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Bill Z : Midnight Dip (M/F)

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Bill Z : Midnight Dip (M/F)

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01 - Midnight Dip
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By Bill Z

Thursday May 13th 1999 08:05:48

Carol and I were graduate students at a large state university out in the sticks. She was studying psychology while I was into engineering. Although we were pretty serious about our studies we managed to find time for our relationship, too. Not as much time as I would have liked, considering how crazy I was about Carol, but she was a very independent person. You might say I was her slave. Not in a crazy sort of way. But the fact was that she owned me. I’d do anything for her, anything she asked - and she knew it.

Carol loved for me to tie her up. We’d get into these deep telephone conversations where she’d tell me all about her day and what she’d learned and what new idea she was thinking about. And she’d let me know when we would be able to get together next.

“Are you bringing the green bag?” she’d sometimes ask.

The “green bag” was an old gym bag that I used to carry whatever creative restraining items I could think of. I put lengths of cotton rope, tape, plastic ties, torn lengths of bed sheets and the like in this bag. Whatever interesting thing I might find to add to the variety - to make her happy.

Whenever I came to her place with the green bag her eyes would light up, she’d give me a knowing smile - and she’d dive back into her books and make me sit on the couch and watch TV for an hour or more while I sat and fidgeted. When she was finally ready, she’d sit next to me, kiss me on the cheek and we’d just sit and watch the TV set. At these times it was like she was in another world. I used to try to talk to her but she’d softly say “Shhhhh” while she moved closer and pulled my arm around her. I never knew what was going through her mind as we just sat there and watched whatever was on. She seemed strangely content. And when she was happy I felt happy and content, too. She was the master.

Then, when something or other moved her she would lean forward, pull her legs up on the couch and position her belly over my legs. Once settled, she’d pull her arms back behind her back and cross them at the wrists. (Actually there were several different “signals”.) And the night had begun. I always wondered about Carol. She was like nobody I had ever known. My name was Mr. Confusion. Many years later a trusted female friend told me she thought that Carol probably needed to feel held close and that the restraints probably intensified that feeling. And she also needed to feel in control. That’s why she always had to be in charge of the relationship. A typical psychology student if there ever was one, I suppose.

All I know is that the day she graduated was one of the saddest of my life. We drifted apart after that. Actually we split apart as she went her way into the world. Sometimes I think she must have really loved me although she could never really express it. Other times I just didn’t know…

Carol and I had many adventures. We loved to go camping and hiking and boating. We were real outdoor types. As an engineer, I would tell her how things worked. She would try to explain to me how people worked.

Of our adventures I guess one that really sticks out in my mind was the time when Carol was house sitting for her advisor. Her advisor taught several of the intro psyche courses and Carol was responsible for grading of all the tests and papers. Her advisor had a beautiful home out in the country about 5 miles from campus. It sat on about 20 wooded acres on a hill overlooking the valley below where the school was. Unfortunately, her advisor’s ex-wife lived several hundred miles away and he was spending the weekend at the coast with his kids at the beach.

The house had a beautiful heated pool in the back. Although it wasn’t a particularly cold night, the steam coming off the water heading up to the clear night sky made for a surreal scene. Carol and I loved the freedom of swimming naked in the warm water. Since his property was fairly remote there all alone in the woods there wasn’t really any need for swimsuits.

I stepped out while Carol continued to swim laps. I grabbed my towel, wrapped it around myself and headed inside - to get the green bag. Yes, I hadn’t forgotten my bag! I walked back outside to Carol’s and my lounge chairs and put the bag between them. Then I sat and watched her gracefully swim back and forth, back and forth. Carol was a great swimmer. Eventually she must have gotten tired because she stepped out of the pool, grabbed the towel off her chair and dried herself off. As she did she noticed the bag between the seats.

“What’s that doing here?” she said with a big grin.

Then she wrapped the towel around herself and sat down on the edge of the chair with her arms stretched out towards me and her wrists crossed looking at me with mock defiance. I smiled, brushed her hair back, grabbed the bag and moved behind her. I pulled her arms behind her back and had her hold the elbow of the opposite arm with her hands crossing her arms at the small of her back. Then I looped a single piece of rope around the center to keep them in place. I wrapped a length of rope looping it twice around her arms and body just above her breasts. The towel got in the way so I lowered it to her waist. I then took another length of rope and looped it below her breasts, tightening it tightly behind her. With another length of rope I fashioned a necklace that I tied to the rope above her breasts and then a length between her breasts to the rope below them. I then tied a rope between her arms and her back to the bottom rope, securing her arms firmly. Finally I tied her arms behind her back to the harness with a length of rope making her upper body immobile. Carol would lean into me or rub up against me as I worked, flashing me a shy smile.

I then took a piece of cloth and rolled it into a ball. Carol opened her mouth wide to accept it. I then fastened a piece of tape over her mouth and to keep the gag in place. With a torn piece of bed sheet I blindfolded her. I then gently guided her to a standing position. As I did the towel fell away. I walked her over to the grass, laid the towel on the ground and had her lay on her belly on it. She moved her waist from side to side slowly moving her free legs back and forth in the air. At this point I tied a length of rope around each of her ankles leaving the ends free. I then helped her to a kneeling position where I tied the ends of each rope over each thigh looping the rope up and back until there were no ends hanging out.

She silently moaned and swayed as I sat next to her. I felt a pang of guilt when I noticed the Goosebumps over her skin. I had forgotten that Carol was more sensitive to the cold that I was. Glancing around the pool I saw something that gave me an inspiration – a big orange life preserver the advisor had around for his kids hanging from the wall.

I told Carol I’d be back in just a second. She nodded.

I grabbed the life preserver and came back, Carol still tightly bound on her knees, swaying, shivering a little, with Goosebumps. The live preserver was the type that with the floats up front and around behind the neck. I carefully put it over Carol’s head making sure not to tangle her hair in it. Then I tightly fastened it together at the front and with the belt around her waist. Carol made a few question-sounding nasal noises and giggles as I firmly tightened the orange life preserver around her. Then I lifted her up and carried her over to the shallow end of the pool where there were steps descending into the water. I laid her in the water and watched as her center of gravity settled and she began to float.

She began to move around a bit, the best she could helpless and weightlessly floating in the water. She moved her legs back and forth a bit like scissors, slowly moving a little toward the deeper end. Finally she settled back and quietly bounced up and down with the waves in the water, pushing her arms against the ropes in an attempt to turn. I pulled her over and kissed her on the forehead and she relaxed. She relaxed in a leaning back position, her legs spread comfortably at about 90 degrees, moving her waist back and forth, letting the pool’s heated water warm her.

I began to swim around her, softly splashing her from behind. “Hnnnnnn” she would quietly whine. I put on some swimming goggles and started to dive around and below her. It was quite a view from underneath as Carol swayed back and forth, rhythmically moving her tied legs back and forth.

Just for fun I let out a lung full of air beneath her. You could see her surprise as the bubbles hit her weightless body, running up and past her toward the water’s surface. Instinctively she closed her legs and tensed up - and after realizing what had happened she slowly opened them again and relaxed. She knew I would always be there. I sensed that she trusted me completely. And that she was loving every minute – although she would never tell me that.

As you can imagine I had a very memorable evening. I won’t go into too many more details because I’m probably on the edge of this forum’s guidelines as it is. Thanks to everyone for sharing and letting me share. If you’d like me to share more of our adventures please let me know. I’d love to hear your comments - especially if you have insight into Carol.

Bill Z

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