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Rules of the Site

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These rules are intended to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors. Members will be expected to observe them.

Parental Advisory
a. Children under 13 should get parental permission before accessing the board.
b. The "Stories for Everyone" forum, should be suitable for readers aged 13 or over.
c. The "Stories for Adults" forum should be accessed only by those aged 18 or over.
We can take no responsibility if parents/carers choose not to follow this advice.

Because this board is open 24/7 and used worldwide, we cannot guarantee to read every post. If you find a post that you think breaks the rules or that needs to be looked at, use the report button. This will alert the moderators and they will look into it. If members do not report a concern, the moderators might not be aware of it.

Posting Rules
a. Stories for Everyone: All posts made in this forum MUST contain only PG-13 content.
b. Stories for Adults: This is the forum when ALL stories containing adult content should be posted.
c. Community: In here, there can be a mixture of mature and PG-13 content. However, content must be tagged as such. Include either [PG13] for PG13 topics OR [MA] for Mature topics.

Visual Media
a. Any visual media containing anything considered "pornographic" or "nude" is strictly forbidden. This includes the depiction of female breasts and male/female genitalia. Any post that contains such depictions or that contains links to any website that depicts such material will be removed.
b. Photographs/videos of real people under the age of eighteen are strictly forbidden. Artwork, such as 3D renderings, paintings, and animations are allowed. Such depictions must lack any sexual undertones and must avoid violent themes.
c. The provenance of visual Media from outside the site and not belonging to you MUST be cited. This means that you MUST provide and describe the source of the visual media being posted.

Forum Etiquette
a. Inappropriate profanity and racial/offensive remarks are strictly forbidden. Any posts(stories/community topics) containing such remarks will be removed.
b. Political Posts are forbidden. Do NOT post anything politics related here.

Age Limits in Stories
a. Stories involving adults and minors in any tie-up situation MUST have no sexual undertones.
b. No extreme bondage, such as BDSM and pain, is permitted.

The Team -
a.Technical Support
i. Global Admin and Site Owner: Chadmc90
ii. Tech Admin: JohnSnow

b.Stories/Community Support
i. Board Global Admins/Moderators: Xtc
ii. Board General Moderators: BoundJana, Cj2125, Solarbeast, Veracity

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