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-Good day son.-Smiling said my mom, Like every morning.-In the end you decided son?

-What else? .- I said something mocking, I knew what he meant.

-You go with us or stay? .- My father said he was at the table having breakfast.

-I want to stay, 8 years ago we always go to the same place, this time I want to stay at home.

-But son and if something happens to you? .- My Mom interrupted me.- I don't want you to stay alone in this house.

-I laughed.- Ma, I'm 18, I'm not a child anymore.- I kissed my mom on the cheek, and say hello to my dad.- I have to go I'm late.

-Roger is waiting for you outside.-My dad said

Roger was my driver, he is a big man in his 55s, with gray hair like dull ash, he also uses a mustache in which the tips next to the cheeks were shaped like a tall horn and rather thin, almost fragile, a simple sight, but Although it was weird, he had been a former soldier, he always used to tell me very entertaining stories.

-Hello, Mr. Smith, how are you today? Happy because of the holidays? .- Roger said with a good mood that characterized him.

-Yes, I will also be home alone, My parents are going to leave and I will be left alone, So the holidays will be double, From my parents and from school.

-It's weird that you don't want to leave young Smith, you love Zermatt

-Yes, but I got bored already.- I sighed exhausted from having to always explain the same thing.- Besides, not every day one is lucky enough to have the house alone for 2 weeks.

-You're right young, Enjoy your last day before winter break.- He said while greeting, We had arrived at school.

- Goodbye Roger!

-Goodbye young Smith!

At school I was popular, I was very disturbed by the reputation of "Rich and spoiled child" that I had, My father owns one of the country's buffet law firms and my mother is the heir to a prestigious television network, Despite Of that I was always a very low profile boy, I have 2 great friends at school Luke and Rick, Luke was a thin young man with blond hair, Green eyes like spring grass, In addition to contrasting a lot with me since he is from a prominent height of about 6.16 feet, and I measure about 5.05 feet, I also have black hair, and I wear it long unlike Luke, Then Rick is a somewhat quiet young man with brown skin and brown eyes, something chubby and hairy Short with traces of a "Beard" trying to leave.

-Hey Jon, how are you friend? .- Luke says smiling to see me .- Are you staying alone in your house?

-All good friend?, Good news, In the end I have the house for myself, for We want to say.- I said smiling, I was going to be able to enjoy my house with my friends.

-Great bro, when are we going to be able to go to your house?

-Mmm on Monday, My parents leave on Sunday.- It was a lie, My parents were leaving today, Friday, but I wanted the weekend to be alone and rest since they were going to be very busy 2 weeks.

-Well give him friend.- Luke said smiling.

The hours in the school did not pass until the clock finally finished at 13 PM, It was time to leave, When leaving the school Roger was waiting for me in the car to take me to my house as usual, My house was not far from the school but my parents were very keen on traveling with a driver, for fear that something would happen to me, since my mother had had an attempted kidnapping a few years ago and had been left with a trauma, we arrived at my house and the two were opened large front gates, I entered my house and said goodbye to Roger, Upon entering my parents were preparing the bags.

-Please Marie, Jon is almost a man or isn't he son? .- Said my father in a good mood looking proud.

-And Charles? What about Charles? Can't you stay at least guarding the house and taking care of Jon? .- My mother said she kept looking for a way not to leave me alone.

-I threw Charles out of work a month ago, I thought you noticed.-My father said seriously as he finished arranging some things in the suitcases.

Charles was a bodyguard of my father, He was a giant man, with broad shoulders like the bumper of a car, In addition to thick arms like trunks, He was bald, and something badly spoken, I did not like him, he had only worked About 2 months with us, My father tended to be somewhat demanding with the bodyguards, and that could be annoying for some.

- And another of your acquaintances ?, Milles ?, or Henry.- My mother did not stop for 2 seconds.

-Quiet Marie, Our son is a man.- Said my father grabbing my mother's shoulders with love, While the 2 looked at me with love.

-You're right Fred, but if something happened to him ...- My father didn't let her finish

-Nothing is going to happen, It's a Smith! .- My father said while his chest swelled with pride.- Son promises me that you will not bring strangers or make parties.

-No father, sure only Luke and Rick come.

-Good son, I take the promise.- My father said.

My 2 parents said goodbye and traveled to the airport, their flight was scheduled for 8 PM, They just left, I felt a small void and even a bad feeling that I did not give much importance, At sunset the night became somewhat hostile, The Winter had been quite raw so far, That night was my first night completely alone in the house.

That night I ordered a pizza, While I was watching TV, They were giving Reservoir Dogs, One of my favorite movies, Until it was 11 PM, I was quite tired it had been a long day, I had woken up 6:30 AM, Before I fell asleep I took a small shower and put on my pajamas, a Hoddie and some sweatpants, but I couldn't find a pair of socks, I really hated to walk barefoot, my feet really disliked me, but well, when I didn't find some socks I put on some Flip Flops, I made sure to turn off all the lights in my house, Set the security alarms and turn off the TV, The null noise of the house was touching the discomfort, The only thing that was heard was the rubber of the flip flops crashing against my feet , Before going to bed I sent a message to my mother so she wouldn't worry if she sent me messages since I was going to sleep late, So I was also going to wake up late

Someone wakes me violently, There is a man on top of me covering my mouth and makes a gesture to me saying that I shut up, I could not see who I was, It was only a black shadow to my eyes it was hard to get used to the darkness, He takes his hand from my mouth.

-Please don't do anything to me, My family has money.- I stutter

-Easy child, nothing will happen to you if you don't scream.-The masked man said in a very thick voice.

Then he tries to put a piece of cloth in my mouth, I try to resist but he slaps me, I try to close my mouth but the masked man covers my nose, which forces me to Open my mouth, There he places the piece of rag, It was very uncomfortable besides strange, My saliva was accommodated in the back of the rag, Behind my tongue and throat, My eyes fill with tears.

-I told you that still Boy! .- The masked man says pressing my shoulders against my bed, With a completely intimidating tone

The masked man puts me a very tight Cleve gag to secure the piece of cloth, It was so tight that it hurt my cheeks and made me want to vomit because of the awkwardness of the cloth, The man pulls a gun from his back pocket and points me.

-Now if child, More still than ever, A false movement and ..... Bum.- Said screaming and I shook myself out of fear, Followed a laugh.- I thought you Smiths had more courage!

Who was this man and what was he doing there? Why did he know my last name and even more importantly, what did he want from me?

The man gets out of my bed and grabs a bag that was lying next to my bed but still pointing the gun at me, he pulls a roll of Duct Tape from the bag, pulls out and places a couple of pieces in my mouth on The cleave gag, If I could not speak less now, I could almost smell the glue of the pieces of tape that I placed on my already gagged mouth, The tape on the sides took off a little from the curvature of my tight cleave gag and the drooling that came out of my mouth gagged it was very difficult for the pieces to be fixed, but he did not give up and placed about 10 pieces.

At the end of the masking, he took 2 Cuffs out of his bag, he showed them to me in an almost mocking way by placing them on his index finger. I was quite desperate to see them, So that he wanted the Cuffs?, I had read about Home invasions, And always the victims were tied with something to reach, such as sheets, belts, ties or things like that, But not cuffs, There I think I understood what was happening but decided to continue refusing.

-Now put your face against the pillow child.- Said the masked man while he put his gun on my head while I settled.-Very well, that's right.-He said while he took off all the blankets that covered me throwing them violently to the floor.

-Now your hands on your back, Dale, Rapido.-It showed the pleasure and taste of the masked to have control and power, It showed as if he had done it before, Or at least rehearsed before.

I heard the * Crack * Of the cuffs and he placed them in my hands, At this point the only thing I did was to close my eyes and try to wake up from this nightmare that I thought I was living, but every second that passed gave me realize how real it was what they were doing to me.

Then he takes out another pair of cuffs and he places them on my feet, but on the pants so that the cuffs tightened on the sweatpants sleeve, the man starts to touch my feet.

-Pretty feet child, the boss is going to have to entertain while we have you.-he says in a serious tone, As I begin to move almost as he slips away.

* Plaf * The masked man hits me on my feet

-I said still, I don't want to kill you, Not now.- He says sarcastically followed by a small laugh.

What was this man going to do to me and why did he say that creppy comment on my feet, whom he referred to as "The Boss"? He was not alone? And worse, He was going to take me with him but how long would he be? read of kidnappings that last for years, the thought of thinking about that tore my soul apart.
The man spins me again so that my face will look at him.

-Now child, I will explain if you no longer noticed, Although I think so, I am kidnapping you maybe you think your father "Frederick Mark Smith", He is an honorary man, But no, and now you suffer the consequences of it .- He said it in a very serious and daunting way, While he spoke I kept crying.

The masked man once again drew his weapon and supported it in my mouth gagged.

-Shhh Shhhh boy, I would keep some tears this is nothing.

Followed the exclamation

He removes the tape from the bag and as he cuts some pieces I start to move, when he cut a piece, I see his hands approach my face and he removes some hairs from my forehead with his hands with black leather gloves , And place a piece of tape over my eyes, and another, and another.

-Now, let's go , We are getting late.

I hear how he finishes closing his bag, and opens the door of my room, Suddenly I hear his heavy steps in the wood of the floor, and he lifts me up and puts me on his shoulders, He carries me with such ease as if he had lifted To a little puppy, Every step we took away from my room was completely an eternity, Upon hearing the noise of the door of the house my heart raced.

-Child you have a lot of money, But next time you see your daddy, Tell him to get better alarms, If there is a next time you see him.- Followed a laugh.

The cold outside my house was almost Siberian and raw, My hands and feet were almost numb, The only thing that had something warm was the face Completely covered by the gag and the blindfold Tape, In addition to some warm tears that as they went down from my face they turned into small snowflakes from the cold, As my Captor was walking I could hear a motor, with each step the noise was louder, at the moment we stopped I can hear 2 knocks on what the door looked like of a car or a van, 2 metal knocks, I still hear the noise of 2 doors that open and how the masking that had tied me gives me to another person, I can feel like I am now inside what I suppose is a Van .

-You took a lot in there, I thought you had complications, You have to be more professional X, A mistake and we are fried.- Says the new voice, It was a little thicker than the previous one and a little rougher, I also knew that the nickname of The man who had entered my house was "X".

-M, I didn't know that T had appointed you boss now.- He said in a completely sarcastic tone.

-No, but I don't want to happen again before.

Then the door of the van closes, My heart beats very hard, Almost as if I had a tachycardia, I also try to move the fingers of my hands and feet because I do not feel them, I am completely adrift without falling into what I was going on. I can feel like the man who was with me grabs my hair violently.

-Stay still, you make me nervous, child, what's the matter, are you cold in your little hands and feet? .- He said in a threatening tone


I shake my head as I break completely in tears

-Well, now you can warm your feet a little.

He Uncuff Me one of my legs, And puts my legs tightly, So that the sole of my foot points to me head, passes one of the holes of the cuff through the cuffs of my arms and returns to handcuff me to my feet so that I stay in "Hogcuffed", In a very uncomfortable and tight way, I try to rub my hands against the soles of my feet.

-I guess you're afraid, right?

* I nod with my head *, The only noise I make is that of the snot that comes out of my nose from my tears.

-You think this is raw for you, isn't it? Little pig, I think I'll call you that now, "Little pig" .- He said in a mocking tone but without removing the threatening tone.

-You, the wealthy people think they can make fun of us. How many times did you see my little people with contempt ?

That moment was quite horrible, Millions of times I had seen with contempt many people of the street or people of a lower social class, I felt that life was being Karmica with me.

-You know why you're not here? Because of your father! Who sent you to have so much money and the poor treat us badly.- Now you will know what it is to be afraid.

I began to feel a prick in the soles of my feet, I began to despair, I felt a very strong blow to the soles of my feet, As if they had hit me with a Belt.

-STILL! .- Said "M" in a threatening tone, which caused me a heartbreaking cry.

I began to feel the edge of a knife pass over my feet, then he passed the saw between my fingers, soft and slow, without hurting me.

-Which finger will we cut first if your dear father did not pay "Little pig"? .- he said.

-Oh, I almost forgot, You need one thing to be a little pig! - I felt the noise of a closing open, I guess a bag.

I felt a hook placed on my nose tightly back and tied it to my feet big toes so that I had my head completely back.

-Now piggy, let's make a little video for your daddy, Come on Smile! .- I felt the noise of a camera that was recording me.

-Mr Smith, This is a preview of what we will do to your son, If he did not pay us, For the sake of you beloved Jon, I hope you have he money, the ransom will not be cheaper, in one day we will send him instructions, Remember No cops or else this will happen .- Then he started to hit me on the feet and I writhed. - Now little "Pig" has Oink.-He said to my menacing.

I did not know what to do just cried.


I started doing it with the few energies I had, I felt completely humiliated.

-Well Mr. Smith, I hope this has been enough for you to understand the circumstances, We will contact you later.

-And little pig?, Do you think your dad felt he was threatened enough? I hope he loves you enough.- He said mockingly.

-Well, a long trip awaits us about 3 hours, we will arrive at 6 AM.- 3 hours of travel ?, in that awkward position and with this Psychopath, what else could happen to me?

-Well, little pig I got bored of playing with you, I hope this entertains you and I hope you do not take them off, If not, you will find out the consequences.- He put on headphones with very violent music, it seemed "Heavy Metal".

So I was, Without seeing, Speaking and Hearing, Hands and feet hurt, The nose too, My mouth was completely sore, My cheeks burned like hell, and my feet hurt a lot I would have to endure 3 more hours in that awkward position, In my house only images of my father's reaction were coming watching that humiliating video of mine, My mother fighting with him and crying, My friends Luke and Rick, not knowing what to do to help. I only got images of them and I started crying, what would these men do with me when we arrived? How long will they have me tied up and humiliated? I just hope my dad pays the ransom quickly.
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Oh my god...

Nice start...

I wanna know what gonna happen with the kid.

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Oh, it was great.
Isn't this story going on? Where is his author?

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Looking forward to the next part

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dahanband wrote:
7 months ago
Oh, it was great.
Isn't this story going on? Where is his author?
Hi!, Im the author im a little bit ausent because i dont have time to write, and if i write i want to do a good second chapter, when i get some free time i will continue, its something that i had pendient

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Krashnamsa wrote:
7 months ago
dahanband wrote:
7 months ago
Oh, it was great.
Isn't this story going on? Where is his author?
Hi!, Im the author im a little bit ausent because i dont have time to write, and if i write i want to do a good second chapter, when i get some free time i will continue, its something that i had pendient

Okay, dude...I hope to
Get free time and write as soon as possible...

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-You saw I was right. - My mother shouted crying heartbreakingly.

My father was completely frozen watching the video that my captors
they had sent, suddenly I woke up, It was a dream, a nightmare, I followed
Tied in the back of a Van and not even in my dreams could I escape.
I couldn't stop thinking about what I was living, and worse, what was going to happen to me
I had read about kidnappings where ransoms were paid, but the kidnapped died
or worse, they kept captives and the kidnappers kept demanding a lot more money,
which greatly prolonged captivity.

The minutes or hours passed with the same eternity as when one waits a lot,
more than waiting I would call it anxiety, My wrists were completely sore from
the wives, my ankles hurt a little less, since the wives were tight up
Of my pants sleeve, My mouth was completely sore, the gag that I had
It was very tight and the drool that came out of my mouth caused a little allergy with
the glue of the piece of tape that covered it, my nose hurt and my neck too, felt
Every minute like an eternity, and inside me, the thoughts in my head mixed
With the music I had on headphones that my captors had put me to
I didn't listen to them.

The only warm feeling (physically speaking), which I was having at that time
It was that of my warm tears wanting to escape the tape that covered my eyes, tried
of crying in silence, I didn't want to cry with noise so as not to get anyone's attention, especially
the attention of '' M '', At one point my tears were such that they made me take off
a small piece of the tape in my left eye and I could see inside the van, I also managed
Take off one of the headphones.

I was tied looking for the back of the van, I could see that it had 2 windows
covered with what looked like 2 pieces of wood cut perfectly to fit
in those windows, on the sides of the van there were black garbage bags stuck and up
mine a small piece of foam rubber, everything was illuminated by a small red light
which was located at the top of the van door, I felt a noise and despair
one of my captives saw me, and he saw that a piece of the tape was detached.

-Don't look at me! .- He said in a very violent voice as he covered my eyes with his hands
It was "M" that terrified me more.

-Hey "X", Stupid Piece, I told you to cover your eyes well, if I didn't have the mask
the boy would have seen my damn face! .- He said something annoying. - And we don't want that to happen,
or if ? Little Jon.- He said as he took small blows with what appeared to be a weapon in
my head.

"M" took his hands out of my eyes and told me in a threatening voice not to open my eyes,
If there were no consequences So I quickly closed them and I could hear the noise of the tape
Again, while "M" was putting tape on my eyes, about 3 pieces as far as I could tell.

Quickly "X" tells him to see if my headphones were on and "M" realizes that he wasn't wearing them.

-I see that you are like your mother's family, you like too much to see and hear things that you don't have
to hear or see. - Said "M" in a mocking tone. - Now you better rest, there is still a trip.

Then he puts my headphones back in my ears

What remained of the trip I experienced anguish.

I finally felt like the Van had stopped, suddenly one of my captors takes me away
the headphones, it was "X".

-We arrived child, If you stay still nothing will happen.- He said in a way that calmed me
contrasting completely with the way of being of "M" .- Now let me take your hook off
It’s humiliating. ”That was an act that made me empathize a bit with“ X, ”though
He was doing something wrong, it wasn't like "M" who was a damn psychopath.

I hear the noise of the doors of the van, and if it was cold inside it, when the doors
they opened, the cold was worse, for a moment I was grateful to have dressed that night with a
Hoddie and some Sweatpants, the only thing he regretted was being barefoot, the feet say
they are the thermometers of the body and at that moment I was verifying it in my own flesh.

I could hear the noise of the wind, and the noise of the crickets which indicated to me that it was still
at night, suddenly I can hear the voice of "X" again

-Child now really still, I will remove you from that position to be able to move, If you move
or you try to kick me or something, I warn you, I will not be kind.-He said very firm

Suddenly I could feel one of the cuffs on my left foot being removed so that I could
to return to a normal position, there I could hear how I call "M" to load
between "M" and "X" They began to charge me one on the side of my arms and another on the side of my feet.
Then I could feel the noise of a door opening, inside I could feel a strange smell
It was the smell of old and confinement, there inside "X" sits me in a chair and asks me not to move
Suddenly I hear the noise of some keys and another door that opens, then my captors
They get up again, I can feel how they tip me it seemed that we were lowering some
stairs, suddenly I feel like they throw me, that little moment where I was in the air
I get scared, I felt like I was going to fall and hit myself dry, but I landed on a mattress.

-Now wait here.- "M" said very seriously, suddenly I hear the noise of a click that seemed
Be the light switch and a slam that really scares me.

Where was I now? Why did they bring me so far? They were questions that hovered in me
head, the basement where it was had a musty smell and cement dust, like a house
under construction, also the mattress where it was was very rough and every little movement
My bed made a lot of noise, like an old spring bed.

I didn't know if it had been 1 hour or 2 hours or maybe more or maybe less, I had little moments
Sleepy, the cold humidity of the basement wouldn't let me sleep, I practically didn't feel my feet
my hands either, my head was against the mattress and the smell of the mattress was as if
they would have wet it and never would have been in the sun, that made me nauseous, and nauseous
With a piece of giant cloth inside your mouth it is not something that I wish for even my worst enemy.

Suddenly my "Tranquility" brake.

-Hey boy, your father does not answer us, what will that mean?, Your father called the police and maybe
He doesn't want to pay your ransom, maybe he prefers his money over his son.- It was "M", every time
that he said something was completely hard and my eyes filled with tears.

Then he grab one of my feet with his hand (With one palm he covered my entire foot, my size
It’s 5), and he apprehends my feet back so he made a noise.

-Now child I am going to take away your handcuffs, I want you still if you move I will have to punish you for a while and
That for me is nothing more than a game.- M threatening said.

He took my cuffs off my feet,he cuffs one foot on one side of the bed and the other foott on the other side.
so that I looked up with my hands cuffed behind and my feet spread in handcuffs to the bed.

Suddenly "M" took off the tape from my eyes with great violence.

-Do you see this place? They are not the damn 5-star hotels that your father pays with the money
That steals from you and your stupid mother. Although good, your father will pay and cost your stay Here,
maybe this is your damn more expensive hotel.

"M" grabbed my hair so hard it made my whole torso rise and turn my
head to the sides, The basement was a small place, the bed where I was was in
the middle and the 2 sides had less than a meter left, instead on the feet
the bed was about 2 meters and there was a large metal door, The walls
of the basement were "painted" of what was once a green, today with the paint completely
browned and fallen like scales, the roof was beams of an old wood, with wires
exits and a light bulb supported by 2 cables and the bed where it was was an old mattress
with orange and yellow spots, the only thing that contrasted with that place were my blue pants and my
Completely white feet cuffed at two corners of a rusty metal bed

-You see child?, This way people live because of families like yours.-Said "M", with a lot
resentment in his voice.

I began to fill my eyes with tears for fear and despair

-Leave those damn tears for your daddy, so maybe you can leave faster.

I watched as "M" took out the tape again, he was going to cover my eyes again.

-Ah I almost forgot, when I enter the room I or "X" To take care of you, if you want to go to the bathroom wiggle your feet toes.

Then he covers my eyes again.

It looked weird, I hadn't heard the noise of the light or the door, something was happening

-I have to tell you Jon, you really have very nice feet.

Suddenly I heard the door slam and the light.

When I could finally fall asleep, something interrupts me.

-Time to get those tears Jon.-"M" saids

He comes and he takes my gag off the tape first, then the cleave and I end up spitting
the piece of cloth that was inside of my mouth, when I spit it "M" grabs me tight

THAT WE DONT CHOOSE SOME GAG MORE UNCOMFORTABLE.-said "M" In a tone that made me scare as

I could feel how he put the piece of cloth that I had inside my mouth resting on me
face, it had a lot of drool smell and that made me nauseous.

-Now Jon, pay close attention, now it depends on how fast your father pays, so
That tries to see you as scared as possible, I will give you a motivation. - Said "M"
almost unrecognizable in his tone of voice.

I hear a few steps and start to feel some lashes on the soles of my feet, and I break
completely in a bereaved cry.

-It's time for the Show!, When I say I start recording and when I remove the cloth from your face
You will talk to your father.

I listen to the steps but my crying is so big that I can't hear or concentrate on anything else
Suddenly "M", He takes the cloth off my face and yells at me to speak


Suddenly "M" cover my mouth

-Well Mr. Smith, I hope this is enough evidence that your Jon really
is in trouble, we look forward to your collaboration.

-Brave young Jon, you have a future in acting.- he said while clapping and laughing, completely
enjoying the situation.-Do you want water?, you earned it.- says "M"

-Yes please.- I say although it takes me because my crying does not let me speak

He then gives me the water and tries to put the piece of cloth in my mouth.

-Please don't, I don't want anything else in my mouth.- I say as I begin to cry.

Close your mouth and swallow

I open my mouth and "M" again gag me with the piece of cloth the cleave gag and tape.

-Take you have earned this too.- Says "M" while raising my head from the hair
and puts a pillow (really very small and smells like a dog) under my head

I hear a few steps and suddenly I feel like he kisses my feet and starts licking them
something completely uncomfortable, the only thing that the situation that I liked (in a guilty way) was that my foot was a little
hotter to be inside a mouth, although that does not remove the disgusting.

-You really have very nice feet, too.-Sighs.- they have a very good smell, maybe
tomorrow I bathe you so they do not lose that smell, I must also say good connotation use
blue sweatpants with bare feet.- followed by a pause and a kiss on my foot

-You have woman's feet, like Holly Mathews's.

He slammed the door and left.

That comment froze my blood.

Holly Mathews is the daughter of a family known among the wealthy, Her father was an important
entrepreneur who had been in politics, she had been kidnapped 1 year ago
The kidnappers had asked for a sum of money, His family managed to pay a month
then the kidnappers asked for more money, but after 2 weeks Holly had achieved
to escape, these men were experienced and already knew what they were doing, to the kidnappers
from Holly they could never stop them and the consequences of never being caught
They had come to me.

I didn't see the time to leave that place I needed to think about a plan, I also needed to sleep
the only thing I was sure was that I was going to do a very long captivity and think about that
It really made me cry.


Sorry for delay, i will write more parts suddenly.


Let me know if you want a separate story with the story of holly mathews

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Hell yes! Keep coming!

Hopefully the kidnappers will have more fun with Jon's feet :)

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