Prisoner in My Room (ff/m)

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Prisoner in My Room (ff/m)

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I'm resurrecting this from the archives. I hope this is allowed. If not, please delete. Many thanks to [mention]Fordman[/mention], who saved this from the old site and formatted it better. This was the first story I ever wrote. The sequel to this story is also in the archives.

Prisoner in My Room, chapter 1

This happened when I was 14. My sister Lucy was 17. It was the first time I was ever tied up. Our mom was going to be out-of-town that weekend.

“Friday night I need you to make yourself scarce. I’m having a couple of friends over for movie night,” my sister told me.

“Why do I have to leave? This is my house too,” I replied.

“Because, you’re an annoying little brother. And you act all weird around Amy. It’s pretty obvious that you have a crush on her. It’s embarrassing to watch.”

“I do not!”

“Whatever. Just be out of the house by 6:00.”

I thought for a minute, gathering my courage. “How about you tie me up in my room? Then I won’t be able to get in your way.”

“Very funny. You overreact about everything.”

“No, I’m serious. I’ve always wondered what it feels like to be all tied up.”

Lucy’s mouth fell open. “You can’t be serious. You would rather be tied up in your room than go to a friend’s house?”

“Yeah. It sounds exciting.”

“You are so weird! OK, I’ll tie you up. But I will gag you too. I can’t have you screaming for help ten minutes after I tie you up.”


“And you do realize that once my friends come over, I’ll forget all about you? Last time, my friends stayed until about eleven. You could be tied up for at least five hours. Can you deal with that?”

“Do you have experience tying anyone up before?”


“Then you’ll probably be terrible at it. I’ll escape in a few minutes. But don’t worry, I’ll stay in my room after I’m free.”

“We’ll see. Do you have any rope?”


“I’ll get some tomorrow.”

I decided to put all my perversions on display. “Also, and this is going to sound weird, but …”

“Weirder than wanting to be tied up? I can’t wait to hear this.”

“Can I borrow a pair of your tights? I’d like to wear them when I’m tied up.”

Lucy stared at me until it got really uncomfortable. Then she burst out laughing. “You are full of surprises today! Why not! Anything else?”


Lucy got serious. “Rusty, are you gay? If you are, it’s OK.”

“What? No! You just accused me of having a crush on Amy. I’m absolutely not gay!”

“OK! I believe you. But we’re not going to share tights. I’ll buy you a pair of tights that you can keep.”

“Thanks, Sis. You’re OK.”

She got a devious smile on her face. “Don’t thank me. In spite of what you think, I’m going to make sure you stay bound and helpless for five hours. You won’t think its so much fun after the first half-hour.”

Prisoner in My Room, chapter 2

As she was walking away, she asked if I had a color preference for tights.

“Black is fine. But I like the kind that are thick and solid, that you can’t see through.”

“The word you’re looking for is ‘opaque’. Be sure to trim your fingernails and toenails. I don’t want you ripping a brand-new pair of tights. I’m really going to enjoy this, Rusty.”

I was getting concerned that she was so enthusiastic about tying me up. I obviously didn’t have to beg her to do it. But I wasn’t too worried. She’s a girl, and fairly petite. She was probably going to tie a short piece of rope around my wrists, and another around my ankles. I was certain I would be able to quickly escape. I only hoped that it would be at least a little challenging. It wouldn’t be very exciting if I escaped the minute she left me alone.

That night and the next day I couldn’t help but dwell on the fact that I was soon going to find out what it felt like to wear tights, and to be all tied up. I could hardly wait. I hoped Lucy remembered to buy me a pair of tights and some rope. Lucy and I acted like everything was normal, especially when our mom was around. Mom had decided that we were old enough to be on our own for a couple of days, and she spent one weekend per month with her boyfriend, who lived several hours away.

Friday afternoon came, and our mom said goodbye to us. She had stocked the refrigerator and freezer for the weekend, made us promise to behave and all the other things moms say when leaving their children.

Lucy and I ate an early dinner. We didn’t talk about my upcoming captivity, so I began to think she had decided to skip the whole thing. But, after she took her dishes to the sink, she came back to the table with a bag and dumped it out. A new package of rope had been cut into several sections already. She was obviously still planning on going through with it! I almost fainted from excitement when I saw all that new white rope!

“Don’t worry – it’s 100 feet of rope. I won’t use all it on you, but it was the smallest package they had. But I will use enough of it,” she said ominously.

She then handed me a new pair of black tights, still in their package, and a new pair of girl’s panties. “Take off the shorts you’re wearing and take off your underwear. Then put on these panties, and then pull the tights on over them. You can leave your shorts off, or put them back on, whichever you prefer.”

“Thanks for buying all this Lucy. But I would rather not wear girl’s panties. I’m not a cross-dresser, well, other than the tights. I’ll just wear my regular underwear.”

“You will do as I say or the deal is off. You’re not going to put tights over bulky jockey shorts. Besides, you will like the smooth feel of these panties. Come back down when you’re ready. I’ll load the dishwasher. Don’t take too long. My friends are coming around six, and I still have to get you tied up. Oh, don’t forget to use the bathroom. It will be awhile before you will be able to go again.”

I took the panties and the package of tights and went to the bathroom. I was trembling with excitement as I removed the wrapper from the tights. I brushed my teeth and used the toilet. I stripped down to just my tee shirt, then put on the panties and then sat down and pulled on the tights. They felt so incredible. I debated whether to put my jean shorts back on or not, but decided to put them back on. As I walked back to the kitchen, I marveled at how good it feels to walk in a pair of tights.

“How do the tights feel?” Lucy asked.

“Great! I love it!”

“They look good on you. I picked the right size. OK, turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

I did as she asked, and she crossed my wrists in an x-shape behind me. My heart was pounding with excitement. I could feel her wind the rope horizontally around my wrists, then she made several turns vertically.

“Don’t go easy on me just because I’m your brother. I want it to be challenging.”

“Oh, don’t worry. Going easy on you never crossed my mind. I’ve been watching several videos on the internet about how to tie someone up,” she said as she made a knot and pulled it tightly. “That’s fifteen feet of rope, tied in two directions, with the knot where your fingers can’t reach.”

To my immense pleasure, the rope was very secure. My wrists were held tightly together with absolutely no slack. It hadn’t occurred to me yet that everything Lucy just said would not bode well for me. She had actually been researching how to tie someone up with rope. But for now, I was simply enjoying all these new sensations.

“Is that too tight? Is it cutting off your circulation?”

“It’s very tight, but not too tight. Good job!”

“Now, let’s head to your room. Careful going up the stairs. It’s going to feel different with your hands behind you, and you won’t be able to catch yourself if you fall.”

As I walked up the stairs, I noticed she was right. My center of balance was off with my hands behind me. I climbed slowly, and Lucy walked beside me, lightly holding my arm in case I started to fall. She could be considerate when she wanted to be.

When we got to my bedroom, she told me to lie face-down in the middle of my bed. This isn’t so easy to do when your hands are bound behind you, but I managed to do it. Within seconds I could feel rope being tied tightly around my ankles. Then she passed the rope between my ankles and wound it several times around itself and pulled it tight, which cinched the rope. A secure knot and now my stocking feet were securely tied together.

“I practiced tying my own legs together about ten times,” she said.

Again, this should have set off warning bells in my head. Not only had she been watching instructional videos, but she had actually practiced on herself multiple times. But, I was still on a sensory high, enjoying the feel of wearing tights and having my legs bound with rope.

Next, she rolled me onto my side and began to bind another 15-foot section of rope around my legs, just above my knees. Soon the rope around my knees was tightened, cinched, and knotted. She rolled me back onto my stomach. She began to tie the end of a long piece of rope to the bed frame at the top right corner of my bed. She brought the rope under my right arm, across my back, under my left arm, and pulled it tight. Then she tied the end to the top left corner of my bed frame.

“There,” she said. “Now you won’t be able to get off the bed and hop around. It’s for your own safety.”

“You know, I think I’ve changed my mind. You can untie me now.”

“I hope you’re joking, because there’s no way I’m undoing all this rope now.”

“Could you at least get rid of my pillow? My neck is hurting.”

She pulled the pillow from under my head, and I could now lower my head to a more comfortable position.

She grabbed my ankles and pulled me down toward the foot of the bed until the rope tethering me to the head of the bed was almost painfully tight. Before I could wriggle back up to create some slack, she had tied another rope to the rope that bound my ankles. She pulled it tight and tied the end of the rope to the bed frame at the foot of the bed. I was now unable to raise my feet from the bed.

“Holy cow, Lucy. Don’t you think this is overdoing it a little? I feel like I’m being stretched on a rack. I can’t move.”

“That’s the idea.” She walked to the head of the bed so I could see her. She showed me what was in her hands. It looked like two pairs of tights, similar to the pair I was wearing. “These are a couple of old pairs of tights I was going to throw away soon. Since you like tights so much, I thought I would give them to you. Don’t worry, they’re old but they’ve been washed.”

Lucy and I went to a school that had a very strict dress code. Girls had to wear uniforms and navy-blue tights. Seeing all those girls, including my sister, wearing tights every day is no doubt the cause of my tights obsession.

“They are starting to get holes in them, but they’ll suffice for what I’m about to do.”
I easily guessed where those tights were going. Before I could protest, one pair was pulled over my eyes and tied behind my head.

“Do you have any last requests before you are unable to speak? I probably won’t honor any request, but go ahead.”

“Please, please, please, don’t forget to untie me before you go to bed tonight.”

That was the last intelligible thing I was able to say for quite a while. She tied a knot in the middle of the tights, thrust the knot into my mouth, and pulled the tights back until they were stretched as far as they could. Another knot was tied behind my head.

“I will try to remember to let you go. But last time I had friends over, I had a couple of glasses of Mom’s wine, and I was out like a light until noon the next day. Wine makes me so sleepy.”

Prisoner in My Room, chapter 3

“No!” I tried to say through my thick gag. She couldn’t be serious, could she?

“Don’t worry. Even if I forget to check on you, you did say on Wednesday that you were confident that you would be able to free yourself in a few minutes. What was it you said about my ability to tie you up? Oh, yes, it was ‘you’ll probably be terrible at it’ because of my lack of experience. Well, goodbye little brother. Remember you promised to stay in your room even after you free yourself.”

With those final taunting words, she flipped off the light. The little sliver of light I was getting at the bottom of my blindfold was gone as my room was plunged into darkness. I had previously closed the shades on my window. I suddenly realized that there is a world of difference between the process of being tied up and the prospect of being left tied up and abandoned. It felt so wonderful while she was binding the rope around me. But now I felt more alone than I’ve ever felt in my life. The only person in the entire world who knew of my predicament was my absent-minded sister. I was completely at her mercy, and she gave no indication of showing any. If I was unable to free myself, I was going to stay bound, gagged, and blindfolded like this for at least five hours.

If she had any wine tonight and fell asleep, it could be eighteen hours, if she really slept until noon! I succumbed to total panic. I’m not ashamed to say I started screaming like a little girl. I was thrashing about in a futile effort to get the ropes off of me. At least I intended to thrash about. In reality, I was only able to move a fraction of an inch in any direction. I cursed myself for being so stupid. I had asked for this!

I screamed again as loud as I could, but Lucy was either ignoring me, or truly couldn’t hear me. I suspected it was the latter. I had a big knot of tights filling my mouth, my door was closed, and Lucy was probably downstairs. If she couldn’t hear me now when the house was quiet, I didn’t have a prayer of being heard once her friends arrived and downstairs would be filled with the sounds of girls chatting and laughing and a movie playing.

I started to cry, but I made myself stop. Crying would make my nose run, and I needed my nose for breathing, since my mouth was stuffed. Panic was doing me no good. I had to calm down. I focused on my breathing and tried to relax. Gradually my heart rate slowed, as did my breathing. If I was going to free myself, I had to do it in a calmer way. I wasn’t going to be able to burst out of my bonds in a frenzy. The key to my escape was the rope around my wrists. If I could only loosen the rope a little, I could slip one hand free, and then my total freedom would be a matter of untying all the other knots with my free hands.

That is, if I was able to reach the knots at the head of the bed, even with free hands. I couldn’t see because of my blindfold, and I tried to remember how far away I was from the headboard. That would be incredibly frustrating if I got my wrists free but was unable to untie the rope that held my upper body tethered to the bed. At least I would be able to untie my blindfold and gag, even if my legs and chest remained bound. Then it occurred to me – if my hands were free I could simply put my arms above my head and slip them around the rope that was tied to the headboard. Easy! Then I would simply untie the ropes imprisoning my legs. Or, maybe not. Maybe I would leave my legs tied for a while and enjoy the sensation. But, the whole scenario depended on my getting my hands free. I started to slowly test the rope around my wrists.

Just then the doorbell rang. I soon heard a voice I recognized. It was Amy. It gave me an odd feeling to know that there were other people in the house, while I was on my bed wearing tights and panties, and completely tied up, gagged, and blindfolded. It was actually kind of exciting. Especially since I had a crush on Amy. I would be mortified if she saw me like this, but it gave me a thrill to know she was nearby.

I brought my attention back to my wrist bonds.

Prisoner in My Room, chapter 4

I brought my attention back to my wrist bonds. Instead of frantically tugging, I slowly tried to twist my wrists. There was a tiny bit of movement, but not nearly enough to pull one hand free. Maybe if I continued to flex and twist my wrists, the knot would eventually loosen a bit.

Minutes passed and all I accomplished was sore wrists from rubbing against the rope. If anything, my frantic tugging earlier had made my wrists and hands swell slightly. My efforts only caused the rope to feel even tighter. There seemed no hope of slipping a hand free. Maybe I could reach a knot with my fingers?

Earlier, Lucy told me that the knot was out of reach of my fingers, but I decided to try. This was also doomed to failure. My fingers couldn’t touch any part of the rope, let alone the knot. I again cursed my own stupidity, first for asking to be tied up in the first place, and second for my counter-productive earlier panic. I would let my wrists rest for a few minutes. I held my wrists up as much as possible to try to get the swelling to go down. At least she hadn’t tied my arms to my body, but that was little consolation. I could reach no other bonds even with semi-free arms.

Perhaps I could remove my blindfold? I rubbed my head against the bed, but the bedspread was too slick to cause enough friction to pull the blindfold up. I soon gave up on that. It was just as well. There was nothing to look at in my dark room, and I kind of liked the feel of Lucy’s tights on my face. How about the gag? I tried to push the knot out of my mouth with my tongue, but she had pulled the tights back until they could stretch no more.

Rubbing my gagged mouth on the bed proved to be just as fruitless as trying to get my blindfold off. I gave up attempting to remove either one. I wasn’t too upset about my very secure gag, either. If it had come free, I wouldn’t have yelled for help anyway, not with Amy in the house. I would have been more comfortable without the gag, but it too felt good in a way.

I had probably seen my gag and blindfold being worn on Lucy’s legs. I had always wondered what her tights felt like, but I never worked up the courage to ask her if I could give her a foot massage while she was wearing them. At least I was feeling her tights now, although with my face rather than my hands. The knot in my mouth had a hint of a taste of laundry detergent and fabric softener. All things considered, if you have to be gagged and blindfolded, it’s really not bad if they’re two pairs of a schoolgirl’s tights.

My other bonds were absolutely hopeless. The rope holding my upper body to the bed frame not only prevented me from getting off the bed, but I was incapable of even rolling over onto my side. This inability to change positions would prove to be the most unpleasant aspect of my captivity. Five hours in bondage may have been tolerable if I could occasionally sit up or stand up, but I was destined to be in one position the whole time – face down on the bed. The ropes on my legs held them together in a tight grip.

The rope above my knees served no discernible purpose, as I would have been just as helpless if it hadn’t been tied there. The constriction was just a constant reminder of my inability to remove it. My ankle rope was tight as well, and the rope from there to the foot of the bed kept my feet securely in place.

All of the ropes were very tight, but none seemed to interfere with my circulation. My fingers and toes, about the only part of me that could move, were not tingling or going numb. Lucy sure knew what she was doing. The leg ropes were uncomfortable, but this was the part of my bondage I liked best, thanks in large part to the tights. They felt fantastic, and they provided some protection between my skin and the rope. Wiggling my toes while wearing a pair of tights was a new experience that I liked very much.

I hoped that my wrists and hands had shrunk a little from holding them up, but no such luck. I finally had to accept the fact that I was not going to escape on my own. I felt like crying again, but once more I forced myself not to.

I slowly descended into a state of mind that I’ve since read is called “sub-space.” When someone is in strict bondage and in sensory deprivation due to a gag and blindfold, they sometimes retreat into their own mind, since there is literally nothing else that person can do. I thought I was falling asleep, but it wasn’t sleep. I was actually starting to feel euphoria. It was the most calming and relaxing experience I had felt up to that time. It continued to deepen until I was no longer a helpless captive bound to my bed. I started to feel like I was floating on a cloud. I now call it being “high on bondage.”

My calm relaxation was soon to come to a screeching halt, however.

Prisoner in My Room, chapter 5

I heard my bedroom door open. Lucy is coming to check on me! Maybe I can convince her to untie me now. I had enjoyed my “bondage high,” but I was really ready for freedom. I would no doubt have to promise her some big-time favors to get her to untie me early.

“I want to show you something,” Lucy said. Well, I thought, you need to remove my blindfold first. My light was switched on. I suddenly knew that Lucy had not been talking to me when someone gasped.

“Oh my god!” I heard. My heart sank as I recognized the voice. Amy was in my room. Amy was looking at me. I moaned in frustration.

“Lucy, you’re so mean! Why did you do this to him?”

If there was ever a time in my life I wished that I was dead, this was it. If I had a button that would have made me disappear in a puff of smoke never to return, I would have pushed it. If I had to live through this humiliation, at least I could begin plotting a way to punish my sister for her treachery.

How could she do this to me? I hadn’t told her not to tell any of her friends about this, but I had thought that would be obvious. After all, Lucy’s main reason for agreeing to this was so that I would be forgotten and not interfere with her time with her friends. Now she was bringing her friends up to gawk at me?

“You’re terrible! I can’t believe you! How long has he been tied up?”

“About forty-five minutes.”

Forty-five minutes? I haven’t even been tied up for an hour yet? That can’t be! It felt like hours!

“Untie him right now!”

Lucy must have indicated she wouldn’t, because then I heard Amy say, “Forget it. I’ll untie him myself.”

“Amy, wait. Calm down. He asked me to do this to him.”

“Yeah, right. How dumb do you think I am?”

“No, really, he wanted this. We’ve been planning this for two days.”

“I’m going to have to hear him say so. And, why is he wearing tights?”

“He … well, that was my idea. I told him I would tie him up on the condition that he wear a pair of my school tights. I just wanted to see how they looked on him. I told him that it would protect his legs from rope marks.”

I had no idea why Lucy was lying about the tights, but at least it made me seem a little less pathetic. Having Amy know I asked to be tied up was bad enough, but I was glad she didn’t know that wearing tights was my idea.

“Rusty, it’s Amy,” as if I didn’t know. “I’m going to take off your gag.”

The gag came out, damp with my saliva. Another thing to add to my embarrassment.

“Rusty, did you really ask Lucy to tie you up?”

For a second, I thought about lying. PLEASE HELP ME! MY SISTER DRUGGED ME AND TIED ME UP! but I simply sighed and said “yes.”

“Why on earth did you ask her to do this?”

“I’ve just always wondered what it would feel like to be tied up. When Lucy told me to stay away tonight, I suggested being tied up in my room.”

“There’s always something new going on in this house, I must say. Now that you’ve been tied up, how do you like it?”

“I have mixed feelings about it. It’s the best and worst evening of my life. Lucy, are you there?” No one had removed my blindfold.

“Yeah, I’m here. How are you doing?”

“I can’t believe you’re showing me off to your friends. I’m going to kill you. Who else is in here?”

“It’s just me and Amy. Kara texted and said she couldn’t make it. That’s when I decided to show Amy what I did to you. If Kara had come, there’s no way I would have shown her. She has a big mouth, and news of you being my damsel in distress would have been all over school on Monday.”

“Why did you have to tell Amy? I’m so embarrassed. I wish I were dead.”

“I didn’t tell her. I showed her.”

“You know what I mean!”

“Rusty,” Amy interjected. “If you’re worried about me telling anyone, I promise I won’t. And please don’t be embarrassed. I was shocked at first, but now I think it’s cool that you trust your sister enough to ask her to do this to you. I wish I had a brother so I could tie him up! Do you want to be untied now?”

“No, he doesn’t,” Lucy interjected before I could answer. “He knew from the start that if he couldn’t free himself, he would remain tied up until at least 11 o’clock. Just because you know about it now, doesn’t change anything.”

“Lucy, could you let me talk privately with Rusty for a few minutes?”

“Fine. I need to use the bathroom anyway. But don’t let him talk you into untying him.”

I could hear Lucy leaving, and then I heard Amy close my bedroom door. She came back and sat on my bed. AMY IS SITTING ON MY BED! AMY AND I ARE ON THE SAME BED! This was the closest I’ve ever been to Amy (even though I couldn’t see her) and it was already the longest conversation we’ve ever had. Usually we just said hi or bye to each other.

“She can be so overbearing! How do you live with her?” Amy asked.

“It’s not easy. What time is it?”

“About 6:30.”

Lucy was right. She had started to tie me up at 5:45. It really had been only 45 minutes ago.

“She’s not here now. You can speak freely. Do you want me to loosen all the knots so that you can get free after Lucy and I go back to our movie?”

This was my opportunity to say yes. This was my chance to get just enough help that I could free myself whenever I wanted. However, this is what came out of my mouth: “No, thanks. I’m OK.”

“Are you sure? Lucy wouldn’t have to know. It would be our little secret.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. It would feel like cheating. Lucy’s right. I knew what I was getting into from the start. I either need to free myself or wait until 11:00.”

Why did I pass up this chance? To this day I don’t know. I was aching for freedom. I was so tired of being on this bed unable to move. Somehow, though, I didn’t feel it was fair to get help. If I had been a kidnap victim, I couldn’t get free just by asking my captor to loosen my bonds a little. I didn’t, however, feel it was cheating to ask for one thing.

“I will ask for a small favor, though. Could you remove the rope that’s keeping me tied to the head of the bed? It’s the only rope that really hurts, and I would love to be able to lie on my side for a while.”

“No problem,” she replied. In a minute I could feel a sudden slack in the rope. She pulled it from under my armpits and suddenly my least favorite piece of rope was tossed aside. I felt so much better.

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“My pleasure!” she said as she began to massage my shoulders. AMY IS SITTING ON MY BED MASSAGING MY SHOULDERS!

“Thank you, that feels so good. My shoulders were getting sore.”

Of course, my annoying sister had to pick that exact moment to open the door and interrupt us. “Are you done raping my bound and helpless brother yet?”

“You’re so crude, Lucy,” Amy said in disgust.

“Wait, did you untie the rope that was keeping him on the bed? I didn’t say you could do that. Now I’m going to have to replace it.”

“Please don’t, Lucy,” Amy begged. “He could have asked me to untie him, but he didn’t. The only thing he asked for was for that one rope to be removed. He’s still tied up more than enough. You can’t really be this mean.”

“Yeah, Lucy. Please. That rope was hurting me.”

“I tied it for his own good, so he wouldn’t tumble from the bed and hurt himself.”

“His feet are still tied to the bed," Amy pointed out.

“Yeah, but now if he tumbles off, his feet are going to stay put, but the rest of him could fall off. He could twist or dislocate a joint doing that.”

“Rusty, do you promise not to squirm too much? Try to stay in the middle of the bed, OK?”

“I promise.”

“See? He’ll be good,” Amy said on my behalf.

“OK, but he has to pay a penalty. Rusty, it’s your choice. Choice #1: I tie you back to the headboard, and I will untie you at eleven o’clock as originally planned. Or, choice #2: I leave this rope off, but you get an additional half-hour of being tied up. You would then be released at 11:30.”

“An extra half-hour?” Amy exclaimed. “Lucy, that’s excessive! Eleven o’clock was already too much!”

“It’s up to him. What will it be, Rusty?”

I thought for a second. “How about an extra half-hour, but you also remove the rope that’s tied from my ankles to the bed.” I thought that was a good compromise. I was eager to try standing up once the girls left.

“What makes you think you’re in a position to negotiate? I gave you a choice. It involves removing no other ropes.”

“OK, I’ll take the extra half-hour. Amy, will you still be here at 11:30? I need a back-up rescuer in case Lucy falls asleep before then.”

“Yes, in fact, I already asked my parents if I could stay the night.”

I was very happy to hear that.

“Let’s gag him again and go back to our movie.”

“You know,” said Amy, ignoring Lucy, as she ran her hand up and down my legs, “he looks really good in tights.” AMY IS MASSAGING MY LEGS! I was not kidding when I said this was both the worst and best evening I’ve had in my life.

“In fact,” Amy continued, “he looks a lot better in tights than I do.” I knew this to be a blatant lie, since I had seen Amy wearing her school skirt and tights hundreds of times. No one in the world looks better in tights than Amy does. At least once a week she would come to our house after school and kick off her shoes by the front door and walked around in her skirt, opaque tights, and stocking feet. This is probably why Lucy thinks I act weird when Amy is around. I would try to watch Amy’s legs and feet without trying to make it obvious that I was watching. How many times did I fantasize about Amy asking me to massage her legs and feet? Now my fantasy was occurring, but completely twisted around – I was the one wearing tights, and she was massaging my legs!

“Yeah, he looks good in them, but try not to give him a swelled head about it.”

Amy continued to massage my legs and feet while Lucy shoved the wet knot of tights back in my mouth, pulled them back every bit as tightly as she had done before (maybe even tighter) and tied the tights behind my head. Once again, I was silenced. Amy got off the bed and bent close to my head. She stroked the top of my head and said, “See you later, Rusty.”

“I know that I said if you free yourself, you have to stay in your room,” said my sister. “But I’m feeling generous. If you do escape, I think you deserve to come downstairs and have a snack with us. Oh, and leave your tights on. Amy seems to like how you look in them.”

The lights were turned off again, and the door closed. I could hear the two girls giggling as they went away, but the sound of them faded away and I was once again abandoned in total darkness and silence.

I took the opportunity to roll over onto my side. It felt like such a luxury to be able to change positions. I had nearly died of embarrassment when Amy saw me all tied up wearing tights. Now, I was so glad she did. Because of her, I had a little bit more freedom, and my armpits and back weren’t sore from the rope that used to keep me face down. Also, I loved the way she had massaged my shoulders and legs. She is so pretty, I wish I could have seen her, but neither girl had removed my blindfold. The thing I was most grateful for was that now someone other than my sister knew I was tied up in my room. If my scatterbrained sister drank some wine and fell asleep, Amy would untie me.

I no longer feared being tied up until noon tomorrow. I did still face many more hours of being bound, gagged, and blindfolded, even if I had a little more freedom than before. Eleven o’clock was still four and a half hours away. No, it was to be a full five hours again now that I had agreed to the extra half-hour, I reminded myself.

I again tested my wrist rope, but it was every bit as tight as before. Would I regret that I turned down Amy’s offer to loosen my bonds? Probably. But the memory of Amy sitting on my bed and massaging me made it all worthwhile. Now that I was slightly more comfortable, I was able to enjoy my bondage even more. I felt warm and cozy in my tights. My bonds were as tight and inescapable as before, but I really had no desire right now to be free. I was back in my “bondage high”, or maybe I was high on Amy’s massages. I was so content I began to doze off, which was good. It would make the time seem to pass quicker.

To be continued ...

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Prisoner in My Room, chapter 6

I have no idea how long I dozed off. One of the more frustrating thing of my bondage was my blindfold. Not the blindfold itself – I rather liked the feel of it. It was being unable to find out the time that I hated. A clock that chimed the hours would have been nice, but unfortunately there wasn’t one in the house. Earlier I had grossly overestimated how much time had passed, and that’s when I had been awake the whole time. Now that I had dozed off, I was even more disoriented about the time. Perhaps it was better not knowing the time. Maybe watching a clock would be worse.

My captivity dragged on, and my feeling of contentment had definitely worn off. I was aching to get these ropes off me. I was to the point where I would have offered someone my life savings, paltry as it was, to untie me. I began to curse myself, again. Someone had offered to loosen my bonds enough for me to escape, and I had said, “No thanks.” What kind of idiot am I? If only I could go back to that one moment and change my answer.

More time passed. The roller coaster of emotions I had been through tonight, as well as the sensory deprivation, began to take a toll on me. I believe I actually passed out twice. The first time, I awoke disoriented, not knowing where I was. I panicked to find myself bound, but I finally remembered that I had requested this. The second time I fainted, it took even longer for me to shake the disorientation. I was starting to get very scared. What if both girls forgot about me? My mouth was getting parched. I wished I had asked the girls for a drink when they were here.

It seemed like several more hours passed, but I wasn’t sure. I heard the door open and my light was switched on.

“Well, little brother, I see you have made no progress in your great escape.”

I have never in my life been so glad to hear my sister’s voice. I had done it! I had made it to 11:30! Five and a half hours of bondage were coming to an end.

Someone was untying the gag. The knot was pulled from my mouth. I managed to croak the word “water”. My mouth had never been so parched.

“I’ll go get him some water,” I could hear Lucy say.

Amy began to untie my blindfold. As she pulled it away, I had to tightly close my eyes. The light in my room was so bright after being in darkness so long. Amy helped me to sit up and let me lean against her, as Lucy held a cup with a straw to my lips. My lips had a hard time closing around the straw because my jaw had been held open for so long. But finally the cool water made it to my mouth and I drank deeply. Leaning against Amy made the whole five and a half hours of bondage worth it.

I leaned my head against Amy’s shoulder and sighed. “I’m so happy to see you two. I thought 11:30 would never get here.”

Lucy burst out laughing. “You’re kidding, right? You think it’s 11:30? Rusty, its 9:30. You still have two more hours before we untie you! We're only here because Amy insisted we check on you.”

“That can’t be!” I exclaimed.

“It really is 9:30,” Amy said.

I’m embarrassed to tell you this now, but I burst into tears at this terrible revelation. Right in front of Amy, I started crying like a baby. Right in front of my sister, too, she would call me crybaby for the next few years. This sounds really pathetic, but I was only fourteen at the time. I had tried something I really wasn’t ready for. No one should agree to five and a half hours of bondage their first time. And you should never trust an older sister to tie you up, not when she’s so eager to research bondage techniques.

Amy embraced me from behind. “He’s crying, Lucy! We’ve got to untie him right now.”

Lucy nodded her head. “Please, Rusty, stop crying. I’ve got three options.” She dried my tears and wiped my nose with a tissue.

“Option #1 …”

“Will you shut up with your stupid options, Lucy? We’re going to untie him.”

“No,” I replied. “Let’s hear her out first.”

“Thank you Rusty,” said Lucy. “Now before I was interrupted by my very rude friend, I was about to say, Option #1: We untie you completely, immediately. You’ll be free (no pun intended) to do whatever you want. You can even join our little movie party. You deserve some entertainment.”

“I’ll take Option #1,” I said. “I don’t need to hear the others.”

“Well, I wasn’t done yet. In return, I will have a frank discussion with Mom about my concerns about you. The way you want to wear tights and be all tied up.”

“You can’t tell Mom about this! Please, Lucy!”

“Telling Mom would only be the beginning. She’ll probably make you go to a psychologist or something to work this out. You’ll have to divulge all your weird secrets to a stranger. And that’s not all. During the divorce, Mom and Dad promised to keep open lines of communications regarding us. She’ll have to tell Dad why you’re getting therapy. Something tells me that Dad won’t be thrilled about all this.”

“Why do you have to make a big deal of this, Lucy? Let’s just untie him. We don’t have to involve your parents.”

“Amy, please. This is Rusty’s decision. Option #2: We let you have a few more sips of water, then we gag you and blindfold you again, leave you, and we come back to free you in two more hours, the way we originally planned.”

I groaned. “Those are both terrible choices. What’s Option #3?”

“First, I want to hear which of the first two options you would pick, if those were the only two.”

I thought for a minute. Both were terrible to contemplate. “I felt like I was dying, but now that I’ve had some water, I feel like I could suffer through two more hours. I would go with option #2.”

“See, Amy? He must not think it’s too bad. You worry too much.”

“What is option #3?” I asked again.

Prisoner in My Room, chapter 7

“Option #3,” began Lucy, “is this. We untie you completely and give you a five-minute bathroom break. Then you come downstairs with us and we tie you to a chair in the living room. We’ll feed you some snacks if you like. You’re probably hungry. We’ll start another movie, and you can watch it with us. We won’t blindfold you.”

“What about the gag?” I asked.

“When you’re done eating and drinking, we will gag you again. Only girls are allowed to talk during the movie. But the blindfold stays off. We were just kind of worried about you being all alone up in your room for hour after hour.”

“Wow. Option #3 sounds great. Much better than the other two.”

“Now, my generosity does come with a slight penalty …”

“Of course it does,” I replied. “What, are you going to make a video of me getting tied up, and post it all over social media? Maybe put me on the local news tomorrow? Leave me tied up on the railroad tracks?”

“Don’t give her any ideas,” Amy said.

“Do you two really think so little of me?” asked Lucy. “I am shocked. I’m not that mean. No, it’s just that option #3 will add another half-hour to your tie-up time. Instead of 11:30, you would now be untied at midnight. Plus maybe ten additional minutes to compensate for your bathroom break, going downstairs, and getting tied up again. So, we’ll say 12:10 is when you will have earned your freedom.”

“You keep adding time to the poor guy’s tie-up time! Let’s just untie him now. He’s been through enough. Kidnapped people in movies don’t get tied up this much,” Amy pleaded.

“I believe I already said he can have immediate freedom if he chooses option #1,” Lucy answered. “To recap, Rusty, you can have immediate freedom, or you can choose to be released at 11:30 with solitary confinement, or you can choose to spend time watching a movie with two lovely women to keep you company and be released at 12:10. Do you need a few minutes to decide?”

“No, I’ll go with option #3. I couldn’t spend another minute up here without going crazy.”

Both girls immediately rolled me onto my stomach and began to pick at the knots that kept me prisoner. I had been so well tied that it took a while before the last rope came off. I nearly wept with joy as I became completely free. They helped me stand up. I was a little wobbly at first, but I managed to walk to the bathroom unassisted. It felt glorious to be able to stand and walk! You appreciate the little things after being tied up for hours. Like being able to scratch your nose when it itches.

When I came out of the bathroom, both girls were waiting for me. Lucy held a plastic grocery bag, which I assumed held all of the ropes that had kept my trussed up on my bed.

“We’re going to escort you downstairs so you don’t have a chance to run away,” Lucy said, as each girl held one of my hands. I walked down the stairs between them, more than a little happy to be holding hands with Amy. Needless to say, I didn’t protest being escorted by my captors.

When we got to the living room, Lucy told me to bring a kitchen chair into the living room. I brought the chair and sat down in it. Lucy and Amy became a tying machine. My arms were pulled back between the slats in the wooden chair, and my wrists were soon tied as securely as before. Amy, who had previously tried to defend me from my bondage-crazed sister, had suddenly become intent on binding my legs together as securely as possible.

Lucy was giving her instructions on how to cinch the ropes and make secure knots. Soon my legs were tied together by tight bands of rope around my ankles and above and below my knees. The rope that bound my ankles was pulled toward the back of the chair until my ankles came up against a horizontal decorative piece of wood that connects the two front legs (a stretcher, I believe it’s called). The rope was then tied around the wood and around the cinched part of my ankle ropes several times. This made my ankle ropes even tighter. They made a tight knot. My stockinged feet were no longer simply tied together – they were now held motionless to the chair. Only my toes were now able to touch the floor.

“Now he can’t kick us,” Lucy said matter-of-factly.

I thought the girls were about finished, but was I ever surprised. They no longer acted like I was a person sitting there – I was now a project that they were working on. The object of this project no longer seemed to be making sure I couldn’t leave the chair. It now seemed that the object was to make me as motionless as possible. They worked efficiently together (and were bizarrely quiet) as ropes began binding most of my body to the chair.

Ropes went around my chest and then around the back of the chair, both horizontally and in a crisscross manner over my shoulders to the opposite side. More ropes appeared over my lap and around the seat of the chair. If only Lucy did her homework with as much attention to detail as she was now showing to the ropes, she would be getting flooded with scholarship offers.

The two girls worked intently, so much that they were scaring me. They hardly spoke to each other as more and more rope encircled me and the chair. I was afraid to speak. Finally they stopped and took a deep breath.

“Oh my gosh Lucy, we used the full package of rope!” Amy said in surprise. “Oh no, Rusty, I was concentrating so hard on tying you up, I forgot to ask if any of the ropes are too tight. Are you OK?”

I looked down at the incredible amount of rope that, along with the chair, would be my constant companions for the next two-and-a-half hours. “I’m OK. It’s all very tight, but nothing seems to be cutting off my circulation.

Both girls stood up and looked down at me. “Try to escape,” Lucy commanded. I wriggled the best I could, which was practically not at all.

“Escape? I can barely move anything except my neck.”

Lucy turned to Amy and said, in apparent seriousness, “It’s too bad we don’t own a neck brace. Then he wouldn’t be able to move even that.”

Then Lucy started the movie.

“Do you want something to eat, Rusty? We made popcorn.” Amy asked.

“Sure, if it’s not too much trouble.”

“No, it’s the least I can do!” She brought another kitchen chair and placed it next to me. She sat down and began feeding me popcorn. Now I was super-glad I chose option #3. Even though I was tied up with more rope now than I was earlier, at least I had a movie and snacks to keep me occupied. And of course, a pretty girl to feed me. This was very much worth the extra half-hour I was to spend tied up.

I told her I was done eating and that I needed some water. She held her own water bottle up to my lips and let me drink. Then she took a drink without wiping the bottle, and then held it up for me to drink again. AMY AND I ARE SHARING A BOTTLE! It was the next best thing to kissing! Bound and helpless as I was, I would not have traded places with anyone at that moment.

I remembered that Lucy said I would be gagged after my snack. Fortunately, she was into the movie and didn’t seem to notice that I was done, and Amy didn’t remind her.

Prisoner in My Room, chapter 8

Should now be titled "Prisoner in My Living Room"

After I thanked Amy for the water, she went and sat down on the couch with Lucy. For the next few minutes, I tested my bonds, but I was not surprised that moving, let alone escaping, was quite impossible.

Suddenly, Lucy paused the movie. “I’ve been waiting five minutes to see if one of you would tell me that Rusty has finished his snack. I was being generous letting you eat and drink, but for the last five minutes, you’ve been in violation of the rules of option #3. You were to be gagged, did I not say?”

“But that’s not his fault! He can’t really gag himself, now can he? If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s yours,” Amy said. “Did you really expect him to say, ‘Hey Lucy, it’s time to gag me again.’?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I expected him to say. He agreed to it earlier.”

“Rusty,” Lucy said as she walked up to me. “Be honest – were you hoping that I wouldn’t notice that you were ready to be gagged?”

“Yeah,” I admitted. “I kind of hoped you forgot about it.”

“Well, I didn’t forget,” Lucy said as the knot was thrust into my mouth. The pair of knotted tights had gotten fairly slimy after all the hours it had spent in my mouth already. At least she could have started over with a fresh pair of tights. She pulled the tights back tightly and tied them behind my head.

“You don’t need to gag him! He was being quiet!” Amy protested.

“And I wasn’t going to blindfold him again, but I think a punishment is in order.”

“You promised you wouldn’t blindfold him, so that he could watch the movie. You’re the one quoting rules about ‘option #3’. He agreed to that option, so you can’t change the rules now.”

“He still needs a penalty though,” Lucy said as she looked at me.

“Well,” said Amy, “how about you add five minutes to make up for the five minutes he wasn’t gagged.”

“Yes,” agreed Lucy. “That would be fair. We’ll let him go at 12:15 instead of 12:10. But that’s just making things equal – he needs a penalty for disobeying.”

Oh great, I thought. Amy just gave me additional time in bondage, plus I was going to get an additional punishment? I wish Amy hadn’t suggested it.

“You can’t! Hasn’t he been through enough?”

Lucy continued to look at me. I could almost see her thinking. “I know. I’ve got a great idea. I’ll be right back.”

“I’m sorry Rusty,” Amy said as she knelt down in front of me and put her hand on my tights-covered knee (oh yes, I liked that). “I wish I hadn’t suggested the extra five minutes. I thought that would satisfy Lucy enough that you wouldn’t get any further punishment too. I only made things worse.”

I shook my head as if to indicate that I didn’t blame her.

Lucy came back with something in her hands. As she got closer, I saw it was a gauze pad and medical tape from our medicine cabinet.

“What are you going to do?” Amy asked. Lucy didn’t answer, but put the gauze pad over my left eye.

“You promised you would let him watch the movie!” Amy exclaimed.

“And I will,” answered Lucy. “He’s perfectly capable of watching a movie with one eye.”

She began taping the gauze in place.

“Oh Lucy!” Amy pleaded. “How could you do this? This is so unnecessary!”

“And, he’s perfectly capable of hearing the movie with one ear,” Lucy said as she held up a disposable ear plug, with a smug smile on her face. She put it in my left ear and pushed it in firmly.

“Lucy!” Amy exclaimed, almost in tears. “Please, stop!”

“Rusty, the movie is going to end before your release time.” Lucy told me. “When the movie is over, you will be completely blindfolded, and your other ear will be plugged too. That way, Amy and I can have girl talk without you eavesdropping.”

“Lucy, you’ve gone way too far!”

“Oh, relax. He’s loving this. He asked to be tied up.”

“He only wanted to see what it’s like to be tied up. He didn’t expect all this! Look at him!” Amy said while pointing at me.

I admit, I must have been a pretty pathetic sight at this point.

“Rusty, I’m going to ask you a couple questions,” Lucy told me. “If the answer is ‘yes’, then nod your head. If the answer is ‘no’, then close your eye. Are you ready?” I nodded.

“Do you want us to free you completely, right now?”

I closed my eye.

“Do you want to stay exactly like this until the movie is over?

I nodded my head.

“After the movie is over, do you want me to blindfold you completely, and plug your other ear, and wait until 12:15 to rescue you?”

I nodded my head.

Lucy turned to Amy. “I think that’s pretty clear. He really likes it.”

Lucy gently kissed my forehead. “You’re tougher than you look, Rusty. Shall we start the movie again?”

“Oh, Rusty, are you sure?” Amy asked. I nodded my head. She too kissed me on the forehead. AMY KISSED ME! This was so worth it!

To be continued ...

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Prisoner in My Room, chapter 9

The girls settled onto the couch with their popcorn and drinks, and we all watched the movie.

The movie was one I had been wanting to see, and it was suspenseful and exciting enough that I was engrossed and actually forgot that I was tied to a chair, temporarily blind in one eye and deaf in one ear and had my mouth stuffed with tights. The patch over my eye and the earplug did sort of irritate me. Not so much because of the partial loss of sight and hearing, but simply because of their physical presence.

They, like the ropes and gag, were just reminders of things I couldn’t remove. But I was so glad I had picked option #3, even though I was now tied more securely. Having something to occupy my mind, and simply having other people in the room made all the difference. It was still not easy, but much better. I was dreading the end of the movie, though. I would then have to endure more sensory deprivation. The girls were very engrossed in the movie too, and they hardly paid any attention to me.

The movie came to an end, which was bad news for me, but it also meant my ultimate rescue was that much closer. Lucy turned off the television, and both girls stood and stretched. Lucy walked over to me.

“Did you like the movie?” she asked. I nodded. “Do you remember what the end of the movie means for you?” I nodded again.

“You still have forty-five minutes before we rescue you,” she said as she pulled the gauze pad and tape off my eye. Then I was left in darkness as the other pair of tights became my blindfold once again.

"Does it feel good to know the end of your captivity is in sight? Oh, pardon me - I shouldn't say 'in sight' to someone who's blindfolded, should I?" Lucy laughed at her own lame joke.

“If you had selected option #2, it would almost be time to start releasing you. Do you wish you had selected that option instead?” I shook my head.

“I’m glad we don’t own a neck brace, because if I had put it on you, you would have had absolutely no way to answer my yes or no questions now. Well, now you won’t be able to hear any questions anyway,” Lucy said as she put an earplug in my other ear.

I was now completely helpless. My world was now this chair. No sights or sounds of anything. The only thing other than the chair that I could feel at all was the carpet if I wiggled my toes, and even then I wasn’t feeling the carpet directly, but only the feel of it through my tights. I was completely reliant on someone else to rescue me. I didn’t panic as I did upstairs. The tight ropes actually felt comforting now, in a way. But I was feeling an increasing desire to stand, stretch, walk to my bedroom and go to bed.

Again, I had no sense of time. It felt like hours, but I knew it really wasn’t. At last I felt the earplugs being removed from my ears. Lucy whispered in my ear, “In about ten minutes, it will be time to untie you.” I had no idea why she was whispering, but she was bearing good news. At last, freedom was near! "I need to show you something,” she said as she grasped the seat of the chair from behind and picked it up a few inches, with me in it (I was pretty light-weight back then). She moved me a short distance and turned me. She put the chair down. Why did she move me before untying me?

“Do you remember when you asked Amy to be your ‘back-up rescuer’ in case I fell asleep? I was a little hurt that you evidently trust her more than you do your own sister. But no matter. I may have even planted the doubt when I talked about the wine. You and Amy are getting along so well that I decided to promote her from ‘back-up rescuer’ to ‘rescuer-in-chief’. You would probably be thrilled if she did all the rescuing.”

The blindfold was untied and pulled away. I was now in front of the couch, facing it. Amy was lying on the couch, her back to me, taking a nap. The first thought I had was how adorable she looked. The hair spilling over the pillow, her little sock-covered feet sticking out from the bottom of the blanket.

“How ironic is this,” Lucy whispered. “The girl you trusted to be your back-up rescuer is now sound asleep, and the girl you didn’t trust to stay awake is the one who’s awake. Well, I’m going to bed, and I will let the ‘rescuer-in-chief’ do her job of rescuing you. Of course, you’ll have to wake her first. If you can’t wake her, then I’ll be the back-up rescuer in the morning. Good-night Rusty,” she whispered and started to walk away.

I yelled at her to come back, but she paid no attention to my muffled plea. I turned my head back to Amy.

“AMY! AMY!” I yelled louder and louder, but she only stirred a little and pulled the blanket up to her chin. How I hated the pair of tights that filled my mouth!

“AMY!” I tried to yell. No! I absolutely can’t stay bound like this until morning! I’ve been tied up since 5:45 with only a short bathroom break. Now it was the next day! About six-and-a-half hours of being tied up, so far. I had finally made it to release time, only to be thwarted by Amy falling asleep? This cannot be happening to me. I wish I had taken either option #1 or option #2 instead – I would have been free by now! I had previously turned down three offers for getting released early: Lucy had offered complete freedom if I had chosen option #1, Amy had offered to loosen the knots in my room, and Lucy had asked me to nod if I wanted to be untied after she put on my eye patch. I was the biggest idiot in the world – I had declined all three times!

If only my feet had simply been tied together instead of also securely tied to the chair under me, I could have easily stretched out my legs and shook her with my feet. How can she be so close and yet unable to rescue me? “AMY! WAKE UP! PLEASE WAKE UP!” I screamed.

I tried to wiggle in the chair to make the chair joints squeak, but the ropes wouldn’t allow even that much movement.

“AMY! PLEASE …” I screamed. My voice was getting hoarse. My screams were only getting weaker.

Prisoner in My Room, chapter 10

Amy suddenly threw off her blanket and sat up. She had a big smile on her face! She rushed behind me and I could feel her trying to untie the tights which gagged me. The knot was frustratingly tight and it took a few moments.

“Rusty, I’m so sorry,” she said while trying to loosen my gag. “We decided to end your captivity on a bang and play a little joke on you. It was mean, and we shouldn’t have done it. I was pretending to be asleep, but you were sounding so desperate I had to stop.” The gag was finally untied and the knot inside my mouth suddenly came out.

“Lucy, come here and help me untie him!” she yelled.

“Water, please” I managed to say with an incredibly dry mouth. She held her water bottle to my lips and I drank gratefully. It was the best tasting water in my life.

Lucy came trotting down the stairs. “Did you like our acting job, little brother?”

“Oh, Rusty, I’m sorry,” Amy said again. She put down the water bottle and held my face in her hands. “Please don’t hate me!”

“I could never hate you, Amy.” I replied.

“Yeah, I’m sorry too, Rusty,” Lucy chimed in. “To make up for it, I’ve decided to waive that five-minute penalty I gave you earlier. It’s now 12:10. We’ll start untying you now instead of at 12:15.”

“Thank you, Lucy,” I replied. I felt like answering sarcastically, “Gee thanks. Five whole minutes early, huh?” but a boy who is tied to a chair with 100 feet of rope can’t risk being sarcastic with his captor. She might have felt that deserved a half-hour penalty with the gag reinserted. I was indeed grateful for even the five minutes. I knew that it would take way longer than the five minutes for them to get all of these ropes off.

The girls set about freeing me from the chair. I wasn’t going to completely believe I was free until my hands were untied. Unfortunately, they seemed determined to leave my hands until the very last. I didn’t complain though.

Even after half of the rope was removed, I still would have been unable to escape the chair. I don’t know why they had felt it necessary to use the entire package of rope on me.

“We should have started untying him earlier, so that he would have been free by the promised time,” Amy pointed out. “No,” Lucy answered. “When I say I’m going to untie someone at a certain time, that means I will START untying them at that time.” I rolled my eyes. My sister, ever the stickler for rules. She’s talking as if she ties people up all the time.

Eventually my legs were completely untied, and at last they untied my wrists. When that rope fell off, I was free! I could barely move anyway, but I was untied!

The girls sensed I was having trouble moving, so they helped me to the couch and had me lie on my stomach.

“We need to massage his muscles,” Lucy said. “Do you want his arms or legs?”

“Oh, his legs, definitely!” Amy said.

“I think you’re developing a thing for boys in tights,” Lucy laughed.

“Oh, yes,” Amy replied. “I didn’t realize how much I like the feel of them. It’s like all these years I’ve been wearing tights to school, I didn’t really think about it much.”

The girls proceeded to massage my shoulders, back, arms, wrists, legs, and feet. It felt so good!

“This feels nice! Thank you, ladies. Maybe next time Mom is out-of-town, I could tie up both of you, to get even,” I joked.

“Oh, I guess it’s only fair,” Amy replied, rubbing my ankles. “But I could never make it as long as you did. A couple of hours and I would be in hysterics. I’m such a wimp!”

Did I imagine it, or did Amy just say I could tie her up?

“Amy, what the heck are you talking about?” Lucy exclaimed. “There is no need to ‘get even’. Rusty asked to be tied up, and that’s what he got. It’s not like we tied him up against his will.”

Lucy turned to me and said, “Don’t forget, Amy and I will always have you outnumbered. If you even try to tie us up, we will tie you up so tight that what you went through tonight will seem like a piece of cake in comparison. And we would leave you tied up on the front lawn all night long and hope that a real kidnapper will take you away.”

“Yes, Lucy,” I replied. I was enjoying the massage too much to worry about her crazy threats.

“And to prove that I’m not the bad person that you and Amy seem to believe,” Lucy continued, “Amy and I are going to fix you a nice breakfast in the morning.”

“That would be great! Thank you,” I replied.

“And if you want, we could tie you to the chair again and feed you breakfast,” Amy offered, rubbing her hands up and down my legs. She seemed eager to tie me up again.

“Oh, thanks,” I answered. “But I think I’ve had enough of being tied up to last me for a long time". Under any other circumstance, I would have accepted, but I truly couldn’t face the prospect of being tied up again that soon.

“I promise, it would only be for an hour, an hour-and-a half at the most,” Lucy said. “Think it over. You might feel differently in the morning.”

“I know,” Amy said excitedly. “Give us a signal! If you come down to breakfast wearing your tights, that will mean you want to be tied up and fed breakfast. Plus, Lucy and I will do all the cleanup and dishes. If you’re not wearing tights, then we won’t tie you up.”

“And if you choose to not get tied up, then you have to do all the breakfast cleanup,” Lucy added. “Either way, you will get a nice breakfast.”

“Sounds good,” I answered. “I promise I will think about it. I will definitely be hungry.”

After another few minutes of being massaged by two cute girls, I nearly fell asleep right there. The girls got up and asked if I needed help getting up to my room. I assured them that I was feeling much better. I was still stiff, but the massage had really helped. Both girls hugged me and thanked me for being such a good sport.

I made it to the bathroom (I hadn’t realized how badly I needed to), brushed my teeth, and went to my room. The same room where I had spent hours, tightly tied up, gagged and blindfolded. I was so tired I didn’t even remove my shorts or tights or change into pajamas. Getting under the covers wearing tights was a new experience, and it felt good. I was asleep in minutes, and slept deeply.

The next morning brought a knock at my door. “Rusty!” Amy called. “Wake up. Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes!”

“I’ll be right there!” I called back. I went to brush my teeth to get rid of my awful morning breath, went to the bathroom, and combed my hair. I didn’t want Amy to see me with bed head. I didn’t have time to shower.

Breakfast smelled heavenly! I was famished. I sat down at the table. “Thanks you two, for making breakfast. I’m so hungry.”

Both girls were smiling at me.

“Did you see the signal, Lucy?” Amy asked sweetly. “Oh, yes,” Lucy answered.

Signal? What are they talking about? Oh, no. No, no, no. I reached down and rubbed my legs under the table. Tights! I had become so accustomed to wearing tights, and they were so comfortable, that I completely forgot I had them on.

Both Lucy and Amy were walking towards me, grinning, holding rope. Lots of rope.

I gulped, put my arms behind me and through the slats in the back of the chair. I crossed my wrists behind the chair and waited for the inevitable. At least I wouldn’t have to do dishes this morning.


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Post by Thatworm »

You should have ran back upstairs :lol: :lol:

Holy cow I never read stories this long. The only disappointment I had was there was no tickling :cry: so many perfect opportunities. It's a great story regardless and I hope to hear many more. Fantasies or not :D

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Post by iliketights »

[mention]Thatworm[/mention] , thanks! Yes, I can see where I missed some opportunities for tickling. I guess I'm not really into tickling but maybe I could rectify that in a future story?

You said you never read stories this long, but I'm currently writing "Thirteen Cents" at Unfortunately for you, it's way longer! Maybe just read the first chapter and see if captures your attention.

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Post by hafnermg »

I loved this story back on the old site and I love it now! I also remember there was more and I hope we get the rest too!

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Post by iliketights »

Thanks [mention]hafnermg[/mention]! Your wish is my command! I've started to re-post the sequel to this story.

The sequel can be found here: Amy, Lucy, Rusty, Autumn.

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Post by Ebascoray »

An excellent story! Congrats on a well-written story. Best Regards.


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Post by iliketights »


Thanks Ebascoray! I appreciate your comments!

Deleted User 2261

Post by Deleted User 2261 »

While I normally only read m/m, I try to be open-minded and thought I would read it because of the title. This is one of the best stories I have seen on TUGS, because of your creativity and details. It's very well thought out and it was a great read.

Kudos and I hope you write more stories!


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Post by iliketights »

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciated it, especially since you usually only read m/m. I wrote a sequel to this, if you want to see the continuation of their tie-up games.

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