Babysitter, by fantasmia (F/m)

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Babysitter, by fantasmia (F/m)

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By Fantasmia
I have had a foot fetish all my life according to mum. As soon as I could crawl I headed for mum's bare feet apparently and always grabbed at her toes when she was in sandals. It wasn't only my mum's feet it was any woman or girls feet. Strangely I didn't like touching other boys feet though. Mum seemed to think it was fu at first but it did get irritating for her after a while. The worst bit for her though was baby sitters. I always used to try to play with their feet too and from aged 6 on, as the local teenaged girls came to sit for me, began to get a bit of a reputation as the creepy boy who tries to go for feet. At age 9 I finally met my match in the 16 year-old Rachel.

Mum was going to be away over night so Rachel was staying in her room Friday to Saturday. Well Rachel came round wearing standard teenaged girl garb of t-shirt, jeans bright pink socks and trainers (but trainers did come off at the door. I was in Shorts, t-shirt and bare feet. Mum gave Rachel the story about food, bedtimes etc and was off. So I was alone with the beautiful Rachel from 7pm on Friday until 9pm Saturday. And there was only one thing on my mind, to get her socks off and play with her feet.

At first she left me playing video games whilst she went off to do some school work. After racing Mario Karts for 15 min or so I went in to see Rachel.

"Hi anything you need?" she asked.

"No" I said trying not to look straight at the bright pink socks.

She carried on with her work and I looked at the books on the shelf in the room she was in. When I was happy she was engrossed in her work I began to get closer to the table and eventually crawled under it and got to her feet. I began to carefully slide my finger into her sock when she suddenly gave a giggle. SHE WAS TICKLISH great. Then she pulled her foot away and shouted "HEY".

I stopped for about 5 seconds and started to pull at her sock again.

"HEY. I won't warn you again."

Another 5 seconds and my finger went in again.

"Right THAT's IT." Rachel jumped out of her chair and grabbed me. "My friends warned me abbot you." she said. She pushed me onto the floor and sat on my back. "Always trying to tickle their feet they said. Well I came prepared for you." She reached into her bag and pulled out some rope. She next pulled my arms behind my back and started to tie my wrists together behind my back, crossed and tied tightly winding rope up and down as well as side to side. Next she took a second piece of rope and tied my elbows together. She turned me over, sat me up and sat on my legs then tied the ends of the elbow rope around my chest binding my arms to my sides. Next she pushed me onto my back and bent my legs forcing me to cross them, Taking more rope she tied my left ankle to my right knee and vice versa so I was forced cross legged. She sat me back cross-legged like that and took a final piece of rope which she tied around both legs where they crossed about mid shin level. The end of this rope she tied to my chest ropes so I was slightly bent forwards in a forced cross-legged sit.

She sat cross-legged in front of me. "Now you naughty boy. Since you want my socks so much you can have them." as she said this she was peeling her socks off and then wiggled her toes, beautiful pink painted toes. She balled the socks up and then pinched my nose. With that she pushed her socks into my mouth and then tied a scarf over my mouth as a cleve gag holding the socks firmly in place. "Oh by the way. I wore those socks for netball practice after school. I guessed this would happen." She gave an evil looking smile at me.

So there I was. Rachel was barefooted as I had wanted but it had gone very wrong for me. Or so I thought at the time. Hr socks were certainly sweaty and cheesy but I could not spit them out no matter how I tried.

"Are your feet ticklish?" Rachel teased. She reached forward and ran her fingertips over both my soles. I could do nothing to resist her and I curled my toes and tried to cry out into my gag. "Oh you are ticklish." Rachel squealed delighted at this way of tormenting me. She scraped her fingernails down my soles next, which made me wriggle as much as I could manage in my bonds. "Now I know you want to tickle my bare feet, so here they are." Rachel rolled onto her back and held her soles up to me wiggling her toes and pointing and stretching her soles. "So you can see my bare feet all you want to but you can't touch!"

With that she turned me round so I could see her sat at the table working and true to form, she would wiggle her toes, interlock her feet but not let me touch.

After about an hour or so the phone rang. It was obviously mum from the ay Rachel spoke.

"Oh yes Mrs Thompson, Alan was a bit of a handful at first but I've given him something to keep him quiet. Yes bed time soon and I have plans if he needs entertaining tomorrow too. Goodnight."
So there I was, tied cross legged, chewing on sweaty socks with the object of my desires (Rachel's bare feet) inches away but me totally unable to touch. She on the other hands culd reach down and tickle my bare soles whenever she wished to, which was basically whenever she turned a page or otherwise got bored. After what must have been an hour all tied up her mobile rang. "Hi Danni". Rachel was chatttng to one of her gil friends. Danni was one of the local girls who had made the mistake of babysitting for me with no socks on and kicking her shoes off. I had spent most of the evening trying to or succedding in tickling her bare feet.

She chatted about girly things but I could tell some of the chat was about me. "Yes just like you said.", "Yes he tried to take my socks off.", "No i had socks on." "No bareffet now they're in his mouth." Yes hes a little tied up ha ha ha." at that last comment she held the phone to my gagged mouth and tickled the soles of my feet so that Danni could hear my distressed "mmpphh"s down the line.

Eventually she hung up and turned to me.

"Well bed time you naughty boy."

She untied me and relayed the instructions mum had given her about pyjamas and washing and brushing teeth etc. I obeyed these fully and planned a bit of revenge and how i would get my hands on those beautifuk bare feet.


It was gone midnight when i heard the bathroom being used and Rachel going to bed. By this stage I was under the covers wearing my PJ top and shorts. I waited a full ahlf hour until the light accross the landng went out then set my watch alarm for another hour. I woke to the peeping of the alarm and quickly creeped accross the lnding to mum's room where Rachel was sleeping. (Remember at aged 9 my hormones had not kicked in yet and I just saw this as a foot tickling game rather than anything sexual.)

I began to peel the quilt back and expose Rachel's beautiful bare feet. She was wearing a pink vest top and matching PJ shorts. Once I exposed her feet she pulled them back. I just got to touch her left foot when she woke up, pulled her feet away, swithced the light on and yelled "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?"

Before waiting for an answer I was On my back with Rachel on top of me pinning me down. "What do you think your doing sneaking into my room. You are beyond naughty." She reached down the side of the bed and grabbed a piece of rope which she used to quickly tie my hands infront of me. She crossed my wrists then tied the ropes around i both directions before tying the knot well away from my fingers. She dragged me accross the landing. Back in my room with Rachel on top of me holding a load of rope she tied my ankles together crossed much as my hands had been then tied them to the bottom of the bed so my feet hung over the end. My hands were tied to the top of the bed so i was pulled tightly and slightly stretched. Next she tied my knees and elbows together, just above and just below the joints. She went back to her room (mum's room) and returned with some scarves. One scarf was quickly tied over my eyes, then she produced a fresh sock which was shoved into my mouth and taped in place with a roll of sticking plaster. she then moved to the bottom of the bed and tickled my feet hard for wahat seemed like forever and then some too. I kicked and struggled and pulled on the ropes and tried to beg for mercey but I couldn't stop the attack on my bare soles. Next i felt weight on my legs and realised Rachel was sitting on me. I felt my t-hirt lifted and fingers all over my tummy, ribs and down my sides. her fingers ran from my waste up to my armpits and I was thrashing and kicking as much as the ropes and Rachel's weight would let me.

As a final assault I felt her get off me only to jump back on again a second later. I suddenly felt both my feet and my under arms being tickled at the same time. I could not work out how this 4 armed woman was attacking me all over at once (I eventually found out she had tuerned round so her toes were in my armpits while her fingers attacked my feet.)

I was left with no covers on which was not too bad as it was quite a hot night and I had worked up quite a sweat with all the tickling. I don't know how long I waited before going to sleep but once again my attempts to tickle Rachel's feet had back fired big time.
I was awoken by some severe tickling on the soles of my feet. after a few minutes of torture My gag and blindfold were pulled off and Rachel was kneeling astride my chest in a short denim skirt and red top.

"You bad boy" she said "I'll untie you in a moment but no more nice guy. No more chances. YOu get tied up again first time you tryi to tickle me."

Shw as good to her word and untied me, it was 9 am and I went to the bathroom, changed into shorts and t-shirt and went to have breakfast. Rachel had already had her coffee and breakfast and was in the lounge reading a magazine with the Tv on. After breakfast i joined her and started half watching the TV half playing with some lego on the floor. i was sure she was teasing me with her feet.

Hwer feet were bare and the nails painted a beautiful pink colour. She wiggled then and pointed them, rubbed one against the other, flexed her toes and scratched her leg with one foot. she crossed her legs so one bare foot was very near me. If i turned it was under my nose. i couldn't resist I had to scratch the sole and produce the inevitable giggle. I knew exactly wha was going to haooen next.

"I warned you no more chances" Rahel shouted jumping to her feet. She grabbed some rope to the side of the couch, almost as if she had planned this. She pushed me onto my stomach and in a matter of seconds had my hands tied together behind my back crossed right over left and tightly cinched. Next came my feet, ankles together tightly and cinched followed by ropes jeust above and below my knees. Next I was sat up and she wrapped rope around my upper arms and chest, cincing it between my arms and body holding me tight. She finished with me on my stomach again as she bent my knees up and used a piece of rope to tie my ankles to my wrists.

She sat down on the floor nfront of me with her legs out straight infront of her. "If you like my feet so much then here's a close look at them." She stayed with her feet inches infront of me for several minutes verbally teasing me. and wiggling her toes then pointing and flexing. I began to wriggle to get closer to her toes then she suddenly pulled her feet away and jumped up. coming round behind me she began to give my feet a really hard tickle. Her fingertips and nails were all over my bare soles and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it. I wa loving it and hating it at the same time, beging her to stop but wwishing she wouldn't. Eventually she said "You amke far too much noise. I know how to stop it."

She went out of the room and I hears her go up then come back downstairs. She was carrying a pair of black tights and a roll of tape. She balled the tights up then held them infront of my face. "Open up." I kept my mouth firmly shut until her finger scraped accross the soles of my feet when I opened up and had the ball shoved into my mouth. Next she put 4 or 5 strips of tape over my mouth. Just as she finished the telephone rang.

"Oh hello Mrs Thompson. Oh. Yes that's OK. Oh yes he's fine. He's being really quiet at the moment. Oh can I have a friend over. No Just Danni from school, not my boy friend. Thanks Mrs thompson that will cover it."

She put the telephone down. "YOur mum says she won't be back until tomorrow afternoon and can I look after you another night. I think I can but tonight I'll have help. Oh and you are going to stay tied up this time."
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She was true to her word. I spent the rest of the morning hogtied tightly on the floor. I could hear her listening / watchiing MTV but couldn't lift my head to see the screen. She sent a lot of texts and later called her friend Danni to discuss her coming over in the evening. Danni was a girl who had given up on sitting for me as i kept trying to take her socks off and tickle her feet. I could hear Rachel telling danni how she was certain i wouldn't cause trouble like that now. Yes I'd tried to tickle her feet but now I was all quiet and wouldn't be trouble tonight.

Throughout the morning i got the occasional glimpse of her beautiful bare feet and legs as she walked past me but could never see above her knees as she walked about the house. Around mid morning she made herself a coffe and put my faviurite chocolate biscuits infront of me. i could,nt reach them all tied up and gagged but I could smell the chocolate, see the biscuit butcould only struggle and make little mmpphhing noises. Rachel lay down on the floor infront of me and picked up the biscuits teasing me. "wouldn't you like one of these. " She bit into it and chewed it and teased me more by waving the chocolate under my nose and pressing it against my gag. She finished by eating all the biscuits infornt of me.

She walked off and then came back with a glass of water. "You need a drink" She took my gag out and still teased me. holding the water then taking it away and holding a chocolate biscuit just out of reach.

"Can i please have a biscuit " I asked.

"Beg me for it " she said.

I begged and begged.

"What will you do for this biscuit"

"Anything i said."

"10 minutes tickling"

She waent to my feet and scraped her fingers over my soles, tickling me as i laughed and screamed, hand gagging me from time to time when it got "too loud". she continued for the promissed 10 minutes before stopping. I was a breathless and near tears when she gave me her final little sting. She held the biscuit between her toes and made me eat it from her foot.

After that i was regagged and left tied up on the floor for the next coiple of hours as she got on woth doing her work to MTV sundtrack.
At lunch time she undind the hogtie after several hours like that I was grateful. she made me hopped , still gagged , to the kitchen where she tied me to a kitchen char and pushed me up to the table. she spoon fed me soup and bread before saying I needed to go to the toilet. She untied my legs and got me to walk up stairs and she finally untied all but my hands when we got to the bathroom door. "10 minutes" she said and let me go in alone. I managed to do what I had to with my hands still tied behind me then came back out again.

"I think you need some time sitting down for comfort" she said and led me back to the kitchen. One there she made me sit on the chair again and untied my hands before tying them again behind my back behind the back of the chair. she then wrapped several cils of rope round my upper body pinning me to the chair. she tied my ankles and knees to the front legs of the chair. the chair was so high my feet did not quite reach the ground and my soles had about 2-3 inches of air between them and the floor. Next she took another 2 socks, one ankle one knee sock. She balled up the ankle sock and forced it into my mouth then she tied the knee sock between my teeth knotting behind my head. finally She took a scarf and tied it over my eyes so i was blind foded and in total darkness. She said she wanted to check her knots were tight enough and did this by tickiling the soles of my bare feet and making sure I didn't wriggle free. After tickling me (5 minutes that seemed like 5 hours) that she left me. Left me blindfolded, gagged and tied to a kitnchen chair. As she was bare foot I could barely hear her foot steps so had no idea if she was still in the room with me or not. I occasioanlly heard doors open or the Tv go on and once I heard her go up and come back down the stairs. most of the time she could have been sat next to me or out of the house and I wouldn't know a thing.
It was several hours I spent tied to the chair. Not knowing when Rachel returned or not I would occasionally get a surprise when her hand ran over my stomach or even under my foot. She would then spend several endless minutes tickling me before once again leaving me bound, blindfolded and gagged. Bettween her attacks I would try to struggle free but never made progress against my restraints. In between times I'd sit still. These periods of rest were boaring but at the same time I felt ecxited at what was happening to me. I was the barefooted, bound, blindfolded ang gagged prisoner of this beautiful girl and was likely to remain so for the next 24 hours too.

I heard Rachel take a couple of phone calls. One was clearly from mum, Rachel told her I was out playing, the other call was fom on of her friends who she was arranging to meet later this evening. That was Dannii, one of the other girls whose feet I'd tried to tickle at a previous baby sitting.

Rachel came back to me after her telephone call. Despite being still tied gagged and blinfolded I knew she was coming this time as I heard her bare feet slap on the kitchen floor. I really knew she was here shortly as she tickled the soles of both my feet for a few ... wel felt like hurs may have been seconds or minutes. After that she untied me from the char and marched me upstairs still blindfolded and gagged with my hands tied behind me. She udid my hands just outside the bathroom door, said I could remove my blindfold and gag if I wished and as she pushed me in said I had 5 minute to do what was necessary.

I did what was needed and stepped out to find Rachel still in her summer dress and now standing with coils of rope in her hands once more. She tied my hands behind my back again then tied my elbows together before pushing a fresh sock into my mouth and tearing a strip of wide tape from a reel which she then smoothed over my mouth. She marched me down stiars agin (I was still in shorts, shirt and barefoot at this time) and into the loungs. She pushed me to sit on the floor then got on her knees next to me and tied my legs together at ankles, calves, above and below knees and thighs. Each one was wrapped by 5 or 6 turns of rope before being cinched between my legs and tied off. Next was my upper bode which was tied with several turns of rope round my chest and upper arms which was then cinched between my arms and bode before bing tied off. She then took a long piece of rope and folded it in two. she tieg the mid point to the rope round my wrists then tied the rope round my waste and tied it off in front of me. Once again i was well truessed up and gagged but not blindfolded this time.

She switched the TV on and I got my first cue of time as the sports programmes had finished and it was the early eveing game shows and entertainment shows starting. We sat and watched as if watching TV while tied up and gagged or watching with a tied gagged pris0nr at your feet was the most natural thing to do. When the first comercial break came on things changed a little though. Rachel poked me in the side with her bare toes and started teasing me again. "Are your sides ticklish?" "Do you like my bare feet?" She poked me several times and eventlually pushed me over onto my side when she then slid along the sofa and began to press hr bare soles over my face. she had been walking round the house barefoot all day so although her feet didn not smell too badly they were very dirty. Rachel took great delight in smearing her dirty bare feet all over my face and pinching my nose with her toes so that when i was eventually allowed to breathe again I got a nose full of her feet.

This continued for the next couple of ad breaks. i got a rest when the programe was on but as soon as the ads came I was litterally under her feet having a good sniff. During one of the programme breaks (i.e. when I could watch the TV from my low down and now sideways perspective) the door bell rang. Rachel jumped up to answer it and I could immediately hear two female voices. they went tnto the kitchen to get some drinks. A few minutes later Rachel came back into the lounge with Danni. Danni was wearing her work clothes from the department store she worked in. Dark blue skirt, pale blue blouse, jacket to match the skirt, tan tights and low heeled dark blue shoes. She took her jacket off and threw it over the back of a chair and kicked her shoes off before they both sat on the sofa using me as a foot stool.

In contrast to Rachel Danni had been wearing shoes and tights all day, so whereas her feet wer clean they smelled. Even before the next ad break Danni wasted no time in putting her sweaty, smelly, nylon feet over my nose and teasing in much the same way rachel had. they began to team up on me, Rachel pinching my nose with her bare toes and Danni resting her feet on top of Rachels feet so when she eventually took her toes away and allowed me to breathe All I got was the sweaty smell of Danni, and a nose and lung full of it too. Danni took great pleasure in tormenting me and remniding me of the time she tried to sit for me and I spent the evening trying to get her socks off to tickle her feet.

"Do you like my feet?" "Wouldn't you like to tickle these now?" "Go on have a smell." "Are they really stinky?" "How do they smell?" "Who has the smelliest feet of us 2?"

I was in tormented extacy.
Well this kind of torture went on for a while, which of course I loved having got myself tied up basically because of a foot fetish, but Danni decided to up the stakes so to speak. She phoned for Pizza then had a little whisper to Rachel which resulted in them both going out to the kitchen to chat, they came back with evil grins on their faces. They spent a few minutes moving me around so I was sitting on the floor with my legs out infront of me facing the sofa, my feet just short of it. Then Danni put a kitchen chair on the floor so in went over my legs and side on. She then tied several coils of rope around the chair and me so I was tied facing the chair, my head a little higher than the seat. It was at that point I noticed Rachel had left the room

As if on cue the pizzas arrived. Danni jumped up to pay fpr them and returned with the pizzas on plates followed by rachel. Both girls began to tuck in torturing me by waving the pizza slices under my nose and eating their pieces deliberately slowly close to my gagged face whilst making coments about how good it tasted. They tease starved me for about 5 monutes before the killer blow.

"Do you want something to eat?" asked Danni

"mmpphhh" nodding

"Well we need to take your gag out first then. But there is a price to pay for being un gagged." Said Rachel

"I've been on my feet all day and they need some tender loving care that only your mouth can provide." said Danni.

Rachel pulled off the tap and as soon as the sock was out Danni's nylon soles were in my face, her feet resting on the chair. Not as good as a bare foot but it was here and mine so I began to kiss her foot. She pointed her toes and I began to suck on them.

"Hmmm he's doing well. He deserves a reward."

Rachel held up her foot. It was then I noticed she had washed the day's dirt fff them snce I last had to sniff her bare feet. Just as well as clamped between her big and second toes was a slice of pizza. I quickly tucked into it.

"Ooohh got to take that grease off." she said. As we all know pizzas are very greasy food and running down the side and sole of Rachel's foot was the oils and fat which she now wanted me to lick off. I needed no second bidding and began to lick her foot. she was clearly very ticklish as she giggled and withdrew her foot at this.

"You tickled me." she said and reached down under the chair to where my bare feet were and gave them one good long tickle.

"Want another piece?" asked Danni

"Yes please."

"You'd better work for it then." she put her feet back up on the chair and I began to suck her nuloned toes again. I managed to pull the toes of her tights away from her foot with my teeth and sjhaking my head managed to tear a hole in her tights.

"Hey you'll pay for that." she siad. then My tongue went inbetween her sweaty toes and she lay back o the couch in extacy. "first down payment made." she said.

I cntinued to licke between danni's toes until the next slice of Pizza came from Rachel. Then I had to lick the grease off. Danni had gone out of the room as I ate the Pizza and now returned having removed her tights. She placed her now bare feet on the chair next to Rachels and said "If you want more food boy you've got to lick between my toes."

I needed no more ancouragement and spent the next 45 minutes licking both these girl's beautiful bare feet and sucking their toes
It was ujst then the telephone rang. It was mum. Danni had her hand clamped right over my mouth while rachel chatted for a while until the inevitable Mum wanting to talk to me. Rachel brought the phone over and held it to my ear. Her nails she dug her nails gently into the sole of my left foot anfd the meaning was clear - Act normal on the phone.

I had a chat with mum said everything was OK and completely failed to mention that I was tied up and being tortured by my 2 lovely babysitters. when the telephone callw as finished both girls resumed their postitions with their feet in my face and tolde me waht a good boy i'd been. The Pizza was finished so i was given a drink of water then the girls settled down for their TV watching for the evening.

This meant I had to be moved a little and placed face down on the floor, hogtied infront of the girls. They decided to make it a very tight hogtie so instead of tying my hands to my feet they tied my ankles to the ropes wrapped round my elbows and upper chest. My hands were tied to a rope which was tied round the tops of my thighs and cinched between my legs before it too was tied to my elbow ropes. My big toes weretied together with a shoe lace and pulled back before being tied to my ankle bindings then the same thing was done to each of my little toes, pulling them back to my ankle ropes, ensuring i was very tightly tied. my soles were stretched and totally exposed. Then the unkindes trick of all. Danni retrieved her tights and screwed them up into a small ball before pinching my nose. I struggled to hold my breath for a bit but could not hope to keep my mouth closed and as I gasped for breath she stuffed her tights into my mouth followed by several pieces of tape. Finally she took te tape again and taped over my eyes blindfolding me. I was left chewing on danni's sweaty and rather unpleasant discarded tights in total darkness.

I couldn't even wiggle my toes without causing pain in my little toes and when the girls finger nails scraped the soles of my feet I was in agony and extacy together. I could hear the sound from the TV as the girls watched films but I was in total ignorance f whta the films were. In the advert breaks the soles of my feet were tickled and at random times during the film My nose was pinched shut by the toes of a bare foot.

I ddn't know how to feel, excited, frightened, elation at being tieckled and teased by these girls and thei rbare feet. By my Bedtime I was completely ehausted. i was untied and despite my excitement and pleasure i was glad to be untied as i was very stiff. I was carried upstairs by the 2 girls, still gagged and blindfolded and looseley tied hnds behind my back feet together, then i was dumped in the bathroom. My hands were untied and I was told to get ready for bed including removing the tape from my face and washing the stickiness off.

I had to soak the tape on my eyes to get it off comfortably and i blinked in the bright light. It took a minute or two before the blurring had gone and i could see clearly again. on the floor was a pair of my PJs, shorts and a t-shirt style. I changed into them and gingerly opened the door of the bathroom. I could hear the girls talking and it suddenly stopped. Rachel came out of my bedroom and caught hold of me. "

"time for bed little boy" she said.

She took me into my room where Danni was finishing tying some ropes to my bed. I was pinned down and the 2 girls set to work tying my hands to the top of the bed and my ankles to the foot of the bed. I duvet was thrown over the bed and ropes were wrapped round and tied inplace so my feet and head / shoulders were exposed. Danni gave my bare feet a little tickle before Rachel tied a scarf over my eyes tying it behind my neck.

"You get no gag over noight but if you make too much noise we will give you some attention you probably don't want during which you will be gagged so as not to disturb the neighbours."

Afte that they left me. i heard the TV down stairs for some time to come as I experimented with my predicament. rolling my head form side to side did not loosen the blindfold. My hands and feet were tied tghtly to the bed frame and were immovable and the ropes pinning the duvet in place were just as effective at pinning me in place. Lets face it I was going no where.

Much later I heard foot steps on the stairs and heard the gilrs come in. A hand was placed over my mouth and both feet were tickled for a few minutes before I heard the girls retreat to bed and once again I was left tied up, blindfolded and alone.
I must have been exhausted as i slept well. When I awoke being blindfolded and tied to the bed I had no idea what time it was, i didn't even know if it was day or night and sunday mornings are so quiet there was no roar of trafic to give the game away. I don't know how long i layy there, probably about half an hour, maybe 15 min maybe and hour who knows but I then heard sounds coming from mum's bedroom.

I heard my door open and Rachel's voice. "He looks asleep still" next I felt Rachels nails on my bare feet and burst out laughing. "wakey wakey sleepy head."

I was kept tied to the bed for about another half hour whilst the girls made coffee and got themselves dressed then wasuntied and sent back to the bathroom. I was told to put clean underwear on with jeans and t-shirt and nothing else. After i had washed and dressed i came gingerly downstairs. i was enjoying myself more than ever befroe but was still a little nervous about being tied up by these girls. When I entered the kitchen I nearly collapsed, my jaw hit the floor at least. Rachel was in a tight white t-shirt and denim shorts, Danni was in Very short denim Skirt with Bright Red Vest top. Both were bare legged nand bare foot.

"Sit down" Rachel siad" i obeyed and was allowed to eat normal breakfast cerial and have a drink. On completion both girls looked at me.

"Hmmm problem"

"Yes mum's coming home today"

"Hmmm cant leave rope marks on him"

"No only way is......"

Danni produced the roll of tape agsin and Rachel grabbed my arms pinning them behind my back. Danni wrapped the tape round my wrists holding them palm to palm then wrapped the tape round my arms at elbow height and then round my boddy pinning my arms together and behind me. She tossed to roll to Rachel Who taedmy ankles together under the ends of my jeans then taped over my jeans above and below the knees. From no where Danni produced a clean white sock which she shoved into my mouth and Rachel taped over my mouth.

I was then picked up and carried out to the lounge in Danni's arms then dumped onto the sofa. The girls went into the kitchen leaving me struggling on the cushions.

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Remember this story.
Getting to eat pizza from between her toes was so cool.

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AuntMary wrote:
1 year ago
Remember this story.
Getting to eat pizza from between her toes was so cool.
Foot licking and other humiliation with feet always excite me.

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My god this is awesome

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Evil babysitters.
Great story.

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Is she out there, she who ties you up and then you stay tied up?

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Truly wonderful story! I wish I had had babysitters like them. :D
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