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The Rookie's Victory (f/mm)

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The Rookie's Victory (f/mm)

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I used to hang out at my friend Timmy's house a lot. We would often have the house to ourselves, and that was when the real partying would begin. We would often hold some serious wars, do crazy stunts down the staircase, you name it.

Our favorite type of games to play involved battling each other with toy guns. During these games, it was only natural for one side to take the other prisoner. During these sessions, one of us would often pretend to tie the other up and hold them hostage inside our tent or something. However, one day, that changed for good.

Our friend Samantha came over to spend the day with us. Samantha was a classmate of Timothy's, and one I had only met on occasion. She had long brown hair and a beautifully freckled face. Timmy was slightly shorter than me, with brown hair and light skin similar to mine. My hair was blonde, and we were both thin and fit. This was in the hottest of summer, all of us wore shorts and t-shirts. During these games, we were running around an awful lot.

That day, when the three of us had the house to ourselves, Timmy and I decided to introduce Samantha to our games. She seemed enthusiastic about it, much to our surprise, so we explained the rules to her. Basically, anything to ensure your opponent surrenders to you, and you win.

The house was definitely set up for the occasion. Timmy had an easy to set up tent that we would often situate in the basement. Timmy's room gave several points of hiding under the bed and in the closet, and the backyard was also free range (though we hardly ever used it).

We played in Timmy's room many times, and I would often see a pile of jump rope and other cord-like devices in his closet. I remembered them, but never thought to use them. Thinking of potentially making the game more interesting, I drew the game to a halt.

"Hold on, I have an idea." something popped into my head. I quickly rushed upstairs to retrieve the ropes and a couple bandannas, heading back down to greet my soon to be captives.

I proposed that we use the stuff for our upcoming game to add "authenticity" to it. Luckily, they were both enthusiastic about the idea.

"So, how about we do you two vs. me?" proposed Samantha, much to Timmy and I's shock.

"Are you crazy?" I asked. "You've never done this before, and you'd be outnumbered!"

"Don't underestimate me." Samantha gave me a wicked smile.

"Hey, she's asking us to team up against her, I'd say we take this chance." Timmy shrugged, happily accepting the offer.

"Alright, it's a deal." I nodded along.

Once the game began, we took to different sides of the house to start out. We separated from each other and hid, each carrying our plastic guns. I hid in the basement, while Timmy covered the upstairs. Our plan was to ambush Samantha from our hiding points as soon as we got the chance.

I hid behind a couch downstairs, keeping my eyes around the right-hand corner. I needed to make sure I had a good view of the room at all times. I thought I was paying close attention, but what I underestimated was Samantha having extremely delicate steps.

Keeping my upper torso half-circled around the couch, I didn't notice anything suspicious potentially moving behind me.

"Put your hands up! You're under arrest!"

I gasped and turned around to see Samantha behind me, pointing her plastic gun directly at me. Not knowing what to do, I stood frozen in fear for possibly a solid minute.

"I said... put them up!"

I did as I was told and put my hands up. In one hand, Samantha held her weapon, and in the other, she held several coils of rope and cords. I gulped hard, knowing I had been captured.

"Put the gun down! Come on, you're coming with me!"

I put my weapon down and slowly stood up. Samantha pressured me to walk, so I did exactly that. Where she was taking me? I had no idea.

After walking past the tent, Samantha led me to the backroom of the basement, where the washing machine was. In the far corner, behind a shelf, was a semi-long hallway with several support beams on each side. It was very dark, but lit just enough for me to see.

Samantha led me all the way to the back of the hall and forced me to my knees. She put her gun down and grabbed my arms, pulling them behind my back.

"What are you gonna do to me?!" I asked in a panic.

Samantha giggled.

"You're my prisoner now."

Samantha proceeded to tie my wrists behind my back, tighter than I ever thought possible with light rope. She then turned me around and proceeded to do the same with my legs and ankles, ensuring I could not get up and run away.

"Let me go! You'll never get away with this!" I shouted to her as she tied me up.

Samantha finished tying my legs and picked up the bandanna, bringing it to my mouth.

"I already have."


Samantha tied the bandanna in my mouth, ensuring I could not speak. When I had suggested using the actual equipment, I did not nearly expect them to be so tight and inescapable.

I wriggled around in place, determined to get free of my restraining prison. Samantha stared at me with a satisfied grin on her face, before standing and turning around.

"Well, I got one of you, that leaves one more... I'm sure he'll come to rescue you in no time. When he does, I'll be ready for him."


I screamed back through my gag as I watched Samantha leave. I could only assume she was keeping her restraining equipment in the tent. I felt stupid for not grabbing any, but there was nothing I could do about it then. I was captured, I was a prisoner, and there was nothing left to do but wait for rescue.

I struggled in place for about ten minutes, groaning through my gag every so often. Being captured like this truly was humiliating, and it would be even more so when Timmy came to see me in my predicament.

Just as I was beginning to think of such, my savior arrived in the backroom and stared down the small hall I was in. He almost looked past me for a moment, before noticing me sitting tied up in the darkness.

"... That's an amazing hiding spot. Good on Samantha!" were the words that came from Timmy's mouth.

"MMMMMRRRRRRRRN!!!" I growled angrily.

"Alright, alright, relax. I'll get you out of here."

Timmy came closer to me and knelt down in front of me, beginning to untie my legs. Suddenly, I saw a shadow enter the room, and saw creeping from behind, the figure of Samantha.

"Mmph! Mmmmrph!!!" I tried to warn Timmy through my gag.

Before Timmy could properly react, Samantha came from behind and grabbed him by the arms. Timmy yelped as Samantha pulled him back and began tying his arms behind his back.

"Yes, I got both of you!" Samantha proclaimed triumphantly as she tied Timmy.

I struggled angrily in place, as if trying to get free to fight back. However, it was no use. She had both of us.

"Now... what to do with my two prisoners?" Samantha pondered for a moment, before giving an order. "Both of you! On your feet!"

Standing up was much easier for Timmy than it was for me. After Timmy stood, with his hands behind his back, Samantha came over to me and helped me to my feet. Once she had us both standing, she guided us over to where the tent sat in the middle of the basement floor. She ushered us inside, practically shoving me in the process.

The tent was very small, forcing Timmy and I to fall onto our backs upon entering. Sure enough, I was right to assume this was where Samantha kept her restraints. In between Timmy and I sat a bandanna, which Samantha quickly snatched up and tied into Timmy's mouth.

"MMMMRMGH!!!" Timmy and I both shouted as we struggled.

"Gotcha now, boys." Samantha taunted. "Now, I'll give you two one chance to admit defeat. Admit that I'm the winner. If you do, maybe I'll let you go!"

Timmy and I looked over to each other, as if searching for one another's silent approval, then both of us shook our heads. Samantha's light expression turned to a pout.

"Fine. Be that way. You can both stay here, then."

Without another word, Samantha left Timmy and I screaming and struggling in the tent. The two of us struggled for a good several minutes, neither of us making any progress. I was beginning to discover that I did not handle ropes very well.


Timmy and I screamed through our gags at the top of our lungs. We knew it was pointless to call for help. The only other person in the house was Samantha, and she sure wasn't freeing us.

After some struggling, Timmy finally managed to get loose. I slowed down and watched as Timmy managed to successfully wriggle out of his arm bindings and remove his gag. I sighed with relief as Timmy sat up beside me and began untying my legs.

"Don't worry, I'm free."


I felt slightly embarrassed about having been tied up longer and still being the one rescued in the end, but I was happy it was not game over for us just yet. Once Timmy finished with my legs, I sat up so he could untie my arms.

"There, I got you untied." said Timmy as he finished freeing me.

Once Timmy and I were free, we picked up our bindings and swore to get revenge on Samantha. We climbed out of the tent, ready to seek revenge, when suddenly... Timmy's parents came home, forcing us to bring the game to a screeching halt.

After the three of us reconvened, we swore to a rematch at a later time. I knew I definitely couldn't lose again, and there was no way I'd let Samantha get the best of me again.

Little did I know, this would only be one of many experiences to come with these games at Timmy's...

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Awesome tale. Great amount of detail, pacing, and action for the length of it. Liked seeing how the whole situation affected our hero, and looking forward to more!

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Welcome to he forum! Nice story! She really got the upper hand on you two! Hope to hear more about your games
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funny story! i hope you'll share more of your experiences

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Good story, i like those innocent childish games , thank you for sharing it

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Great story! Looking forward to reading more!

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Fun story! Looking forward to reading about your other experiences

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Great story! Can’t wait to read more .

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