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A standalone self-bondage scene from the Bound And Gagged In A Sleeping Bag series.

An introduction is in order, but for the sake of this lesson, I'm gonna keep it short.

My name is Steven. I'm a small guy, 5'7, 140 pounds.
Aside from my love for bondage and other minor kinks, I'm pretty much your run-of-the-mill 23 year-old guy.
Unlike most guys my age though, I'm bisexual and have been through some pretty traumatic stuff.

Anyways, I don't wanna delve too much into that.

The self-bondage experiment I'm about to tell to you about, happened only a few days after I moved in with my boyfriend Nick. I still feel really weird and awkward about what happened, so please don't make fun of me.
I've learned my lesson and don't need to hear you rant about safety issues and whatnot.

Okay, so where do I start?
Ah yes. Monday morning.

So Monday morning came and as had become custom, Nick left a note on the kitchen table, letting me know he'd call to check up on me during his lunch break.

For some reason, he insisted on doing that, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't find it sweet.
He was several years older than I was and stood at 6'4 and 240 pounds, so I guess you can say it was normal for him to assume the dominant role in our relationship.

I got up pretty late that morning, turned the TV on, logged into Netflix and put a Moving Art episode before walking into the kitchen to make myself a coffee.

I'd been here for a few days now, and my mind was slowly beginning to accept the fact this this was my home.
You know how it is...moving into a new place and all.

I quickly jumped in the shower and fixed myself up a little while the coffee dripped.
I was tasked with making a list of the things we'd need for our upcoming weekend trip up north, but first, I had some cleaning up to do.

I went in my boyfriend's bedroom, gathered his bed sheets and was pleased to note the absence of any semen on them. They smelled of him though, and I couldn't help but lie on his bed and roll myself up inside his super thick duvet for a few minutes.

His pillow smelled divine and so did his bed sheets.
The strong odour of duck down coming from his comforter tickled my senses a little, but the handsome blond hunk's natural body scent easily overrode that.

As I picked up his sheets and started making my way out of the bedroom, I noticed a pair of briefs on the floor, at the foot of his bed. And so, like the good house-boi I was trying to be, I bent down and picked his white Calvin Klein undies up, before swinging them on top of the pile of sheets I was carrying.

I couldn't help but smile as I put his worn undies in the hamper and went downstairs to put his bed sheets in the washing machine. Nick would come back home to fresh linen and clean bed sheets.

The rest of the morning was spent cleaning up.

I couldn't help but look outside and admire the lovely backyard from across the large patio door and windows. Most of the snow had melted away and the leaves and tender shoots were starting to emerge from the trees and shrubs that adorned Nick's suburban piece of land.

It was still cold outside, but the sun was shinning bright. Winter was extending it's grasp a little, but was quickly loosing ground and would soon be giving way to warmer weather.

The brightness of the sun, combined with the soft music coming from the living room stereo system, and the smell of fresh coffee, made for a very pleasant morning.

I cleaned the washroom, put out the garbage, dusted a little and passed the vacuum everywhere.

Nick called at noon.
He didn't have much to say, other than ask me if I was okay.
He said that as soon as he got back from work on Friday, we'd load his pick-up and drive up to his friend's cottage.

We spoke about the trip for a bit, but after getting off the phone and allowing my hunky love-interest to enjoy his lunch break, I realised I still had four long days to kill before we'd head out on our little trip.

Yeah, I'd have to pack stuff. But that was only gonna take me like an hour, maybe two at most.

I spent a good portion of the afternoon pacing around the house, not really knowing what to do.
It was too early to start packing anything, and somehow, it didn't feel right to sit down and play video games all day while Nick was working his ass off so that I'd have a roof over my head and food in my stomach.

I'd only been here a few days, but I was already getting restless and a little tired of cleaning up and lazing about.

I sent my friend Jeremy an e-mail, telling him about my day and asking him if he was okay.
I felt really bored. I wanted to go out and do something!

Nick left me his debit card, but if I spent his money on something other than grocery shopping, he'd know right away. Plus, I really wasn't comfortable buying stuff for myself with HIS money, especially since he'd already spent so much on me and was literally housing and feeding me free-of-charge.

I paced around the house and browsed Nick's Netflix account...until suddenly, I had an idea!

I ran down the stairs to the basement, and went into the garage.

I started going through the various drawers and shelves, looking for rope.
Suffice to say I did find some rope, but then found something even better!

I grabbed a bunch of thick zip-ties from one of the workshop cabinets, but just as I was about to leave, my eyes came across several rolls of tape lying on one of the top shelves. Nick had LOTS of tape; duct tape, gaffer tape, gorilla tape, you name it! Not only that, his stuff was all heavy duty, industrial-grade material, meaning that most of the tape down here was wider, thicker and stickier than your average corner store duct tape.

I took the biggest roll of silver duct tape I could find and left the garage, sprinting up the stairs with my new toys in hand.

I hadn't been tied up in a really long time and reading all those horny bondage stories on just got me longing to feel the ropes again. Of course, I could've asked my boyfriend to tie me up when he got back from work...but that would've just been weird.
Suffice it to say, I wasn't very open about sharing my kinks.

Ever since that trip with Nick and Brad last summer, I'd developed a thing for obsession even!

I'd spent the last six months, constantly daydreaming about being tied up and gagged again, trying to recall all the minute details and feelings I'd felt back then.

Funny thing is, I couldn't STAND being tied up and used to genuinely HATE being restrained.
But now that I'd been exposed to it and learned to accept the effect it had on my body, there was no turning back.
I was a bondage-addict!

I knew I couldn't tie myself up nearly as well as Nick could, but I still wanted to try.

I thought about it for a moment and finally decided to use his leather computer chair.

I'd tie myself up to it...just enough so that I'd feel helpless.
I'd gag myself up as well.
Hearing myself moan was probably one of my biggest turn-ons, at that point.

I wheeled the computer chair into the relatively empty guest bedroom, and made my way to the washroom so that I could find something to gag myself with.

I crouched down and looked into my boyfriend's dirty laundry hamper, only to recoil back a little from the smell.
It took me a few seconds to find the courage to dig through the pile of dirty clothes that filled his basket.
Even though I was grossed out, I could feel myself getting aroused at the sight of all the nasty socks and smelly boxers I was coming across.

There was a lot of stuff in there, and the socks and undies at the bottom of his hamper looked particularly ripe and in need of a wash. Don't ask me why, but for some reason, this turned me on like you wouldn't believe.

I ended up coming across a pair of the hunk's cheesy Go Sport socks and lifted them up in front of my face before allowing myself to take a whiff.


The socks smelled absolutely toxic and I ended up gagging on the spot. Ugggh fuck!
Horny or not, there's no way in hell I was putting one of those giant stinkers in my mouth!

My attention was quickly drawn to another pair of worn socks. This time, a much thicker pair of big, black Puma socks. Unfortunately, they were even worse than the last pair and smelled even stronger. He'd probably worn those for WEEKS inside his musky old work boots, I thought.

I wanted something that smelled like him a bit, NOT something that would have me puking the contents of my stomach out.

After a whole minute or roaming, sniffing and gagging, it became clear to be that his socks were out of the question. So I started looking at his underwear instead.

Some were quite a bit dirtier than others.
I avoided the ones with questionable stains or the especially crusty, dingy-looking ones, and focused on the briefs that looked like they hadn't seen TOO much use.

There was a jockstrap at the bottom of the pile, but it was too crumpled up and crusty to be a potential candidate for my little self-gagging experiment. Most of the other undies in the hamper, consisted of huge boxer-briefs, all of which were over twice as big as my head.

I searched and searched until finally, the only suitable gag I could find, were the undies I'd picked up off his bedroom floor a few hours ago.

The size tag read "XL" but being regular briefs, they were still quite a bit less...voluminous than the boxer-briefs and boxers he seemed so fond of wearing.


They were a little soggy and crumpled up.
Being white, they also didn't conceal some minor butt stains inside the roomy rear-end.
I gave them a good shake to remove the few pubes that lined the material and gave the crotch area a quick whiff to test it out as a potential gagged.

It passed.
Not with flying colours, but it passed.

The briefs smelled of Nick's crotch and butt a lot, but didn't smell nearly as strong as the other briefs that filled the bathroom hamper. He'd probably worn these for a day or two, I told myself.

I looked down the white Calvin Klein undies in front of me and couldn't help but notice how the leg slots were stretched out. All of Nick's underwear suffered a similar fate. They all carried similar signs of stretching and wearing out at the seams.

It made sense, considering how truly massive the blond hunk's thighs and butt cheeks were.
He really was one hell of a muscular hunk.

I grabbed the pair of soggy Calvin's and ran up to the guest bedroom before throwing them on my bed, next to the tie wraps and duct tape I'd gathered.

There was only one more thing left to get.
I quickly made my way into the master bedroom and retrieved the pair of steel handcuffs from Nick's bedside cabinet.
These would definitely come in handy, I knew.

Before retreating to the privacy of the guest bedroom for a bit of fun, I looked at the time to make sure I still had a few hours before Nick got back from work. It was a little later than I thought. The clock read 2:53 PM, and Nick usually got back home at a bit past four.

That still left me a full hour. I knew I just had to make the most of it.
I closed the bedroom door, and spent the next five minutes gagging myself and getting ready.

I bunched up Nick's dirty briefs and stuffed them into my mouth as far as they would go.

His undies were HUGE though, and I only managed to get them half way in before my gag reflex was triggered and my jaw started aching.

The taste and the smell was pretty strong, but I made certain NOT to turn the briefs inside out and made doubly sure to bunch them in a way so that I was tasting his crotch. NOT his butt.

Not caring about the fact that I still had a massive wad of smelly briefs protruding from my stuffed lips, I brought the roll of extra wide duct tape to my face and plastered the wide adhesive material over my mouth before wrapping it up around the back of my head, multiple times.

I even wrapped some tape underneath my chin, just for the fun of it.

The gag was hugely efficient, and I even found myself being a little revolted and turned on by the strong scent that filtered up into my flaring nostrils.

Now that my mouth was all gagged up, I sat on the mobile computer chair and started securing my legs.

I knew self-bondage was dangerous, so I wanted to keep things simple.

Instead of aiming for a complicated contraption, I merely used a tie wrap on each of my ankles, crossed my feet behind the base of the chair and used another tie wrap to connect my feet together, effectively cuffing them behind the chair.

I grabbed two more of the extra-long, police-grade zip ties and used them to secure my knees together.
I wouldn't be going anywhere, not without the scissors that were on the bed.

My legs were securely bound in place.

All I had to worry about now was securing my hands while still retaining the ability to free myself if need be.

I wasn't even fully bound yet, but I could feel my heart racing in my chest.
I was sweating a bit, my limbs were shaking in excitement, and the boner that throbbed between my legs was definitely oozing generous amounts of pre-cum by now.

I reached for the handcuffs and made sure to place the key on the corner of the bed, where I could easily reach it and release myself when needed.

The chair had wheels after all, so even if my legs were tightly secured, I could still use my weight to move around and propel myself forward.

Knowing full well that the time I had left was limited, I brought my hands behind the back of the chair and used the handcuffs to secure my wrists together.
A series of loud clicks echoed as I tightened the cuffs around my wrists, and finally it was done.
My bondage was complete.

This was perfect, I though to myself, fully enjoying the sensation of being restrained and listening to the sound of own rhythmic heartbeat.

I spent the next half-hour struggling against my bonds, pretending that this was a kidnap and that I was desperately trying to break free.

I moaned into my thick gag, finding myself both aroused and grossed out by the taste Nick's dirty underwear in my mouth.

The taste was pretty strong, and each time I breathed in, my nostrils were forced to inhale the big, blond man's overpowering musk. Truth be known, the smell oozing up into my nostrils was worse than the taste assaulting my taste buds.

Smelly gag aside though, I was enjoying myself quite a bit.
I spent a fair amount of time moaning, struggling and playing make-believe in my head.

So far so good...

The house was real quiet.
So quiet, that when the phone suddenly rang, my heart nearly skipped a beat.

Maybe that was Nick calling to let me know he was coming home late or something. I had no idea.
That's when I realized I had NO idea how much time had actually gone by since I'd tied myself up to the chair!
Forty five minutes? An hour maybe!? I didn't have my cellphone with me and there were no clocks in the room.

I froze for a second, then tried calming down by telling myself that I was freaking out for nothing.

If Nick asked me why I hadn't picked up and answered his call, I would just tell him that I was in the washroom when the phone rang or that I was outside, putting the garbage out.
Anyways, there was no reason to believe Nick was the caller.
He usually didn't call me in the middle of the afternoon.

It was probably closing in on four o'clock though, so I quickly decided to call it quits and free myself from my self-imposed restraints.

I wiggled my body and picked up enough momentum to propel myself close to the bed.
It took quite a bit of effort, but I eventually managed to get there.

Still tightly restrained to the comfy leather chair, I turned my back to the mattress and used my hands to reach out for the key that would unlock Nick's police-grade handcuffs.

That's when something terrible happened.
The key slipped off the corner of the bed and fell to the floor.

In that moment, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was screwed.

My eyes shot wide in panic as the reality of my situation started to sink in.
My efforts to keep calm proved to be in vain, and a few seconds later, I was freaking out and desperately trying to break free and reach for the key that had fallen out of reach.

It was pointless, but I couldn't give up!
I couldn't let Nick see me like this. NOT with his filthy underwear stuffed inside my mouth!

My heart started pumping fast, really fast, and I was desperately trying to spit the gag out and get the tape off my face. If I could get the briefs out of my mouth, I could toss them to the floor and somehow kick them under the bed, I told myself.

"Mmmpphhh! Uuhhggggmmphh!" I screamed, gagging on the putrid wad that was lodged deep inside my mouth and cheeks.

The briefs wouldn't budge! I'd taped them in too tight!

I tried forcing my jaw open, but the stupid duct tape was so strong and sticky, it muzzled my lower face up perfectly. Damn Nick and his expensive, construction-grade duct tape!

If only I could lick my lips, the tape would slide off a little and lose it's grip.
But how was I supposed to do that with my cheeks and mouth filled to bursting?!

"Uuugggmmphh!" I cried out, gagging on the filthy briefs that clogged my yapper up.

I wanted out!
This wasn't fun anymore!

I was screwed and I knew it.

I tried wiggling my legs and tried breaking the zip-ties that secured my ankles.
If only I could break them off, I might be able to get up and get to the handcuff key.

I tried and tried, but unfortunately, these weren't regular zip-ties.

For some reason, Nick only kept these big ass ones in his garage. They were the same plastic tie wraps that were used by cops when arresting troublemakers during riots and protests. No amount of struggling, fighting or twisting would break them off.
I was stuck!

"Mmmpphh!" I cried out, shaking my head and crinkling my nose in disgust as the smell of my boyfriend's big briefs continued assaulting my nostrils.

I ended up sweating a lot, and was no longer thinking straight.
I really didn't want him finding me like this. And so, I decided to pull all my strength together for one final, valiant attempt to break free.

Big mistake.
I must've made a false maneuver, 'cause in my struggle to break loose, my chair ended up toppling over.

I gasped and tried to regain my footing, but it was too late.
I suddenly found myself racing towards the hard wooden floor and remember hearing a loud "pop" as my head hit the ground.

A loud ringing echoed across my ears and my vision went blurry.

I felt like I was spinning, and suddenly I couldn't see anymore.
My mind quickly slipped into a state of unconsciousness and I spent an untold amount of time, lying on the floor, still helplessly restrained to the leather office chair.

I woke up to an eerie silence and eventually realised I was still on the floor and dealing with a splitting headache.
I could feel my heart pumping crazy fast but could do nothing to ward off the sharp pain making it's away over the front of my skull.

I tried struggling a bit, but suddenly I felt really weak.

The impact on my head had been quite painful, but it could've been a lot worse.
Had I fallen at a slightly different angle, the impact might've broken my neck.

What was I thinking, tying myself up to a chair with wheels?!
How could I have been so careless?!

Nick was less than thrilled when he came back from work that day.
Thankfully, I made it out alive with no major bruising, save for my ego...
But the lesson here is to ALWAYS play safe.

Nick made me swear NEVER to try a stupid stunt like that again.
I promised, and although I doubt I'll be able to keep my word for thing is certain.
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Post by Xtc »

I think we could do with some such cautionery tales!
It's good to see the recent spate of "shorties" from you.
They all say boxer shorts are cool,
but little Speedos always rule.
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Post by MaxRoper »

You continue to amaze me. This is an outstanding little tale. Even though he passed on some larger items, it still seems Steven must have a large mouth to be able to take those briefs. "Voluminous" indeed. And I really liked the end: NO SELF-BONDAGE ON CHAIRS WITH WHEELS! Seems he left himself a number of possible ways to get into trouble again. I expect the boys have a chair or two w/o wheels. And then there's the floor, the bed, perhaps a support post in that basement. Although maybe Nick won't be leaving him alone and unbound in the future...
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Post by bondagefreak »

Thanks for the comments, guys.
Read a lot of near-miss self-bondage disasters on here over the last few years. Steven's account was always one of caution.
Now that its been pulled out of BandG, it'll hopefully get a bit of attention from our self-bondage addicts on here ;)

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Post by FelixSH »

Nice one. I like the feel of, uh, let's call it extended universe story that makes the world of your main story bigger. I also like that it is so short and, as a cautionary tale, is a rare type of story.

That it is well written goes without saying, of course. 😉
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Post by bondagefreak »

Thanks [mention]FelixSH[/mention]!
I'm glad you enjoyed this little segment ;)

This is actually not an extension to BandG though.
It's simply the 59th and 60th chapters put together and posted up as a standalone for you guys who are not into longer tales, with mature themes and whatnot.

Several scenes would work really well as standalones and would probably appeal to a lot of M/M readers on this board.

For those who want to read what actually happened when Nick came home and found Steven tied up and unconscious, here's the continuation: ... 325#p10856

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Post by Michael-Colin »

Glad you recommended this to me. I'm very much enjoying these snippets :D
Banner courtesy of bondagefreak ^_^
Link to story here - viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7723
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Post by Deleted User 4409 »

This is awesome. So true that if something can go wrong it will!
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Post by Meac »

bondagefreak wrote: 1 year ago I hadn't been tied up in a really long time and reading all those horny bondage stories on just got me longing to feel the ropes again.
I have good news and bad news. Good news is, I found it out that we lost the fourth wall in this thread. Bad news is, I still can't find it.

Excellent story!
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Post by bondagefreak »

[mention]Michael-Colin[/mention], [mention]Hojojutsutengu[/mention], [mention]Meac[/mention]
Glad you enjoyed this, guys!
I'll have to publish some more "Bound and Gagged" nuggets for you to enjoy.
Many scenes don't work that well as standalones when taken out of context, but I'm fairly confident I'll be able to work out a few more stories like this.

Appreciate the support.
Keep it up!

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