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Johnsnow wrote:
1 year ago
Any chance of seeing another part tonight. Not rushing you or anything but you know I think I'm going to explode if I have to wait any longer. But I'm not pushing you at all...
I agree, if he doesn't post another part soon we might have to bind and gag him in a sleeping bag... Though it would probably take all of us to stand a chance.

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[mention]Johnsnow[/mention] and [mention]Pup[/mention]
Actually, I was waiting for you guys to catch up! ;)

Alright, I'll be releasing chapter 48 tonight, as well as 49 and 50 tomorrow.


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bondagefreak wrote:
1 year ago
[mention]Johnsnow[/mention] and [mention]Pup[/mention]
Actually, I was waiting for you guys to catch up! ;)

Alright, I'll be releasing chapter 48 tonight, as well as 49 and 50 tomorrow.
Trust me within 24 hours of you posting a chapter I have read it. And a chapter on average takes me 5-10 minutes to read. That was the only nice thing about being so far behind on the old forum. But I get we have to wait for those slow readera too. Or you could make it a catch me if you can type thing... I mean what better do you have to do than to edit stories for my entertainment?

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Chapter 48 - Disappointment

The audible swooshing noise closing in on the small bedroom immediately alerted me to Nick's approach.
Hoping to earn my captor's favour, I quickly rolled off the bed and assumed a posture I assumed he would find pleasing.

The hunky stud walked in, his big, beefy thighs causing the thin nylon around his legs to rub together noisily.

He didn't say anything, but I knew he was pleased to find me kneeling on the floor, with my head hanging low and my gaze to the floor. It was the most submissive posture I could think of assuming right now.

The blue eyed king sat himself down on the mattress, right in front of where I was sitting, and extended a hand onto my head before grabbing his cellphone.

He spent several minutes browsing the web and texting until he finally put his phone down and focused his attention back on me.

His grip on my hair tightened and my head was suddenly lifted up.

The first thing I saw, aside from his incredibly handsome, freshly-trimmed face and sparkling blue eyes, was the fact that he was still shirtless and very much aroused.

Having me kneeling between his strong legs, with my head between his spread knees like this, must've definitely had an effect on him. What else could explain the massive boner he had tenting up inside those blue trackies of his?

"Bring me my socks." he ordered, scooting forward on the mattress as I slowly crawled over towards his dreaded socks. Reaching inside his Reeboks, I slowly picked up his soiled white Hanes between my left thumb and index fingers and brought them over to where he was sitting.

"Here." I stated, taking position between his giants thighs and backing my head away a bit as I lifted the socks up to his hands.

Nick grabbed his socks, but not before grabbing my hair with one hand and forcing me to look up into his frowning face.

"That's "Here, SIR!" Got it!?" he scolded, pointing his index finger at my face, while using his other fingers to hold onto his big socks.

"Yes, Sir." I answered obediently, tearing my eyes away from the hunk's hot, blush-inducing face and focusing my attention on the nasty stinkers in his hand.

His socks were PUNGENT!

Even though I knew he was looking straight down at me, I couldn't help but crinkle my nose up and blink my eyes a few times in response to how strong they smelled.

"I'm sorry, Sir." I quickly added, casting my eyes down in an attempt to hide away from his gaze and distract him from whatever ideas he was busy concocting in his head.

"Yeah, you better! Fucker." he said, loosening his grip on me before giving me a light smack on the head.

The stud brought his hand in front of my face and roughly picked my chin up before looking down into my eyes.
"And you better not give me any trouble today, boi." he warned, pointing an accusing finger at my face and 'causing those stupid socks to dangle in front of me once again.

"You step out of line ONCE and I'm gonna beat the crap out of you and stuff your mouth with something WAY worse than that fuckin' sponge. You hear me!?" he asked, threatening to rough me up if I didn't cooperate.

I looked up with pleading eyes and quickly nodded my head affirmative.

"Yes, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir." I answered, before submissively casting my eyes down to the ground.

The jock's glare softened a bit and he ended up slipping his thick, raunchy old socks back onto his giant feet.

"Sneakers! Now!" he barked, snapping his fingers to get me moving.

His Reeboks were heavy and as SMELLY as ever.
The entire room stank of the blond muscle-god's pungent foot odour, and there was no getting around it.

Nick grabbed his enormous basketball shoes before opening them up and slipping his socked feet inside.

By the time we left the bedroom and joined Brad in the living room, it was already late afternoon and closing in on supper time.

Nick decided to make an early supper and started preparing the cooked pasta, meat sauce and Italian sausage that would serve as our evening meal.

He and Brad each popped open a bear and spent most of the time chatting, one jock cooking in the kitchen, and the other, gaming in the living room.

I on the other hand, was ordered to kneel next to my Alpha and silently look down at the floor while he fixed the food up and went about boiling the pasta and heating up the tomato-based meat sauce.

I found myself annoyed at the fact that the shirtless hunk hadn't even bothered washing his hands before touching the food. I even spotted him scratching his left armpit once or twice while waiting for the water to boil.

It took about half an hour for Nick to have everything ready.

I was really looking forward to having some warm food in my stomach, but to my great dismay, found myself being ordered to my hands and knees and made to crawl under the kitchen table while the two brutish hunks sat down on their chairs and ate from their plates.

They spent the next fifteen minutes chatting and completely ignoring me, except for when Nick dropped a piece of sauce-covered sausage onto the floor, under the table.

The thing fell on his thigh and ended up causing a small mess as bits of meat and tomato sauce hit the floor.
Nick cursed himself at his own clumsiness and used his fingers to wipe the sauce off his trackies before licking it up.

When he noticed the small mess he'd made on the floor though, he was quick to order me to work.

"Hey." he called, snapping his fingers under the table to get my attention. "Clean that up! Now!" he barked, using his right foot to give me a light kick on the butt.

Why the hell was he angry at me for?!
I hadn't done anything and hadn't even made a sound since we left the bedroom!

Not understanding the source of my captor's anger, I quickly crawled down to the spot in question and I used my mouth and tongue to clean the mess he'd made.
I was being punished for HIS mistake.
This really wasn't fair, I thought to myself.

My misfortunate didn't end there however.

After another ten minutes of silent waiting, I was finally offered a plate of my own. Except it WASN'T a plate of my own. It was Nick's.

He just put his leftover plate of pasta on the floor, in between his sneakered feet, and ordered me to eat.

"You've got five minutes." he told me, backing his chair up from the table a bit, just to get a better view of me as I crawled up to the plate on my hands and knees.

I really wasn't happy to be eating from his messy plate, with the same fork he'd used, but my hunger quickly overrode any sense of dignity I had left in me and forced me to kneel down and use my cuffed hands to reach for the fork and chow down as much pasta as I could.

I was given a small glass of orange juice to wash everything down, and was allowed to use the washroom before being taken into the living room and being made to sit on the floor while the two hunks enjoyed their beers.

"Bro! It works!" Brad exclaimed, suddenly moving his laptop over to Nick's lap so that the bare-chested blond could see what was being displayed on the screen.

Nick looked on for a moment before finally laughing and smirking cockily.
"Recognise this?" he asked, turning the screen towards me so that I could finally see what both bullies were laughing about.

My despair sank to new levels when my eyes caught the unmistakable footage of me eating from Brad's shoe and licking his feet clean.

"The faggot smashed my camera to bits, but was too stupid to get rid of the memory card." Brad cheered, speaking to Nick as though I wasn't even there.

"Come here." Nick said, putting his hand behind my head and causing me to crawl closer to the couch.
"Apologise to Brad for what you did." he ordered, looking down at me expectantly.

I immediately frowned and cast my eyes downwards in an angry glare.
How dare he ask me to apologise!

"Apologise. Now!" Nick barked, apparently unimpressed by the look of frustration I had on my face.

"I'm sorry." I spat, not even bothering to look up at the hated jock's smug face.
The LAST thing I wanted right now was to apologise to that jerk!

For a second there, I actually thought that my meager, half-hearted apology would suffice.
I was quickly proven wrong though when Nick gave me a hard smack on the back of the head and yanked my hair up, forcing me to look up at jock I was supposed to be apologising to.

"Look at him when you're speaking! Now apologise!" he growled, glaring down at me angrily.

Brad looked down at me with the cockiest, most condescending look ever, and waited for the much-anticipated words to spill out of my mouth.

"I'm sorry, Sir." I finally spoke, doing my best to feign a semblance of remorse and respect.

Brad smirked and scoffed a little before pulling his eyes off me and focusing his attention back to his laptop screen. Nick on the other hand, still wasn't satisfied.

"Kiss his shoes!" he ordered, growling down grumpily while grabbing the back of my neck and forcing me on all fours in front of the other jock.

I barely had the time to plant a kiss on Brad's worn-out Nikes, that my head was already being pulled back up and slapped around a little.

"Alright. Brad and I are gonna spend the evening gaming and watching movies." Nick explained, still holding onto my face real tight. "You're goin' to bed early and you'll be spending the rest of the night thinking about what you
did to his camera and thinking of a way to raise the money up to pay him back."

"'s not even six o'clock yet!" I complained, not understanding the whole, "getting to bed early" part.

"Quiet!" the giant blond hunk snapped, getting up from the couch and towering up high above me. "I don't wanna hear it." he added, telling Brad to keep an eye on me while he left the living room to fetch my sleeping arrangements.

Something told me I wasn't gonna be having any fun this evening.

My suspicions were confirmed when Nick walked back into the living room with two fat mummy bags in tow, and a bunch of ratchet straps.

This definitely didn't bode well for me.


STOP! Are you enjoying Steven's adventure so far?
Drop a comment in the comments section below to let me know what scenes you've enjoyed the most and what you think of the characters and their current relationships.
Carry on. And good reading!
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Chapter 49 - Lights Out

Nick lost no time in tossing everything to the ground before removing the handcuffs from my wrists and ordering me to extend both my hands out in front of me.

I did as I was told, and quickly got my hands duct taped into clenched fists, no doubt to prevent me from escaping whatever predicament I was about to be put in.

A moderately thick, black and grey mummy bag was spread out onto the couch and was quickly unzipped.
I knew from the looks of it, that it would be more than adequate at keeping me warm inside the cottage.
But somehow I doubted Nick would limit himself to zipping me up inside only one bag, especially given the fact
that he'd dragged his dad's MUCH thicker mummy bag into the living room as well.

"Down. Inside the bag." came my hunky blond captor's harsh instructions.

I immediately obeyed and stepped onto the couch before sliding my myself into the tall, narrow nylon bag.
Yeah, this was definitely thick enough to keep me warm, I thought.
It was snug and quite puffy, a little more so than I would've liked.

"Are you touching the bottom?" Nick asked, frowning down at me grumpily.

"Yes, Sir." I answered, nodding my head mildly and looking up at the blond hunk with the most pitiful puppy eyes I could muster. Unfortunately, it didn't help my case much.

"Put your arms down." he ordered, zipping the thick bag up all the way and lifting my head out of the hood opening.

The next five minutes were spent securing me down inside the mummy-shaped cocoon.
Brad even got up to give his buddy a hand, and to my growing dismay, neither of them spared any straps or brute force during the "trussing up" process.

They really weren't going easy with the straps, and didn't seem to care about the fact that I was compliant and wasn't offering up any resistance.

"There." Nick suddenly cheered, sitting down next to my head and running his hands over the puffy sleeping bag.
"All bagged up, nice and tight." he smirked, gently putting his hand on top of my head before lifting me up into a sitting position and scooting himself behind my back so that I was lying on him.

"Look at that cute little face." he laughed, squeezing my cheeks together and inciting Brad to look up at me.

The smug jock chuckled briefly before silently roaming around inside his large gym bag.

I was definitely worried about what Brad would pull out of there, but Nick was quick to distract me from my impending doom.

"You gonna be nice and quiet while Brad and I play video games?" he asked, adopting a somewhat, fatherly tone.

"Um hmm..." I answered, looking up pleadingly and nodding my head 'yes'.

Nick smirked at my response and gave me a gentle tap on the cheek, almost as if to say "good boy."

When Brad took his bag off the couch and spilled it's contents out onto the carpet floor, I couldn't help but look on in fear as a bunch of dirty-looking socks made their appearance.

I instantly knew what those were for.

Brad's smelly gym socks.jpg

No amount of threats from captors could calm me down at this point, nor could they get me to stop squirming around inside the sleeping bag.

" know what those are for, don't you, boi?" Nick asked, teasingly. "You know where those are going, eh?" he continued. "In there." he said, grabbing my jaw tight and using his other hand to point towards my mouth.

"Nooo...Sir. Please!" I pleaded, unsuccessfully trying my best to pull his a mercy strings a bit.

"Shhh. No boi. No mouthing off." he purred, no doubt greatly enjoying my pleas and moans.
"Dude." he said, suddenly calling out to Brad. "Bring me two of those socks." he instructed, causing the slightly smaller man to chuckle in delight.

"Two!? Alriiiight!" Brad cheered, apparently thrilled at the prospect of Nick going all out on me like this.

"Yeah, we need plug his little mouth up. I don't want him being able to call out for help..." Nick dryly stated, acting as though he was getting no thrill out of this.

Brad closed in with two mismatching socks in his hand, and quickly handed them over to Nick, who balled them up and gave them a good whiff.

"Uhh bro! They fuckin' stink!" he cried out, immediately pulling the musky ball of odorous socks away from his face.

"Haha." Brad laughed, flashing me a meaningful wink. "Yeah, they've been rotting at the bottom of my gym bag for a few months now." he stated, sounding positively proud of himself.

"You hear that buddy?" Nick asked, bringing the large wad of putrid socks in front of my face. "You're gonna be gagging on Brad's old gym socks tonight." he laughed, causing me to groan in protest.

"Here. Smell your gag." he ordered, bunching the thick ankle socks over my nose and causing me to cough and cry out in panic.

Brad's sock weren't as raunchy or as cheesy as Nick's socks, but they we're still putrid and really musky.

"Ughh!" I cried out, immediately taken aback by the stench and musty, rancid smell coming out of them.

"Any last words?" Nick asked, not even allowing me enough time to recover from the short ordeal.

I tried to think of something to say, but could come up with nothing beyond my usual pleas and whimpers.

"Nick...Nick, Sir. I'm sorry. Please....I'll be good. I promise. Don't gag me. Please, Sir." I cried out, looking up into those sparkling blue eyes of his and hoping to ignite a spark of mercy in them.

"Nice try, slave-boi. Alright, time to open up now." the jock ordered, looking down at me with nothing but lust in his eyes.

"Nooo...wait!" I cried out, desperately fighting the ten ratchet straps that were keeping me snuggly zipped up inside the thick mummy bag.

" more talking. It's time to open and take your gag in." Nick patiently instructed, balling the filthy, foul-smelling gym socks over my face.

"!" I pleaded, closing my mouth and attempting to twist my head away from the putrid wad.

"Shhh...come on, boi. Take your gag in." he gently prodded. "It's time to go to bed and I don't wanna hear another peep from you tonight." he added, speaking softly in an uncharacteristic display of patience.

Nick could do this for hours, I knew.
He LOVED having me at his mercy and hearing me beg and whimper like this!

Had Brad not been there, he would've probably let this drag on for a while longer.

The strong, musky fumes spilling out of Brad's gyms socks made me cry out and cough again, finally giving the buff blond hunk an opportunity to stuff the dreaded stinkers into my mouth.

"There we go....niiiice and quiet." he purred, gently, yet forcefully pushing the thick wad into my protesting mouth.

I cried out from the taste and the size of the intrusion, but Nick just laughed and kept stuffing my mouth up 'till the socks were all packed up behind my teeth.

"Yeah. That's a big gag, ain't it, boi?" he teased, ignoring my heavily muffled protests. "I bet it's gonna keep you real quiet while we play video games." he added, causing me to protest as loudly as the socks would permit...which wasn't loud at all.

"Uggghmmmm...ugghgmm." I cried out, frustrated at the fact that I was gagging on stupid Brad's nasty socks!

"Shhh. No talking, boi. Now you're gonna spend the rest of the night being quiet and obediently sucking on your gag." he explained, causing me to squint my eyes and cry out in disbelief.
I did NOT wanna spend the rest of the night sucking on Brad's socks!

Before I knew it, heavy-duty black duct tape was slapped onto my face and was wrapped up real tight around my mouth and jaw, keeping me from opening my mouth up and spitting the large wad of smelly cotton out.

Brad did the wrapping, while Nick held my head tight.

"Wrap his face up. Nice and tight." Nick instructed as Brad wrapped the adhesive around my lower face and jaw.

Once the duct taping was deemed adequate, both jocks spent a few seconds arguing about whether or not to slip a gas mask over my head.

Apparently, they'd both brought one and were deciding which would be best to use on me right now.

Given how my lower face was taped up, it was decided that Brad's mask would be easier to use, since it wasn't a full head mask like Nick's Russian military unit.

Brad's heavy-duty military mask was clamped over my protesting face and was tightly strapped up and buckled on to the back of my head.

My head was suddenly shoved deep inside the sleeping bag, and everything went dark when the hood was tightened up around my face, leaving only the gas mask's breathing nozzle sticking out of lofty cocoon.

Steven, all bagged up and gagged..jpg

I was quickly lifted up from the couch and put down on the floor, into what I realised was Jack's old bag.

The sound of a zipper echoed into my ears and I immediately felt the extremely puffy down prison closing up around my legs, thighs and waist before swallowing up the rest of my body.

Strapped up as I was inside the grey mummy bag, I had no way of freeing myself from the much THICKER cocoon.
I'd never get out of this alone, I knew.

The nauseating stench of Jack's smelly old bag filled my mask up as I was forced to inhale, and I couldn't help but struggle and cry out into the giant wad of socks stuffing my mouth.

Thankfully, I didn't have to endure the smell much longer.

My head was quickly pulled out of the two puffy sleeping bag hoods and the drawstrings were pulled tight and knotted up around my neck, sealing my body up inside the thick down cocoon, but allowing my hunky
captors full access to my face and breathing unit.

Both jocks laughed at my predicament and pulled me up to the foot of the large couch before plopping down on it and turning the Play Station 4 back on.

This was gonna be one looong evening, I knew.
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What do I have to do to get tied up in your sleeping bags!?

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The gas mask is back!! Steven is in some trouble now!

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Chapter 50 - An Eye for an Eye

The hunks spent what seemed like hours, laughing, gaming and sipping their beers on the living room couch.
Nick wasn't lying when he said he wanted me quiet and safely trussed up for the night so that he and Brad could do their thing.

I spent HOURS looking up through the big, foggy gas mask goggles, and not ONCE did Nick bend down to see if I was okay. It felt a little strange, and hot at the same time. I couldn't explain it.

It's like I was part of the décor or something. Zipped up and gagged as I was, I practically felt like I was just another one of the inanimate objects in the room.
It was...strangely relaxing, and yet I felt almost insulted at being bound up like this and forgotten.

I wasn't just a toy to be used and then stashed away at Nick's convenience!
I had feelings. I had rights!

Yet here I was, strapped down inside a supremely thick down cocoon and silenced with a pair of nasty old gym socks. My captors obviously didn't give a fuck about my rights or feelings.

For the most part, the evening was pretty uneventful.

The guys ended up playing a variety of games, from racing, to sports, to shooting, each of them causing random emotional outbursts from one or both jocks. The spirit of competition was running high I knew.

It was impossible to get any sleep with my captors yelling at the screen or at each other every couple minutes.

No only that, it was impossible to get any sleep with the foul socks in my mouth and the laboursome gas mask latched down onto my face.

Each and every breath I took, caused the mask to filter my air loudly, both in and out.

At one point, I was hoping it would become annoying enough for the jocks to decide to take the noisy breathing unit off my face, but apparently they weren't bothered by the noise at all.

In fact, Nick seemed to think the mask was a great way of making sure I was still breathing, and seemed to take comfort in the fact that he could hear me inhaling and exhaling through my nostrils.

It must've been past nine or something.
I'd made no progress whatsoever in freeing myself from the thick bags, and the large wad of smelly socks was still plugging my mouth up real good.

My despair grew exponentially when I realised I'd have to endure another twelve hours of being bagged up like this.
Seriously, they had to be bluffing.
They couldn't keep my zipped up in here 'till tomorrow morning. They just couldn't!

I eventually resigned to closing my eyes and trying to get some sleep.
Breathing through the military-grade breathing unit was making me tired.

That's when things started getting ugly.

Nick didn't even warn us when he took his big, old Reeboks off.
He just slipped them off his feet and kept on gaming, too intent on winning the racing tournament to care about my welfare or Brad's reaction.

I was the first to take note of what was happening, but unfortunately, the stereo volume was pretty loud and easily drowned out even my more violent protests.

"Uggh." I whimpered, suddenly deranged by a somewhat unpleasant smell filling the inside of my mask and entering my nostrils.

I looked up to see what was happening, but all I could see was my captor's legs.
It might've just been my imagination, I though, resting my head back down on the puffy, green sleeping bag hood.

I closed my eyes again, forcing myself to try and get some sleep, but as soon as my nostrils flared open, a second wave of nauseating stench spilled in, this one being MUCH stronger.

"Uuggghhmm...uuggghhm." I cried out, eyes nearly bulging out of their sockets.

I twisted my head around as much as I could but couldn't see where the potent stench was coming from.
I could barely move my head at all, and the small, circular gas mask goggles kept fogging up real bad.

The smell got stronger and stronger, to the point where I wasn't able to take normal breaths anymore.

I ended up coughing and gagging furiously, turning my head from side to side in an attempt to
escape the putrid odour from filling up my gas mask.

"Ugggh! Uggghhhmmm. Uuggghhh!" I yelled, wiggling around in my bag to try and let my captors know that I was on the verge of being sick.

"Awh, bro! What the fuck!?" I heard Brad suddenly cry out. "DUDE! Put your shoes back on!" he barked, sounding almost as pissed off as I was about having to endure Nick's unbearable foot odour.

"Haha." Nick laughed, suddenly plopping his great, BIG feet up and crossing them on top of my chest, just a few inches away from the military breathing apparatus that was strapped to my face.

My eyes shot wide in fear as I caught sight of the blond god's MASSIVE sock-clad stinkers.

I shook my head valiantly, but was unable to get away or stop the incredibly cheesy musk from filtering through my mask and into my nostrils.

"UUUGGHHH!" I screamed, coughing and nearly choking on the wad of socks in my mouth.

Oh god! I couldn't take another breath! I wouldn't survive another sniff.
His socks smelled so strong and rotten, I was gonna be sick and would surely end up choking on my own vomit.

"Uggghhh! Ugggghhmm!" I screamed, shaking violently in my sleeping bag prison.

Nick suddenly scooted forward to look at my protesting face and gave me an almost angelic smile before planting his right foot right over my breathing tube and curling his toes up around it.
"Haha. Sniff my sock." he chuckled, flashing me a toothy, white grin...the kinda smile that would have almost any girl, as well as good number of guys, swooning over in desire.

The sight of his incredibly handsome face was the ONLY thing that stopped me from being sick when my nostrils flared open again.

Had the blond muscle-hunk been any LESS hot and handsome, I would've surely been puking through my nose by now.

"UUUGGGHHH! Uuggghhhmm!" I cried out, eyes popping out and tears dripping down my sweaty face as my nostrils pulled in more of the muscular bully's fetid stench inside the mask.

My handsome, blue-eyed captor laughed and Brad continued making a fuss, eventually abandoning the racing game in order to air the room out by opening all the windows.

To my disbelief, Nick just let the game menu run and spent the next minutes looking down at me, ignoring my muffled screams and cries, and using his GIANT, sock-clad feet to smother my breathing nozzle.

"Haha." he kept chuckling, smiling down cockily at me while forcing me to deal with his overly ripe socks.

I kept crying out and coughing, desperately trying to get my nozzle out of from between his rotten toes, but the blond god wouldn't let me.

He was having WAY too much fun to care about the fact that I was just about ready to puke.

Brad was actually the one who told Nick to chill out and give me a break.
"Dude. Come on! He's gonna be sick." he cried out, coming to my defence in a rather uncharacteristic display of concern for my wellbeing.

It took me a few seconds to realise that the jock's complaints were motivated purely by selfish reasons though.
He wasn't really worried about me being sick. He just wanted Nick to put his pungent shoes back on.

In Brad's defence, the living room must've been smelling really bad by now.

Nick eventually did put his shoes back on, but not before slipping a massive Reebok over my mask and making me sniff up a lungful of his rotten, musky sneaker stench.

The next hour or so was pretty uneventful.

The jocks eventually decided to put a movie on TV, but weren't paying much attention to it.
I was both a little relieved and apprehensive when Nick announced that he was calling it a night and that he'd be taking me back to the bedroom with him.

It wasn't very late, but he was apparently anxious to get an early night's sleep.

I felt myself being picked up off the ground and was roughly slung over the smelly-foot-King's left shoulder before being carried out of the living room.

Brad wished Nick goodnight and continued playing video games while we made our way to the bedroom.

Back in our little abode, Nick plopped me down on the bed and quickly pulled his dreaded sneakers off before pulling down his trackies and jumping on the mattress with me.

He spent what seemed like forever toying with my mask, threatening to fart in my face and tape one of his Reeboks over my nozzle.

Thankfully, it never came to that, and I was surprised to find myself being ungagged and released from the sleeping bag prison.

The hunk tossed the heavy sleeping bags off the bed and forced me to strip to my boxers before closing the lights off and wrestling me down into a spooning position.

We talked for a bit, and things seemed pretty ordinary...right up to the point where Nick asked the magic question.

"Why did you run away?" he suddenly inquired, providing me with the opening I'd been anxiously waiting for.

That was my cue, I knew.
Brad wanted to start a war with me, I'd give him one he couldn't win.

" 'Cause Nick. I was scared for my life." I answered, forcing myself to adopt a more submissive tone than usual and not giving the jock too much information.

It was a risky bet. He'd either be curious and press me for answers, or he'd just accept my vague response and wish me goodnight.

I couldn't help but smile a bit, when I felt him getting up and saw him turning the small night-light back on.

"What d'you mean? You thought I was gonna put your life in danger?" he asked, sounding a little puzzled by my earlier statement.

I quickly shook my head no and curled up into a ball, tickling his curiosity and forcing him to press me for answers.
"Hey! Talk to me." he purred. "Why would you be scared for your life?"

I allowed a few seconds to pass before answering.

"After the drowning thing, I was sure you'd end up ditching me in the woods or drowning me in the lake at the end of this trip." I lied, covering my face and squinting my eyelids tight in an effort to produce tears.

"What?!" Nick barked, sounding almost disturbed by what I'd just said. "What drowning thing?!"

I have to admit, I was more than a little taken aback by his response.
This whole time I thought he already knew about Brad having dragged me into the lake while I was still bound and gagged.

I thought it was all part of their little plan to force me into compliance. And I never once stopped to consider that Nick wasn't aware of what had happened or that he'd be furious upon hearing about it.

Part of me as really happy and relieved to know Brad had acted alone on that day.
But I couldn't celebrate yet. Nick wanted answers and I'd give him some.

"The other day, Brad tied me up, gagged me and...then he dragged me into the lake." I explained, pretending to be sobbing mildly and actually managing to put on a good show.
"He said that if I didn't show him the respect he deserved...that he'd drown me." I said, lying about Brad threatening to drown me like that.
"I thought you knew." I added, covering my face and wiping away the crocodile tears coming out of my eyes.

Brad had indeed dragged me into the lake, but he hadn't threatened to kill me. At least, not in so many words.

Nick seemed FURIOUS when I explained to him what had happened. I could tell from his voice.
"He dragged you into the lake while you were still tied up and gagged?!" he asked, looking for clear confirmation of what I'd just said.

"Um hum..." I meekly answered, nodding my head up and down and using my curled up position to shield my face away from his angry gaze.

"He said that if ever I told you about it..." I started, but then stopped and pretended to whimper and sob into my hands.

"What did he say? Tell me!" the hunk barked, crouching over me and grabbing my arms before pulling them away from my face.

"He said that if I told you about it...he'd slip a roofie in one of your drinks and rape me." I lied, looking up into my childhood friend's sparkling blue eyes and twisting my face up into a miserable mixture of sadness and despair.

Nick said nothing.
He just frowned at me and puffed his chest up.

He looked massive...and really upset too.

It was then that I realised the danger of my plan. I was walking a VERY thin line indeed.

Nick had always been a little...radical in his defence of me.
Sure, he enjoyed tormenting me a lot, but he really didn't appreciate other dudes stepping onto "his turf".

So while I really wanted to widen the gulf between the two jocks, I didn't want both of them getting into an actual fight and coming to blows.

True, I really didn't like Brad.

He was a pompous, smug ass who could definitely use a lesson in humility.
But I still didn't wish him any physical harm.

I had to kind of mend the gulf that I'd just created...and I had to do so fast!
Alienating the two brutes from each other was a good thing. But turning them into sworn enemies, was not!

"I know he'd never do that...but I was just scared and...tired." I added, working fast to prevent Nick from doing anything rash.

The hunk seemed to calm down a bit, but I could tell he was still angry.

"Of course he wouldn't do that!" he snapped. "But I should totally kick his ass for scaring you like that and dragging you into the lake while you were tied up. WHY didn't you tell me sooner!?" he suddenly growled, turning his anger back against me.

I quickly cowered beneath him and curled up into an even tighter ball before whimpering and telling Nick that I didn't know whether or not he was in on all this.

To his credit, the hunk actually seemed a little hurt that I didn't trust him more, but quickly jumped off the bed before grabbing a bunch of rope and fishing out his steel handcuffs from his backpack.

"Where are you going?" I asked, suddenly sitting myself up on the mattress.

Nick gave me a long, meaningful look before curling his lips up into a devilish smile and flashing me a wink.
"I'm gonna teach that punk a quick lesson in humility." he said, before opening the bedroom door and ordering me to stay in bed.

This was gonna be good, I thought to myself.
Real good.
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More wonderful chapters... [mention]Pup[/mention] giving [mention]bondagefreak[/mention] some incentive always helps

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[mention]bondagefreak[/mention] loved the sock/foot over the muzzle. Very hot! I think Steven will have to deal with the wrath of Brad at some point lol

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The best part of the story is coming, I'm really looking forward to it. If I remember well the original story, we did not have many details about these events that are to come, it would be nice to have a chapter about this little "fight" between Nick and Brand (I hope I did not give spoliers)
Yes, it's me in the picture. What are you waiting for to tie me up and gag me?

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[mention]Tsuhaya[/mention] Evening, Matthew-boi.
The original draft definitely pales in comparison to what I've been preparing for you guys.
I'm in the process of making the final edits as we speak. Chapter 51 will be up within the next hour or two.


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Post by Phoenix »

Finally got myself caught up. I remember this part of the story particularly well from the first time around, it's interesting to see the changes you've been making.
I can't wait to see chapter 51! I love seeing guys like Brad getting their just desserts. :lol:

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Chapter 51 - The Final Blow

As soon as the underwear-clad jock left the room, I rolled off the bed and stuck my ear against the door to hear what was going on.

At first all I heard was low mumbling, but eventually there was some shouting and what sounded like heavy objects being thrown around against the living room walls.

They were definitely engaged in some sort of brawl, I knew.

When Nick left the room with his cuffs and rope, it was pretty clear what his intent was.

Brad obviously wasn't cooperating, and I couldn't help but find myself wondering who would come out on top in a one-on-one wrestling match between the two bullies.

True, Nike was bigger and heavier.
But he was also bulkier and slower than Brad, and probably didn't have as much stamina either.

That could mean trouble...for both Nick AND myself.

It didn't take long for my curiosity to get the best of me, and I quickly decided to slip my shorts on and disobey Nick's order by opening the door and creeping out of the bedroom.

The sound of grunting and struggling filled the air as I cautiously approached the living room scene.

Upon getting there, I couldn't help but look on wide-eyed as the muscular hunks were deeply engaged in a serious wrestling match.

Brad's face was red.
His white baseball cap had slipped off his head and part of his shirt was torn at the collar.

Nick on the other hand, was wearing only his black boxer-briefs and socks, and was visibly struggling to keep up with his slightly smaller opponent.

"I'm gonna fuckin' tie you up." he growled, trying to get the more agile jock into a scissor hold and taking no notice of my sudden appearance.

The two Alphas wrestled around the floor, each one trying to incapacitate the other.
It was definitely an impressive sight to say the least.

Both hunks were angry and sweaty, and I had no doubt in my mind that either of them could crush me to a pulp if I ever found myself getting accidentally tangled up in their fight.

Brad struggled mightily against the heavier brute, and to his credit, he actually gave Nick a serious run for his money.

It was touch and go there for a while, but eventually the smaller stud found himself getting outclassed by his opponent and found himself getting quickly pinned down under the heavier jock's weight.

I had to restrain myself from cheering when Nick gained the upper hand and managed to pin the stupid jerk down by sitting on his upper chest and then using his knees to crush Brad's upper arms down to the floor.

I watched as the big, beefy blond bully clamped his hands around the smaller jock's wrists and pinned them down above his head.

Brad struggled valiantly, but Nick was much too heavy.

"YOU GIVE?!" the sweaty blond hunk barked, sliding himself further up the squirming jock's chest before forcefully repeating the question.

"FUCK YOU, MAN!" Brad responded, his face and body red with anger.

Nick suddenly scooted forward and reached out for some of the thick rope that was sprawled about on the floor.

He quickly clamped his giant thighs on both sides of his defeated rival's head, and used his weight to pin Brad's upper arms down before attempting to restrain the angry jock's hands together.

"UGH FUCK!" Brad suddenly yelled, his face suddenly contorting into a look of utter horror and disgust.

"BRO, GET YOUR FUCKIN' BONER OUTTA MY FACE!" he yelled, struggling to get his face out from under the giant brute's enormous package.

With my hands inside the loose-fitting shorts I was wearing, I practically shot my load at the sight of stupid Brad getting his face smothered up by the hunky blond god's massive bulge.

Nick's reaction made the whole scene even better though.

"Shut the FUCK UP!" he growled, scooting forward so that his smelly pouch came down over the protesting jock's mouth and nose.

"AHW! NNMMMMPPHH!" Brad cried out, his screams suddenly muffled out by the heavy weightlifter's underwear-clad gooch*.

I quickly slipped my hands out of my undies, for fear of creaming the boxers Nick had lent me, and instead put a hand over my tenting shorts in a futile attempt to calm my throbbing erection.

I was DEFINITELY enjoying this.

Nick's reign over Brad was short-lived though.
One whiff of the hunky blond god's smelly underwear-clad pouch was enough to send the defeated jock into a sudden frenzy.

Nick never got a chance to finish tying his rival's hands together.

Before he could anticipate what was happening, Brad expertly lifted his legs up and managed to get his feet around Nick's throat, 'causing the blond hunk to topple over and fall to the floor.

The smaller stud managed to roll around with the speed of a cheetah, and quickly slipped his hands out of the unknotted rope.

Unfortunately for him, even his record speed was too little, too late.

By the time he was ready to assume a defensive posture, Nick's MASSIVE 100 kilogram body came slamming into him and knocking him flat to the ground.

Poor Brad didn't even get a chance to recover from the blow.
Nick just flipped him on his stomach and plopped his entire weight down, right on the athletic jock's upper back.

The agile bully no longer stood a chance.
He coughed and breathe out loudly as his giant, exceedingly heavy blond opponent settled down on his back and pinned him to the floor.

Nick grabbed the coil of rope nearest to him and roughly bound the protesting jock's hands behind his back.
He wasn't being gentle about it either.

His great, big arm muscles bulged as he wrapped the rope around and between his friend's wrists, pulling it tight and knotting it down three times.

I watched in silent awe as he then reached for his handcuffs and slapped them over the jock's already-bound wrists.

Brad attempted to put up a struggle, but Nick quickly put and end to that by sitting his huge butt onto the back of his rival's neck.

"Uggghmmmphh...uggghmmphh!" the smaller jock suddenly protested, getting his face smothered right into his heavy opponent's rotten, sock-clad toes.

Nick paid his protesting captive little attention, and continued trussing him up and securing him down by wrapping rope about his upper arms and elbows.

Brad looked positively FURIOUS! But his bulging eyes quickly spoke of a different story.

My boner throbbed and practically exploded when I saw the jerk's face contort into a look of sheer disgust, and then heard him sniff the blond muscle-god's filthy, putrid socks.

The poor jock shook violently and even went cross-eyed for a moment as his bigger friend's potent stinkers assaulted his nostrils.

That fact that Nick didn't give a flying fuck about the defeated jock's plight, made the whole thing even HOTTER!

When the victorious brute was satisfied about how the smaller jock's wrists and arms were secured, he got up and quickly started gathering the rest of the rope.

That's when he finally noticed me.

Thankfully though, he didn't appear too surprised at seeing me standing there, looking on as a silent spectator.
He even dropped me an approving wink before focusing his attention back to the mouthy stud at his feet.

In the minutes that followed, the underwear-clad, muscle-King proceeded to truss his friend up into an excruciatingly strict hogtie.

Brad cursed and yelled the whole time, but Nick remained calm and quiet.

In a matter of minutes, Brad was hopelessly hogtied and strapped down extra tight to the sturdy living room coffee table.

Between the police-grade handcuffs, the excessive amount of impeccable ropework, Nick's tendency to double-knot everything, and the half-dozen ratchet straps keeping him pinned down to the broad table, Brad was
going absolutely nowhere.

He struggled mightily, but even his strong muscles and violent outbursts didn't prove a match for Nick's handiwork.

Eventually, the jock hung his head in defeat and found himself looking straight down at the carpet floor.

As I'd come to learn, Nick had intentionally strapped his foul-mouthed friend down so that his head was the only thing left hanging over the edge of the table.

"I'm gonna fuckin' KILL YOU when I get out of this!" Brad growled, breathing in and out loudly and attempting to recover his strength.

Nick chuckled and sat down on the couch before reaching for his feet and pulling one of his great, big, putrid socks off.

Nick's rotten socks.png

I saw him reach for Brad's white sports cap and grab the roll of silver duct tape that was in his friend's gym bag before finally making his way back towards the low-resting coffee table.

Brad seemed completely oblivious to the challenge he was about to face.

At this point, it became more than a little obvious that I knew Nick much better than he did.
Had I been in his position, I would've already been whimpering and begging for mercy by now.
Brad was showing nothing but defiance though.

Unbeknownst to him, he was about to pay for it BIG time.

I watched as the hunky blond muscle-god put the sports cap back on his friend's head and crouched down in front of the helpless jock's angry face.

"Dude! Let me GO!" Brad yelled, futilely trashing in his bonds, visibly frustrated at his inability to fight or even make the table budge.

Carpet flooring indeed had it's advantages.

"You talk too much, bro." Nick dryly stated, roughly grabbing his friend's hair and lifting his head up.

Brad's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when he saw the big ball of brownish sock Nick had in his hand.

"What the fuck!? No, bro! WAIT!" the bound jock suddenly pleaded, adopting a far less provocative tone.

It was too late for him though.
Nick wasn't interested in hearing his pleas.

"Open your fuckin' mouth!" he growled, shoving his thick, incredibly pungent wad STRAIGHT into Brad's protesting orifice.

Brad coughed and looked like he was gonna puke, but Nick didn't care.

"Here." he growled, forcefully stuffing the raunchy wad further into his prisoner's mouth. "Taste my sock!"

Brad's yapper immediately went quiet and his eyes practically rolled back into his skull when he got a taste of the muscular brute's overly-potent foot cheese.

In the blink of an eye, I saw the poor jock's expression go from anger to sheer terror.
His once colourful threats were now reduced to heavily muffled moans and panicked whimpers.

Goodbye Master Brad. It was nice playing with you, I though, unable to stop myself from snickering as I watched my hated rival endure the most cruel of fates.

For a second, I actually felt bad for him.
But then I remembered everything he'd put me through during these past few days, and decided he indeed deserved what he was getting.

Nick spent the next minute taping his friend's face up, wrapping layer after layer of silver adhesive around his mouth and jaw, blindfolding him and then wrapping tape around his head, both over and around it.

Brad was quickly reduced to a crying, coughing, whimpering mess as he was forced to taste and gag on his buddy's terribly raunchy sock.

Brad's taped up head.png

Nick left the living room, only to come back with a thick pillow and his two Reeboks in tow.

He quickly set the pillow down on the floor, at the end of the table beneath Brad's low-hanging head, and placed both of his rotten basketball shoes on it, literally inches beneath his friend's heavily-gagged face.

"Here bro." he said, putting a hand on the whimpering jock's head as if to wish him good luck. "Enjoy that." he chuckled before getting up and walking towards me.

Nick pulled the remaining sock off his foot and let it fall to the ground before slinging his muscular arm around my shoulders and guiding me back into the privacy of our small bedroom.

The last thing I saw before leaving the living room, was a hopelessly bound Brad, coughing and crying furiously into his gag.

It did my soul a lot of good to know that the cocky son of a bitch would be spending the night sniffing up the offensive, nausea-inducing fumes coming out of my hunky King's giant basketball shoes.

* "Gooch" - the area between a man's balls and asshole.
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aaah, this just gets better and better by the chapter!

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Note from the author: This is the 52nd and final installment of Bound and Gagged in a Sleeping Bag (Part II). Please share your thoughts and expectations.

For the sake of our new readers, please refrain from adding spoilers to comments and reviews if this is your second read-through. Happy reading to all of you!

Chapter 52 - Game Over

As soon as I walked into the bedroom, I found myself gasping in surprise as I was swept off my feet and lifted up off the ground.

Nick laughed and slammed me down to the mattress before jumping on the bed with me and yanking my shorts down.

I giggled a bit, not really knowing how to respond to the hunk's unprecedented advances.

His muscles and veins were all bulging from the wrestling match with Brad and he was really horny and sweaty.
I should have been grossed out, but truth be known I was turned on.

The blond stud spent a few minutes teasing me, first by trying to get me to wrestle him, and then by tickling me senseless and shoving a thick pillow over my face to stop me from making too much noise.

We were both pretty tired though and it was already a bit past midnight.

It wasn't long until we both fell asleep and ended up drifting into the dream world.

When I woke up, the room was still dark.

Nick apparently moved around a lot in his sleep, 'cause he was now on my side of the bed, with an arm and leg sprawled out over me.

I tried slowly untangling myself from his heavy limbs, but my efforts to avoid waking him up didn't prove successful.

The hunk stirred and mumbled something under his breath. But instead of letting me go and rolling off of me, he grabbed on tighter and pulled me in close.

I was sleepy, but now my eyes were wide open!
Not only was the blond god practically on top of me, but his huge, rigid shaft was practically digging into my bum!

Even though I was CLEARLY on my side of the bed, I immediately tried slipping out from underneath him...this time in a not-so-subtle manner.
That's when I understood my mistake.
Nick suddenly breathed in loudly and woke up.

Instead of apologizing and letting me go, he roughly dragged me back in under his massive torso and plopped himself down on top of me.
I gasped and whimpered, but the heavy brute didn't care.

"Shut up." he growled, grabbing my head and shoving it face-down into the thick pillow we were both resting on.

Suddenly, the hunky 230 pound beast was on top of me and grinding his massive, underwear-clad erection against my butt.

I tried squirming away, but he just clamped his gigantic legs and thighs around mine and used his great big arms to smother my face into the pillow and keep me from getting away.

He spent a good minute or two humping my underwear-clad ass and eventually started groaning and breathing out loudly. "Oh yeahhh." he purred, growling above my head and tensing up his enormous muscles.

A warm, sticky mess seeped through both our boxer-briefs and ended up coating my ass crack.
I was both horrified and excited beyond belief.
I couldn't believe it...

My big, handsome, straight jock friend was so horny for pussy, he actually pinned me down, humped me and spilled his warm seed all over me.

Nick finally let out a sigh of relief and collapsed on top of me, pinning my head down underneath his broad chest and crossing his forearms up around our mutual pillow.

I eventually managed to free my face out from the thick pillow, but instead found myself with my nose caught up under the big bully's armpit.

I moaned and struggled, grossed out by the bushy mess that was tickling my lips and nostrils.
Nick was oblivious to my plight and just wrapped his massive arms even tighter around the pillow, further smothering my nose into his very manly pit.

His bicep was absolutely MASSIVE, and his arm felt like it weighed a ton!
Thankfully though, he was dry under there and the smell of his strong deodorant permeated the air I was breathing.

After a few more minor bouts of struggling, I finally gave up and allowed myself to fall back to sleep under the warm muscle-King's dreamy body.

I remember waking up and shielding my eyes from the blinding sunlight that was filtering through the cheap curtains. It seemed like just a few short moments ago, we were fooling around in bed, but the night was already over and a new day was getting ready to greet us.

Nick was sitting up in bed and I vaguely remember seeing him turn around to tell me he was gonna take a shower or something.

The night had been too short, and all I wanted to do at that point, was sink my head back down in the thick pillow and go back to sleep.

The hunky brute left the room and it took me a while to realise that he had left naked, with only his towel slung over his shoulders.

I still remember all my senses waking up a bit as I caught a glimpse of the stud's smooth butt, right before he walked out of the room. He indeed had a really big butt!

Not caring about the weird emotions and feelings I was quickly developing for my beloved childhood bully, I curled my lips into a peaceful smile and closed my eyes to get a few more minutes of sleep.

I woke up shortly thereafter and quickly sat up on the bed, suddenly realising that the hunk's underwear must still be on the floor somewhere if he wasn't wearing them.

Quickly crawling to the edge of the mattress, my eyes beamed wide open when I caught sight of the brute's filthy black briefs, sprawled inside out on the bedroom floor.

Nick's smelly boxers.jpg

For some reason I couldn't fathom, the urge to reach out for cloth and give it a whiff suddenly overtook me, and before I knew it, I had his extra large, dirty boxer-briefs in my hands.

They were sweaty, moist, musky and were literally covered with stains and patches of dried cum.

I should have been grossed out, but I wasn't!
Well, I was...but not enough to actually toss the filthy things back to the floor.
Quite the opposite.

My cock was throbbing by now, and I couldn't help but think about Brad's violent protests as he was forced to take a whiff from under Nick's gooch last night.

Without giving it another though, I quickly bunched the pungent briefs up over my nose and started jerking myself off inside the loose-fitting underwear Nick had lent me.

"Ohhhww..." I cried out, forcing myself to be quiet, but nearly gagging on the smell of the handsome blond King's big, musky pouch.

His boxers smelled positively FOUL!
Yet here I was, jerking myself off and getting harder and more aroused by the second.

I quickly fell back to the bed and bunched the bottom of the smelly Calvin's over my nose before taking another quick sniff.

I managed keeping my mouth shut to avoid making too much noise, but still ended up coughing and groaning in disgust.

The stench was revolting!
I could smell the blond god's crotch and his butt, and it smelled REALLY strong.

It didn't take long for my groin to tingle with excitement.

Unfortunately for me though, I didn't get a chance to cum that morning.

Approaching footsteps warned me of Nick's approach and I immediately threw the musky briefs to the floor before covering myself up with the sheets and closing my eyes.

Mister Big Muscles barged in, less than a second later.

He seemed a little upset about the fact that I was still in bed...but I was just relieved he hadn't caught me sniffing his briefs.

How the hell would I have explained THAT to him?

The hunk walked into the bedroom, wearing nothing but his towel wrapped neatly around his waist.
He was still wet and I could see part of his crotch bush poking out past the towel arrangement.

Nick, coming out of the shower.png

The blond hair on his head was damp, and his blue eyes sparkled as he looked down at me and ordered me out of bed.

"Get your ass up and start doing the bed." he growled, obviously annoyed that I was still lying in bed and intent on lazing around.

"Sorry." I apologized, quickly jumping to my feet and fixing up the bed sheets.

"Alright, I'm giving you ten minutes to do your business and get cleaned up." he announced, organizing the room and putting stuff into his backpack.

"Yes, sir." I promptly answered, keeping in line with the game spirit.

From the amount of rope he was putting away and the fact that he had his handcuffs with him, I could only guess Brad had been freed earlier this morning.

I wanted Nick to look at me and give me an approving smile...
I wanted him to say something to me, but he was apparently very focused on getting his bag organised right now and wasn't paying me any attention.

The quick glance I'd hoped for, never came.

That's when I realized I was getting really attached.
What he thought about me was just SO important, and something as trivial as a faint smile from him, made my day infinitely brighter.

I quickly gathered the clothes I'd worn yesterday and darted off towards the washroom.

Something told me that Nick wasn't really checking the time to see whether or not I'd be ten minutes or more.

Still, I jumped in the shower and cleaned myself up as quickly as I could.
I did my business, brushed my teeth with Nick's toothbrush, fixed my hair up with some wax I found in Brad's bathroom stuff, and quickly got dressed.

When I left the washroom, I saw Nick and Brad packing stuff up in the kitchen.

"What's going on? Where are we going?" I immediately inquired, unable to contain my growing curiosity.

Nick stopped packing for a minute to look up at me.
His face was devoid of it's usual charm and was replaced with a heavier, more meaningful look.

"We're going home." he answered.

I should have been happy...should have been pleased that this lengthy ordeal was finally drawing to a close.
But I wasn't.

I thought we still had several days left before we had to leave.

For some reason, I felt disappointed, and from Nick's tone of voice, I knew he was too.

I was allowed to grab a bite before helping the two jocks pack up their stuff.
But when I tried talking to Nick, he just brushed me off casually.

It took a whole hour of pestering, for him to finally explain to me that Brad was still pissed off about of yesterday and that they both decided to call it quits.

Suddenly I felt guilty...guilty for ruining their trip, as though I was the one who'd caused all of this to happen.

I was the victim here, but for some reason I felt as though I was the perpetrator.
This was all my fault.
I should never have lied about Brad threatening my life.

It was too late to fix that now. The damage was already done.

We spent the next two hours silently packing up and loading the Jeep.
And except for a few brief exchanges between Nick and Brad, the afternoon turned out to be one big awkward moment.

Brad locked the door to his cottage while Nick and I walked towards the SUV.
It took some doing to clear up enough space in the back for me to have a seat, but after a few minutes of reorganizing, I had my spot.

The next thing I knew, we were driving on the road towards our hometown.

As I looked out the window, the realization that this adventure was coming to an end, weighed heavily on my shoulders.

When the forest landscape finally gave way to industrialised land, it really came crashing down on me.

This was real life, and our little fantasy world was just that....a fantasy.

Nick would go back to being the perfectly straight jock, and I'd have to keep all these strange emotions and longings bottled up for the rest of my life.

How was I supposed continue my studies after this?
How could I go to work and continue to date Christy as though nothing had happened?!

I felt messed up, and something deep down inside me knew that no matter how hard I tried, my life would never go back to the way it was.

This was it, I thought...
Game over.
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The double sleeping bags, the gas mask, and Nick's foul feet, all were spectacular and wonderful. <3 Just so much amazing stuff all at once, poor Steven demoted to smother toy and foot rest once again.

Then Brad getting his own bondage session and Steven's proxy revenge of a night spent whiffing those shoes and sucking on his socks, bound up helplessly... Amazing. n.n

Really, really can't wait for the next parts though, so excited, especially since Steven is learning a lot more about his feelings and figuring things out!

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Nice way to conclude that part II, everything hanging on seems resolved. Intense chapters, one after the next. You reached some paroxysm and then it falls back down after logical conclusion, great work in every aspects.

And settings things back to almost normal makes me so impatient to know how it's going to bounce back into wild things. I just hate when a season's end in a TV show or the end of a book leaves me frustrated but that's definitly not the case here, I'm all lightweight before my lunch :lol:
Thanks for that story so far and the parts to come.
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This work continues to be a work of brilliance :D

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Amazing so far, it's been a while since I last read the story on the old tugs site, but this remastered version tops something that I didn't actually think could be bettered.

I don't comment very often but thank you bondagefreak for taking the time to share this masterpiece.

And as a side note, I really envy Steven and his relationship with Nick's feet. I think I'd probably explode as soon as they came within a foot of my face from the sounds of it.

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Thanks a million for the fantastic comments guys!
I'm thrilled you're all enjoying this.

Welcome onboard, boi!
Really glad you're enjoying this remastered version and that you envy poor Steven's "relationship" with Nick's feet! Given the chance, I'm quite certain Steven would be MORE than happy to switch places with you.

Now that you've broken the ice, so-to-speak, I hope we'll be seeing more comments from you in the future ;)

Welcome back, mate! Nice to have one of my most faithful long-time reviewers onboard again.

I knew you'd enjoy those last few chapters 8-)
"Demoted to smother toy" indeed!
Aw, poor guy...haha! At least he came out of it alive.
At least in the end, he managed to see Brad get taken down a peg or two.

Haha, glad to hear I managed to get you all lightweight before lunch! ;)
Yeah, everything ties up nicely here.
On the old board, all the readers were freaking out at this point, believing that this was the end of the series.
You might've been upset too, had you not known about the other 60% of the story waiting to be published 8-)

Here's to hoping you enjoy what's to come!


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Chapter 53 - Where Life Takes Us

Things never really went back to normal after that.

Even months later, things were really looking down for me.
I was a changed person and the ones who'd previously been close to me, my friends and family, ended up shunning me like a sick animal.

I was alone and isolated.
Even to this day, I remain scarred and somewhat, emotionally damaged.

My whole world felt like it was spiralling down and on the very edge of the abyss.
I had lost just about everything, and was starting to lose myself and my sanity.

At first, I sought refuge from my inner turmoil by partaking in different social gatherings.
I got drunk, went to a bunch of parties with people I hardly knew.
Hell, I even undertook volunteer work for a short time!

But nothing worked.
No matter what I did, nothing was able to erase the memory of what I'd gone through back in August.

At work, in the shopping mall, in the streets, everyone seemed so distant, so...two-dimensional.

Just when I was about to lose hope, things started brightening up again.

Let me explain...

When we arrived at Nick's house after our excursion in the woods, things had changed considerably.
That o-so-charming fantasy world Nick and Brad had weaved around me, it fell apart in an instant.

I didn't realize it at first, but the effect it had on me was devastating to say the least.

It left me feeling disoriented and lost, conflicted with my own feelings.

As soon as Brad drove away and Nick and I stepped in the house, things got awkward between us.
And by awkward, I mean REALLY awkward.

It's as if my hunk childhood friend was suddenly realizing he'd gone too far with me.

Sure, we'd played a few games of our own before this, but never anything even remotely similar to this!

I had never felt as humiliated or as emotionally shaken as I'd been during these past few days.

The game ended, and Nick and Brad went back to their own respective lives without much afterthought.

Nick ended up driving me back to my small, single-bedroom apartment on the far side of town that day.

We spoke very little during the short car trip.

When we arrived in front of my place, there was an awkward moment of silence, until finally we exchanged quick goodbyes.

I felt a sharp pain in my heart when I entered my apartment and heard Nick drive off.

We promised to text each other and meet up on the following weekend, but those plans fell in the water.
He was resuming his professional life as a construction worker, and quickly got buried over with work.

I tried getting back to my studies, but I couldn't. My mind just wasn't in it.

So instead, I focused on work.

At first, it was just a temporary part-time job that allowed me to get by and pay my rent while I continued my studies.

But when school left the big picture, I devoted my time to working a great deal more hours.

It was going fine at first...until December came and I suddenly got laid off with a bunch of other employees.
I tried getting another job, but no one was hiring at the time.
That was a truly difficult period for me.

I went into a kind of depression, thinking maybe I couldn't find a job 'cause there was something wrong with me.

Ever since I came back from that excursion with the two jocks, my parents and girlfriend no longer recognized me.

I avoided them, knowing full well how they'd react if they found out I had developed serious feelings for another guy.

My relationship with Christie quickly spiraled downhill and ended rather abruptly.

In her paranoia, she misinterpreted my lack of interest as an indication that I was seeing another girl behind her back.

I didn't want to see her hurt, but I couldn't tell her the truth either.
So I eventually decided to go along with the story she'd concocted and told her I was indeed seeing another girl.

I never saw Christie after that, although from still being connected to my mom's Facebook account, I later learned that she and my parents were still fond of each other.

This only served to widen the already large gap between me and my parents.

Nick and I rarely spoke.

I wanted to meet up with him so badly, and I wanted to tell him the way I felt about him. But I feared one thing above all else...his rejection.

The fear of being told that I'd mistakenly interpreted his affection, gnawed at the very fibers of my being!

I cried myself to sleep every night, thinking about Nick...FANTASIZING about Nick.
I kept having these stupid thoughts, these dreams that maybe...just maybe, he felt something for me!

Nick would text me, and I wouldn't answer. He'd call me, and I wouldn't pick up.

One day, he even dropped by my place and rang my doorbell.
I could see him through the curtains of my bedroom.

I wanted SO much to go to him and pour my heart open!
But instead, I just sank to my knees and cried until he left.

The last thing on earth I wanted, was for Nick to tell me that it had just been a game and that I'd taken all of it too seriously.

Mere words can't even begin to express the pain I felt in my heart when I thought about him.
I longed to see his smile, to feel his hand on my shoulder, to hear the sound of his smell the warmth of his skin.

I joined a dating site and spent days and days browsing around, looking for guys that would remind me of Nick...but deep down in my heart, I knew I didn't want anyone else.

I had found my soulmate, but I couldn't bear the thought of him not sharing those feelings for me.

Things took a turn for the worse, but strangely enough...something worked out.

Up to that point, I had never really believed in fate or destiny.
But I couldn't deny how everything just kinda magically fell in place after that.

I was over two months behind on my rent, I still hadn't found a job, my phone company cut off my service and I lost my internet access.

I had no family to speak of and no friends to help me out.

Things were at an all time low.

One Saturday morning, I woke up and felt moved though some great, invisible force was pushing me forward.

I only had a small reserve of cash left, and as shameful as it is to admit this...had almost no food left in the fridge.

I collected the small change I had and jumped on the bus.

I took two buses and walked a good twenty minutes before finally arriving in front of Nick's place.

Walking up the short steps leading to his front door, I remember breathing in and out real fast, thinking I was gonna faint or pass out.

I was on the verge of an emotional collapse and was left with no other option.
This was my only hope, and I don't know what I would've done had things not worked out the way they did.

I arrived in front of Nick's door, took a deep breath and rang his doorbell.

The ten seconds it took for Nick to answer the door, proved to be the longest ten seconds of my life.

The door swung open and suddenly Nick was standing there, right in front of me.

I must've looked really out of it, 'cause his expression quickly changed from shock to concern.

As soon as I laid eyes on him I started swooning.
My knees felt weak, my voice broke up and my face got all red and tingly.

He invited me in and as soon as he closed the door, I collapsed at his feet and started sobbing uncontrollably.
To my utter disgrace, I remained there, sitting on the floor of his entranceway, refusing to stand up or remove my hands from my tear-lined face.

The handsome hunk eventually got me to stand up and slowly walked me to the living room couch, where he sat beside me and put a hand on my back.

Initially, he thought I'd been in an accident, and insisted on calling over an ambulance.
I guess he thought I was in a serious state of shock or something.

I mean, he hadn't seem me or heard from me in months, and suddenly I was at his doorstep, crying and shaking uncontrollably as though I'd just been through some seriously traumatic event.

I poured everything out onto him...not only my current crisis, but also my feelings for him, the way I felt about the games we had played, the reason I avoided him and the way I'd been crying myself to sleep every night...EVERYTHING.

Nick listened to all of it and I remember almost crying out when he got up from his seat on the couch and walked out of the living room without saying a word.

I heard him breathing out loudly in the kitchen. Heard him pacing around...probably trying to make sense of everything I'd said.

I thought he was pissed off.
I thought he would tell me to get out and never come back.

But I was wrong.

Nick came back in the living room and sat right next to me on the couch.

"Come here." he said, slowly wrapping his giant arms around me and holding me tight.

I buried my head into his chest and cried like I'd never cried before.
He ended up holding me...the whole time.

Nick promised to help me piece my life back together. But he also made me hold a promise of my own.

He said, that I'd have to trust him and that I'd have follow his lead.

At the time, I didn't get the full meaning of what he meant...but I didn't care.

I would've agreed to anything if it meant having him in my life.

Nick told me to stay calm. He said that he'd take care of all my problems from now on and that he'd make sure things got better for me.

From that point on, I lost control over A LOT of things.

Nick was gonna take care of me. All I needed to do was let go and hand myself over to him.

He told me I'd be moving in with him, but when I reminded him that I hadn't found a job yet and couldn't give him any money, he brushed me off and told me he didn't need my money...that for now, I could repay him by doing work around the house.

He also made it VERY clear, that my single focus for the next few months, was to get back in shape...emotionally speaking.

That same day, Nick drove me over to my place and helped me gather my clothes and a few other things I wanted to bring along.

The fridge and the other main appliances belonged to my landlord and were included in the rent.

Nick paid the landlord the amount that was due on my late rent, and even paid extra for a spoken agreement to prematurely break the lease.

He also paid my credit card and took care of paying all my bills.

All my debts were paid off...except the debt I owed him of course.
At that point, I was ready to do anything to show him how grateful I was.

Thinking back on this turning point, it's true that I lost control over a lot.
I lost my independence, my self-sufficiency, and above all else, I ended up losing a good amount of self-respect.

But I also ended up gaining a lot.

Although this turned out to be one of the best periods of my life, it didn't come without its fair share of trials and difficulties.

From now on, well...let's just say that my life would be FAR from uneventful.
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Already bouncing back :)
That's sweet discovering the fragile and emotional sides of "you", and it's brought to us simply and honestly, so a lot of us can relate to what's described. A good way to remind us we're all the (stupid?) same.
One good exemple in this part: the irrational fears we all get before taking on ourselves to reach for the meaningful others, we know chances are they'll say "yes" but it still feels like something impossible. We've read the signs correctly but can't get to believe they're true...

That's why such stories are usefull - aside from being highly enjoyable, making you feel lightweight and all, I was talking about a state of mind BTW [mention]bondagefreak[/mention] :) - because when there's more than just kinks and fetish than you share or not, you recognise yourself in the caracters and that makes you think about your life...

My work-break and loosy TV nights psycho-kinky-novella is back without the six months break, this site is better than pay-per-view :lol:
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Speaking of an emotional chapter... wow.
Reading this is only a confirmation of your skill as a writer: I could feel Steven's pain and emotion deep within myself...

You got me quiet. and longing for more.

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bondagefreak wrote:
1 year ago
I knew you'd enjoy those last few chapters 8-)
"Demoted to smother toy" indeed!
Aw, poor guy...haha! At least he came out of it alive.
At least in the end, he managed to see Brad get taken down a peg or two.
I did indeed, veeeery much so! And this chapter as well, because as others have said, it lets you feel that fraility in Steven, and it reminds me a lot of how I can get when stressed. Getting into a rut, avoiding everything, just sinking into myself and my routine over and over again until something big snaps me out of it. It's intense to read and great to see a turning point and a side of Nick beyond just the bondage master and teasing friend, but a true level of caring to take in a friend he's not heard from in so long at their lowest moment and do soooo much for them, knowing financially at least you're not getting anything back any time soon. It shows a good heart to Nick that's just fantastic.

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