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Damsel Incorporated M/FFF FF/F

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By plastering what seemed to be hundreds of green and yellow flyers all over the swankier areas of the town I finally landed on the Great White Whale of a babysitting job, looking after two adorable 14 year old twin girls named Emma and Hayley. Emma and Hayley were from an absurdly wealthy family - I believe their GrandMother invented post-it notes or something like that,.. either way the house was massive and was located on a great sprawling estate that appeared capable of supporting two different time zones.

(If it was 4 O’clock in the stables, it was 3 O’clock in the shoe closet)

I only ever met their Mom, a tiny blonde woman with stack heel shoes and an augmented chest who kept a miniature dog in her handbag, but if I had to guess I’d say that she was most probably married to a baseball player, or possibly a drummer from some forgotten hair metal band. Either way, they were very generous employers who were super happy with my work looking after their children. Of course it helped that, in addition to helping them with their homework, I was also prepared to spend countless hours discussing boy bands and reality TV with them. We would rank our favourite singers and discuss the latest elimination from Dancing with the Stars in minute detail. Despite being cursed with two left feet I was, and remain to this day, obsessed by dancing shows and I probably got more out of these discussions than they did.

Of course, when the kids went to bed it was time for the real fun to begin - by which I mean I got to raid the fridge of every child friendly snack I could find whilst watching their giant, surround sound TV (it looked like the controls to a fighter jet)

It was, in short, the good life, or at least it was until the girls looked me up on the internet,..

In hindsight, perhaps I should have been more suspicious - It had been over half an hour since my last sighting of the girls (practically a lifetime in babysitting years) nevertheless I was still shocked when the twins tumbled down the stairs and crashed into the front room brandishing some rolled up paper.

“Samantha - is this you?!” Emma asked, brandishing a picture of me in my school uniform next to two other girls. One was a pretty short young woman, with long brown hair tied in a neat ponytail dressed in a tartan skirt and blue v-neck t shirt (Chloe D’anger) whilst the second (Vee Daniels) was a girl with dirty blonde hair and glasses dressed in a brightly coloured Anime T-shirt and black leather jacket together with a beanie hat and heavy black boots.

The picture was accompanied by an article from the local paper entitled -

“Teen sleuths thwarts daring robbery”

“The whole of Crooksville was outraged by a crime that took place in the small hours of the morning when a gang of thieves attempted to break into the Park Heights Safe Deposit which has been a place of security for over fifty years. Boasting a state of the art CCTV system and 24 hour surveillance this venerable institution was long believed to be impregnable. Nevertheless the thieves, occupying a travel agents on the opposite side of the street burrowed underneath the street and attempted to gain entry through the lower vestibules and, but for the quick thinking of teen detectives Sam Ward, Velma Daniels and Chloe D'anger, they would have almost certainly succeeded. The crime fighting trio - who call themselves Damsel Incorporated - discovered the tunnel but were captured at gunpoint by one of the leaders of the notorious Brothers Grim gang. Despite being tied up and locked in a store room, these resourceful young snoops were able to escape, capture the crooks and alert the authorities - who quickly arrived on the scene to arrest the perpetrators”

The article was accompanied by a black and white photograph of the three of us, looking rather pleased with ourselves. (I noticed, with considerable embarrassment, that in the picture I was still wearing my gag, now damp with saliva, loose around my neck)

“I guess it does look a little like me,..” I admitted coyly.

It didn’t help that the uniform I was currently wearing matched the one in the picture.

“Don’t be silly Sam, of course it’s you!”

“Okay - it’s a fair cop. But you have to promise not to tell anyone”

“Cross our hearts - “

“And hope to die!”

“Stick a booger in your eye!”

“Well, I hope it won’t come to that” I said laughing.

“So are you all famous detectives or something?” Hayley asked excitedly.

“Well, I wouldn’t say famous,..” I said with a modesty I almost certainly didn't feel (The fact was I always enjoyed talking about my work as a teen detective) “But we have been responsible for catching more than a few bad guys (and girls) in our time together”

“Coo. That’s amazing!” Emma cooed.

“Totally!” Hayley chimed

For the next five minutes the girls swarmed around me like I was a big shot celebrity Youtuber, peppering me with all manner of questions about my career as a (low level) crimefighter.

“So who are the other girls?”

“That’s Vee, and that’s Chlo, they’re my best friends!” I said proudly

“How did you meet?”

“Chlo used to run a Nancy Drew fansite on the internet and the three of us started talking. We swapped numbers and after a few months arranged to meet up in person. That article you found tells the story of our first case together. In time we formed a crime fighting team called ‘Damsel Incorporated’. Now we meet up twice a year and go on adventures together”

“Wowee - like the Avengers?”

“Kind of, I guess” I said with a grin, wondering which of the Marvel heroes I would be.

(Probably Captain America since I’m always fastidiously turned out and I abhor cursing,..)

“So, how did you discover the tunnel?” Hayley asked

“Well, Vee became suspicious when she heard industrial drilling in the street but we couldn’t find any work men nearby- ”

“And how did you know they weren’t real travel agents?”

“Ah, this was rather clever actually. Clo pretended we wanted to book a holiday to the Principality of Wakanda”

“But that isn’t a real place!” Emma said accusingly “It’s from the movie Black Panther”

I waited for the penny to drop.

“Wait,.. so that’s how you knew they were lying!” Hayley surmised

“Because a real travel agent would have known that wasn’t a real holiday destination?” Emma said, joining the dots.

“That’s right girls!” I said proudly

“...But how did you know that the busker was working with the thieves?”

“Simplicity itself” I said, rather enjoying myself “Firstly, the appalling sound of her terrible guitar playing was designed to cover for the sound of the drilling”

The twins laughed at this.

“And secondly it served as a warning if anyone approached the shop,..”

“Because she stopped playing when there were any customers?” Hayley interjected.

“Precisely! Well done. You would both make fine detectives”

They beamed with pride at this.

“So can we join Damsel Incorporated too?”

“Maybe when you’re older. (like, much older I thought to myself,..) But like I was saying, the silence would alert his brother and give him time to climb back to the surface. Sadly however, it did not give him time to change his trousers which were still covered in chalk dust from the tunnel,..”

“That’s amazing!” They cooed.

“It was nothing really” I said, with rather false modesty.

“But, the article said you were caught by the bank robbers,..” they prompted, moving me on to the part of the story that seemed to interest them the most.

“Yes, well, that was rather unfortunate, you see we were snooping around the back of the shop when we were discovered by one of the Brothers Grim”

“Oh, no! What happened?”

“He caught us trying to take a picture of the tunnel and so he decided to take us prisoner”

“How did he stop you all from running away?” Hayley asked

I hesitated “He –er- tied us up” I said sheepishly.

“How? What with?

“Erm, Vee found some old rope in the store cupboard” I explained sheepishly.

“My goodness!” They exclaimed.

“That sounds so exciting”

"I'm not sure I'd describe it as exciting exactly,.."

“Will you tell us what happened?”

“Leaving out no detail - no matter how insignificant” Hayley insisted

“You mean like a bedtime story?”

“Yes. Please Sam”

“Pwetty please!”

“Tell us the story of how you escaped from those horrible men”

“Oh,.. okay - but only after you’ve finished the washing up,..” (It has to be said, I drive a hard bargain)

Twenty minutes later the two girls were sat, bunched together on the sofa, tucking into a bowl of popcorn whilst listening in silent rapture as I took off my school blazer and began to tell the tale of our first ever case - The Damsel Incorporated origin story, if you will,..

We were just approaching the most exciting part of the adventure,..

“The three of us were just about to explore the cellar when, as if by magic, one of the Brothers Grim appeared in the doorway. With his hat pulled down over his eyes, he was a rather disquieting figure.

"Who are you?! He barked, with a householder's authority at the three schoolgirls in his midst.

"We're customers" Chloe stated firmly

"Who do not appreciate being kept waiting" Vee chimed in.

“That’s right!” I echoed, feeling it was my turn to speak.

"Well, we're closed" He snapped

"A travel agent’s that’s closed at nine at night?!" Chloe said incredulously "It's amazing you ever sell any holidays"

“Do you mean to tell me you want to book a school trip in the middle of the night?” He said incredulously.

“If you don’t believe that lie, maybe we could interest you in another?” Vee offered happily

He grunted angrily.

“Would you believe that we’re looking for work experience?” I ventured with a lopsided grin.

"I haven’t got time for this,..” He said fishing a rather business-like service revolver from the inside of his, rather expansive duffle coat "Hands up!"

The three of us gazed at the weapon, fascinated.

Slowly we raised our arms with our palms extended in, what we hoped would be acknowledged as the internationally recognised gesture of surrender.

“That’s better” He said, suddenly sounding far more relaxed.

Taking a moment to compose ourselves we stared at the barrel of the villain’s weapon with a fascinated eye, and rigidly set jaws.

“Why don’t you take your finger off that trigger” I said, my voice trying to conceal my mounting concern “After all, you don’t want it to go off, accidentally”

“Hands up” He barked, angrily.

“Our hands ARE up” Chloe replied sweetly “You can see they’re up can’t you? Look. Right up here”

And, as if to emphasise the point she commenced wriggling them as though she were about to commence a piano recital.

“Stop that. It’s most distracting”

“Sorry” she said with a smile that suggested she was anything but.

In truth, both of my friends seemed to be having tremendous fun.

After all, it was going to take a little more than a safe cracker with a gun to ruin our good time,..

“Look, why don’t you put that pistol down? Say, there’s a table over there. I’m no interior designer, but I think a gun would go very nicely in that bowl” Vee suggested warmly, nodding in its general direction.

“I’d just as soon as hold onto it for now. If it’s all the same to you” He replied sardonically.

It was hard to escape the thought that he was rather enjoying himself too.

“Okay, well I can see the logic in that. But look, you’re going to have to lower the weapon sometime so why don’t we compromise?” I continued unabated.

“Compromise? How so?”

“Well, you put the gun down and we’ll let you tie us up”

“We will?” Chloe whispered conspiratorially under her breath.

“We will?!” Vee echoed, sounding noticeably more excited at the prospect.

“Tie you up?” He said, sounding somewhat bemused by the suggestion.

“Why yes. I mean isn’t that what criminals usually do to their hostages to stop them running away?” I said, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“Well, I suppose so, yes,..”

“-And, of course, whilst we’re all trussed up like the heroines in some tawdry adventure movie you’ll be free to get some rest, grab yourself a bite to eat, and finish digging your little tunnel to the bank vault,..”

“It’s not so little now, we’re almost all the way across the street” He said boastfully.

“It sounds like an extremely impressive hole. I’m sure you’re very proud” Chloe teased as the two of us tried not to laugh.

Nonetheless, the logic of our argument seemed impeachable and the convict said as much.

“Right, that’s settled then.” I said, concluding the negotiations. “I think I saw some rope hanging up in the storeroom. Vee, would you be a dear and fetch it for us?”

“Wait!” Thomas interjected “How do I know she won’t try and escape?”

“With the two of us hostage locked up in here with you? It’s not really very likely now, is it?”

Thomas conceded that this was another, excellent point.

“Okay, I’m game. Your friend can go and get the rope. But be sure to hurry back!”

Vee assured him that wild horses couldn’t keep her away and promptly skipped off in the direction of the storage closet. That's right, one of mt best friends was so elated at the prospect of getting tied up she was actually skipping.

“Look," I said warmly "while we’re stuck here waiting for our friend, why don’t I put the kettle on?”

Thomas found himself saying that he would very much welcome a refreshing beverage.

“Clo?” I said, asking my friend who had kept her hands up.

Chloe said she too would love a cup of tea.

“Three sugars in mine!” Came the shout from the back of the store.

"Will do" I replied.

Taking care to limit myself to slow, deliberate movements I laid out tea and biscuits for the four of us and waited patiently for the kettle to boil.

Soon enough Vee returned, her arms laden with several feet of white cotton clothesline. Dumping her supplies on the counter she snatched up the nearest biscuit.

“Mmm, oreos” She purred happily.

Soon enough, the four of us were sat around a desk enjoying afternoon tea together as though we didn’t have a care in the world..

It was an idyllic, if slightly surreal scene. Broken only when Thomas interjected with a concern,..

“Wait” the villain said, between mouthfuls of chocolate digestive “We might got a problem”

“Oh?” I asked, keen to hear the nature of his complaint.

“How can I tie the three of you up without putting down my gun?”

“Ah! I think he has us there” Vee said.

“We hadn’t thought of that!” I lied, causing Thomas to look rather pleased with himself.

“Unless,..” Chloe interjected

“Yes?” Thomas Grim asked, now hanging on every word”

“Unless we take turns tying each other up, then you would only have to put down the gun once”

“That’s brilliant!” Vee said with genuine enthusiasm

“I guess that could work,..” I agreed

“But how will we decide who ties up who?” Chloe asked

“Rock, paper, scissors?” Thomas suggested, apparently desperate to help.

“That doesn’t really work with three people” Vee pointed out

The four of us pondered this for a minute.

“You could draw lots?” Thomas said breathlessly.

We all agreed that this was an excellent idea and Thomas quickly produced four matchsticks, one of which he broke in half.

“Well, no time like the present,.. He said placing them in his fist so their lengths were concealed,..”

“I lost the first round so Vee tied me, Clo tied Velma then, last but not least, Thomas tied Clo” I explained

“My goodness. Weren’t you all really scared?” Emma asked.

“Maybe a little” I admitted, “but we were determined to be brave”

“So how did you escape?”

“Ah, well that’s the clever bit. You see Vee tied me up using a trick knot. When Thomas left us locked in the store closet I was able to slip free of my ropes, rescue my friends and stop the villains”

“Wow! That's amazing. So can you show us?”

“I’m sorry?!”

“Can you show us how they tied you up?”

“Erm, Okay, I guess,..”

I put my hands together behind my back, pressed my ankles together and pretended to struggle a little.

“It was a little like this” I said, rather lamely.

“No I mean really show us” Emma said her voice pleading “Like, re-enact it for us”

I laughed “I don’t think so!” I said firmly (although, truth be told, I was far from opposed to the idea,..)

“Come on!” Hayley whined, “We really want to see how you escaped from those horrible, mean crooks”

“Well,” I said, rather enjoying the attention “I suppose it might be fun,.. But you have to promise to tidy your room before bed”

They quickly agreed and the three of us began scouring the house for any rope, tape or cord we could find in the house and soon enough we had amassed a rather impressive pile of ropes, scarves, bandanna's and neckties.

I retrieved a high backed wooden chair from the kitchen and sat down upon it in the centre of the room.

“So, can we take you prisoner?”

“Sure, why not” I said, happy to take part.

Well, the twins certainly didn’t need to be asked twice and working in tandem the girls worked quickly to secure me to the chair.

Emma began by wrapping a paisley patterned scarf around and between my wrists while Hayley moved to secure my ankles with a canary yellow necktie.

Both knots were surprisingly firm.

“Are you done?” I asked, wriggling in my bonds, my hands now pinned behind my back.

It quickly became clear they had only just begun and soon enough my thighs and arms were similarly restrained by an assortment of woollen scarves and dressing gown cords and within minutes I was thoroughly immobilised, pinned to the chair with all manner of buckles and restraints.

Apparently satisfied with their work the girls took a step back.

“So, there we were, the three of us tied to chairs-” I said, returning to the story,..

I was about to continue when I noticed Hayley had her hand up

“But Sam, how did they stop you calling for help?” she asked innocently.

It looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

I was reluctant to answer but felt I had to be honest.

“Because we were gagged,” I said hesitatingly


“Erm,.. well I was still in my uniform so Vee used my school tie. I think she thought it would be funny”

They both agreed that this was quite amusing.

“And the other two?” Emma said, pressing me for details.

“Oh, erm I think they just had tape over their mouths”

“What kind?” Hayley asked.

“Erm the black stuff I think,..”

Hmm, was it just my imagination, or were they weirdly fascinated by the details of our bondage?

The explanation came quickly enough.

“Oh. Well, then shouldn’t you be gagged now too?

“You know, for the sake of the reconstruction” Emma added helpfully.

“It might help us imagine what happened to you”

“Just for a few minutes, so we can get a feel for what you went through”

"But how can I finish the story if I can't talk?” I asked, not unreasonably.

“Don’t worry” Hayley said, reassuringly “We already know the rest. Now we want to see how you escaped”

I began to feel flushed.

“I mean, I guess that would be okay” I said, trying not to appear too eager,..

“Wait, what are you doing?” I asked as she loosened the knot on my school tie

“Didn’t you say they used your tie to gag you” She said, by way of an explanation.

“Yeah” Emma chimed in, “We just want it to be as accurate as possible”

I sighed.

“Fine. Go ahead - But only for a few minutes,.. and not too tightly“

“Whatever you say Sam” said Hayley with very little sincerity as she tugged the tie loose leaving my shirt collar buttoned.

“Now open wide”

I did as I was told and quickly felt the, all too familiar sensation of my school scarf slip between my teeth. Hayley knotted the scarf tightly against the back of my neck.

I made a mental note to thank her for not trapping any of my hair in the gag.

When she had finished I found I could barely close my mouth.

As I sat, thoroughly bound and gagged, I began to suspect this was far from their first rodeo.

Meanwhile, apparently delighted with their nights work the twins took a step back and folded their arms across their chest.

“Come on then Samantha” Hayley said, taunting me “Show us how you escaped from that nasty Mr Grim”

Fortunately I had been gagged enough times that I knew the best way to make myself understood with something tied between my teeth.

It’s a bit like ventriloquism really.

I commenced to counting down to my grand escape -

“"Five, fnnr, phhree, phwo, onmp - Shazhnm!"

And with that, I began pushing my elbows outwards and upwards causing the ropes around my chest and arms to slide upwards by half an inch or so. I repeated this maneuver a couple of times creating yet more movement in my bonds. With a great deal of effort I moved the rope slowly, and uncomfortably over my breasts leaving a tangle of ropes, loose around my shoulders. It was a matter of seconds before I could pull my wrists free of my bindings. Having untied my ankles I lifted the tangle of ropes high above my head and dropped it theatrically on the floor.

The twins stood in open-mouthed astonishment.

“Not too shabby eh?” I said, pulling down my gag.

"That's amazing," they enthused. "Can you get out of anything as easily as that?"

"Well, no," I admitted unfastening the knot in my tie. "I mean, it can take longer to escape from some things. Like if they lock me in handcuffs, or wrap me up in chains. That's why I have to practise”

“So you do this alot?”

“You mean practise? Probably a couple of times a week”


“Yeah, totally awesome!"


"Say, maybe we could help?” Emma suggested

“With your training” Hayley explained

“We could tie you up so you could practise your escapes”

“That’s kind of you girls to offer. Maybe another time. But right now it’s time to bed, but first I need you to put back all these things you used to tie me up”

Reluctantly they did as they were asked and after a great deal of cajoling I was finally able to put them both to bed and by nine O’clock I was back on the sofa.

I was drinking from a fresh cup of coffee when I logged onto the Damsel Incorporated Whatsapp message group.

“Hey guys, you’ll never guess what happened when I was babysitting tonight,.. Well, knowing my track record, you probably will guess actually,.."
49% snooping detective, 51% Damsel in Distress.
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Really funny story thanks.

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CapturedCarol wrote:
2 months ago
Really funny story thanks.
My pleasure. Glad you liked it! :D
49% snooping detective, 51% Damsel in Distress.
Cub reporter and part time escapologist - They call me Houdini in heels

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Always such fun, warmth and wit in your stories.

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Yay! You got a group of snooping friends!

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love this!

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Awesome story! I loved how you told two stories at once, braided nicely together. Seems like those girls will have a lot more fun with their babysitter from now on. Any chance for more adventures? Seems like the format (Emma and Hayley tying Sam up, who meanwhile recounts her heroic deeds) has potential for more.

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