Trappings of Love (M/M)

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Trappings of Love (M/M)

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“You can do this,” thought Richard. “Just walk in, get what you need, and get out of there.”

Richard was sitting in his car alone. Arguing with himself for the past five minutes, trying to drum up the courage to enter. No one he knew would be in there. But what if there was? So what if there was? So what if there was? Oh, just get on with it!

When the coast was clear, he entered the store. He was an adult, so what was wrong with going to an adult store? True, online shopping made these kinds of…private purchases more discreet, but how well could you trust online reviews? And half the clothing he ordered ended up being the wrong fit. With Valentine’s around the corner, he’d wanted something sexy to wear, even if it was just for himself for the time being.

Inside, the store wasn’t filled with demons or debauchery. No lewd acts or orgy pits. Instead, he saw rows of packaged and neatly arranged adult merchandise, a few mannequins modelling bras and underwear, and a store clerk behind a raised platform. No one else was inside.

“Come on in,” the store clerk said, motioning with his hand. Richard stood there, like a deer caught in headlights. The clerk set his phone down and began to stand. Richard jumped slightly. The store clerk stopped, then raised their hands slowly.

“Easy,” he said, “Name’s Diego,” the clerk said, extending his hand. “Been working here four years now, and I can spot a Nervous Nancy when I see one.” He smiled again. Diego equaled Richard in height, and had a calming charisma about him.

“Richard,” Richard said, meeting Diego’s grip. “Sorry, don’t mean to come off so jumpy. And yes, definitely my first time here. Or in any store like this. Or even stopping outside a store like this. I was in my car for what felt like forever trying to pump myself up to come in, but…I’m rambling.”

“No worries,” Diego said. “What brought you by? Anything in particular, or just seeing what’s in store?”

“Actually,” Richard started, “could you help me find some underwear? Something in red, to go with the Valentine’s thing.”

“Certainly,” Diego said, “Would these be for you, or someone else?”

“For me,” Richard replied. “Just me. Yep.”

Diego led Richard over to the display mannequins. There was one man and two women, each modelling different lingerie. One of the women mannequins had a white bra and angel wings set. The male mannequin wore a simple set of black briefs, which read “NAUGHTY” across the rear. Richard’s face contorted and Diego noticed.

“These aren’t for everyone,” Diego said. “Some guys want simple, others complex. Some want comfort, while others want all eyes on them. You mentioned Valentines, yes?”

“Right,” Richard said quickly. “Just something simple. But sexy. But not too sexy…?” He trailed off, visibly confused.

Diego considered Richard. He saw a man built bulky up top but lithe below the waist, with short brown hair, and dark green eyes. But past all that he was trying to see the art behind the marble.

“I have a few options in mind,” Diego said. “Busy shift doesn’t start for another hour, so let’s try them out and get you fitted with something you’ll enjoy.”

Richard was directed towards the back wall. Two fitting stations, each framed by black hanging curtains, became the venue for a montage of Diego handing new items behind the curtains while Richard tried on each one. A tall mirror was screwed into the wall. Richard tried on two sets of briefs, one pair of boxers with an extended sleeve, and one jock strap, which was mostly green and had a lace-up drawstring on the front pouch. Staring down himself in the mirror with the jockstrap, Richard heard the front door of the store open. He froze.

“I’ll be back,” Diego said. Richard stood there, trying not to make any noise. He tried to scoot his loose clothes towards the back wall, even though the curtain only fell to his knees. They’d notice him if they looked in his direction. A few minutes later, he heard the customer ring up their purchase and leave.

“Everything alright in there, Richard?” Diego asked.

“Yep,” Richard said. “I think I’m just about ready. It’s just…do you have any kinkwear I could try?”

“Of course,” Diego replied. “I’ll go grab something.”

While the store clerk stepped away, Richard tried to think through what to say. He’d wanted to try at least try some leather before leaving. He’d gotten over most of his reservations about coming here. There was still a bit of doubt, though, in admitting he had a bondage fetish. Even if it was to a stranger.

“Here you go,” Diego said, passing a bundle of leather through the curtains.

“Thanks,” Richard said. He took the straps from Diego and set them down. He removed the jockstrap and put on the new pair of briefs: black with a single red heart on the front and on the back. Next was the main set of leather straps: black leather trimmed with red that crossed in an X-shaped harness across his chest and back. It buckled on the tops of his shoulders but fit snuggly as is. Richard moved his arms up and down, looking at himself in the mirror, his pecs moving against the leather. There were also some leather cuffs in the bundle Diego had included, made of wide strips of leather with buckles on the outside and Velcro on the tips. Richard strapped them on comfortably around his ankles and wrists.

“These look great, Diego,” Richard said. “Minus wings and a bow, it looks like a kinky cupid.”

“Fantastic,” Diego said from behind the curtain. “You mentioned kinkwear and this was the perfect item for the season.”

“How much for the set?” Richard asked. “And for the jockstrap? I really liked how that fitted.”

“It’s $220 for the leather set, and $15 for the jockstrap.” Diego replied.

He’d come in willing to spend $50 on a few pairs of underwear, with funds he’d been setting aside for a while. He understood that the leather would be more expensive. It did look good, but he was also weighing how much usage he’d get out of it.

“If you’d like,” Diego started, “you could model it for me tonight and I’d knock off $30.” At that, Richard froze. He wasn’t ready for the other customer from earlier to see him in a jockstrap, let alone strangers seeing him in bondage gear.

“I don’t think so, Diego,” Richard replied. “This was fun, and I’ve really appreciated the customer service. But I, hey, why can’t I move?” Richard’s wrists were not moving. Just as he’d been considering taking the wrist restraints off, his hands seemed to be locked in place in the air in front of him. He felt the same rigidity in his feet now and couldn’t move his ankles any.

Diego parted the curtain, and in the mirror Richard saw him holding a touchpad. Richard tried to turn but couldn’t move his wrists or ankles an inch. He put his entire body weight into moving just his right hand, but it didn’t budge.

“Magnets in the restraints,” Diego said. “And stupid large magnet bases in the ceiling tile above you and the carpet below you. Let’s turn you around.” His fingers moved across the touchpad and Richard felt his arms and feet pivot in place. His feet skidded across the carpet. His wrists moved around him in a circle held at the same position. Diego stepped forward. When Richard tried to back away, he could move his chest and head but not his limbs.

“I promise to let you go.” Diego said. “I’m in need of a model, though. This new restraint system came without a mannequin, and even if it did it wouldn’t really demonstrate the usability that well. So, $30 off the whole bundle if you help me. I’ll even let you borrow a mask or blindfold for the night. Your choice.”

“Really, I’m not sold on the idea,” Richard said. He pulled harder at the wrist restraints now.

“You misunderstand,” Diego said. “It’s your choice of mask or blindfold. You’re definitely working tonight.” He pressed his fingers to the pad again, and Richard felt his feet drag against the carpet once more, this time forward. Towards Diego and beyond the seclusion of the curtains. “The track doesn’t go everywhere in the store, not yet at least.”

The store clerk walked backwards at a slow pace, keeping his eyes on Richard. Earlier, he’d set the system to register to Richard’s height. It wouldn’t pull his limbs in any direction beyond those points, but he didn’t want to injure his model by accidentally running him into any of the metal aisles.

“Here we go,” Diego said. They’d stopped moving in front of a wall of fetish wear. More lingerie, but also blindfolds, leather masks, gags, and paddles. “So, what’ll it be?”

Richard didn’t say anything. He was trying to work out what had happened. Could he get his chest over one of the magnets to interrupt the flow? He doubted that would work. Could he yell for help? Would he want to?

“Blindfold it is,” Diego said. “You know, “Love is Blind” an all that, right?”

“I thought that was Justice?” Richard asked.

“No,” Diego said. “I’m sure there’s at least five songs and maybe one book around “Love is Blind”. Let’s go with a ballgag too, since you’re less of a Negative Nancy and more of a Chatty Cathy.” He reached for a black blindfold and a red ballgag on the fetish wall. Richard tried to move away each time Diego tried to apply them.

“Enough of that, now,” Diego said, irritated. He brought out the touchpad again and Richard felt his wrists move, closing in on his head until his wrists pressed firmly against it. Now he couldn’t even move his head out of the way, thanks for the magnets. Diego deftly maneuvered the blindfold over Richard’s eyes and ears. The ballgag went in next, buckling tightly against the back of his head, and Richard heard a small padlock clicking shut. Diego then added his final piece of equipment. He went to one of the female mannequins and retrieved the white angel wings. He moved behind Richard and secured them to his leather harness.

Richard couldn’t move, see, or speak. He wasn’t sure what Diego was doing behind him, but his attention quickly shifted when he heard the store door open. His sweat ran cold.

“Here we go,” Diego said. “The first wave for the night shift seems to be starting. Let’s reposition you to…you know what? Nevermind. This is supposed to be interactive equipment, so I’ll just let them move you however they want.” Richard heard Diego step away to greet the new entrants. The gag was locked on, but he never remembered Diego locking the restraints. Maybe with a bit of maneuvering he could get his hands free. He’d need to move fast. For now his hands were close to each other but there’s no clue what positions he’d be stretched into soon.
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Post by Xtc »

Thanks for entering the Short Story Contest. A bit of a weird idea for me but I still hope you will also participate in the next one. We need variety!
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Such a cool idea!! I'd be very happy to find out what happened next. 😏
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