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As you are aware, the website has been offline for over a week. This was due to our "wonderful" (and now ex) webhosts shutting us down because we were, and I quote, "overloading their servers." They were also sending those error 500 messages because the website was simply using more CPU resources than they would allow. So I decided to hell with them and just switched to another web host. It took a long time just for the transfer process for our domain name to complete. After several hours of working on this thing today, I finally got us back online. Hopefully the DNS servers will finish propagating soon so that everyone will finally have access to the site again.

I am sorry for this long of a downtime, and I hope that the increased CPU/Process allowances of our new webhost is enough to support our community. It will cost more per month to keep the site online, but thats always inevitable for growing websites.


Bondage model by choice

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Bondage model by choice

Post by slackywacky » 3 weeks ago

Title of Story : Bondage model by choice

Author : slackywacky aka FH

Gender Roles : MM/FF (most of the time, lots of variations)

Content Rating: MATURE 18+ (sometimes)

Status: Work in progress (66 chapters so far and counting)

Link to Topic: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2014

Tags: rope chains leather tape gags blindfolds indoor outdoor endurance

Synopsis: Linda becomes a bondage model and experiences all kind of restrictions as a model and in her personal life.

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