Cancelled Plans (M/FF)

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Cancelled Plans (M/FF)

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"So are you excited?" Jenny asked, her heeled ankle boots making a slight clicking sound as she walked down the college campus sidewalk.

"Uhh, are you kidding? Of course I'm excited!" Emma replied, t-strap heels tapping alongside her friend. "We've tied each other up before, but getting a pro to tie up both up at the same time and make it feel real? Great idea Jen."

Jenny shrugged. "Don't thank me, thank Ashley, she's the one who suggested him. Once I heard you could customize your experience to fit your dream fantasies, I was hooked."

Emma grinned, and then started speaking in a manly tone, trying to imitate the voices she'd heard in old movie trailers. "Two college girls are getting ready for a fun night out when one of them answers the door, expecting friends, only to be met by a terrifying robber who has come to cancel their plans. Angry to find out that the two college students have nothing of value, the intruder tightly binds and gags them both and leaves them alone to fend for themselves. Will they escape? Tune in to find out!"

"Tune in? I don't want anyone tuning in!" They both laughed.

Emma looked at her phone. "4:32. Just under four and a half hours left. You told Cindy to come rescue us right? Think she can stay awake until 1 in the morning?"

"Yep, I'm sure." Jenny said. "If anything, the website says they swear to stay at the house until the rescue. If nobody shows up, they'll release you themselves while keeping to the storyline. It's totally foolproof."

"Awesome. No pervy stuff though, right?"

"Nope. Not unless you ask for it. Which I didn't. They just stick around to make sure you don't hurt yourself I guess. I'm sure there are plenty of perks to that though" She added, winking at her friend.

"Oh stop...we do make pretty sexy damsels though."

"We SO do." Jenny exclaimed.

Later that night...

*ding dong* *ding dong*

The doorbell rang to the two girl's small apartment, situated just off campus grounds. The girls appreciated that privacy for the obvious reasons.

"Is that him?" Emma excitedly asked as Jenny walked to the door, now wearing a glittery gold spaghetti strap mini dress with sheer brown tights and strappy black heels, her light brown hair hanging loose at her shoulders. She raised herself up on her toes and looked through the peephole, then directed a mischievous grin back at her friend, now sporting a long sleeved green glittery mini dress, dark tights and shiny green high heels, her dark brown hair pulled into a ponytail. "I think that's him!" she said, and opened the door.

A large, muscular man stood before her, holding a black gym bag and wearing an all black outfit consisting of a hoodie, pants, gloves and a ski mask. Even his shoes were black. Before Jenny could take all of this in however, he roughly shoved her aside. Not hard, but enough to get her to move.

He stopped between the two college ladies, turned and pointed back to Jenny. "You. Valuables. Now."

"I guess it's starting already" Jenny thought to herself. She closed the front door behind them. "Um, I'm sorry, but we don't have anything. I'm going to have to ask you to leave, or I'm, uhh, calling the cops!" She held up her phone as a faux threat, the number pad pulled up on the screen.

In a flash, the man covered the short distance between them and snatched the phone out of her hands. "Uh uh uh. Not so fast young lady. Jewelry. Wallets. Chop chop."

Emma stepped forward, playing her part. "I'm really sorry sir, but we don't have anything on us right now. If you want, I can go find an ATM and-"

The man interrupted her with a loud laugh. "Do you think I'm stupid? Nobody keeps ALL their money in the bank. Why, you lovely ladies look like you were about to head out tonight. I know you have some cash lying around somewhere. Where. Is it." Just then, Jenny's phone buzzed in the man's hand and he looked at it, then smirked.

"Who is it?" Jenny asked, still not taking things too seriously, but the man ignored her and started typing something on her phone. Jenny thought that was a little weird, but it wasn't like he could be hacking it or anything. "Who is it?" she asked again.

The man finished typing, looked up at her and smirked again. "Someone who wanted to come over tonight. Not Cindy, don't worry. I declined on your behalf. That alright?"

"Oh. Okay, yeah." Jenny answered. That made sense. The last thing she needed was one of their friends showing up and ruining the whole thing. Especially one that didn't know about their kink.

The man tossed Jenny's phone onto the couch beside them. "Now, if you're not going to tell me where I can find your valuables, I'll just have to go look for them myself. But I can't just leave you two unattended, no no, that'll never work. What to do. I've got an idea!" He opened the zipper on his gym bag and pulled out a small coil of white rope. Both girls couldn't help but smile. The man smiled too. He turned and pointed to Emma. "You, stay there, don't move." Emma did as she was told, not that she ever thought about doing anything different. The man returned his gaze to Jenny. "And you. Hands behind your back." Jenny obliged, and as the man began tightly wrapping the rope around her wrists, she glanced at Emma with excitement in her eyes. Emma winked back in response. "This is going to be the best night ever." they both thought.

A little while later, the two girls were lying next to each other on the floor while the man rummaged around in the other room. Well, lying would be putting it mildly. More specifically, they were lying on their stomachs wriggling around wildly, with their wrists tightly tied together with rope behind their backs and their arms further pinned to their backs with bands above and below their breasts and at their waists. Their legs were also securely bound, the bright bands of white contrasting against the dark sheen of their tights at their ankles, knees and thighs. A few extra bands of rope had also been added around Emma's feet to keep her heels on, which she greatly appreciated. As a finishing touch to the ties, their feet had been firmly drawn up to their wrists until their heels were touching their hands. Finally, both girls mouths had been stuffed with two clean socks apiece and secured in place with a couple of their own scarfs, each wrapped twice through their lips and cinched at the back of their heads, keeping their jaws propped open and puffing their cheeks out. To a novice, this predicament may have looked uncomfortable and likely would be. But the girls were enjoying every second of it.

Enjoying themselves so much in fact, that they hardly even noticed the man come back into the room and sit in a chair opposite their tightly bound forms. His bag was practically empty at this point, and he hadn't stolen any valuables to fill it back up with either. But the sight before him was more than valuable enough. He checked the time: 9:46. A little over three hours until he had to bid his ado. Not that he was wishing the time would go by faster. As the girls continued to revel in their blissful bondage, the man sat back and reveled in some bliss of his own. This was an especially enjoyable night.

One month later...

October 29th. Not quite Halloween, but both girls were still dressed up in their costumes for the year anyways. For Emma, a red and black frilly dress that stopped at her mid thigh, white thigh high socks with black bows at the top, bright red high heels, and a long red cloak with a hood. Jenny meanwhile had gone full on Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, complete with a tight latex body suit, latex mask and high heeled boots. She thought the costume felt appropriate for the occasion.

*ding dong* *ding dong*

Jenny excitedly ran to the door as fast as her boots would let her. The man was right on schedule, compared to being several minutes late the first time around. She lifted herself up and peered through their peephole. "Is that him?" Emma said behind her, just as excited as last time. She couldn't wait to be tied up with her best friend again.

Jenny turned around with a puzzled look on her face. "I don't know." she said. "He wasn't like this the last time we met." She opened the door, and before them stood a skinny but fit young man in his late 20's, wearing a jacket, t-shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers. He was carrying a large brown suitcase and an IPad.

The man looked down at Jenny's outfit. "Jenny and Emma, I presume?" he said with a sly grin.

"Yes, hi, I'm Jenny." she responded, still confused.

"Nice to meet you Jenny. My name is Dave from Bondage4Hire. May I come in?"

"Uh, sure." She stepped aside, and Dave caught a glimpse of Emma.

"Ooh, Red Riding Hood? The better to tie you up my dear." He remarked.

He cleared his throat. "Sorry, bad joke, couldn't help myself. Alright, so before we get to the fun stuff, since this is your first time I'm going to need you to sign some forms real quick." He started tapping on the tablet. "Just give me a second here..."

Jenny stood there, completely perplexed now. "First...time?"

Emma stepped forward. "Yeah, we've hired you guys before. You came around last month."

Dave looked up. Now it was his turn to be confused. "Are you sure? I don't remember you girls at all. Did the person you had your experience with happen to be a woman by chance?" Both Jenny and Emma shook their heads.

"Well I'm sorry ladies, but that's the only two employees we have who do the actual tying. Not exactly a common profession, if you know what I mean. And we always have you sign the forms before your first time."

Jenny's face behind her mask turned as white as the stitches on her suit. "You haven't...fired anyone since then?"

Dave laughed. "No, heavens no. Sylvia is brilliant at what she does." He started looking something up on his IPad as Jenny and Emma both stood in shock. "Ah, here we go. It says here you two had a session scheduled in September, but cancelled the night of. Which sucks for us, but you know, totally understandable given the situation. People chicken out all..." He trailed off as he suddenly realized what the girls were implying. "Oh...oh no."

Jenny said nothing, but walked over to the kitchen table and picked up her phone, skimming through her past text messages with shaking hands. And then, there it was. A message from an unknown number, the bondage company, which read:

Thank you for choosing Bondage4Hire! Just to confirm, here are the customizations you selected for your bondage experience:

Date and time: September 27th, 9 p.m.-1 a.m.
Type of session: Robbery
Scenario: Getting ready for a girl's night out
Preferred bondage material: Rope
Preferred gag: Stuffed cleave
Method of escape: 3rd party (Name: Cindy)

If all of these are correct, please text CONFIRM. If you need to change something, please text EDIT. If you would like to cancel your session, please text CANCEL.

Directly below that, a message from her phone. A message that she had not sent. A message containing one word that Jenny never thought would put as much fear into her body as it did in that very moment.