Bad Timing (m/f)

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Bad Timing (m/f)

Post by angim350 »

This was originally posted on the old site; I’ve tried to save it but I’ve been unable to, so I thought I would re-post it here. Again, I’m doing this from memory, but I’ve tried to remember what happened as best I can.

This took place when me and my girlfriend at the time were 18. She was a pretty thing; about a head smaller than me with strawberry blond hair, a freckled face and very blue eyes. She was pretty thin, but not overly so.

On the day in question, we were sat in her room watching a film. She was wearing a shirt and a pair of tight, blue jeans. I can’t remember the film, but we saw a girl get kidnapped and tied up. A few times, the scene would flash back to this girl struggling against her bonds but being unable to get free for the life of her.

‘Come on!’ said my girlfriend. ‘I could easily get out of that!’

‘No way,’ I replied, grinning.

‘Oh, you think so?’

She cocked her head at me slightly and grinned. ‘Bet you I could.’


In the back of my mind, I kind of guessed where this conversation was going. I was kind of into bondage at the time but we’d never tried anything in the six months we’d been going out. In fact, I’d never done anything like it with anyone and certainly never tied anyone up before.

‘No chance,’ I said, grinning.


She jumped up and raced to one of her drawers, pulling out some pink bananas. Smiling at me, she came back over and threw them at me.

‘Tie me up!’ she said. ‘Bet you I can get free easily.’

I have to admit, I was a little shocked. There was my very pretty girlfriend, asking for me to tie her up. My stomach was proper full of butterflies.

‘You sure?’ I said.

‘Course!’ she beamed, putting her hands together in front of me with a ‘do your worst’ expression.

‘Urm, okay then!’

I picked up one of the bandannas and studied it slightly.

‘Come on!’

‘Behind your back,’ I instructed. ‘Be harder.’

She frowned slightly, then nodded, turning round and putting her hands together. Quickly, I got to work. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing so I just wrapped them round a few times and tied a handful of knots. I didn’t want to hurt her so I tried to be gentle.

‘Tighter than that!’ she said. ‘Go on!’


I started redoubling my efforts, making sure it was as secure as possible. Finally, I finished. She started moving her wrists around, seeing if she could find any slack.

‘Wait!’ I said. ‘Not finished yet!’


‘Got do to your feet.’


She smiled again and offered her feet to me. I wrapped them up again as secure as I could make it. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see she was slightly straining against her hand bindings. Her face looked a little strained and, for the first time, uncertain.

‘Okay!’ I said, straightening up. ‘See if you can escape!’

‘I… okay!’

‘Actually,’ I observed, realising there was still one bandanna left. My girlfriend had already started struggling but she paused.

‘What?’ she asked.

‘Think we need to gag you.’

‘Oh.’ Her eyes lit up slightly. ‘Of course! Gag me.’

‘Are you sure?’ I said. I was noticing that she was slightly struggling against her wrist bindings despite herself and looking increasingly unsure. ‘We don’t need to…’

‘No, put it on!’

She grinned at me and I smiled back. Quickly, I wrapped the bandanna around her head, making a cleave gag.

‘Is that okay?’ I asked.

‘Mmhm,’ she replied, nodding.

‘Okay!’ I exclaimed. ‘Go on then! Escape!’

She really went for it then, falling back onto the bed and squirming all over the place. I could see her hands proper twisting and twirling, trying to find any slack in her bindings. She kicked out with her feet, as though hoping the bandannas would fall off. They didn’t.

After she realised she wasn’t going to wriggle out, she started feeling for knots with her fingers. Thankfully, I’d put them just out of reach. No matter how much she strained to reach them, she just couldn’t do it.

She groaned in frustration and started struggling even more vigorously. I have to admit, even I was surprised at how hard she was finding this. I was sure she would have escaped by now.

After about five minutes, her hair was fully dishevelled and starting to get sweaty. She gave another massive effort, looking like she’d strained every muscle in her body, then flopped down on the bed.

‘Do you want me to untie you?’ I asked, trying not to laugh.


That brought her to life. She shook her head, struggling again.

I knew what that meant. If there was one thing she was, it was stubborn.

‘Okay,’ I said, standing up. ‘I’m going to go get a drink. Be back in a minute.’

She ignored me, still struggling for all she was worth. I grinned and walked out of the room, quickly running downstairs to the kitchen. I made us both a drink and ran back up. By this point, I think she had been tied up for around ten minutes.

I walked in and, of course, she was still tied up on the bed. It looked like she’d exhausted herself. Putting the drinks down, I laughed again.

‘Do you want me to untie you?’


She was proper frustrated. I bent down and removed her gag. She moved her mouth up and down a few times.

‘Okay!’ she said, breathless.


She gritted her teeth.

‘You win! Can you please untie me?’

I laughed again, looking at her wrists.

‘Not easy is it?’ I said, studying her knots. Her pulls had made them even tighter and it was going to take me a while to get them off.

I was about to make a start when suddenly we both heard something that made our hearts stop. A car door slamming outside.

It looked like her mum was home from work. Early.

At that sound, she began struggling mightily again.

‘Get me out quick!’ she cried, for the first time sounding desperate. She was squirming frantically.

‘Christ sake, this won’t come off!’ she shouted. ‘Come on! If she sees me like this she’ll freak. Please!’

There were actually tears in her eyes now.

‘Okay!’ I said. ‘Calm down, I’ll get you out! Hold still!’

Reluctantly, she stopped struggling. I tried to pick at her knots, but they were tight.

The front door slammed downstairs.

‘Hey! You both up there!’

Her mum started running up the stairs fast. Within seconds, she’d been in the room. My girlfriend started struggling again.

‘Why am I still tied up?’ she demanded. ‘Get me out!’

‘Get under the bed covers, quick!’ I said, thinking quickly. I helped her under, pulling the duvet up to her neck. A second later, her mum came in.

She saw me, lying on the bed next to her daughter, the laptop in front of us. It had long since gone off. I quickly jumped up.

‘Hey,’ I said.

‘Hey yourself,’ she replied. ‘Everything okay in here?’

‘Yeah!’ said my girlfriend. ‘Course, why you asking?’

Her mum looked at both of us in turn. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my girlfriend still struggling slightly under the covers.

‘You look a little pale,’ her mum said, concerned.

‘I said I’m fine!’ she said again. ‘God, stop asking!’


Her mum smiled. She was a really kind woman really and I liked her a lot.

‘Was going to show you something!’ she said. She got her phone out and beckoned me over. On it was a picture of one of her boss’s dogs. Being a dog lover myself, she always showed me things like this. Whilst we were both looking at that, I could see my girlfriend was starting to struggle more vigorously under the covers. She looked like she was about to cry.

‘Help me!’ she mouthed.

‘Do you not want to see?’ her mum asked, frowning.

‘Later!’ my girlfriend replied.


Her mum looked more confused than ever. She turned round and made to leave. As she did, my girlfriend started to struggle even more. I’d never seen her look so worried. After giving one almighty tug, she flopped back down again.

‘I give up,’ she mouthed, tears in her eyes.

‘You sure you’re okay,’ her mum said, turning round.

‘Yeah,’ my girlfriend replied, though the truth was all over her face.

‘Doesn’t look like it. What have you both been doing?’

She moved to sit on the bed. My girlfriend and me exchanged glances. This wasn’t looking good.

‘I’m not feeling well,’ my girlfriend said, thinking quickly. ‘Kind of shivery.’

‘Oh no,’ her mum replied. ‘Would you like me to get something?’

She nodded, a tear slipping from her eye.

‘Please,’ she said.

Her mum nodded and stood up.

‘Look after her,’ she said to me, smiling. ‘I’ll go get something. I’ll be back in around five minutes.’

With that, she swept from the room quickly. We both watched her go and I quickly closed the door behind her. My girlfriend started breathing heavily.

‘My god, I thought she was going to see then!’

She looked really upset. I quickly raced to the bed and pulled the covers off. She’d gotten literally nowhere with her bonds. Her hands were curled into fists.

‘Are you okay?’ I said.

‘Yeah,’ she said. ‘Just can you please untie me now?’

I nodded, quickly getting to work. Finally, after a few minutes, I got her free.

She sighed heavily, rubbing her wrists and stretching. She had red bands around them from her struggles that looked a little sore.

'You've no idea how good that feels!' she exclaimed.

‘I’m sorry!’ I said. ‘Was it too tight?’

‘No!’ she replied. She was a lot more relaxed now she was free. ‘It was fun at first. I just couldn’t get out for the life of me! When did you get so good at tying people up, anyway?’

‘No idea!’ I said truthfully. ‘Ah well, guess we won’t do that again.’

‘You kidding?’ she replied.

Now it was my turn to be shocked.

We actually tied each other up a few times after this and she got pretty damn good at it! But that’s another story.

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Post by Dpsiic »

Terrific story

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Post by slackywacky »

Isn't it fun when you get interrupted while you are playing a 'game'? :-)
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.
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Post by Feet20 »

Great story
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Post by HikariYagami »

A really fun (and well written!) story. Thanks for sharing!

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Post by rash357 »

Great story! Thank you for sharing!

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Post by Canuck100 »

Great story!
angim350 wrote:
7 months ago
We actually tied each other up a few times after this and she got pretty damn good at it! But that’s another story.
I like how it ended, and looking forward to your next stories

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Post by themanoftheman123 »

Nice! Big fan of the old sight and yours. I remembered this one being a favorite. Hope to see more.

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Post by Beetlebailey13 »

Awesome and Cool story!
" No use to struggle, my dear, you're tied up much too tight for escape! However, I'd be in your debt if you would try... "

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