It’s time for the next short story competition.

The topic is “It Was That Time again” or, if you prefer, “It’s That Time again”.

Look at the rules in the February 2020 folder before posting.

Good luck.

YOU Can Write Agent 38

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YOU Can Write Agent 38

Post by BobaFettish1 »

While it's no secret that Agent 38 is a character that I've "loaned" out to other authors before, I wanted to make it official for those who perhaps weren't aware...

Some of my friends have already written some great stories starring Agent 38(and there's more coming soon that I think you'll enjoy), but I also wanted to put the call out to anyone else who's interesting in writing her. As long as you let me know how you plan to utilize her ahead of time, I'd be more than happy to promote your story and add it the the official archive folder on DeviantArt for everyone to read. ;) ... ry-archive

I'd love to see Agent 38's story further enriched with even more creative perspectives. I look forward to seeing your stories. :)

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