dug into my skin and kept me from moving my ankles apart.

I thought he was done, but watched in slight apprehension as he grabbed yet another pair of thick zip ties and repeated the same process, cuffing my already-secured ankles together.

My eyes bulged out in fear when I noticed the other things hanging from my hunky captor's belt; several more coils of black rope and a REALLY big roll of extra-wide gorilla tape.

"Need some help?" Brad asked, suddenly offering to lend Nick a hand.

"Nah. I think I'm done here." The blond hunk responded, finally helping my up into a sitting position on the leather seat.

I thought he was gonna close the door and walk up to the front passenger side, but again, I was proven wrong.
Instead, Nick climbed in next to me and closed the door before locking it manually.

"Alright, let's go." he instructed, placing a hand on Brad's shoulder, almost as if thanking him for his patience.

Pretty soon, we were on the move again and slowly heading back to camp.

The ride went smoothly.
Nick kept his arms wrapped around me pretty tight and ran his strong leather-clad hands over my bare legs.
I trembled and sobbed, overcome with fear, sadness, joy and relief at the prospect of being taken back to camp once again.

Nick held me tight and sort of "apologised" for the outrageous manner in which I was restrained.

"This is for your own protection." he explained, attempting to calm me down by pulling me up against him and gently covering my sobbing face with his large hand.

"'s okay." he purred, pinning me tight against him and muffling my whimpers.
The strength and warmth of his body, the scent of his thick leather glove over my mouth and nose and the deep sound of his voice, all of it helped to calm me down quite a bit.

I spent most of the half-hour ride lying against my masculine captor, sobbing inside his leather-clad hand and fighting the urge to fall asleep on the spot.

Nick cupped my chin up and gave me some water from his canteen before feeding me two chunky protein bars and helping me to some more water.

When we arrived at camp, my shoes were left inside the Jeep and I was picked up and carried inside the tent like a bride on her wedding day.

I kept my eyes partially shut and allowed my nostrils to flare open, taking in the scent of Nick's neck as he carried me inside our communal abode.

I would normally have been angry being all trussed up like this. But at that point, I remember feeling absolutely calm and safe. I would have fallen asleep in Nick's arms if I could.

I was slowly lowered into a sitting position on my cot as Nick and Brad got to work zipping the tent shut and turning the lighting units on.

Brad stripped to his briefs and got his sleeping arrangements ready. Nick on the other hand, was searching through his backpack rather frantically before fishing out what appeared to be a number combination lock...the type that you'd use on your gym locker to keep strangers from stealing your stuff.

"Dude." Nick called out, showing the lock to Brad. "You remember our old code?" he asked, with a barely concealed smirk.

"Yeah." Brad answered, chuckling lightly as he saw what his friend was holding up.

Maybe this was an inside joke, I thought to myself.
It was then that I realised this was probably the same combination lock Nick and Brad used in high school.
Of course! That made perfect sense!
In their last two years of high school, they had shared a locker together.

Nick grabbed the two tent zippers and pinched them together before slipping the heavy combination lock inside both of them and snapping it shut.

That could only mean one thing.

Even if I escaped these ropes and zip ties, and even if I somehow broke these police-grade handcuffs, I'd be unable to leave the tent unless I used a knife and cut a hole in it.

My god, this was worse than prison!
At least in prison you were locked up, but free to walk around your cell!

Brad closed his light off and went to bed, zipping up inside his red mummy bag and giving Nick and I some sense of privacy.

Nick finally turned his attention towards me and crouched down next to my cot.

"Hey. You okay?" he whispered, taking off his tight leather gloves and extending his warm hand before placing it on my cheek.

I winced, fearing a slap that never came, until finally, I relaxed and allowed the hunk to touch my skin.

"Fuck." he mumbled, frowning deeply. "You're freezing." he stated, touching my forehead as if to see whether or not I was running a fever.

The hunk eyed me up and down, taking in my battered state and eyeing the vicious-looking gash on my bruised knee. "We're gonna clean up that up tomorrow, and then we'll talk about your punishment." he explained, causing me to look down in fear of what was to come.

"Right now, it's time to get you to bed. I'm gonna make sure you get a full night's sleep." he added, getting up and walking towards his mattress.

I closed my eyes and tried to curl up into a ball while the domineering jock went about getting his sleeping arrangements ready.

After about a minute of rummaging around, Nick came back to me and started undoing my bound wrists and cutting the thick zip ties that were keeping my ankles restrained.

"Alright, let's get you undressed." he instructed, pulling my damp t-shirt off and pulling my shorts down.
The hunk didn't care that I seemed a little embarrassed at being stripped like this. He crouched down in front of me, grabbed my left ankle and pulled my sock off.
He did the same thing to my right foot before helping me to stand up.

"Take your underwear off." he ordered, holding my upper left arm tight.

"Nick, I'm okay like this..." I answered, unable to stop my teeth from chattering.
My feet and fingers were still numb and my ears and nose felt really tingly, as though the blood vessels in my extremities had congealed or something.

"Underwear. Off. Now." the blond hunk growled, slowly emphasizing each word and looking down into my beady little eyes with a look that demanded obedience.

I swallowed a lump of saliva in my throat before slowly using my free arm - the one he wasn't holding - to peel the loose-fitting briefs down.

Without a word, Nick tightened his grasp around my upper arm and led me towards his mattress.
"Come on. Get in there." he ordered, motioning his head towards his unzipped sleeping bag.

I looked down at the extremely thick bag and actually blushed at the realisation that he was gonna zip me up inside his own special bag for the night.

He must've been really worried about my body temperature.
Besides, he didn't seem bothered by the smell of his dad's bag, so I was more than happy to switch bags with him for the night.

I decided to obey and slowly crawled into the super puffy blue worm.
It's a wonder Nick fit inside this thing at all, I thought to myself, sliding inside the overstuffed cocoon and enjoying the sensation of soft, puffy nylon pressing down all around me.

"Scoot down. Further." the blond hunk ordered. The bag was long and narrow, which meant I had to scoot down quite a bit before my feet were are the bottom.

I felt really lightheaded and tingly.
Even though the bag wasn't zipped up yet, I could definitely pick up Nick's scent all around me.
It smelt pretty damn strong actually.
Man, Nick should've just gotten himself a new bag instead of getting this one overstuffed.

I wiggled my head around to get away from the loft so that I could breathe properly.
I was expecting Nick to just zip me up and strap me in tight, but he was taking much longer than expected.

Actually, he just left the bag unzipped and started getting undressed.
Maybe he expected me to zip myself up.
I had no idea. So I just decided to play dead and pretend I was falling asleep.
I closed my eyes, but still managed to peek a few times while he was stripping.

His jacket looked like a pain to take off. It was really tight, especially around his forearms and biceps.
The leather coat creaked loudly as the handsome hunk struggled to take it off.
Nick pulled his black sports cap off and threw it on the ground before removing his t-shirt and exposing his huge arms, muscular pecs and big hairy pits.
I watched as he quickly unbuckled the military belt and let it fall to the ground before kicking his old Reebok "bad boys" off.

It didn't take long for the blond muscle god's potent foot odour to fill the tent.
I closed my eyes and quickly angled my face downwards inside the sleeping bag to try and avoid the fumes coming out of those giant basketball shoes.

Even Brad, who was half-asleep at the other end of the tent, picked up the stench and complained about it.
"Aww fuck." he cried out from inside his bag, frantically working his arms up to close his sleeping bag's hood opening, desperately sealing himself up inside his thick mummy to try and stop the stench from getting to him.

We were padlocked inside the tent and Nick had taken his shoes off.
This didn't bode well for Brad and I, I mused, too tired and exhausted to offer any complaint.

Nick just ignored his friend's vulgar protests and peeled his yellowish, pungent-looking socks off before pulling his blue trackies down and tossing them to the floor.

Even in my weakened and heavily fatigued state, I couldn't stop a tingle of excitement from rushing into my groin as my eyes picked up the sight of Nick standing there, with only his black boxer-briefs on.

He'd worn those today, yesterday and the day before as well, I knew.
He'd probably only brought two pairs or something and didn't anticipate having to lend me one of them.
That was the only explanation I could think of as to why the hunk was still wearing those tight, black Calvin's.

Even as the jock walked towards me, I had trouble tearing my eyes off his giant, heavily protruding package.
In made little sense on paper, but the fact that his thighs were so massive only seemed accentuate the size of his bulge and the way it filled up that extra roomy pouch at the front of his tight boxers.

I closed my eyes and expected the bag to be zipped up around me, but that didn't happen either.
Instead, I watched as the giant blond hunk unzipped the fat mummy some more and crouched down next to me.

"Turn around, on your belly." he instructed, grabbing my upper arms and helping me 'till I was flat on my stomach.
To my utter surprise, the hunk crouched down on top of me and slowly slid his legs inside the narrow bag.

I instantly gasped and tried getting up, wondering what the hell he was doing.

"Calm down! I won't rape you. Lie down and stay quiet." he spoke, pushing me back down flat on my stomach.

The hunk suddenly reached up and started unscrewing something at the top end of the inflatable mattress.
I heard a loud hiss echo across the tent as air started escaping the bed, until suddenly, I felt myself slowly sinking down into the mattress.

Nick quickly screwed the mattress valve shut to stop more air from escaping and seemed satisfied that the bed wasn't so firm anymore.
"You'll be more comfortable this way." he said, slowly lowering himself and putting more weight onto my cold body.

With the mattress inflated at full capacity, sleeping under Nick would've been really painful and I'd have probably ended up getting crushed or injured.

But with the mattress being partially deflated, Nick could rest on top of me without crushing me to death.
Sure, I'd be squashed like a bug and pinned down, but at least I wouldn't have to worry about getting my spinal column crushed...

"Shhh..." he purred, slowly sliding into the super puffy worm until his feet were on top of mine at the bottom of the bag.

It was a tight fit. A REALLY tight fit.
His enormous thighs barely fit inside the bag and were literally squashing mine down to the point where I couldn't move my upper legs at all.

I couldn't help but gasp when the jock's huge underwear-clad package came down, settling right inside my naked butt crack.
I tried squirming away, but Nick's entire body lowered itself onto mine, knocking the wind out of my lungs and causing me to let out a muffled protest.

"Ugghff." I breathed out, eyes bulging in slight panic as I tried to get used to having this enormous beast-of-a-man lying on top of me.

"Shhh! That's enough." Nick whispered. "I can't have you going into hypothermia. I need to make sure you stay warm. So you're spending the rest of the night right here where I can keep an eye on you." he stated, leaving absolutely no room for debate.

Nick's entire bodyweight settled on top of me, his heavy, muscular pecs pinning my head down inside the puffy loft beneath me.

The bag was slowly zipped up, but with both of us sharing the tight space, the jock couldn't slide his massive arms and biceps down against his body.

Nick zipped the bag up all the way, but was forced to keep his arms folded and crossed above my head, at the top of the bag.

I watched as my captor reached out through the hood opening and shut the electric lamp off before sliding his thick arm back inside our thick, puffy prison.

The jock didn't loose time in reaching for the draw cords and pulling them tight, causing the super thick hood to close up. He left only a small hole, barely large enough to fit a finger through, and knotted the cords together before crossing his arms above my head.

With my arms and legs pinned down, and my body squashed underneath his, I wasn't going anywhere any time soon.

I tried moving my head up and tried squirming around a little.
With Nick's arms crossed above my head and him resting his head down on his forearms, my face was quite literally being smothered by one of his giant biceps.

I tried angling my face down a little, but quickly realised my mistake when I got my nose caught up inside his giant bushy armpit.

"Uggh..." I cried out, crinkling my nose in disgust and struggling to get my face out from inside there.

"Shhh. Stop moving around." Nick ordered, obviously unaware of the plight I was facing.

"Close your eyes, close your mouth, and get some sleep." he ordered, crossing his forearms together a little tighter and further smothering my face up under his huge, muscular bicep.

It took a fair amount of effort, but I ended up twisting my head enough to get my nostrils partially freed.
Damn his biceps were big.

With Nick lying on top of me, personally warming me up inside his ridiculously thick sleeping bag, it only took me a few short minutes to dose off and slip into the dream world.

It was mighty cold for this time of the year, but I didn't have to worry about that.
In fact, I didn't have to worry about anything right now.
Nick would take care of me.
All I had to do was enjoy his heat, take in his scent and sleep like a baby.

Nick and Steven - courtesy of talented artist and forum member "LK3869"
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Ahhh, it‘s nice to see little Stevie-boi back in Nick‘s strong, safe arms.

I can completely understand Steven‘s decision.
Not only cause I‘m basically similar to him in a lot of ways - but also regarding surviving chances. I mean, completely alone, not even close to be ideally clothed - even though Nick and Brad are cruel sometimes and keep him prisoner against his will...they would never let him into such danger as he put himself in.

And on another note...fuck, I‘d have already dropped to my knees when seeing Nick all geared up with his leather jacket and thick leather gloves.

Awesome parts. Can‘t wait for Steven‘s punishment. And for Brad‘s reaction...

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