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Here are the results of the latest story competition. Several judges thought that the general standard was several pegs up on the previous one. I shall follow previous suggestions from the membership that only the first three places will be announced. The remarks are digests of what the individual judges said.

First Place - Anniversary Weekend and a Soccer Game by Mineira1986
A simple idea that fits the theme best. Well written, fun to read. The interactions between the characters felt real. I like the way she teased him into thinking he'd see the game but then tormented him. It's how I'd like to spend an anniversary some day.

Second Place – 131313 by RopeBunny
Another twilight-zone candidate, worked the contest's theme well while not becoming too repetitive. Fun, different, and very well written. A mystic magic and the recurring time theme again without stating it as such

Third Place – Hotel Bound by slakywacky
Well written, definitely in keeping with the theme. Fun, good bondage, and relatable. He is one of our best authors and here he again showed us why. A fun setting to begin with, great writing technique.

The lock will soon be removed to allow members to comment on the stories and the awards will soon be added to the authors' profiles. (I don't "do" tech and Chad or John will do it a soon as they are able.)

Thank you to ALL who entered, it has been a pleasure reading the stories.
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