Just another night. Part 2 F/F

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Just another night. Part 2 F/F

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"So you ready?" I asked as I lay the belts down on the bed. Jennifer nodded as says "do your best." We ordered this bondage kit off of Amazon, was basicly seven black leather belts that came in the mail about a week before.

With Jennifer standing up, I strapped the smallest belt around her wrists behind her back. Then three belts were strapped around her arms, one above her breast and two below. Then Jennifer lay down on the bed and I strapped two belts around her thighs, then the very last one around her ankles.
"How is it?" I asked, Jennifer tested it out a little and reply "it's pretty secure." "Good, but maybe a few more things" I said as I grab a few more items. First, a pair of handcuffs, which Jennifer gave me a puzzling look when I brought them over. "What is that for?" Jennifer asked, which I ignored.
I cuffed the belt that binded Jennifer's ankles, then I brought her feet up and I cuffed the other end of the handcuffs to the belt binding her wrists, putting Jennifer into a hogtie.

Jennifer moan as she strained some then said "that's pretty tight." Then the other thing I brought over was our new gag, basically it's like a ball gag that can inflate. So I strapped it on Jennifer, then I started to press on the air pressure thingy to inflate the ball inside Jennifer's mouth. "Mmmmpphh" Jennifer says, think I squeezed the air pressure thing maybe seven or eight times.

I step back to look, grinning and say "mmmm maybe one more thing."
I got a ziptie, and I climbed onto the bed behind Jennifer and I ziptied her two big toes together. "Mmmmmmrrrrrrrr" Jennifer growls, wiggling side to side as she protests some. I smile and gave Jennifer's bare feet a quick tickle before saying "so I'm going to take a shower and changed. Be back soon." And I left the room with Jennifer protesting and squirming.

After my shower, I changed into a pink tank top and grey sweatpants, going barefoot. Think I left Jennifer for at least thirty minutes. When I walked into the bedroom, Jennifer was right where i left her. "Mmmmpphh!" Jennifer says as I walk in, making me grin.
"How are you getting along?" I asked before gently kissing Jennifer's forehead.
"Mmr mmmmpphh mmmrrrrrr mmmmpphh" Jennifer replied.

I giggled softly and got on the bed behind Jennifer again, sitting on my knees as I began tickling her feet. Jennifer immediately went nuts, squirming this way and that. "MMMMRRRR MMMMPPHH MMMMPPHH!!" I giggled as I kept going, scrambling my fingers all over the bottoms of her feet.
I stopped for a minute to give Jennifer a break, I got up and I got my hairbrush and returned. Jennifer shakes her head as she sees what I got "mmmmpphh mmmmpphh!!"
I ignored her and climbed on the bed again, I held her toes back with one hand and scrub the hairbrush on Jennifer's feet. This of course had Jennifer going wild, laughing and screaming while struggling for her life. This was one of those moments I was feeling very devilish, and I gave Jennifer about a thirty minute tickle session, going back and forth with the hairbrush and my nails. Course I gave her breaks here and there.

I got off the bed and I took off the gag on Jennifer, she had tears in her eyes but made me relieved when she had a grin on her face. "Oh you're going to get it" Jennifer said as I uncuff the handcuff, allowing Jennifer to stretch out from that hogtie. "Maybe I should just leave you like this" I said. "I need to go to the bathroom after all that" Jennifer protest, which I laughed and I untied her.

I gathered all the belt and turn to put it back in the drawer we kept them, and just as I closed the drawer Jennifer tackled me. There was a lot of shouting and laughing as we fought until Jennifer had me pinned on the floor and proceeded to tickle me until I gave up.

Jennifer had me lay on the bed on my back, she lifted up my hands above my head and handcuffed me to the headboard. Jennifer got a few more things and then handcuffed my feet to the footboard. "What now?" I asked feeling a little anxious, thinking I was now going to be tickle tortured.
Jennifer ballgagged me, then looked down at me and said "you will see in the morning." Then Jennifer walks out the room closing the door.
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Post by slackywacky »

Thanks for this great story, Rosie, but please keep the different parts of your stories together in the same thread. Just add part two as a reply to part one.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.

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Post by TomYi »

I do so love reading about healthy, loving couples who enjoy tie-ups together. Considering your treatment of Jennifer, I'd say you got off easy!

I hope Jennifer at least checked on you every now and then though. It can be very dangerous to leave bound and gagged people alone (even though you see it all the time in these stories.)
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Post by Risperdaltied »

Nice follow up!
Bikinis + bondage = perfect combination
Feel free to PM for RP - to be tied or to tie...
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Post by Dpsiic »

Nice to hear about people having fun
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