The Loop (?/FFF)

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The Loop (?/FFF)

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  • Title: The Loop
  • Author: TomYi
  • Gender Roles: ?/FFF
  • Content: PG-13
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Tags: time loop, mystery, kidnap, struggling, bondage, gags, masks, home invasion
  • Synopsis: Ever seen Groundhog Day? How about Happy Death Day? Well, imagine that, but with a whole lot of bondage!

    Heather, Miranda, and Nadine are trapped. Not just in ropes, but in time. Like clockwork, the three of them are repeatedly hunted down by a mysterious kidnapper in a gas mask. They are bound, gagged, and left to struggle until they inevitably fall asleep. They wake up on the same day every time, cycling over and over again.

    Why is this time loop occurring? Who is behind the mask? Will the loop repeat forever? Only time will tell...
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