Activities with Aunt Jemma by putasockinit2 (F/m)

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Activities with Aunt Jemma by putasockinit2 (F/m)

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A story off the old site by putasockinit2

emma wasn’t blood related to me, she still felt a lot closer to me especially than just a family friend. Her closeness with the family had enabled her to gain the adopted title from my parents from when I was little. As I grew up I ended up spending rather a lot of time with her.

Jemma was a beautiful woman 15 years my senior. She had long black hair that was usually tied behind her head in a neat ponytail. She was of a fairly pale complexion with natural curves that I found hard to take my eyes off and she knew it. I think that’s why she liked my company so much. I would regularly go round in order to help her with jobs she needed doing such as clearing up garden waste, putting up shelves etc.

Once she became aware of my feelings towards her she encouraged a level of flirting but of course I tried to remain respectful as I wasn’t totally convinced by her flirtations. After all she was 15 years older than me, at the time of this story that would make her 35 to my 20.

I had always had an incline that she was interested in bondage and the related activities that go with it. My suspicions were confirmed soon enough.

I arrived at her house as requested as she had asked my mum whether she could borrow me for the evening as she needed the trees and shrubs in her garden clipped back. I didn’t mind particularly as she usually paid me quite well. I knocked on the door and she answered soon enough.

"Hey, nice to see you...thank you for coming round, I was just thinking as its autumn..."

"It’s okay, gives me something to do." I smiled as she let me in and we walked out to the garden. She explained the shrubs she wanted clipped and the way she'd like it done, she was usually quite particular about her garden. I acknowledged her instructions as I turned around to get the hedge trimmer.

It was just as I turned my back on her that the plan obviously changed. I felt her hand wrap over my mouth as she pulled me close to her. I wasn’t sure exactly how to react. It didn’t feel right to fight her off like my life depended on it, however it felt a bit weak to just cave in.

"Shh, I’ve changed my mind, no gardening for you today." She whispered into my ear, teasing me before she produced a rag from her pocket and forced it over my mouth and nose in a calculated move. It was clear she had done her planning as the chemical the rag was soaked in barely gave me a chance to fight it. Everything began to go blurry quickly before I felt myself helped to the floor slowly and softly. Eventually everything went black.


I awoke in a similar blurry fashion to how I passed out, my vision slowly improving as I began to take in my surroundings. I was located in a dimly lit, concrete floored room which I recognised as Jemma's basement. I looked down and was a little embarrassed at what I saw. I was stripped to my boxers and tied tightly to a chair in the centre of the room. My wrists and elbows were tied behind the chair, whilst two ropes around my chest secured me to the chair. My legs were spread and my ankles tied to the front chair legs. A rope also ran over my thighs, securing my bottom half in place to the chair. To add to the embarrassing predicament, I tried to speak and found it was muffled. Something was stuffed in my mouth with several strips of duct tape over the top, sealing whatever it was in.

All of a sudden the door opened and Jemma walked slowly down the creaky wooden steps. I instinctively struggled against my bonds, a little alarmed to find I was beginning to feel a little aroused downstairs. She walked across the basement towards me and smiled.

"Nice to see you finally awake, I’m sorry to kidnap you like this but I will make sure you are fully repaid. You see I really like bondage and the opportunity to use you for it, something I can tell has intrigued you, was too big not to take. I’m sure you will enjoy yourself." She smiled as she glanced down. "Although having said that, it looks like you may already be a little excited about your predicament." I groaned beneath my gag feeling embarrassed, aroused and confused all rolled into one.

She began running her finger nail lightly over and around my penis as it began to bulge and harden. I was becoming so aroused so quickly I decided to take a chance and just accept my predicament. She smiled, seeing me relax as I soon enough couldn’t help but feel my loins begin to beat like a heart.

She stroked a few more times before she stopped and pulled away, teasing me. "Not just yet" she giggled as I looked up at her. My member was fully erect, close to Cumming but denied.

She was wearing the same clothes she had on earlier, her office clothes consisting of a green blouse, short black skirt, shiny pantyhose and a pair of black high heels.

Her toying with me was interrupted when my own phone rang which she playfully pulled from her bra, dangling it playfully in front of me as I looked back helpless.

"Oh hello, no sorry he's a little tied up at the moment." She paused and looked at me enjoying the truth in that phrase. "Yeah so busy but he is doing such a good job with my garden. He thought you would call so he asked me to tell you that as he is unlikely to finish tonight he's willing to stay over and finish in the morning. He should be back around lunchtime tomorrow, maybe a bit later. Yes that’s fine, okay goodbye." She smiled hanging up the phone. So it looks like you are mine for the foreseeable future, all mine to play with." She grinned excitedly as I moaned in protest. I now knew how helpless I was.

She switched my phone off and placed it in a wardrobe to my left along the wall as she locked it once she had placed it inside. She then strolled back over to me as I tested my bonds again instinctively. I found myself as confused as you would probably expect in this situation as she strolled behind me and leaned over my sat down body in the chair. I could smell her perfume, it was something about this intimacy and being out of control that couldn’t stop arousing me. The fragrance she was wearing lingered a little after she had hugged me from behind, stroking her fingers up and down my chest.

"Well, I should probably cook some tea....but first" she smiled playfully as she paused her sentence letting her hands do the talking as she walked around to in front of me, pulled down my boxers and exposed my fully erect penis. She began to thrust with her hand repeatedly as she worked me up to climax. I tried to hold it back however the pressure inside me was building. Eventually I couldn’t keep up the resistance as I felt what started as a few drips before I exploded and cummed in her direction. I was panting by the time I was finished.

She began to toy with me as I panted exhausted through the climax. She began to lick and suck on my penis, almost cleaning it off as she did a very thorough job. I ended up Cumming for a second time into her mouth as she took pleasure in cleaning me up afterwards. Once I had had my two climaxes she smiled teasingly. "Well have fun down here...I might be back later." She smiled with a look that meant to expect her. She planted a firm kiss on my gagged mouth before she switched off the light and walked back up the steps. I heard the door lock before her footsteps receded. Here I was trapped down here in the dark, tied and gagged to a chair, exposed and exhausted due to recently Cumming.


After what felt like over an hour I heard the door unlock, interrupting my daydream as I took myself off to another place. She switched her light back on and strolled down the stairs with a bowl in her hands.

"Hey hun how are you doing down here? I thought you might be hungry so you will be relieved to know I have brought food." She smiled before she looked at me again with those teasing eyes. "Of course there will be a little cost for me having to feed you but you will find that out later." She smirked as she began to ungag me.

At this point I was just a little relieved to have some food and some much needed nourishment. Once the tape was removed I spat out the contents that were in my mouth. I couldn’t make out what it was on the floor however it looked like a clean pair of rolled up socks. Part of me thought I would be untied to eat however I wasn’t surprised when Jemma picked up the first chip in the bowl full of them, dunked it in the sauce and gestured it toward my mouth.

I opened and accepted, feeling humiliated and completely under the control of her as she made sure to feed me with her fingers one chip after the other, enjoying the sensation of having me eat from her hands. The bowl full of them went down quick and well, they were tasty and I could tell they weren’t of the budget variety. As I munched on the last chip of the bowl and drank from the glass of water provided my mind turned to the cost she had mentioned.

"What was this cost you were on about?" I whispered.

"Well, funny you should ask.." she smirked placing the bowl down as she slid down her skirt, pantyhose and panties. Her blouse was unbuttoned and placed on the floor as she stood naked in front of me. "First I am going to ride that cock of yours, then I’m going to gag you." She giggled as she adjusted herself before she began to rub my penis, getting it erect just as she seemed to know how. It didn’t take long before I felt myself become aroused again. I was beginning to adjust to just letting her have her way as I was in no position to complain.

The next thing I felt was her clamber on top of me and insert my penis slowly inside her. She began to move up and down on it as we both began to moan and groan. We made passionate love for a number of minutes before I eventually climaxed inside of her. It wasn’t long before she did the same, climaxing over me before she removed herself and smiled playfully whilst panting.

"That cock of yours is such a good ride." She grinned as she began licking all the cum from my lap. I just sat and watched her do it, too exhausted to do much else.

"Now we had better gag you again hadn’t we" she smiled as she pulled up her maroon worn panties from the floor, dangling them in front of me before she began folding them up. I barely had time to open my mouth before they were inserted and padded out so they filled my entire mouth. They were sizeable panties.

Before I could even think about the displeasure, Jemma began wrapping black vet wrap around my mouth followed by a few layers of duct tape to seal them in and muffle any potential sound to great effect.

I mpphed a few times instinctively as she smiled and picked up her clothes. She began to tease me as she got changed in front of me, putting on her old outfit apart from the panties she was wearing. I was still panting from the last orgasm as she adjusted herself and looked back at me.

"Well, I guess I should leave you to it down here...although I do have a little present for you." She grinned playfully as I could feel yet another round of torment was upon me. She re-tightened any loosening ropes first of all, keeping me in my position before she produced a pair of scissors, cutting and removing what was left of my boxers. I was now fully naked as she grinned and leaned over me, whispering in my ear. "Much better".

She used her hand to thrust my penis firmly a few more times before she wandered back up the steps, turned the light off and locked the door once again.

I was totally disillusioned, I had no idea what the time was, whether I was still on the same day or how much time I had left. I looked down at myself in the dark and wondered just what more was planned for me.

I began to get tired and with no sign of her coming back I soon enough drifted off to sleep.


I had no idea how long I had been asleep when the door unlocked at the top of the stairs once again however I could sense it was quite late. I listened for the usual footsteps however I was a little surprised and anxious when I noticed it wasn’t Jemma who was walking down the stairs. It was a younger woman I did not recognise to begin with.

She finally noticed me once she reached the penultimate steps s she gasped.

"Oh my gosh, what has she been doing to you?"

She wandered over to me quickly, I didn’t know what to say as she looked me up and down. For a moment I thought this situation was over until I saw a playful grin grow across her face.

"Well two play things are always better than one, come on upstairs." She smiled as she began untying many of my bonds. After a few moments I was finally able to stand with her help. It felt nice to get a change of position as she looked me up and down in much more detail. Only my wrists and elbows remained tied as she retied my ankles together tightly. She then attached a leather collar around my neck with a lead attached.

"Come on, let’s take you upstairs." She teased, yanking on the lead as I had no choice but to hop in the direction she wanted me too. Each time I hopped my semi-hard penis would slap my body, making me feel even more humiliated. She was in front of me as she helped me up each step individually, I felt exhausted by the time I reached the top of them.

After a quick breather she continued to usher me through the door and in the direction of the living room. I could tell from a nearby window it was the dead of night as I wondered just what was going on.


I was exhausted by the time I reached the lounge where the blinds were shut and the light was switched on when I entered. The sight that greeted me, perched on the edge of the sofa shocked and concerned me.

Jemma sat helpless as she tried to mpph something however something large and white was stuffed in her mouth with clear tape covering it to ensure her words were undistinguishable.

She was completely naked and had her wrists and elbows tied behind her with white rope. Two longer lengths of white rope were secured above and below her boobs, pinning her arms to her back. A tight looking crotch rope was slotted between her legs and around her waist with a shorter rope connected to the rope around her thighs, keeping her in a fairly upright position. Her lower knees and ankles were her other two bonds tied with equal effectiveness as I was made to hop over and sit next to her. The woman pulled up a chair and sat opposite us, watching us struggle instinctively for a little bit. She smiled in a playful, teasing manner letting me know before she explained that my torment wasn’t over just yet.

"Well I guess you are wondering why I have Jemma all tied up and gagged like yourself? You see me and her are regular tie up partners with Jemma almost always being the sub. I was a little surprised to see she had captured someone herself. I'm Jess by the way." The woman smiled. She had long blonde hair that hung loosely down to her shoulders and had a physically fit and attractive body. She wore a black neck jumper and leggings with black knee high boots which seemed to hug and show off her glorious figure.

"I must say you two make quite the couple all tied up and gagged together, however I’m afraid your torment isn’t over yet. I will be your domme now thus incapable of fulfilling that role." She smiled teasingly over at Jemma especially who sat still and mpphed in defeat.

"I’m aware you have to go at around lunchtime, meaning we still have a fair few hours yet." She smiled as she leaned forward and stroked my thighs provocatively. "I’m going to enjoy owning you two. Do you submit?" She looked up at me with a look that made me feel compelled to nod my head.

"Excellent, well let the games begin." She smiled excitedly. She left her seat and returned with a pile of ropes as I could already tell what was going to happen next.

...I was taken to the bathroom first for a bathroom break to relieve myself. She stood outside the door after untying my ankles and waited until I returned having finished. She had to pull the flush as I wasn't able to reach it with my wrists behind me. I was then marched back to the lounge where I was made to kneel on the floor. She pulled out her bag of ropes and began her work.

It started with a tight effective bond around my elbows followed by two lengths of rope around my chest, pinning my arms to my back effectively. I was a little surprised with what came next as she took the next rope and secured it around my waist, placing two strands of it either side of my package, making them bulge a little as she cinched it off. I had gotten used to it by now but my member was already beginning to harden, getting aroused by the situation I was in.

Once this rope was tied I was helped down onto the floor on my stomach as she secured a rope around my ankles securely. A rope around my thighs followed before she forced my legs up strictly behind me and used a final rope to place me in a strict feeling hogtie. I felt so exposed and humiliated as she rolled me on my side and ran her hand up and down my cock a few times, teasing and tormenting me. I could barely move.

I was facing Jemma as she watched my predicament however I also had to watch as she turned her attention to her. She grabbed two ordinary clothes pegs and smiled playfully as she walked over and rubbed each of her nipples, hardening them before she placed the clothes peg over both of them. With each pinch a loud mpph was heard from under her gag. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

Jess then began to pull at Jemma's crotch rope a few times making her moan and squirm from behind her gag. She continued for a minute or two before she turned her attention back to me and did exactly the same to me, taking extra care to incorporate few soft, teasing thrusts of my erect cock into her treatment. She was in her awe.

"Oh I have great plans for you both but I think we should take you down to the basement, then you will be aware of just how under my control you both are." She teased as she untied my hogtie rope, sitting me on the edge of the sofa next to Jemma as she untied the rope linking her crotch rope to her thighs. We could both only look forward and at each other in defeat as she secured a leather collar around Jemma's neck before she secured a length of rope between both of our collars, keeping us together. She then attached two leads to the back of them so she had full control of where we were about to hop. She untied Jemma's thigh rope before we were made to stand.

"Come on, let’s find the basement." Jess smirked, enjoying the sight as we began to hop in the direction out of the lounge as she guided us with the lead. Occasionally we would hop too far apart and the rope between us would let us know that. With each humiliating hop Jemma's boobs would bounce as well as my cock, it was unavoidable.

It took a little quicker than expected as we made it to the flight of steps before we were helped down each step individually, care given to make sure we both didn’t trip. We both felt quite tired by the time we reached the bottom, my old chair still in the centre of the room as she left us at the bottom of the stairs whilst she moved it out of the way. She then returned and took out 3 phones.

"Cheese" she grinned as she took a photo of us attached to each other naked. Bound and humiliated on mine, Jemma's and Jess' phone.

"That’s just for personal use don’t worry. Or maybe I do have a bargaining tool now" she laughed as we both just groaned. She then detached the lead ropes and the rope between our collars as she lead Jemma off first while I remained still. I couldn’t move very far by myself so it was pointless attempting escape. I could only watch as she began to prepare Jemma.

She lay her down on the floor first of all, untying the rope around her knees before she retied it around her thighs. She then pulled her legs back and secured her in a strict hogtie with another length of rope. I was a little surprised at how flexible Jemma was as she was secured into position. Jess gave a playful look at her captive as she pulled her crotch rope back before she inserted something inside her agonizingly slowly. She then resecured the crotch rope however whatever she had just placed inside her clearly wasn’t or hadn’t taken effect yet. The pegs remained attached to her nipples as she slapped her bare ass and returned to me. I was nervous as to my fate.

She led me over to the floor near where Jemma was struggling before she forced me down onto my front. Just like Jemma a rope was secured between my ankle and elbow bonds, bending my legs back as I was placed in a strict hogtie. I then felt the tape around my mouth cut and removed, allowing me to spit out the soggy panties which I had been tasting for a few hours now.

"Shh say nothing, just drink." She ordered as I was about to speak, I knew my place. She held a glass of water to my mouth as I began to take gulps. I quickly finished the glass and was grateful. She then took from her bag a pair of panties.

"You'll be pleased to know I worked out in these, now I think they should fit in your mouth but I must warn you...sometimes I like to wear big panties." I mentally prepared myself before I opened my mouth as she stuffed the balled up item into my mouth, taking the roll of clear tape and securing around my mouth tightly and thoroughly in order to seal them in. I was helped onto my side as she applied the finishing touch, sliding a ring down the shaft of my cock. I had heard about this sort of device before and knew exactly what it did. The thought itself exhausted me.

"Well my little toys I have to run a few errands right now but I’m sure you will be kept suitably entertained." As she finished the sentence she pressed two remotes, suddenly we both began to jolt and moan as the ring around my cock and the vibrating bullet inside of her sprang into life, vibrating away. She placed it on a moderate setting as they both seemed to work up and work down, toying and teasing us with potential orgasms and climaxes. She took more photos and videos on our phones before she spanked each of our asses.

"Enjoy yourselves" she grinned before she took the remotes with her, switched off the lights and wandered back up the steps. Soon enough she had locked the door behind us, trapping us down here as we squirmed and wriggled against our bonds whilst we were stimulated, toyed with and teased sexually with vibrators. A few moments after she had locked the door we both felt our vibrators grow a level or two becoming much more severe. It wasn’t long before I climaxed, spraying cum before she soon followed. There wasn’t much light down there but the little bit which illuminated the room allowed us to watch each other as we heard one of us each time groan and practically scream with the pressure in our loins.

Eventually the speed and power setting was reduced for both of us down to a minimal level which merely stimulated us both before we both began to relax and even drifted off at different intervals for an hour or so.


I had been awake for a little while now after my last sleep and just as my legs were beginning to tire from being pegged back we were both little relieved to hear the door at the top of the stairs unlock and the light switch back on. Jess was back as she wandered down the stairs, we had no idea what time it was. The vibrators had been building us up for a while before she returned but they continued while she stood over us and watched. They weren’t enough to tip us over anymore, they merely kept my cock fully erect whilst keeping Jemma also just as stimulated.

"Well you both certainly seem pleased to see me again, did you enjoy yourselves?" She teased with a smirk. We both looked up and moaned as we adjusted to the light before we looked at each other, we both looked a bit of a mess. The floor around us was still a little damp with our cum before we looked back up at Jess.

"Fortunately for you both you have things to do, people who need you so I can say your torment is almost over...for now." She smiled bending down as she planted a kiss on both of our foreheads.

"I’ve used your phone to text your family, vie managed to bargain an extra few hours seeing as you are running a few errands..." she smiled teasingly, using it to let me know she was still in control. "I do hope you don’t mind."

I nodded cautiously, would this ever end? She then removed the vibrator ring from my cock before she began untying my bonds. She continued in a considerably hurried manner before she helped me stand and stretch, my wrists the only bond left which she kept secure as she playfully reached down and began to thrust my penis. It was as she bent down I first noticed as I tried to mpph to warn her however the constant thrusting meant soon enough I was lost in another orgasm. I sprayed over Jemma on the floor as I was directed to when I burst.

As I was finishing up I watched as Jess was grabbed from behind, a hand clamped over her mouth as she fought it a little to begin with.

"Wow, nice set up you have here Jess, however I’d like to have a catch up with Jemma for a while. My plans have changed, I can take the supreme position myself and thanks to you wanting to involve me I know just what to do with you and your...lover" the woman spoke with a posh sounding accent as she clamped what sounded like handcuffs around Jess' wrists.

I looked down at Jemma on the floor as she looked a little relieved. She looked tired from her ordeal.

The woman released her grip over Jess' mouth. She was unusually quiet to begin with as she had been overpowered.

"What a nice little coincidence both you and this man are of a similar age. Maybe you need to be pushed into getting to know each other." Even though I had been put through a lot already, part of me was a little excited to hear this. Jess was an incredibly attractive woman and I guess I did have the hots for her.

"We aren’t, well not at the...hey, why did you turn on me?" She tried to ask before she was cleave gagged with a white cloth.

"Because I think from what I have seen of these two you have done enough domming for one day, now you are going to follow my orders. Understand?"

To my surprise Jess stopped arguing and seemed to be in full agreement. It was yet another twist in the day which I had just not been expecting.

"Excellent, well the first thing you are going to do when I release your cuffs is to strip naked. I want everything off and quick." The woman smirked as Jess nodded obediently. I was a little taken aback at the immediate change in mentality.

Jess was evidently not body shy as the cuffs were removed. She pulled her neck jumper over her head first, placing it on the floor beside her. Next her bra was unclipped, feeling her boobs release before she bent down, now unzipping and removing her boots. Her leggings followed as they peeled down her legs followed by her panties which the woman took from her.

As we stood next to each other, I couldn’t help looking across at her beautiful naked form. She was even more stunning than I had previously imagined. I didn’t get much opportunity to stare at her as she was handed a bag.

"Now put this on." The woman smiled, enjoying her control of the situation.

Obediently Jess removed the items from the bag. She placed each of the items on starting with the black latex thong. It barely covered her crotch as she connected them to a pair of high heeled, black, latex thigh high boots using a similar fashion garter belt. I liked how there was a gap around her upper thighs from the latex, adding many thoughts to my imagination. What looked like the top half to a catsuit followed as it was a tight fit over her curvaceous body. The latex material stretched from her neck to just above her thong, finishing off her outfit which looked like a sexier take on a traditional catsuit. She looked incredible however my attention turned back to me after her wrists were re-cuffed behind her. A bag had been placed at my feet as my wrists were untied.

"I know you've been through a lot, but put this on." The woman smiled, understanding what I had been through but with plans of her own to fulfil.

I quickly got changed, my outfit seemingly much simpler than Jess'. I put on my tight fitting black latex catsuit first, pulling it tight over areas so it was at least comfortable. I was a little humiliated as I had to wear similar boots to the ones Jess was wearing with the heel, nevertheless I put them on and secured the long laces however these boots finished at my knees and not my thighs. A corset type over coat went around the outside as I pulled it tight and did up the straps. It kept everything tight to me as I flattened the items out getting comfortable before I obediently placed my wrists behind me as the woman requested it. I felt the clunk of metal handcuffs secure me in my state before a collar was attached around Jess' neck and a rope tied between us. Two leads attached to our collars before the woman began to march us upstairs.

We both had no idea where we were going.

We were both marched up the steps to the basement door where we both paused and heard her shut and lock the door behind us, poor Jemma was left all alone down there as we continued to be marched up the stairs and into Jemma's bedroom. From the moment we walked in we had an incline of just what was to happen. The doors to a small walk in wardrobe were open revealing it to be empty. The cupboard itself was no bigger than a metre squared. We both turned to look at each other as much as we could as we paused by the side of her bed. The rope between our collars was finally untied before the woman took me away first.

She opened up a bag full of her supplies and smiled playfully as she fastened two steel singular cuffs around each of my ankles before a spreader bar was fastened in between them once I was helped into the wardrobe in a standing position. They kept my legs effectively separated as she took out a few ropes next. I looked over at Jess who could only watch wondering where her part in this would be.

A rope was tied around my elbows behind me tightly before my wrists were uncuffed and re-tied with rope. Two further ropes were tied around my chest, pinning my arms to my back before another rope tied around one of the chest bonds at the back and linked to my collar, looping around the hanging rail above me as it held me in a fixed position.

With my position fixed she finally removed my gag, seeming impressed when it revealed I had been gagged with panties all this time. I was allowed another drink of water before she revealed a large black ball gag. I opened my mouth obediently, I knew by now resistance was pointless. I felt it fill my mouth before it was strapped securely behind my head. She ran her hand down my body seductively before she turned her attention to Jess who looked a little worried as to her fate.

The woman started off by tying rope around her elbows before uncuffing Jess' wrists and retying them with more rope. Two further ropes were tied above and below her boobs. Jess remained still and obedient, there was something about seeing her like this that was really beginning to turn me on.

After her upper half was tied the woman bent down and tied her ankles together tightly with rope followed by a rope around her thighs. She then had her cleave gag removed.

"I think a little slut like you deserves a taste of her own medicine" the woman smirked, balling up Jess' panties she had just removed to put this outfit on. Jess could only let out a dissatisfied groan as they were stuffed into her obediently open and expectant mouth. Once they were in they were sealed inside by the wrapping of silver duct tape around her mouth and lower head several times. The tape wrapping was tight, neat and effective as her moans were severely muffled.

The woman then smiled playfully as she groped at Jess' bulging boobs a few times, getting a good feel before she helped her into the small wardrobe and positioned her so she was facing me. The small space available in the wardrobe meant it was quite a struggle to fit us both in but meant she was leaning into me. I could feel her warm curvaceous body in contact with parts of mine, making me more aroused as I looked down at her. Just like me she was attached to the clothing rail above us with a rope connected to her chest bonds and her collar.

We moaned into our gags and stayed close to each other as we settled into this intimate position. This was hot, unlike something I had ever thought about experiencing before. The woman continued to take photos on our phones of our intimate predicament. When she was done she smiled and teased playfully.

"Aww you both look so adorable...the captured couple" she laughed before she pulled out two further items.

"One last touch before I leave you alone together." She winked as she walked up to us with 2 leather blindfolds. Jess had hers put on first before I too watched my world go dark as one was placed over my head. This made our predicament even more sensual and arousing, feeling each other's presence close but being unable to reach out and touch, only hearing their breathing.

The sound of the woman using the cameras a few more times, taking photos of us together soon concluded before the doors were shut and locked, locking us in the dark together and so intimately close.

We both began teasing each other, grinding against each other in the confined space after the woman's footsteps had left the room. We enjoyed feeling each other's warm bodies against our own.

We were so engaged in enjoying the experience with each other that we soon enough lost track of time.


What must have been a few hours later we heard two sets of footsteps return before the doors were unlocked and opened, revealing a cooler guest of air from the outside of this space. There were two sets of hands now as one worked on Jess while the other worked on me. My legs were uncuffed before all of the ropes were removed from my body apart from the ones around my wrists. I was helped out of the cupboard and allowed to stand as soon enough Jess joined me, untied herself but like me with her wrists still tied. Our gags and blindfolds remained as we were helped back down the stairs.

When the blindfolds were finally removed from us both we were sat next to each other on the sofa, the woman and Jemma opposite us on the other sofa.

"We're going to let you go on one condition...we'd like to see you both kiss and make out, right here, right now."

We both looked at each other a little relieved as our gags were both removed.

"I’m game if you are" I smiled as she nodded.

"Excellent" Jemma grinned as they untied our wrists.

I leaned into Jess and we began to passionately kiss. Our tongues twisted and toyed with each other's in our mouths as she leaned in towards me, she fell on top of me as I fell onto my back on the sofa. She began to kiss me with a lot of passion as requested but it didn’t feel forced, it felt like it was both what we wanted. We began to grind against each other as we made out. After a number of minutes the woman interrupted us.

"Okay okay, I think that’s enough from both of you."

We both looked up and at them before we sat up and smiled at each other.

"I knew you too would get on, you both are so both needed a bit of a push in the right direction."

I smiled taking the hint as I looked at Jess.

"Well I'd love to see a lot more of you, maybe if you wanted to go for a drink or a meal or something?"

She grinned, showing her teeth a little as she bit her lip.

"Yes. Of course. I'd love that."

We then kissed each other before we got changed, had a wash, drink and de-stress with the woman and Jemma before we headed off home with each other's numbers.

We have been together ever since. Too many friends and not enough true friends'
The Kanye of tugs ;) :lol:
Stuck between wanting to quit and wanting to stay...
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Awesome 👍

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This was great!

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Love it

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Wow what a great story! I hope she had more adventures!

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Great story!

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He had another similar story that I'll put up later

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