How does the slipper taste? M/M

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How does the slipper taste? M/M

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Hey, read the site for ages but this is my first time sharing.

Bit of a brief explanation I enjoy bondage and fleece, fur and fluffy things.

This story was last year I was 18 and let’s say Tommy was 19. I was house sitting for someone we both knew and he came over to play some PS4 and relax. I always liked finding a reason to tie and gag him he was smaller than me but much stronger than me unfortunately.

We had a running thing (started by me without him knowing my reasons) where I started shoving his fleece slipper in his face or mouth when I could catch him off guard.

On this day we were playing borderlands I think and their was a fluffy belt for a bathrobe that I had put in the room saying the dog had brought it in or something, I ended up tying it round his wrist and pulling on his arm to make him lose. Eventually after some joking about I told him to give me his other wrist, he said no obviously. But I wasn’t accepting that so I jumped on him trying to get his other arm we wrestled for a while but I couldn’t get him tied. Eventually I “gave in” I then told him some story about how I knew nots from boys brigade and I was curious if I’d actually manage to tie him up in a way he couldn’t get out. I said it a few times and he said fine 😈 I told him to put his arms behind his back and got to work tying him as best I could with the belt. I left him to try and get out and he said he couldn’t. After a minute or two I left him and ran upstairs. I knew their was a old fluffy slipper in one of the rooms of this house I grabbed it and cane running back down. I found him trying to pull out of his ties. To no avail.

I showed him the slipper to a look of disgust and walked toward him. I spun him round and pulled him onto the couch and shoved it into his face as he tried to resist. After a few moments of me pushing the smelly old fluffy slipper on his nose I told him I’d untie him, if, he opened his mouth. After around a minute or 2 he gave in and opened his mouth. I pushed the slipper in and held it their for around a minute or two before deciding id finally let him go.

I untied him and he threw the slipper across the room and the belt. Knowing I’d beat him this time he conceded and we just went back to playing our game.

So yeah that’s one of my experiences that I thought I’d share 😁 hope it was ok. Would love to chat to anyone else with any similar interests!

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Of course it's alright to share and thanks for doing so.
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