Carol : 02 - Returning the Favor (F/F)

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Carol : 02 - Returning the Favor (F/F)

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02 - Returning the Favor (F/F)
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By Carol

Friday May 7th 1999 07:47:48

Hello again, I've had a number of requests to post the sequel to my first story, so let's give it a try. You will recall that the events took place while I was at college. I shared a small two room apartment with my friend Sheila and we discovered a mutual interest in bondage.

In my first story, Sheila had gone out for the evening with a couple of friends and I had settled down to a self-bondage session, with my escape controlled by melting ice cubes. Sheila had returned unexectedly and had discovered my secret. In "helping" me to cover up, she had persuaded her friends that my boyfriend had tied me up while he went out for pizza or whatever and had suggested they re-tie me to a chair in the living room. There I had been tied for some hours until Sheila returned and eventually freed me. She said I owed her a session sometime.

Well, my chance came about three or four weeks later. It was one of those drizzly Sundays we get occasionally, when it doesn't really stop raining all day. Sheila and I had been to a party the previous night. It was my turn to drive, so I'd stuck to the Coke all night while she had been free to hang one one. I awoke quite early on the Sunday morning and Sheila was still sound asleep - "sound" being the operative word - I think it was her deep snores that woke me!

Anyway, I looked over to her bed and she was sleeping on her tummy and both arms were free by her sides. Here's my chance, I thought. So I crept across and very gently lifted her hands behind her back, crossed them and very carefully looped a rope around them. She stirred as I pulled the rope tight and knotted it but by then it was too late! She woke and said "Hey, what are you doing?". "I owe you one, you said," I replied. She put up a token struggle but eventually gave in when I gagged her with her panties and a scarf.

I tied her legs and went off to get a shower and put the coffee on. When I came back, I asked her if she was OK with a session and she nodded yes. I rolled her over and replaced the rope round her wrists with plastic cable tie handcuffs in front. I untied her legs and removed her gag and she went off to the bathroom for her morning routine. When she was through, we had breakfast, with her hands still cable tie cuffed.

After breakfast, I took her back to the bedroom and re-tied her hands behind her, side by side and cinched. More rope around her elbows, not quite pulled together, then her ankles and above her knees, again cinched. I put a ventilated ball gag (home made, a plastic ball with 1 mm holes drilled all around it and a rope through the middle) in her mouth and then rolled her over while I explained the plan for the day.

Our apartment (this is really too grand a term!) had previously been occupied by someone with a fairly long term sports injury and it had a bolt in the ceiling above Sheila's bed that had been used for one of those trapeze frames to help the injured occupant to haul himself up. This, of course, was very strong, right through the ceiling joist. We never used it for full suspension (we couldn't afford the safety cuffs) but we did use it to lift arms or legs off the bed, leaving the full body weight on the bed. Today, I planned to use it in that way!

I told Sheila that I was going to hog-tie her and use the bolt to raise her legs and arms. She protested as best she could but it was again, a token protest. I told her she would be there for quite a while because I planned to finish off my interupted self bondage spreadeagle, with about two hours worth of ice cubes in the release mechanism. She once more struggled but resigned herself to her fate. I lay her on her tummy again and pulled her legs up to her wrists and looped them together, not too tight. A final length of rope through the ceiling bolt was then looped around the hog-tie rope and I hauled her legs and arms up to form a bow shape. I checked that she thought she could cope with the strain and gave her a red ball to hold with a string through the ceiling rope to a small weight. Releasing the ball would let it run up to the ceiling as a signal that she was in trouble with cramps or whatever and needed to be freed.

I let her watch me make the preparation for my spreadeagle (see the earlier story) and when all was ready, I blindfolded her. I put my knife on a string at the bottom of the bed (I could pull it to me and cut myself free in an emergency if the ice wasn't melted yet) and got into my self imposed restraints. My legs were spread to the corners of the bed, about 3'6" apart. I put on a ventilated ball gag like Sheila's and finally slipped my hands through the wrist nooses held by the ice cubes. I couldn't use a blindfold because I needed to be able to watch for Sheila's safety ball. I tugged on the wrist ropes to tighten them and check that they were held by the ice; they were. I lay back to wait for the ice to melt, struggling against the wrist and ankle ropes from time to time, to no effect of course, but just for the fun of it.

We were both dressed in just our panties, it was a warm day despite the rain. It was nearly three hours before the ice finally melted enough to release one of my wrists. I untied myself and gently lowered Sheila to the bed. I released her hogtie and removed her gag and gave her a drink but didn't free her further. About 30 minutes later, I replaced Sheila's ropes with simple handcuffs and we both relaxed for an hour or so.

I made us both some late lunch, which Sheila ate in the cuffs. Then I got her dressed and recuffed her hands behind her. I put her rain cape over her shoulders and took her down to the local supermarket for provisions. I don't think anyone noticed that she was in handcuffs - if they did, they didn't say anything. For the journey too and from the store, she was, of course, gagged and I tied her legs. When we got home, we decided to call it a day and got ready for an evening out at the students' union bar with friends.

Sheila later said she'd had a great day and we must do it again sometime but actually, we never did. We still see each other occasionally but neither of us has shared our experiences - until now - and yes, I did ask if it was OK to post the story and she agreed.

Hope you enjoyed it. I've only one other story worth telling but I'm not sure if this is the right venue. It wasn't a college story but one from senior high school, when we were about 17 or 18. It's a story about a bet a group of girls made on the result of the school soccer final - I lost! If I get time to write it up, I'll maybe post it and Canuck can delete it if not appropriate for this forum.

Keep having fun - but play safe!

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