March 24th (M/F x3, F/F)

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March 24th (M/F x3, F/F)

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March 24th. The 83rd (84th on leap years) day of the year.

It doesn’t seem like an important date to the average person. Some remember that it marks the day that Elvis Presley was drafted into the army in 1958 or the day that Great Britain passed the Quartering Acts in the American colonies in 1765.

But it’s also a day that many birthdays are celebrated, such as NFL legend Payton Manning or pro wrestling’s The Undertaker and Jake Hager (fka Jack Swagger) or actor Jim Parsons. But one that stands out the most to this author is the birthday of Harry Houdini, renowned magician and escape artist.

A fellow magician herself, Zatanna Zatara held Houdini in high regards and tried to incorporate one or two of his act into her own, most notably her escape from a straitjacket while upside down (of course, she was gagged to prevent her from taking the easy escape route).

But it’s the weirdest thing: every March 24th for the past several years, Zatanna managed to get herself bound and gagged.

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s see how Zatanna has spent each March 24th for the past three years:

Three Years Ago

Zatanna was performing at Jump City Theater on the date in question. She had just finished creating a dazzling light display when her assistants had wheeled out a giant upside down hat.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen,” the magician announced, “I know that many magicians before me have pulled rabbits out of a hat. However, I like to steps things up a notch. Now then...”

The assistants tilted the hat towards the audience. “As you can see, there is nothing in the hat.”

The assistants tilted the hat back to normal at Zatanna tapped the brim of the hat with her wand. “Now then, let’s see what’s in the hat now.”

Cracking her knuckles, Zatanna reached in and pulled out...a lamp that was at least six feet tall, a steel folding chair, a wedding cake, and...a boxing glove that suddenly sprang out and bopped the magician on the nose, causing her to fly back?!

The crowd’s oohs and aahs turned into sharp gasps of shock as one of the assistants turned and punched her fellow assistant in the face, knocking him down. She ripped off her face(?!) to her reveal...Harley Quinn?!

Suddenly, the Clown Prince of Crime sprang out from the hat. “Tah-dah!” he bellowed as he pulled out a bazooka and shot its contents at his foe.

When Zatanna looked down, she was mummified from head to toe in pink ribbon with a huge bow resting on her back. And unfortunately for her, some of the ribbon was wrapped around her mouth, silencing any spells she could try.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Joker announced, “there’s been a slight change of schedule. Instead of a boring ol’ magic show, I now present to you: Joker’s Comedy Hour!”

The crowd’s reluctant applause quickly turned rapturous when several muscular goons in clown makeup burst in brandishing machine guns.

“Now, while I do perform this little act of mine for free, I do encourage a small donation,” Joker said as the goons waved their guns around, ordering the audience members to take out their wallets and remove their jewelry.

As the clown droned on about poultry crossing avenues, Zatanna slowly rolled towards backstage, hoping to sneak away to find a knife or a pair of hands to free her before any of those face-painted freaks spotted her.

Two Years Ago

Zatanna was in her dressing room repairing the tears in the sheet she used while making caged tigers disappear.

“Dumb tiger,” she muttered as she readjusted the thimble on her thumb. “I told my assistants that we should’ve had it declawed before we let it anywhere near-“

Looking down, Zatanna realized she was out of thread. Knotting off what she had left, she called out, “Hey, can somebody please get me a new spool?”

There was no answer. “Hellloooooo?” she sang out, still not receiving any answer. She walked towards the door when a gloved hand reached out from the doorway with a spool of thread.

“Thanks,” Zatanna said as she started to walk back when she casually glanced back to see which assistant handed the spool to her.

Instead of seeing any of her assistants, she was met with a blast of plush rabbits, sending her flying back. Staggering to her feet, she was met with the blue face of Teen Titans nemesis Mumbo Jumbo.

“Mumbo?! What did you do to my assistants?!” Zatanna demanded.
“Them? Why, they’re a bit tied up at the moment,” he explained coyly.

Rolling her eyes, Zatanna raised her wand. “dnaw s’obmuM barg, dnaH!”

A hand made out of blue light spawned from the wand and lunged at the wand Mumbo wielded. The sinister sorcerer twirled his entire body, causing the blue hand to whiz by him. When the hand turned back around to grab the wand again, Mumbo took his hat off, caught the hand in the hat, and then tapped the hat’s brim with his wand.

“Presto change-o!” he exclaimed.

Suddenly, a giant version of the hand (now covered by a white magician’s glove) appeared right behind Zatanna. With Mumbo making a crushing gesture with his own hand, the hand swooped down and gripped the girl, pinning her arms to her side.

“What a gripping way to ensnare a fellow magician,” Mumbo complimented himself. “You really gotta hand it to me on this one.”
“Your puns make me want to jab my fingers into my ears,” the sorceress groaned. “pirg s’dnah siht esa-MMM!”

Zatanna’s spell attempt was cut off by a series of brightly-colored handkerchiefs being tied around her mouth.

“Gee, Zee, you must be face-palming yourself over how easy it was to defeat you,” Mumbo joked. “Seriously, you really gotta knuckle down next time, because it’s not easy defeating such an awesome magician such as moi.”

He then reached into his hat, pulled out a scroll, and unraveled it, letting all ten feet of the paper stretch across the dressing room. “Now then, while I have your attention, I want to share with you some notes I have on your act and how I think you can improve it. I hope you don’t have pee, because I have a LOT of notes.”

As Mumbo started babbling about rabbits and card tricks and sawing people in half, Zatanna squirmed around in her handsy bondage, trying to look for an opening she could exploit and exploit soon, because this, hands-down, was not a note-giving session she wanted to sit through.

Last Year

“I do not get this at all. I wield technology from the 64th century, but no one attends my shows. Yet you pull out a few card tricks and they all go gaga over you?!”
“Probably because I don’t use my card tricks to rob the people I perform for, Abra!”

This year, Zatanna was being held captive by Abra Kadabra, member of Flash’s rouge gallery. This time, she was restrained with some sort of futuristic metallic lasso that was wrapped from her shoulders to her hips, pinning her arms to her side. She was anchored down with electric currents that were attached to magnets Abra had sprinkled on the floor.

“Look, it’s not that I rob people for the hell of it,” Abra explained. “I merely desire payment for the shows I perform. Is that so much to ask for?”
“Last I checked, you advertise that attending your shows is free to attend in order to draw in as many people. That’s when you hypnotize them into emptying their wallets.”

Ignoring Zatanna’s (true) accusation, Abra continued. “Anyways, I, Abra Kadabra, have decided to expand my audience to your own in order to create a monopoly of sorts. Ergo, that is the reason why I will be taking over your show today.”

Zatanna shook her head. That won’t be hap-MMPH!”

Not even giving her the chance to cast an escape spell, Abra shot an electric blast from his wand, launching strings that made a W-shape over her lips, preventing them from opening.

“Mmm!” Zatanna growled.
“Sorry, but you-I mean I am going on in five.”

With that, the futuristic magician headed out of her dressing room and slammed it shut, leaving his fellow magician bound in restraints that didn’t technically exist yet.


Well, that was the last straw for Zatanna. She decided that this March 24th, she wouldn’t wind up bound and gagged by anyone. Thus, she cancelled her show for that day and decided to just hang out with a friend of hers.

“Thanks for having me over,” she told Barbra Gordon as she sat down on her couch.
“No prob,” Barbra replied, bringing in a bowl of popcorn from the kitchen. “I think us heroes are entitled to at least one day off from crime-fighting every now and then.”
“Amen to that! So, what are we watching today?”
“Hmm, well there is a documentary about Harry Houdini,” Barbra innocently said as she scrolled through Netflix, unaware of the twitch that started in her friend’s eye.

Zatanna muttered a few things under her breath. In the blink of an eye, Barbra was bound. She was wrapped in a full-body straitjacket with her arms further pinned down and her legs held together by several layers of chains. Her mouth was now filled with a plethora of socks that were held in place by a large white scarf tied over her mouth and nose.

”What?” Barbra asked herself as Zatanna stormed out of the apartment. ”What did I say?”

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