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Kidnapped Traveler (M/M)

Post stories from past authors here. Remember to give credit where credit is due!
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Kidnapped Traveler (M/M)

Post by Spencopt » 9 months ago

As requested by @Toras. Original author unknown.

A few years ago, when I was 28, I went traveling around Asia. I took a few months off work and went alone. I am quite an independent guy and I also make friends easily, so was not worried I would be lonely. It was my last chance of freedom before I got married. Anyway, I was in Northern Thailand when it happened. I arranged with a few guys from my hostel to go out for the night to some pick up bars. They were leaving in the morning so it was a last night fuck. It’s so easy to pick up some hot bar girl here, paid of course, but who cares.

In my room I got ready to hit the town. Now I am quite a good looker, well definitely back then. I am 6 foot, slim and smooth, I was a gym addict then, and had a good chest, and a six pack. I like to dress to impress, show off what I got, I pulled on my tight grey T shirt, and then looked for my underwear. Realizing I had run out of clean pairs I tried on my old faded Levis with nothing on under them. And looked in the mirror. Wow, That would not work; you could see the outline of my thick 9inch cock down the inner thigh of the thin material. Shit. I like to show off, but that was obscene. I pulled them off and looked for something else to wear under them. Nothing. Then I had an idea. I had bought a pair of those shiny nylon Muay Thai boxing shorts for my kid brother. I got them out the slid them on. They were way too tight for me. My brother is a skinny guy. But they would have to do. Then I pulled up my Levis over the shiny white shorts and fastened the thick black long leather belt. The end swayed down over my budging package, the waistband of the shorts was sticking out over my jeans, but it was OK as it was hidden when I pulled down the T shirt. I eyed myself in the mirror. Looking good. My ass looked hot in the faded pale Levis, the frayed pocked sitting high on my pert ass, the denim running slightly up the crack of my ass. Shit I was putting on a bit of weight, soon there jeans would not fit. I tucked in my T shirt, noticing how good my upper body looked. Put on my watch and leather jacket, then left to meet the guys downstairs.

6 hours later we were in a bar, we were really pissed. My 2 mates had picked up some girls and gone back the hostel. My girl, who had me hard all night, groping my ass in the tight jeans, had disappeared. Probable gone home with some guy with a bigger wallet. It was 5am and I was so drunk and tired, so decided to call it quits and went outside for a taxi. In Thailand they use tuck tucks and converted pickup trucks as taxis. I decided to get one of the trucks as they were a lot cheaper. The driver up in his separate cab, the back has a roof and narrow window running the length. And 2 narrow benches against the side walls for the passengers. The back is open for people to get in and out, and you press a buzzer in the roof when you want it to stop. I walked up to one of many; it would turn out to be the wrong one, and told the driver my hotel. I got in the back, stumbling as I was so drunk. There was already a passenger in the back, but that’s nothing unusual, they often pick up and drop off passengers on rout. He was sitting opposite me and smiled and nodded. He was short, fat and had a dirty T shirt and tight shiny black nylon tracksuit pants. We started up. As we drove my head keeps nodding down and eventually I was unable to stay awake and slumped against the wall, my long legs spread wide to keep me upright.

When I woke up I was disorientated. I realized I was face down on the dirty metal floor of the truck. I was confused and tried to get up. Then I realized the fat guy was sitting on my back, his weight preventing me from getting up. “Hey what the ......” I muttered, sobering up. I could feel his hands going through the tight pockets of my ripped faded Levis, pulling out my wallet, mobile phone, I saw me trainers had been take off and were on one of the benches with my watch and leather jacket! I was being robbed! “Fuck get off me”...I struggled, and then I realized with horror that my wrists were tied tight behind my ass.

With a mixture of rage and fear I struggled frantically and, as the truck rounded a tight bend, managed to knock him off balance and I tried to get to my feet, rising my denim clad faded ass in the air, head still on the dirty metal, suddenly the guy kneed me in the balls between my thighs. ARRRR I fell back to the floor. The pain so bad I thought I would throw up. Then as my breath returned the guy sat back on top of my back. “Arrh get the fuck of me you help helmuph!” The guy clamped his sweaty dirty hand tight over my mouth. The truck driver hit the brakes and opened the back window to his cab, leaning in to see what was going on. The two guys yelled at each other and I keep muphing under the sweaty hand, until he started punching me in the ribs in frenzy. Then the driver yelled at him some more and he stopped. I was crying and shaking and watched as the driver threw him a dirty oily rag. Then I was cleave gagged tightly with it. They were talking angrily at each other and I was so scared I was nearly pissing my pants. I must have been making more noise and the guy hand gagged my over the tight foul tasting gag.

Then the driver shut his window and the truck started up again, really fast, the guy took off my socks and tied one over my cleave gagged mouth and the other over my eyes. With a few hard kicks he managed to get me under one of the benches and there I stayed, horror thoughts going through my mind and frantically trying to loosen my tied wrists, feeling the rough rope cutting my skin. Then he covered me with a thick sack like blanket to hide me. We drove for ages, I tried to rub off my gag, but no use, however, the blindfold fell off, but it was useless inter the dark smelly blanket. Then the truck was going up a steep slope. I grunted in my gag as my head hit the hard metal floor as we went through potholes. Eventually the truck stopped the driver cut the engine.

I heard the driver door shut then hushed hurried conversation. The sack was pulled off me and I was dragged out and fell on to the ground on my knees. I looked frantically about, but could not see any signs of other people, no lights; we were up on the side of a forested mountain. I was grabbed and forced to my feet and quickly pushed towards a small workman’s hut in the trees. I tried yelling, but the gag silenced my cries for help, and the guy again hand gagged me to make sure no one would hear me. The driver unlocked the wooden door. Inside he turned on a light switch and a dim single naked lamp bulb came on hanging from a beam in the tin roof. The floor was just dirt; there were 2 plastic chairs and a rusty metal table. In the corner was a raised bamboo platform with a thin dirty mattress on top. I was shoved onto that face down; the mattress was damp and smelled of mold. I kicked my legs about but the fat guy managed to tie them together at the ankles with more rope that was hanging looped on a nail on the wall. Then he tied my legs, just above my knees. He added extra rope around my sore wrists. Now in fear of my life I lost it. I yelling into the gag, trashing about my trussed up body, the fat guy got mad and let out a rein of heavy blown to my gut. I was badly winded. The other guy pulled him off.

Then the two guys had a huge argument, yelling at each other and pushing. Eventually the fat guy gives the driver my wallet, cards, trainers, watch, everything. He leaves and the fat guy locks the door form the inside and sits down on one of the plastic chairs. I listen and hear the truck drive off. Now my mind is going over everything. Why the hell have I been kidnapped? I think that they only intended to rob me. When I woke up and went crazy they freaked out. And things got out of hand. I could tell the driver was angry with the fat guy.

I kept trying the bonds, but they were so tight and painful. I watched as the fat guy took off his T shirt and wiped the sweat off his face and body with it. His belly handing down over the waistband of his shiny black trackies. He sat with his back slightly to me. Looking at me every now and then as he drank from a bottle of whisky. I could see the crack of his fat ass sticking out of his trackies. Something about him made me feel sick. I just lay there watching, totally exhausted. The gag making my jaw ache. Then he suddenly got up. My heart races. He went over to the corner of the room and pulled down the front of his trackies and let out a stream of piss onto the dirt floor. The smell filled the hut. I looked away. I heard him fart and belch. Then suddenly he was sitting beside me on the mattress.

He started checking my ropes. When he was checking the ones around my wrists, one of his hands rested on my Levis ass. His fingers on the inside of my butt cheek. I thought I felt a slight squeeze but put the thought to the back of my mind quickly. Then with horror I feel his hand slid down my ass and push slightly over my Levis where my ass hole was. I try to wiggle away. He pulls my T shirt up to my shoulder blades... then he strokes my smooth pale skin over my back. I feel my heart sink, then he starts to rub my Levis ass up and down, I feel the denim sliding over the shiny material of my boxing shorts. I breathe faster and faster as he turns me on to my side and stokes over my six pack and then his rough fingers on my nipples.

That was too much. My strength returns and I struggle frantically in the ropes. I manage to push him off the bed with my bound knees. He is mad again. He grabs the whisky bottle and throws it at me, luckily missing, it smashes on the floor. I watch with horror as he pulls out a huge knife from a shirt hanging on the wall and kneels over my bound gagged body.

I am on my back now, shaking my gagged head, yelling and moaning in the gag. He clamps his hand over my gagged mouth and holds my head still. Holding the knife to my trout. Tears falling as I begin sobbing into the gag. He then used the knife to cut off my T shirt, throwing the shreds of material to the floor. Holding the knife to my throat his other hand strokes over my chest, upper body, then down to the waistband of the shorts. He gropes my Levis dirty faded package. I whimper in the gag. Then he turns me over onto my stomach and climbs on top of me. He throws the knife to the dirt floor and lays flat on top of my bound helpless body. Then I feel him start humping my ass, his shiny silky trackies sliding up and down over my tight faded ripped Levis ass, I feel his boner pushing up and down my Levis ass crack. He is drooling down onto my face. I feel so sick and helpless. Thought this kind of shit only happened to women. Then he got to his knees and pulled down his trackies and underpants to his knees, then again started humping my Levis clad ass, his pre cum oozing cock rubbing up and down my sweaty Levis ass crack. Then he got off me suddenly grabbed by bound ankles and forced my legs over the side of the platform. I am now kneeling on the dirt floor, ass in the air, he unties my knees and forces my legs apart, I am shaking my head and pleading no under my gag, as he reaches around and unfastened my belt and the buttons of my jeans. He pulls my Levis down to my knees. He is laughing and starts to stroke the shiny white silky nylon of my shorts. I hear him spitting onto his hand, then feel one hand reach up the leg of my shorts and start fingering my ass hole.

Murphhhh. I struggle, but he held me down between his fat thighs and spanks the shiny white material of my shorts ass every time I struggle , so humiliating. Then I feel him sliding his cock up the shorts leg and start forcing it up my straight virgin man ass hole.

I again yell into the gag and struggle, but he reaches down and grabs the knife. Again holding it to my neck, he forces his cock up my hole. The pain is terrible and I scream into the tight gag, so he smothers my gagged mouth with his hand again and pushes harder into me. The fucks my ass for what seems like hours. I am sobbing and crying into the gag. I feel his balls slapping between my thighs, the kidnappers cock seeming to get deeper and deeper into me. My shiny nylon shorts sliding over my butt cheeks as he humps me......then I realize something strange. Despite the pain and horror, my own cock is semi hard in the fort of my shorts. As he humps me, he forces my dick to push and hump the side of the hard mattress.

Then suddenly he groans and I feel his cock pulsing deep inside me. He pulls out fast and again pain floods my bound body. His hand goes from my gagged mouth and he starts to grope my shiny white nylon ass, I feel his warm thick cum dribbling down my inner thighs and the slimy cum under my wet shiny tight shorts. He gets to his feel and pulls up his pants. Then my jeans too. He drags me back onto the bed and even buttons up my Levis and fastens my belt over my semi hard cock. He downs the last of the whisky left in his glass and gets on the bed next to me, laying down, trapping me against the wall. Then I hear him snoring.

I lay there. Mind reeling. I must get away. I again try my wrists and wiggle about slowly so not to wake my kidnapper. As I struggle I lay on my stomach, as I squirm I can feel the sticky cum in my shorts and ass, the room is so hot, I am sweating so much, the air smells of cum, whisky sweat and piss. In my struggles I realize I have been grinding my Levis crotch into the firm mattress. Remembering my hard on I slowly start to hump the bed. Somehow the feeling of being so tightly trussed up, and gagged, in my skin tight cum soaked sweaty Levis, shiny shorts, running up and down my raped ass crack. I just need to cum once and then I can concentrate on escape I tell myself. I get faster and hear myself groaning under the gag. That seems to make my cock even harder. I can feel my own pre cum making my shorts wet and getting my Levis crotch a big damp patch. My noise awakens my kidnapper.

I stop. I look into his eyes above my tight gag. Stop humping, hope he has not noticed. He rolls me onto my side facing him. He look down at my crotch and then up at me. Grinning, yellow stained teeth. Fowl breath, I look down at my own crotch, to see a huge wet patch in the dirty faded material of my Levis. Also a huge bulge in them. Suddenly I feel his hand on the front of my package and he squeezes firmly. I try to pull away but feel my ass pressing on the rough breeze block wall. Trapped. He keeps rubbing my crotch. I shake my head and plead no no please under my gag then suddenly I shoot my hot cum over and over again into my pants. I am groaning loudly and his hand over my gagged mouth again as he keeps rubbing my trapped swollen cock. I cum again... muphhhh. Tears running down my face. Then it’s over.

I am so exhausted I drift off to sleep. Gagged and bound tight, helpless. Sleeping in my cum filled tight faded Levis.

I wake to the sound of cockerels in the distance. At first I panic because I can’t move, I am confused. Then I remember the horror of the situation. I wiggle and feel my cum socked shorts sticking to my smooth ass under the dirty tight Levis. I am so thirsty and really need a piss. I lay there until my kidnapper wakes up. He looks at me, gets up and strips off. Then gets some water from a plastic container and washes himself down with it. Then dressed in his shiny tight trackies and takes another piss on the earth floor in the corner. I murph softly and wiggle about. Looking at my own crotch. He realized what I wanted and drags me, hopping over to the comer. Not even untie me. I thought if he untied my ankles I could make a run for it. Bastard. He unfastens my belt and buttons. Pulling my Levis down just under my buttocks. Then his hand up my shorts leg, pulling my thick, cummy dick out, he hold on to it. Waits. I have to piss with this perv holding my dick. Fuck. He grins at me again. I start to piss, then in the middle of my full flow he shoves my cock back into my shorts. I have to piss my shorts, feeling the hot urine down my legs, soaking in to my Levis. A groan with disgust into my gag. Again humiliated. He fastens my jeans back up and pushed me down onto the mattress. Reties my legs above the knees, despite my muffles pleas. I lay there in my piss soaked Levis. He sits beside me and unfastened my gag.

Sitting me up, back against the wall, bound legs up, he takes out my gag, but before I can get a word out he hand gags me tight. He holds a plastic bottle of water to my face and removes his hand. I drink the lot, so thirsty. Then i start to try to plead with him, “please let me muprrrhhh”, he re gags me with the dirty rag and sock. Then smiling his evil grin he gets a roll of thick black shiny duct tape form a bag and tapes it around my head several times. Muphhh. He pulls my bond ankles so I am laying face up on the bed. He gets on top of me and starts squeezing my nipples. “Please not again please no”, I muprh in my gag.

He hooks the waistband of his trackies under his hairy balls and wipes his slimy cock head over my gagged mouth. Then he gets the knife and turns me onto my stomach, I feel him cutting a hole in the ass of my Levis. Then my tight shiny boxer shorts. Then feel his cock sliding in, through the holes, pushing at my ass hole. I wiggle and murph.

Then we both hear the truck returning. He quickly jumps up. Putting his cock away. Turns me onto my back. Relief in my heart. He sits down on the plastic char and light up a fag. Then there is a knock at the door. He opens it and the driver comes in. Looking at me. I must have looked awful, bruised from the beatings, gagged with the tape, pissed jeans, shirtless. He looks sorry for me. They start to take and get into another argument. The fat guy goes out, slamming the door. The driver stands looking at my bound and gagged bruised body. Now I find out he can speak some English. “you ok?” He asks. I murph and shake my head. “he hurt you?” I nod mpush yes. he looks unsure what to do. I wipe my gagged face on the mattress to try to get him to take off my gag. If I can tell him what this pervert did to me then he is sure to let me go. He sits down beside me and starts to unwind the tape.

It’s too sticky and he has put so much on it is taking him ages to rip it off. Eventually it’s all off, he untied the dirty sock and then he starts to work on the knot on the oily rag. My heart beating, soon I will be free. Suddenly the door opens and the fat guy enters. Looking at the driver. He shouts and yells at him. Muphhhh muphhh!!! The driver stops trying to untie the knot! My heart sinks. I shake my head no no. The both go outside and more taking. Then again the truck drives off. The fat guy returns smiling, locking the door. I start to cry.

During that day and next night I am repeatedly raped and abused. One time when he fell asleep I managed to hop, gagged and tied to the door, but it was locked. He awoke, as I fell to the floor, he took the belt off m Levis and whipped me with it, before fucking me hard. When he left in the daytime on his motor bike, he made sure my bonds and gag were tight. He would blindfold me with tape and tie a slip knot around my neck. If I struggled the knot got tighter and I was afraid of being strangled. So I had to just lay there all day in my painful bondage. The thick rough rope around my neck making my skin red raw. Once I heard a motor bike in the distance ... I morphed for help as loud as I could. But they could not hear me and the sound drifted off into the distance.

I was not allowed to the toilet again and had to piss myself many times. Each time causing my cock to harden. I would have to hump myself off each time, my jeans covered in piss and cum stains. Sticking to my skin. My shiny white shorts now yellow and stained. When he came back each evening he was drunk and would fuck my ass before pulling up my Levis. Leaving me gagged and bound in my tight filthy Levis and shorts.

So what happened to me in the end? Well after 2 nights the driver returned. More discussion and then they removed my gag and forced me to drink from a bottle. It tasted very strange. Thought they were going to poison me. I passed out. When I awoke I was laying on the concrete floor stashed behind some stinking bins in an alley behind the bars. It was the early hours of the morning. They had dressed me in a new shirt and some sandals, but I still had on my filthy tight Levis and shorts. I got another taxi back to the hostel, showered and washed my clothes in the communal bathroom. Then got a my room key form reception and that was it.

I never reported it. To ashamed and no one would believe me. Now when my wife is at work or out for the night I like to put on the shorts, the Levis and belt. Tie myself up tight, gag myself with dirty smelly socks then hump the floor groaning into the gag until I shoot my cum into my shorts and Levis. Thinking about getting raped and how helpless I felt and how horny too.

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This hits on the darkest parts of a fantasy. Wow.
You gag me, I'll gag you. MMMPH! 🤐

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