A different evening (F/M)

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A different evening (F/M)

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by Kinky-wolf » Fri Aug 15, 2014 7:38 am

A quick story, I figured it has some nude parts, so I decided to post it here ;)

Its thursday evening, 10:00 Am, and I've planned a simple robbing. I'm a 20 year old female, I've got long blond hair, wearing a tight black skirt and a black top. I've heard about a 17 year old guy, being home alone at the moment and decided to rob him from anything in his house, and leaving him tied up for his parents.
I approach the house, and decide to do it the easy way and just ask him if I can enter his house to make a quick phone call. Its a cheap and classic trick, often done in movies.
I approach the door, and ring the door bell, awaiting the boy to open the door.
After about 1 minute, the door opend. There he was, standing in the doorway.
He was a cute looking guy, he was wearing a black jeans, a red shirt, and green socks and he has long brown hair.
"Oh, hello" The boy replied with a nervous tone in his voice, probably wondering what I wanted.
"I'm so sorry for this inconvenience! Are your parents home by chance?" I said rather sarcastic.
"Oh no, I'm all alone actually.. what do you need?"
"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to bother you. But do you mind if I come in, and use your phone?"
"I would use my own, but its empty and I can't reach my father who should pick me up"
The boy's face started to look a little nervous, I could tell he was hesitating.
"It really won't take long, about two minutes if he picks up."
"Well, I guess thats alright." He replied back.

We started to walk inside, and entered the living room.
It was quite large, bigger than I thought. There was a large couch, several cabinets and furniture.
And a large TV screen in the room in front of the couch, what a place.
I saw the boy walking to the phone on the desk, and he handed me the phone.
"Thanks sweetie" I replied, as I was pretending to dial in a number, waiting to strike.
He then turned around, and I assume was waiting for me to make the phone call.
I slowly reached in my left pocket, and grabbed a pair of ropes I kept in there.
I slowly placed the phone down, and without waiting I grabbed his hands behind his back with one hand, and my other hand over his mouth to prevent him from screaming for help.
He was squirming and mmphhing loudly, but couldn't break my tight grip.
"Alright-ngg, listen to me boy! I'm here to rob you, so if you play along, you'll be fine."
Mmphhh..mhhh!! He moaned in return, and tried to break free from the grip.
"Look kid, we can do this easy or hard ok? Nod if you've understood me"
He hesitated for a second, but nodded.
"Alright, I'm going to remove my hand from your mouth, and bind your wrists together ok?"
He mpph't back and nodded.
I removed my hand from his mouth, and tied his wrists together using the rope.
"L-look, we don't have anything you can steal ok? My parents will --"
"Do nothing, I get it" I said while interupting him.
"Just try to be quiet alright, I've studied this little robbing for a week"
"There we go, your hands are tightly secure"
"Now, lets get you in the kitchen shall we?"
"Fine .." He replied back with a soft tone.
We went inside the kitche, wich also was quite a large room.
I forced him to sit down on the chair, and secured his wrists as he sits on the chair.
Than I tie some rope around his chest and the chair, to keep him secured.
"Now, your legs too"
He started to groan as I secured his legs with rope, fully restraining him on the chair.
"Thats it, now what am I forgetting, except the money" I reply with a smirk on my face.
"Nothing, just take the money and go.. my parents will be home soon, and get the cops y'know"
" Oh right, I know what I forgot" She replied, and fully ignoring me.
I then turn around the kitchen, looking for something sticky.
But there's nothing around I could use.
"Guess I'll have to do this the difficult way" I say as I turn around and face the boy.
"What are you talking about you crook?"
"Nothing, really" I reply sarcastic back.
"Try to stay here and keep still, got that?"
"Fine .. but, don't hurt me ok?"
"Don't worry sweetie, I won't think of it"
I leave the kitchen, and return to the living room.
"There must be something around here I can use" I thought to myself.
"Oh perfect,that should do it" I pick up a large cotton scarf that was left on the table.
I return to the kitchen, and watch how the boy still tries to struggle himself to get out.
"Aww, having a bit of trouble?" I smirk back at him.
"Shut up, you're never gonna get away with this!"
"Even in movies they say that alot, did it work? Jeez..
I reached under my skirt, and removed the black thong I'm wearing, stepping out of them.
Giving him a small peek on my butt, I stand back up, and look back at him.
"W-what are you doing??" The boy replied with surprise.
"Huh? O I thought you liked girls who'd strip like I do"
"I mean, I bet its a huge turn on for a guy like you"
"I-I don't k-know what you're talking about, scum!" He replied back in anger.
"Jeez, you went from handsome to really annoying you know that?"
"But don't worry, I've got just the stuff I need."
I approach the boy, and stuff his mouth with the thong I'd been wearing all day.
He was started to moan and struggle more with the wet thong in his mouth.
I then apply the scarf around his mouth, and keep the wet thong in his mouth.
"Thats alot better, don't you think?" I replied back, with a laugh.
Thnf Hmf dnfghftnng! HNTNM MM!!!
"What? I really didn't understand that"
I smirk back at him, and turn around to leave the kitchen.
"I'll grab what I came for kiddo, try to relax a little already"
I leave him squirming and moaning on the chair, and search the house for valuable stuff.

After about five minutes I've filled my pocket and walled with money and other stuff I could sell.
I return back to the kitchen, and watch him struggle as he looks back at me with an angry face.
"You know, before I'll leave you here for your parents, I think you'll still need a lesson."
Hntnm mm, hntnm mm plmhfm! !!
"Whatever, I think thats a yes, don't you think? I then bend myself, and stand in front of him.
"Maybe I should give you a little bit of fun, thats a good idea right?? I bet it is"
I remove the belt and pull his pants down, untill his blue brief is revealed.
"My my, you're having fun aren't you?"
He started to struggle a bit more, and had a red face all of sudden.
"You know, that bulge really says you're having fun, don't you think?"
"Well, you gave me your money so I'll give you something back"
I smirk back at him, and slowly pull his blue briefs down, revealing his tight dick.
I then look back at him, as he looks back at me with a nervous face and starts to moan.
I then rub his dick with my right hand, moving it up and down, giving him some fun.
He stars to moan trough the thong in his mouth, but he can't seem to resist having fun too.
I noticed I started to moan too, and covered my own mouth with my left hand while rubbing his dick with my other hand. After about a minute, he came, and shot his cum around the kitchen floor, while gasping trough his gag. I remove my hand from my mouth, and smile as I face him.
"Well, that was fun kiddo. But I've gotta go now, but I'm sure your parents won't mind"
I smiled, and left the house, leaving him moaning in the kitche, half nude.
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A good one :) .
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