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Summer camp trial run (m/F)

Contest starts 21st June
Contest ends 19th July
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Summer camp trial run (m/F)

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“You know you are not prepared for going to this camp.” Her brother said.

Samantha, Sam for short, was sitting at the kitchen table with her 2 years younger brother, Mat. She had applied for a summer job at a nearby camp and was discussing it with him, as he had been to several similar camps. The 18-year-old looked older than she was. Dressed in shorts, a sleeveless T-shirt and toe-slippers, she had her long natural blond hair in a pony tail, as the temperature had finally reached summer values.

“What could happen?” She asked her brother. “They are 12-year old’s.”

“Twelve-year old’s who will look at you like you are the best thing that ever happened to them. They probably think they died and went to heaven.” He replied.

She had to agree that she looked great, but she was not vain. Perfect hips, perfect breasts, slim waist, long legs and the blond hair had made her popular in schools with most of the boys, but she had shown no interest in them, she had focused on her school work.

“And since it is a Cowboy themed camp, you know what will happen.” He continued.

“What will happen?” She asked surprised.

“You’ll get tied up. And once that happens, there is nothing you can do.”

“Oh, come on, not everybody is a boy scout.”

“When I tied you up when I was younger, I did not know what to do. Nowadays kids have internet. There is all kind of escape challenges on YouTube, you think they don’t know how to tie you up? I can tie you, so you won’t escape.”

“I always got out of your ties, as far as I remember, although it has been a while since you tied me up.”

“You won’t let me. The last time I asked if I could tie you up was years ago.”

Their relation had always been friendly and open, and they had helped each other whenever one of them needed help with something.

“You think I should not go to this camp?” She asked.

“No, I don’t want those kids to miss the opportunity to prove you wrong.” He laughed.

Sam pouted, annoyed with Mat’s reaction. She had looked forward to the camp, but she had not considered the consequences her brother had mentioned.

“Having you as their prisoner will make them very happy.” He said, while cleaning up some stuff from the table.

“The other leaders will not let it happen.” She countered.

“Yeah, right. All the male leaders will look at you in the same way as the younger kids will do and the female leaders will gladly help anybody getting you out of the way, so they can chase the male leaders. Mom and dad have sent me to enough camps to witness that particular behavior.”

Sam had to agree that he was right. She also had been to a few camps when she was younger, and it always seemed to be a hot bed for short term relations for the unmarried or unattached leaders, and sometimes the married ones.

“I have to go to soccer soon, it is almost noon.” Mat said. “How about a little wager?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“I will tie you up downstairs in the basement and you either get out on your own, or you will have to wait until I get back from soccer. Mom and dad will be out till this evening, I’ll be away for 3 or 4 hours, that should give you enough time to escape my evil clutches.” He said, grinning like an evil henchman.

The blond woman considered the implications.

“I don’t have to work today, so that is good, I was going out with Cindy later, but she has to work till 5, so that will not cause a problem either, because I will be long free by then. Ok, let’s do this.” She boasted.

“I suggest you go to the bathroom before we head downstairs.” Mat said, looking very enthusiastic now that he could tie his older sister up again.

She had been right in stating that she escaped almost every time, the few times she had not was more down to luck than his tying skills. He understood she was optimistic that she would escape again. But like he said earlier, the internet was a great resource on how to tie up people, so they could not get out and he figured he had some surprises in store for her.

“I will get the ropes, we’ll meet downstairs.”

Sam nodded and headed for the bathroom while Mat ran to the garage, gathering a bunch of ropes his dad used for when they used the trailer. He did find a role of duct tape, but it was almost empty, so he left it and headed to the basement.

“You are going to use all of that?” Sam said when she entered the basement, eyeing the pile of rope he had brought back.

The basement was unfinished, his dad had started on putting up some internal walls, but had not finished it yet. The only closed of area was the water heater, furnace and electric panel area. The lighting was minimum, creating all kinds of shadows in the large area.

“Maybe, depends.” He said, leaving his options open.

“Okay, mister kidnapper, where do you want me?” She said, looking around the dimly lit area.

“Since the camp is a cowboy camp, if you get tied up, you probably end up against a pole, so I figured we’ll use one of the 2 by 4’s that dad used for the framing.”

The framing was far from complete and there were enough locations where the interval between the vertical beams was more than it would be once finished, creating a whole bunch of locations that could be used for tying a prisoner to.

“Please stand with your back to this beam and put your hands behind it.” He asked her.

A little nervous, she did what he asked. He picked up one of the ropes, 10 feet long and walked behind her.

“Palm to palm, please.” He said, when he noticed she had crossed her wrists.

Sam adjusted her wrists and she felt the rope being wrapped meticulously around her wrists.

“Auw. That is way to tight.” She complained.

“Sorry, I have not done this in a while and I am trying to do a good job.” He replied. “Not that the kids at camp will care about how tight you will be tied.”

“True. But that does not mean you have to hurt me.”

He redid the wrapping, making it snug, but not as tight as it was before.

“Why did you use such a long rope?” She asked, trying to look back at him.

“You will find out.”

He wrapped about ten wraps around her wrists with the quarter inch rope, before he wrapped it around the wraps and between her hands, cinching the rope and tying a knot. There was still enough rope left, but for now he let it dangle.

“That is still pretty tight.” Sam said, while wriggling her arms.

“Duh, I don’t want you to escape this time.” He said.

While Mat got another 10 feet of rope, Sam tried to find the knot of the rope holding her wrists and she was surprised she could locate it easily. She decided not to say anything, after all it was her task to escape from his tie.

“Kick off your slippers, sis, and put your heels against the wood.” Mat said.

As he was sitting in front of her on the floor, she could see how he wrapped the rope around her ankles and cinched it. He used the leftover rope to wrap it around her already bound ankles and the wooden beam, cinching it between the beam and her feet.

“Wow, that is definitely snug.” She said.

“Not done yet.” He replied.

While grabbing another rope, he looked at her and smiled.

“Think you still can escape?” He asked.

She almost told him that if she could get to the knot on the ropes around her wrists, she could escape, but she didn’t and just waited for him to finish.

He started wrapping the rope above her knees first, doing what he did to her ankles, tying them first together before tying them to the beam. Even if she had not been tied to the beam, she would still have been tied at knees and ankles.

“Ready for this?” He asked her after picking up an even longer rope.

“Ready for what?” She asked him.

He wrapped the rope around her elbows and started pulling them together. She suddenly became conscious about the fact that pulling her elbows together meant her breasts were pushed further out and she was not wearing a bra.

“Do you need to do that?” She asked, but Mat did not stop.

Carefully he started to wrap more loops around her elbows, before cinching the rope. He had a lot of rope left and wrapped it around her upper body, above and below her breasts.

“I think you have done enough now.” She said when he finished the knot.

“One more rope.” He added.

The last long rope went around her waist and the pole, including her already bound wrists. Suddenly she was not so sure anymore reaching the knot around her wrists was going to make a difference. Even with her wrists free, she was pretty sure she would never reach the knot of the rope around her elbows. When Mat was done with the rope around her waist, he used the left-over rope from her wrists to cinch it and tied several knots out of reach of her fingers.

“You did not think I would leave a knot that easily within reach?” He asked her, seeing how she realized she was helpless.

“And all this you learned on the internet?” She asked him.

“Yep, and much more, but that is for another time.” He grinned.

Sam tested the ropes and found she could not find anything that would help her break free.

“Okay, so what now?”

“I have to go to soccer, I’ll be back in roughly 3 or 4 hours. I will not gag you, as that might be too dangerous when I am not around. Feel free to escape and do something else this afternoon, otherwise I’ll see you once I get back.”

With those words Mat ran up the stairs, leaving his sister helpless in the basement. He turned the lights off, leaving her in the pitch dark.

“Help.” She called out, knowing quite well that nobody but Mat could hear her.

It took a little while before it sunk in that she was helplessly tied to the pole. Her fingers could not find a knot that would be useful for release, the ropes around her upper body, waist, knees and ankles kept her firmly tied to the 2 by 4. The wood itself did not move, no matter how much she tried to move it.

“Help.” She tried again when she heard the front door close.

There was no reply and no help coming. Slowly the tight ropes did their magic and when Mat returned 4 hours later, he found a flustered sister still tightly tied where he left her.

“I am so definitely going to this camp.” She said when he started to release her. “Thank you for helping me make my mind up.”

Mat could only smile, he suspected there would be plenty of opportunities in the future to tie his sister up. Life was good!

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This was utterly adorbs! A throughly enjoyable, light hearted romp. Thanks for sharing :)
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Post by slackywacky »

You are very welcome. There is a continuation in the regular section of the site (in case you had not seen it yet)

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Post by BindPam »

Nice story! I liked the characters, and the idea of a bet.

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Post by slackywacky »

BindPam wrote:
6 months ago
Nice story! I liked the characters, and the idea of a bet.
Thank you.

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