New Adventures of Simon (m/m) New! March 22nd

Stories that have little truth to them should go here.
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@Straitjacketed I hope you'll enjoy it. You'll see this weekend...

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Another exciting chapter. Yeah.

Wait. This adventure is almost over? Oh no. I hope new moments of Simon soon. The characters are very good and I always love reading Simon's thoughts and feelings.

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I'm getting the feeling Simon doesn't even want to escape at this point!

Great chapter, and equally intriguing on the Danny story.

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@kankuro10: All good things come to an end, but there are other Simon adventures in the works.
@Blackbound: To Simon, this is an improvement over being kept in a gibbet cage in a cellar.
So here is the conclusion of this great adventure.

Simon and the Boy-Scouts

Chapter 10 – Arrangements for the night

The quartet of males oversaw Simon’s transfer into the tent. The spirited pack of binding boys surrounded poor Simon and had him shackled before he was put in his body harness and then slid inside his sleeping bag.

Wilhelm pointed out how the harness kept him still, closely linking his legs and trapping his arms to the sides of his body. Leather rings imprisoned his fingers too, which impressed the boy-scouts.

“You don’t want him to use his skills at all, Mr. William,” John commented.

“It’s key that he can’t use his fingers, and that his limbs are imprisoned at every joint. I don’t think he should give you too much trouble talking in his sleep either,” he grinned.

The swim cap was still on, with his abductor’s sock stuffed in his mouth.

Wilhelm wished the fully immobilized Simon good night. He greeted the boy-scouts and reminded them to be cautious as he got out of the tent. He went to check on Albert, with blanket and ropes in hand. Before he wrapped his body for warmth, he ogled the trussed up shape in the glow of the fire.

“I’ll remove the belt so you are a bit more comfortable,” he explained before he freed Albert’s head from the pressure of the leather. The boy moaned gratefully.

Wilhelm asked him if he needed to pee, which he did. He fetched a container to allow the poor lad to relieve his bladder. That’s when James popped out from the tent. He wore pyjamas and his unlaced shoes.

“You need to pee too?” Wilhelm asked.

“No, Mr. William, I just need to ask you if we may use the underwear Reginald wore when we first found him, to use as fresh stuffing for a more comfortable gag for the night.”

The little fiends! Wilhelm smiled at the boy.

“Of course, please do. I’ve folded all of his costume in the bag that is on the table. Thanks for being kind to Reginald. Make sure he doesn’t use the occasion to yell.”

“He won’t,” James said, trotting to the table.

Wilhelm dried his prey’s penis and threw the content of the pail in a bush a safe distance away.

James was talking to Albert when he came back. The boy had grabbed not only the penile sheath that made the costume’s underwear; he’d also taken the shorts.

“That may be a bit big for Reginald’s mouth…”

“Oh, no,” James dismissed, “it’s just that Joseph wanted to try them on. If he may?”

Wilhelm approved warmly, and the lad scampered away back to the tent. The blond tie-up expert stood closer to the pole-tied patrol leader.

“Your friends are quite considerate with you, Albert. They make your little hobby possible and get you to meet men like me …”

Wilhelm’s hands accompanied his words; they touched the boy’s shoulders and started exploring. They felt his chest, his belly, and ran over the offered torso.

“I’m serious when I tell you I’d like to have you just for me. We’re good here already, aren’t we?”

He moved down. His fingers brushed the relentless package that started growing again. The hand slid slowly and grabbed the member, intent on milking it.

“I’d love keeping you just for myself, held in a lonesome, remote cabin … Bound and gagged, so I can fondle and knead you all day long.”

Wilhelm’s dirty talk made short work of any resistance the boy could have shown; he cooed behind his gag just a split of a second before he let out the first of seven gushing spurts.

Wilhelm laughed and actually praised his prisoner.

“Fine job, my young chap. I hope this gets you relaxed and ready to sleep. I’ll make sure you keep warm.”

He’d wrapped Simon in a blanket while bound to a tree or a pole, so it took him little time to do the same to Albert. He used several coils of rope to reinforce the strength of the tie-up while wrapping the boy up for warmth. The wet patch around his crotch would dry eventually–and probably stain the wool.

“Good night, Albert, have sweet dreams.”

There was a gagged sigh in response. Wilhelm spread his sleeping bag on a patch of thick grass, took his clothes off, and folded them as a pillow. He slid into the bag and soon fell asleep.

Inside the tent, the boys were pretty awake still. The boy-scouts had spoken in hushed voices, explaining to Simon it was key to be quiet at night. When they camped, it kept troop leaders at bay if they wanted to chat.

“Not that you’re likely to get caught for chatting, hey?” John laughed quietly.

Simon was transformed into a pup, closely held by both the harness and the sleeping bag, which was a tight fit and designed to prevent any motion. It also prevented the boy-scouts from having tons of fun masturbating their prisoner. His head was visible, though. Joseph wondered whether he should be gagged less stringently for the night.

His friends agreed. They discussed a potential new gag, realizing they’d run out of socks. James came up with the idea of using Simon’s cock sheath–that he called ‘underwear of the cub-scout costume.’

With consensus reached, the lad put his shoes on and got out on an expedition to find the famed underwear. He came back less than five minutes later, with more than he’d gone out for.

“I took the shorts too! I bet you want to try them on, Joseph!”

The boy didn’t feel insulted by the offer; he just changed the subject.

“They’ve dried up. We should cream these undies. Reggie can’t be milked tonight, so maybe we could sacrifice ourselves?”

The young do-gooders couldn’t pass such an occasion; they would flavour the silk piece before they put it in the still taped-up mouth.

One by one, the boys sat over Simon’s chest. Under the dim light of an oil lamp hung above their heads, they saw Simon’s unfazed face while they fondled their erect boners they’d stuck in the silk tube.

James had a longer cock than Simon had expected; he actually removed his pyjama bottoms, put the thing on, not disgusted by John having taken the first turn, and wrapped his right hand in the shorts so they would be like a glove. The fondling brought the expected result in a few minutes, which gave Simon a nice sight, nice smells, and nice sounds from the very young man.

Joseph endorsed his little friend’s technique; Simon couldn’t believe they would go at it in the same pair of underwear. Semen dripped over his chest every time they traded places, but they always had more to come.

They set the soiled clothes on Simon’s face so he would get a whiff. They all made themselves decent again, leaving no clue that the preceding half-hour could have degenerated into an orgy. They had something to do: they removed the clothes and set them on Simon’s chest. They got busy removing the tape, the rubber swim cap, and Wilhelm’s sock. Then Simon got handgagged by Joseph. John seized the sheath, dripping with cum. His friend let his palm glide to Simon’s chin, pushing it down to force his mouth open.

Simon didn’t know how close Wilhelm was; he couldn’t make a fuss. He also secretly enjoyed what was happening. He parted his lips and opened wide. The three boys took turns prodding and pushing so the fabric would fill evenly every nook and cranny.

The taste was strong: the tight sleeping bag and the body harness kept his penis in check, though. Simon didn’t feel exactly frustrated, considering the intense milking he got over the course of the day. Wilhelm had gratified him with his hand or his mouth, but it was always a rare reward. Simon liked the randy little boy-scouts who had grown much less shy in a short time.

John had the surgical tape at hand and plastered a few wide strips to trap his lips and jaws.

“I won’t make a turn around your head, but no funny stuff!”

James thought the shorts could be put to good use. He pulled one leg over Simon’s head so the crotch would be on his nose. It had been used as a cum rag, and of course he’d creamed them extensively. His nose would learn of male emissions as much as his taste buds.

With their prisoner ready for the night, the three young teenagers slid inside their sleeping bags. The nightly wanking having been already taken care of, it didn’t take long before the whole tent was asleep, Simon included.

To the red-haired entertainer, this was a wonderful night. The presence of three young bodies and the relative comfort of his sleeping arrangement got him to make sweet dreams.

The whole camp was now asleep, even Albert who was harnessed well enough that he could fall into slumber, held by the numerous ropes encircling his blanketed shape.

The sun rose early in July; the patrol leader felt the first rays hitting him. Facing east, he was the first to get awake. He could watch the insects start their day, and more and more birds chirped and tweeted. After what felt like an eternity, he heard somebody coming out from the tent and walking up to him.

“Hey John,” Wilhelm said in a sleepy voice. The boy was dressed up, and he was looking at the ropes woven around his patrol leader to wrap him in the blanket. The knots were well made and placed at regular intervals.

“Nice rope work,” he praised Wilhelm, who’d come out of his sleeping bag and was putting his clothes on.

“Yes, too bad we have to undo it. I think Albert might need some exercise.”

John volunteered; he undid the ropes and the blanket.

“Will you give me a hand to untie him from the pole, Mr. William?”

They started removing the ropes. Joseph joined them as they removed the chest harness that last held him to the post. They bound Albert lightly, using a non-slipknot as a leash, and took him for a walk around the meadows and into the woods.

Wilhelm went to check on the boys still inside the tent, James and Simon. The younger boy was talking to ’Reginald,’ telling him how lucky he was to have a brother like Wilhelm. Simon grunted affirmatively to Wilhelm’s satisfaction.

“Do you need a hand to get Reggie up, James?”

The boy accepted happily. The two of them tackled the procedure with slow and measured gestures. Simon was helpless throughout; he didn’t really feel like fighting. He wouldn’t mind staying with these boys.

Simon felt a bit cold wearing only his blue briefs, once out of the tent and shackled to Wilhelm’s satisfaction. Joseph and John were back when they came out, their bound leader in tow.

The group got through the morning routines: exercise, which was mainly for the captives, who had to do push-ups or work out their stomach muscles, while being held by two or three other boys.

There was breakfast, and then some hygiene activities. Wilhelm had brought four pairs of spare undies, two of which made the prisoners look cleaner right away.

They gathered around the campfire.

“I think you’ve managed to keep Reggie prisoner for twenty-four hours,” Wilhelm said looking at his pocket watch. “I’ll get him off your hair, then. You have your own duties with your patrol leader.”

The boy-scouts didn’t seem very happy to see them leave.

“You can stay around, Mr. William,” John said. “Unless you have other things to do, of course. But it’s been great having you and Reggie around.”

“We don’t have to leave straight away. Maybe we can give you a hand to tidy the camp or run errands.”

James thought of something that would get them to stay; he was growing fond of ‘Reginald.’

“We need to go get the food from the locker; it’s in the cabin.”

Wilhelm pictured the cabin. It was a few minutes of walk there, but through the woods. The troop set for the walk, the captives being already restricted to make such an endeavour possible.

They ventured under the cover of the woods, walking in a line. Simon was first, held by James. Albert followed, with John holding him from behind. Joseph and Wilhelm followed.

The cabin was a rather large brick building. It had an attic that could be accessed from the outside. The door was thick, and Wilhelm hadn’t managed to pick the lock. He’d visited most constructions in the neighbourhood.

James had a key in his pocket. He unlocked the door, and they entered. The building was forty or fifty years old. The floor was tiled and it looked clean and well maintained.

“That’s a fine house,” Wilhelm commented as he looked around. They’d entered a large room with a chimney, but there was a kitchen in the back and two doors to the right.

One of them opened on a bedroom, the other had a tool bench and looked like a carpentry workshop.

“My grandfather doesn’t come here anymore, so we do the cleaning. We scouts can use it to store stuff when we come camping,” James said.

“You could store some stuff to win your challenge,” Wilhelm replied, looking intently at Albert.

James looked at his friends, smiling.

“We thought about the cabin! Yes, it’s far away from the road or even the footpaths, no one will come snooping around.”

“We didn’t say we wouldn’t have Albert spend some time in here,” John smirked.

“He’ll be safe from the wolves!” Joseph laughed.

The chat went on. The four captors discussed how to handle the two captives. They toured the place and imagined where and how they could restrain them.

“There’s a hook in the ceiling over the bench, we may hang them by their wrists!”

“Look! The bed has a metal frame. We may cuff Reggie here.”

Wilhelm came behind Simon and whispered.

“Do you think we should stay longer?”

The escape artist nodded eagerly.

“I’ll say, chaps, I actually think Reginald would benefit from spending some time with you. You’ve handled him well, considering he’s special, and you haven’t made fun of him for his little quirks. I’m glad to see your experience with your patrol leader got you to be so responsible. I think we might stay a day or two. I like my little brother to be around responsible young men.”

The boy-scouts rejoiced; even Albert seemed to smile under the white scarf going across his face. And so did Simon.

End of the episode.

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This was such a awesome read !! :)

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@that1kid13: Glad you enjoyed it, it was fun writig it.

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I'm a little sad, now that the adventure ended. But I loved it. It was very interesting from the beginning. The characters well-written (I want more moments of Simon and Wilhelm together), and very exciting.

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Hello Bondwriter, your stories are remarkable and go down in history. Everyone and I hope that you will continue writing.
your fan mig137.

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@kankuro10 @mig137 Sorry it ends, Kankuro, but as I said, there are other ideas, some mainly featuring Simon and Wilhelm.
Thanks a ton for the praise, Mig, it is always welcome.
I'm also glad to inform you that you will be able to crowdfund Simon, for those who want more. The Simon and the Boy Scouts story benefitted from Nicholas H.' support and editing, which contributed to getting it done and greatly improving the text's quality. I will solicit those who can to help cover the costs.

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