Bondage Aunt Becky by putasockinit2 (F/m m/F)

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Bondage Aunt Becky by putasockinit2 (F/m m/F)

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Bondage Aunt Becky by putasockinit2

I was quite excited to be going to Aunt Becky's for a while. I had tried my best to settle in my new area, just finishing college but i found the opportunities limited and the lack of friends was really effecting my moods. I had a chat with my family where we reached the mutual agreement to send me to Becky's for an indefinite period. Becky wasnt really my Aunty, she was more a friend of the family that had been presented with the title as Aunt to me. I had been to stay with her a few times before and as soon as she was asked, she couldnt wait for some company when i came down.

Aunt Becky lived alone in quite a large house in our old area. She was quite an attractive woman, long brown hair and a toned, yet curvaceous body i had caught myself thinking about her on occassion. She would do anything to make me happy when i stayed, however it was there that i had the space and secrecy in order to search up bondage related items on the internet as well as other topic related activities. I had never tied her, nor had she any idea that i liked that stuff. To her, as to most other people, all they knew was the 'normal' me, not the me i dreamed to investigate.

I got off at the bus stop at the end of her road, looking around as the bus drived off in a dust storm behind me. Maybe the country air would do me good. I looked up and down the road but didnt see any signof presence. My Aunt's house looked to be the only sign of human existence in the area. I picked up my stuff and walked towards the driveway. It only took a few moments until i was knocking on the door.

"Danny! Im so glad to see you" she smiled, giving me a hug before welcoming me inside. On this day she was wearing a white blouse accompanied by a short black skirt which finished at her mid thighs. A pair of stockings looked to accompany her skirt over her legs as she didnt have any shoes on. I removed mine befoe i dumped my bag in the room i usually stayed in. After this she got us some drinks and we began to have a catch up chat. It was all going well until one topic entered the discussion.

"So i wanted to ask you about something i discovered on my ipad. Normally i am guessing you would close tabs down and delete browser history, well last time you left in a bit of a hurry didnt you? I noticed a few tabs open of...lets just say risky, unusual material." I went red as a tomato. What could i say? I should have been more careful, there was no point denying it.

"Im so sorry! I...I..."
"Have nothing to worry about."
"Huh?" I asked a little unsure of why this was okay.
"You are just curious, no harm done, i've suspected your interest the last few visits." She smiled, straightening out her skirt as she sat on the chair.
"Okay, thanks" i replied, still heavily embarrassed but feeling better.

The topic was soon changed and the catch up continued for about 20 minutes before i retired to my room. After putting my stuff away i decided to catch up with a little bit of sleep, having a small nap.

I awoke an hour or two later, taking a few moments to come to myself. I suddenly became slightly alarmed when i tried to move my arms and legs but found it was near impossible to do so. It appeared in my slumber i had been spreadeagled tight to the bed, facing up. I looked down my body to confirm my theory, much to my embarrassment. The other problem that was a little embarrassing was how i had now been stripped to just my black boxers, my clothes nowhere in sight. I could already feel an erection forming even though this was the opposite side to the spectrum i usually like to play on. I tested my bonds, trying to find a weakness, a knot, anything that could help my predicament.

There was something in my mouth, something i had not tasted before although i dreaded to think what it could be. As the room grew increasingly darker i could tell it was late evening. The more i struggled, the more the bulge in my boxers seemed to grow.

Suddenly my door was opened and in strolled Becky dressed in the same outfit as she had been wearing earlier. I mpphed beneath my gag, trying to make sense of this situation.

"Well looks like you are now finally awake." She smiled, sitting next to my left side on the bed. I stayed still, unsure how to react, embarrassed as my bulge got even larger upon seeing her.

"Im guessing you are not used to being the tied one" She smiled, looking down at my bulge. She ran her fingernwils along it slowly, carefully, making me moan slightly beneath my gag. She seemed to enjoy teasing me. After a few moments she paused and removed the gag from my mouth. I spatout what looked to be a pair of green panties. Immediately she placed a finger to my lips.

"Shh. Im sure you will get me all tied up but i wanted to catch you before you caught me, at least to start with. I know being tied isnt your dup of tea really, its not really mine, but i think you could afford a little bit of time if i offered myself up to you at the end."

i nodded slowly, reading into each and every word before she climbed onto my thighs and began to peel my boxers slowly down my legs. My fully erect member almost sprang up at her as she noted it.

"Someone certainly seemsmto be enjoying themselves" she winked giving it a few little strokes. Suddenly she began to pull up and down with her hand a few times, i could feel the pressure building up.

"Please Becky, Im a dom not a sub, i will get you back for this" i muttered in between breaths. She simply continhed with the handjob until i finally climaxed. It was a big relief once i had finished, so much so i fell back in exhaustion. She simply looked down at me and smiled.

"Its been a while since ive given out one of those." She then stood up from me and whispered "lets keep you quiet for a bit." She went to the drawer by the bed and pulled out a pair of her clean panties. After forcing my mouth open, she stuffed them inside before reapplying several strips of tape over my lips to seal them in. I lay still in exhaustion, shock, arousal...i didnt know how to feel.

"Remember...nothing is off limits with me" she whispered before i heard her walk away and shut the door, leaving me alone in the darkness, contemplating just why she had decided to do this to me.

A few hours later i heard the door open again, and a hand grasp my penis. She waited until i was fully erect again before she pulled out a rag, forcing it over my nose as an unusual smell filled my lungs, i tried to fight it but i was soon unconscious.

(This isnt usually my style of writing, just wanted to give something a try and add an unexplored trick)

The next time i awoke was in the morning. I could immediately feel i was ina different position although i was blindfolded. I was still naked from what i could feel however it now appeared i was tied to a chair. I could feel ropes pinning my ankles, lower knees, upper knees and thighs together to the chair. Two ropes around my chest kept my upper half to the chair as well as one around my waist. The other bonds were around my wrists and elbows behind me. Just like before i was tied tight, a few struggles confirmed my theory. I was pleased in a way that my mouth was un-stuffed, however it was cleave gagged and then wrapped thoroughly with tape. This was still quite effective.

I didnt know which room i was in but it didnt feel like my bedroom, it seemed colder and i could feel concrete beneath me. Suddenly my blindfold was removed and as my eyes adjusted to the dim light that illuminated the basement, i was greeted by a younger blonde woman. This was her real life daughter. Her name was Amy and on this morning she was wearing a black bra and panties. Becky had told me many times how she would spend the night usually once every couple of months due to work commitments.

"How did you end up down here? Was it Becky?" She smiled, looking at my predicament. I just didnt know what to say anymore, i was past embarrassment. Could i trust her?

I mpphed in response, gesturing to be untied.

"You want to be untied? Its only early morning and i dont think im suppossed to know about you anyway" she smiled, she looked like she had just got up herself.

"The good news for you is Becky is still in bed. She usually sleeps late, i hope you arent hungry."

i looked down in my gag, unsure what she thought of the situation.

"I have work in a minute, but i suppose i could play with you whilst you are down here all alone." She smiled seductively as she sat on my lap facing me.

"Lets make a deal, im horny. If you let me gag you my way and fuck you, i may release you so you can catch Becky. Alternatively i hold the power here, i could just decide to leave you here for her to find."

"Okmpph dealmmpph" i replied, even the slightest chance of mercy was better than the alternative. She then finally begsn cutting and removing my gags, allowing me a few sips of water as i sat still. She then took great delight in peeling off her panties and folding them up into a triangle. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, allowing her to stuff them in before she reapplied several strips of tape to my mouth.

"I've been wearing them for nearly 24 hours." She smirked before she unclipped her bra, letting it drop to the floor so i could get a good look at her naked form. I felt an almost imediate erection.

She soon sat on my lap, helping to insert my penis inside her before she began to grind and moan riding it. She made sure to kiss my lips throughout the sex, enjoying herself as i was beginning to enjoy making love to her, even if it wasnt in ideal circumstances. After a small period of time we both soon climaxed before she got off my lap and left me to pant. She leaned down and rested her hands on my lap.
"You were good. Let me have a shower and if you are still down here, i will free you" she planted a kiss on my cheek before she left me alone. I sat still, panting beneath my gag. I could taste her panties and i could tell she wasnt lying about how long she had been wearing them.

Roughly half an hour later she returned in a black pair of leggings and a tight pink tank top. It looked like her travel gear as she was bording a flight back to her home city.

"You were true to your word, i will be true to mine." She smiled, beginning to untie my wrists and other ropes. A few moments later and i was finally not restrained. I went to peel the tape off my mouth but she caught my hand.

"Not so fast, i said i would untie you not ungag you. That stays on till i leave, or i report you to Becky." She smiled as i nodded reluctantly.

"My bags are in the hallway. Staying naked, load up my car, it should be unlocked."

i sighed before nodding and following her upstairs. It didnt take long, however it felt a little humiliating having her watch me naked as i shifted her suitcases into the back of her car. Once that job was done she followed me back inside as we made our way to the kitchen.

"Thank you. Now i should probably leave you now. Remove that gag, you are free from me."

it felt a huge relief to finally have the power of speech back.

"Here's my number, you want to hook up again sometime or maybe help with your aunty, i have some holiday to use up so feel free to ring me, okay!"

"Yes i will, thank you."

I then watched her drive off before i shut the door and got down to business. I was in need of a shower, however i wanted her helpless as soon as was possible. When she was helpless was when she was less dangerous to my freedom. The time was only 08:29.

I crept into her dimly lit room after sourcing some temporary materials, whatever i could find. I knew she wasnt expecting me, i could see her long dark hair still on the pillow, her body shape under the bed. As i pounced and jumped on her she struggled instinctively beneath me, completely cuaght off guard before i managed to peel back the bed covers and lay on her, pinning her down with a hand over her mouth. She looked up at me with a look of defeat, like the prey when a snake sinks its fangs in for the final kill.

I decided not to drop Amy in it for the moment as i answered the question she inevitably wanted to ask. "Lucky for me your tying wasnt as good as you thought."

i quickly turned her over onto her back, sitting on her back as i used a black ziptie to secure her wrists tightly behind her back.

"Ah...ah..okay you win. Youve earned the right to keep me as your slave. I put you through enough." She finally declared, letting me have my way although she didnt have much choice. With her wrists secured i pulled the duvet off the bed, excited to see what she was wearing.

"Good...because first things first you are going to be naked just like i was." She moaned slightly as i pulled her panties down her legs before i began folding her up. I held her nose for a few seconds and shoved them inside her protesting mouth, letting her fully taste them before i wrapped duct tape tightly around her mouth.

Luckily her black panties was the onlh thing she was wearing as i sat her up from bed. I reached over her shoulders with my hands and immediately began groping at her large mounds. She moaned into her gag, letting me continue to fondle her restrained body. After a few minutes i was ready to move things along as i found her chloroform cloth. I held it to her face before she passed out on the bed, overpowered, stripped and defeated.
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Amy sounds like a real fun bondage partner!
Interested in chatting with mature women who love to tie men.
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Ufffff .... love both words to describe......I'm waiting for this kind of stories.... Wait for next.. I hop u can post next
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I'll see what I can do.
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Loved ir...thank u auntmary!!
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So, It ends here or there's more?
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