Detectives of Clover High (M/MMF)

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Detectives of Clover High (M/MMF)

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March 23, 13.00 PM
Clover High
Miss Marigold's Classroom,

Class 2B of Clover High arrived in class to find the most wonderful surprise a student could wish for. An empty classroom. Their history teacher, miss Marigold was nowhere to be found. If a teacher was absent then class might be canceled if a substitute teacher failed to appear. There wasn't a substitute teacher present either so this meant a free hour for the students of class 2B.

''Ah yeah! Class is cancelled!'' Ethan jumped in joy. He took place at his usual seat and casually laid down his feet on his desk. He fetched a comic book from his bag and made himself comfortable. The rest of the class wasn't wasting much time to make themselves comfortable too.

''Okay girls! Time for some gossip!'' Donna the cheerleader summoned her usual clique into a circle. The girls whispered at each other and soon were making mean giggles towards some of their male classmates.

''I'm outta here. Lets hit up the arcade across the street!'' Drake wasn't planning to stay at the school compound. His friends in the football team stood up to follow him.

Every student had their own way to fill the free time granted by Miss Marigold's absence. None of these plans involved studying. Only one student wasn't thinking of enjoying his free hour ''Everyone....this isn't right. I think we should talk to a teacher!''

The suggestion came from Tony and he regretted saying it immediately when he saw the disgusted looks his classmates gave him ''Um....Miss Marigold is not absent today. She's not sick. I spoke to her at lunch break. And before coming her I saw Miss Marigold in the hallway and...''

''Well I'm not seeing her. Why are you trying to ruin a good thing here?'' Drake asked irritated ''The Teacher isn't here so class is cancelled. Who cares if you saw her?''

''Listen. I'm worried....'' Tony said ''I think miss Marigold is in danger! When I saw her in the hallway she was talking to some boys I never saw before. They aren't students of this school...a-and she looked nervous!''

Tony's cheeks turned red as roses. His warning was not having the intended effect. Rather than share his concerns his classmates all laughed. ''Yes Tony! Miss Marigold is obviously KIDNAPPED'' Drake sneered ''I bet you're right! Miss Marigold is now in the trunk of some pervert's car. No doubt with a lot of tape on her mouth!''

Ethan lowered his comic book and looked intrigued at this notion. It just so happened that these sort of damsel scenarios were a favorite subject of his.

The students all laughed but the boys among them all took the time to blush a little bit when picturing this scenario. Miss Marigold was a popular teacher, a young teacher fresh from university. With her bright smile and flowing red hairs most of her male students blushed in her presence while the female ones wishing they could have that effect on the boys. The idea of Miss Marigold bound and tightly gagged was appealing to most people in the room.

''Its NOT funny!'' Tony shouted angrily ''She could be in danger. I'm not imagining things. I KNOW she looked scared! You all can do what you want but I'm getting a teacher''

''Oh? Does little Tony want to go to wedgie town early today?'' Drake stepped closer to the boy menacingly. A teacher being informed carried the risk of a substitute teacher being assigned to take over from Miss Marigold, and none of the students wanted that.

''N-n-no! no sir....I....forget it'' Tony instantly backed down when threatened. He had never been the most popular boy in class. His skinny frame and those nerd glasses the doctor forced him to wear had instantly marked him as a ''nerd'' by his classmates. It was not uncommon for him to spend his afternoon hanging from the school flagpole.

''Ya know!'' Ethan put away his comic book ''If you hang Tony-poo by his undies a teacher's obviously gonna come to pull him down.So why don't I just stuff him in his locker for the coming hour! That way no teacher is gonna come ruin our day!'' He already wrapped an arm around Tony.

''Ethan! I like the way you think!'' Drake grinned, opening his bag and handing Ethan some duct tape ''Be sure to tape his mouth shut. The wimp might just scream otherwise''

''Ethan!...n-no! Let....let go of me!'' Tony screamed out, desperately thrashing in Ethan's grip. He trashed and he kicked but his skinny limbs weren't doing him any favors. Ethan easily held them in place and wrapped some tape around them ''You have to believe me! She's in da-MMMMH!''

''And there we go! No more of that'' Ethan smiled as he placed a strip of tape over Tony's mouth ''You might be missing out on your trip to Wedgie town but you'll get to explore locker town soon enough!''

''Mmmmmh!'' Ethan hang his head low. It seemed this was the end for him. He'd be locked up and no one would help Miss Marigold.


March 23, 13:20 PM
Clover High,
Tony's Locker,

''Sooo.....I think they all bought it'' Ethan smiled. He was standing in front of Tony's locker but made no attempt to open it and stuff the boy inside.

''Mhmmmh?'' Tony raised his eyebrow ''Bmmg whmtt?''

''My plan, silly!'' Ethan smiled ''You were talking yourself in a lot of trouble so I had to get ya outta there. And now you can go search for Miss Marigold! Oh lemme just get that off your mouth!''

''Nmmmh....ooooow!'' Tobin whimpered. Ethan hadn't been gentle when pulling the tape off ''T-thanks. So believe me then?''

''Uh well I got to admit that its a bit far fetched'' Ethan told his classmate while removing the tape around his wrist ''But I kinda want it to be true! It sounds fun!''

''Come again?, I don't think Miss Marigold's disappearance is fun'' Tony responded baffled by this statement.

''Ehehe come on. A beautiful maiden kidnapped and two scrappy young detectives on the case'' Ethan grinned and held up his comic book ''Exactly like chapter 23 of the Justice Lads!''

''You know I'm real curious. Why do I get stuffed into lockers when YOU wave those comics around all the time'' Tony rolled his eyes. In contrast to him Ethan was one of the popular kids, a member of Drake's inner circle of jocks. The boy's obsessive love for comic book was forgiven by the boys due to Ethan being such a star football player while the girls could stomach that one nerdy trait in the otherwise handsome and toned blonde.

''Probably because my little sister didn't beat me up in front of the school. Easily I might add!'' Ethan cheerfully speculated about why Tony could be considered such a loser ''Oh well! That just means I'm the brawns here and you the brains! The Clover High Detective agency is born!''

''Clover High....Detectives? Are you taking this seriously, Ethan!'' Tony protested ''We're not detectives we're just trying to....aaand he's not even listening!'' Tony saw his partner run forward without a care in the world.

''C'mon Tony! Time to investigate!'' Ethan yelled ''Can't keep Miss Marigold waiting!''

23 march, 13: 20 PM

As the boys investigated a dainty damsel in distress was held prisoner by vile villains.

''Nmmmf! Mmmmmmmh!'' Claire Marigold moaned in her gag. The young teacher sat on the floor, her hands and feet bound in rope and a black cloth between her teeth ''Mmmmmh! Mmmmmmmh!'' she was held in a dark room, so dark that her blindfold having been removed some time ago hardly mattered.

''Well that was easy!'' A boyish voice spoke to her ''Ha! Clover High....more like clover LOW amirite!? Guess being too poor to pay security is just another reason why your school is down the drain!''

''Mmmmmh! Lmm mmh mmt!'' Miss Marigold pleaded desperately.

''Hehehe you're quite the pretty lady! No wonder my bro goes on and on about you!'' The boyish voice chuckled ''Okay guys! Get the camera ready! Lets finish this prank and leave this dump as soon as possible!''


23 March, 13:40
Clover High
Hallway on the second floor,

''Tony....the principle laughed at us'' Ethan growled, giving his newfound friend's ear a large yank ''Nice going!''

''Ooooww! Well he gave us permission to.....snoop around'' Tony winched, blushing as he recalled the barely disguised laughter when they warned the principle ''And maybe he was laughing because YOU introduced us as boy detectives. Its not a game you know!''

''Yeah. So if its not a game we need to nail this for Miss Marigold's sake!'' Ethan nodded his head in agreement ''So THINK! Who did you see corner Miss Marigold''

''I told you. They were all strangers!'' Tony repeated ''They circled Miss Marigold and were making her nervous. I didn't know any of them....or....wait! I know ONE of them! Pascal! The Football player from class 3C!''

''Oh you just mean the finest Football player this school has! Totally someone you don't pick out from a crowd'' Ethan rolled his eyes and walked behind Tony to give him his daily wedgie ''If you wanna be a detective then step up your game!''

''Oooooow! Y-you k-know I'm not interested in...s-sports! L-let goooo s-so we can catch him!'' Tony whimpered and peeped until his briefs snapped back into place.

As it turned out Pascal wasn't with the rest of class 3C. When the detectives came to fetch him from his biology class a rather annoyed professor informed the boys that Pascal had been skipping class.

''Ha! He COULD have kidnapped Miss Marigold because HE is not in class!'' Ethan let out a loud cheer, further angering the Biology professor ''We got our suspect!''

''Sshhh! not so loud! Everyone is starring at us!'' Tony's cheeks went as red as a rose.

'' is Miss Marigold kidnapped? a trunk....lots of tape on her mouth?'' a boy tried asking before the irritable professor shoved the detectives out of the room and threw the door in their face.

''It wouldn't surprise me of he was up to some devilry too. Lets mark Professor Kleiman as a person of interest for future investigations'' Ethan chuckled.

''Yeah....whatever. Its gonna be so awkward when we have class from him again'' Tony sighed and adjusted his glasses ''Okay then. We need to find Pascal. Um....but he can be anywhere! If he's not at school he can be....well as I said, ANYWHERE!''

''Well we can't leave school for now so lets hope that this anywhere happens to be somewhere at this school! Lets do a great sweep of the place. Investigate every nook and cranny!''

''I still think you're enjoying Miss Marigold's plight way too much. But yeah. For her I'll look at every nook! I didn't say that!'' Tony's cheeks turned red again.

''Ehehehe! Oh don't worry. your maiden will kiss you on the cheek once this is all over, mister hero!'' Ethan giggled ''Now lets start our search!''

23 March, 14:50
Clover High
Hallway on the ground floor,

''This is hopeless! We visited every floor! Every empty room! Every locker!'' Tony hung his head low in despair ''Pascal isn't at school. He's gone. Miss Marigold is gone too''

''Cheer up buddy!'' Ethan gave his despondent partner a pat on the back ''I'm willing to bet ya five bucks that Pascal is close. Very close''

''Deal....'' Tony's sighed ''But how can you be so sure he's close''

''Cause I can see him over there'' Ethan answered with a devious smirk ''Which means you owe me five bucks! But uh....well I wasn't expecting to find him like this!''

''MMMMMMMH! HLMMMH MMMMMH!'' A 15 year old boy with auburn hair was fleeing through the hallway, having barged out of an empty storage room. The lad's legs were taped together which forced him to hop. Additional tape was wrapped around his upper body, binding his arms to his torso and whatever tape hadn't been used on his body was wrapped around his mouth.

''Is that.....Pascal! B-but.....huh!?'' Tony gasped in shock. The kidnapper had been kidnapped!?

''Pascal! Grrrr! Get back here!'' An unknown boy rushed after Pascal and pulled him back in the storage room

''MMMMMMMH! HLMMMMMMH!'' Pascal screamed it out but because the other students had class no one was there to here. No one except the detectives of Clover High.

''Lets save him. Ethan, you think we can take that guy on?'' Tony asked.

''mmmm.....he's older but we're together'' Ethan said ''But you're kind of a stick so I don't know how much that's worth''

''Yeah yeah. Well....lets do this! For Miss Marigold! Haaaaaaaa!'' With a roar no one would find particularly impressive Tony lunged forward.

''Chaaaaarge!'' Ethan charged too. The boy pulling Pascal with him widened his eyes in shock when the two boys ran straight at him. The detectives both dived on him at the same time, knocking both the boy and Pascal to the ground.

''Success! Haha!'' Ethan cheered. The lad beneath them struggled but it seemed the two of them could hold him

'' me! You little brats! ugh....Get off!''

''Nope! Tony, lets drag this guy to the drama department!'' Ethan already forced their prisoner's wrists behind him

''Right. Um...why?''

''We need to tie this intruder up! And the drama department has rope. You know, for when damsels need to be tied up!'' Ethan pointed out ''Damsels like Miss Marigold who this creep might have KIDNAPPED! No mercy!''

''No mercy!'' Tony repeated and gazed at the squirming Pascal ''And not for him either until we know exactly what's going on!''

23 March, 15:30 PM
Clover High
Drama department,

''URGMMMMH! NMMMMMH! NRMMMH MMMMMMH!'' Pascal screamed out in pain as Tony tended to him. Half a roll of tape had been wrapped around his mouth so removing it hurt a lot.

''I'm trying my best here!'' Tony huffed ''Stop complaining. I'm trying to help! Um....I think I'll be needing scissors for this'' It was a LOT of tape on his mouth.

''For a star player he's surprisingly wimpy'' Ethan was tending to his own prisoner. The boy they had tackled down was now tied on a chair at the drama studio ''Okay then....time to tell me what this is all about!'''Ethan ordered while shining one of the stage lights in the boy's face'' David Goldsword......captain of the the Oak High debate team!''

''Whaaaat! He's from Oak High!'' Tony gasped in shock ''E-ethan how did you manage to find that did you DETECTIVE it out!''. Oak High was the long standing rival of their school.

'''ll see my little sidekick'' Ethan giggled ''When coming here we passed the office of the school newspaper where I got THIS!'' He proudly showed a copy of the school newspaper. One of the articles said David Goldsword pwned our debate team. Take vengeance upon him!!!, a picture was included to show the black haired debater.

''Ha! Next time you sneak into a school you should pick one where you don't have your face on the front page!'' Ethan smirked.

''Pfff....How could I know! I don't read The Clover Times. Its pure drivel!' David growled ''Urgh....n-now gemme outta here! And stop shining that STUPID light in my face!' the captain wildly wriggled about in his chair.

''Oh you'll get out'' Ethan grinned ''If you just tell me what's going on here''

''I'll never talk! You'll only find out about Oak High's scheme against your lame school when its too late!'' David stated defiantly ''Some stupid Clover Freshmen won't stop us!''

''Ehehehe you know. I'm the youngest siblings'' Ethan smiled ''I got five siblings. I know aaaaaaall about torture!'' he circled his captive deviously ''Wedgies! Wet willies, pink bellies...swirlies. Tickle torture and soooo much more''

''And I'm a big nerd. I know a looot of torture methods too'' Tony smiled just as deviously ''So why don't you talk''

''Um...O-okay! Okay! I'll talk!'' It didn't take long for David to crack ''We're planning an epic prank on your school!''

''And that's why Miss Marigold is missing!?'' Tony asked of the boy.

''......yes'' David admitted the deed with a small nod.

''DUDE! That's KIDNAPPING! You can go to JAIL for that!'' Ethan yelled.

''You SHOULD go to jail for that!'' Tony screamed angrily ''How could you do that to Miss Marigold! Y-you kidnapped her''

''Its NOT a kidnapping you dweebs! Its a prank!'' David yelled ''And its only because YOUR school kidnapped....ACTUALLY kidnapped our mascot!''

''Your mascot's a goat!'' Ethan yelled ''Miss Marigold's a hot teacher!''

''Heeheee...y-yeah she is'' David blushed ''Ahem.....but so what. We won't hurt her. We just making a video. Showing her off with a sign saying ''Oak-High rulez'' taped to her chest. And then everyone knows we pulled an epic prank on you guys!''

''So uh....why did you tie up Pascal?'' Tony wondered curiously ''I saw him lure miss Marigold towards you guys. Is he in on the plot?''

''That was a real good trick of us'' David started smiling ''His twin brother Paris goes to our school. He's captain of our basketball know the team that kicks your butt each year! So we had Paris walk into school, tie up his brother and stuff him in the supply closet. Then Paris took his place, opened the gate for me and the guys and lured your stupid teacher into our trap. I was left behind to make sure that dweeby twin of his didn't escape. And....well you know the rest''

''Hrmmmh! nmmmmmmh!'' Pascal moaned not being able to do much more with the tape still on his mouth.

''And that was our epic plan. Ha! Your schools reputation is ruined'' David grinned proudly ''Its gonna be known your teachers can be kidnapped by students of other schools! Ha!''

''Where is miss Marigold!'' Tony asked angrily ''Tell us where she us''

''In your dreams, nerd'' David smiled ''You won't stop our prank''

''Hey remember that thing we told you about torture'' Ethan gleefully reminded his prisoner.

''Aaaah! N-no! She's in the locker room of your football team! P-Pascal had a key to your sports building s-so we used it as our base....don't hurt me''

''Ahaha thanks a lot!'' Ethan laughed and stuffed a nearby scarf into David's mouth ''sit tight. Don't go anywhere'' he winked ''Okay Tony. Lets go rescue our teacher''

''Yeah! Pascal'' Tony turned to the football player who still had a quarter of a tape roll wrapped over his mouth ''Sorry that I thought you kidnapped miss Marigold. You just get that tape off your mouth and warn the principle!''

''Ymh gmmt immt!'' Pascal nodded his head ''NRMMMMMMMMH!'' then he screamed in pain as he once again tried getting the tape from his mouth.

''Ooof that's gonna leave a red mark'' tony winched ''Uh....good luck!''

With Oak's high's vile plot discovered the detectives of Clover High ran out. They had a teacher to save.
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Fun. Nice to see you posting again. Thanks but gender tag, please.
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March 23, 16:00 PM
Clover High
Sporting Field,

The evil schemes of Oak High had been exposed and the two boy detectives had the location of their damsel in distress. This called for a rescue operation.

''Miss Marigold!'' Tony ran into the building he loathed, the building used by those jerks of the sports team.

''Miss Marigold! The Detectives of Clover High are on the case!'' Ethan shouted and ran after Tony.

''Can you stop saying that? This is serious! Miss Marigold was fake kidnapped!'' Tony protested while making his way to the locker room.

''And we're doing a real rescue!'' Ethan smirked .

The two boys barged in one of the locker rooms where they found her.

''Hmmmh! Tmmhh! Mmmhan!'' Sitting on the floor was their teacher. The 24 year old redhead knelt with her wrists tied behind her and a black cleave gag between her teeth ''Mmmmh! Hlmmmh!''

''H-h-hi.....hi...miss Marigold! Heehee!'' Ethan stammered. A smile formed on his face when he looked down on her ''We're her''

'' um....'' As bad as Ethan stammered Tony was even more meek about it ''Um....we figured things out and we're s-saving....y-you....''

''Boymmhs!'' Marigold raised her voice and snapped at the two.

''S-sorry!'' the boy detectives winched and snapped out of their trance

''Heeh miss Marigold...that's quite the sight! Straight out of a hero's tale'' Ethan lowered the gag''

''What Ethan is trying to say!'' Tony rolled his eyes in annoyance ''is that we're really glad you're okay'' he moved behind his teacher to untie her writs.

''Thanks boys. This is really quite brave of you'' Marigold smiled tenderly ''Clever boys. I did not think someone would find me here''

''Ehehehe its nothing' Tony blushed.

''But you know what would be something, buddy? If you untied Miss Marigold already'' Ethan said ''You're taking too long''

''I'm....I'm BAD with knots okay!'' Tony huffed ''I'll get her loose. Just you....uh-oh''

''Well well well....'' Paris, the captain of the Oak High basketball team entered the room. He really had an uncanny resemblance to Pascal, as twins often had.

''Yikes....this can get quite painful'' Ethan winched. Not only did Paris enter but five other boys too. They were all older than the two detectives.

''I'm not going to make it to my date I?'' Marigold sighed. The students of Oak high took out various equipment to bind the detective and marched forward.

''W-we'll....p-protect you miss Marigold!'' Tony whimpered while clinging to Ethan in fear.

''S-s-stay back....or I''' Ethan clung to Tony in fear too 'HEEEEEEEEELP!!!''


March 23, 20:00
Brighton village
Tony's Room

''My life is over......its all over.....'' Tony cried out in despair ''Its hopeless.....all hopeless''

''Cheer up buddy. We've made a name for ourselves didn't we? Oak city declared us as their worthy rivals and the whole school know we tried to rescue Miss Marigold''

''Ethan! Look at the video....LOOK at it!!'' Tony just wanted to sink to the floor. It was awful. He had the video on his computer and had repeatedly watched it. It was so awful ''And its on YOUTUBE. Its over.....its aaaaaall over''

Ethan clicked on the video Oak high had posted.

''WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?'' Tony screamed in horror

''You said I should watch it''

''I was being....uuuuugh this sucks!'' Tony burried his head in his pillow as the video started to run.

The locker room they had spend most of their afternoon on started to appear on scream. What also appeared on scream was a grinning Paris ''Hey losers of Clover High! Look what we managed to get right under your noses! he proudly dragged Miss Marigold into view.

''Mmmmh! hmmmmmmmmh!'' The teacher hadn't stayed ungagged for long after the boys found her. In the video the cloth was stuffed back into her mouth and sealed with tape. On her chest hung a sign that said ''Oak High Ruuulez!''

''I uuh....might just watch this part on loop'' Ethan admitted sheepishly, intensely staring at his kidnapped teacher

''So remember that if you kidnap your mascot again WE are gonna take your teachers! and not the ones you hate either!'' Paris informed the students of Clover High and anyone else that was watching the video ''Oh....and if you think of trying to stop us. Lets just see how that works out for you!''

''Uh-oh...'' Ethan's smile vanished.

''My reputation....its over. Doomed....'' Tony whimpered. On the screen Paris dragged him and Ethan into view.

''Mmmmmmh! MMMMMMMMMMH!'' The Tony on the screen shouted desperately through the tape on his mouth. He had been stripped of his shirt which presented his bare torso to the Youtube audience. Two things were written on his chest ''Oak High Ruuulez!'' as well as the word ''Nerd!'' in even bigger letters.

''NMMMMMH! lMMH MMM GMMMMMH!'' Ethan was also dragged into view. Like Tony he was dressed in only his shorts so a message could be drawn on his chest, namely ''Clover High suuuucks!''. However he had not been branded as a nerd like Tony had been

''Now what will we do with them and any lousy Clover dork that gets in our way'' Paris got a downright devious grin on his face ''Oh....I know!''

''Nmmh! Nmmmh plmmms!'' Tony pleaded through his tape gag but Paris already moved behind the boy and yanked his briefs upwards ''Nmmmh! MMMMMMMMMMH!'' Tony screamed in pain. Paris pulled his briefs up so much the boy was forced to stand on his toes ''Nmmh! Pmms! NMMMMMH!''

As this happened Ethan shouted protectively to his own gag only to peep meekly when his Boxer shorts were pulled up in a wedgie as well.

''Oh? Now how could we make this any worse'' Paris smiled ''Worse enough for you Clover dorks!''

''EEEMMMMMM! NMMMMMMMMMH!'' Tony was then given an atomic wedgies, his briefs being pulled all the way over his head.

''OOOWWMMMH! NMMMMMMMMH!'' Ethan was shown being subjected to the same fate and the camera made sure to stay on them for an extended period of time.

''Turn it ooooooooff!'' Tony whined from the bad . His hands unwillingly went to his bottom where he was suddenly feeling a phantom pain.

''Now which school was best again?'' Paris asked the boys ''C'mon...say it''

''Mmmhs mmmh! Mmmmk! Hmmmh!
'' Tony cracked very early. Hopping up and down in a vein attempt to stop the pain in his butt he very quickly started saying Oak high was the best.

''What's that?'' Paris removed the tape from his mouth.

''Oooooow! owie...O-oak High Ruuuulez! Clover High Suuuuuuucks!'' The Tony on screen desperately whimpered.

''I'm dead.....I'm soooo dead'' The Tony on the bed could only imagine how much flack he was going to get about that at school tommorow.

''And now its your turn....'
' The tape was removed from Ethan's mouth.

''Ooooow! I'll never surrender! eeeek! C-clover High ruulez! Oak High...b-bloooows!'' The Ethan on screen screamed which caused the Ethan facing the screen to smile proudly

''Looks like I'm made of sturdier stuff then you''

''Oh put a sock on it! And on that note....'' Tony grumbled bitterly

''Uuuugh don't remind me! My mouth still taste like feet!'' Ethan shivered just as bitterly. On the screen his captor came towards him with a laundry basket.

''Oh look! The dirty laundry of your dirty football team'' Paris took out a filthy pair of socks ''Hold his mouth open!''

''N-nooooo! no! NOOO! Don't! Don't! I won't surrender but please do-MMMMH!'' both boys before the screen winched when seeing the dirty socks get shoved in Ethan's mouth and sealed with tape ''NMMMMNNNNNNNNH!'' a horrified shriek came from Ethan's gagged mouth.

''Mhrmmmh! mmmmmh!'' Tony rapidly shook his head. He had known, he just knew he was going to be gagged like that ''Eeeeep!'' the tape was ripped from his mouth and the socks were held close to him ''N-no! I said it! Please don't put the-ughmmmh! HHHMMMMMMMMMMH!''

'' you notice how uninterested Miss Marigold seems to be in our torture!'' Ethan noticed their teacher in the corner of the screen. Rather than angry at their torture she seemed disinterested.

''Are you TRYING to make it worse!'' Tony pouted. The idea that their teacher wasn't as protective of him as the other way around wasn't a pleasant thought.

The video focused several minutes of the boy screaming in agony at their dirty sock gags. Tony was pleading and whimpering while Ethan was just frantically screaming. Throughout it the boys were mocked and pushed across the room. Once the Oak boys grew bored with that the camera was kept on Miss Marigold and the sign that said Oak High had ''beaten'' their rivals.

''And that's all the time we have for today'' Paris eventually turned the camera away from Marigold. His mean smirk and the video still lasting for several minutes meant the boys torment continued for a little longer ''Time to take out the trash!''

''Hmmmmmmmmmh!'' Tony recalled how horrified he had shrieked when the garbage bin was rolled inside the room. The lid went open and he was lifted from the ground. Both he and Ethan were about to be stuffed into the garbage bin. It hadn't been pleasant.

''Turn it off! Turn it off!'' Tony whined and quickly snatched the mouse from Ethan ''I've seen enough!''

''Ehehe okay. Okay. We'll turn it off'' Ethan promised. Despite his humiliation on youtube for everyone to see he didn't seem very bothered.

''Why do you look so happy?'' Tony wondered frustrated ''We've been beaten. Utterly and utterly beaten. We lost!''

''Yup but you know what. I had fun today'' Ethan smiled and wrapped his arm around Tony ''Snooping around, interrogating a suspect, saving a damsel in well trying to in any case. Its fun! I like being a Detective of Clover High''

''Please stop saying that. We are not detectives. We are a boy who reads too many comics and a boy who's the punching bag of half the school! We are not detectives''

''Not yet, buddy. Not yet'' Ethan clarified

''Sure.....'' Tony rolled his eyes before tossing a sleeping bag at Ethan's feet ''I'm going to bed. Tomorrow's gonna suck.....''


24 May, 9:00 AM
Clover High
Tony's locker

''Tooony! You're in here'' Before class Ethan banged on the boy's locker to meet with him.

''nmmmmmh! Lmmmh mmh ommmt!'' Came from the locker. After having spend several hours being held prisoner with Tony Ethan could recognize the boy behind the muffles with ease. That and it wasn't exactly uncommon for this to happen.

''Hehe Yeah I thought you would be in here'' Ethan smiled and proudly took out a key ''No worries. I chatted with the janitor and he let me borrow this!'' With the key Ethan managed to open the locker to cause a bound and bespectacled boy to fall out.

''Nmmmmmh!'' The Tony that fell from his locker was bare footed which was caused by his socks currently being stuffed in his mouth while a single piece of rope held his wrists tied in front of him.

''Hi there. I thought I could find you here'' Ethan had managed to catch Tony before he hit the ground. He gently untied the boy and allowed him to remove the socks.

''Ga! I've not even been at school for an hour and it already happened twice!'' The boy whined in distress 'Wait....who's that?'' his rescuer wasn't alone. Accompanying Ethan was a blonde Sophomore.

''E-Ethan. W-why did you take a g-girl to my locker....'' Ethan enjoyed the sight of Tony's cheeks become red as roses when a girl cast her gaze on him.

''She has some questions for us. And yes...also for you'' Ethan winked, happily pulling Tony close to the girl.

''Gazelle from the Clover Times'' The girl came up close to Tony, armed with a notebook and a pencil ''How does it feel to have fought on behalf of the school?''

''Uuuuuuuh'' Was Tony's response. He had never been interviewed by the school newspaper before but more importantly, he had never talked with a girl before.

''Out of all the students you were the one who discovered the vile conspiracy of Oak High and you bravely risked yourself to save her. Do you think of yourself a hero?''

''Uuuuuuh'' Tony responded in confusion

''That means yes'' Ethan helpfully translated.

''Now then. The cheerleaders have complained that there is a peeping tom around the school'' Gazelle continued ''Can the school count on the Detectives of Clover High to get to the bottom of this?''

''Only if we both get a kiss on the cheek from the pretest cheerleader'' Ethan smirked and pulled Tony close ''If that condition is met then the detectives of Clover High are....''

''O-On the case!'' Tony cheered out. From this day forth he was a detective. A boy detective of Clover High!
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Thanks for the entertainment, Chris.
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Nice story! Ethan and Tony make a good team! Can't wait for more of their adventures!
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