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real life home invasion m/m

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real life home invasion m/m

Post by Deleted User 5142 »

Hello, I am totally new to the site and don't know where to post this or even if I am allowed to, please let me know if not and I shall delete it.

I Was bound/gagged in a home invasion for my first time in bondage alongside my family and didnt know if it was story people would want to read about or chat about? Where would the best place to post it be if so?

thanks for any help


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Post by Ebascoray »

You know, that's a good question for the Site Moderators. Due to the fact that this was not a TUG---a GAME, per se---but happened to you and your family in real life, I don't know which category it would fall under. I've seen sites in the Internet for relating one's experiences in having real-life tie-up situations, such that you had. But, I don't remember which ones they are. I hope that you all came through the experience OK. Moderators, any suggestions for this person? Best Regards, all.


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Post by bondagefreak »

[mention]leatherjacketlover[/mention] Of course you can share your true experiences.
That's what this site is about. True experiences, especially the ones that contain RL non-consensual elements should go in True Stories For Adults. You can also post a parental advisory warning at the top of the story if you feel like it.

From you profile info and your list of fetishes, it sounds like the experience wasn't too traumatic for you.
Hope no one was hurt.
Anxious to read about it.
Welcome on board, mate!


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Post by boundto »

it is a difficult one, however often fetishes and fantasies often come from real life events

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