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Game in the woods (M/F and F/M)

Stories that have a significant measure of truth to them should go here.
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Game in the woods (M/F and F/M)

Post by FabianStr2016 » 1 month ago

Hello, sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language, I'm from Germany. Now, have fun reading this story :)


So this happened a few years ago. It was summer and we often met with a group of friends. One day we were all bored, and one of my friends had an idea of a game we could play in the wood. It sounded like fun, so we all walked in the nearby wood.

The game was like capture the flag. We had two teams, 6 people per group. We were 6 girls and 6 boys who always met, so we decidet to divide the group into the two genders.

One of the teams, we, the boys, started, we had to protect 4 flags, which were positioned at different locations in the forest. The other team, the girls, had the goal to steal the flags and bring them back to their camp.

Sounds fun til this point, right? But it gets even better!
If the boys catch one of the girls they had the right to stop them stealing the flags or escaping. And how do you do this? Right, by tying them up!

As you can imagine i have a fetish for tying up and gagging girls, and i couldn't believe my luck when the friend who had the idea for the game told us that we "need to" tie the girls up, and my pants became tighter when I looked at the girls in the group (they all had extremely hot bodies and faces) and imagined them tied up by me, pushing a gag in their mouths.
When a girl was captured it could free herself or another girl could help her out. The game was won when all flags were stolen or all girls were captured.

I had a small pink ballgag in my drawer, don't ask why, and i thought it would be a great idea to take it with me, hoping my friends wouldn't think i am a freak. We were at my house before the game, so I had the chance to take it with me without anyone noticing.

After we arrived at the stage were the game would be played, the girls walked to their base and we were hiding our flags at different locations. The area was quite big, and the rest of my team thought that most of the girls would be attacking the middle flags, so the two of our flags at the rim of the area were protected by just one guy per flag.

I was chosen to protect the right flag alone. I walked to the location, placed the flag in the ground, when the horn was blown, which symbolised the start of the game. I quickly hid behind a tree and thick bushes and waited for the enemy team.

In secret I was very happy that i defended the flag alone. It was my chance to tie up a girl alone, so I can enjoy it. My dick was getting a little bit hard at the thought, too. I was so exited.

But nothing happened for a long time. After a few minutes I hear screaming in the far, and i waited and waited.
I almost thought nothing would happen when I heard a sound and i saw a girl sneaking up on my flag.

Lets call her Luna. I couldn't believe my luck. Luna was the hottest of the girls in the group. She had a beautiful face, often in class I have imagined how it would look with a tight ball or cleave gag.
Luna also had a more than great body. At that day she wore a grey jeans which showed of her nice ass, and a tight black shirt, which didn't leave much of imagination to her really big breasts, which bounced as she ran to the flag, carefully looking around for defenders.
But she didn't noticed me.

I decided to let her take the flag so she would be less careful. While Luna arrived at the flag and starter pulling it out of the ground I sneaked to a better position where i could grab her from Behind.

My friend who had the idea for the game walked into his house after explaining the game to us and came back with lots of ropes and scarves to tie our victims up.
I took more than the others, and now I pulled the ropes out of my bag.

Luna grinned when she had fhe flag finally in her hands and ran back the way she came, but when she passed the tree where I hid I jumped out of my hiding place and grabbed her from Behind.

Luna screamed and dropped the flag. With one hand I locked her to my body, i pressed my other hand on her mouth. She grunted in my hand.

It was one of the best feelings i had in my entire life. I had the hottest girl in school pinned, my hand on her mouth just felt so great, she mmmmppphhed in the handgag, and her hot ass pressed against my dick.

"I have captured you Luna, bad luck for you!" I laughed. I took my hand from her mouth. "Shit, I thought I had escaped already" Luna said angry but with a smile. I grinned at her. " you know what happens next, dont you? And you are not allowed to defend yourself..." I let her loose and Luna took her hands in front of her.
"Alright, tie me up!" I hoped that she wouldn't notice the bulge in my jeans. Luna was really asking me to tie her up.
"Behind your back!" I ordered. Luna looked at me surprised, but then she followed my order and I tied her hands behind her with rope.

I had experience with tying up people. Trough the internet I have learned many techniques, and I often tried it at myself.

I think Luna was surprised how tight i tied the ropes and how good i was in it, but she didn't said a word. After her hands i tied her ankles, then her knees.

"I swear to you, when I get free i will tie you up even tighter!" Said luna to me.
I laughed. "I dont think you are in the position to say things like this. But your swearing reminds me of something i forgot!"

I pulled out the small pink ball gag. Luna looked sceptical at the ball. "Is it what I think it is?" I just smiled.
Luna shook her head. "Oh no, please dont gag me, its not necessary! I swear I will not scream for help or anything!" I ignored her. "Sorry Luna but i think I can't risk anything. Now, open your mouth. The ball goes in!"

Luna studied the ball again, then she opened her mouth and accepted her fate.

Happy and horny I took the pink ball and pushed it deep between her lips and in her mouth. Luna moaned in her new gag and her tounge explored the new ball in her mouth.

After that I took the straps and pulled them tightly behind her head where i tied them of. The gag was so tight that it digged into the corners of her mouth and she starter to drool right away.

The picture was so hot that I got a hard on directly. A tied up and gagged Luna. I had to take photos for... other use, so I took a scarf and tied it over Lunas angry eyes. Then i pulled out my phone and took a lot of pictures and videos.

I focused on her gagged mouth and filmed her mmmpphhing in the gag, but I also recordet her nice ass and her bouncing breasts while she tried to escape.

After a while I took Luna to place which wasn't so hard on the ground and told her to lie down. After that i brought the flag back and then I spend the next time watching and enjoying the hot bound and gagged girl in front of me.

I didn't noticed another girl coming up from behind and that was my mistake.


I will continue the story, but i dont know when. I hope you enjoyed, please leave a comment :)
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Post by rafeylovesbonds » 1 month ago

Good start, looks like being a nice story. I will be interested in how it develops in Pt. 2.

Well-written, too. Your English is nothing to apologize for, it's very good!

Is she out there, she who ties you up and then you stay tied up?

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Post by Canuck100 » 4 weeks ago

Love it! This sounds an awesome game to play, wished I had played it with my friends. :)

Not fair to your readers to end the story on such a cliffhanger though! ;) Looking forward to the next part.

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Post by FabianStr2016 » 4 weeks ago

Hello fellow readers.
I wrote the next part sooner than i expected, but i dont think you have a problem with that ;)

It's not the last part, dont worry, now, enjoy the story and please leave a comment :)


One moment I watched Luna struggle and moaning, the other I was grabbed from behind.

My hands were pulled behind my back and were tied up immediately by what felt like a cable tie. A hand was pressed my mouth and my shouting became a muffled sound.

Luna said something not understandable under her gag, not knowing what was going on.
The hand let my mouth loose but just for tying my ankles up with another cable tie. I was helpless now.

"What the fuck?!" I screamed. The attacker walked in front of me.

Lets call this friend Jonna. Jonna didn't had an extremely hot body, she was slim but didn't had very big boobs, but still a thick ass. Today she wore a tight blue jeans and a tight white top, through which ber bra could be seen.
Jonna had a beautiful face, and she talked a lot. Two arguments why I always wanted to gag her with a tight cleave gag between her beautiful lips.

But now Jonna had tied ME up.
"Jonna, what the fuck?!" I said again. "The boys have to tie the girls up, not the other way around!"
Jonna laughed at me. "I know, but now i don't care, and you can't do anything about it, can you?"

She walked to her friend and untied Lunas blindfold. Luna watched surprised at me, tied up like she was, and mmmppphhhed in the ball gag. Her lips tried to close over the pink ball in her mouth, but it was too big. The corners of her mouth were still pulled behind. The sight was extremely hot.

"I watched you tie up Luna" Jonna continued. "And i saw how you enjoyed to put that gag in her mouth, how you watched her struggle... Lets free you Luna!"
Jonna untied Lunas ankles, knees and hands, then she pulled the pink ball with force out of her friends mouth, so it still hang around Lunas neck, almost begging to be put back in her mouth.
Salvia dropped from Lunas lips as she opened and closed her mouth several times.
After that luna stood up and walked to me. She looked at my bonds and grinned.

"So, what do we have here? My captor tied like i was." She pulled some more ropes out of my bag.
"After you tied me up i promised you I would tie you up even more when I get free. Now i am free..."

I sworn at the two girls as Luna grabbed my arms and tied them tightly up with more ropes. I think she had experience with it, because my bonds were really good. I don't know, maybe Luna had a fetish herself...?
While Luna tied my arms Jonna bound my legs and knees. After that the two girls positioned themselves in front of me and studied me with a smile.

Luna started. "So, Jonna, but what's when he calls for help?" Jonna had a big grin on her face.
"I think we have to silence him, right? But you can do it, because he gagged you before, and now you can have revenge..."
"Oh no, please don't gag me!" I screamed. But in silence I hoped so, because I couldn't imagine much better things like being tied up and gagged by two hot girls.

Luna searched the bag and came back with a scarf, which she balled up to a ball. I already knew what was coming.
"You just gagged me with a ball gag, but i think i will get a step further. Open up!"
Knowing I won't have a chance to resist and a little bit happy I opened my mouth and Luna pushed the cloth ball in. If filled my mouth almost completely.

"But what if he spits it out Luna? We cant risk to alert the rest of the boys..." Jonna said to her friend with an evil smile.
Luna took a rope and looked amused at my filled mouth. "Now i can have revenge!" She said and pushed the middle part of the rope between my lips. Then she pulled the rest tight behindy gag as a cleave gag.
The role pushed the cloth deeper in my mouth and digged deep in the corners of mouth.
I mmpphhed as Luna tied my gag of.

Now i was fully helpless, tied and gagged in the woods. I don't think the girls were still interested in the game or the flag, because they ignored the flag and just watched me struggle.

"Oh, look what we got here Jonna!" Luna pointed at the bulge in my pants. Both girls laughed.
"Do we have a little freak here?" Jonna asked. "Or is it just because of US?" Playfully she grabbed Lunas breasts through the black Shirt and wiggled them. It made me even hornier.
"I think he isnt that small..." Luna smiled and surprisingly she grabbed my dick through my jeans.
I moaned in my gag and the girls laughed. Luna touched my dick a little bit longer, which made me extremely horny, then she let it loose.

"What do we do with him now, Jonna?" She asked her friend.
Jonna grinned and I saw how she grabbed another cable tie.
"I dont know right know, what im gonna do to HIM, but i have to say, i liked you tied up and gagged much more than free..."

Before Luna could react Jonna grabbed her from Behind and tied her wrist...


Thank you for reading, please leave a comment.

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Post by Scaevus » 4 weeks ago

A great story, this has the potential to become one of my favorites on this website!

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Post by rose » 4 weeks ago

love this story! can’t wait for more

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Post by Dpsiic » 4 weeks ago

I would love to play this game

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Post by Solarbeast » 2 weeks ago

This story was amazing but I can't stop thinking about this being in the true stories section and so I'm hoping this story will be continued soon.

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Post by FabianStr2016 » 2 weeks ago

3rd part! Hope your enjoy!


Speakless and horny I watched how Jonna tied laughing her friends hands behind her back, followed by her ankles, while Luna screamed at her.
After Jonna finished the knots she grabbed Lunas chin.

"Fuck you you dirty birch! I will kill you for this!"
Jonna watched Lunas lips, then her eyes dropped down to the ball gag, still swinging around Lunas neck.
"I think we need to shut you up. You know, it's not personal, but its just fun!" She grabbed the pink ball and with force she pressed it in Lunas open mouth. The strabs were still very tight so Lunas mouthcorners were pulled back. She mmmmppphhed in the ball gag and stared dagger at her friend.

Jonna turned back to me and smiled.
"You know, I just had an idea. Look, I have a tied and gagged girl and a very aroused boy in front of me, as i can clearly see..." she pointed at the big bulge in my pants, but I couldn't control me at the sight of a gagged Luna.
"I think I will give you a present for being such a good prisoner... I promise you, you will be absolutely satisfied!"

She turned back to Luna. Then she slowly grabbed the bottom of Lunas shirt.
Luna screamed into her ball gag, but just mmmppphhs came out.
I watched, speakless again, how Jonna smiled at me and my boner while pulling Lunas top to the top. It resisted at the begin of Lunas breasts, than it snapped open.

What can I say. Luna didn't wear a bra.
It was the best moment in my fucking life. I dont know why Jonna did this, to teach Luna a lesson or just to surprise me, but I dont care.

Lunas breasts jumped out. They were beautiful. They were very big. And they bounced as Luna struggled and mmmppphhhed in the ball. I just stared at that fantastic giant pair of tits in front of my face.

And I almost got an orgasm right at that moment.


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Post by bimbip » 1 week ago

Amazing but I do not thing it is true story. Thanks anyway. I love it.

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Post by YugoSK » 3 days ago

Heheh Nice

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