Sketchy : 03 - In over my head (f/m, f+/m)

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Sketchy : 03 - In over my head (f/m, f+/m)

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03 - In over my head
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By Sketchy

Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:32 am

In over my head

Me, my girlfriend Sarah (We're both 16. She has a nice body and long brown hair) and our friends play alot of poker. Maybe too much, considering that we sometimes use it to settle arguments and fights. That's how this all got started.

One night we were going to a party, and I went to Sarah's house to wait for her. I ending up waiting for about an hour and a half, which sparked the age old complaint of men, why do women take so long to get ready to go somewhere. Finally, we decided on how to settle it.

"Here's an idea," said Sarah.

"We'll play best 2 out of 3 hands of poker. I you win, I won't take so long in the future, and I'll do "something" for you."

"Sounds great," I said. Then she voiced the other outcome.

"But," she began, "If I win, you'll have to dress up in girl's clothes for an entire weekend. Next, weekend actually. Our parents will all be gone for the whole weekend, and I'm having a sleepover with some of my girls."

"What will I have to do?" I asked.

"You'll just cross-dress, change for each day, bedtime, and for when we go swimming in the pool. Aside from that, just do girly things and watch girly movies."

I struggled with this decision. I was tempted by what she said she would do if I won, but scared of my losing outcome. I eventually agreed. We went to the party and had our fun.


When we got back, we played the three hands and she won. This was where her deceit began, because she still had a clear enough head to trick me, where as I was easily fooled at the time. She later revealed to me that she had rigged a deck and switched them when I wasn't looking.


We agreed that she would come to my house on Friday night to get me ready to go to her house. Our parents were leaving early Friday morning. They would not be back until Tuesday morning.

Everything worked out so conveniently, because our parents both worked for the same company, and although they didn't travel a lot, when they did, they went away for a long time. In addition, my parents trusted me home alone during the summer, and the neighbor that was keeping an eye on Sarah only came around in the late morning, and around six at night, only for a few minutes at a time.

Before this weekend, these weekends were every teenager's dream. After this weekend, I didn't think so.


Friday evening came around, and Sarah knocked at my door, carrying a duffle bag. We went to the bathroom and she took some lotion, a razor, and an electric shaver from her bag. Then she sent me in and told me what to do from the other side.

"If your going to be a girl, T (Sarah's not her real name, T is short for mine.)," Sarah began to explain, "You need to shave all your hair Except the stuff on top of your head."

So I shaved my facial, leg and armpit hair, finishing with my pubes. I redressed and she gave me the clothes she had bought for me to put on. They included flesh-colored pantyhose, a pair of pink panties and a bra, pink ankle socks, a black spaghetti string top, shoes, and a jean skirt. After I put on the panties, I had trouble with the pantyhose and the bra, so she helped me out with them, and the skirt. I put on the socks and shoes, and before I put on the top, she stuffed two large, ball shaped beanbags into my bra cups, so that I had breasts. When I had finished, she came up behind me, and put a shoulder-length blond wig on my head. We stepped back and looked into the mirror to survey her handiwork. I gasped.

I looked fairly convincing. If I had makeup, you didn't know what I looked like, and I talked in a higher pitch I could have passed for a 16-year old girl.

I turned to Sarah and gave her a mischievous grin.

"No makeup?" I quipped, sarcastically.

"No," she replied seriously, but grinning.

"The girls are going to help us with that when we get to my house."

"Okay then."

I looked back in the mirror. A fatal mistake.

There was a clicking sound, and I felt cold metal encircling my wrists.

A shouted in protest and turned around to see that Sarah had handcuffed my wrists, and was doing the same to my ankles.

She sat me down on the sink, while she went back to her bag and fished around in it.

"Hey, this wasn't part of the agreement. What are you doing?!" I shouted in protest.

"It's simple," she answered

"You wouldn't have wanted to stay dressed up for long. So we figured that this would keep you all girly."

She pulled some duct tape out of the bag.

"Besides," she said while pulling a long strip off the roll.

"It's more fun to kidnap you."

She slapped the tape over my mouth, and I started to scream through the gag, while struggling against the cuffs, which I soon found out were real, when they didn't break.

Sarah left the room to make a phone call, then came back. She wrapped tape around my wrists and removed the cuffs. Then she wrapped more above and below my new breasts, and around my wrists and waist so that I could not slip my hands under my butt and around front.

She sat me on the floor, while I continued to scream.

"I was afraid of this," she sighed.

"Just tape isn't enough."

What happened next stunned me into silence. She stood up, and lifted her skirt to reveal her panties. They were completely pink, except for a red heart on the front. She pulled them off, and folded them and balled them up so that the heart was at the front of the ball of panties.

"Do you know where these are going?" she asked.

I shook my head dumbly, not knowing.

"These are going in your mouth," she said as she pulled the tape off my mouth.

I clamped my mouth shut in horror and shook my head grunting 'No!' through my teeth.

She took her camera and some earplugs out of her bag, shoved the earplugs up my nose, and waited for them to expand. Sure enough, they cut off my air. I opened my mouth, took in one deep breath, and then the panties were crammed in my mouth. She got her camera and took a picture of me. Then she pushed the panties back as far as she could without choking me, pulled my lips together and slapped another strip of tape over my mouth. The result was amazing. My earlier screams had been reduced to soft grunts and moans, which turned to timid mews, as I now was afraid of what would happen next.

She took the earplugs out of my nose and showed me the picture. When I saw it, I under stood why she had folded her panties. My mouth was wide open, filled with hot pink, and a red heart in the center of it all.

She took a rope out of her bag, hobbled my ankles, uncuffed them, put on a ski mask and walked me outside. There was a car there with three other people; Sarah's friends judging by the hair protruding from under the ski masks. My eyes darted to the back of the car. The trunk was open. I started to make muffled, frightened, panicked noises and tried to walk back to the house, but two of the figures came over and helped Sarah force me to walk to the trunk, where I was forced into a sitting position on the lip of the trunk.

No one spoke while they finished their work. One girl held me to keep me from falling into the trunk, while another held my ankles, and then my legs together; in order to help the third tape my legs. My hobble-rope was removed, and my ankles were taped. Tape was then wound above and below my knees, before I was finally stood up so that my thighs could be taped.

I was sat back down again, essentially in immobile worm; a limbless body that could only squirm and wriggle.

They took my picture sitting on the lip of the trunk, fear and pleading in my eyes.

Then Sarah came over.

"We're going to have a lot of fun with you!", she said ominously.

Then she pushed me backwards and I gave a little "Mmphh!" of surprise and minor pain as I fell into the trunk and hit the floor. I rolled onto my side and looked up at Sarah. I could see her smile under the ski mask. I gave a stifled, fearful squeal of pleading as I looked up to see her close the trunk, plunging me into darkness.

As the car started and we started to pull away, a sinking feeling grew in my stomach. She had done things not agreed on. I knew it could only get worse, as I was undoubtedly in WAY over my head.


Long, I know, I'm sorry. MODSMODSMODS: Mods, if any of this is a problem with forum rules, please tell me before you do anything to the thread. Thanks.

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Fri Jun 29, 2007 1:09 am


When I left off, my girlfriend Sarah had tricked me into being kidnapped. I was now unable to see, as I was locked in the trunk of one of her friend's cars. I squirmed against my bonds and kicked at the walls and door of the trunk, but these were only token gestures, as I was not only tightly bound and gagged, but my kicks were thrown off by the motion of the car and when it turned. Shortly, I gave up, and prayed that it wouldn't get worse. That didn't work out that well.


After a half-hour (It turns out they had gone to buy food for the weekend, which they put in the back seat.), we slowed, there was the sound of a garage door opening, and the car shut off. The door made a second cycle, and the trunk was opened. I looked up to see all 4 girls dressed in black sweaters and sweatpants, and wearing ski masks.

One of them pointed at me, and they whispered mischievously, as I looked to see where they had pointed; what I saw made my cheeks turn a light pink. My jean mini-skirt had ridden up my legs a lot. If it went up another half-inch, these crazy girls would have had a peek. They wanted more than that though. One girl reached down and hiked my skirt up so far, the only part left concealed was the waistband of the panties. They took pictures, then they flipped me over so that they could take some of my butt. My face turned a mixture of pink and red, each color brighter than the shades of pink and red on the panties currently in my mouth.

I tried to plead them to stop, but all that came out were squeals. Finally, they pulled my skirt back down and flipped me over. Then a strip of duct tape was pulled across my eyes, blindfolding me.

I was hoisted over someone's shoulder and carried out of the garage. Now I knew I was screwed. I had to have been carried by Jan, one of Sarah's friends. Look up amazon, and you'll see Jan. She was extremely tall, athletic and tomboyish. She was rumored to have played boys varsity hockey before she moved into town, one year back. And, she was stronger than half the guys at our school. But somehow, she wasn't butch. She was actually very attractive and had long black hair. The other bad thing, especially for me, was that except for one or two guys, she hated all the guys in our town. That included me.

I put down from her shoulder and was made to stand; which I did with almost no balance, due to my duct tape restrictions. When I almost fell, I was held and steadied at my shoulders.

Before we continued, Sarah spoke.

"You've had an exciting and frightening night. Do you need to use the bathroom, T ?" she asked.

I nodded my head.

I was carried into the bathroom, and my panties pulled down as far as they could go. Sarah helped me aim and wash. Before she replaced my panties, she and another girl duct taped my junk, so that there wouldn't be any "unsightly bulges" in my underwear when I got too "excited". It was tight and unpleasant, but my nuts didn't hurt, and they would be safe.

My panties were replaced and I was carried back into the room I had been in, where I was dropped into a chair. I was soon a part of the chair. What I later saw were thick belts (The canvas kind used for keeping boxes that are being shipped still,) were used to restrain me from leaving the chair. They were put above and below my breasts and around my waist and wrists. They were also used above my knees, across my lap, below my knees, and around my shins and my ankles.

When they were finished, I let out a moan. Not only were all my duct tape bonds still intact, but I had been strapped to a chair with extreme skill and precision. Escape was virtually impossible.

Ever since I had been brought in the house, I had heard whispers in the background. I knew it was the other girls.

"Alright!" said Sarah.

"This is our special guest I've been telling you about. He's also our entertainment for the weekend, so by the end, you'll know him almost as well as I do."

Entertainment. I reeeaalllyy didn't like the sound of that.

"Just a show of hands," said Sarah.

"Who likes him and who thinks that he will be entertaining? One hand for each question now, come on."

As she said this, she removed my blindfold. I stared at what I saw with a mute look of terror and disbelief.

All the girls had both their hands up. That wasn't bad. The problem was that including Sarah and the three who brought me, there were 14 girls here.

I rolled my eyes and thought; "This is going to be a loonngg weekend."


I'll continue later.
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Thu Jul 05, 2007 2:44 pm

Alright, it's been awhile. my continuations will be erratic, but the story should eventually be finished.

MODS: As I said in a previous post, if this (Or any future part of my story.) is too explicit, please tell me so that I can move it before you do anything to the thread)


So when I last left, I had been crossdressed, kidnapped, and tied to a chair.
Sarah began to speak:

"Alright, you all know T, to avoid confusion, we'll give him a girl's name that starts with a T. He is no longer T, she is now Tammy."

I started to voice protest, until I forgot I was gagged.

"To celebrate her first night as a girl, we're going to give her a makeover!"

The girls cheered and I tried to scream.


First, the duct tape on my gag was removed and replaced with clear packing tape, so they could see my lips. Then they went to work.
They put all sorts of makeup on me. They put blush, mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner on me and they painted my fingernails pink to match my underwear.

The entire time, people took pictures. I mpphhed to get Sarah's attention.

"You need something Tammy?"

I grunted and nodded at a girl who had decided to hike up my skirt to get an upskirt shot.

"Oh, the pictures!" she replied.

"Well those are insurance. If you don't behave and do what we say, those will go public."

The color drained from my face as I imagined the consequences. Sarah looked at me and smiled good-naturedly.

"Good! I'm glad we understand each other."

To finish my makeover, they spent a long time looking through the tape at my lips, deciding what color my lipstick should be. They eventually decided on pink, and came back with ten different shades. I stared wondering why they needed so many, and one of the girls saw me and answered my mute question.

She said; "We need to make sure it matches."

"Matches what?" I thought.

I didn't think for long though. A girl removed my tape, but before I could spit my panties out, Jan came up from behind me and wedged a pink ballgag in my mouth. Before I could even scream, she had pulled it to the tightest setting, lodging it, and the packing panties, painfully deep in my mouth. To reinforce the fact that I wouldn't be talking, she took a small padlock and locked the gag so that it couldn't be unbuckled.

I tested it by screaming. I could make a little more noise than the tape gag had allowed, but not much.

Jan then grabbed my head and forced it up to look at her in the eyes.

"Don't scream Tammy," she threatened, using my "new name".

"I really don't like noise, and your making a lot of it."

I fearfully whimpered compliance, and she forced my head to look forward. The other girls had found lipstick that matched my gag and proceeded to apply it.

When they had finished I was unbuckled from the chair and dragged into a separate room. I was cuffed, had my tape cut off, and then was stripped leaving me in my pink bra and panties. I was then taped up exactly as before and uncuffed. I wriggled on the ground until Jan grabbed my ankles. Now that I had no shoes, socks, or pantyhose, the girls could paint my toenails. They painted them so that they matched my fingernails. Jan took my ankles and brought them to my wrists. Another girl took some rope and securely hogtied me. I struggled and found, unsurprisingly, that I couldn't get out of the hogtie.

They flipped me onto my back, and left closing the door, while I lay there in exhaustion.

A few minutes later, a strange girl came in wearing a t-shirt and a denim miniskirt like the one I had worn.

She came over and straddled me, sitting on my bare stomach.

"Don't make a sound," she said, and sild up my body so she was sitting between my neck and boobs. She raised herself onto her knees and slipped her white panties around her ankles. Then she took a key, unlocked my ballgag, and tugged it and the panties stuffed in behind it out.

The sequence of events that followed surprised, frightened and outraged me.

She slid further up my body, until there was nowhere left to slide. Then she made me do some...things... that I can't write about on this site. When she was done, she regagged and locked me, and left. Before she did, she said, "Just so you know, the others are all going to do this too, they're just watching a movie while they wait." This made me scream in fear and anger, mostly the latter.

As soon as she closed the door, it opened again. This time, it was a girl wearing a t-shirt and short-shorts, the latter of which she discarded along with her red panties.


This continued for the rest of the night, in the beginning, they dropped their panties from under their skirts, yanked them off with their shorts, or pulled them down around their ankles along with their jeans. Eventually, the ones at the end got rid of them with their sweatpants, or draped their nighties around my head before starting. Sarah, who was wearing a pink see-though nightie, and a pink bra and thong that matched the color of my bra and panties, was one of these last ones and the last one to see me. She came an hour after the others had finished. She clearly wanted some "alone time" with her captive boyfriend, me. She also made me take longer than the others.

When she was finished, she gagged me again and playfully squeezed my butt and groin.

"Thanks Tammy," she said, taunting me.

"That was amazing. All fun aside, it's late."

The clock was showing 2:30.

"I'll give you some PJs or a nightie tomorrow, it's too late to change you tonight."

I mmpphhed a small, noncommital reply.

She undid my hogtie, helped me use the bathroom, and made me hop to where everyone else was sleeping.

She balltied me, lay me on my side, and covered me with a blanket, leaving my butt exposed, which she used for a pillow.

We soon both fell asleep, she joyfully awaiting the next day, I dreading it.
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Tue Jul 17, 2007 2:35 am

All right, I'm back!!!!


I was awoken when someone splashed a glass of water in my face. My balltie was undone and I was bound to a chair in the kitchen with the canvas belts again. Someone pushed me into the table, and I looked around.

The girls were either in the middle of breakfast, or they were finishing up. Some still were wearing whatever their nightclothes were, while others were dressed.

My ballgag and oral panties were removed and I stretched my jaw and sighed, not having enough energy to call for help or talk. Then a friend of Sarah's, named Lori, came over. She had a nice body, sandy brown hair, and was probably one of the nicer girls that I knew.

So I was shocked when, smiling warmly, she put a ring gag in my mouth.

Before I could ask why she had done this, since I could make semi-coherent and fully audible utterings, she answered my unasked question by spooning some yogurt into my mouth, through the gag.

It wasn't that bad. While she fed me breakfast, she chatted with me lightheartedly, although the chat was very one-sided. It became clear to me that she just thought of the whole affair as a game, and meant no serious harm.

When she had finished, she wiped my mouth with a napkin. Then the ring gag was removed, the ballgag replaced, and the mouth panties thrown in a hamper. I thanked this small blessing as I was unstrapped from the chair, and dragged into the bathroom.

Sarah, who was wearing a yellow sundress, cut all the tape on my legs, except for my ankles, and proceeded to pull it off my legs, my screams of pain being absorbed by the ballgag. Then she pulled my panties down to my knees and let them fall around my ankles. Then she sat me down on the toilet seat to use the bathroom. Although certain "things" had been taped, they were done in such a way that I could still use the bathroom; albeit one that she could use to further humiliate me, which she did.

"Isn't this fun?", she said, leaning over and smiling.

"You have to pee like a girl now!"

I gave a low, angry grunt.

Having helped me use the bathroom, she slid my panties back up to their proper place, stood me up, and left.

I considered hopping away, but decided against it. This was a good decision, as she soon returned with Jan and an ominous looking bag. Jan opened the bag and took out some square weights and two pairs of handcuffs. She placed them a good distance apart and attached one end of each pair of cuffs to the weights. I already knew what was going to happen.

Sarah cut my ankle tape and pulled it off. Too fast for me to resist, Sarah and Jan then cuffed each of my ankles to the weights, putting my legs in a spread-eagle.

One of my hands was cuffed, all my upper body tape was cut then removed, then they finished cuffing my hands so that they were in front of me. They produced a fourth pair of handcuffs, and proceeded to cuff my hands to the shower curtain bar. I was now standing in a half spread-eagle. Soon I realized that, for all the preparation, I would not be here long.

They took out a girl's swimsuit, a red two-piece bikini. My ankles were uncuffed so that they could put the bottom on. Then they removed a pair of handcuffs from one of the weights and cuffed my ankles together. Next, they put the top on, one arm at a time, and removed the wrist cuffs from the pair suspending them from the shower bar. Finally, they sat me down on the edge of the tub, and replaced my fake boobs.

They uncuffed my ankles and walked me outside to the backyard. At this point, I silently complied.

The way her backyard was set up, I wouldn't be able to attract help.

With the amount of girls out there, I wouldn't be able to escape.


When we got outside, as I looked around Sarah's yard and pool, I was shocked.

All the girls were in their bathing suits, each a different color or a different shade of another; each exposing varying degrees of flesh. Stranger (and more ominous) still, some girls were wearing pirate costumes over their bathing suits.

Sarah took off her sundress to reveal a black bikini.

"Well," she said slowly. "

I guess it's time to give you over to the pirate girls. Tammy's all yours Captain Jan!"

A wave of terror swept over me as Jan and six pirate girls came towards me.

Before I was uncuffed, my wrists and ankles were tightly bound with rope. Rope was then tied above and below my breasts, around my thighs and above my knees.

"Pirates didn't have ballgags," complained one girl loudly.

"Let's give 'er a gag a pirate would have used!"

Everyone stopped and stared first at her, then at Jan, to see how she would react. For a long second, the girls that had been tieing me up wondered if Jan would explode. She was the alpha female after Sarah, and had been known to react badly to suggestions of any sort, if she didn't like them.

Jan stared at the girl for a few seconds, then rapidly broke into a grin.

"Thats a really good idea!", she exclaimed.

They all started screaming and carrying on. Like pirates.

First, they found a large, dirty, brown rag. Then another couple of girls went with Jan to rummage in some of their bags. Two girls took out my ballgag, and one proceeded to wedge her fist in my mouth so that I couldn't close it.

Jan and the other girls had found a pair of white panties, which they proceeded to rub in the dirt and the mud around Sarah's yard. When they cleaned most of the dirt off, what had been pristine, bright, white panties were now a mixture of a dull, dirty white, and a light brown color.

But they weren't finished.

Starting with the one girl who had suggested an authentic gag, each of the six pirate girls rubbed the panties inside her crotch. Jan was the last, doing it longer and harder than the others. The alpha female needed to make her mark.

After trying futily to resist, Jan pried my mouth open while another girl stuffed the panties in my mouth. A third then sat me up, and pulled the rag between my teeth before knotting it tightly behind my head, forcing the panties deeper, keeping them from being dislodged from my mouth.

I gagged. The taste was horrid. And above the taste of the dirt, and mud and sand, were the juices that mixed in my mouth, humiliating me. And one was stronger and more noticeable than the rest. Jan had definitely wanted me to know who was in charge.

But this was only the tip of the iceberg of her malice.

"This is all well and good," Jan exclaimed.

"But a pirate's prisoner should be dirty and roughed up. The only thing about Tammy that looks that way is her gag. But thankfully, I know how to fix that."

She then picked me up by the ankles and dragged me over the cement edge of the pool and around the yard; twisting me by the ankles as we went so that my back, sides and belly all got coverage. She then called two girls over to a muddy patch in the yard, and the three of them rolled me around in the mud. She then started over, repeating the process several times in the next half-hour.


When Jan was finished, I looked like I had been held captive for months in the wilderness, instead of not even 24 hours at Sarah's house. I was coated in sand, dirt and mud. There were grass stains on my bathing suit, legs and the exposed parts of my butt(Due to the bikini bottom riding up. It had wedged itself in deep, giving me a painful wedgie, and the appearance of a thong with a somewhat wider back.). The bikini also almost looked frayed in places. Flecks of dirt and grime and a twig or two were strewn through my now unkempt and disheveled shoulder-length wig; which had somehow managed to stay on, although one girl refastened it a bit after my dragging. My body was covered in scratches and small cuts wherever my body had touched the ground when I was dragged. I had a few light, but noticeably painful, bruises on my back, chest and belly. I would discover a few more bruises on my butt later, when I would be undressed by the girls.

My face was grimy like a homeless child's, and was also scraped and scratched up. I also had a scratch that bordered on a shallow cut reaching from just below my eye, forward down my cheek, ending at the side of my chin.

I was definitely afraid of what Jan could do.

She sneered at me and said, "Now, that's a proper pirate's prisoner! Now time for the final stage of a prisoner. We're going to dispose of you!"

Before she did anything, in a strange act of courtesy, she unwedged my bikini bottom. Then it was back to business as usual.

She untied my ankles and hobbled them. Then she tied a long rope around my wrists. She yanked on it impatiently.

"Get up! Get movin', an' quit dragging your feet!"

I got up, and went as fast as I could, which unfortunately, was slower than she was going. Although I didn't trip, I still came close to doing so several times.

Finally we reached our destination, which was the diving board. The rope she had used to pull me was used to bind my wrists to my waist, in front of me, rendering them useless.

"You know what time it is?", she asked ominously.

"It's time to walk the plank!"

The color drained from my face. The girl was definitely crazy.

They stood me up on the diving board and attached a series of metal weights to my hobble-rope. I would be able to walk with difficulty and jangling, but float? Swim? Swimming was already out of the question with just the ropes and gag. This was very bad.

They then gave me what looked like an iron bowling ball, made me hold it and chained it around the hobble-rope.

By this point I was begging and pleading for the joke to stop, tears in my eyes, but no one payed attention. Except Jan. She enjoyed every second.

They turned me to face the pool. I looked over my shoulder. Several girls had sharp sticks and Jan had made a makeshift torch.

I screamed, 'You're crazy!', through my gag; but it came out as a muffled; "MMPPPH'HH MMPPHH-MMPHH!"

"WALK!", Jan harshly commanded.

A chorus of voices shouting 'WALK!' started as I slowly made my way down the diving board, suffering the occasional sharp prod of a stick.

I was tearing and crying, waiting for them to say stop, waiting for them to stop the joke; but stop never came, and my pleas came out as muffled wimpers.

Finally, I stopped at the edge. Balanced precariously, I gazed into the water. I looked back at the girls who's joke had gone too far.

"Please don't do this," I silently begged.


Obviously we know the outcome, but even though it's a loaded cliff hanger, this is a good place for me to stop.
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Fri Aug 03, 2007 2:27 am

I'm baack...


I teetered on the edge of the board for a scant moment, and fell in.

For a few seconds, I honestly believed they were going to let me drown. But then, four girls jumped in and cut the hobble rope with it's weights off my ankles, before dragging me to where I could stand.

After the giant round weight was removed, a girl held it in front of me, while another scratched the paint off of it to reveal a brown color underneath.

"See," she said, rapping her knuckles on it.

"It's wood."

To emphasize her explanation, she dropped it into the water where it floated.


For the next several hours, they tried to see how many ways they could tie me up around the pool. I was tied to the bottom of the diving board, and face up and down to a lounge chair. The last one was the worst.

They dragged me out to a patch of nothing but mud. Then they spread eagled me on my back, using zip ties, which they attached to some tent stakes. To make sure I couldn't move the stakes, they placed heavy rocks over each stake. Although I probably might of escaped under different circumstances, I was so exhausted from everything else, I couldn't move an inch.

Then some came over with a bucket filled with suntan lotion and some paintbrushes. Using the brushes, they proceeded to baste me with the suntan lotion like a piece of meat. The brushes tickled slightly, and I giggled softly. I shortly froze, hoping they didn't hear me do so, realizing what would happen if they did hear me.

When they finished covering every inch of exposed skin, from my face to my toes, I realized they did hear when they grinned at me evilly.

It figures. The only time people heard me through my gag was if it would further my torture.

My skin extra-sensitive from the lotion, they tickled the soles of my feet, the insides of my thighs, my sides and my armpits.

I writhed uncontrollably, and laughed so hard that noise began to escape from my gag, making them call a girl to clamp her hand over my mouth so that they wouldn't have to stop to reinforce it.

After a while, they stopped to let me bake in the sun. The sun was tremendously hot, but I screwed my eyes shut and managed to bear it.

Later, I was rebound in the same position, only face down in the dirt, and the whole process was repeated. Then they untied the back of my bikini so I wouldn't get a tan line, and left me there for an hour before bringing me inside.

I was forced to walk into the bathroom where the few remaining bindings I had were removed, as well as my gag. Then I took off my bikini and took a long shower.

I worked my stiff jaw as I showered to get the day's muck off of me. When I stepped out of the shower and dried off, there was a bra, a pair of panties and a pair of women's socks, sitting next to the sink, along with my fake boobs. There was also a note on top of the panties which I read.

Dearest Tammy,
In case you're wondering, this is all you get. We were going to give you a skirt and a top, but most of us decided that we like you hanging around in my underwear (Especially me). Hope you like them. I'm sure you will, since I gave them to the sexiest person I know after me.
Love your "lesbian" lover,

I sighed half in irritation and half in amusement at the note she had left me. I got dressed and left.


The next few hours were nice, despite being dressed in nothing but my girlfriend's, bra, panties and socks.

Everyone had dinner, some of the girl's dressed less modestly than me. For the sake of embarrassing me, they played slumber party games after dinner, that most girls their age had grown out of long ago.

Finally we watched a chick flick. During the movie, I snuggled with Sarah under a blanket, who was dressed in jeans and a blouse. I think she did this to emphasize her current superiority over me, considering she literally wore the pants in our relationship that weekend. It seemed like all the weekend's bondage was over.

Since I'm still writing this, that obviously wasn't true.


During the movie the phone rang. Everything stopped. Jan stared at Sarah, as if asking her what she should do. Sarah gave a nod, and then everything happened fast.

My hands were held behind my back, my ankles were held together and I was sat on, on the floor by several girls. Two girls grabbed rolls of duct tape, a hand clamped over my mouth, the TV was muted and Sarah answered the phone.

"Hello? Hi, Ms. Mason."

It was the neighbor who would check on Sarah. Desperate to escape, I tried to speak through the hand. When that didn't work, I bit it, causing the girl to pull her hand away.

I screamed, "HELP ME I'--" before having another hand clamp over my mouth, while a second held my chin, making sure my mouth stayed closed.

"What?! No, we were just watching 24, it's nothing. No, really, you don't have to, it's getting late. You sure? Okay, see you in a few."

Sarah hung up the phone. And all hell broke loose.

I was quickly bound with duct tape in so many places, it was ridiculous and I was immobilized. I was bound at at my wrists, above and below my breasts, my elbows, my waist so that I couldn't move my wrists, my thighs, above and below my knees, my shins, my ankles, the arches of my feet and, to top it off, my big toes were taped together and my hands were taped together, so that when I looked behind me, my arms ended in a useless point shaped stump of duct tape.

Sarah came over looking angry.

"This was your one chance," she said.

"You could have gone free for the rest of the weekend, but you had to screw it up. There's only supposed to be four people here, counting me, so all of the girls have to go hide in uncomfortable places so they won't be found. As for you, Jan will keep you in storage until that woman leaves."

Jan then spoke up.

"What should we do with him. He deserves to be punished."

"Yes," Sarah replied.

"But we can do that later. For now, just shut him up, stash him somewhere safe and keep an eye on him."

"It's really important no one discovers he's here. Can we begin the ultimate gag project now?"

Jan grinned and Sarah grinned back.

Sarah dropped her jeans and gave Jan her panties (Black bikini panties) before zipping them back up.

"Just make sure these are part of it. I had hoped to be there when we made it, but I can still see the results later."

Jan, Lori and two other girls grabbed me and took me down to the basement. There was a disused closet hidden in the shadows of a back corner. It was surprisingly spacious and, aside from some random junk along the walls, it was adorned only with a hard-backed chair. This had clearly been planned for a while.

I was laid on my back on the floor and Jan straddled me over my stomach. The other two girls brought two bags in and left leaving me, Jan and Lori in the closet.

Jan had taken out Sarah's panties and had begun to wad them up.

"Listen, Jan," I spoke nervously.

"This 'ultimate gag' of yours, you don't need to do that, a normal one will be enough to keep me quiet. I won't call for help aG-MMPPHH!"

Jan started to rummage around in the bag for something else with one hand, while keeping the panties in my mouth with the other.

Finally, she spoke to Lori.

"Lor, I need your panties."



"Lori, I need two pairs for this gag and I'm not getting off of him."

"But that's unnecessary!"

"I'll decide what's necessary or not," growled Jan.

Lori looked at me. Our eyes met, she conveyed a sense of pity to me, softly said, "Sorry T", and began to unzip her jeans.

I looked away until I heard them zip back up.

Lori went upstairs, since she was one of the ones who was actually supposed to be there, leaving me alone with Jan.

Outside, I heard things being moved in front of the door to conceal it, in the off chance Ms. Mason came down to the basement.

Jan was now holding Lori's panties, which were white, and bikini style like Sarah's, identical except for color.

Jan now crammed the second pair of panties into my mouth. My jaw felt stretched to it's limit, and my cheeks bulged with the mouth-filling packing.

But this was only the beginning, merely the tip of the iceberg.

Jan cleave-gagged me with a white cloth, which was there just for the sake of holding the stuffing in, although it would have made a decent gag itself.

Then she took the pink ballgag out of the bag, wedged it into my mouth a little, and pulled it to the tightest setting, lodging it behind my lips, almost behind my teeth. She then locked it with a small padlock.

"That was just the stuffing," said Jan.

"Now we're going to seal the gaps, so you won't make a peep!"

She took out a roll of duct tape and proceed to cover my face in strips of tape until it was covered in duct tape from ear to ear and nose to chin. Then she moved my wig so it wouldn't get caught, and wrapped tape around my head 10 times.

To finish, she took a blue silk scarf and a white silk scarf out of the bag. She gave me two over-the-nose gags, first with the blue scarf, then with the white scarf.

She was finished, so she got off me, and I sat up.

The affect was amazing and extreme. I screamed as loud as I could, but I couldn't hear a thing. My head hurt and the stuffing was wedged so far in, under so many layers of gags, I was afraid it would go down my throat and I would choke on it. The gag made my face feel like it had been clamped in a vise, like my mouth had been filled and covered with concrete, like the gag had fused itself into my mouth and onto my face.

I looked into a mirror leaning against the wall and saw myself dressed in a girl's underwear and socks, gagged with what appeared to be only a white scarf, my blonde wig cascading over my shoulders. For some odd reason, it occurred to me that I looked like some teenage sleuth from a mystery novel. If Nancy Drew had been kidnapped while changing, I would have been her.

Jan then sat on the floor and put me face down on her lap.

"Let's see how if this deserves to be called 'The Ultimate Gag'!", she exclaimed.

She cocked her hand back, and spanked me, hard.

I gave a scream of pain, but it didn't escape the numerous layers of the gag.

Jan then held a megaphone up to my sealed mouth and spanked me again.

This time the sound was heard, but it almost wasn't. It was tinny, weak and barely audible, even with the megaphone. Dread, fear and an intense sense of despair came over me, knowing that I could now not only not escape my bonds, but that my cries for help couldn't escape my mouth, even if my life depended on it.

Satisfied, Jan sat me in the chair and strapped me in with the canvas belts they had used the previous night, strapping above and below my breasts, at my waist, above and below my knees, across my lap, and around my shins and my ankles.

I struggled for a bit, even though I knew it was pointless, seeing as the belts had practically welded my already bound body to the chair.

Jan shut off the light and leaned over my shoulder.

"Hear that?" she asked.

I listened, and above us I heard Ms. Mason come in, and heard her talking to Sarah, Lori and the other two girls that were supposed to be there.

I then started to cry for help, even though not even I could hear myself.
After a while I heard the door close as Ms. Mason left.

After she left, I began to cry, my body wracked with mute sobs as tears silently streamed down my cheeks. At least earlier I could make a little noise with my gag. Now my head was wrapped in a painful, human mute button.

For the first time in my life, I felt completely helpless.

And I was.
Hope you all enjoyed this one.
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Sun Aug 26, 2007 3:53 pm

I'm busy a lot, so there's no telling when I'll update next, but I'm trying to finish this story.


When everyone Ms. Mason left, I was unbelted from the chair and allowed to leave in order to use the bathroom . Jan hauled me there, sat me on the toilet, still bound and gagged, pulled my panties down, and allowed me to do my business, before replacing them and bringing me back to the closet where I was laid on the floor.

Sarah came back to see how everything had gone.

"How's the gag?" she asked.

"Unbelievable," said Jan.

Jan invited Sarah to test the gag and then Sarah spanked me.

Smiling with satisfaction, Sarah found a belt.

Deciding that they liked noise better, they placed the megaphone by my covered mouth, with it's trigger taped down.

They then spanked me, with their open hands and with the belt.

When they were done, they belted me to the chair again, blindfolded me with a strip of duct tape, and left me to stew in the chair, locked in the closet.

I was exhausted, breathing quite loudly through my nose. Soon, I drifted off to sleep.


I was awoken when my body was being lowered to the floor. Someone had untied me from the chair.

I began to squirm until the person holding me made a shh-ing noise and removed my blindfold.

"It's okay, I'm helping you out!"

My mysterious rescuer began to cut the tape binding me. I couldn't see who she was in the dark, but her voice sounded familiar. When she was finished, she handed me some girl's jeans, and a long sleeve shirt.

"These'll be a bit snug, but at least in the dark, people won't be able to see you're wearing girl's clothes."

I tried to say thank you, but nothing came out. I started to work on the gag, but the girl stopped me.

"Not now, you should try to escape now, you don't have much time!"

She waited for me to get dressed and led me upstairs to the back door, which she unlocked, and closed behind me.

I started to sneak across the lawn, intending to travel through backyards until I could get home.

Then I knew it was a race.

As I reached the back fence, lights flew on in the house. A girl stepped outside and shouted; "There!"

I climbed the fence and ran as four girls chased after me.

I ran as fast as I could, but the gag slowed me down by forcing me to breath through my nose. I ran through yards in a zig-zag, finally coming to a front yard on a street where I might be able to attract people.

Then, Jan tackled me and dragged me into the shadows of some bushes. At this point, I was so tired from running, I let them bind me without a struggle.
Jan held my wrists in front of me while another girl wrapped duct tape around them. The other two girls started to roll me over in place, like a roast pig on a spit as Jan and the last girl bound my arms to my sides with duct tape.

Finally, one girl procured some large, black cloth object from a bag they had brought with them. She unfolded it, and I was it was a hood. I moaned and shook my head from side to side, but it was ineffectual. The girl pulled it over my head, and everything went black.

I heard someone make a whispered call on a cell phone. All four girls held me down for what seemed like an hour, but it couldn't have been more than a few minutes.

I heard a car pull to the side of the curb the bushes were close to. I was stood up and pinned between two girls, and made to move as quickly as I could. My head was forced down, and I was shoved to the floor of the passenger area. The other girls got in and the car drove off.

I came to the conclusion that these girls could, contrary to popular belief, make crime pay with their talents when they got older.


Soon, after a car ride and waiting for the garage to close, I was back in the house, my shirt and jeans removed and my fake boobs back in my bra.

After being taped as I had been in the basement, I was soon again bound to my chair, in what was to become known as the cell. My hood was pulled off and what I saw surprised me.

A girl, undoubtedly my attempted rescuer, was sitting in a chair across from me, making mmphing noises. She had been stripped, evidenced by her clothers lying in the corner, and the fact that she was wearing nothing but powder blue panties with a matching bra. She was not yet strapped in, although the belts were present. She was taped identically to how I was taped, and also wore a hood on her head. All the other girls were here in order to see what would happen to her.

Sarah spoke:

"This girl is a friend to all of us. However, she tried to release our prisoner tonight, and that is unforgivable. As punishment, she will undergo an Ultimate Gag, imprisonment with the prisoner she attempted to release, and perhaps, share in torture with the prisoner."

Then she spoke to the girl:

"Before the sentence is carried out, is there anything you'd like to say in your defense?"

The hood was pulled off and my eyes widened with shock. This wasn't some random girl who pitied me. It was Lori


I'll have to finish it later, even though it seems corny to end it now.
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Thu Aug 30, 2007 11:03 am

Lori looked exausted. Her sandy brown hair was messy and tustled, strands shooting every direction, and she was gagged with a red ballgag. However, she also carried a look of defiance.

Her voice without a hint of fear, but laced with suppressed anger, she spoke to Sarah:

"No. I don't feel the need to defend myself. This was cool and funny at first, but not anymore. What you're doing to him is wrong! What you're doing to ME is wrong!"

Turning to address everyone; "Where're your heads at? This is crazy, untie me now!!"

Sarah looked like she had finally come to her senses. But before she could say anything, Jan seized control, and essentilally, lynched Lori.

Swearing with words I never thought I would hear her use, Lori was forced to the ground.

The Ult. Gag was then applied. Courtesy of two of the girls, Jan stuffed a hot pink thong, and some lacy, red panties into Lori's mouth, muffling her curses. A cleave was applied to hold the packing in. Someone retrieved her ballgag, put it in on maximum tightness, and locked it. She began to emit muffled screams of pain, but it continued.

Tape strips covered her face from ear to ear and nose to chin. Strips were placed by one ear, stretched under her chin, and placed by the other ear, immobilizing her jaw. Her hair was gathered in a ponytail and lifted so that they could wind tape around her head without her hair getting caught, which they did ten times before they finished. Her gag was now reinforced with a duct tape mask, and a duct tape chin and head strap. Finally her gag was completed with 2 OTN gags made from 2 white scarves.

Jan sat in Lori's chair. To test the gag, Lori was made to bend over Jan's lap, pelvis over Jan's knees, bumside up. Jan spanked her and she arched up in pain. No cry escaped the gag, but Lori glared at Jan murderously.

Satisfied, Jan got up so Lori could be belted into the chair like I was. Then, everyone left leaving me alone with Lori, our chairs facing each other from across the narrow space. The only light was from a single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.

I gave a token struggle before trying to rest. Lori, on the other hand, wouldn't stop, despite only producing futile wiggles. Upon seeing me staring at her(She wasn't bad at all.), she gave me a look that seemed to say a combination of "Take a picture, It'll last longer," and "You're a man!Act like one and try to escape!"

I was amazed by this. She wasn't unpopular, but Lori was still a very polite, shy, and quiet girl when she wasn't around her friends. She was especially bad around guys. The weekend had really emboldened her, turning her from a boyshy, mother's girl; to a bold, profaning girl who had helped not only in my captivity, but also in an attempt to set me free.

Inspired by this, I wiggled again, not getting any results. But soon after Lori tried something new.

With a grunt that was audible through her multi-layered gag, she moved the chair a bit. Seeing how she had done it, I managed to do the same. For about a half-hour we moved toward each other, each knowing what the other was thinking. When we were close enough, we started to turn the chairs, bit by bit, until our hands could reach each other. They hadn't taped our fingers this time, and we tried to unravel the tape binding our wrists.

It was hard going, since tape had no knots to pick. The edge of my wrap was in a location where Lori couldn't reach it, but I eventually found her's and started to pick at it. She smiled under her gag and gave me a sarcastic,"My hero!" look.

I got about two turns unwrapped, before the door burst open. Lori's wrist binds were reinforced, and our fingers were wrapped in tape. We were removed from the chairs and made to stand.

"I guess we won't be showing you too much kindness in the future, after that little breach of trust," said Jan, referring to our our previously free fingers.

"Alright then. Tammy, Lori, we're going to have some real fun now. You guys like egypt?"

More girls came in with tape and some white sheets. They separately wrapped each of us tightly with two sheets each, until the only exposed part of our bodies were from the neck up. To ensure our mummification was a success, our each of our sheets were sewn shut. After the second sheet, tape was wound in a single band twice around the arches of our feet, our ankles, above and below the knees, our thighs, our waists, elbows and above and below the breasts.

We were set on the ground where we rolled around, mewing ineffectually through our gags, until we were placed side by side, facedown on the ground.

But the final step was about to commence. A pair of large burlap sacks were brought in along with our hoods. Lori and I looked at each other with fear in our eyes.

Jan then condemned us to the strictest measure of our captivity yet.

With glee in her voice she said, "Alright, bag and tag the bitches."

We screamed loud enough to be heard through our gags. Our ears were plugged with some kind of soft putty, instantly making us deaf. We looked at each other, the fear filling our visible faces the last thing we saw before we were hooded. Tape was wound around our eyes, mouth and neck to hold the hood on place, and to keep it in place while it was sewed to the sheets. There was enough slack to move my head a little, but the fit was snug, and the material pressed against my face.

I felt the burlap sack being pulled over me headfirst, my entire body being bagged before it was tied shut. It was then taped everywhere we had been taped when we had been wrapped in the sheets. To finish off, tape was once again wound round the neck, mouth and eyes, to fully secure the sack.

When they were done I wriggled like a worm. I could roll side to side, and I could inch forward a little, but barely. It made no difference anyway, since I couldn't see a thing, and my body was completely enshrouded.

I was picked up and carried. A minute later I was put in what felt like a small box. A second later, something that wriggled was placed in with me. It could only have been Lori.

It was a weird feeling. I could feel her struggle against me, and could feel pain when she kicked my shin in her thrashing, but I felt cotton, and maybe a little burlap. No tape, no ropes, no skin.

Either way, when we realized the other was there, we calmed down a lot, and stopped struggling. Stuck in this cramped box together, we were turned so that our butts touched, although it could have been her breasts. All I know is that my butt sank into it, so it was soft.

I was deaf, blind, mute, and could barely move. The things I could feel were the sheets, a little bit of the sack, my hood, the tape on my bare skin, the feel of wearing a girls' clothes, the gag around my head, and the stuffing in my mouth. And even some of these sensations were going away.

However, I was somewhat calm this time, and so was my partner, because neither of us was alone.
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