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Post by BondageBoyFan »

StealMe wrote: 2 years ago My Gender: Male

Seeking: M/M or F/M, honestly either is fine! Sub or dom

"Must Haves" : Kidnap scenario, good ties & gags, fun dialogue, some intimacy

NO's : Anything too sexual like anal, bodily fluids, over violence

Methods of Messaging : PM only
I saw our post about Roleplaying, would you be intrested?
Come On! Gag me with that delicious underwear already <3
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Post by justice »

Your Gender: Male

Seeking: Any and all are welcome!

"Must Haves" in a RP: Huge fan of gags and gagtalk! Just don't expect a single piece of tape to do the trick

Things I will NOT do: Not into pain beyond some light stuff like spanking, scat, or blood

Methods of messaging: PM me here, we can message on the site or swap kik names then

More info: Definitely on a more submissive streak lately so I'm looking for someone who wants to tie me up! :D
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Post by Windrunner »

My gender: Male

Seeking: Any gender/orientation welcome

Must haves: Detailed descriptions of bondage, prefer consensual (or close to it) scenes, playfulness, dares, a hint of risk (exposure, "funishment", mild humiliation)

Won't/Nope: violence or clearly non-consensual sex.

Contact: PM here, if we "click", then move on to email or IM!

More info: Switchy, fetishistic (scarves, nylon, spandex), but also enjoy rope/leather/etc. I'm happy to RP or just exchange ideas and explore fantasies. Don't hold back - that "nobody else could possibly like..." thing might be something I like. Or just hadn't thought about yet. I can enjoy almost any kink if I understand how it pushes someone's buttons.

Being descriptive in your writing is more important than obsessing over grammar and spelling. If english isn't your primary language, don't let that hold you back - we'll both get to learn a little. :D
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Post by Kyle »

Gender: Male

Seeking: Prefer females, but will RP some scenarios with males

Must haves: I usually want to do things at least relatively realistically. Also, I don't expect perfect grammar, but I do need to be able to tell what you're trying to say.

Things I won't do: Anything really sexual, also if things get too focused on other fetishes (feet, socks, etc.) I'll probably stop. Definitely be an adult; while I don't do sexual RPs, it just looks weird, at best, if you're not an adult.

Methods of messaging: This site

Notes: I'm up for a lot of ideas, from more lighthearted stuff to serious kidnapping ideas. I'll RP with males or females, but am a little pickier what I RP with other guys. I'm a switch and actually like playing both roles in the same RP sometimes. I like the idea of two people being tied up having to work to escape (or maybe only one person escapes...). I'm NOT going to be on every day.
Deleted User 2217

Post by Deleted User 2217 »

Your Gender: Male

Seeking: Female

"Must Haves" in a RP: gags are great! Be descriptive, have fun with the story, I'm going to

Things I will NOT do: anything violent, gross, or too sexual

Methods of messaging: PM on this site

More info: I've recently gotten into couples in distress so that's a thing. You know what? Just pm if you're interested
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Post by Charmides »

Gender: Male

Seeking: M/M

RP info/preferences: Salutations! Just thought I'd put my info on here in case anyone's interested. Big fan of ropes, bandanas, other improvised means of bondage, etc. I'm especially fond of plot-driven, inventive scenarios; anything from gritty noir to superhero stories to sword-and-sorcery fantasies. As long as it involves bondage and gags (preferably elaborate and mouth-stuffing), I'm all in. Also, I'm fine as either captor or captive.

Things that make me slightly dubious: Apologies, but I'm not so into master/slave dynamics, major bodily pain, or gore/fluids.

Methods of messaging: Feel free to PM me! Otherwise, carrier pheasants.

Additional bits: As far as intimacy levels go, I'm generally okay with anything from non-sexual to moderately sexual (mileage may vary on what that means; sorry for the vagueness) -- we can certainly talk beforehand and lay boundaries, and figure out what we're both interested in/comfortable with.
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Post by Shiina »

Your Gender: Female

Seeking: Does not matter to me.

"Must Haves" in an RP: Anything that is not in my will NOT do

Things I will NOT do: anything bodily waste-related

Methods of messaging Discord/Hangouts/Kik PM me for one of these.

More info: More looking for sci-fi or fantasy related RP's
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Deleted User 3087

Post by Deleted User 3087 »

Gender: any dom / female sub (It's an RP :P )

Looking for: any dom / female sub

When I'm a sub:

Must: Crotch rope, this site only, realistic settings.
Must not: tight or full body clothing, magic, fluids, elbow bondage, nudity, mummification.
Preferences / Can do (depends on the other player): tickling, ball gag, blindfold, ear plugs, nipple play, dry orgasms

When I'm a dom

Must not: fluids, sex, nudity
Preferences (depends on the sub): blindfold, ball gag, crotch rope, tickling, ear plugs

What I'm into: friendly TUGs - by siblings, a close friend or a partner; I haven't enjoyed burglar or kidnapping based RPs much.

I'll keep editing this from time to time to indicate my current preferences.
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Post by Seventh Crow »

Gender: Male

Looking For: Female. Sub, switch, or dom. Could maybe do male, let’s not rule anything out.

Likes: Gags. It’s not a real tie up without it ;) My favorites are cleave, OTM, and tape.

Dislikes: bodily fluids including blood, excessive pain, “manufactured” bondage (harnesses, hoods, leather BDSM stuff)

More: I have pretty simple tastes, and am a rope-and-bandanna kind of person. I like real-life scenarios like home invasions and kidnappings, but I also love role playing in sci-fi or fantasy settings, or in a fandom. If we really hit it off maybe we can do something long term with more of a story. I’m fine with sexual content as well as long as we discuss it beforehand.

Contact: PM me and we can go from there.
Deleted User 3598

Post by Deleted User 3598 »

Your Gender: Male

Seeking: Female to switch with

"Must Haves" in a RP: Gags

Things I will NOT do: Violence or gore

Methods of messaging: PM on this site
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Post by Ducttapelover93 »

Gender: Male
Age: 25
Must haves: bondage, literacy, and time availability please don’t ask to roleplay and gave no time to actually roleplay.
Big no nos: waste play and people under 20 years old.
Means of playing: I’d rather play in kik (icekingx93), but can roleplay in pms, but like I said it’s not my favorite method.
Deleted User 976

Post by Deleted User 976 »

Your Gender: Male

Seeking: Female for F/M or M/F RPs

"Must Have's" In A RP: Being Bound And Gagged (Maybe Together?)

Likes: Socks, Pantyhose, Tights, Spanking, Humiliation, Crossdressing, Open To BDSM

Dislikes: Scat, Death, Extreme Violence/Dismemberment

Methods Of RP: PM, Discord, Kik
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Post by Terry »

Your Gender: Male

Seeking: Male to tie me up

"Must Haves" in a RP: Ropes, Tapes, Gags. The person tying ideally would be wearing a mask and wearing dark clothing just to make it more interesting.

Things I will NOT do: Nothing sexual or anything painful

Methods of messaging PM here

More info: None I can think of. If anything of note comes up, I'll bring it up in PM.
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Post by HannahHeroine »

Gender: Female

Seeking: Male or Female

"Must Haves" in a RP: Well, tie ups. I like gags too. Chair tie and OTM are my favorite. Something with a little story maybe?

Things I will NOT do: Pain, bio, leather, BDSM.

Methods of messaging: Message me here

More info: I'm kind of new to it but I'd like to learn.
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Post by Enriquezi »

Seeking Female subs/bottoms/rope bunnys

Must: like being tied up and gagged lol
Definetly not: Gonna mess with anything bodily waste/blodd/gore material

I have no soecific preference to materials or positions. Struggling damsels is the only thing i need :| :mrgreen:

We start chatting here but if we really going strong then i do have kik for rping
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Post by Tiedtothelife »

Gender: Male.

Searching: M / M being switch. F / M being only dom. I prefer that they are under 30 years old.

What I like: just innocent games. Attachments with ropes and ribbons, as well as simple jaws with tape or ball (preferably clean). Simple and simple links (without too much rope). Partial nudity (shorts or underwear). And of course, the torture of tickling.

What I do not like: anything sexual, total nudity, foot fetishism, extreme humiliation, public slavery, bodily fluids, "extravagant" gags (if you know what I mean), mummification, transvestism, leather or latex.

Media: Private message, Hangouts and Kik.

More information: Personally I prefer only the simple attachments of wrists and ankles. As for the positions, all are welcome. By the way, I am Spanish-speaking Mexican.
You know what's better than a boy tied and gagged shirtless? A boy tied and gagged shirtless on being tickled.
Deleted User 4370

Post by Deleted User 4370 »

Me: Male

Age: 25

Seeking: Females [as in born with female parts] for M/F

"Must Haves" in a RP: someone who will keep consistent... I hate when someone suddenly switches from blue jeans to a catsuit without warning)

Things I will NOT do: TV/movie star stuff, scat, bestiality, ageplay, gore, vore, vomit, etc.

Methods of messaging (PM, Skype, KIK, YAHOO!): PM here, Kik: alexusa.2019 (yes, that's a period/dot)

Scenarios: bf/gf, robbery, spies... I'll do things from simple friendly TUGs to extreme bondage kidnappings

Extra: I’ve always wanted to do a Pokemon RP with normal people tying people. If it sounds interesting to you, it's an idea. I like chatting and mutually deciding what we'll do instead of just throwing out demands.
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Post by mrc14 »

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Seeking: Female subs or bottoms for M/F.

Likes: Bondage with gagging, of course. I prefer tight than soft bondage, the more rope/tape the better. Also into tickling, I can't resist exposed zones.

Dislikes: Like almost everyone, nothing with body fluids or things like that. I don't like too simple messages, but apart from that, I'm open to suggestions.

Methods of messaging: PM in this site, since I don't use other site.
Open to chat and RP (M/F). Love bondage and tickling. Let me tie you tighter, and tighter, and tighter.... ;)
Deleted User 3814

Post by Deleted User 3814 »

Gender: male, 25

Seeking: female

Don’t like: anything too “extreme.” No whips, chains, torture. I’m perfectly fine with keeping it light.

Message me on here, if you’d rather talk on another messaging service we can figure that out.
Deleted User 4493

Post by Deleted User 4493 »

Gender: Male, 30

Seeking: Anyone who is willing to tie me

Very open to new ideas, willing to test new limits and gain insight from being tied. Open to all sorts of role plays be it fantasy, BDSM, or anything in between. Message me here and will transfer to kik if I feel comfortable.
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Post by tugnewb »

Gender: Male, 30.

Seeking: Female

Likes: Anything realistic!

Dislikes: Anything involving body fluids and that sort of thing.

Methods of messaging: Happy to PM here.
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Post by Rogue »

Name: Matt
Age: 30s
Gender: Male

Appearance: My height is 5' 9", with short brown hair usually combed back, and blue eyes.

Timezone: US, EST.

Preferred Partner: Female.

Bio/Interests: My name is Matt, and I am a very submissive male who loves to be bound, gagged, crossdressed, and humiliated! Other than the listed limits, I am open to almost anything else in an RP. Feel free to message me if you want to chat or RP!

-All types of bindings
-All types of gags
-Socks (Absolute Favorite!)/Stockings/Pantyhose/Tights; Wearing and Worshipping
-Cross-Dressing (The Cuter, More Girly Outfit, The Better!)
-Humiliation/Taunting By Captor
-Being held captive with other captives or captor
-Turning the tables on the captor (Depends on the scenario)
-Other Accessories (Blindfolds, Collars, Etc.)
-BDSM/Sexual Situations

-Excessive Gore/Violence

RP Standards: As long as you give more than one word or sentence replies, and put a little bit of effort into the RP, then that will work for me!

RP Scenarios/Settings: Finding me already captive, getting captured together, or capturing me. Setting wise, I am okay with modern, fantasy, and sci-fi. However I will most likely be open to other scenarios and settings, so if you want to try something, feel free to ask!
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Post by TheRealTugsfan »

Hello Everyone, not so new already, but i forgot to post this!

Gender: Male, 20

Seeking: Males and Females around my age

Likes: Well lots of things, realistic scenarios, high-tech, fantasy, with fictional characters

Dislikes: Physical Violence, pain, blood, watersports, unnecessary humilliation.

Methods of messaging: PM here! or ask for kik, I'll always answer before 2 days or so

Hope to hear from you! Glad to have returned to this comunity
Hey! I'm here, if you got a good rp idea or want a good chat, message me!
Deleted User 524

Post by Deleted User 524 »

Your Gender: Female

Seeking: Anyone

Must Haves: Caught in selfbondage. Preferably, me being caught in selfbondage

Things I will NOT do: scat, underage, animals.

Methods of messaging: PM, Email, Kik(message me for my Kik)

More info: I'm a bit of a submissive freak, but I like to Domme other girls. All roleplays will likely be me, or another girl, being caught in selfbondage
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Post by Call.Me.Master »

Hello everyone

I am seeking females or males for a special roleplay session.

It's simple, I am a dom who is offering my services to train anyone who desires to live a sub life for a few hours. This is not for everyone so please send me a message and we'll talk first. There is no underage allowed, 18+ only.

Items to be included in such session are various bdsm equipment: benches, tables, chairs, etc.

Various gags: ball, bite, ring, even tape and cleave gags.

If you have limits, I will always honor them.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

If you are interested send me a message.
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