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Chapter 43 - Grounded

Having no foolproof way to measure the passage of time, I'd estimate a solid half hour passed before Nick got back and tossed his backpack and sleeping bags onto the mattress, right next to me.
I looked up at my handsome captor with eyes that demanded attention, but the stud ignored me and wiped his sweaty forehead before removing his big leather gloves and getting undressed.

The gloves landed on the bed, next to my face, and so did the heavy leather jacket.

The strong smell of leather mixed with the hunk's natural scent, caused my senses to tingle in delight.
Had the jock not been there, I'd have probably buried my face in his jacket and inhaled deeply though my nostrils.

I silently watched as Nick threw the wide military belt onto his jacket and looked on as he quickly peeled off his sweaty wifebeater, exposing his massive, glistening arms and buff torso.

His body looked absolutely amazing!
Now that his muscles were pumped up from the light workout he and Brad had just gotten back from, the hunk looked even MORE buff and imposing than usual.

Nick breathed out loudly to express fatigue, and used his damp muscle-shirt to pat his face dry and wipe down his pecs, abs and big bushy armpits.

The sweaty shirt was thrown casually to the floor, and the hulking, beefy blond stud finally gave me some attention.

"You comfy all tied up like that?" he asked, sitting down on the bed and putting a hand on my defenseless rump.

"Hmm, no. It's really tight." I complained, squirming around a little to emphasize my point.

Nick raised an eye brown and gave a puzzled smirk.
"That's the whole point." he answered, giving me a light tap on the bum. "That's what happens when you get caught trying to run away..."

"I wasn't caught! I was looking for you." I interjected, feeling confident that my answer would hold up, given that it contained SOME amount of truth.

They hadn't "caught" me.
By the time they stumbled upon me, I had already given up my quest and was making my way back to camp.
If I had wanted to escape at that point, I would have made a run for it as soon as I heard the Jeep approaching.

As soon as the words left my mouth though, I got another slap on my rump. This time, hard enough to make me yelp in surprise.

"No talking back!" the blond hunk angrily snapped. "You were caught, and now you'll be spending the rest of the trip bound up where I can see you." he explained, leaving very little room for debate.

"What?! Niiick! You can't keep me tied up all the time!" I protested, carefully controlling my tone of voice so that my words would sound more like pleas for mercy than actual complaints.

"Why not?" the jock asked, sliding his hand across my back and eventually using it to cradle the back of my scalp.
His tone of voice was serious and his question appeared to be genuine and untainted by hidden motives.
Truth me known, I wasn't expecting that kind of response.

"Why can't I keep you tied up?" Nick pressed, his deep, calm voice and soothing touch sending tingles of pleasure along my spine.

" 'Cause..." I whimpered, not knowing how to answer. "Niiick...come on. You can't do that!" I pleaded, giving the blue-eyed brute the most pitiful look I could muster.

"Of course I can! And I will." came the jock's answer.

"But..." I tried protesting, before quickly being cut off.

"And if you give me any trouble or talk back after I tell you be quiet, I'm gonna plug your little mouth up and you won't be able to talk anymore." he calmly explained, while stroking the back of my head affectionately.

I frowned in displeasure and let my gaze fall down to the mattress in frustration, but didn't say anything to contradict him.

"Now it's time to hit the shower and get that wound of yours checked." he stated, standing up off the bed and pulling me up into a sitting position.

The knots holding me captive were undone and the hunky stud lost no time in freeing me of his flawless ropework.

I tried twisting around to offer him easy access to my handcuffs, thinking that he'd remove them, but apparently, he wasn't interest in doing so.
"No." came Nick's reply. "The cuffs stay on."

I lowered my head down in submission and remained seated on the edge of the bed while my captor went about slinging his beach towel around his shoulders and grabbing his backpack.

"Alright. Let's go, bondage boy." he smirked, taking hold of my upper arm and gently guiding me out of the room and into the bathroom.

As soon as we entered the bathroom, the first thing that struck me was the fact that a camping cot, presumably the same one I'd been sleeping on two nights ago, was placed between the toilet and the bathtub.
"Why is there a cot in here?" I asked, obviously fearing the worst.

"Calm down." came Nick's immediate response. "It's just so that I can have you lying down while I clean out your cuts." he explained, gently prodding me into the well-lit room and closing the door behind us.

Nick's next order though, came as a bit of a surprise.

"Down, on your knees. Face the wall." he ordered, putting his backpack down on the toilet seat cover and pushing me down to a kneeling position next to the tub.

A sharp pain coursed through my knee as I bent down to the floor, but I managed to place most of my weight on my undamaged leg to ease some of the pain away.

"Keep your head straight and look at the wall." my big, beefy captor growled, not-so-gently grabbing my hair and chin, and forcing my head up so that I had to look at the part of the wall I was facing.

"Now you stay quiet!" he growled, standing his full two meters and looming down over my kneeling form. "If you move or talk before I tell you do, you'll regret it. Understood?" he added, this time adopting a more severe, fatherly tone.

I nodded my head obediently and cast my gaze down in submission.

Almost as soon as I let my head fall down, my chin was roughly picked up and Nick's deep, masculine voice spoke again. "Eyes on the wall!" he growled, using his finger to indicate that I was to look at the part of the wall that was at my eye level.

I stayed quiet and fixed my eyes on the spot Nick was pointing.
I dared not move, not wanting to suffer an even worse punishment than what he already had planned.

I remember being grounded like this as a boy. It was a long and boring punishment my dad used to put me through whenever I talked back or made a fuss.

Nick probably suffered the same fate once or twice.
Why else would be come up with this form of punishment if he hadn't experienced it even once during his childhood?

Had I been a disciple of masochistic tendencies, I would have replied something alone the lines of "Yes, dad."

Thankfully though, my common sense and fear of being punished overrode the almost suicidal impulse I had at the time. I still wonder what Nick would've done, or how he would have reacted had I sarcastically called him "dad".

Part of me wanted to believe he would be smiling on the inside, even though he'd put up a hard, severe front.
Whatever his reaction might've been, it would remain purely speculative.

With my nose almost touching the wall and my back standing up straight, it was impossible for me to get a good view of what Nick was doing when he let my head go and stepped towards the bath.

I heard the shower head come to life and heard the water streaming down from it, impacting on the white, fiberglass bathtub. Next, I heard the shower curtain being tossed and could see the hunk pulling his trackies and underwear down before letting them fall to the floor.

A strong, terribly cheesy smell suddenly started filling my nostrils.

It took me a few seconds to realise that Mr. Big Muscles had pulled his old bad boys and putrid socks off before stepping into the tub and getting under the shower.

Ugh, god!
It smelled TERRIBLE!

The shower curtain was closed up and I waited a full minute before slowing turning my head a little and glancing towards the tub.

The curtain was pretty sturdy and was doubled up with a liner.
I was fairly confident that the showering, blue-eyed hulk wouldn't be able to see my small movements from the other side of the curtain.

After a few more seconds of staring at the wall, just in case he decided to check on me and see if I was still doing so, I finally allowed my back to slump down a little and turned my head around to look at the giant shoes and nasty socks he'd discarded.

His big, dirty Hanes socks looked REALLY foul and raunchy, but that wasn't the only thing that marked my impressionable mind.

When I saw the muscle-hunk's extra large, black boxer-briefs lying on the bath rug less than a meter away, my jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

Oh. My. God!

Nick's big boxers.jpg

His HUGE, three day old boxers looked filthy as FUCK!
I couldn't see much of the inside, but from what little I saw, the pouch looked really stained and filthy.
The big, musky old briefs were heavily cum stained and appeared to be lined with a good number of brown pubes and sweat marks.

I didn't even wanna IMAGINE what it smelled like in there.

Nick's boxers really needed to be cleaned out, I thought, quickly turning my head back to face the wall and straightening my posture up again.

The last thing I wanted was one of those socks, or anything else for that matter, finding it's way into my mouth.
So I quickly decided I wouldn't talk back and wouldn't give my big, grumpy "daddy" an excuse to punish me with a gag.

After a few more minutes of kneeling, the shower head was turned off and the plastic curtain was pulled open.
Nick got out of the tub and quickly started drying himself after stepping onto the fluffy bath rug.

I kept my eyes fixed on the white bathroom wall in front of my nose, and silently waited for my hunky captor to give me a new set of instructions.


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This story gets better by the chapter...
I think I'm getting a crush on Nick as well :mrgreen:

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Can't blame Steven for deciding to obey like that! If the scent of his feet can flood a room that instantly, having those socks or boxers jammed in his mouth would be a nightmare... Or at least, unpleasantly humiliating as he learns more and more about himself and his desires with each and every chapter. Love reading through this and seeing each boy's life changing just a bit!

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Chapter 44 - The Shower

Nick dried his hair, legs and upper body before patting his crotch dry and rubbing the towel deep inside his bum crack.

I heard a bit of shuffling and saw the towel being dropped to the floor, not far from where I was kneeling.

The jock approached and I saw him bend down to pick up his big, nasty briefs before slipping them on.

"Ugh fuck..." I heard him suddenly mumble under his breath.
I had no idea what he was complaining about, not until I saw him grab his big, putrid socks and sneakers, and toss them out of the bathroom before closing the door shut again.
The smell of his own shoes was grossing him out, so you can just imagine how bad it was for the rest of us!

"Stand up. Come here." Nick finally ordered, allowing me to get off my knees and tare my eyes off the wall.

As soon as I stood up and approached, my blond captor removed my handcuffs and took hold of the t-shirt I was wearing, before pulling it off my torso. "Get undressed, you're going in the shower." he told me.

I slowly bent down to remove my shoes and socks and then pulled my shorts down before standing up, wearing only the loose-fitting boxers he'd lent me.
"I said get undressed! Undies too." he ordered, frowning at my reluctance to strip naked.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed the underwear down and stepped out of them before covering my privates as best I could.

"Get in and put your hands against the wall." he instructed, his deep voice demanding nothing less than unwavering obedience.

I slowly let my head hang and stepped into the tub before putting both my hands up against the cold ceramic wall.

I heard Nick grab the shower head before turning the water on and adjusting the temperature.
He didn't set it very warm, probably due to the many cuts and bruises that adorned my limbs, but it wasn't uncomfortably cold either.

Lukewarm water started streaming down all over my back, arms, butt and legs.
I felt myself blushing in shame when I was forced to obey the order to turn around and place my arms down at my sides.

Nick used the shower head to rinse me down from head to toe before finally shutting the water off and ordering me to sit down in the tub.

He didn't make any disobliging remarks about my manhood, but even so, I was more than happy to curl my legs up against my chest and hide my genitals away from the handsome blond hunk's sight.
Somehow, his grandiose presence made me feel a little...inadequate.

My beefy captor sat down on the edge of the tub and planted his feet on either side of me before making me scoot forward so that I was sitting with my head right between his giant thighs, and my face, mere inches away from his big, underwear-clad bulge.

Nick, sitting himself down on the edge of the tub.png

I felt absolutely puny and insignificant just sitting there, staring up at the great, big, muscular hunk.

When the jock reached out for one of the shampoo bottles on the shower rack behind me, I couldn't help but glance up at his bicep and notice how big and hairy his armpit was.

Having a girlfriend and being into girls, I should have been grossed out by Nick's manliness. But for reasons that were completely beyond me at the time, I actually found it quite appealing.

I heard a bottle pop open and suddenly felt a cool gel-like liquid spill out onto my wet scalp.
My big hunky captor promptly placed the bottle back on the rack and started massaging the shampoo into my hair.

My proximity to him was almost intoxicating.
I was so nervous, I was practically shaking.

I tried calming down and breathing normally, but the first whiff I caught of the jock's smelly undies took me completely by surprise and nearly sent me reeling.

I managed to suppress my complaint, but couldn't help but crinkle my nose in disapproval.
Nick wasn't paying attention to my face though, and each time I tried backing away a little to prevent his potent boxers from assaulting my nostrils, he pulled me back in and held my head tighter.

"Stop moving and hold still!" he suddenly growled, loosing patience at my squirminess.

I immediately obeyed and forced myself to stop resisting.
The jock cupped a hand behind my head to prevent me from moving away and slowly massaged his fingers deep into my scalp.

As soon as I allowed myself to breathe in normally and relax, I found myself wanting to close my eyes and fall asleep. Getting my scalp massaged like this, was actually really nice and comforting.

I was still greatly repulsed by the powerful and incredibly musky crotch odour coming out of his black boxer-briefs, but I managed to breathe through my mouth and sit still while the fatherly hunk spent the next minute or so, lathering my scalp up.

The shower head was turned on once again, and the soothing embrace of warm water began easing it's way down the back of my neck and head.

"Close you eyes." Nick instructed, bringing the shower head up over the top of my scalp and rinsing my hair out real good.

Even while rinsing my hair, the hunk continued holding the back of my head tight, and it didn't fail to grab my attention that the large bulge between his massive legs had grown considerably in the last minute.

The water was turned off again and I was soon given a bottle of body wash to lather myself up with.

Doing so was incredibly humiliating...especially with Nick looming above me, carefully observing my every move while I awkwardly soaped myself up.

The hunk wasn't satisfied until practically every square centimeter of my body was covered up in foam, but he eventually rinsed me down and allowed me to remain seated in the tub while doing so.

I felt incredibly embarrassed, yet the sensation of my own fingers lathering up my skin was brewing some excitement down in my groin.

This couldn't be happening at a worse time, I thought to myself.
If Nick saw me sporting a boner now, he would definitely think I was a creep.

I didn't, once, question Nick's heterosexual orientation, even though he felt no shame in displaying his now massively protruding bulge right in front of my face.

As far as I was concerned, Nick was as straight as they came.

Of course, he often made jokes about "using" me and turning me into his bitch, but I never took it seriously.
It was all typical Alpha male stuff, I figured.

"Alright. Come on. Let's get you dried up." he told me, suddenly standing up and stepping out of the tub before taking hold of my upper arm and forcing me to the do that same.

Fuck! The tingling in my crotch wasn't going away, and I could feel my semi-flask member hardening up a bit.

I tried thinking of something unpleasant in the hopes of making my boner go away, but the sight of the hunk's heavily-built, muscular body was having the opposite effect.

My blond muscle-god reached down and grabbed his towel from off the floor before wrapping me up with it and using it to dry my hair and face.

He was drying my face with the same damp towel he'd just used to dry his crotch and butt crack with!

"There. All nice and cleaned up." he finally said, giving me an almost cheerful wink and flashing me a cocky smirk.

I quickly reached down for the undies I'd discarded before the shower, but I never got a chance to reach them.
"Nuh uh. Come here." he said, shaking his head no and grabbing both of my diminutive upper arms with his strong hands. "On the cot. Lie down."

"Nick, I just wanna put my underwear on. I'm cold!" I protested, desperately creating an excuse for wanting to cover myself up.

"I said lie down!" he repeated, forcefully guiding me to the cot that would serve as a medical gurney while he inspected my wounds and bruises.

I let out a discouraged whimper and sat on the upraised gurney before swinging both of my legs onto it.

Nick circled to the bottom end of the cot before grabbing both my ankles and pulling me down, so that my entire body was lying face up on the improvised gurney.

I used my hands to cover up my semi-erect member and watched intently as the bulky stud started fishing into his backpack.
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OK, now I need a shower too...

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[mention]Boundluis[/mention], [mention]lengban[/mention]
Really glad both of you are still following and enjoying this. A special thanks for taking the time to drop comments and letting me know you're still reading.


On another note, I find myself wanting to provide my second-time readers with a half apology for having trashed the original fan-favourite shower scene. Unfortunately, the first shower scene (written in 2014) did not survive the entry into the finalized version of this story and needed to be completely trashed and redone.

If you don't remember the original piece that well, then there's no harm done.
But for those who read through the story in the last year and still remember the first shower scene, all I can say is that this re-mastered version is much more realistic and plausible than the one featured in the original script.
I promise you guys won't be disappointed with future events.

Hope you guys are at least enjoying the photos as well as the graphic depictions provided by our wonderful [mention]LK3869[/mention]


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Post by lengban »

The old shower scene was nice, but I agree that for what it did it seemed to move things very quickly for the pair. This scene is still nice in it's own way and I agree about it being more realistic. I personally am not too disappointed, I think this works well and I loved seeing Nick getting grossed out by his own foot scent for once before he returned to laying down the law and making sure Steven took care of himself. <3

And always happy to leave a note showing I care about your writing and story where I can. Really love your work after all! Very glad that despite the old forum dying and taking stuff with it, this site arouse and allowed you to continue things that I'd grown to look forward to reading each time a new chapter came out.

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[mention]lengban[/mention] I'm glad you mention that, 'cause that's exactly what I was thinking while re-reading the original script. It seemed too soon and a little unrealistic. I'm glad you still remember that, and that you enjoyed the re-mastered version just as much. Hopefully, the 90+ readers that have caught up to the latest two chapters have enjoyed it as well.



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Post by MaxRoper »

It's been a while since I've taken the time to add a note expressing my appreciation for this amazing and massive tale. It's a tribute to the writing of [mention]bondagefreak[/mention] that I eagerly await each chapter, as most of the things going on here are not exactly my cup of tea. To be honest, I'm not much into smelly feet and sleeping bags but the writing and characters keep me coming back for more. Well done, mister!

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Post by Johnsnow »

I swear I put a comment on here yesterday but I looked today and it was gone... Anyways I agree that the new version is much better. Looking forward to more chapters

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[mention]MaxRoper[/mention] Aw, thanks so much man.
It's an honour to have you reading, not only because you aren't doing so for the effect it has on your manhood, but especially because I know you're not usually into non-consensual scenes. Most of the early portion of this story (we're still in the early portion now) is non-consensual to varying degrees and features several morally undefendable positions.

Several of my other long time readers ([mention]puffalover[/mention], [mention]Jason Toddman[/mention], [mention]chadmc90[/mention] to name a few) are/were also into this for specific reasons and don't necessarily identify to everything featured in these lines.
It was (and still is, in some cases) an honour to have you guys aboard.

Glad to see you're still aboard, mate!
We're closing in on the point where you were left hanging (when the old board shut down)! :)

Chapter 45 will be up within the hour.


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Chapter 45 - The Health Care Plan

As soon as I saw Nick pull out a bunch of thick ratchet straps from his backpack, I got all squirmy again and couldn't help but scoot up on my elbows.
"What's all that for?" I asked, unable to camouflage the hint of fear that made itself present in my voice.

I thought Nick would me angry at me for speaking out again, but he wasn't.
He just walked up to me with the big bundle of restraints in his hand and crouched down next to me.

"Just some safety precautions so that you don't move around too much while I clean those cuts out." he purred, speaking as though strapping me down naked to a gurney was the most natural thing in the world.

"Lie down." he ordered, gently pushing my chest down so that I was forced to lie flat on my back once again.

The instant I felt the first gurney strap against my skin, a tingle of excitement shot across my groin.
I felt my heartbeat increase as the threat of being strapped down, completely naked, filled my thoughts.

The blond hunk placed the first ratchet strap over my bare ankles and secured it all the way over and beneath the cot, before pulling it tight and buckling it down.

That's how it started.
First it was my ankles, then my lower legs right beneath my knees and another one right above them.

My big muscle-king suddenly put a strap over my chest and upper arms before securing it all the way under the cot and pulling it real tight, pinning my upper body down to the improvised gurney.

"Arms down to your sides, Steven." Nick instructed, using my name for the time in what seemed like ages.

The blue-eyed hunk got another strap ready while I moved my left hand down to the cot.
"Arms down. Both of them!" he snapped, apparently having little patience for my lack of compliance.

Against my better judgement, I laid my head back against the gurney and put my right hand down to the cot as well, allowing my steadily growing erection to pop up into view.

Nick didn't say anything, but he didn't need to.
Nothing he could've said would've made me more embarrassed than I already was.

A thick strap came down around my wrists and upper thighs, right below my ballsack, and was strapped tight and buckled down real snug.

My strict, handsome captor wasn't quite done yet.
Another strap, secured my forearms and stomach down to the cot and was tightened in the same fashion as all the other ones. He made sure to tighten everything really tight, his big meaty muscles bulging out every time he did so.

I was quite literally, pinned down and going nowhere.
I tried squirming around a little, but stopped when I saw the massive jock walk up to the top of the gurney, where my head was resting.

"Where d'you think you're goin', kiddo?" he smirked, no doubt amused by my pathetic attempts to break free of these maddening straps.

The jock crouched down over my head and reached under the cot before pulling up yet another strap and securing it tightly above my neck, keeping me completely immobile from the neck down and tightening it to the point where I couldn't raise my neck up at all.

As he adjusted the strap, I got a close-up view of the underside of his right bicep, and couldn't help but flare my nostrils under it, hoping to catch the sexy hunk's sweet scent. The size of his muscles was definitely having a strange effect on me.

His bicep was MASSIVE, and pretty much covered my whole face, from the bottom of my chin right up to my forehead.

"Ugh." I suddenly complained, nearly getting my nose nuzzled into the hunky brute's armpit as he reached over my face to tighten the gurney strap.

"Lift your head up." he ordered, grabbing his towel off the floor, rolling it up and jamming it beneath my head, like a pillow.

I looked up and watched the hunky man take position right behind my head, his massive thighs and great, big bulge suddenly coming into view.

The strap he was holding between his hands was of little interest to me at this point. All my attention was pretty much focused on the bulging package hanging between his beefy thighs.

Strapping me down like this was obviously giving him one hell of a boner!
I'd seen his naked member two or three times during his late teen years and even then, his manhood struck me as being monstrously big. I was only thirteen or fourteen at the time though, and was a tad smaller than most of my peers and classmates. So it could just be that my mind was impressed at how big my older friend was getting.

The stretchy pouch at the front of his tight boxers was doing it's best to accommodate the hard mass of angry cock, but even so, my blond protector's giant bulge stuck out several inches in front of him.

He really had a thing for tying others up! That much was obvious.

A thick strap closed in over my forehead and was expertly strapped and buckled beneath the cot before being tightened down, nice and snug.

Finally, Nick was done.

My cock was hard as rock by now and was pulsing wildly against my lower stomach.

I felt completely embarrassed, yet I couldn't do anything to hide my throbbing erection, not with these eight sturdy straps keeping me pinned down to the medical gurney.

Nick tightened every strap and completely ignored the ragging boner I was sporting.
He nearly choked me to death with the strap going over my neck and made me yelp out by tightening the rest so that I couldn't move an inch in any direction.

"Ugh! Nick, it's too tight!" I cried out.
I was naked for god's sake! Where the hell did he imagine I would go even if I managed to leave the bathroom?!

"WHAT did I say would happen if you gave any trouble?" he asked, frowning down at me and pointing a finger at my face.

"But Niiick!" I cried out, looking up at him with pleading eyes after remembering the little speech he'd given me about stuffing my mouth up if I didn't cooperate.

"Quiet!" he barked, not the least bit interested in hearing what I had to say. "Stuff your complaints where I can't hear them." he ordered, growling down at me like an angry dad scolding his son.

My ankles, my knees, my thighs, my hands, my abdomen, my forearms, my chest, my biceps, my neck and my forehead...all were tightly strapped down and buckled tight, rendering me utterly useless and COMPLETELY at his mercy.

"There." the hunky jock finally chuckled, sitting down on the sturdy toilet seat cover and pulling my cot up closer, so that he could more easily inspect me from his seated position. "All nice and strapped down." he purred,
suddenly putting a hand on my exposed chest and using his index finger to twirl circles around my left nipple.

"Ahhg! No..." I whimpered, closing my eyes and desperately squirming around while the hunk's warm fingers sent tingles of excitement coursing through my body.

I couldn't move a centimeter and couldn't even raise a fuckin' finger to defend myself.
This was TOTALLY unfair, and he knew it.

Nick was very much a grown and mature man by now, but he was still every bit as fond of teasing and bullying as he was during his late teen years.

"No! Nick. NICK! Stop....ahh agghh! No. This isn't fair!" I cried out, futilely struggling against my tight restraints.

The big brutish hunk just flashed me a cocky grin before chuckling mischievously.

I was taken completely off guard when he stopped and extended one of his hands to tickle my bare soles.
"Ahhh! No. NO! AAHH!" I cried out, unable to move my feet or protect my vulnerable soles from the hunky bully's aggressive fingers.

I practically shot my load when Nick used his other hand to tickle my crotch and dig his fingers around the base of my throbbing boner.
"UGH! Nooo. AAHHH. No! Stop. NICK! No! NAAAAHH!" I cried out, my panic mounting as I felt tension building up in my groin.

Still, the jock ignored my frantic pleas and continued digging his strong fingers deep in my inner thighs, teasing the base of my flailing, and very much engorged boner.

"Haha." he chuckled, flashing me a toothy grin as he mercilessly tickled my feet and crotch.

"Damn. You're in serious need of pussy, aren't you boy?" he chuckled, suddenly halting his attack on my feet and crotch before looking down at me with a pair of hungry, lustful eyes.

I was breathing in and out loudly by this point, trying to recover from the ordeal he'd just put me through.

"I bet you haven't fucked Christie in a while, eh?" he asked, mentioning my girlfriend and smirking cockily at me, before slowly putting a hand back on my chest and gently teasing my nipples.

"Ahhw...aawwh!" I moaned, unable to offer any defence against the blue-eyed goliath's strong fingers.

"Don't worry. I'm in need of pussy too right now." he purred, ignoring my protesting moans and trying to excuse the fact that he had a ragging hard on in his dirty black boxers.

I gasped and let out a soft whimper.
I wanted to tell him to stop, but ended up going into a series of spasms when the hunky blond bully reached between my thighs and started tickling my recently-shaved ballsack.

"Ahh...nnnAAhhH! Stooo...AAH! AAAHH!" I cried out, desperately fighting the thick gurney straps and trying to squirm away from his infernal touch.

Nick just chuckled and continued assaulting my ticklish sack.
Strapped down head to toe like this, I was completely and utterly at his mercy.

A non-negligible amount of pre-cum started oozing out or my flaring erection when the horny brute lifted my sack up and dug his hand deep in between my thighs.

My eyes nearly bulged out from their sockets when two of his warm fingers started aggressively tickling my anus and threatening to enter my asshole.

"Haha." he chuckled, suddenly grabbing my painfully erect boner with his large, warm hand and squeezing it tight.

"AAWH! Nick! Stop." I pleaded, unable to cope with the hunky jock's incredibly strong grasp.
My toes and fingers were curled up and my entire body was shaking at this point.

"Shhh. Calm down." he purred. "I'm gonna take care of that for you. Just like old times." he spoke, referring to the three porn-fest, jerk-off sessions we'd had together as growing teens.

That was a looong time ago though, and the context was completely different now.
I was no longer a teen, and Nick was already in his mid-late twenties.

"Nick! No. AHHWW! St..stop. I'm gonna...I'm gonna CUUUM!" I cried out, breathing heavily and desperately squirming against the improvised medical restraints.
"Ahhh. AWHHMmmpph!" I moaned, suddenly cut off by the large hand my muscular friend decided to clamp over my face.

"Shhh." he purred, forcefully smothering my face up under his huge palm and using his other hand to jerk my shaft up and down.

Smothered by Nick.png

"Mmmphh...mmphh." I moaned, struggling for air inside my giant captor's hand, but finding myself unable to move my head or free my face from his grasp. "Mmmnnnhh." I cried out, unable to open my mouth or part my lips at all.

"Yeaahh." the brutish hunk growled, chuckling in delight and seeming unaware of the fact that my nose was caught up under his annoyingly large handgag.

"Mmmhh!" I tried screaming again. But the jock paid me no attention.
His thick, construction worker hand did a more than adequate job at shutting me up.

"Yeaahh, come on Steevie-boi. Cum for me. Yeah." he growled, tightening his grip around my shaft and increasing his cadence.

I didn't even last thirty seconds with his hand around my boner.

The sound of my muffled moaning, the fact that I was being smothered by his hand and that he seemed unaware of it, combined with his strong grip around my boner, sent waves of pleasure coursing through my groin and ended up making me shoot my load in a series of rather violent and impressive ejaculations.

"Ugggh....ugggh...ugggh." I moaned, streams of hot semen squirting almost a full meter into the air before falling back down on my chest and abdomen.

"Hrrrmmh...yeah. Come on, babe. Empty your ballsack." the hunky king growled, pumping my erect shaft up and down while keeping his hand clamped tight over my chin, mouth and nose.

Six more squirts of hot semen shot out of my throbbing boner, and by the final burst, I was about ready to pass out from the lack of oxygen in my lungs.

Nick removed his hand from my face and let my cock go before sitting himself back down and wiping his sweaty brow with the back of his hand.

"Phew! That's a BIG load for such a scrawny little guy." he laughed, trying to humour me up a bit, no doubt feeling some level of remorse at having jerked me off against my will. "No wonder you were so squirmy!" he added, giving me a light tap on the cheek before gently caressing the top of my head.

I wasn't really angry. I was just too exhausted to care or respond at that point.
I just breathed in and out loudly, allowing my chest to heave and my boner to soften up.
My heart was pounding louder than it ever had!

Nick got up, rinsed his hands out in the sink and spent the next two minutes or so, cleaning me up with wet toilet paper before drying me off with his damp beach towel.

"There. Feeling better?" he asked, cupping my face in his hand and looking down into my hazel eyes.

"Um hmm." I whimpered, nodding my head as much as the straps would permit and closing my eyes to hide away from the dominant Alpha's piercing blue gaze.

"Good." he purred, running his hands over my chest and thighs. "Now you're gonna lie still and you're gonna be quiet while I check your knee. Understood?" he asked, speaking to me as though I was his boy again.

"Um hmm." I agreed, still too tired to complain or offer any sort of wordy response.

Nick spent the next few minutes looking at the various cuts and bruises adorning my skin and spend at least a whole minute looking at my wounded knee and pressing around it to see how tender the wound was.

"Yeah. It's a pretty deep gash." he mumbled. "How d'you get that?" he asked, frowning slightly and adopting a somewhat fatherly tone.

Even with my strapped down arms and neck, I managed to shrug my shoulders a bit.
I didn't feel like thinking about last night, and didn't wanna tell Nick about how I had tripped and cut my knee open on a sharp rock that was protruding from the ground.

The jock just shook his head in mild frustration before resuming his examination.

I wasn't hard anymore and my sexual appetite was gone, but I still couldn't help but admire his great musculature and appreciate the gentle touch of his warm hands on my skin.

"This needs to be disinfected." he said, slowly getting up and going through the sink cabinets in search of something.

"Yo! Bro!" he suddenly called out, opening the bathroom door and calling out to Brad. "You got any rubbing alcohol in here?"

I heard the other jock say something about going through his camping bags to fetch out his first aid kit, and I knew I wouldn't enjoy the burning sensation of the alcohol on my wound.

"Aww." I complained, using my head's slightly upraised position to angle my eyes down towards the nasty gash on my knee.

"Sorry boi. It's gonna hurt, but it's something that needs to be done." Nick offered, apologising in the advance for the painful sensation I'd be forced to endure.

"I'm gonna give you something to bite on so that you don't scream when I clean your cuts out. Alright?" he asked, dressing his statement as though it was a question.

I just looked up at the big, beefy stud and followed his movements as he searched the bathroom for a something I could clamp my teeth onto.

"Hum. This'll have to do." he said, finally crouching down beneath the sink and taking out what appeared to be a large bathroom sponge.

Dirty bathroom sponge.png

My eyes narrowed on the object, and as soon as I saw it up-close, I started squirming around and complaining.
"Nooo...ugh." I cried out, desperately trying to twist my head in an attempt to avoid the smelly thing.

The sponge was large, thick and dense, and was about the same size as both of my palms spread out side by side.

"No! Niiick. That's gross!" I complained, crinkling my nose up at the sight of the approaching gag.

Upon close examination, I couldn't help but notice how dirty and dull it looked.
Not only that! The porous exterior appeared to have a good number of hairs and other bits and bobs trapped up, giving me an even greater incentive not to cooperate.

"Aw, quiet down. It's only sponge. You just have to bite into it when I rub the alcohol into your wound." Nick explained, talking to me as though I was being unreasonable.

"Noooo! Niiick, come on! It's fuckin' dirty!" I protested, the grossed out expression on my face remaining unchanged.

The blue eyed hunk looked at me, and then gave the sponge in his hand a closer look before producing a sigh and rolling his eyes. He probably thought I was being unreasonable or something...

Without a word, the blond muscle-god walked up to the sink and let the water run for a bit before putting the sponge underneath the tap and giving it a quick squeeze.

"There." he said, squeezing the excess water out of the filthy mass and making his way towards my helpless face again.

I couldn't believe it.
He gave the sponge a quick, two-second rinsing in the sink, and now everything was supposed to be okay.

"Alright princess. It's all nice and cleaned up for you. Open!" he suddenly ordered, looming down over me and grabbing my hair so that he could shove the spongy wad in.

"No! NiiiMMPPHH!" I cried out, suddenly getting my protesting mouth stuffed up with the large, tan-coloured mystery sponge.

"Uhhggff....nnnggh! Nnnggh!" I yelled out, coughing and groaning from the size and smell of the fat stuffing.

Nick said nothing. He just frowned and used his great, big muscular arms to shove the nasty thing between my lips.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worst, Brad entered the bathroom and was holding what appeared to be a first aid kit.

This was one HELL of a healthcare plan! And I was more than ready to check-out by now.
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Note from the author: Inserted a tiny little jewel in here, for my good friend and long-time reader [mention]squirrel[/mention].

Chapter 46 - The Turning Point

"Open your mouth!" Nick barked, suddenly adopting a far more aggressive tone, now that his friend was around.
A quick glance at the authoritarian brute's expression quickly broke down my resolve and convinced me that obeying was in my best interest.

I opened my mouth up wider to accommodate the invading material.
But apparently, Nick didn't think much of my effort.
"Open! Wider!" he barked, angrily tightening his grasp on my hair.

Brad said nothing as he entered the room and watched the unfolding spectacle.

Through the corner of my eye, I saw the smug jock deposit the first aid kit on the bathroom counter, and saw him sit himself down on the edge of the bath tub.

Nick was putting on quite a show.

"Uggghm...uggmnn." I cried, trying to tell Nick I couldn't open my mouth or part my lips any further.

He wasn't interested in my excuses though.

"Shut it!" he snapped, which I thought was a little ironic given that he wanted me to open my mouth as much as I could.

The filthy, bacteria-infested sponge filled my mouth up to bursting and caused my cheeks and lips to bulge out.

It was really thick and squishy, and, to my great dismay, tasted incredibly moldy.

"Ughhm!" I cried out, unable to stay quiet as the stench of my gag hit my nostrils.

The cursed thing was so big that only half of it fit inside my gaping mouth.
The other half stuck out past my bulging lips and it's proximity to my nostrils caused me a great deal of frustration.

"That's right." Nick barked, puffing his chest up and frowning down at me. "Chew on that and keep it in your mouth!" he ordered, pulling my hair hard and pointing a threatening finger at my face.

I gave the hunky brute a pleading, almost pitiful look and tried to let him know I'd obey, but all that came out was a heavily muffled whimper.

Nick ignored my pleas and gave me a no nonsense look that further incited me to keep the dirty sponge between my lips.

The thing tasted BAD, but a quick look at my blond captor's big, black Calvin's reminded me that my gag could have been worse. MUCH worse!

Nick started going through his friend's first aid kit and found the bottle of rubbing alcohol he was looking for.
"Thanks bro." he said, zipping the white bag back up and handing it over to Brad, who was sitting on the other side of my gurney.

I watched in apprehension as the hunkier jock opened the bottle up and poured some of the liquid onto a soft cotton pad.

"Nice gag." Brad suddenly commented, looking down at my frightened face.

Nick didn't answer.
He just started with the smaller scrapes and cuts, rubbing the alcohol-soaked pad onto them, even though we both knew it wasn't necessary. My skin was more than capable of healing itself.

The blue-eyed stud was a real jerk at times. He was abusive, domineering, controlling and ill-tempered.
But for the second time today, I found myself thinking about how he'd make a really good dad later on.
And a really strict one at that!

The rubbing alcohol stung quite a bit, but I knew that the pain I was feeling now was only a fraction of what I'd face once he got to work on my knee.

My attention was drawn to a more pressing matter when I saw Brad unzip the medical bag and fish out a roll of super sticky, white surgical tape.

My apprehension grew to an even greater degree when the jock got up, crouched down over me and began tinkering with the gurney strap holding my forehead down.

The thing was unbuckled and I immediately tried alerting Nick to what his friend was doing.
"Mnnnggh....mmmnnhgg." I tried calling out, my screams heavily muffled out by the huge, spongy wad that was jammed deep in my mouth.

Nick paid me no attention as his friend grabbed my hair and started wrapping layer upon layer of unbreakable microfoam tape around my mouth and head.

"Mmnnhhg...mmnnhg." I kept screaming over and over, coughing and gagging as the smelly thing was being pressed deeper into my mouth and being taped up so that I couldn't spit it out.

"Shhh." Brad whispered, kissing the top of my head as he brought the surgical tape around for another pass.

The tape was wrapped eight times around my head before being severed and placed back inside the emergency med kit.

When Nick finished cleaning out the last of my small cuts, he looked up at my protesting face, and saw the way Brad had taped the sponge inside my mouth.

"Was he trying to spit it out?" he asked, raising an eyebrow and throwing his friend a quizzical look, almost as though he didn't appreciate Brad's initiative.

I gave my blond saviour a pleading look, hoping he'd see reason and untape the dreaded thing from my mouth.
But Brad was always one step ahead of me.

"Yeah, he was spitting it out." he lied, which caused me to yell out and curse furiously in my gag.

"Fuck you! Fuck you, you fuckin' liar!" I yelled out, shooting him bolts of lightning with my angry eyes.

Nick stood up and gave me a harsh slap on the face before grabbing my chin and frowning down at me.
"I've had enough of your disobedience!" he growled. "You're gonna be punished later." he promised, believing Brad and not caring about the fact that the massive wad I was being forced to chew on, stopped me from telling my version of events.

Brad gave me a wink and sat himself back down on the edge of the tub.
Nick ignored my pleading face and grabbed the gurney strap, before roughly securing my head down to the cot once again.

"Quiet!" he barked, angrily grabbing my lower face with his strong hand and glaring at me with those striking blue eyes of his. "Chew on your gag. Eat it!" he growled, letting my face go and sitting down on the toilet seat cover, focusing on my wounds once again.

I continued crying out in moldy gag for the next minute or so, not getting over the fact that Brad had lied about me trying to spit the nasty out. In retrospect, I wasn't all that surprised about Brad lying to get me in trouble.
It's more the fact that he actually succeeded in getting me into trouble that drove me crazy.

That was THE definite turning point for me.

If he wanted to play dirty, I was gonna lie and get him into trouble as well. Stupid jerk!
I could play this game JUST as well as he could.

And so, I spent the next few minutes planning my revenge and figuring out a way of getting the liar into serious trouble.

Brad wanted a war? Fine! I'd give him one!

Unbeknownst to me at the time, he was about to score another victory point over me within the next five minutes.

Let me explain...


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Chapter 47 - Changing Tides

When Nick finally poured the sterilizing liquid over my gaping wound, an agonizing pain shot across my entire leg.

I cried out into my gag, but felt a soothing calmness wash over me when the jock's warm hand gently caressed the top of my head. "Shhh. It's almost over." he said, doing his best to calm me down as I screamed in pain and squinted my eyes shut.

The enormously fat and smelly gag he and Brad had secured inside my mouth, did a more than adequate job at muffling my cries out. I actually found myself getting really frustrated over it.
The dense, spongy mass had been tightly packed between my lips, only to expand back up again once inside my mouth.

The pain subsided almost as quickly as it struck, and soon I was breathing normally again and blinking my eyes to try and stop new tears from streaming down my temples.

My hulking captor used the cotton swab to dry up the excess liquid around my wound, spread a bit of Neosporin on it, and quickly placed a clean pad on my knee before using the surgical tape to secure it in place.

"There." he said, replacing his hand over the top of my head and offering me an almost sympathetic smile.
"All fixed up." he added, adopting a fatherly tone once again.

Just a moment ago, he was threatening to punish me and was yelling at me to be quiet.
But now, he was being all kind and gentle again.
So confusing!

Brad suddenly interrupted the tender moment, by burying his face down in his hands and breaking out into an uncontrollable laughter.

"What's so funny, bro?" Nick smiled, giving his friend a questioning look.

Brad tried responding, but burst out into another lively laughing frenzy before wiping the tears that were streaming down his reddened eyes.

Whatever it was that was making him laugh, it must've been really funny.
I knew it had something to do with me! It had to.

"Dude! What is it?" Nick pressed, getting up and putting his hand on his friend's shoulder.

The laughing jock quickly wiped the tears away from the corners of his eyes and took his phone out of his sweatpants before snapping a few photos of me.

"I can't believe you stuffed that THING inside his mouth, bro!" he cried out, breaking into another brief fit of laughter.

"Why?" Nick asked, frowning a little but sounding more intrigued than ever. "It's just a sponge." he stated, not understanding why his friend was nearly doubled over with laughter.

"DUDE! That's the fuckin' sponge I use to clean my toilet!" The jock finally exclaimed, nearly laughing himself to tears again as he watched the horrified expression on my face.

"Uuugghhmm!" I cried out, looking up at Nick with wide, pleading eyes, hoping he'd calm me down and tell me it wasn't true.

Brad HAD to be kidding, I thought. This COULDN'T be for real! It HAD to be a joke!

Instead of brushing away my fears though, Nick looked down at me with a dazed expression and Brad left the bathroom, laughing hysterically as he did so.

"The faggot's fuckin' eating my toilet sponge....AHAHA!" I heard him cry out from afar.

My mind went blank and I let out a rather urgent-sounding whimper, suddenly feeling sick to my stomach.

Nick quickly jumped into action and used his superior strength to rip the surgical tape off my face and pull the smelly thing out of my mouth.

I coughed and gagged as it was wedged out from between my spread lips, and practically puked as my tongue picked up some of the coarse hairs that were now coating my tongue and palate.

I knew what they were. They were Brad's pubes!

"Pfffttt...ugh!" I coughed, desperately trying to spit the nasty things out, and nearly making myself sick in the process.

"Fuck, I'm sorry." Nick said, putting his hand on my head as if trying to win back my favour. "Come on, let's get you some water." he told me, quickly unbuckling the gurney restraints and helping me up into a standing position.

The hunky blond stud quickly guided me in front of the large countertop mirror and grabbed his buddy's toothbrush glass before tossing the toothbrush out and filling the glass up with cold water.

I wanted to rinse my mouth and spit the other jock's curly pubes out, but Nick didn't give me a chance to explain.
"Here. Drink up." he ordered, pinning the back of my body against his muscular torso and holding my lower face tight as he poured the liquid down my throat.

As I stood there, swallowing the cool liquid that was being forced down my throat, I couldn't help but blush at bit at the realisation that the back of my neck was resting on the hunk's big, broad pecs and that his large and very much ERECT boner was pressing against my lower back.

"Sorry babe." he apologised again, no doubt feeling some level of remorse for forcing me to gag, on what we now knew, was a very dirty sponge.

His use of the word "babe" also didn't go unnoticed, nor did it fail to elicit a response in me.
For some reason, it made me feel all weird and tingly.

He ended giving me another glassful of water before putting it back down on the counter and using the mirror to note my fazed, disconcerting expression.

"The guy's a jerk, isn't he?" he said, backing up a step and gently putting his big hands around my slim waist.
He was trying to shift the blame entirely on Brad.

I was still a little too fazed out to respond, but was still alert enough to notice the way he was looking down at his own massive, underwear-clad boner, while gently sliding his hands down to my naked hips.
He probably forgot about the large mirror in front of us, and obviously didn't realise I was watching him licking his lips as he looked down at my exposed ass.

By the time he looked up again, I had already settled my gaze elsewhere.
I pretended to be tired and discouraged, but in reality my mind was racing!
Was it just my imagination, or had I actually caught my hunky blond captor lusting over my naked butt?

"Hey, I have an idea." he said, suddenly flashing me a mischievous grin.

I slowly turned around as the big, horny brute pulled away, and watched in slight amusement as he reached for his friend's toothbrush and spat on it.

"Let's give him a little payback." he said, right before turning around and pulling his big, musky boxer-briefs down.

I looked on wide-eyed, as the handsome bully exposed his giant ass to me and shoved his friend's toothbrush deep inside it, scrubbing his well-hidden asshole with the saliva-coated nylon bristles.

"Ohhw yeah..." he growled, going at it deep and hard before finally pulling the thing out of his butt crack and pulling his filthy Calvin's back up.

"Haha! Now THAT's gonna leave a nasty taste in his mouth." he chuckled, putting the toothbrush back into the drinking glass and giving me a cheerful grin.

I still didn't completely forgive Nick for forcing that filthy sponge in my mouth, but I decided to redirect my anger towards the other elephant in the house.

At least, Nick didn't know what he was gagging me with. But Brad didn't have that excuse.
He SAW the gag and even taped it up in my mouth!

As far as I was concerned, HE was the one responsible for my misery.

The next minutes were pretty uneventful compared to what I'd just been through.
Nick allowed me to put my clothes back on while he took his stuff out of the backpack and he brushed his teeth.

It took some convincing and a good amount of physical prodding, but eventually the hunk managed to coerce me into brushing my teeth with HIS toothbrush, since it was the only one available.

Since they'd basically kidnapped me and dragged me onto this trip against my free will, I had no toothbrush, no cell phone and no clothes to speak of. Everything I was wearing right now, except for my sneakers, was lent to me by Nick.

So it was either I used his toothbrush or used Brad's.
Not a difficult choice, considering that little butt scratch Nick had given himself with his friend's toothbrush.

Nick slapped the police-grade handcuffs around my wrists, but left me some amount of dignity by doing so while my hands were still in front of me.

"Alright, I need to take a fuckin' dump and trim my face a bit." the jock announced. "You can either sit on the floor against the wall or you can go in the bedroom and wait for me there." he spoke, offering me two choices.

What kinda choice was that!? Of course I'd choose go in the bedroom!

The LAST place I wanted to be, was sitting a meter or two away from the muscle-king, while he sat on his porcelain throne and took a dump!

I quickly headed for the exit and pulled the door open with my cuffed hands.

"Bring my socks and shoes with you." he instructed, poking his head out of the washroom as I headed past the door. "And stay in the room 'till I get back." came his stern command.

"Yes, Sir." I whispered, casting my eyes down and nodding my head meekly.

The underwear-clad hunk quickly closed the bathroom door shut, leaving me alone as I bent down to pick his raunchy socks and heavy basketball shoes off the floor.

Extending my cuffed hands down to keep the smelly socks and Reeboks as far as I could from my face, I quickly scampered into the privacy of our small bedroom, and shut the door behind me before leaning my back on it.

Finally, some alone time.


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Alone time.....hmmm i hope Steven gets caught doing something he shouldn't be doing. That would teach him lol. Seriously addicted to this story and love your attention to detail, cliffhangers, and evolution of the characters (I kind of liken it to Stockholm Syndrome :D ) . Massive effort on your part. Thanks [mention]bondagefreak[/mention] for all your contributions! Always looking forward to continued episodes of this 'book'!

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This just keeps getting better and better. And the photos just add to the fun.
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I hope the next chapter goes in to details on brad getting punished

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[mention]socjuc[/mention] [mention]BondageKitten[/mention] [mention]Msueta@2[/mention]

Thanks for the comments guys (and gals) ;)
Glad the photos are adding to the experience!

To be honest, I had great fun writing those last few chapters.
I just hope you guys weren't too grossed out by the toothbrush revenge scene. Haha! 8-)


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I read this story before on the old site and now, going through it again reminds me how well it is written and I admire your dedication to keep on going. I enjoy how feelings between the characters are incorporated. Makes it feel more complete - and the bondage scenes : all amazing. Can't wait to see what happens once we get back to chapter 100+.

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Hmmm... 8-) Chapter 45 was a long anticipated release... May I say that Nick could have found funnier things to do than just rinse it off right afterward but you can't ask too much of such a guy :lol:
Some hot chapters, still hooked on it.
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[mention]handovermouth[/mention] Salut ! Très heureux que tu aies décidé d'ajouter ta voix ici !
Really glad to see you joining the active community! Glad to hear you're enjoying this remake as much as the original draft that was on Anxious to get back to chapters 100+ as well.
We'll get there soon enough! ;)

Glad you're still onboard, my friend! 8-)


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bondagefreak wrote:
1 year ago
Glad you're still onboard, my friend!
Wouldn't miss some action now Nick's decided to stop beating around the bush, Brad will certainly get jealous :)
(plus answering that one makes me jump the 300 posts mark !!!!)
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Best story without a doubt...

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Hey! Glad to see you're back on board, Dave!

Also glad to see that almost a third of my current followers are reading this for the first time.
Thanks for all the encouragement, folks!


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Any chance of seeing another part tonight. Not rushing you or anything but you know I think I'm going to explode if I have to wait any longer. But I'm not pushing you at all...

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