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This is a great story and would love to see the next chapter.
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Giving you all a heads up :)

I hate leaving things unfinished. And I really enjoyed writing this. And I'm not even sure now, looking it through, why I stopped mid flow? :lol:

Point is I'm picking the story of Layla and Jodie and Sammie and Jake (and others yet to appear ;) ) back up again. Expect the first new chapter soon :D
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007. Wednesday.

We stay on the sofa, sat side by side, just me and my definitely tied up maybe girlfriend, whilst KISS fills up the room around us, providing a gently thumping backing track. I look across at Jodie, and seeing me do so she smiles, wriggling slightly to make her breasts wobble inside their tight plunging white bra, the lacy tops of which I can see through the wide gap where her school shirt is nearly halfway undone. I want to kiss her. I actually want to do far more then that. But now that the moment has arrived I'm suddenly a bundle of nerves, rooted to the spot.

I feel like a coward. I mean, logically, given all the clues, Jodie both wants me to make a move and couldn't stop me- due to her tied wrists -anyway.

For almost ten minutes I sit there, like an idiot statue, stealing glances at a cleavage almost as deep as my own, and then Jodie makes the move for me. For us both. Prehaps remembering my novice status when it comes to both dating girls and tying them up, she comes to my rescue, shimmying her tight black leggings clad butt across the small space between us, all the while grinning at my open mouthed panic. "Hey." Bumping shoulders with me, Jodie winks. "You looked lonely."
"I did?" Grimacing, but I am so out of practice at this, my mind had been a complete blank. Jodie giggles though, and nods. "Sure horror girl. I thought the six of us could keep each other company."
"Yeah. You know." Looking pointedly down first at her own breasts, then mine. Giggling as I blush. "So how about it, want to give me a hug?"

I put a movie on, luckily Sky has a whole channel showing horror all day. We switch over to find one of the Jason movies just wrapping up, end credits rolling, with a couple more lined up behind it. "Result." I comment, nodding, putting my arm around Jodie on impulse before I can think or talk myself out of it. "Sweet." She agrees, snuggling in closer to me, sending a tingling jolt of happiness up and down my body as I feel the sides of her breasts pressing agaisnt mine. She smells like oranges.

We spend the first movie just cuddling, enjoying the close contact. For awhile we talk, discussing movie bad guys, comparing favourites. At some point after, when the killing has cranked up to full speed, my hand, the one holding Jodie against me, begins to wander, moving slowly, eventually finding and half cupping her breast. About ten minutes into the second movie, the crazy one with Jason in space, Jodie complains, slightly too loudly in my opinion, and with a smile, that she's uncomfortable. She refuses my offer to untie her, claiming, loudly again, that she just wants to lie down. So we do. With a grin of triumph Jodie wriggles her bound body about until she's laid lengthways across our large sky blue fabric three seater sofa. "And what about me?" I ask, tutting just as loudly as she'd been speaking, stood with hands on hips facing her. "Plenty of room here." Jodie wriggles some more, positioning herself near the sofas edge, patting the long narrow me shaped gap between her and the cushioned back with her bound hands. "Hmm?" Leaning forwards, frowning. "I'm not sure there's space there for the three of us you know."
"Three?" Jodie gives me a blank look, then laughs as I grab hold of my breasts, giving them a jiggle. I laugh too, then climb over her, and settle in.

"What?" Jodie asks, sometime later, pulling back slightly to stare at my amused expression. We'd been kissing. More then once. Which is awesome. Laying behind her I'd initially hugged Jodie into me, my hand slipping up inside the bottom of her untucked shirt, tracing idle circles on her flat but not toned belly. Shortly after I'd felt Jodies own hands, sandwiched between us, snaking around, exploring, until, after wriggling a small amount downwards, she'd managed to get a hand up underneath my skirt, giggling as I jumped at the sudden contact so high up my inner thigh. We'd stayed that way for awhile, until Jodie had rolled herself over, cutting off her own view of the flatscreen as she put us belly to belly. "Hello." She'd given me a smile whilst pressing into me. "Hello back." I'd replied, smiling, using one of my favourite obscure movie quotes. Jodie had kissed me then, tentatively, giving me a chance to pull away I guess, but instead, riding the adrenaline rush, I'd grabbed hold of her firm butt in both hands, pulling her tighter against me, kissing her back.

"Sorry." Shaking my head. "It's just." Nodding behind her. "These idiots, they can be so fucking dumb."
"What happened?" Jodie wriggles herself around so she's facing the movie. "Hey." I reach forwards, dragging her back into me. "Going somewhere?" I enquire playfully, rolling Jodie onto her back, climbing half up onto her so one leg is across both of hers and one arm is beneath her. "Hey." Jodie wriggles as though attempting escape. "Let me go."
"No." Smiling, swooping my head down for a kiss, which Jodie dodges, giggling as my lips make contact with her cheek. She wriggles some more. "I'm not some silly horror movie extra." She exclaims, somehow actually managing to struggle free of her wrist bonds. "Freedom." She shouts, laughing, now kicking and jerking her legs about, trying to free them too. "Oh no you don't." Laughing too. "Come back here and be helpless." Waving a hand at the screen. "It's what you're supposed to be doing."
"Never." Jodie lunges up at me, making to grab my wrists even as her suddenly free legs try to wrap around my waist. "Why you little...." With me caught off guard Jodie manages to reverse our positions, pinning me beneath her, straddling my belly with her legs wrapping each of mine, forcing them open and holding them down, her hands gripping each of my wrists down by my waist, the angles putting our faces inches apart as her breasts squash mine from above.

"Fuck." I curse, wriggling helplessly. "Damn, how'd you get so strong?" Jodie laughs, leaning in, kissing me, not easing her grip on my arms or legs. I kiss her back, very aware of my forcibly spread legs, and of Jodie's crotch pressed against mine. Pulling back, she lets go of my wrists, and rolls us both over, putting me back ontop whilst releasing my legs too. "Hungry?" I ask, propping myself up half on half off her, using my free hand to brush a stray blonde tuft from her pretty face. "Kinda." Jodie admits, smiling, reaching up to brush at my own dark curls. "Okay then." Climbing off, reaching down to pull her up too. "Let's go eat.

We raid the freezer and fridge, coming up with several options, which we whittle down to meatball subs. Jodie slices the subs and grates some cheese whilst I fry the meatballs with a chopped onion added for flavour, dumping sauce in the pan at the end. After stuffing each long roll fit to burst we pile on the cheese, and as a final touch bung them under the grill for a couple of minutes. "Ready." I call out. "Smells yummy." Jodie's voice drifts back to me from the lounge, where she's already taken a couple of fridge cold cans. I grab up the plates, and head on through.

"Um?" I tilt my head to the side and shake it, grinning. "There's something missing."
"Oh. Right." Jodie grins back. "I had a cunning plan you see."
"Yes." Putting down the food, gesturing at her naked except for a bra top half. "I can see that."
"Well." Trying to sound reasonable. "You see," pointing at our food, just as a large dollop of melted cheese and gooey red sauce tumbles from one of the subs, as though on cue, "that's pretty messy. And," a shrug, "I don't have a change of shirt. So." Shaking her head, looking sad. "I'll just have to eat like this."
"Poor Jodie." I shake my own head, trying to play along even whilst my eyes are drinking in the sight of her skimpy bra. And then I grin. "I guess you did the right thing." I nod. "After all. White does stain very easily."
"Yes." Jodie nods, then shakes her head. "Just can't risk it."
"But." Putting a hand over my mouth, acting shocked and worried. "What about your bra?"
"My bra?" Looking down. I nod, failing to hide a grin. "Isn't that white too?"
"Oh." And I'm grinning for real now, sure I've won. But I reckoned without crazy. "Right." Jodie nods. "Good thinking." She winks at me, then reaches around behind her, and starts trying to unhook her bra. "No." I half shout, turning away. "No?" I can hear the playfulness in her voice. "Is there a no topless rule in this house then?"
"Actually." Smiling. Remembering how Mum gets if I purposefully expose myself. "Kind of."
"Oh." Said right in my ear as I feel Jodie press herself up against me. Her bra sails over my right shoulder in a shallow arc, landing just inside the kitchen. I gasp, knowing it's probably just my imagination, but sure I can actually feel her nipples poking twin holes in my back. Jodie's tongue flicks at my earlobe, making me sigh as I lean back into her. "I've had another plan." She whispers in my ear. "Yes?" Whispering back, feeling very tingly, very mellow and happy right now, the food forgotten on the low table near the sofa. "Is it cunning?"
"So cunning that not even a maths genius with an IQ of two hundred and seventy-eight would be able to understand its many complex layers?"
"So cunning." Jodie pauses, and I can hear her smiling, then she continues, still whispering. "That not even an English man, an Irish man, a Scots man, and a Welsh man, all sat together in a deserted pub, and each of them drinking from the same giant glass. Not even those four men, given a four hour lecture on the plan by a man specially flown in from Zurich, a man who makes plans for a living, would be able to foil me." Whilst she'd been talking, distracting me with her stabbing breasts and clever not quite the right quote but still funny words, Jodie had reached around me, from behind, and slowly undone my shirt. Now, like a magician, she steps back two paces, gently but firmly pulling my shirt with her.

"What?" Coming out of my semi daze as Jodie steps back. "Hey." I bring both hands up over my chest, and am about to turn around when I remember Jodie's current state of undress. I shake my head. "And why am I now minus one shirt?"
"Well." I catch sight of Jodie, in the corner of my vision, walking out from behind me. A blur of pale flesh up top. I turn around hurridly, keeping her at my back. She giggles. "I just figured you wouldn't want to ruin your nice clean shirt either."
"How very thoughtful." I smile. Then. "Ow." Feeling my bra strap snap against my back, like a rubber band. Jodie giggles. "Shame yours is grey. Lucky escape."
"Yes. Well." I wave behind me, roughly towards where her own bra landed. "Can you go put yours back on now. Please. I'm getting hungry."
"Don't you want to see?" Teasing me, and I just know, because I can hear her, that she's doing a little dance. Making them bounce. "I do." Nodding, because fuck yeah, just knowing I could turn around right now and see is giving me goosebumps all over. The good kind. "But." I gesture, waving an arm in a sortof circle. "I want to eat, before it gets cold." Grabbing my own still contained breasts I give them a bounce. "Without distractions would be better."
"And then?"
"Yeah. Sure." I nod. "After dinner we can play some more."
"Deal." Jodie thrusts her hand out beside me from behind, thankfully keeping her no doubt amazing in the flesh chest out of my sight line. "Food time now. Playtime after."
"Deal." I shake her hand, once, firmly. "Okay." Jodie steps away, and after a moment I hear what I hope is her covering herself back up. "Just so you know." Walking around in front of me, giving a little twirl to prove her bra is back in place. I clap. She smiles, then continues. "Just so you know. Sexy horror girl." Stepping in close, walking two fingers up and across my left breast, making me shiver. "After dinner it's my turn to tie you up." I swallow, suddenly discovering my appetite has vanished behind a swarm of butterflies. "Um." I know I'm blushing. I swallow again. "Okay. Great. I'm.... Um.... looking forward to it."
"Me too horror girl." Jodie gives me a quick kiss on the lips, she's smiling. "Me too."
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008. Wednesday.

After dinner, with the Jason marathon over, to be replaced by The Fog, and not the good version, Jodie helps me tidy up the kitchen. We don't have a dishwasher, but our small mess doesn't take long to wash and dry by hand.

With everything back in its place, Jodie suggests, innocently, and with only the smallest trace of a mischievous smile, that we go up to my room. I nod, not trusting myself to speak. My bed is in my room

My room is as gothic as I'm able to make it, given I don't want to bankrupt Mum by asking for expensive and ornate looking dark wooden furniture, the kind with flowing edges and swirling patterns built in. My walls are pale blue, and my ceiling white. Mum likes a pastel theme and has so far refused my various requests for black, or at least a really dark blue. She did however treat me to a half dozen huge black sail sized sheets for my last birthday, which we've hung across three of the walls and most of the ceiling, making my room feel like the interior of a tent. Furniture wise I have a simple wooden single bed that sits very low to the ground and has no head or foot board. I think it looks Japanese. Alongside my wardrobe and full length mirror I also have a low drawers unit beside my bed. No desk, I tend to use my laptop downstairs, or sat on my bed, or in the old dark red high backed armchair that sits diagonally in one corner of the room, a leftover from our old three piece set downstairs that Mum let me keep when she renewed the sofas.

"I like your style." Jodie nods, walking a curcuit, holding out a hand to trace the top of my drawer unit, briefly touching one or two of my half melted candles as she passes. I have maybe two dozen scattered around my room, on the drawers, on shelves, some on freestanding black metal stands. "Can we light them?"
"Sure." I shrug, opening a drawer, retrieving the matchbox I keep there. "I prefer this to the overhead light anyway." Whilst I move around the room, lighting maybe a third of my candles at random, creating a fairly even spread of flickering light, Jodie closes my thick white curtains- Mums design ideas at work again -then sits down on the bed. With the room now appropriately eerie and gothic, just how I prefer it, I put the matches away, and turn to face Jodie, feeling my butterflies rising as I ask. "So, what now?"
"Hmmm." Tapping her lips with a finger, looking at me with her head cocked to the side. Considering. Then she smiles, jumping up off the bed. "I think it's my turn to tie you up." She takes a step towards me. "Right?"
"Um. Sure." I nod, having had to fight a brief urge to step back as she stepped forwards. Jodie's confidence can be unnerving at times, especially stacked agaisnt my relative lack of practice. I look around, and shrug, pretending I don't already know the answer, the cause of all my nerves. "Where do you want me?"
"Hmmm." Tapping her lips again, clearly enjoying my obvious discomfort, Jodie looks around my room. "Fucks sake." I give her a playful shove, smiling. "Just tie me to the bed already then girl, quit making me nervous."
"Oh." Her face lights up, as though my great idea had only just occurred to her. Nodding. "The bed." Facepalming herself, which makes me giggle. "Of course. Yes. Let's tie you there."
"Right." Shaking my head. "Silly."
"Who." Pointing at herself. "Me."
"Yes." Leaning in to kiss her on the lips, pulling back. "You."
"Sometimes." Jodie grins. "Want to be crazy too?" A wink. "It's fun?"
"Hmm." Crossing my arms below my breasts, taking a step back. "And just what will I have to do?"
"No no no." Shaking her head, still grinning, like a crazy girl. "That's not how it's done." Almosy like a teasing lecturer, she even wags her finger at me a couple of times. "You have to agree to be crazy first." Voice dropping to a whisper, as though passing on a secret. "Then I'll tell you how."
"Fine." Laughing as Jodie puts a finger to her lips, dropping to a whisper too. "I'm in. I'll be crazy too."
"Sure." Still whispering, I pause, then smile, adding. "Cross my heart." Doing the cross very slowly, tracing the X right over my plunging bra covered E cups. Jodie sticks her tongue out, clearly happy. "Okay. Good." She points down at my skirt. "I want to tie you up in just your sexy undies. So strip."

I know Jodies been tied up, by Jake if nobody else, or at least I suspect she has from a previous conversation. I know for sure that she's tied others up, Sammie at least. She definitely displays a decent level of competence working on me. Stripped to my matching bra and thong I lay down on the bed, feeling quite exposed, but counterbalancing this is a happy tingle, a warm feeling in my belly, and further down too, between my legs. My bed is in one corner, Jodie has me lay on my back, over on one side, then she gets to work. "Just, be like a doll." She tells me, smiling. I nod, not resisting, allowing my limbs to be moved, just like a doll, letting Jodie place both my wrists on my toned flat belly. Using my spare school tie, hanging on one of four hooks behind my door and forgotten about earlier when I'd been gathering tie up supplies, Jodie binds my wrists together, keeping them crossed. She works fast, adding weight to my assessment of her as something of a rope pro, with a serious concentrating expression on her pretty face. Each time she wraps the tie she knots it, yanking the knot tight. "Another knot?" I comment, eyebrows raised, as she completes the third one. "Last knot." Jodie blows me a kiss, turning it into a triple knot, which looks tiny due to the thin fabric my tie is made of. I can already feel the tightness digging into my wrists. "Right then." Smiling. "Next."
"There's more?"
"Silly." Picking up another tie. Hers? "I've only done one so far. And I don't plan on letting you escape."
"You don't?" I sit up, looking down at Jodie as she works on my ankles, binding them side by side in the same manner she did my wrists. "Nope." She looks up, having just finished the final tiny triple knot. Her smile drops slightly at my semi nervous expression. "Hey." Coming to sit next to me, sideways, wrapping a leg each side so she can lean me into her. "You okay horror girl?"
"Sure." I smile, shaking myself slightly, then smile wider, properly. "Sure."
"Yeah." Stroking up and down my back, from my butt crack up to my bra strap, making me sigh. "If you don't want to play this," Jodie shrugs, "we don't have to." Moving my hair to one side, kissing my neck, making me shiver. "Just say horror girl. We can just cuddle instead."
"No." Shaking my head. "Sorry. Just nerves. This is all new to me." Jodie is quiet for a minute, just stroking my back, leaning me into her. I could, honestly, stay like this for hours, even tied up its bliss. And then, suddenly, she's pulling away, virtually jumping up off the bed. "Hey." I call after her, still buzzing slightly, feeling mellow and slow. "Where you going?"
"Ta dah." Jodie giggles, striking a pose as I finally turn to look. I can't help but smile, she's shed her leggings, remarkably fast, and is now a mirror of me in just a thong and bra. "Better?" She asks, doing a twirl. "Better." Nodding and smiling. Damn, but she looks good. "Come on then." Waving my bound wrists at her. "Come finish the job."
"You're sure?"
"I am." Nodding. "Just nerves is all Jode."
"Jode?" She half smiles, I smile back. "Unless you don't want?"
"No." Smiling properly. "Jode sounds fine horror girl."
"And that's me huh?" Smiling, shaking my head. "Fine." Waving my wrists again. "Come on then. Finish the job so we can kiss already."

Finishing the tie proves to be quite a workout for Jodie. She clearly wants to tie me to my bed, but it has no easily accessible wooden boards. My ankles are easy enough, kind of. Jodie ties one end of a scarf to them, then, with plenty of cursing, she lays down on the floor, feeding the scarf under my bed, looping it around the first of the wooden slats my mattress rests on. I feel the tug on my legs as she feeds the scarf through, taking in the slack, presumably knotting it several times to prevent an easy escape. With that done she moves onto my wrists, which prove a real challenge. Using the same scarf based method she has no issues tying one end to my wrists. But, in order to tie it off under the bed she first has to lay ontop of me whilst she feeds the loose end down between the bed frame and the wall. For a good couple of minutes I lay quite still, with a face full of D cup cleavage, doing my best not to flick out my tongue and lick Jodies breasts. It doesn't help that she's wriggling around plenty, all but rubbing them against me. With that task done she climbs off, and laying on her back, manages to get her arms far enough under the bed to reach the scarf, and tie it off to a head end slat. As bad an angle as it is she still manages to tug on the scarf enough to force my arms out straight up above me, meaning my whole body is now flat on the bed, stretched out.

"There." Jodie stands up, brushing herself off like a worker after a hard shift. She grins down at me. "Hi tied up girl."
"Hi sexy." I grin back, doing a little shimmy, testing the knots as I do. Out of curiosity mostly. I don't actually want to break free, or at least, not yet. Being Jodie's scantily clad prisoner is giving me all kinds of warm and fuzzy tingles. She nods at my small struggle. "You want a proper go at escaping my clutches?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well." She thinks, staying stood beside the bed, no doubt enjoying the view. "Let's see." Pointing at my bedside clock, which is currently counting down towards seven. "How about I leave you alone until seven. Have a struggle, see if you can escape. If you can." She winks, grabbing a breast and pulling it up out of her bra, making me gasp even though her hand is completly covering it. She giggles, stuffing it back in. "If you get free by seven, then I'll let you tie me naked."
"Naked?" I swallow, my head suddenly light. "Yep." She nods, shrugging. "Fuck it." Sitting down, tracing a finger up and down my inner thigh, only just stopping short of my thongs thin mesh. She smiles. "I know I want to see you, pretty horror girl, don't you want to see me?"
"Yes." I manage to whisper, my breath catching in my throat. "Well then." Jodie walks the fingers that had been tracing my leg up across my thong, looking me in the eyes as she does. I look back at her, holding my breath. She smiles, standing, pointing at the clock. "Seven then."

Of course I can't escape. Jodie goes downstairs, returning with both our bags and shirts, then she sits on my armchair, playing with her phone as my time runs out and my initial frantic struggles turn into the occasional half hearted tug. At two minutes to I loudly clear my throat. "Hmm?" Jodie stands, dropping her phone onto the chair. "Yes." Wandering over, smiling. "Something you want prehaps horror girl?"
"I'm done." I smile, feeling the butterflies as I admit my stuck situation. I swallow, and lick my dry lips. "So what happens now Jode?"
"Well." Jodie hops onto the bed, making me bounce as the mattress absorbs the impact. She spreads herself out beside me, laid on her side, one hand propping up her head, the other resting on my belly. "Now I guess you're all mine."
"I guess." Turning my head to look at her I summon some confidence. "So what exactly are you going to do with me?"

Lots of kissing, apparently. For the next hour Jodie gives me a guided tour of heaven. She kisses me whilst tracing invisible lines up and down my stretched out body, making me sigh and groan, making me strain agaisnt the ties and scarves holding me down. I don't even mind when she gags me. Jodie climbs up onto me, straddling my belly. "Are you going to be a good girl?" She asks, reaching behind her, unclipping her bra, allowing the straps to fall forwards whilst holding the bra in place with one arm. "Yes." I half whisper, still mostly lost in the moment. "Can I...." swallowing. "Can I see them?"
"Sure." Jodie uses her free hand to pop one of my breasts free. She grins. "But. If I show you, then afterwards I get to gag you."
"Okay." Im not even embarrassed that Jodie can see me, that's how lost I am. "Okay." I repeat, nodding. "Gag me then. Im all yours now."
"Yes." Leaning forwards, kissing me on the nipple. Once. "You are now." And then she tugs her bra off, tossing it across the room. Her breasts bounce breifly as they're freed, but remain pert, large and rounded, like slightly smaller versions of mine but topped with larger nipples that are darker red compared to my pink ones. "Beautiful." I whisper. Jodie laughs, then leans in close, using my dressing gown cord to gag me, stuffing the double knotted centre into my mouth, which I willingly open for her, before tying it off tightly behind my head.

There's no more kissing after that. But I'm still more then content. Jodie stays ontop of me, for awhile, pressing her body into mine, allowing me to feel her naked breasts against my one, which she doesn't put away. Plenty of eye contact, lots of hair stroking. Then she rolls off, cuddling into me from the side, one arm and one leg casually wrapping me. She talks, not constantly, telling me things about herself, about her life. Sometimes she traces patterns on my belly and breasts, but her hand never strays down to my thong, which is just as well. As highly strung as I currently am I think her touch there would just about make me explode.

At eight ten, with no warning, I hear the front door bang loudly closed, followed immediately by feet on the stairs as Mums voice calls out. "Layla. Honey. Are you home?"
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009. Wednesday.

I grunt out an answer, trying to sit up, forgetting about the ropes and gag, which prevent me from doing either. Beside me Jodie chuckles, giving my uncovered breast a playful squeeze. I turn my head to glare at her. "Fine." She whispers, reaching for my gag, yanking it down off my mouth so it sits around my neck, which I guess is quicker then actually unknotting it. By this point Mum has called out to me again, having reached the top of the stairs. "Can you....?" I nod down at myself. Jodie just smiles back, sweetly, her hand having gone back to rest on my uncovered breast, making my nipple tingle. "Can I what?" She asks, all innocence. And then Mum knocks on my door.

"Layla?" Her voice comes through the wood. "Yes?" I call back, because if I'm not at home by now, without having left a note or messaged her, she'll start to worry. With my head tilted up, I can just about see the door, so I see my handle move downwards, then the door begin to open. "Um." Panicking, shouting. "I'm not decent." Beside me Jodie laughs, before quickly stuffing a hand in her mouth to shut herself up. But the door stops, frozen at the cracked open point. "Honestly Layla." Mums disapproval makes me smile, thank fuck. "Do you have to wander around the house in that state?"
"But I'm not around the house." Forgetting my situation, the fact I need to wrap this up so she leaves, my brain follows its first instinct to argue the point. "I'm in my room."
"Yes. But. Well." I can imagine her taking a breath, pinching her nose like she does. "You should always be dressed."
"Why?" I can't help myself, this argument is like a well worn routine now. "It isn't as though anyone will see me." At which point Jodie pinches my nipple, making me yelp. "Hun?" The door opens wider, Mums voice turning to worried in an instant. "Are you okay?"
"Yes." Glaring at Jodie, who smiles sweetly, as though we weren't about to be discovered in my room, almost naked, with me tied up and her fondling my private places. "I...." Think girl. "I just stepped on a pencil." Jodie giggles, quietly. I glare at her. "I'm fine."
"If you're sure?"
"I'm sure. I'm. Going to turn in early Mum. Okay?"
"Okay hun." For a moment I worry she's coming in anyway, prehaps to give me a goodnight kiss, like old times. But instead. "Don't forget to set an alarm hun. School tomorrow."
"I won't." I breathe out as the door closes. "Love you Mum."
"Love you honey. Sleep well." The door clicks shut, Mum taps on the wood a couple of times, then I hear the floorboards creak as she walks away, back down the stairs.

Collapsing back onto the bed, the tension leaking out of my rigid body, I huff out a breath. "Well." Jodie climbs back up onto me, putting a leg either side, laying down, arms crossed just above my breasts, chin resting on her arms. She smiles down at me. "That was a close one."
"Quite." Shaking my head. "No thanks to you."
"What?" Leaning forwards to kiss me, her tongue lingering as she departs after, briefly licking at my lips. "I helped."
"You did no such thing." Shaking my head. Jodie moves one arm, keeping the other in place. She tugs on the gag where it still rests around my neck. "I ungagged you."
"I could always put it back in you know." Teasing. "If taking it out wasn't helping, then maybe you need some more time wearing it?"
"You wouldn't dare." Which, of course, is totally the wrong thing to say to a crazy person who currently holds all the power. Jodie smiles, sweetly, and then forces the gag back into my mouth, reaching around behind my head, making sure it's still a very tight fit. "There you go Layla." Blowing me a kiss, climbing off. "How's that for helping?"

It becomes a sort of game then, one we haven't discussed the rules to, and that apparently neither of us is willing to lose. Jodie mostly ignores me. She sits on the chair, playing on her phone. She tours my room, looking over my books, opening up my wardrobe. She's quiet of course, neither of us wants to explain this to my Mum. Whilst she pretends to ignore me, but actually keeps sneaking glances at my trussed up stretched out body- I feel like a specimen laid out for inspection -I mostly just lay still. Occasionally, when I do catch her peeking, I'll struggle around, putting on a show for her, making my exposed breast bounce, twisting my body so she gets a brief flash of butt, my thong a thin white line stretched up the crack between firm cheeks. Every five, or ten, or two minutes, Jodie will come over to the bed. "Well." She'll say, smiling down at me, no doubt having fun. "Are we ready to admit that a certain untied someone helped a certain gagged someone earlier?" And then I'll make out like I'm giving the question some real thought, and Jodie will wait patiently whilst I do. And then, grinning behind and around my very tight gag, I'll shake my head. "Well then." Jodie will huff, but she's grinning too. "I guess someone," pointing at me, all whilst I'm still shaking my head, "hasn't learned yet. Which means you stay." And then she'll turn around, and walk off.

The third time we go through this back and forth she doesn't walk off though. After declaring I must remain tied some more she says. "And also." Waving her hands around. "Just because you're tied and I'm not. I say you have to pay a forfeit." I frown, then gasp as Jodie picks her phone up off the chair, and takes several photos of my squriming exposed body. "There." Grinning. "You look real sexy horror girl." I huff, not mad really, just caught out by this new twist. Jodie blows me a kiss, and the game continues.

My next couple of forfeits are to have my bra completely removed, Jodie leaves it tangled up around my bound wrists, and to have her draw a cute little stick zombie high up on the inside of my right thigh with some sharpies she found in my school bag. Having her face and hands so close to my crotch whilst she works is maddening, she keeps touching the skin right next to my thong, most likely on purpose, no doubt enjoying how the whole episode makes me squirm and sigh behind my gag. My forth forfeit is more photos, selfies this time. Jodie gets down on the bed with me, cuddling in close. I play along, leaning over to pretend kiss her, despite the gag, trying to stay still whilst she takes one of her giving a thumbs up right next to my newly graffitied crotch. "I'm sending all these to you." Jodie tells me, after, my phone in one hand, hers in the other. I nod, it seems fair.

"Right. Horror girl." Tracing a figure eight around my breasts with one finger, sat next to me. My fifth forfeit had been to agree to another date, which of course I had. "Just a heads up." Jodie reaches down with her free hand and plucks at my thong strap. "Next forfiet. I'm taking this." She grins. "Fair warning." A wink as she stands. "Think it over. I'll be back soon." And she walks away, back to the armchair, leaving my insides tied in all kinds of nervous happy knots.

I want her to see, so much. And I want to see hers in return. To touch it, trace and dance my fingers along it. So far dating crazy Jodie has been amazing. No regrets. A non stop roller coaster thrill ride. But. There's something to be said for not rushing. I'd hate to ruin the moment. And Mum could still walk in at any moment, to see whether I've eaten, or even just for some company. I know she gets lonely now, without Dad. So, when Jodie approaches several minutes later, and asks her question, I nod.

"Yeah?" She hides whatever disappointment she might be feeling well, only smiling, and nodding. "Well, horror girl. S' about time." Leaning forwards, bending over me, she unknots my gag, removing it properly. "Sorry." I wet my lips, flexing my jaw around. Jodie shakes her head, leaning in to kiss me, properly, her hands cupping my face. "Don't be." Pulling back, flashing me a cheeky grin. "Always another time." A slight frown appears on her pretty face. "Right?"
"Yes." I nod, and she grins. "Just. I didn't want to do everything in one day. You understand Jode?"
"Sure." Nodding. "Totally." She sighs, and checks the clock. It's gone nine. "Guess I'd better untie you then, huh?"
"Please." I look at my door. "I'll sneak you out. You can meet Mum some other time 'kay?"
"Sure." Jodie giggles. "Probably best to say hi some time when I haven't already been here all day."
"Right." Nodding. "Not too sure if all this is even okay with her." A half shrug, as much as the tight bed tie will allow. "It's never come up."
"What." Grinning. "You mean you never asked her if it'd be okay for a girl to come over and tie you to the bed topless before?"
"Silly." Shaking my head, giggling. "Come on." Nodding up at my wrists. "Get me out of this please."
"Sure." Jodie lays down on the floor. "On it."

"Um." Jodie comes up off the floor, halfway, kneeling beside the bed. She looks kind of embarrassed. Nervous. Biting her lip but smiling too. "What?" I tug at my wrists, which are clearly still tied. Jodie points at them. "That's what." Shaking her head, the smile growing slightly. "Think I went slightly overboard horror girl."
"What do you mean?" Though I can kind of guess, so I say it for her. "You can't untie me?" Tugging at my wrists again. "Can you?" Jodie shakes her head, her smile even wider. "Nope." Then she actually giggles. "It isn't fucking funny." I don't shout, that would draw Mum. Jodie tries to look serious, but fails. She holds up two fingers about an inch apart. "Maybe just a little bit."
"Yeah." I nod, smiling too now, shaking my head. "It kinda is. But. Jode. I really can't stay tied up. Right."
"Fine." Jodie moves up onto the bed, sitting next to me. "You just look so damn cute though." Leaning over to kiss me, giving my nipple a flick as she does. "Can't blame a girl for wishing."
"I don't." Smiling up at her. "Don't worry, you can tie me up again one day."
"Okay good." Jodie picks up her phone, flicks at the screen, looks over at me. "How are you fixed this Sunday around three?"
"You sexy idiot." Laughing. "One day soon. Okay?" She nods, I smile. "Good. Now." Giving my wrists another tug. "Why don't you explain the problem to me."

"I kinda tied you too good." Jodie explains, laying beside me on her back, head resting on her crossed arms, both of us staring at the ceiling. "Those scarves of yours, and the ties. All the struggling you've been doing." A smile crosses her face. "In a way, you kind of trapped yourself."
"I did?"
"Sort of. The knots I tied have shrunk. Constricted. I've no hope of slackening anything off underneath the bed. And." She shrugs. "If I can't untie the scarves I can't get access to your wrists or ankles."
"Fuck." I shake my head. Jodie starts laughing again. "Shhh." Rolling onto my side, nudging her. "You'll bring Mum in here."
"Sorry." Jodie gets herself under control. She rolls onto her belly and wriggles up the bed to examine my wrists. "We need a knife." She tells me, tugging at the scarf, turning it left and right. "A knife?"
"Sure horror girl. Can't untie you, so, I need to cut you free yes?"
"Um." Pausing for a moment to think, Jodie let's me. "If there's no other way?" I ask, looking across at Jodie. She shakes her head. "Nothing I can think of."
"Right. Okay then." Nodding. "Best get a knife then."

Which is where we encounter our problem. Because it was her idea, I assumed Jodie actually had a knife on her, though had I stopped to think things through I'd of realised, of course, that even school girls who have the occasional bout of crazy don't go to double science carrying a knife. Jodie, making roughly the same basic mistake, actually figured I had a knife concealed in one of my drawers, buried under my lingerie prehaps, for just this type of emergency. So. The only knives are downstairs, in the kitchen. Luckily, at the bottom of our stairs is a right left split. Left for the lounge, right for the kitchen and front door. By this point Mum should be on the sofa, zoning out to her current box set: Boardwalk Empire. "Which means," I tell Jodie as she shrugs back into her uniform shirt, having already put on her bra and leggings, "that, so long as you're quiet, she won't even know you're there."
"Right." Using one of my elastic ties to hold her hair in a loose tail, keeping it off her face, making her look very serious. I already miss the sight of her in just a thong, but, I sigh, at least this isn't a one off. "What're you getting all melancholy about?" Jodie asks, sitting down on the bed. "Nothing." I shrug. "Just missing those breasts already."
"You mean these?" Jodie grabs her breasts from the side, and slightly below, pushing them up and out at me, filling the gap in her partway undone shirt front with cleavage. I smile. "Yes, those would be them."
"Don't worry horror girl." Stroking my own exposed chest, making me tingle. "Someday soon we'll do all this again."
"Yes." I nod. "Probably shouldn't use scarves again though."
"Agreed." Jodie nods, standing. "We'll have to find some rope." She leans down, giving me a kiss, and then quietly slips out of my room, leaving me with the sudden butterfly inducing image of a naked Jodie laid on my bed, all wrapped up in thick strong rope as she squirms and wriggles around.

She's only gone five minutes, but it feels like twenty. The whole time I'm in a near constant state of worry and panic. Every creak is Mum in the corridor, about to wander in and catch me tied up wearing only a thong. Every mumble that travels up through the floorboards from below is Mum finding and questioning Jodie. And then she's back, with not one but three knives, plus a pair of scissors. "Wasn't sure which would work best." She tells me, shrugging, getting to work on my bonds.

Later. Dressed in a baggy white tee with a Mario one up mushroom on the front, keeping my thong on, but not my bra, I sneak Jodie down the stairs. At the bottom I push her in front of me, round the corner towards the front door, then I turn left, and poke my head into the lounge. "Evening hun." Mum smiles, looking up. "Hey." Smiling back, gesturing at her can and empty plate on the low table. "I'm just down to grab a can, want one?"
"Sure." Mum nods, I nod back, and back out of the room, heading through the kitchen to the front door, where Jodie's waiting. I give her a hug, she hugs me back. "See you in school?" I ask. She nods, smiling. "Sure horror girl. I'll be around." Her smile turns into a cheeky grin. "When I feel like it anyway."
"Understood." I nod, remembering what she said before, that some days she just needs to take a time out. I step in close, and we hug, sharing a last kiss. It's dark outside now, so I've given Jodie my black Animal slip on hoodie to wear. "Night then." Finally breaking contact, Jodie steps back, over the threshold, into the dark evening. "Message me later?" I ask, she nods. "Soon as I'm home horror girl."
"Stay safe Jode." I blow her a kiss, which she catches, and pockets, before turning around having backed down the garden path. With a final wave she sets off, I stand and watch her until she turns the corner, then head back inside, grabbing two cans on my way through to Mum.
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It would be really cool if you would write another chapter! It's one of the best stories here!
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@FabianStr2016 at least two more chapters are coming. Soon. :D

(probably more.)
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010. Three weeks later. Thursday.

Mum likes Jodie. Not that her opinion would affect anything, I'm sure if I asked around there'd be hundreds of people who dated whoever they wanted, not who their parents thought was a good fit. But it helps. I asked her round for dinner, and, if Mum was surprised by my dating a girl, she covered it well. I think she's happy that I'm happy. I hope so anyway. Aside from school, where Jodie ghosts in and out of my daily life, continuing to come and go as she pleases, I see her at least two evenings a week, either at mine or someplace outside. We don't go to hers. Jodie lives in a big communal home run by carers, she isn't allowed visitors, especially not cute girls she wants to fool around with. We try to spend either Saturday or Sunday together too. I think Mum allows the two of us to spend time together in my room, where we're quite obviously having fun with few or no clothes on, largely because Jodie's a girl, and therefore can't knock me up.

So far we haven't played tie ups again. I don't trust scarves anymore, and neither of us has yet managed to figure out how to get hold of any rope.

Life, basically, is good.

I'm eating my lunch indoors, for a change. Mum has picked up a new job, a temporary contract. The only downside is the funny hours. She works through the evening into the small hours, which means we can't eat dinner together. As an experiment this week we agreed I should try having my hot meal at school, which, at around midday, is when Mum will be eating hers having not long woken up. I could buy my various options and then take it outside, but today I fancied sitting in the mess hall, watching all the other students. I'm currently enjoying, along with the majority of other kids here, a loud argument between a boy and girl several years below me, when Jake sits down beside me.

"Hey you." He smiles, unwrapping a cheeseburger, taking a bite. "Not outdoors today?"
"Thought I'd catch the show." I stab my fork, on which I've just impaled some cheesy mushroom pasta, towards the argument, winding down now. "How's Sammie?"
"Good." Jake nods. "Feeling better." Sammie has been off for almost two weeks now, having had a nasty reaction after being stung multiple times by bees. She'd been mowing the back garden, and had driven the mower right over their nest, which of course made the bees mad enough to storm out and attack her en masse. I hadn't even known they made underground nests. I've been to see her a couple of times. "She'll be back here soon then?" I ask. Jake nods. "Next week I think." He shuffles slightly closer, and looks around, then, dropping his voice, says. "We. Um. We need to talk."
"Okay?" Looking him up and down as I finish my food, Jake looks quite nervous. I shrug. "So talk then."
"Not here." Looking left and right again, acting weird. "Can we go outside?"
"Sure." I stand, picking up my bag and water bottle. "I'm done anyway." Jake stands too, collecting up his second- how is he so skinny -burger and can of full fat Coke. I grab his bag for him, and gesture with it towards the double doors that lead outside. "Come on then. Come tell me whatever secret has got you acting weird." Jake grimaces, but nods, and out we go.

It's a nice day, so I loosen my tie as we walk towards the grassy expanse of the schools sports pitches. Doing so makes me think of Jodie, which makes me smile. A couple of dozen kids are up one end of the football pitch, taking it in turns to send a white football sailing in towards the goal, apparently, as I watch and see them all cheer, with the aim of hitting the crossbar and not actually scoring. A test of skill then I guess. We angle away from them, heading for a small hill where we can sit in peace. Jake munches the rest of his food whilst I enjoy the sun, waiting patiently. "Right." Jake takes a swig of Coke, then puts the can down. "Well. Layla. You see." He picks the can back up, takes another swig. Puts it down. "Um. Well."
"Yes?" He looks at me, briefly, then looks back down at his hands, which are currently folding the wrapping for his burger up into some kind of boat. "Jake?" I prompt again. He grimaces. "Um. Well." Taking yet another swig. "Layla. Um."
"Fucks sake Jake." I steal the can off him, putting it behind me. "What is it already?"
"I don't want you to be mad at me."
"A little late for that huh?" I shake my head, and take a breath. "Right. There." Handing him back his Coke. "See. I'm calm now."
"Right. Good." Jake nods, but still won't look at me. "Well." I gesture a circle with one hand. "Come on and tell me then, before the bell rings."
"I. Um." And then he does look up at me, with a weird half amused smile on his face. "I kind of lost you in a bet."

"Lost me?"
"Kind of."
"But." I look down, then back at him. "I'm right here."
"No." Shaking his head. "Not. Lost you where did you go. Lost you lost you."
"Um." And then my brain catches up. "You said bet." Which comes out as more of an accusation then a question. Jake nods. "I did. Sorry."
"But. But I'm not yours to lose."
"Yeah." He hasn't stopped smiling, like the whole thing is a joke, but I can tell it isn't. He shrugs. "I thought I'd win."
"That doesn't make it okay to bet me in. What." I'm staring at him, shaking my head in disbelief even whilst a small smile is leaking onto my own face, because you couldn't make this up. "Like. A fucking game or something."
"It was a race." Jake tells me, as though that should've been obvious. "Jake." Pinching my nose. "Fucks sake you're weird."
"I know." He shrugs. Like, what are you gonna do, like what he's done is actually perfectly acceptable. Which is why I'm smiling a little bit. Who else but Jake. "Right." Shaking my head, checking the time on my phone. "Honestly. You could've at least asked first."
"I guess." Shrugging. Genius that he is it still probably never occurred to him that he needed to. "Well." I stretch out my legs, taking a sip of water. "Why don't you explain it all to me then?"

Jake loves his computers, plural. Last time I checked he had a very impressive PC, the latest PlayStation, a Switch, and several classic consoles including a Super Nintendo and a Sega Dreamcast. He even has an old Amstrad, complete with tape deck and greenscreen monitor, perched atop his wardrobe. Myself aside, and maybe one or two others, all of Jakes friends are online, people he plays with or against, plus hacker friends who he codes with, doing things I couldn't hope to understand, and which aren't always legal, in the various languages computers use to communicate with each other. He doesn't get out much. "I like to hang around the gaming forums." He tells me, fiddling with his phone, twirling it like some oversized fidget spinner. "Not the official ones." Shaking his head, smiling. "Too full of fucking posers. If you know the right keywords though. If you move in the right circles." A shrug. "Like that. You get access to a deeper level. A more interesting group of people let's say."
"Right." I check the time again, going to be late. "So these interesting people, they make bets?"
"Sometimes." Jake makes a shushing gesture, waving his hand at me. "I'm getting there, give me time." I hold up my hands in surrender, Jake laughs, then continues. "Here." Grimacing, handing me his phone as though it were a bomb. "I guess you need to see this."
"See what....?" Taking his phone, looking, scrolling. "Jake!" He flinches, having the decency to look as guilty as he is. I shake my head. "Fucks sake." I mutter, looking again.

It's a web page. From the basic layout I can see it's part of a forum. "It's like readers wives." Shaking my head. Every post is an uploaded photo, of a girl, topless over half the time, nude in one or two. Forum members bragging about how hot their partners are. And there, about two thirds down the page, is me. "Might as well be naked." I mutter, looking, remembering Jake wanting a photo of me and Sammie. We just happened to be sunbathing at the time, both dressed in revealing triangle bikinis. Of course Jake cropped his sister out of the photo before uploading me. "I just wanted to show you off." He mutters back. "Fucks sake." Slight anger leaking through. "Jake. I'm not yours to show off."
"I know." He looks down at the floor, cleaning his glasses. "Sorry."
"Look." I take a breath, handing his phone back before I'm tempted to read any of the comments. "I get it." Trying to smile, to calm back down. "Just. How about you tell me how this led to you losing me in some bet?"
"Right." Jake pockets his phone. "Well. The guys name is Speedster_Erik."

"Might not be his real name." Jake shrugs. "I can't find much digital trace."
"Might not even be an Erik?"
"Erik. Erika."
"Oh." Clearly the idea hadn't occurred to Jake. He shakes his head. "Well. Anyway. There's a thread where bets are made. For bragging rights. Or." He looks at me. "Other things."
"So you bet me?"
"I thought I could win."
"Jake." I go to punch him, he dodges back. "That isn't the point. You could've at least asked."
"But you'd of said no."
"Well then." Jake shrugs, as though knowing I'd refuse fully justifies his going behind my back. I take a breath, again. I really don't want to be mad at Jake, poor fool that he is. "So. Had you won...."
"I thought I would win."
".... Had you won." Waving to shut him up. "You'd of gotten his girl, or her girl. Or her if he's a her anyway?" I shake my head, it's just all layers on layers. "Did you at least get to see your prize before selling me into slavery?"
"Course I did." Pulling his phone back out. "I'm not an idiot you know."
"Yeah well. Okay." Brushing a hand back through his spiky messed up blonde hair. "Maybe. Anyway, here." Jake shows me the screen. "She looks like a porn star." I tell him, looking at dyed red hair and an inflated chest. Nipples poking very visibly against a too small white vest top. "Did you even bother asking anything about her?"
"Well. I. Um."
"Jake." Shaking my head, actually almost laughing at the stupidity of my friend, getting hooked in by this schoolboys wet dream. "So tell me the rest then. Tell me what I have to do now?"
"You mean you'll....?"
"Sure." I shrug. "I'll go. Or. Whatever it is you agreed to. But." I hold up a warning finger. "If Erika turns out to be a creepy twenty stone loner living in Mummy's basement, then I'm out."
"Okay." Smiling, in relief I guess, now that I've agreed to uphold his online honour or whatever. The bell rings, not late after all, if I run. "Tell me the rest after." I tell him, grabbing up my bag. "I'll meet you by the gates."
"Right." Jake calls out to my back, I'm already jogging.

On the walk home I get the rest, what little there is. "It's this Saturday." He tells me. "I'll pay your train fare."
"Train fare?"
"Yeah. Erik...."
".... Right." He smiles, I do too. Happier now the decision to roll with it, to see where this craziness leads, has been made. "They live a couple of hours away."
"So I need to go there on Saturday. What time?"
"Need to be there at ten, stay until six."
"All day?"
"So what happens whilst I'm there?"
"I don't know." A shrug, Jake looks guilty. "We didn't...."
"You didn't set any rules?" I stare at Jake, who shakes his head. "Fucks sake Jake."
"Fine. Look." Shaking my own head. "I'll just have to wait and see huh."

Later, I message Jodie, and tell her everything. Mostly she laughs, which makes me laugh too, the whole crazy thing becoming a joke, the punchline yet to be discovered. She offers to go in my place, or to come too. I refuse, promising instead to keep in touch, just so she knows I'm safe. We agree to meet up on Sunday for a cuddle. Mum cooks a mean roast pork with yorkshires, and, after going downstairs to check, I confirm to my girlfriend that she's officially invited over for Sunday dinner.

I don't sleep too well that night though, unable to expel visions of fat sweaty men sat alone in dark basements obsessively playing World Of Warcraft, just like in South Park. My dreams effortlessly morph, as they do, into overlapping random scenes from the show, but with me inserted somehow each time, adding to a weirdness that sees me waking up Friday morning with my duvet wrapped entirely around one leg, and my pillow thrown halfway across the room.
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011. Saturday.

Five minutes to ten finds me stood before a stained black wooden door, unable to see much through the frosted sectioned half circle of glass at the top. Behind me is the straight garden path I've just walked up, which seperates well maintained freshly mown patches of grass, whilst trimmed shrubs of varying colour and size line the boundry edges. The house is new, or new looking. A large brick built detached, possibly four bedroom, with windows in the roof, and a two door side garage, half belonging to the neighbours, whose identical house rises on the other side of the garages. In front of this houses, number seventeen according to a metal on wood sign beside the door, garage sits a two year old midnight black Honda Type-R, the newer Civic model, its spoiler looking huge at the rear.

It's hard to dress when you don't know what you're walking into. I spent an hour this morning trying on then discarding outfits. Nothing felt right, or comfortable. In the end I kept it simple. Tight dark blue jeans hug my legs, finished off with a camo green canvas belt, the loose end of which hangs down just to one side of my crotch. No thong today, just black boyshort hipster pants with yellow trim. I've paired this with a simple white tee, no cleavage on show for the sweaty fat perve, but it does hug my breasts, which are unfortunately looking quite large and pert due to the white push up bra I have on, and leave a slash of exposed skin around my middle. On the front of the tee is a black, pink, green and blue candy skull, Mexican day of the dead style. The skull is grinning. I left my hair down, and kept my makeup minimal, just a small black flick on each eye. On my feet are dirty off white Adidas trainers, should I need to run away. It's May now, but despite the year marching nearer to Summer the April sun has vanished as of Tuesday. It isn't raining, but there's a mean wind blowing down the road. In the interests of not getting ill I'm wearing a dark red zip front hoodie, the left half of which has faded white bones that mirror the position of my own arms and ribcage and spine, front and rear.

I've already messaged Jodie, letting her know I'm here and that I'll check in later. Jake walked me to the station earlier, looking relieved mostly, I guess he really wasn't sure, until I went through the barriers with my ticket, that I'd definitely go through with this. In truth I'm still not entirely sure why I am. Jake's a good friend, but allowing him to bet me away is probably going above and beyond the usual requirements. I guess I'm intrigued really, I want to see what's going to happen. I'll ring him later, fill him in. He's probably already home with Sammie, lost in one of his games as always.

I've been staring a hole in the door for over a minute now, despite my interest I'm still scared, and nervous, about actually commiting. Until I ring the bell I can still run away, dump this mess on Jake's head, let him explain to Erik, or Erika, or Dave even, why the girlfriend was a no show. Then the door opens, and it's too late.

"I'll just get the.... Oh. Sorry." It's a guy. Midde aged, his grey hair, he has a goatee too, is cut short at the sides and back, but left long on top, combed and held in a swept back style with wax or something. Wearing a black tee and blue jeans I can see a small belly, but otherwise he seems in good shape, with broad shoulders and big arms. Coming through the door, talking back over his shoulder, he almost collides with me. I step to one side just as some kind of spatial awareness thing kicks in, and he stops. He looks from me to the car, then back at me. "Hah." Muttering, shaking his head. "Already out."
"Um." Fidgeting slightly, the urge to run is still there, sloshing around uselessly inside me. I hold out my hand, which feels lame, but I honestly feel like I need to do something. "Hi." I try on a smile. "I'm Layla."
"Oh. Sorry." He shakes my hand. Then checks the time, on his actual watch, which is strapped to his left forearm, which is covered by a tribal skull tattoo, the watches dull gunmetal finish briefly catches the sun. "Thanks for being punctual." He steers me towards the front door, where I almost collide a second time, with a woman. "Honey." The guy calls out at the last moment, causing the lady to look up from her handbag, which is small and made of green canvas. She sidesteps me deftly, smiling as she does. She's curvy, without being fat, someone who hits the gym but then goes for a Big Mac after. Curly shoulder length hair is dyed purple, and tattoos climb her right arm, with a central piece above her D cup cleavage, which is close to bursting out of a figure hugging black dress with a diagonally slashed bottom, upper thigh height at one side, knee length at the other. She's wearing classic Converse high tops, whilst he has green Adidas trainers on. "Um." I repeat, looking from him to her, now properly confused. "This is Layla." The guy explains. The lady smiles. "Excellant. Right on time."
"Indeed." He smiles too. "Go on in." He tells me, pointing to their front door. "Um." I feel like I'm missing a vital piece of this puzzle, but step towards the door anyway as though in a trance, because that's where I'm supposed to go. "Erik's upstairs." She tells me, pointing through the door. "Erik?" I turn around, stood on the threshold, seeing a small corridor leading left and right, opening out into rooms, with stairs leading up just off to one side. "Yes." She nods, the guy has already retreated to the Honda, climbing into the drivers side, starting the engine. "We'll be back at six." She leans in, giving me a brief hug. "Six?" The number is familiar, but vaguely, at this point my brain feels like it's been put through a blender. I am so confused. "Yes." She nods, as behind her the guy revs the engine playfully. She smiles, waving him off. "Numbers are on the fridge." She tells me, zipping her handbag closed, stepping in for one last hug. "We're so glad you were free at short notice. Date days are a rarity when you've got kids."
"To babysit."
"To what?" I half shout, which makes her frown, and look me up and down. "Yes." She nods. "You're from that website right? Layla." She smiles then. "You had great reviews."
"Sure." It seems silly at this point to do anything but agree. Hopefully Erik, when I track him down, will have some actual answers. "Well." I shrug. "I'd best go see to things. Have a good date."
"So long as he doesn't drink too much." But she smiles, as though at an old joke. I smile back, then watch them leave, waving as the car dissappears up the road.

"Right then." Closing the door behind me. "Time for answers."

Eriks room isn't hard to find. Up the stairs, which have a dog leg corner halfway, is a wide L shaped landing. Only one of the doors is open, so I take the hint, and try there first. Definitely a boys room is my first thought. Anime and superhero posters are everywhere, every one featuring a busty lady, chest thrust forwards, a smile on her face whilst too long hair curls around an impossibility pert butt. A tall bookcase on one wall is half comics, some thick hardbacks, and half wargamming models from skeletons to robots so tall they almost touch the shelf above. There's the usual wardrobe and desk, which is covered in papers weighed down by a cracked open laptop, and a single bed with green camo print bedding in one corner. Sat on the bed, looking at the floor and fiddling with his phone nervously, is a young boy. He's not huge, but nor does he look like someone who enjoys PE class, the small amount of extra fat is spread around his whole body: belly, upper legs and arms, neck and face, all slightly rounded from too much junk food. Light brown hair is cut and styled messy on top. He's wearing knee length baggy blue sports shorts and a black Jurassic Park tee.

I knock twice on the open door, and step inside, clearing my throat loudly. The boy looks up, sees me, and drops his phone. "Erik?"
"Oh. Wow." His mouth is open, which makes me giggle. I smile, he half smiles back, looking at me the way I imagine he looks at a large pizza that's all his.

"You're here?"
"But." He reaches down, not taking his eyes off me, groping for his phone, missing on the first four goes. "But." Pointing the reaquired phone at me. "You're real?"
"Hold on." I can't help it, patting myself down, making a show of checking my arms, legs, head, and finally breasts, which I do by pulling the collar of my tee forwards and peering down inside. Giggling as I watch his eyes widen at that last. "Yes." I nod. "Definitely real. Definitely here."
"But." Shaking his head, slowly, clearly having trouble accepting the fact I really have turned up. I step closer, gesturing at the empty space next to him on the bed. "Can I sit down?"

"So." He's still staring, having scooted away from me as I sat down, as though I were some kind of dangerous wild animal, off to sit at the far end of the bed. I shake my head. "It's Erik right?" He nods. "Great." I smile. "And you know who I am?"
"You're Jakes girlfriend. Layla." I grimace. "Well. Yes and no. I'm not Jakes girl. He...." I wave a hand. "You know what Erik. Long story, which doesn't matter now. What matters is I'm here, as promised. But." I shrug. "Honestly. Jakes a bit shit with the details." Erik laughs, I join in. "So." Leaning back against the beds low wooden headboard. "Can you fill me in, tell me what it is I'm supposed to be doing here?"

"You had a bet?" I ask. "Like over an online race?"
"Yes." Erik seems to be relaxing, little by little. He nods. "We raced one of the longer tracks on Need For Speed. Best of five."
"And you won?"
"Yeah." He smiles, I smile too, leaning forwards, patting him on the shoulder. "Good for you."
"And the prize was....?" Looking down at myself. "Me. I guess. But I don't know what that means?"
"We never discussed it. Just how long it'd be for." A shrug, paired with a half smile. "Probably he. Well I guess I thought too, that the loser wouldn't pay up, so what's the point in discussing details."
"Hmm." I nod. "I can see the logic. Trouble is, Erik, I'm here now, apparently until six. Right?"
"S' fine." I wave it away. "Neat trick actually. You. What. Hacked stuff to make me into a babysitter?"
"Something like that." He nods, smiling, clearly quite proud of whatever tricks he pulled to convince his parents to hire me, and, for all I know, to leave today specifically. "Do you even need a babysitter?" I ask, looking him up and down. "You're what....?"
"I'm twelve." Erik grimaces. "Well." I shrug. "Got them out the house though huh?"
"I guess." He looks up at me, and smiles. "Yeah. It did."
"So then?" Smiling back, deciding that I like Erik. "Did you actually have anything you wanted to do with me for the next...." Pulling out my phone, checking the time. "Seven and a bit hours?"

Turns out, he did.
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Not gonna lie, i thought Erik would be a sick pervert, but he looks like a cool kid. I'm Glad, can't wait tô the next chapter
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012. Saturday.

"Who am I again?" I ask, stepping back into Eriks room. Erik turns, sees me as he's opening his mouth to reply, but no sound emerges. I giggle. "Guess I look the part then?"
"Yes." Erik manages, barely above a whisper. He swallows, clears his throat, and tries again. "Could you...." Pointing at my chest. "Um...."
"Do what now?" I give him a confused look, peering down at my breasts, then, seeing him gesture to the piece of paper in my hand I hold it up, studying the very well drawn female figure inked onto the single sheet. "Oh." Looking down at myself again. "Right." Reaching up I tug my zip down. "Better?"
"Yes." Smiling nervously, poor chap probably still can't believe it's all actually happening. "Relax." I wander across the room, dropping the paper, a dressing up guide, onto the bed. "It's going to be fun. Don't you think?"
"Sure." Still looking nervous, Erik gestures at me. "You look great. I mean. Amazing." Blushing. "It all fits and everything."
"Sure it does." I smile, patting myself down. "And stop being so nervous. This idea of yours. I'm in. I mean it Erik. You might've 'won' me." I do the air quotation marks, he laughs, I do too. "That's better. Anyway. I might be supposed to be here, or whatever. But trust me, I'll be enjoying this just as much as you."
"Yeah?" He looks unsure. I flash him a cheeky smile. "Sure Erik, my girlfriend ties me up all the time. Mostly wearing considerably less then this."
"Girlfriend!" His shock, which I made happen by being deliberately open, is still funny. I laugh, he smiles, but can't help blushing. I can almost see his mind working. "Stop being a perve." I give him a playful shove, making him blush more. "Now." Turning around to give myself a final once over in Eriks tall narrow wall mounted mirror. "Tell me again, who am I?"

"You're called Flux."
"The Flux?"
"No." Shaking his head. "Just Flux."
"Oh. Cool. And you made her up?"
"I did." Erik nods, looking proud. As well he might. Anyone looking at me, if asked, would definitely say I was a Superhero. The main part of my costume is a dark green latex one piece suit. It covers my entire body from neck to wrists to ankles, with a zip that runs from my neck down and under, all the way to the tops of my butt cheeks. I've never worn latex before, so was unprepared for just how tight fitting skin tight can really be. This thing hugs every curve of my body, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Thank fuck I'm in shape. Worse is that, having put it on, I could easily see the outlines of my bra and pants through the semi shiny thin fabric, so, off they came. I feel naked, which is strangely more thrilling then embarrassing. Go figure. Black latex boots are on my feet. These are also skintight, covering each leg up to the thigh, above my knees. They're slip ons, and took forever to get on, shimmying and rolling the material up each leg in turn, and have quite a large heel, adding several inches to my height. The latex theme continues on my arms, covered from finger tips to above the elbow by more tight black figure hugging fabric. Completing my superhero outfit is a long, at least half way down my back in true anime style, curling wavy blonde wig of very good quality, and a black eye mask, the elastic for which I've managed to hide with my hair. As a final touch, because that's how Erik imagined it should look, I've unzipped the one piece down as far as the bottoms of my breasts, allowing acres of cleavage, both the tops and sides of my pressed together breasts, to show. "How did you get all this?" I ask, turning back to face him. Erik looks guilty, for a moment, but then grins. "I kind of borrowed my Dads credit card details. Managed to get stuff delivered to a drop box, picked it up on the way home from school."
"Wow." I nod, impressed with his planning, and the balls it probably took to get away with this much purchasing. "What if your Dad discovers the missing funds though?"
"He won't." Erik shakes his head. "Or at least, he hasn't yet." A shrug. "If he does, I'll just have to figure something out." He smiles, apparently having done just that. "I'll just blame it on my big sister."
"Sister?" I turn quickly, actually expecting her to be stood there, for some reason my brain thinks that she'll then pounce on me, though I don't know why. But the doorway, the whole house, is empty. Erik laughs. "Did Jake show you my 'girlfriend?'" Doing the air quotes too. I smile, nodding. "That was her, your sister?"
"Yep." Erik shakes his head. "With a couple of photoshopped alterations anyway. Kinda glad I won, there's no way she'd of been up for settling my debts. I...." Looking at me, his brain catching up with what he's just admitted. "I mean."
"Forget it." Waving him to stop. "I'm still kind of surprised Jake convinced me to come. But." I smile. "I'm glad I did." Erik smiles back. "Come on then." I hold out a hand, helping him up off the bed. "Show me where we're doing this."

What Erik wants to do, now that I'm all dressed up as Flux: who can manipulate molecules, or something, making fire or water out of the air, or even opening a door across hundreds of miles, is tie me up, then film me struggling. Making a movie just for him. On top of my costume, which thanks to the wig and mask will help me stay anonymous should anything he films ever wind up being shown, boys do love to brag after all, he's bought, or already owns, stuff to help with this. His house has a converted attic, proper stairs leading up to a small landing, with two doors at the top. "My parents didn't need a big house." He tells me over his shoulder as we ascend the stairs. "But they liked the area, and this place was in their budget, and they liked the layout. I think this was supposed to be Mums office, but her business idea never made it off the ground." He shrugs, opening the right hand door, and ushering me in. "Good size." I comment, doing a lap. The room is almost bare, a tripod over in one corner, some plastic shopping bags beside it, and an empty wooden desk plus chair pushed against the far wall. One of the bags has rope spilling out from the top. "Oh." I wander over, pulling out a neatly looped and tied length. "Can I." Dangling it about in front of me. "Do you think I could have some of this, when we're done?"
"Um. Sure." Erik nods. "But, why?" I fix him with a look, a half smile, and in a moment he remembers, and blushes. "Oh. Um. Of course."
"Thanks." I giggle, already looking forwards to telling Jodie I've scored some proper tie up materials.

"Scene one then?" I ask, fidgeting on the spot, keen to be tied up, already apparently a total rope junkie after only two hits. "Yes." Erik looks up from the lined A4 notebook that, from this angle, looks full of writing and diagrams. "Is all that for tying me?" I ask, peering closer, spotting a rough sketch of a girl stood side on, surrounded by written notes and arrows pointing at her various parts. "Mostly." Erik looks up, tossing the book onto the desk. "I um. I haven't done this before." He waves a hand towards all his rope filled bags. "I wanted to make sure I didn't suck."
"You'll do great." I smile encouragingly. He smiles back, and goes to fetch rope.

"So why this?" I ask over my shoulder as Erik begins wrapping rope around my wrists, which I've placed behind me. "Seemed like too good an opportunity to miss. I've always liked comics where the girl hero gets caught. What better then to actually capture my very own hero, for real." He replies, yanking a knot tight, pinning my wrists together. I nod, it's a good answer, then flinch. "Sorry." He comes around to stand in front of me, a concerned look on his face. "Is it too tight?"
"No." I shake my head, then grin, nodding. "I mean, yeah. It's tight." I wriggle my wrists, proving at least to myself that Eriks ropework won't be anything I can simply slip out of. It isn't. Seems the boy did his homework. Erik smiles, seeing my brief struggle, recognising it for what it is, then moves back around to carry on tying me. I huff. "Yeah. It's tight. Looks like you've got yourself a captured hero here. But. The way I see it, if it isn't so tight that I can't slip free, then you've not done it right. Don't you think?"
"I guess." I feel my arms jerked again as Erik finishes another knot. "There." He comments. "Elbows next."
"That's okay, right?"
"Um." I realise we haven't even really discussed this, aside from his saying 'please can you put on these clothes, then let me tie you up. Oh, and then I want to film you struggling' and me saying 'yes please I love being tied up please make it extra tight. Did I mention I love being tied up'. Well, I shake my head, it kinda went like that. Point is, I've no clue how he wants to tie me, or when, or even if, he'll let me go again. Stupidly, because I'm way to focused on the tingly thrill of being tied again, and because a stupid part of me I really shouldn't listen too is actually quite excited by the thought of Erik actually capturing me for real, somehow. I simply nod and say. "Sure. Do whatever you want with me. Right?"
"Oh." Erik pauses, at which point I completely bury myself by adding. "You can even gag me now if you want."
"I can?"
"Sure." I turn around, actually smiling. Silly Layla. "If you gag me, then you can definitely do whatever you want with me huh."
"Um." His eyes stray to my breasts, and he smiles. "Okay. Great idea. Thanks."
"Happy to help." I watch as he roots around in one of the bags, pulling out a black rubber ballgag with a black leather strap and shiny silver buckle. "Wow." I nod approvingly. "Never seen one of those before."
"It's okay though?"
"Course." I wink. "Now hurry up and use it, then you can stop asking my permission for everything. Got it?"
"Got it." Erik nods, and, without realising just how much I might've sunk myself, I open wide, and allow him to place the black ball between my jaws, then buckle it tightly behind my head.

Erik works quickly once he's shut me up, like by removing the need to seek my approval he's gained confidence. He ties my elbows, yanking and tugging me about as he pulls on all his knots, properly pinning my arms behind me. Next up, another first for me, is a long rope that binds my chest. Erik consults his notes several times whilst tying this one, whilst I work hard at not reacting, either with a flinch or a moan, each time his hand brushes or pushes on my breasts. Which happens maybe a dozen times. The complex looking tie involves rope fed around my body several times, both above and below my breasts, which is where the touching occurs as Erik seems to want his rope as close to my breasts as possible. The final part of the tie requires the rope to run over one shoulder and down through my cleavage, more touching, before going back up and over the other shoulder. The whole thing is secured behind me, possibly even to my elbow rope. "Can you lay down, on your belly?" Erik asks, stood facing me. I nod, hoping I'm right, and manage it by first slowly falling forwards onto my knees. Then I kind of twist my legs, lowering myself onto my butt, before doing a controlled collapse sideways, finishing up, after rolling around, laid on my belly. "Right. Good work." And then Erik binds my legs. I can't see how he does it, but once he's added rope around my ankles, along with both above and below my knees, my legs feel just as tightly pinned together as my arms. Having only been tied up by Jake and Jodie before I'm so far receiving a crash course in how a real rope lover ties people up. Fuck me but it's all really tight.

"Right." Erik sits down across from me, a big winners smile on his face. I grunt and struggle around, he waits, no doubt enjoying seeing my breasts bounce around as I manoeuvre into a better position to look at him. "Well then. Layla." Erik looks at his phone. "We didn't actually discuss what happens next, beyond my filming you." He points back towards his camera. "And." His grin widens. "Apparently I don't have to ask for permission anymore huh." I grunt, wriggling slightly, surprised by the tingling thrill that runs up then down my spine at his words, and everything they could imply. Erik carries on. "So. This is the plan. I'm going to film you for ten minutes. Then, if you still aren't free I'll finish off the hogtie. Then, if you still aren't free after I've filmed another ten minutes." He shrugs, still smiling. "I get to unzip you properly. Deal?" He asks. I grunt, and moan, realising the trick I've walked apparently willingly into. Erik laughs. "Oh. That's right. I dont need to ask." I moan again, even whilst I'm buzzing at the fact of my being so helpless that this probably weak little boy now has the power to take a good peek at my breasts. And what's more, I let him do this to me. Silly way too distracted by some tight ropes Layla. Erik gets up, and moves to his camera. I lay still, watching as he moves the tripod, and fiddles with the camera itself, zooming in then out, tapping buttons. "Right." He takes a step to the side, pointing at me. "Ten minutes then, show me some proper struggles. Go."

Even though I feel silly- drama was never my best subject -I do my best to put on a show for Erik. It helps that I'm totally into it, if anything enjoying these tighter rope based ties far more then the scarves Jodie used. For ten minutes I give escaping my best shot, not particularly wanting freedom, though I should, but, Erik did win me, so he deserves to enjoy seeing his prize roll around and grunt for awhile.

All of which doesn't help, so Erik gets to add more rope.

To turn what has been done to me into a hogtie, which sounds like something I might've seen once, maybe, though certainly not with a person, Erik uses a rope to join my elbows to my ankles. Not that I can see, laid on my belly my head won't come around that far, but I can feel what's being done. At first the rope tugs at my ankles, bending my legs back around at the knee, bringing my feet towards my butt. Then Erik tugs again, harder, making me grunt as I briefly feel my feet touch my hands, and as the ropes force my head and shoulders up off the floor. Everything slackens off, but only slightly, and only briefly, then I grunt again, moaning too, as Erik yanks hard on the rope, bringing me up off the floor again, causing my back to arch. This time, there's no slackening after, he must've tied the rope off, because my body is locked into this tightly curved position. I moan at the sudden discomfort the hogtie is causing, the new sensation of being placed in such a strict tie. Which isn't to say I hate it, I'm actually, bizarrely, still buzzing and tingling with excitement at this new level of what must be complete and total helplessness. Clearly there's no way I'll ever escape this, nor can I prevent the little pervert from unzipping me in ten minutes time.

"Okay?" Erik asks, coming to hunker down next to me, pushing me over onto my side. I grunt, then squeal from beind the gag as I topple over, powerless to prevent him toying with me. Erik giggles as I begin to moan and struggle, trying to find a comfortable position since it's pointless trying to escape. He doesn't even bother to remind me I've got ten minutes, instead Erik simply smiles down at me, then returns to his camera to film my wriggling latex clad body.

Ten minutes later he unzips me. No words. No asking permission. Erik simply wanders over, bends down, and tugs my zip down to my belly button. My E cups, clearly trying to be helpful, immediately burst out of the tight latex as the descending zip splits my outfit open down the middle. They pop out, bouncing into view, causing Erik to gasp and go a very deep shade of red. Maybe he's never even seen actual boob before, I muse, watching as he retreats back behind his camera, and starts filming me again. He doesn't ask permission to do this either.

If I were a normal person, a schoolgirl only interested in normal teenage girl things, then I'd no doubt be half outraged half properly embarrassed right now. And either screaming or crying at what's being done to me. Maybe both. But I'm clearly not normal, because what I'm mostly feeling, laid on the floor of Eriks parents attic room, rolling around in what, as far as I'm concerned, is the worlds tightest hogtie, all whilst my large exposed breasts flop and bounce around, being filmed in this state by a bondage loving twelve year old, is a near constant tingly buzz of happy nerves. I'm not even scared, which I realise is bad, but I can't make myself care enough about my helplessness to worry about the fact that I don't know what's going to happen next. Or that, worse still, due to the ball gag filling my mouth, it isn't currently my decision.
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This continues to be one of your many great stories. I can’t wait to see what Erik has in store for Layla for the rest of the day, and what Layla and Jodie plan on doing with the rope in the future.
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013. Saturday.

After awhile, there's no clock in the attic room, Erik let's me out of the hogtie, and unbuckles the ballgag. Then he retreats halfway across the room, and sits down on the wooden chair beside the desk, watching me as though I were a lion whose cage door he's just stupidly opened.

I take a moment, just laying there. Rolling over onto my back I carefully stuff my breasts back inside, which is easier said then done given the tightness of the latex, then zip myself back up, leaving cleavage on show as before. Erik waits, not talking, whilst I slowly stand, stretching out my limbs, enjoying the freedom to move. Turning to face him I can see a nervous smile on his face. "Hey." I wave, he gives me a small wave back, and I see that, whilst I was distracted with me stuff Erik's rewrapped all the rope, leaving it, and the ballgag, in a neat pile on the desk. "Well." I smile. "That was fun."
"You really had fun?" He still looks nervous, I think he expects me to be mad. For the tight tie and my breasts. I walk across the room, smiling inside as I watch him fighting the urge to back away, and sit myself down on the desk beside his chair, legs dangling over the edge. "Sure I did." Picking up a length of rope, swinging it idly back and forth. "I mean. I've never been tied up quite so tightly before, but, if there's a scene two...." Erik nods, I smile, ".... then I say bring it on."
"You aren't mad then?"
"What could I possibly be mad with you about?"
"Um." I realise he's looking at my chest. I smirk, he probably already has them committed to memory. "No." Shaking my head. "I'm not mad you got a peek at my girls Erik." A shrug. "I told you, once you'd gagged me I was yours."
"Oh." He blushes, giving me a small nod. "Right."
"Thank you for not going any further though."
"Sure." Another nod. "I mean." His gaze drops to my crotch, his blush getting worse. "Erik!" Mock outraged, giving him a playful shove. "Get your head out of the gutter."
"Sorry." But he's smiling. Definately a good kid. I'm glad I came. "Anyway." I toss the rope I've been twirling at Erik, nodding as he catches it. "Scene two?"

Which is a chair tie. Another first for me. The wooden office chair looks like all the other wooden chairs I've seen, four legs, a cushioned seat, and a wooden back made out of vertical bars with gaps in between. We bring the chair away from the desk, so that Erik won't have anything except a bare corner of the room in shot behind and around me, then I sit down, and get tied up.

My wrists are first. If it weren't for the rope I could, and do, just about bring my arms together behind the chair, but without the rope they'd never stay put. Whilst Erik's binding my ankles I give my wrists an experimental wriggle, discovering that yes, the ropework's just as tight as before, and that yes, my wrists have been tied to part of the chairs back too. Each booted ankle is bound to one of the chairs rear legs, high up where it meets the seat. This not only bends my legs it forces them open, spread wide apart. "Um. Can I....?" Erik has come around in front of me, and is stood holding the ball gag. "Yes." I smile, winking. "To both."
"Yes you can gag me. And." I look down at my cleavage, wriggling, making my breasts bounce slightly. Eriks eyes go wide, I giggle. "Yes Erik. If I can't escape this latest evil tie up, then you can film my breasts again."
"Really?" Said quite loud, and way too happy, followed by Eriks mouth snapping shut as he realises how keen he just sounded. I laugh. "Yes Erik. Really."
"But. Are you sure?"
"Maybe you need to gag me again?" I drop my voice to a whisper. "Last time you gagged me I couldn't stop you, what makes you want permission this time?"
"Oh." Erik holds up the ball gag, looking from it to me. I giggle, which turns into a muffled grunt halfway as the ball is forced into my mouth. Erik leans in, reaching around behind me to fasten the buckle tightly, then steps back. He looks at me, half smiling. I nod, hoping to convey that I'm not mad, and his smile grows. He goes to fetch more rope.

To complete the chair tie Erik wraps rope above and below my breasts, around the chair back, pinning me in place. "Okay." Coming around to stand in front of me, smiling. "Excellant. You look really hot tied up you know." I grunt, and roll my eyes, trying to cover up the warm flush I can feel passing through me at his unexpected compliment. I'm sure I'm the one blushing now, but Erik either doesn't notice or doesn't care to tease me for it. "Ten minutes then." Looking back at his camera. "I guess." A shrug, and a smile. "Unless I just strip you now that is?" I moan, and wriggle against the tight bonds, shaking my head. As if he'd even listen to me anyway after I basically told him not to, to just do with me as he pleases. Erik laughs. "No. You're right. Not yet." A wink. Is he toying with me? "But soon. Until then," retreating back to his camera, pressing buttons, "why don't you struggle for me?" I grunt, and huff behind the gag. Boys. Then I see what I can do about escaping. Maybe, if I do, I'll tie him to this chair, take a peek at his private area.

I don't escape. I get quite embarrassed when I realise that, because of my wide open legs, all of my struggles involve thrusting my latex covered crotch at Erik, and his camera. And I discover that wearing a ballgag for long periods can make you drool. I think it's strapped in tighter this time, because in the hogtie I could swallow, but this time my saliva just builds up, more and more filling my mouth until I feel it spill and leak out from underneath the gag, flowing over my bottom lip, dripping down onto my cleavage. Erik unzips me, just like last time, popping out my E cups, smiling and not blushing this second time, then he films me some more. The whole thing is very thrilling, even the drool, even my constantly thrusting crotch is embarrassing in a good way, making me tingle as I suddenly imagine that Erik pulled the zip down lower, not stopping at my belly button, instead revealing all of me.

I'm definitely a total junkie, with no hope of being cured.

"Hungry?" Erik asks, stepping around the camera. I nod, he nods back. "Thought maybe you would be. My parents left cash for pizza. Is that okay?" I nod again. He smiles, coming closer. "Great. Hold on."

I change back into my own clothes, leaving the Flux costume neatly folded on Erik's bed. I'm not sure whether there's a scene three, but I need some time out of the tight latex. I leave my shoes off, and my hoodie, then head downstairs for food.

We watch YouTube whilst we eat. Turns out Erik and me both love roller coasters, so we take it in turns to pick point of view videos, showing each other our favourites, both those we've ridden and those we want to. At one point a friendly argument erupts regarding which is the better Nemesis.

Everything goes South when Erik ties me up again. The minute hand of the clock on the lounge wall is falling down towards the half hour, the short hand sits at two. Less then four hours before Eriks parents return. Dinner's all finished, I only ate a couple of slices. I watch the clock hand complete It's fall, then begin to climb, watching Erik steal glances at me whilst we're watching coasters. He opens his mouth, closes it, opens it again. Several times he half stands, once actually making it to his feet only to sit back down again. Eventually, feeling bad, knowing, or at least making an educated guess, what Erik wants to do next, I decide to be helpful. After all, I want it too. "So." I stretch my arms out wide, look across at Erik, grin. "Want to tie me up again?"
"I. Oh." He smiles. Hesitates. Swallows. Then nods. "Please. That is. If you want to be tied up again?"
"Sure I do. But." I hold up a hand, stopping Erik as he gets up. "Not in the costume again please. I love it, but it's a sod to put on."
"Yeah. Um. Sure." Nodding, Erik walks to the door, then stops, and turns back to look at me. "You're okay being tied up wearing your own clothes?"
"Okay. Cool." Pointing at the ceiling. "Do you want to...."
"No." Shaking my head. "Can we just play down here?" I have a sudden idea, and grin. "You can hogtie me on the floor. Then, I don't know, play a game on that Playstation, and I'll see whether I can distract you."
"Oh, wow." Erik grins. "That sounds fun. I'll go and get the stuff." And off he goes, near running upstairs. I shake my head, grinning.

Erik ballgags me first. I'd smile, if I could, the boy's learning. He straps it on tightly, then picks a length of rope off the pile he dumped on the sofa, and ties my wrists. They're bound behind me, again. I guess behind is the go to for wrists, which figures, in front would mean I could use my mouth to pick at the knots, or at least I could see the knots, and figure something out. Next to be tied are my elbows, which thrusts my candy skull covered breasts forwards. Erik bends to pick up more rope, and pauses. He grimaces, clutching his stomach. "Um. Sorry." Shaking his head. "I'll. Um. Be right back." He dashes out the room. I hear him clomping up the stairs, hear a door slam closed. I sit down on the sofa, and wait.

But get bored quickly, so go for a wander. In the kitchen there's a boy. About Eriks age, skinny with buzz cut brown hair and glasses, wearing a white Sonic The Hedgehog tee and blue jeans. I stop, taking a step back. He grins. "Hey girlie." I turn around, finding another boy behind me, also young and skinny, same short brown hair, no glasses. His white tee has the NASA logo on it, and his jeans are a darker blue. I turn back around, facing Sonic. His grin widens. "Nice of Erik to leave us a gift."
"Very decent of the young chap." I hear from behind me, followed by a giggle. I'm still trying to figure out what to do when a loop of rope gets thrown over my head from behind.

I spin around, to see NASA pulling on the ropes end, tightening the noose like knot for the loop around my neck. I try to back away, but NASA yanks his rope, jerking my neck, and me, back towards him. "Bad girl." He tells me, grinning. "Quite." Agrees Sonic, walking around me to stand next to NASA. "Well done brother." He nods. "Thanks." NASA nods back. "Shall we?"
"Yes." Looking me up and down, smiling. "Not what we came here for, but, she'll do. And." Sonic gestures at me. "She's clearly into it. So why not give her something fun to do."
"What I thought." NASA nods, and together both boys proceed to drag me out of Eriks house.

I don't fight back. It's two on one. I struggle briefly, but both boys yank hard on my leash, almost making me fall forwards. After that I follow them, all the while feeling a stir of excitement. I'm being actual kidnapped. For real.

We wind up next door. The boys lead me inside, then upstairs, then upstairs again, to their attic room. Which turns out to be a bedroom in this house. Two single beds have a wall each, with two wardrobes and a large drawer unit lining another. A huge flatscreen is bolted to one wall, with several bean bags and an inflatable sofa arranged in front of it. These two must be brothers, I think, looking properly, seeing the resemblance, the hair and build. They appear to be around Eriks age, definitely younger then me.

"She's pretty." Sonic comments, kicking the door closed, both boys having dropped my leash, now walking a circuit around me. NASA nods, asking. "So what do we do with her?"
"Not a clue." Sonic shrugs. He points at the flatscreen. "But we promised those guys over in France a rematch in a half hour."
"So she'll have to wait." NASA shrugs. Sonic nods. "Right." He looks around the room, then points. "The bed?"
"Sure. Can't have her moving around n distracting us." He smiles at me. "I'll bet with tits like those you can be proper distracting when you want to be huh?" I grunt, and wriggle, which does nothing except make my tits bounce. The boys laugh. I huff, which makes them laugh again. "Well." NASA comes closer, whilst Sonic begins opening drawers, pulling out lengths of white rope. "Are you going to be any trouble whilst we tie you up big tits? Going to put up a fight, or will you be a good girl and lay down so we can make you nice and uncomfortable?" I know what the right answer here is. Run. Make a break for the unguarded door behind me, try to get clear, I'm an excellent runner after all. But. Silly Layla. Again. I'm too wrapped up, too tingly, with thoughts of what might happen to me, that I don't want to run. I actually want to keep being these brothers prisoner, so I sigh, and nod. "Great." NASA nods back. "Have you tied up in no time."

They tie me ontop of one of the beds, I've no clue whose. Neither tries to strip me, or feel me up, which is actually slightly disappointing given my helpless state. My arm ropes are untied, and I'm guided towards, then told to lay down on, the bed. Then, working quickly, which tells me these boys do this more often then Erik, they tie each of my limbs off to a seperate corner post. The bed is a single, so I'm not splayed out too wide, but I am stretched far too tightly to move or struggle. They leave my ballgag in. "There." Sonic nods at NASA, the brothers are stood side by side, next to the bed looking down at me, wearing matching smiles. "That should hold her."
"Should do." NASA nods. "We'll be done in a couple of hours anyway." He reaches forwards, gently tapping my closest breast. "Maybe then we can get a peek at her huge tits."
"Why not now?" Sonic asks, as I moan. NASA shakes his head. "Nah. We pop them out now and we'll never concentrate on the game." He leans forwards again, giving the same breast a small squeeze, making me wriggle and moan again. "Don't worry big tits." He steps back. "We'll come and play with you soon." They abandon me then, going to the flatscreen, loading up some kind of first person shooting game, putting on headsets. Within ten minutes they're completely oblivious to anything save the game, not even turning around to steal a glimpse of trussed up me and my impressive tits.

I try to escape, but quietly. No bouncing around, no loud grunting as I strain my taut limbs against the pulled tight ropes. The thrill of being a real prisoner, captured by total strangers who didn't ask permission first, and have threatened to at the very least strip half of my clothing, is balanced against the risk that I really don't know how far these boys might take their ownership of me. Unfortunately though, as with all things me tied up related, I'm not as bothered or as scared as I should be when I conclude that escape is not possible. My confirmed status as helpless captive is more thrilling then it ought to be. Maybe I should see a counsellor, before I do something really silly like tying myself topless to a tree in the woods and waiting to see who comes along. Thoughts like this are running through my head when something with a large bore exhaust comes screaming up the road, backfiring it's way back down through the gears to come to a screeching halt outside.

"Is that?" NASA is up, like a rocket- hah -running out of the room and down the stairs. Leaving his character frozen on the screen. He returns within a minute, just as whatever the exhaust belongs too accelerates away again, howling off to who knows where. "Well?" Sonic demands. Both boys are now completely ignoring the game in progress, which is getting them killed. "She just went next door." NASA nods. The brothers are grinning now. "Two for one?" Sonic looks from me to the bedrooms open doorway, even whilst NASA is speaking hurridly into his headset, it sounds as though he's apologising. "Maybe." NASA shrugs. I watch, fascinated, as the boys quickly shut down their game, turning everything off, then raid the draws again for more rope, piling whatever they find up in the middle of the room.

Distantly I hear a door open, then close. The boys fidget as I hear footsteps on the stairs, climbing, coming closer. "Should we...." NASA gestures to the door, "....just pounce or something?"
"Not today." Sonic shakes his head. "Give her a chance to talk first."

It's a girl, just one. I can see the semi resemblance to the screenshot Erik showed me straight away. She's around my age and height, and slim too, her complete lack of muscle makes her look skinnier then me, but not anorexicly so. Her breasts are a D I'd guess, but they look almost as huge as mine on the smaller frame. Dyed red hair is cut in a strange style, shaved off up one side, then combed over. One side of her nose is pierced with a slim silver ring. Big chunky black goth boots are on her feet. A black and white vertical striped dress clings to her curves, with a low neckline held up by thin straps, the dress finishes above the knees. I don't think she's wearing a bra. Over the top of the dress is a too big black leather biker style jacket, worn undone.

"Hello boys." She smiles at the brothers, giving me a small nod. "Are you being good whilst I'm babysitting you?"
"Um." Sonic looks back at me. "Well. Um...."
"We caught a girl." NASA points me out, smiling like a kid expecting a treat for doing good work in school. "Yes." The girl nods, then shakes her head. "I'm afraid she can't stay though."
"But. But." NASA holds up his hand, his mouth moving whilst he tries to think. Then he smiles. "She let us tie her up though."
"Did she?" A raised eyebrow, the girl smiles at me. "Well. That might be the case. But." She holds up a hand to shut Sonic up. "She needs to go home now."
"But Wendy...." NASA starts, but the girl, Wendy, holds up her other hand. "No buts boys. Anyway." She shrugs off her jacket. "I'm here to take her place."
"You are?" Sonic asks, suddenly both boys are grinning. "But what about?"
"Fuck him." Wendy makes a shooing gesture at one of the walls. "Now." Looking at each of the boys in turn. "Let her go right now, and I'll even pay the forfeit."

Which gets them moving. My ropes are all but ripped off, my gag too. I stand up and stretch, suddenly realising that Wendy has stripped off her dress and boots, leaving her wearing nothing but a small black thong with a pirates skull and crossbones on the front triangle. "It's Layla right?" She asks, even as the boys all but attack her with ropes. "Yes." I nod, watching as NASA wraps up Wendy's ankles. Sonic is behind her, tying her elbows. Wendy grunts as Sonic tugs on a knot, her chest suddenly thrusting slightly forward. "Um." I look her up and down, finding it hard not to stare at her impressive breasts. "Are you okay?"
"Sure." Wendy sways slightly as NASA tugs on the final knot of a rope going around her legs, above the knee. Sonic has moved onto her wrists. "This is their favourite game." She shrugs. "You head off home now Layla." Wendy grunts again as the chest rope Sonic is tying squeezes her breasts together. "My brother can manage alone for a couple of hours."
"If you're sure?" I hesitate at the doorway, watching as the brothers manhandle Wendy between them, laying her down on her belly, using rope to bend her nearly naked body into a tightly curved hogtie. "I'm fine." She nods. "There's a bag downstmmmmpphhhhffff...." Is about all the gets out before NASA jams my ballgag into her mouth.

I leave then, quickly, before the boys change their mind and decide I need to be recaptured. Which isn't a bad idea, I consider, hesitating on the stairs, picturing myself hogtied beside Wendy in just as few clothes. Or less. Then I shake myself. Maybe next time.

The bag, which I find beside the front door, next my my neatly folded hoodie, which is ontop of my shoes, is full of rope, with a single ballgag nestled down near the bottom. "Thanks Erik." I tip his house a salute, and walk off towards the station.

Halfway down the road the bag rings. I'd completely forgotten my phone. It's a video call from Jake. I swipe to accept it. "Hey Jake." I grin into the screen, noticing as I do the missed call and message icons arrayed along the top. "You're okay?" He asks, brushing his hair back. "I'm good." I shake my head. "Sorry. Are any of these missed things from you?"
"Some." He begins walking, keeping the camera on his face. I hear knocking on a wooden door. "Someone you need to talk to." Jake smiles, shaking his head, turning the camera around. "Hey horror girl." Jodies smiling face fills the screen, she leans in, gives the camera a kiss. Looks like Sammie's room. "Hey Jode." I grimace. "Forgot to check in didn't I."
"No worries." Jodie waves it off, looking as pretty as ever in black jeans and a pale yellow vest top that shows off her breasts. Then she giggles. "Now that I know you're okay I'd best let Sammie go though huh?"
"Sammie?" I ask, confused. Jake pans the camera, showing me. Sammie is laid on her bed, wearing baggy dark grey drawstring trousers and a white strap top with no bra. She's been tied up, with arms pinned to her sides, by what must be a dozen belts of all sizes and thicknesses. A thick scarf is blindfolding her, with another thinner scarf forced into her mouth, muffling her moans. No doubt hearing my voice Sammie begins to buck and struggle around on the bed, her moaning growing louder. Jake turns the camera back on himself. "Jodie turned up about three hours ago." He tells me, trying not to laugh. "She said she couldn't get through to you, and that, because this whole mess was my fault then until I found you she'd be kidnapping my sister." He laughs. "Thank fuck my parents are away all day."
"Well." I laugh too. Only crazy Jodie. "I'm safe, and coming home. Tell Jode I'm messaging her now, so she needs to untie my bestie then head to the station to meet me."
"Sure." Jake nods, then leans in closer. "How was he? Erik. Was he...."
"He was fine." I shake my head, thinking of all the crazy stuff that's happened. "I'll tell you another time."
"Right." Jake nods. "Cool." We wave at each other, and he hangs up.

About a week later I get an email from Erik, attached to which is an MP4 clip of Flux, of me, rolling around hogtied with my breasts out on his attic floor. About an hour later Wendy sends me a friend request on Facebook. I click accept, wondering how long those boys had left her hogited in just a thong, rolling helplessly around on their bedroom floor.
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013 concludes what plans I did have when I decided to return to this story. But, I'm still very much enjoying writing this character set.


Whilst I do have the bare bones of some ideas how to proceed, what to write next, I'm open to suggestions from my readers?

PM me, or reply here on this thread, with ideas. I may wind up doing a vote of the best, or just picking some and combining them. I guess we'll see. The only provisions are:
- Has to be non sexual (stories for all here) I'm okay with nudity and breast play but nothing further.
- Has to be either M or F tying F, no males are getting tied here.
- Goes without saying it needs to revolve around these characters, preferably Layla plus whoever, as I like her as the stories centre.

I look forward to any suggestions for plot direction you all feel you want to share with me :D
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Well i'm not really creative about storylines and such, but que still need a chapter focusing on sammie, right? We can't leave her out
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I really liked that continuation. How about something revolving around Layla, Jodie, and Wendy getting tied up by Erik, Nasa, and Sonic, maybe adding in to it Sammie and Jake trying a rescue mission at the end, but things ending in failure? Either way, I’m very interested in this being continued.
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@YugoSK An idea was all I needed, and you've given me that. Thank you :)

And @Solarbeast I'm going to combine yours too, because allowing Sammie some revenge can totally be done whilst adding Wendy (plus the boys) into the mix.

Thank you both. Watch this space :)
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Looking forward to the next chapter, I love your stories
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014. One week later. Monday.

It's half term week. No school for forever, and then, when I do go back, because even forever has to end, it's exam time.

I'm going to do my best this week to split my time between Jodie and Sammie, which isn't to say the three of us can't hang out together, my girlfriend and my bestie actually get on surprisingly well, considering that twice Jodie's managed to wrestle Sammie into some form of tight bondage. On Saturday just gone the three of us, plus a couple of girls Sammie's close to from the marching band she's part of, going to practices every Wednesday evening, competing up and down the country every Summer, all went bowling together. I lost, because I suck at any sport that doesn't involve speed. One of Sammie's friends, Brooke, a curvy dark skinned girl in her late teens, with black dreadlocks and a beautiful African accent, won. In the band both of Sammie's friends play various types of trumpet, Brookes one is the tuba, which she apparently has to balance on one shoulder like a missile launcher whilst marching. Sammie plays the snare drum. She's shown me before, both in her room and at the occasional practice or competition, she's really good.

On Monday though I don't see either of them, Mum takes the day off, and we catch a train to someplace different, but not too far away, and spend the day shopping.

That evening Mum shares the speciality beers she bought earlier, along with some of her fancy cheese which we cut up and put on equally fancy crackers, giggling as we both pretend to be way posher then we are. I'm only allowed one bottle to her three, which is expected: she doesn't like to encourage me, so alcohol is a rare treat, and by the time I head up to my room around eleven I'm buzzing slighty. Tomorrow is a Jodie day, no plans, yet, we're going to see what the unpredictable British weather is up to first. I climb into bed, having already changed when we arrived home into a baggy black Pink Floyd tee, stripping off my jeans and bra, leaving my sky blue hipster boyshort pants on. I'll brush my teeth later, I decide, maybe, right now I just want to lay down and watch some fake but real but actually probably fake ghosts on YouTube, which I always find funny rather then scary. I left my phone on my bedside table earlier, so Mum and me wouldn't be disturbed. Picking it up I frown, I've a missed call from Sammie about a half hour ago, followed by a message to ring so long as it's before midnight. I smile, and ring her back.

"Hey bestie."
"Hey." I half whisper back, waving at my phone, then giggling when I remember this isn't a video call. "What's so funny?" Sammie asks. "And. Why are you whispering?"
"Shhhh." I put a finger to my lips, then giggle again. "I. Might of drunk a beer with Mum."
"Layla!" And then Sammie giggles too, ruining her mock outrage. She drops her voice to a whisper. "Is this better?"
"I'm not hungover." Still whispering. "But yes. Whispering makes everything more mellow."
"Is that so." I can hear her teasing tone, which makes me giggle some more. Sammie joins in. "So." After we've both calmed down I ask her. "What did you call about?"
"Well. Bestie. I'm glad you asked."
"Well." Trying hard not to giggle all over again. "I'm glad you're glad."
"Yes." Sammie coughs to cover a brief laugh. I smile. "Quite. Anyway. I was wondering if you and Jodie wanted to come over tomorrow?"
"Come over yours?"
"Yes. You're seeing her tomorrow anyway, aren't you?"
"That's the plan. Gonna message her in a bit."
"Excellant. Will you come over?"
"Don't see why not." And then her happy smiling tone finally travels down the phone line and up into my slightly drink fogged mind. "Sammie?"
"Yes." I can hear her grinning. "Layla?"
"Why do you want to see us tomorrow?"
"Well. Layla." Definitely grinning. "Im glad you asked. You see, I think it's time I got my tie up revenge on the two of you."
"Indeed. I'll have an empty house. It's going to be a perfect day to tie you and that cheeky girlfriend of yours up."
"Um." I can already feel the tingle deep down in my belly, I'm already looking forward to it, and, if I know Jodie, crazy rope loving girl that she is, she'll not refuse this invitation. After all, it was her who told me, back when I first got tied up, that revenge is at times all part of the tie up game. I consider playing hard to get, but, Sammie knows from the talks we've had that I'm into this, and, from being her captive, she knows Jodie is too. "Sure." I tell her. "Empty house you say?"
"Yes. Parents will be away at work, then Dad's got a thing, so Mum's going with him."
"And Jakes....?"
"Away. At that coding thing."
"So you'll both come?"
"I'll be there." I smile, briefly imagining having to take Jodie's punishment too, being tied up twice. I giggle. How would I ever cope. "I'll message Jodie now."
"Okay. Excellant. Can you be here by nine?"
"Sure. I've got lots of revenge I need to take."
"Oh." I laugh, Sammie joins in. "Course you do. Nine then."
"Good." I'm just about to hang up when Sammie says. "Oh. There's just one last thing."
"Okay Columbo." We both laugh. "What is it?"
"I want you to both wear bikinis."
"You do huh?"
"Yes. My revenge. My rules."
"Hmm. I guess so." I nod forgetting she can't see me. "Fine. Sure. I'll wear something skimpy for you."
"I hope so. It's central to my evil plan."
"You're weird." I laugh, Sammie laughs too. "Yep."
"Night bestie. See you tomorrow."
"Tomorrow at nine." Sammie does her best evil laugh. I giggle, and hang up, deciding I'd better call rather then message Jodie, since I've now got a fair amount of news to share.

We've discussed her staying the night before, but, I've always held my ground. Mum would flip, is my usual excuse. This evening however, I'm not in full control of myself, plus I'm on a high anyway because of tomorrow's promise of some tight struggling action. "Hey horror girl." Jodie giggles, I giggle back. I can see her: we video call most of the time, it helps with all the teasing we're both forever inflicting the other with. Flirting and promising, showing a nipple, generally making the other girl wish she were there. "Evening Jode." I nod at my screen. "Lost your clothes again huh?"
"Not all of them." Jodie pans her camera down, away from her exposed breasts, to show me the baggy black drawstring bottoms she's wearing. "See." Panning back up, sticking her tongue out at me. I laugh. "Between us we've got a full set."
"Here." Jodie starts wriggling. "I'll help you complete yours."
"Stop that." Trying not to be too loud. I heard Mum come up whilst I was on the phone to Sammie. I don't want to bring her in here to see just what I'm finding so funny at nearly midnight. "Right." Holding up a finger. Jodie stops her wriggling and pays attention. "Better. We, have been officially invitied over Sammie's tomorrow."
"But I thought....?"
"Yes." I nod. "It was just me and you. But. Sammie wants her revenge. On us both."
"She wants to tie us up?"
"She does."
"Sweet." Jodie grins. "About time that girl came for me."
"For us."
"Sure. Right right horror girl. We all" gesturing around her small empty room in the home "know how much of a rope junkie you are."
"And don't you forget it." I giggle. "She wants us there at nine."
"I know right." I grimace. Jodie shakes her head. "I'll never wake up in time." Which is true, if it weren't for the staff at her home she'd never make it to school. If we spend a weekend day together I never expect to see her before eleven, which at least gives me time to go for a run. But then I see she's grinning, looking very mischievous. "What?" I ask. "There's only one thing for it." Pointing at me. "I guess I'll have to come and sleep over." A shrug, she's trying not to laugh. "Otherwise you'll have to face Sammie on your own."
"Hmmm." I too am trying not to smile, in my buzzed state I really could do with a cuddle. Jodie sees this, and leaps in, prehaps sensing a tiny rapidly closing window. "I'll be there in twenty minutes." She shouts, and then cuts the call, leaving me staring open mouthed at a dark screen.

I don't even try to call her back. At this point, now the decisions been made, I don't want her to stay home. So I quickly, quietly, tidy up, then creep out my door, to check on Mum. Her door is closed, no sound from within. Good news. Mum doesn't come up until she's ready to sleep, and rarely takes long to drop off. Phone in hand I carefully decend the stairs, making my way to our front door. Jodie messages me moments later, right on the twenty minute mark.
'Open up sexy. Or I'll huff and puff and blow all your clothes off ;). Oh, and the door down too lol.'
I shake my head, and open up.

"Horror girl." Jodie loudly whispers, stepping in close for a cuddle, pressing her body into mine, her hands finding my firm butt, her lips finding mine. I hug her back, then take one of her hands, and, putting the other to my lips, lead her inside.

With the door locked, quietly, I lead her upstairs, stopping to grab the two chilled cans I placed on the kitchen counter earlier. Feels like I'm holding my breath the whole time, waiting to be caught. Just because Mum lets me and Jodie fool around in my room doesn't mean she'd allow this. Finally, in my room, I hand the cans to Jodie and point at my bed, then, quietly, again, I close my door. Slumping back against the wood I breathe out, letting a smile leak onto my face, which grows when I spy Jodie.

"Nothing to wear Jode?" I whisper. "What?" Whispering back, Jodie stands and gives me a slow twirl. "This, I'll have you know, is the very height of fashion."
"Is that right?" Stepping in close, reaching up underneath her top, making Jodie gasp as my cold fingers encounter bare flesh, confirming my suspicions. "Looks to me like you simply threw on whatever happened to be ontop when you opened your drawers."
"Well." Jodie moans quietly as my fingers begin teasing her nipples, she smiles. "What's a girl to do." She shrugs. "I was kinda in a hurry."
"A hurry for what?"
"Why, to see you of course."
"All this effort," I step back, looking her up and down, smiling at our back and forth, "just for me?"
"Nothing but my finest atire for you sexy." Jodie blows me a kiss. I smile, stepping in, kissing her for real.

She's kept her drawstring trousers on, they're black, but the lower left leg is being climbed and circled by a white and red Chinese dragon, the long snake like one with no wings. The trousers are very loose and baggy, hanging low on her skinny hips. The top of Jodie's pink thong, both the upward reaching side straps and the top of the triangle that covers her crotch, is clearly visible above the trousers waistband. Up top she hasn't even bothered to put on a bra. What she is wearing resembles a girls tee, with short arms, and the usual no cleavage showing neck, but it's not very long. The tee, it's grey in colour, barely covers Jodie's D cup breasts, it's bottom hanging down in mid air. I've no doubt if she held her arms up the whole tiny thing would ride up and expose her nipples. She looks stunning though, her blonde hair tied back in a loose tail, even dressed down she's easily the sexiest thing I've ever seen.

We sit for awhile, talking quietly, just nonsense really, both too nervous to actually climb into bed and make our spending the night together real. I lay back against my headboard, and Jodie lays back against me, giving me easy access to her breasts, which I stroke and tease whilst we talk. Eventually, some time around one, I realise she's fallen asleep during one of our quiet moments. "Fair enough." I whisper, kissing the top of her head, gently easing myself out from underneath. Jodie wakes up then, but only just, cracking her eyes open she gives me a sleepy smile, then reaching down tugs off her thong and trousers, tossing them towards me, before doing the same with her top. "Come cuddle me horror girl." She whispers, through a yawn, pulling the covers up over her nakedness and rolling onto the far side of my bed, giving me room. "Coming." I whisper, tugging off my own tee and pants, climbing in behind her. I shuffle up against Jodie's back, putting my arm around her, my hand resting on her breast. She sighs, doing a small shuffle of her own, pressing herself back into me.

The next thing I know my alarm, which I luckily set, is blaring in my ear. Laid on my back I roll over to grab at my phone, not opening my eyes. There's a muffled yelp from above, and I'm suddenly aware of weight shifting from ontop to beside me. Opening my eyes I stare at my phones dark screen, the numerals 0700 flashing white as the alarm tone rises in volume and urgency. I grunt, and stab at the screen with a finger, shutting it up. Flopping back I jump as Jodie's hand snakes over my naked belly, reaching up to cup at my breast even as she snuggles in beside me. "Well." She whispers in my ear as I put my arm around her, pulling her close. "That was sudden."
"I know." I huff out a breath. "But we need to be out before Mum wakes at eight if we don't want to get caught."
"So no time for cuddles?" Jodie climbs up ontop of me, pulling the duvet with her so it covers us both completely, plunging the world into darkness. "Mmmm." I moan, feeling her hands on my breasts as she presses her naked weight into me. "Well." Smiling. "Maybe ten minutes."

I'm just scribbling a note for Mum when I hear the upstairs toilet flush. "Shit." Slashing several kisses at the bottom, having thanked her for yesterday, and informing her I won't be home until late, I drop the pen atop the paper, and usher Jodie out, closing the door quietly so Mum hopefully won't realise that I've only just left, or that I'm not leaving alone.

We've got twice as much time as it should take us to reach Sammie's, and nothing we need to do, so I buy a breakfast sandwich and two cans of Monster in the Tesco not far from my house, then we find a bench in the park behind the store to eat, and wait. Luckily it's a warm day.

Sammie answers the door as Jodie's reaching for the bell, clearly she'd been watching out for us. "Bestie." She nods. "Besties girl." Sammie smiles. "Hey Jodie."
"Morning." Jodie grins back. I nod. "Hey bestie."
"So you're here then."
"Yep." I nod. "Ready to pay the piper."
"Good." Sammie opens the door wider, stepping back. "Come on in girls."
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015. Tuesday.

"Did you bring the supplies?" Sammie asks, closing and locking the door behind the three of us. "Here." I toss the carrier bag at her, underarm. "Sweet." Sammie grins, peering inside. She pulls out a ballgag, holds it up by the strap so the whole thing hangs down, twisting slowly like a kids mobile. "Only one of these?"
"Yeah." I shrug. "Guess you'll just have to find something else for Jode."
"Hey." Giving me a playful shove. "Who says you get to wear the ball?"
"Well." I pause. "Just because."
"Because what?"
"No no." Jodie leans in, gives me a kiss. Sammie is watching us with an amused smile. "Because is not a valid answer horror girl."
"It isn't?"
"No. A valid answer, one I could maybe respect, would be...." Jodie thinks, tapping the side of her head Winne The Pooh style. Sammie and me wait. After maybe half a minute Jodie clicks her fingers, points at me. "If you'd asked first, that would do it."
"Okay then." Grinning. "I did ask first."
"You did not."
"Totally did. It was literally the first thing I said when Sammie opened the door."
"You little fibber."
"Am not."
"Sammie, tell hemmmppphhfff." At which point Sammie, who'd dropped the bag and stepped around behind Jodie whilst the two of us were distracted by our playful attempts to argue, jams the ballgag into my girlfriends mouth, buckling the straps tightly behind her head.

I giggle, as does Sammie. Jodie flips me the finger, doing a little victory dance. "Sorry girls." Sammie picks the bag back up. "But. My choice. And this girl," giving Jodie's butt a playful spank, making her squeak, "has tied me up twice now. So she deserves the ball."
"Sounds fair." I nod. "So, bestie, what's next?"
"Do you both have your bikinis?"
"Now?" Sammie nods, gesturing through into the lounge. "Yes. Or upstairs if you need to change?"
"No." Shaking my head, even as Jodie turns around and pulls down her bottoms, giving Sammie and me a cheeky flash of her butt. Sammie shakes her head, I smile, gesturing at my girlfriends bikini clad rear. "We're good."

It's a warm day, the sun promising to make the effort once it's done rising, already doing a good job of burning away most of the small fluffy white clouds dotting the sky. Sammie has dressed for the weather, small faded blue denim shorts with frayed legs hug her butt, paired up top with a grey vest top, with the straps of her white push up bra visible under her arms and up her back. The bra manages to give her B cup breasts a nice lift.

Luckily I bought a new bikini yesterday, not realising I'd have the opportunity to model, plus get tied up, in it so soon. Ontop I've kept it simple, green camouflage leggings paired with a black tight fitting tee with the legend 'We All Float Down Here....' on the back. I strip these off to reveal my bikini underneath. It's from the Animal store, Mums treat to me. The top has triangle cups, which look small due to my E cups, showing a fair amount of cleavage and the sides of both breasts. The triangles are pale blue with a white flower silhouette pattern, linked together and tied off behind my head by the tops of the triangles, with white string running across the bottom to tie off behind me. The bottoms are thong style, and tie side, with the fabric not string. They're black, with a fair sized Animal symbol the same pale blue as the top stamped on my crotch. At the back the material is pinched together, accentuating my pert butt.

Jodie, having turned up to my house completely unprepared for anything, still manages to make herself compliant to Sammie's rules. Stripping off her baggy bottoms reveals the tie side bikini thong she's borrowed from me. A wide central black strip runs down her front, narrowing as it plunges between her legs, thickening again as it climbs her butt. At the sides the black turns first to grey, then to white, where the fabric ties together. Up top Jodie elected to keep her super skimpy grey tee on, because it's tiny, barely covering her breasts much as my actual bikini top semi fails to cover mine, so mostly qualifies.

I've bought a plain black messenger bag along, which is where the rope filled carrier bag had been, and also where I'm keeping my phone and keys: because my leggings don't have pockets. Jodie and me put our clothes inside, ontop of the two pull on hoodies we'd also been wearing up until we'd sat down at the bench to eat earlier. I dump the bag in Sammie's entrance hallway, next to our shoes, then return to the lounge, finding Sammie grinning as she begins tying up my girlfriend.

"Someone's keen."
"Well." Sammie yanks a knot tight, then stands up. "What can I say bestie. So much to do, so little time."
"Big plans for us huh?"
"Oh." Sammie giggles, which rings no alarm bells because I'm too busy watching Jodie attempt to wave at me whilst her wrists are bound crossed in front of her. "Plans like you can't even imagine."
"Well." I wander over to the sofa, and sit down next to Jodie, still not prehaps as worried as I'm going to later realise I should be. "I'm ready if you are?"
"Yes. Good. Let's get you ready too."
"Ready for what?" At which point Sammie gags me.

She uses a knotted scarf, the knot, a double using a thick scarf, is actually bigger then the ball on Jodie's gag. Sammie ties it off behind my head, then binds my wrists. Using rope these are tied the same as Jodie's, crossed and in front, so we're both sat side by side, hands in our laps, on the sofa. Next Sammie binds our ankles, mine then Jodie's, tying them together rather then crossed, hobbling us and preventing any thoughts of an easy escape we might've been harbouring. Looking down I see she's even taken care to keep the knots for wrists and ankles on the far side, where I can't easily see or reach them. Clever girl. "Comfy?" Sammie asks, sitting on the low table positioned between the sofa and the family flatscreen. Jodie and me both nod, after all, it's only our wrists plus ankles and a gag. "Good." Sammie pulls out her phone, standing up. "You be good girls and wait here, I'll organise our ride."

As Sammie wanders from the room, her back to us, Jodie and me exchange shrugs. Not that we could discuss anything anyway. I've no clue what her cryptic statement meant, or if I even heard her right. I give my wrists a wriggle, just incase, but Sammie seems to know her stuff. It would be quite unfair on her anyway were we to be gone when she returned. Except, smirking as I look across at Jodie, who waves, we wouldn't be gone. Were we to escape right now we'd simply grab up our ropes and ballgag, then go and stalk little miss denim hotpants, and capture her instead, turning the tables. I grin around my gag. Jodie gives me a lopsided look, so I shake my head. Maybe next time.

"Right then." Sammie has shoes on, and a pillow sized black Adidas sports bag slung over her shoulder. "Up you both get. Time to go." Bending down she tugs on the loose trailing ends of our wrist ropes, pulling us up. "Come on." Sammie walks off ahead towards the front door. Jodie and me exchange another shrug. She does an after you gesture, so I lead the way, quickly discovering that I can only hop, not walk. Sammie, holding the front door open, laughs as we both come bouncing- in more ways then one -around the corner. "Don't worry girls," patting the sports bag, "I've got all your stuff. Now." Sammie smirks at us. I imagine Jodie and me make quite the pair, both busty, both wearing not much to cover those large assets. Were Sammie more interested in the female form, like Jodie and me, I'm certain she'd be quite turned on right now. Instead she's just amused. Sammie points outside. "Our ride awaits."

I know nothing about cars, but there's something familiar looking about the low slung blue four door saloon with gold wheels and a huge rear spoiler that's parked up at the kerb. Is it, or it's model, off a TV show, I wonder, hopping forwards. The driver, some in shape looking mid twenties guy with messy brown hair and a goatee, dressed in black jeans and a white Vans tee, is stood leant agaisnt the drivers door, giving us an amused smile. As I get closer he pops the rear door. "Best shuffle across once you're in." He tells me, nodding at the back seat. "Save your friend having to go around."
"It's her girlfriend actually." Sammie pipes up. The guy nods. "Girlfriend huh?" Giving Jodie another look, then nodding at me. "Well, good for you girl." I can feel myself blushing as I mostly fall through the open door, then shuffle across the seat, making room. Jodie shuffles up next to me a moment later, then my door opens, and Sammie's leaning in. She straps the two of us into our seat belts, then spends a couple of minutes hooking a splitter and two pairs of headphones up to her phone, fitting me and Jodie up, at which point dance music fills my ears, cutting off all other sound. Next sonething like a pillowcase is placed over first Jodie's and then my head, blinding me too. A minute later I feel the car pull away, quite fast, speeding off up the road.

Within ten minutes I've given up trying to figure out where we are, or where we're heading. The disorientation of the non stop bass thumping music, combined with the cars speed- it feels like the driver is taking every junction and corner as though in a race -has completely destroyed my sense of both time and location.

It would appear that Sammie, along with whoever owns this car, has managed to successfully kidnap both me and Jodie. I shake my head, smiling as well as the tightly knotted scarf will allow. It isn't like either of us put up much of a fight.

I wonder what else her revenge has in store?
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Looking forward to the next chapter!
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016. Tuesday.

My pillow hood is pulled off. I'd been looking right, so the first thing I see is a no longer hooded Jodie, blinking. I'm blinking too. The headphones are popped from my ears, the silence that rushes in is deafening. "Do you need some help?" A vaguely familiar voice asks on my left, then a girl giggles. I look left, blinking some more. When my blurred vision clears I see a large detached house, with a red headed girl stood beside my open door, grinning down at me. I stare at her, trying to put together all the pieces of Sammie's revenge. How did she even? The girl, Wendy, laughs at my head shaking shock. "Come on Layla." She reaches out, helping me from the car. "Let's get you both inside, then all will be revealed."

"You look cute in a bikini." Wendy looks up at me, she's hunkered down untying my ankles. "Your girlfriend too." She nods across at Jodie, being helped out of her own ropes by Sammie. She looks back, giggling as she sees me blushing. Together the two girls untie and ungag us. Jodie comes and hugs me, and we kiss. "Is that?" Nodding towards Wendy. "Yeah." I nod too. "This is the house next to Eriks. And that's his sister Wendy."
"So that house...."
"Is where the tie up loving brothers live." I agree, eying up the closed front door. "I think I'm getting a rough idea of Sammie's revenge."
"Who. Me?" Sammie wanders over, grinning. "Just trying to surprise you both."
"Oh." I hug Jodie closer, enjoying the press of her flesh as the sun shines down from above. "Trust me, you're definitely winning on points so far. This." I gesture with the hand not hugging Jodie. "I didn't expect to wind up here."
"Nope." Jodie shakes her head. "I figured you were taking us into the woods, tying us to a tree." She shrugs, giggling as though the idea isn't even a small bit scary. Maybe to her it isn't. "Something like that."
"Well." Sammie grins. "Maybe next time huh."
"Not unless I get you first." I make a playful grab for her, but Sammie dodges back, laughing. "You just watch your back when you go for those morning runs." She mock threatens me, wagging a finger. I laugh too, as does Jodie. Looking over, I can see Wendy hugging the cars driver, giving him a kiss whilst he squeezes her butt through the thin fabric of the khaki sleeveless high necked figure hugging dress she has on. Stepping back, she wanders towards, then past us, heading for next door. "Come on in girls." Holding the door open. "Come have a drink and a pee, and we can explain."

"So you two are friends?" I ask, sat at the dining room table with Jodie beside me, sipping a can, looking from Sammie to Wendy sat across from me. Wendy shrugs, but Sammie nods. "Yes. Well. Kind of."
"She added me on Facebook." Wendy chips in. Sammie nods, gesturing at me. "Your fault really bestie."
"My fault I'm back here with those two tie up game obsessed kids?"
"Way I see it." Sammie grins. "Totally."
"I assume they're here?" I turn to Wendy, who nods, pointing. "Upstairs." She grins too. "Eager to meet the new babysitters."
"Fuck." I whisper, shaking my head, but smiling. "Wow." Looking at Sammie. "So this is your revenge?"
"Yep." Grinning. "The three of us, but really you two, I'll be downstairs." She points at Jodie and me. "The two of you get to spend some time entertaining Adam and Fred."
"And you'll be where?" I ask Wendy. She smiles, miming driving a car very fast, leaning into the corners. "Cole's taking me out for some shopping and a meal. Don't worry Layla." Standing up. "I'll be back in a couple of hours, and Cole will have you all home before it gets dark. Promise."
"Right." Shaking my head, looking at Jodie who gives me a shrug, but she's smiling. Up for the game. "Fine." I smile too, waving Wendy off. "Go have fun, we'll stay here and entertain the little monsters."
"Good good." Having just vanished from sight Wendy steps back into the room, giving Sammie a look up and down. "You sure you've got this? They can be quite a handful, and, when it comes to this kind of stuff they don't like taking no for an answer."
"Relax." Sammie waves Wendy's concern away like the bondage pro she actually isn't, assuming, if I had to guess, that being older will award her the necessary authority. I smile, deciding not to point out her error. "Riiight." Wendy nods, slowly. Catches me looking at her. Gives me a small smile, to show she also hasn't failed to see where all this false bravado will lead Sammie. "Okay then. Well." Waving as she leaves, Wendy's voice floats back through the house towards us. "Have fun girls. See you soon." And then the front door closes, clicking shut. Shortly after we hear Cole's sporty blue car growl out of the driveway, getting louder instead of quieter as it accelerates away.

"So you made friends with Wendy just to sell me and Jodie to the two kids?"
"Actually." Sammie looks at the ceiling. "I think Fred's thirteen."
"Whatever." I shake my head as Sammie giggles. "I guess I should say well done huh?"
"Thanks." Sammie grins. "Guess I could've just got revenge at mine, found some inventive way to tie you both up. But...."
"But what?"
"I don't know." Sammie stands, and stretches. "I wanted to do something neither of you would expect."
"Well." I look at Jodie. "You've certainly done that."
"Definitely." Jodie nods, glancing upwards. "So. Um. What happens now?"
"Honestly." Sammie looks up too, shakes her head. "I don't know."
"But." I shake my head. "This is your show. Didn't you work anything out with Wendy?"
"Just that we, well, you," Sammie laughs, Jodie flips her the finger, but giggles too, "both of you. I told Wendy if her fella could come and pick us all up, take us home again, that I'd see to it she got out of babysitting duties one day this week."
"An offer to good to refuse huh?" I muse, looking upwards myself. "It's quiet." I mutter. "Too quiet." Jodie giggles, leaning into me, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Come on horror girl." Taking my arm, tugging me towards the stairs. "Let's go see how good these boys are at tying."
"Coming." Letting myself be dragged. Then I stop. "Bestie?"
"Hmmm." Sammie looks up from her phone. "What's up?"
"I don't suppose it's accidental that we're about to get tied up by a couple of boys whilst wearing almost no clothes?" I fix her with a look. "Is it?"
"Oh. Sammie makes a point of looking me and Jodie up and down. "Oh." Putting a hand to her mouth. "Well. Do you know what, the thought never occurred to me."
"You. Are. Evil." I shake my head, smiling. Sammie bows. "Just making sure it's the best revenge ever. Now." Waving us out of the room. "Off you go, can't keep those boys waiting."

Fully expecting to be pounced on, to wind up hogtied or worse before I've even made it upstairs, I'm quite surprised when Jodie and me arrive at the top floor landing. "Wow." Looking around her. "This place is huge."
"Yeah. Not as big as your place though."
"True." Nodding, Jodie shrugs. "My place does have about twenty girls in twelve rooms though."
"Hmm." I've stopped outside the not quite closed bedroom door. Now I turn around, facing Jodie. "You've got a room to yourself though?"
"Yeah. Comes from being older." A shrug. "Couple more years I'll be able to move out."
"Fuck yeah." I laugh, she smiles. "They can't even stop me."
"So where will you go Jode?"
"I'll move in with you of course." Grinning Jodie steps in close, lifting her tee as she does so that her D cups press into my bikini top. I hug her into me, running a finger up and down from her butt to her shoulders, the way I know she likes, making her moan quietly and arch her back. I grin too. "Sure Jode." Leaning in to kiss her, flicking out my tongue, finding hers. After the kiss I pull back slightly. "I'd live with you now, if we could. You know that."
"Sure." Jodie smiles, content. "I'm a patient girl, I can wait."
"Me too." I lean in, kissing her again as I feel Jodie's hands worming inside my bikini bottoms to scratch gently at my butt cheeks.

Sometime later, probably less then two minutes, but it's hard to tell for sure when you've got a very sexy girl pressed up against you. Stuff like that tends to distract from the here and now, from other pressing concerns, such as two boys who we're supposed to be entertaining. Well. I think, blushing slightly as a polite cough causes me to glance to the side, noticing that we have an audience, we were kind of entertaining Adam and Fred. "Wow." One of them, I can actually see a sticker on the left side of his white Batman tee that says 'Hi my name is Fred.' Very cute. "Look Adam." Slapping his brother in the stomach. "They really are lesbinams."
"Honestly." I can't help smiling, shaking my head. "Hi boys." I step back, away from Jodie, forgetting her top's pulled up. "Wow." Adam points. "Oh." Jodie giggles. "Oops." She reaches up to put herself right, but Adam shakes his head. "No." Wagging a finger at Jodie. "We've seen them now, that means no covering them up."
"Really?" Jodie is giving the boys an amused sideways look. She turns to me. "Is this all for real?"
"Damned if I know." Shrugging, shaking my head at the two brothers. "I'll bet it doesn't actually say that anywhere."
"Does to." Adam argues back, with Fred nodding, adding. "It's in the rule book."
"Bollocks." Both brothers laugh, I turn to Fred. "Prove it."
"And then what?"
"Well." Smiling. "You're both here to be tied up anyway. Wendy said so." Adam laughs, so does Jodie. I smile, crazy girl, and nod. "Well. Yeah. We're both here to be tied up, by you two. But." I point back into their room, then at my bikini clad body. "Don't you think we're showing you enough already?"
"Um." Fred looks over at Jodie, who still hasn't thought to lower her top. I follow his gaze. "Honestly Jode."
"What?" She looks down, giggles, I shake my head in dismay. "Show me some proof." I tell Fred. "Otherwise my girlfriends top will be staying on." I give Jodie a firm stare. "Right."
"Oh. Um." She giggles again, clearly already having way too much fun being a sexy distraction. "Sure, horror girl." Jodie points to me. "What she said. Show us rules that say we have to be naked or we're not going to strip."
"What." Spreading her arms wide, making her top ride up higher, she grins. "I just said what you said."
"But we weren't talking about naked." I lean over, giving her a peck on the nose. "You silly sexy little idiot." I whisper in her ear. "You might've just cost us all our clothes."
"So." She shrugs. "It's only boys. What're they gonna do. Just look and then get all stiff and need the bathroom." She giggles, I shake my head, but can't help smiling. Returning my attention to the brothers I can see they heard most of our exchange. "So then." I look from one to the other. "About that book?"
"How about a bet?" Fred asks. Both he and Adam are grinning, which I'm not too dumb to realise probably means I've backed myself into a corner and can't win. But, unfortunately, both Jodie and me love this game too much not to play. And my girlfriends right, if we do get bound naked, it isn't like these two will actually do anything besides prehaps coping a feel. So, feeling the tingles rising in my belly, knowing it's almost time to get tied up, I nod. "Sure. Fuck it. What kind of bet?"
"Oh." Fred looks wrong footed for an instant, prehaps not expecting us to be so up for losing. But then he shakes his head, and grins. "If we can show you a book, then you've both got to lose your tops."
"Just our tops?" I look across at Jodie, who shrugs. "Yeah." Fred nods. "Wendy's never naked, says it isn't allowed. Well." Both boys giggle. "Except that one time."
"Sure. Fine."
"Me too." Jodie nods, holding my hand. I continue. "Show us this rulebook, and we'll strip."
"Okay then." Fred nods at Adam, who I suddenly realise had ample time, whilst I was arguing with Fred, to slip in then out of their bedroom, and has one hand behind his back. He grins at me, then produces a thin A5 notebook, the kind they give out in schools, holding it out in front of him. The cover is blue, the word 'RULES' written on the front in caps, along with three names. Fred, Adam, and Wendy, all in different handwriting. "Shit." I mutter, not surprised though. I turn to Jodie, in time to see her fling her top down the stairs, grinning as she almost gets it to the bottom. "Right." She turns to face the boys, hands on her hips. "Now do we get tied up?"
"Honestly." Shaking my head, removing my own top. I look at the boys, quite pleased to see how wide their eyes have gone at the sudden display of large breasts filling the landing. Then I shrug, and grin at Jodie, tossing my own top down after hers. "Nope." She laughs, pointing. "Mine went further."
"Yeah." I shrug, then clap my hands, facing the brothers. "Come on then guys, where do you want us?"

They want to tie us together, which sounds like fun, so we nod, and let the brothers get to work.

"Remember. No touching." I look over, seeing Jodie wagging a finger in Adams face, but smiling as she does. "Just ignore her." I tell him as Fred's hand brushes against my own chest. "She's just playing with you."
"Totally am not." Jodie sticks out her tongue, then giggles. "See." I grunt as Fred tugs a knot tight. "Just carry on. She won't bite."
"Only you horror girl." Jodie winks at me, I smile, blowing her a kiss. Adam picks up his rope, and cautiously begins working on Jodie, gaining speed as it becomes clear that she is indeed fine with whatever he needs to do, including occasionally touching one of her breasts. Fred's done with me, up to a point anyway, by the time Adam starts on my girlfriend, so I get to watch him mirror his brothers rope work on her.

The chest tie is very impressive, a step above Erik's, which was the first I'd experienced. This one follows the same rough design: rope tightly wraps the body, passing above and below the breasts, not only squeezing them but pinning the arms to the sides too. Just like Eriks the rope then comes up over one shoulder, diving down then back up, separating the breasts. It's here the brothers chest tie differs though. Not only does the rope dive then climb, at some stage it also wraps, running several figure eights around the breasts, which is where the majority of the touching occurs. The new sensation having my breasts squeezed in this way creates isn't a bad one. It's different, they begin to feel more sensitive as time passes. Also, both Jodie's and my nipples are now very pointy, like bee stings. I can see the brothers are finding it hard to not keep snatching glances, which makes me smile. My wrists have also been bound crossed behind me, but, before Adam can add any more rope Jodie walks away from him, approaching me. "Hey there horror girl." Teasing, giving my nipples a flick. "Hey." I step back, trying not to smile, trying to at least act annoyed despite how good her touch just felt. "Stop that."
"Stop what?" Jodie matches my step, reaching out this time to run a hand over each of my breasts, caressing them. "That's not fair." I protest, wriggling. Vaguely aware of Adam and Fred watching, smiling. "No?" Jodie asks, still teasing, not letting go. "Would you like to touch me back?"
"Damn it." I can't help a moan escaping my lips, Jodie smiles, drops her hands. "Maybe we should have a sword fight instead?"
"A what? Hey." I shout in surprise as she darts forwards, stabbing at my breasts with hers, using her nipples like swords I guess. "Wait." I begin giggling. "Wait. Hold on."
"Sure." Jodie stops, at which point I lunge forwards, on the attack. "Hah." Twisting left and right, stabbing. "You fool." Forcing Jodie to retreat, both of us laughing now, even the brothers are joining in, smiling at our foolishness, calling out the strikes, deciding and awarding points.

We stop once I've made it to ten, though I couldn't say how I managed to win when Jodie's less tied up. Prehaps Fred and Adam think I'm better looking? More likely it wasn't even down to skill, just random numbers awarded each time one of us managed to score some form of hit, which is how it seemed. "Can you two lay down please?" Adam asks, pointing. "Right there, back to back."
"Not front to front?" Jodie pouts, pressing her chest into mine. "No." Adam shakes his head. "We'd like to see." He shrugs. "Since this is our game."
"Rules again huh?" I ask, nodding at the book, left ontop of a bed. "Um." Adam looks at the book, shaking his head slightly. "Yeah." Fred nudges Adam as he walks past, ropes in hand. "It's all in the book. Page, um, seven."
"Sure it is." Shaking my head, no longer caring whether the 'rulebook' is even real, or just a quickly created fake they used to remove our tops. "Come on then Jode." I wander over to the indicated spot, Jodie following, and together we lay down back to back, about a metre apart, on the floor between the wall mounted flatscreen and the inflatable sofa.

To finish tying us the brothers first untie my wrists, then, as instructed, Jodie and me reach backwards, shuffling closer, trying to link our hands together around the other girls waist. The boys tie our wrists like this, pinning us together. My wrist rope is tied off around Jodie's waist, and hers around mine. Next our ankles are tied, my left to her right, and my right to her left, so we can move our legs around, it just won't do us any good. The boys use a really long scarf, or some kind of fabric, to gag us. A knot is placed in my mouth, then passed around and crossed behind my head before being fed around Jodie's head. The scarf is tied in a double knot over, but mostly forced inside, her mouth, then fed back around figure eight style to my mouth, where it's knotted again. There's just enough slack left to tie off a final time behind my head. Whilst Fred is doing this Adam clearly gets bored, because, starting at our ankles, he proceeds to wrap and loop a super long length of rope around both mine and Jodie's body, yanking and knotting it tight every other loop, slowly working his way up towards our heads. By the time he's finished we're now very tightly held together, with rope digging into naked flesh all up and down us. "Right." Adam stands up, high fiving Fred, both boys grinning as they stare down at us. "Well then girls." Leaning fowards to tickle my side, making me giggle. "Enjoy yourselves."

Adam hands Fred a controller, and both boys sit down on the sofa, with a perfect view of us on the floor at their feet, and the flatscreen- loading up Mario Kart -on the wall behind us.
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017. Tuesday.

I didn't expect to get bored.

I was quite proud when this particular revenge scheme began taking shape, both in my head and on paper: I like to write things down, to have something physical to stare at. It helps my train of thought. I'd been wanting to pay Jodie back since that first time, before she began dating my best friend. Stepping in and ruining my little kidnap fantasy, capturing me instead. It just wasn't supposed to go down that way. And then, when Layla went to visit Erik, a visit which I've since pieced together by talking to both her and my brother, the cheeky little girl stormed into my house and tied me up all over again.

Prehaps the worst part is that on neither occasion could I manage to fight her off.

Maybe I should've just kept this simple. Worked out some way to have my kidnap fantasy again. Though still not entirely sure what I wanted to do with Layla once she'd been trussed to my bed post, I'm sure I could think of something if I had her there again. Maybe I'll just suggest it for later this week, just the two of us. Given the talks I've had with her she'd probably even come willingly this time, though that would ruin the fun somewhat. I'll have to give a kidnap some thought.

Still. This whole complex Wendy plan has been worth it, just to surprise the two of them if nothing else. Worth it to see Layla's face when Wendy appeared at the car door. And I've no doubt the boys upstairs have them bound and gagged in some helpless way by now. Should I go take a look? It would be something to do? That's the only downside, my revenge but not actually me enjoying the results.

I really want to see that little blonde squirm.

I'm happy for Layla, I can see how happy she is dating Jodie, but that girls got a crazy streak at least a mile wide.

I've already watched some YouTube on my phone, using headphones to check out some of the really big American marching bands before playing a selection of my favourite Disney songs. I've messaged Jake enough times that he's no longer replying. And I've taken a tour of the downstairs, flicking through the family music and movie collection, eying up some of the reference books.

Fuck it, I decide, getting up from my slumped position on one of the sofas, I'm going upstairs to see what's become of my bestie and her girlfriend.

I climb up to the first floor, looking around as I do, checking out the artwork on the walls: a huge world map fills the landing, all greens and blues with the white of Antarctica stretched across the bottom. Looking around, trying to decide which door I need, I'm surprised to find another set of stairs leading up into the roof. I hadn't given the buildings outside much more then a glance earlier, so I've no clue how large it might be on the second floor. Walking around to get a better look I catch sight of something, two somethings, laying crumpled near the bottom of this second flight. Prodding one with my foot I discover it's Jodie's top, which means, I reach down to check, smirking as I confirm I've also found the top half of Layla's bikini. Which means however those girls are tied up right now, they're basically naked. I feel a sudden tingle run down my spine, settling deep in my belly, at the thought, and at the images it throws up. Now I really have to see them. "Thanks for pointing the way bestie." I briefly giggle, leaving the clothes where they are, ascending the stairs.

Only two doors at the top, and an easy guess which is the one I need. Having Jake for a brother means I know exactly what a Mario game sounds like, and Mario Karts distinctive soundtrack is leaking through the wood on one side. Smiling, I decide on impulse not to knock, and simply walk in.

The room is huge, but all my attention is drawn to one side, and held there, a gasp escaping my lips, as my smile widens, seeing just what's been done. The two boys are indeed playing Mario Kart, the newer one, both sat slumped on a good sized inflatable sofa near the middle of the room. Directly in front of them, bolted to the wall, is a huge flatscreen, it's wires trailing down behind it to a small wooden cabinet inside which sits a Sky box and at least three different games consoles. Between the cabinet and the boys lie Layla and Jodie, very much tied up. They've been pinned together, back to back, with maybe a half mile of rope. I can see their arms tied at the wrists into some kind of reverse hug, whilst rope crisscrosses the girls bodies from bottom to top, and possibly even back down again, ensuring that one can't move without dragging the other along. Some kind of long scarf has been used to gag them too, forcing both girls mouths open around large looking knots. Currently Layla's facing the cabinet, and the wall, the nature of the tie meaning only one girl gets to see the room, and be seen by the no doubt quite happy boys, at any one time. This means I'm looking right at a very tightly trussed Jodie, which makes me laugh quite loudly, finally seeing my busty young blonde nemesis placed where she's placed me. Twice. Seeing me she grunts, beginning to wriggle, which shows me just how little movement the boys tie is allowing the girls, almost none. Which makes me laugh again. At which point the boys finally realise they've got company.

"Another one?" The one wearing a grey Godzilla tee gives me a look of surprise, elbowing his brother. "Hey Fred. Look."
"Fuck off." Fred, apparently, wearing a white Batman tee, moves slightly further away from his brother, his eyes not leaving the screen. "I'm winning here."
"Nope." Shaking his head. "You aren't." I watch as a blue shell comes snaking through the air above Fred's racer, before exploding as it drops on him. "Fucker." Fred pushes his brother as his own player drops from first to forth, whilst below him on the screen Bowser crosses the line in front, having just risen up from second. "Fine." Fred drops his controller, on the floor. "What's the issue?" Turning, he sees me too. "Oh?"
"Um." I'm suddenly nervous as both brother's attention is turned on me. I wave. "Hi. I'm Sammie."
"Sammie?" Godzilla scratches his chin. "Oh, right." Fred slaps his brothers arm, points at me. "She's the one who organised them two being here." He points at the tied pair, currently trying to roll over, which would place Layla facing me. I watch facinated for a moment as she almost makes it, before bumping back down facing the wall again. When I return my attention to the brothers I find both of them watching me, grinning. "Like what you see?" Fred asks. "Yes." I nod, hearing Layla grunt and squeal at the sound of my voice, seeing her attempt to roll over again in the corner of my vision. "Why are they both topless?"
"They lost a bet." Godzilla shrugs. "And the rules say we can't take all their clothes." He pauses, shrugs. "Unless...."
"Show her Adam." Fred nudges his brother, who huffs, but gets up, wandering over to the bed and picking up a school notebook, on the cover of which, amongst other scribbles, I can clearly see the word RULES. Adam waves the book at me, then drops it again, crossing his arms, staying standing by the bed. "So what're you doing up here then?" Fred asks, making me tear my attention back away from Layla, who almost made it again except that Jodie now appears to view this as a game, and is actively working to prevent this. "Huh?" I ask, looking from one boy to the next, taking a step back as I see Adam has, from somewhere, produced a length of rope. "Hey." I stop, and wag my finger at him. "I'm not here as your little tie up toy."
"No?" Fred asks, Adam just grins. "No." I point at Jodie, who grunts some more, wriggling. Looks like Layla's given up trying to roll over, but she wriggles too, possibly forced to move by her girlfriends struggles. I find myself captivated by Jodie's tightly wrapped breasts, at how she moans whenever they're squashed against the carpeted floor. When I look back up, Adam is stood closer to me, rope still in hand. "Stop that."
"What." Holding up his hands, looking at the rope dangling down from one he looks back at me, hiding the rope behind him one handed. Laughing. "Are you sure we aren't supposed to tie you up too?"
"No." I shake my head. "I made all this happen. Those two." Pointing. "Are here because of me."
"Okay." Fred shrugs. "Cool. But that still doesn't mean we can't tie you too."
"Yes it does."
"Why does it?"
"Because." I think. "Because I haven't said you can." Which sounds lame, and makes the boys laugh. I have a sudden thought, and point at the rulebook. "I bet it doesn't say in there you get to just tie up any girl you want."
"Well." Fred grins, as does Adam. "Actually...."
"Oh for fucks sake." I throw my hands up. "There's no way you two can just go around tying up any girl you please."
"Well. No, of course not." Fred shakes his head as though the idea were crazy, which it is. "But." He continues, gesturing around. "This isn't anywhere. It's our room."
"Oh." It feels as though the bottom's just fallen out of my stomach. I swallow. "But." Think girl. I point at Jodie, almost whispering. "But I don't want her to see me tied up. Again."
"Again?" Fred raises an eyebrow, beside him Adam giggles. Fred shrugs. "No bother, we'll blindfold her."
"But." I feel defeated, and being tied up somehow just seems inevitable now. Though for the life of me I can't see why, except that these two boys just seem to assume the world, which includes me, will do as they say. Which for some reason makes the rest of us, which again includes me, tow the line and let them. I think hard, whilst across from us, on the floor, Jodie is trying to shake her head, and wriggle, no doubt not wanting to be blindfolded. I glare at her, and she laughs as best as her gag will allow, enjoying my impending doom.

I have a sudden, final, desperate thought. "Wait." I almost shout. "For what?" Adam pauses, having already looped some rope around my wrists, which are now behind me. When did he do that? Fred stops too, having been knotting a scarf in the middle, stood in front of me. "Yeah." Fred adds. "Wait for what?"
"Well." I lick my lips. "You mentioned a bet earlier."
"Yeah." Fred half smiles. "What of it?"
"Maybe I could bet." I point at the screen. "Or race, for my freedom?"
"Hmmm?" But I feel Adam removing the ropes from my wrists. I breathe out. "One race." I hold up a finger. "Rainbow Road, just the two of us."
"You and who?" Fred asks. I shrug. "Whoever. Three laps, no CPU players. If I lose you can tie me up."
"Like them?"
"No." Shaking my head. "Not topless."
"Not even if I beat you by a whole lap?" Adam asks. I turn slightly to face him. "Well." I shrug. It's godamn Raindow Road, and I play Jake almost weekly, so I'm no slouch. And. Even if the little perve does beat me there's no way he can do it by a whole lap. I nod. "Fine. If you beat me by a lap or better then I'll take off my top and bra."
"Deal." Adam holds out a hand, which I shake. We both sit down, with Fred retreating to the bed to give us space. Adam reloads the game, and hands me a controller.

I choose Rosalina. It has to be a Princess, of course, and I love her style in this game. Adam chooses King Boo. "King beats Princess." He teases me. "We'll see." I reply, sticking out my tongue. "By the way," Fred calls out from behind us as Adam selects Raindow Road, sorting out the various options, "what happens if you win?"
"Um." I hadn't thought about any reward beyond not being tied up. Then I look at Jodie, and grin. "If I win, you untie those two, and I get to tie up the blonde."
"Okay." Fred agrees, with Adam nodding, all whilst Jodie starts wriggling yet again, having heard and prehaps not to keen on being my plaything for a change. "Coming for you." I whisper, grinning down at her. She moans, and tries to shake her head. "Come on then." I tell Adam, seeing he's got everything ready and is waiting on me. "Let's get this won so I can have some fun." Adam grins back, looking quite confident, and hits start.

"Cheater." I shake my head, whilst beside me Adam shrugs, grinning. "You never said no shortcuts."
"Yes. Well." I gesture at the screen, where the King is busy doing his automated victory lap. "I didn't know there were any." I mutter.

Somehow, on each lap, Adam was able to jump off the side of the track, at just the right point, to land on more track below, which each time cut about a third off the course. He made beating me look really easy, and if anything all I did was help by attempting the shortcut myself, and failing, which cost me almost half a minute. All the times I've played with Jake he's never shown me that particular route.

"Okay. Fine." I huff, as Fred wanders over, rope in hand. "Where do you want me?"
"How about here." Adam taps the office chair he's just wheeled over and placed up agaisnt the wall. He grins. "Gives us something else to look at."
"Honestly. Boys." I huff, but stand up. A bet is a bet after all, and I don't fancy seeing what'll happen to me if I play hard to get. "Just." Wandering over to one of the beds. "Just give me a moment."
"Sure." Fred nods, and the two boys turn away from me, huddled around the chair, pointing and apparently discussing my impending tie up.

At the bed I quickly pull my vest top and bra off, dumping them on the messy duvet, then I empty my pockets. I type out a quick message before dropping my phone down with my keys. "Right." Walking over to the chair, holding my arms away from my small naked breasts with an effort, because, lets face it, in a moment I won't be able to stop them looking. "Come on and tie me up already."
"Sure." Adam grins, then both boys laugh. I sit down, glancing to the side to see that, now I'm against the wall I can see Layla, who's looking up at me with slightly wide eyes. She moans. "Hey bestie." I wave, then feel my arms grabbed and pulled behind me, making me grunt. Layla grunts too, beginning to wriggle. "Don't worry," I smile, "soommmmpphhfff."

The message I sent was to Jake. Just two characters. 'E8'. Our own private 'help me' code. I've no clue what he can possibly do, and, full up on nerves, I've managed to forget that Wendy will be home soon anyway, and that she'll surely rescue all three of us as per the plan- though I'm not too fussed if the boys get to keep Jodie -but he's my brother. Who else can I ask to save me?
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Another great chapter! Looking forward to the next one!
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018. Tuesday.

After spending all my money on clothes, a good proportion of which are pretty skimpy, and definitely not for public viewing, Cole takes me to the Pizza Hut located on the indoor malls top floor, next to the cinemas entrance and opposite an American themed diner that sells foot long hotdogs covered in your choice of over a dozen toppings. We choose a table near the back, next to a glass wall that allows us to look down at the levels below.

Before the food comes I head to the toilet, weaving across the whole restaurant to reach them, smiling as I imagine myself navigating a maze, prehaps even being chased by the Minotaur itself. Through the door I find three cubicles, all vacant, with a middle aged lady washing her hands, I smile then pick the left hand one. I've always gone left, if it's a choice, though I couldn't explain why. I hear the main door open, then swing closed, before I'm finished. Standing back up I make sure I'm decent, that my tight dress isn't scrunched up, that you can't see the lines of my tiny thong through the dark green fabric, then I flush, and unlock the door.

There's a boy stood at the sink, washing his hands.

Younger then me, I think, and skinny. His blonde hair is styled in that messy on purpose way, and, when he shuts off the water and turns to face me, I see he's wearing thick black glasses. "You know this is the little girls room, right?"
"Little girls room?" An amused smile spreads across his face as he quite pointedly eyes my large breasts. I smile back. "Yes, very cute." I do my own hard stare, down between his legs. "However, I do believe you have entirely the wrong equipment to be here."
"Hmmm." He shrugs. "True. But how else was I going to get some privacy with you Wendy?"
"Do I know you?"
"Not yet." Shaking his head. "I know your brother though." He winks. "From camp."
"You're Jake." I click my fingers, then laugh as things begin clicking into place.

'Camp'. I've no clue how he managed to swing it, or exactly where the funds came from, but my hacker brother Erik, and his new online best friend, Jake, are currently living it up in one of the posher local hotels, ordering room service meals or take away Chinese, staying up till all hours, laptops open, playing games against American kids. Erik told me the truth, in part I think to brag, in part so I could help cover for him should Mum or Dad start trying to pry too hard into the details. This way at least our cover stories will match. "Won't the front desk just realise you've got no parents with you?" I asked. "Nah." Shaking his head, turning to face me having just dumped another tee in his suitcase. "Online check in, and we'll make up some story about Dad still unloading the car when we pick up the key. After that," he'd grinned, "we've made sure to pick a hotel where you don't have to walk past the front desk to get to the rooms."
"Very clever." I'd nodded, he'd shrugged, like it was obvious.

I remember now too, smiling, because she looked quite sexy struggling in the video Erik showed me, that Layla is, well isn't, but was supposed to be, Jakes girlfriend. And that Sammie's his sister. I smile. Sammie, who I left mostly alone to deal with those two boys, who seemed to think she could handle it. I shake my head. Not even I, after a year of bargaining and negotiating, can be sure of how my babysitting hours are going to pan out. If they didn't pay so well, and if I didn't kind of enjoy being tied up, I would've stopped taking the gig months ago. "Right." I step around Jake, and wash my own hands, turning back to face him as I shake them dry. "What's that sister of yours gone and done then?"

"I'm not sure." Jake shrugs. "But she sent me the help code."
"Help code?"
"Yeah." Smiling. "Just something, like a brother sister secret....thing. It was just for fun. I thought. She's never used it before."
"And it means?"
"Help, basically."
"And she didn't send anything else?"
"Nope." Jake waves his phone at me, as though I'll actually be able to read small writing on a small screen that's being shaken. "I knew." Shaking my head, looking at Jake. "I knew she'd wind up joining Layla and Jodie."
"Joining them at what?"
"Why." I put my hands behind me, and press my lips together, miming a struggle whilst I do my best moan, quite pleased to see Jakes eye's widen as my breasts bounce from side to side. "Didn't your sister tell you, she shipped herself Layla and Jodie over to my neighbours so the two kids I babysit could play tie up."
"With Sammie?"
"No. It's Sammie's revenge. Or something." Jake nods, which means he at least knows something. I continue. "Only Layla and Jodie were getting tied." A shrug. "That was the plan anyway. But, those two boys are very rope happy, and very crafty. I wouldn't be surprised if they've somehow tricked Sammie into some tight tie or other."
"Which is why she messaged me." Jake looks thoughtful. "Makes sense."
"Doesn't she like being tied up then?"
"Maybe." A shrug. "She's been jumped twice, by Jodie, it isn't exactly the best introduction."
"I guess not." I shrug. "So I'm guessing you want to go rescue her then?"
"Can you help?"
"Well." I stare at the door. "I mean. Sure." Shrugging. "Fuck Cole, right. Far too keen on getting me into bed, far too grabby."
"Right." Jake is blushing, which is sweet. I smile. "Wish I didn't have to ditch my stuff though."
"Oh. Well." Grinning, Jake pushes open a cubicle door. "Ta dah."
"My hero." I clap, leaning in to give him a peck on the cheek. Making him blush again.

I change, figuring it'll be easier to sneak past Cole if I don't look like the me from ten minutes ago. In a cubicle the dress comes off, to be replaced by tight black jeans with rips on both legs and a tight black tee with a white open sharks mouth silhouette on the front. I keep my blue converse high tops on, and tuck my hair up inside a dark red woolen hat. I don't look over as Jake and me walk across then out of the restaurant, but once we're on the down escalator Jake looks back, and nods. "We're clear."
"Right. Good." Pulling off my hat, shaking out my dyed red hair. "Now. How are we getting back to my place?"

Twenty minutes later finds me stood on my driveway, waiting for Jake to pay the taxi. "Ready?" I ask as he joins me. "Ready." He nods, following me towards the front door.

The house is quiet. Jake stays with me as I do a lap of the ground floor, finding nothing except the sports bag Sammie bought along. "Where are they?" Jake asks, staring at the dark powered down flatscreen. "Upstairs." I point. "Their room is on the second floor."
"Well then." Gesturing me to carry on. "Let's go upstairs."
"Right." I nod, grimacing slightly, easy for Jake to say, he isn't the one that'll ultimately have to sort out this mess.

On the first floor landing, at the foot of the next stairs, we find the clothes. A very short tee and a bikini top, laying in a crumpled heap. "Right." I turn around, whispering, putting a hand on Jakes chest. "No further for you I think."
"But." Whispering too, Jake looks from the clothes to the stairs to me. He points upwards. "I have to go and help Sammie."
"I know." I smile, but shake my head. "I can't let you come up though." Pointing at the clothes. "Those are Layla and Jodie's tops. I don't think either girl wants you to see their bits right now."
"Look Jake. I know Sammie's up there too, and you want to do the right thing, but you understand why you have to stay here. Right?"
"Yeah." After a pause Jake nods, smiling. "I get it. I'd feel like a jerk barging in on Layla like that for sure."
"Good man." I nod, glad that he either hasn't realised the two boys upstairs are already getting an eyeful of both Layla and Jodie, plus maybe even Sammie, like that, or that he's choosing not to mention it. I point back towards the stairs down. "Go have a drink. I'll send them down."
"Right." Jake nods, gives me a smile, I smile back, then catch his arm as he's turning around to leave. He stops, turns back, gives me a quizzical look. "You owe me." I whisper. "I do?" He looks confused. "For what?"
"For what I'm about to have to do."
"What do you mean?"
"Doesn't matter." I shake my head, unwilling to explain. "But you owe me."
"What do I owe you though?"
"I'll think of something." I grin, thinking. "Maybe Layla can owe me instead actually."
"Maybe." A shrug. "Or your sister. I'll be in touch." I let go then, of his arm, and watch as Jake leaves, descending to the ground floor. Then I take a deep breath, and head on up.

"Boys." I nod, pushing the door open with my foot. I look around, finding what I expected sat in a chair up agaisnt the wall just to the side of the flatscreen. "Sammie." I smile, tipping an imaginary hat. "How's being in charge working out for you?" In response Sammie grunts, and struggles, much good it'll do her. She too appears to be topless, just like Layla and Jodie, who I've already spied laid on the floor trussed together like some kind of package. At least Sammie still has blue denim shorts on, which cover her better then the thong bottoms cover the other two. The chair she's sat in is from the brothers desk, it's wheeled, with a central pillar rising up to a cushioned blue fabric seat with no armrests. Sammie's wrists, and elbows if I had to guess based on her thrust out small chest, have been tied behind the seat back, her wrists then tied to the chair. Her legs are spread open and bent backwards, ankles tied separately to the cental pillar on either side. She's been gagged with a green woolen scarf, knotted in the middle.

"Wendy." Fred smiles, putting down his controller, but not getting up from the sofa. "You're back."
"I am." Nodding, staying in the doorway. "Have you two been having fun?"
"Oh yes." Adam nods, putting his own controller down. Both boys laugh. "Why don't you come see?"
"I can see." I nod towards Layla and Sammie, but don't move. "These girls need to go home now though."
"They do?" Fred pouts. "But," he looks at each in turn, "we'd only tied them up the one time."
"What can I say." A shrug. "They've got a long train journey ahead."
"But." Fred looks at the clock on the wall. "You weren't coming home until six." He points. "It's not even three."
"What can I say." Spreading my arms wide. "Things change sometimes."
"I guess."
"Come on then." I make a hurry up hand twirling gesture. "Let's get them untied so they can all go home."
"Sure." A sly smile crosses Fred's face, he stands up. "Come on and help then."
"No." Shaking my head, briefly looking down at my feet, checking. When I look back up I see both Fred and Adam grinning at me. "I'm sure you can both manage."
"Maybe." Fred, nods, as though giving it some thought. "Maybe not."
"Come on guys. Please."
"Come closer." Adam giggles, dropping his voice to a whisper I can barely hear. "And we'll talk it over."
"What big teeth you have." I mutter shaking my head. Both boys smile at me. I look over at Sammie, watching me back, then down at Layla, currently facing both me and the boys, giving me a confused look around her tight gag. I look around the room, searching, spotting the ever changing and growing rulebook laid on Adam's bed. I smile myself, maybe Layla isn't so clueless after all. "Not going to let me off. Are you?"
"Not when we were promised more time." Fred shakes his head. Now Adam nods. "Why don't you come in and help us Wendy?"
"I'm happy to negotiate." I try, still not moving. But both boys shake their heads. "Not today." Fred answers, walking over to the bed, picking up the book that hinders as often as helps me. "We were promised." I look around the room, at the tied girls, at the smiling boys, then shake my head. I can almost feel the trap closing around me. "Fine." Taking a step over the threshold, seeing both boys smiles widen as they see. "Don't worry." Fred holds up a hand, moving over to Sammie, wheeling her away from the wall to better access her knots. "Yeah." Adam all but leaps from the sofa, his controller bouncing onto the floor with a clatter. "We've got this." He bends down next to Layla's ankles, tugging carefully at the knot there. "Right." Fred looks up from Sammie's ankle ropes, having loosened one. He laughs. "No need to come in or anything."
"You guys are jerks." I shake my head, arms crossed as I stand just inside the doorway, watching. But I'm smiling.

"Here." I hold the bundle of tops I'd picked up from the stairs, plus the bed, out to Layla. "You'd best get dressed again huh."
"Thanks." Layla tosses the other two theirs, then sets about covering herself up. "I thought we were supposed to be here all day though?"
"Change of plan." I shrug, not wanting to get into the details right now. I know the boys will be itching to tie me up, looking over I can see them completely failing to stand still, glancing over at me, fiddling with a length of rope each. "Boys." I call over, grabbing their attention. "Go fetch me and yourselves a drink. Please."
"Sure." Adam nods. Both boys drop their ropes, then head out of the room, discussing what snacks they should bring back upstairs.

"Jakes downstairs." I tell Layla, once it's just us girls left, loudly enough to carry. "Jakes here?" Sammie wanders over, looking happy. "Yeah." I point down. "Waiting. Going to have to take the train home I'm afraid girls."
"Okay." Layla nods. "No worries." Sammie leaves then, and, after a quick kiss, Jodie follows. Layla lingers a moment though, looking me up and down, glancing at the door then back at me. "What's up?" I ask. "It's real then?" Layla points at the book. "I couldn't figure it out, before, and it seemed, I dont know, rude maybe not to play along. Plus." She giggles. "It is fun."
"Yes." I smile. "It can be."
"So what's with the book then?"
"Well." I pick it up, half turning to hold it so Layla can get a good look. She steps in closer, putting an arm around my waist. An action that sends an unexpected jolt through me. "Here." I swallow. "Look." I flick through the pages, showing her how most are written on. No order, maybe four in a row, then there might be ten blank ones, then maybe a hand drawn picture of a tied up girl, more stick figure with balloon breasts then actual person. "The first time." I tell Layla, keeping hold of the book, now turned to the front cover, tracing the names written there whilst she holds me in a loose hug. "When I came over to babysit, they were just moved in, and we were next door. Perfect job I thought. Easy money. It never occured to me that tying someone up could be done to these levels. When they asked me to play, to be a damsel, I was just expecting wrists and ankles maybe." I laugh. "Fucking tight is what it was. But." I shrug. "Kind of fun. Kind of thrilling that these two kids I didn't even know had me all helpless. So. When their parents asked me to come back, to babysit again...."
"You said yes."
"....I said yes." I nod. "Maybe I just wanted to see if it was a one off, a phase. But no." I toss the book onto the nearest bed. "They wanted to do it again. So we did. I wanted to try anyway. Again. To see whether it'd still be fun now I knew what was coming. Is it less thrilling when you know the helplessness is coming?"
"No." Layla shakes her head. She still hasn't let go of me, is still hugging me one handed, and I can feel her hand gently stroking up and down the side of my flat belly, teasing at the tight waist of my jeans, giving me a warm tingle. I lean my head back on her shoulder. "Indeed. I don't think so either. So." I shrug, and reach down, unbuttoning myself, sure I'm imagining what's happening, misreading the signals, but hoping. I drop my hands to my sides and my breath catches as I feel Layla's hand snaking down into my jeans. I swallow. "The money's good, and I quite enjoy being tied. But, I wanted there to be some rules, some kind of control. Stuff we all agreed on to make the game more fun. Something to stop them simply stripping me naked and staking me out in the back garden."
"Oh, I don't know." Layla giggles, her fingers stroking just above the waist band of my thong. "I'll bet you'd look quite cute like that."
"Offering to join me?" I turn around, on the spot, putting me belly to belly with Layla, our breasts touching. I know she's with Jodie, somewhere in my head I know this, but I'm suddenly all caught up in the moment, not caring. Layla doesn't step back, instead, apparently as hooked in the moment as I am, she takes hold of my hands, moving them behind my back and holding them there one handed, using the move to pull me closer to her. With her other hand she reaches up, running splayed fingers through my hair. "Maybe." She smiles. My breath catches, her face is inches from mine, and her hand is still in my hair, now clenched into a loose fist as she draws me closer.

The kiss lasts, it feels like, forever. Layla holds me in place, taking control, and I surrender, letting her have whatever she wants from me. And then, on some unspoken signal, she lets go of my wrists and hair, and without breaking the kiss we switch rolls. She moves her own arms around behind her back, and my right hand finds her wrists, pinning them there even whilst my left hand is kneading at her breasts through the tiny triangle of her top. Layla smiles, her breath quickening as a small moan escapes around our kiss. And then the bedroom door bangs open.

By the time the two boys are in the room we're stood a couple of metres apart, smiling at each other. "Haven't you gone yet?" Fred asks Layla. "I was just saying goodbye first." She replies, looking me in the eye, licking her lips, sending a shiver through me. "Come talk to me later?" She asks, stood in the doorway. I nod, having been sure what just happened was a momentary slip up on her part, now not so sure, I'm suddenly wondering whether I might even get a repeat performance someday. "Sure. I'll be free around eight."
"I'll be waiting." She smiles, then leaves with a backwards wave.

I sigh, turning to face the boys, who I'm not surprised to find each have a length of rope held ready. "Fuck me." Shaking my head, smiling. "What a crazy messed up amazing day."
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