Escaping Captivity (f/mm)

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Escaping Captivity (f/mm)

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Timmy and I always made the most of our weekends at his house. Whether we were playing video games, watching TV, or going to war and taking each other prisoner, it was always a good time.

Unfortunately for me, more often than not, I wound up being the prisoner.

Our games worked like this: using toy guns, we would maneuver around the house looking for each other. If we were to find the other, we would capture them and tie them up. The winner was determined when one of us surrendered to the other. Unluckily, I never knew how to admit defeat.

Recently, our games received a new player: Timmy's friend, Samantha. After coming over and playing one round with us, she slowly began hanging out with us more and more. She was a thin girl with light brown hair and freckles, very very pretty. I had light blonde hair and Timmy had dark brown hair. Timmy was slightly shorter than me, though slightly more athletic. We were both thin and mobile.

One day, the three of us were home alone watching TV in Timmy's room. Timmy and I sat on the floor beside each other, wearing almost matching shorts and t-shirts. Samantha sat on the bed, wearing a beautiful short pink dress. Over the course of the silly TV show we were watching, Samantha gave an audible yawn.

"I'm bored. You boys up for a game of war?" she asked us.

Timmy and I were both excited to hear Samantha's eagerness to partake in our game. We were also partially excited for the possibility of getting revenge (she had beaten us last time), and we both eagerly looked to her.

"Let's do it." I said.

"Yeah, I'd be up for it." Timmy agreed.

Samantha smiled. It was a smile that told us she was already concocting her brilliant strategy to bring us down.

“What if… you two were to start off as my captives?” she proposed.

Timmy and I were puzzled. Why would we WANT to start out captured?

“What do you mean?” Timmy fired at her.

“It’ll change it up. If you start off as my prisoners, it’ll give you the mission to escape and bring me down, too.”

Timmy and I thought it over. We liked the idea of shaking up our usual game of war, and eventually, we both agreed to start as Samantha’s prisoners.

Samantha eagerly brought us over to the bed and took to the closet to grab several useful items. When she returned, she brought a few coils of jump rope out. I suggested bringing a few bandannas to be used for gags (a suggestion I’d later regret), so those were also added.

Timmy and I waited on the bed until Samantha joined us, taking me by the arms and proceeding to tie my wrists behind my back. She then looped another rope around my torso, pinning my arms to my sides. Using an extension cord, she tied my legs together at the knees. She then took the suggested bandanna and tied it in my mouth, gagging me.

“Mmmrph!” I complained through the gag as Samantha laid me down.

“That’s one down, now for you…” Samantha turned to Timmy, who looked terrified after seeing the predicament she put me in. Samantha had to return to the closet to get more ropes and cords, then came back to tie Timmy in the same way as me.

Once Timmy and I were both all tied up, Samantha left us on the bed and proudly took a toy gun from the closet.

“Be good, prisoners. Anyone who tries to escape will suffer the consequences!” the girl taunted as she left the room to guard the area.

Timmy and I looked at each other with a sense of helplessness in our eyes, then we began to struggle.


Timmy and I rolled all around the bed, trying our hardest not to fall off, doing all we could to fight our bindings. We were not used to starting these games already captured.

After a while, I came up with an idea, and nudged Timmy to let him know I was thinking something. I proceeded to roll over and show him my wrists, insinuating that he should untie them. In a strange maneuver, Timmy turned back on his side so that our backs faced each other, and he reached for my wrists with his own. Using as much effort as he could, Timmy began to untie me.

After some fidgeting, Timmy managed to get me free. I wriggled out of the rest of the bindings and sat up on the bed. I pulled the cord from my legs, then turned to start working on Timmy.

Once both Timmy and I were free, we stood up and planned our next move. We knew we couldn't risk going outside and being caught by Samantha, so we carefully crept over to the closet and picked out our weapons.

Guns in hand, Timmy and I slowly moved over to the door and cracked it open. We peered out into the walkway, and didn't see anything. We gave each other a nod of approval before stepping outside and making our way to the staircase to walk downstairs. Communicating over whispers, Timmy decided that he would go downstairs, while I continued to search for our enemy upstairs.

Admittedly, I was not thrilled with staying upstairs, since that was where our kidnapper was last seen roaming, but I knew we had to cover as much ground as possible. I took my station in the second bedroom upstairs, on the other side of the staircase. Once inside, I took shelter behind the bed. The bed frame sat against the wall, meaning I could monitor one side without being ambushed from the other (perhaps I remembered my previous failure). I laid on the ground, looking around the corner, determined to catch Samantha when she showed up.

Knowing Samantha wasn't in the hallway, I figured it safe to assume she was downstairs, so I felt slightly more secure being on the upper floor. I knew one of my fellow soldiers would likely catch the other before they caught me.

After waiting for around five minutes that felt like an hour, since I had nothing to do, I began hoping for someone to come through the door. I contemplated forgoing the "hide and wait" strategy, and considered going out to face them, myself. I decided to stay put for another two minutes or so, but the silence was killing me.

After getting sick of waiting, I made the decision to move from my spot. I slowly but cautiously crept from the room, making my way to the staircase and lightly stepping down the stairs. After reaching the bottom, I moved toward the living room, wondering where the other two could be.

I entered the living room and crept cautiously, my plastic gun ready. Everything seemed to be going well, until...

"Got you! Don't move!"

I felt a hand clasp around my arm, and turned to see Samantha standing behind me and pointing her gun at my head.

Even with my own means of defense, my in-character self knew better than to gamble with a gun to my head. I gulped and nodded, lowering my gun and letting her take me.

"You're coming with me now." my assailant taunted, forcing me to walk forward.

There I was, captured and helpless. I knew there was little I could do to improve my situation, all I could do was just walk and hope for the best.

With Samantha holding my arms behind my back, I walked up the stairs and back toward Timmy’s room. I gave a little wiggle of resistance, but Samantha tightened her grip as if to say “Don’t you dare.” Eventually, we reached our destination.

Once back in the room, Samantha laid me on the bed and proceeded to tie me once again.

"You will NOT get out of here this time."

The girl in the dress tied me in the same way; my wrists behind my back, my legs tied together, and rope around my torso. This time, however, as I was the only prisoner, Samantha used extra rope to bind my legs and torso. The rope would normally have been for Timmy, but she made do with just me. Being extra bound, I resisted extra hard.

"You won't get away with this! Let me go right now!" I shouted in Samantha's face, before she gagged me.


"Shhshshh..." Samantha hushed me. "When your friend comes, I'll be ready for him."

Samantha gave me a sinister smile before standing from the bed and leaving the room, leaving me bound and gagged on the bed. This situation was all too familiar to me; tied up and forced to wait for Timmy to come and rescue me. I struggled and mmphed as much as I could, but I just couldn't find the energy.

Surprisingly, Samantha left my gun on the bed, completely unattended. If I could only get free, I would be able to extract my revenge. Only problem was I couldn't get free.

I kicked and squirmed left and right, screaming through the bandanna in my mouth. I tried to shout loud enough for Timmy to hear me, but feared what Samantha would do if I became "too annoying."


I laid helplessly struggling for quite a while. At least ten minutes had to have passed since my capture. I remember begging for Timmy to come through the door at any moment, knowing he would be my only chance of escape.

"Mmmmph..." I hopelessly moaned.

After waiting for what seemed like a long time, the door finally opened. I looked eagerly to see Timmy come through, looking all throughout the room for a sign of our attacker. He saw me once he stepped in, and quickly rushed over to help me.

"She got you again?!" Timmy said in disbelief.


"This is the last time. I'm not rescuing you anymore after this."

I remember Timmy sounding very serious when telling me this word of warning. He climbed on the bed and quickly began undoing my bindings. After a swift minute, I was free again.

"Now, let's get her!" Timmy commanded, leading the charge out of the room.

Still comprehending my rescue, I slowly lifted myself from the bed and took my gun. I followed Timmy out, keeping close behind him, knowing we would soon face our enemy once more.

"Thanks for saving me." I finally said.

"Don't mention it. Now, the real battle begins."

To be continued...

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Post by Canuck100 »

That’s an interesting way to start a game, all tied up right at the beginning. Great story!

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Post by I_Will_Tie_You_up »

Eager to know If this is the time you get back at her. Please continue.

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Post by Mike »

i like how samantha seems to be smarter than you. Really a funny story!

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Post by Xtc »

Good start. Thanks for posting.
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Post by MaxRoper »

An excellent tale of early adventures. Thanks for posting.

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Post by rash357 »

Great tale! Looking forward to the continuation!

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Post by Solarbeast »

These adventures you have had are things I wish I was able to have in life as well. These are very well written and I can't wait to read more about them.

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Post by cj2125 »

Nice story! Wondering what'll happen next!
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Post by Ebascoray »

Nice, well-told story. Continue. Best Regards.


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Post by Le222olf »

OP here! Here is the ridiculously overdue continuation.


Timmy and I were not about to let ourselves be captured again. We planned on taking Samantha down once and for all. We moved cautiously into the hallway, ready to defend ourselves from all sides.

"Did you see her at all?" I asked. I was tied up and imprisoned for a good part of the game, so I did not know if my friends had any run-ins with each other.

"No, I didn't see her at all. Maybe she's in the backyard." Timmy suggested. We decided to roll with this, as there would be plenty of room to run and escape if we needed to back there.

When we ran downstairs, we approached the backdoor and peered out the clear screen. We did not see anyone, but the yard was much bigger than what we could see from inside.

"Should we split up?" I comically suggested.

"Oh no," Timmy replied. "I'm not letting you out of my sight again."

Unable to argue with that, I followed Timmy outside into the backyard. Unfortunately, the door made an extremely loud noise when opened, something we would later regret. Once we were outside, we began scouting the area. We looked around every corner, checked behind the backyard shed and bushes, and made sure everything was clear. We then looped around to the front and searched there to make sure nobody was on any side of the house. After we were convinced nobody was out there but us, we decided to go back inside.

While I moved toward the backdoor, Timmy hung around in the front yard just to make sure we were alone. Rather than waiting for him to return, I hurried inside to wait for him.

As soon as I entered, Samantha appeared from behind the wall and grabbed me by the arms.

"AH! Hey, let me g--MMPH!" I shouted as Samantha used her other hand to cover my mouth.

"Gotcha again, *my name*. Where's your little partner now?" she teased, dragging me backwards into the house.

"HHHLMPH! HHHHLMPH!" I shouted for help through Samantha's hand, hoping Timmy would hear me.

Fortunately, Timmy came running back inside while Samantha kept me hostage. As soon as he saw the girl holding me, he lifted his toy gun and pointed it at her.

"Let him go, Samantha!" Timmy demanded.

Playing along with the character theme, Samantha cheerfully said; "If you shoot, you might hit him. Do you want to risk it?"

I struggled the best I could, (though I admit I held back a little since I was so into character, but let's ignore that fact) but no matter how hard I tried, I could not break free.

"Mmmph mmmph mmmmmmmrph!" I cried, almost pleading with Timmy not to shoot.

Realizing that Samantha made a good point, Timmy lowered his gun.

"Good. Now put it down and follow me."

Timmy did as instructed, placing his gun on the floor beside him. Samantha forced me to walk with her, keeping a strong grip on me, before bringing me to the living room. There, she had all her binding equipment set up for us. She had this all planned out from the beginning.

"MMMPH!" I shouted.

"SHHHH!" my captor shushed me. Once she had us in the living room, she commanded Timmy to get on the couch, then she forced me on the couch behind him, forcing our backs together.

"You can't do this to us!" Timmy growled, angrily.

"Oh yes I can." Samantha said, before wrapping our waists together with a rope. We already started struggling, but she continued adding more and more layers, tying us back to back. She also brought out two pairs of toy handcuffs that we kept upstairs, and used them to cuff Timmy and I's wrists to each other's, one pair for each arm. After that, she used another rope to bind my legs together. I kicked and struggled, but it was no use.

Finally, she gagged us both. We proceeded to scream and struggle, feeling like actual prisoners. This girl had truly gotten the best of us; three times nonetheless.

"LHT HS GH! MMMMMPH!" Timmy and I's muffled screams overlapped as we struggled, rocking each other back and forth in the process. No matter how hard we tried, we were captured.

"Do you two admit defeat?" Samantha asked, cheekily.

"MHM! YHS!" we nodded vigorously, knowing we could not escape her on our own.

"Good..." Samantha said, giving an evil laugh. We did not stop struggling, but we hoped she would soon untie us.

In a shocking turn of events, Samantha went to turn the TV on, then sat beside us on the couch.

"Alright, it's time for some TV. Hope you boys are comfortable." she cackled to herself.

"MMMMMMMMPH MMMMMMMPH!" we screamed, knowing we were going to be there for a long time. As always, we were Samantha's prisoners.


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Post by Rrkac »

Great story! Thanks for sharing. How long did she leave you two tied up like that?

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Post by Le222olf »

Rrkac wrote:
3 months ago
Great story! Thanks for sharing. How long did she leave you two tied up like that?
It felt like almost an hour, but I can't say for certain. She watched at least two episodes of some cartoon before she let us go, though.

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