Jogger Kidnapped M/M

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Jogger Kidnapped M/M

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Danny is out jogging early in the evening as usual. The 38 year old man has kept up this routine for several months now, getting himself in shape, after he split with his wife earlier in the year. He also had started to go to the gym, and now he was pleased with his fitness levels, and his body now looked lean and well toned, all in proportion for the 6ft handsome guy. He even cut his scruffy hair and now had short cropped hair, he looked years younger and much more handsome, he had to admit he had let himself go in his years of marriage, but now he was not going to do that again.

The sun was beginning to set, and the day was unusually hot and humid summer evening.
He is wearing his old retro tight shiny white (and very short) Adidas nylon soccer shorts and a vest and white trainers

He takes his usual route, nearing the end of his run, jogging along the canal bank. He is suck a dope he does not realise how sexy he looks in the tight shorts, his big package bounces around in the front of the silky tight short shorts, and his equally shiny nylon vest sticks to his sweaty upper body, showing off his chest and flat stomach. In a way the poor guy was almost asking for what happened to him to happen.

He rounds a bend in the canal, and jogs into the entrance to a public park, heading straight for the end of the car park (which is empty apart from a old rusty van), towards the old public toilet block. The man is desperate for a piss so goes into the old deserted Victorian toilets with their entrance rather hidden by the overgrown and unkempt bushes. This is a decision he would regret.

Inside the building its gloomy and dark, most of the lights are smashed or broken, a few flicker on and off with a dull yellow glow. There is no out about. The place is filthy and stinks, so Danny holds his breath as he goes up to the urinals. It's silent apart from the sound of dripping water. and a few annoying buzzing insects. Flies buzz about him and he glances at a fuzzy image of himself in the long cracked mirror on one of the walls. He glances at the mirror again as he sees an image of someone else in there... coming out of the farthest toilet cubicle in the gloom.

Its a stocky balding man in his 60s with greasy black hair, in dirty skin tight faded Levi jeans. '' He must me the van driver'', Danny thinks nothing more of him.

Danny fails to notice a short length of rope hanging from back pocket of the man's faded old jeans. Danny turns away from the mirror and watches the stranger out from the corner of his eye go over to take a piss at one end of the urinal, and Danny hears him slowly unzipping his jeans.

Danny goes to the other end of the urinal and spreads his legs on the tiled slimy floor and hooks his shorts under his big balls and flops his thick 9 in cock out. He holds down front of his shiny sweaty nylon shorts, and begins to piss. He lets out a deep groan in relief. And pushes his shiny nylon covered shorts ass backwards and forwards a few times as he relieves himself into the old overflowing urinal.

Totally unknows to poor Danny, the other man has been watching his sexy shiny shorts backside the whole time, and silently edges his way along towards the young handsome jogger. The last rays of the fading sunlight flood in through a narrow window up near the roof, the light ishining of Danny's shorts ass, making them look very shiny and tight. Danny shuffles his feet out of the way as piss splashing on his trainers.

The man in the dirty tight jeans surprised Danny, as he is suddenly standing beside him and starts talking. Danny is surprised at the sudden appearance of this man, but he chats away suspecting nothing. The creepy guy comments how it's very hot to be out jogging today. He slowly and loudly unzips his tight dirty jeans and pulls out his cock. Danny still suspects nothing, and simply stares straight on, not even looking at the man.

Danny mentions that it is a good time to go jogging, because its quiet by the canal, and makes an observation that the car park is empty tonight, it's unusually quiet about the area. The man begins wanking slowly. Danny does not notice as he is staring at the graffiti on the dirty tiled wall. The man replies saying its so quite probably because of news in the local paper.

Danny asks ''what news''? The man explains that a man was mugged and tied up here few day ago. Danny asks tied up? The stranger goes on, ''Yeh someone mugged him and they went and fuckin tied the poor bastard up...……. they even gagged the bloke too''. ''The police advised people to say away from here in the evenings''.

Danny muttered ''Shit'' under his breath – feeling a bit uncomfortable.

The guy let out single quiet laugh, and a cough, ''yeh, then the park attendant found him in a cubicle the next day still tied and gagged up tight, and the poor fella was all beat up and shit''

He continued, '' Imagine that! The poor fucker must have been tied and gagged in there all night. And this place is probably full of fucking perverts, lucky no queers were around to take advantage of his situation''. He laughs, ''Well they might have been – he's not exactly going to tell is he? The man chuckles to himself again.

By now Danny quickly finished and slid the front of his tight silky shorts over his cock. His heart was pounding and he felt very uneasy. It was only then that he noticed the guy's arm moving up and down and he looked down to see the mans dirty oozing stiff cock sticking out of the filthy tight jeans.

He was stunned and his body started shaking, swallowing down hard he found himself frozen to the spot, his green eyes fixated on the mans long thick slimy dick, and the masses of black pubic hair coming from the inside of his stained jeans.

Then he felt with horror, the man's other greasy hand come to rest on one of his firm nylon clad ass cheeks, slowly stroking over the silky tight nylon. He got his wits back and went to move away, saying ‘’hey what you doing, get off me’’?

But before Danny could take another step, the mane grabbed Danny's upper arm tightly and held a knife to Danny's side. The man commanded in a firm deep slow voice ''ah, ah, stay still or ill cut ya, understand''?

''Fuck, look what are you doing?'' Danny spluttered, ''I have money in my wallet in the car outside. I’ll go and get it now''.

''Now don’t go bullshitting me, I know there is only my van outside. Just be a good fella and put your hands behind you back nice and slow understand''?

Canny suddenly tried to make a run for it but at the slightest movement the man poked the knife at his side and tightened his grip on his arm, and said, ''Don’t be stupid. I'm not afraid to use this you know''?

''Now i'll only tell you once more. Put you hands behind you fuckin back, because now it's your turn to get tied up''.

''Shit'', Danny whimpered and slowly and reluctantly moved his hands behind his back He felt sick as the man tied a rough piece of old rope around his wrists tightly knotting it.

The man nodded at Danny, ''That's a good fella. Do what I say and I won't have to hurt you will I?''

Danny swallowed hard, his eyes stinking with welling up tears. ''Look what do you want, I told you, I have not got any money. He said trying not to think about the other man's stiff cock.

''I want you to fukin shut your mouth, that's what I want mate''. He hissed in reply.

Suddenly the man puts his dirty fag stained hand tightly over Danny's mouth, the hand still smelly and wet from the mans own thick pre cum. The attackers other arm (with the knife in his hand), goes firmly round Danny's neck and the jogger is then forced forward down the dark corridor, Danny feeling the sticky stiff cock poking at his ass crack over the tight silky nylon shorts and poking his bound hands. Danny lets out a few muffled grunts under the hand clamped over his mouth, and struggles and resists, but it's useless, and soon they reach the very last cubicle at the far end of the building, and Danny is shoved inside. Danny's feet slipping on the greasy floor.

''Move it! Come on! The man hissed. ''Get fuckin in there you stupid cunt, it's no use struggling''.

The man can feel Danny's firm buttocks in the shiny silky shorts sliding over his dirty stiff cock and denim crotch and his dick begins to get pre cum on the handsome jogger's tight shiny shorts backside. The desperate grunts form his handsome victims mouth under his hand turn him on even more………….
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WOW! this is gonna be good!
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Part 2 coming later today.
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Inside the cubicle it's dark and stinks. Danny is slammed against the stained tiled wall and grease and grime off the wall stain his silky shorts bulge.
''Keep facing the wall understand?. Any keep fuckin still, don’t dare make a single move''
Danny nods his head frantically that he understands, sweat dripping from his face.
'' Im going to take my hand away from your mouth, you make one sound and your dead get it?''

The man then pulls a stinking stained rag from his front jeans pocket and holds it to Danny's mouth.
''Open up''…

''Please don’t , you don't need to ..mrrppphhh.''...….
the rancid cum rag is shoved into his mouth as the man, stinking of BO holds his body against Danny's to pin him to the wall, and then another rag is jammed between Danny'steeth and knotted tightly to the back of his skull.
Danny lets out a few muffled whimpers from under the dirty tight gag.
“There, that ought to keep you nice and quiet” we don’t want anyone to hear you do we now?'', his attacker mocks.

He laughs. Poor Danny's eyes are wide above his bulging cheeks over his dirty stinking gag. He whimpers under the painful tight gag as he sees the glint of the knife again, this time the old man using it to cut off the jogger's vest and Danny's smooth, muscular, sweaty upper body is reviled.

Danny is shaking violently and tries wiggle away but all he does is turn the man on even more as he feels his silky body squirming under him. “keep fuckin still or i'l have to hurt you. Just relax your not going any where. You ain’t gona get free, I’ve got you tied tight''.

Just then someone enters the toilets whistling.

Danny tries to yell for help under the tight gag.''helmmphh!!!'', but the man quickly covers his gagged mouth with his sweaty hand and all that escapes poor Danny's mouth is a weak ''murphhhh murphhh''.
His shiny shorts ass firm under the perverts stiff oozing cock and denim crotch as he presses him harder against the tiled wall.

''Shut it or your dead', the man hisses into his victims ear, the helpless jogger smelling the man's foul breath. The man holds the knife to Danny's neck, pricking the skin several times, and Danny
whimpers and becomes still and they both listen to the other man pissing and whistling happily, totally unaware of the drama going on in the cubicle near him.
The pervert slowly lets his other hand run down over Danny's six pack and into the tight silky shorts to touch his cock.

He whispers into his prisoners ear, ''nice cock, very big, mmmm, and no underpants – naughty boy''.

Danny tries to pull away form the hand down his shorts, but in doing so only manages to push his sexy nylon shorts covered butt into the perverts hard cock that pokes at his nylon covered hole.
''Nice firm tight ass too, its is my lucky day''.
He smiles evilly revealing his yellow stained teeth.

They hear the other guy outside zip up his pants and wash his hands at the sink, before his footsteps get fainter as he leave, and Danny whimpers in despair into his gag as the sound of the guys footsteps leaving the building.
The perverted old guy then sighs in relief, ''there, that was a close one, he has gone now, and he has no idea you are all tied up and gagged tight in here with me''.

He forces poor Danny down onto his knees onto the dirty slimy floor, then pushes him onto his stomach. Danny tried to resist as best he can, in the cramped space, his hands tied and the man's weight and strength make it useless.

''Get down on the floor you fucker''! The man pushed Danny's head into the corner under the toilet. the floor is filthy and Danny gags in disgust, but is now helpless as he feels the man pulling his legs together and tying up his ankles and knees with more old rough rope.

Danny struggles on slimy floor in desperation, his tight shiny white nylon shorts and his smooth muscular
upper body getting covered in grime and stinking slime off the cold tiled floor. His struggling gets him nowhere and only serves to annoy the man, who kicks Danny's shorts covered butt with his booted foot leaving a dirty footprint on the silky white nylon.
''Keep still. I've gota make sure your tied up tight. I can’t have you getting away now can I now''?
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This is a hot story, hope it continues!
Kik - malebondageNE. Add me if you would like to be tied up for real.
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Very good start to the story, I’m not even super into M/M but this one is very well done, hopefully it continues someday. I feel kidnapped jogger is just one of those classic scenarios, I’ll admit more than once I’ve been out exercising alone and I see a strange car sitting there and the mind wanders.

For my stories I haven't gotten around to posting here:
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