It's In The Bag m/f

Start Date: October 1, 2018
End Date: October 31, 2018
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It's In The Bag m/f

Post by LordNelson »

It was a sight you don’t see everyday. Frankenstein’s monster was walking down the sidewalk of a quiet neighborhood in a quiet suburb of a quiet town. His shuffling steps made a scraping sound as the metal studs on the soles of his heavy boots dragged along the concrete. He paid no attention to the people around him and you might be surprised to know that they paid little attention to him but it was Halloween after all.

No one ran in fear, there was no mass panic, he was just another green faced ghoul out for the evening. Groups of costumed children quickly parted to let him pass as he proceeded directly along without so much as a glance at them. Adult chaperons also gave him plenty of space, he was huge and scary looking and added dramatically to the creepy atmosphere of the evening.

Mind you there were a few comments. The kids said mostly “wow” or “he’s cool.” He was cool, he had spent a long time perfecting his costume. Some of the adults said “look at the size of him, he is too old to be out for trick or treating”. He was big, five foot ten inches, and then add three more inches for the platform boots. One woman observed “he must be very intimidating when he comes to the door, look at his bag, it’s stuffed full, he gets lots of treats just to make him go away!” His bag was definitely full.

Slung over his shoulder was a grubby old burlap potato sack with a lumpy load in it. What no one had noticed was that he wasn’t going from door to door, he hadn’t collected a single treat.

At the end of the street was a playground. He carefully put down the dusty bag and sat on one of the benches. He opened the top of the bag and a pair of feet, clad in sneakers and bound at their slim ankles, flashed out and struck him the chest. He laughed.

‘I deserved that’ he said ‘you must be pissed off with me.’ He grinned and looked down at his little sister. She was thirteen years old, three years younger than him, and considered by many to be quite pretty. She was also, in addition to her captive ankles, bound just below the knees, by her wrists behind her back and finally by several wraps of rope around her arms and body just above and below her breasts. Each wrap of shiny white rope was perfect with not a single strand out of place, cinched tightly and well knotted. A single wide strip of silvery grey duct tape was placed perfectly straight over her mouth and smoothed out so that a faint outline of her pouty lips showed through.

‘Mmph mmph’ she groaned loudly confirming that she was indeed pissed off.

‘You shouldn’t have made that foolish bet with me’ he told her ‘you had to know I was going to win, I always do when you give me a tie up challenge. You said that if I tied you up and carried you down the street someone would try to rescue you. You didn’t say that I couldn’t stuff you into a sack.’

‘Mmph mmph’ she said again emphatically. He had a strong suspicion, correctly, that what she was saying was profane. Earlier that evening she was about to put on her costume when he swooped into her room with a hand full of ropes and a roll of duct tape, wrestled her to the floor and tied her up. She cursed him and threatened physical violence if she missed the Halloween party she was planning to attend, but that ended when he gagged her.

He had tied her up many times before but when and where was always by mutual agreement. Tonight, it was a totally one-sided abduction. ‘Uw ah uhn ey mm na’ she mumbled through the tape (Translation - You can untie me now).

‘Not so fast’ he replied ‘I’ll give you one more chance to prove that you are right.’ He closed the top of the bag, this time with her feet sticking out, her bound ankles in plain sight. He slung it over his shoulder again. ‘I’ll let you out when we get back home. We should be back in time for you to go to your party.’

He set out down the sidewalk again doing his finest Frankenstein shuffle. She on the other hand was screaming, cursing and threatening, as best she could with the adhesive gag securely neutralizing her lips and the smelly sack further muffling her protests. She wiggled and thrashed wildly, the bag swung from side to side.

This time he attracted much more attention but no rescuers, of course they all thought that her struggles were part of the show. There were also many more comments, all positive, about the excellent theatrics.

‘Dad, why don’t you get a costume like that next year’ said one little boy to his father ‘then you and mom could go out for Halloween together. Do you think she would mind being stuffed into in a bag like that?’

‘That’s’ a really great idea son’ he answered with a sly grin ‘and it doesn’t really matter what she thinks, I don’t think she’ll be in any position to complain!’
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Post by bondagefreak »

[mention]LordNelson[/mention] Another one of my favourite entries for this year's contest.
Really enjoyed this one, mate.

The ending really won me over ;)
I actually really enjoy M/F scenarios, so I'm hoping you'll reward us with a follow up at some point.
There's definitely potential here.

Keep it up!

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Post by mr bob »

love the story very much
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