Me and Renee 2. M/F

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Me and Renee 2. M/F

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So we have been out of work for the coronavirus, thankfully able to draw unemployment until something happens. So we have a lot of time on our hands.

Renee has been over since yesterday, now dressed in a blue long sleeved polo shirt and blue jeans with white socks. Has her burnett hair tied in a ponytail, bangs just over her green eyes.
I'm had on a dark gray flannel shirt and blue jeans, barefoot.

We layed on the couch, me on my back and Renee laying ontop of me. She had brought some of her movies and wanted to have a harry potter marathon. I wasnt much into it, but I enjoyed spending the time with her. We were on the third movie, and I was getting tired and dozing off here and there. That is until Renee started wiggling her fingers in my side.

"Hey! Hey! S-stop! Hahaha" I say. Renee grins at me and moves up to my armpits. I fought her off, giving her a tickle here and there in the process. I manage to pin her hands behind her back, holding them down with my hands. Renee giggles and snuggles her head under my chin. "If only I had rope right now" I say smiling holding my grip on her wrists.
"Mmmm" Renee means slightly, looks at me and says "that sounds like a personal problem."

I chuckle at her remark, then asks "can i?" Renee smiles before replying "sure, why not." Renee gets up so I could go to the room to grab the rope. I have six bundles of white rope cotton rope, each about 25 foot long. I came out to find Renee laying on her stomach holding her head up with her left hand as she watched the movie, feet up in the air. She smile seeing me and position her hands behind her back, laying her head down.
With her palms facing outward, I tied her hands together with one rope, going horizontally and vertically. Then I tied her ankles together the sam way.

I then had Renee sit up for me, then got started tying her arms to her side. It took some time, way we do it is I'll wrap the rope around six times, then pass the ends between the arms and her side, than repeating the process until there was no more rope, all the while Renee keeping her attention on the movie. When I was done, Renee's arms were tied down from her midsection to just below her chest. Then I tied her upper legs, going from her thighs to just above her knees.

Renee smiles looking down at herself as she wiggled around, asking "making sure I cant get out?" "That's the point" I responded. I picked up the last two bundles of rope and ask "now how should I do this?" Renee had a nervous look in her eyes, still grinning when saying "umm, well not sure theres room for more."

I smile as I push her onto her side, than have her lay on her stomach. I brought her legs up, than wrapped rope around wrists and ankle bindings for a hogtie. "Mmm" Renee moans, wiggling side to side. I grabbed the grey cloth, cut off from an old shirt, and a blue handkerchief. Stuffed the grey cloth in her mouth, gagging her with the handkerchief.
"One more rope" I said. Renee looks at me, barely making a sound as she says "mmmmpphh?" I put the last bundle of rope down on the floor, I figure it would been to much. I sat down, Renee rested her head on my lap, wiggling and struggling. It was a good compromise I thought, Renee had her movie, and i had a good show too there for a while.

Think the movie lasted for another 30 minutes or such. When it was over, Renee nudged her head into my stomach. "What?" I asked,
"What was that?"
"I cant understand when you talk like this." Renee started bouncing some as she goes "mm mmmmpphh mmmrrrrrr mmmmpphh!" I couldn't help but laugh. "Change the movie?" I asked
"Mmr mmmmpphh" Renee says nodding. I got up and changed out the disc to the next movie. I walked back to the couch, Renee was slightly tugging at the ropes. She sees me watching and gives a muffled giggle.

I smile and stands over her, Renee looking up at me. I bent down onto one knee and placed both of my hands on her sides. "Mmmmpphh!" Renee says, shaking her head and struggling the best she could. "What you going to do about it?" I asked. Renee starts thrusting around and laughing as I tickled her sides, poking my fingers in between the ropes.

I stopped and got up, Renee breathing heavily. I went to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, than walked back to the livingroom. Renee giggles slightly, tugging at the ropes. I undo the hogtie, how tight it was I know it could cause discomfort after a while. Renee means slightly as she stretched out, rolling onto her side. I went back into the kitchen to fill a cup of coffe for me than went back.
Renee had sat up, and was now leaning on the armrest and brought her knees up to her chest. I smile looking at her for a moment, was really cute.

I drank some of the coffee and put the cup on the TV stand, than went and sat on the couch. I smile and grabbed her ankles and pulled her feet onto my lap, Renee giving out a muffled scream as she slid down down. I wiggle my fingers inches above her toes as I held her ankles down with my other and, smiling as I look at her.
Renee shakes her head "Mmmrrrrph!"
"You going to stop me?" I ask as I pull on her socks, taking them off. She bends her toes as she tries to pull away, but I kept my grip on the rope binding her ankles. I slowly ran my index finger down Renee's bare foot, in which she wiggles her feet around as she screams. I softly tickle her feet this way a few more times before I stop and start massaging her feet.

Renee relax, her breathing becomes more stable as she rests on the armrest. This went on for the remaining of the movie, one with harry potter going through the survival games.
I press my thumb into her sole as I say "well, that's over."
"Mmm" Renee mutter. I smile and say "that's the last one, right?"
"Mm-mmmph" Renee says shaking her head. "Another one?" I asked, which Renee nods. "And if I dont put it in?" I asked

Renee glared at me and lightly kicks my stomach. I raised my eyebrows, wrapping my arm around her legs to pin them to my stomach and start tickling her feet. Renee thrust around hard, screaming and laughing. She manages to slip out and starts kicking me more, giggling at me as I try to catch her. Renee slams her feet into my side when I manage to grab ahold of her ankles with both hands, I got up to pin her legs on the couch. Before she could get away I layed ontop of her legs with my right arm wrapped around her. Using my left hand I tickle her feet.

Renee bulks and squirms, screaming and laughing in her gag. I smile as I watch her bare feet wiggle around as I tickle them. When I had my fun, I went and put on the next disc. Came and sat on the couch, motions Renee to come closer. I undone the gag, and Renee spits out the grey cloth and licks her lips. "I'm sure your mouth was getting dry" I said. Renee replies "yeah, than you" and reaches up and kisses my cheek. Renee wiggles her arms and says "and my shoulders are hurting." "Well I guess it's time to untie you" I replied. Renee smile softly.

I work on untying her upper body, and when her hands were free, she rubbed her shoulders. I was untying her legs while Renee watched the movie, I was just getting her ankles untied when she asks "you want to keep me tied up tonight?"
I smirk at her as I ask "why?" Renee shrugs slightly, it was clear she was a little uneasy. "To keep the fun going all night" was her reply.

We watched the rest of the movie, than we changed into more comfortable clothing. Me in a white tshirt and red pajama pants. Renee in one of my black long sleeved pajama shirts and blue sweatpants.

"So you sure about this?" I asked, Renee puts her arms to her sides and nods. I wrapped black gorilla tape around her arms, six sets of layers, five wrap each. Once her arms were taped I stepped back and asked "how is that?" Renee twist and turn her upper body then says "its strong."
I had her put her legs together and taped above and below her knees, than her ankles. I then helped her hop to the couch, where she layed on her back.

She softly giggles as she wiggles around. I smile watching her for a few seconds "all tied up and no where to go" I say as I lean in to kiss her. Renee smiles just before kissing me back. I put on the next disc, than I lay down, Renee laying in front of me. I tucked my right arm under her head and wrapped my left around her and watch the movie with her..

I woke up to the TV showing the menu for the movie, Renee was turned to me and cuddled into my chest. I sat up, careful to not wake her up. I stretched, and smile down at Renee. I sat back into the couch, Renee's taped feet in my lap.
I grabbed my phone off of the arm rest and surfed the web until I went onto "". And here I am now sharing the experience.

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Post by Canuck100 »

Renee is the perfect tug-lover girlfriend! Great story, thanks for sharing it.

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Post by McMurdoPI »

Nice story telling style and a very sweet experience, thanks for sharing.
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Post by rash357 »

Cute story! Renee sounds fantastic

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Post by CarouselCowboy13 »

Cute and Adorable Story! And Renee sounds like Awesome and Cool Girlfriend!
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Post by Nexus »

Great story, thanks for sharing. Wish my wife was more like Renee, haha.

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