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Hey everyone,

I know the site has been having issues running since we migrated to the new host. I have been busy with work and have just not had the time to address them. Please be patie t and let me get a free weekend so I can deal with them. I may need to reinstall the board, which is why I have been putting it off because that would take quite a bit of time.

Thanks for the patience.

story request

Have a request for a story that's suitable for all ages? Then post it here!
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story request

Post by Taimoormalik » 1 week ago

can anyone write a story about men bound and gagged by grandma and she spank him and tickle him and in the end diaper him and tied him up in small crib and laugh on him.

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Post by Solarbeast » 1 week ago

I am aware that this is a weird story to request but everyone has a different kink and as long as it stays within the guidelines of this site it is allowed to be here.

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