JJ : 02 - Caught in the Act (M/self, F/M)

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JJ : 02 - Caught in the Act (M/self, F/M)

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02 - Caught in the Act
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Wednesday June 9th 1999 07:55:58

Caught in the Act

Like many, I have been reading different experiences from this site for sometime but have not taken the time to post some of my own real experiences. I do owe everyone that for all the fun I have had reading others. Let me apologize up front. In writing fast I may not take too much time to review for proper English.

To start with, I am male that has been out of college for a few years now. I started playing with bondage at an early age, stories of which I will start to post in the Childhood Tie Games Site soon. This experience I want to share took place the summer after my junior year and I remember it well! I had broken up with my girlfriend part way through school and did not want to date any one person. So I had my fun. The problem with that is I could not or did not tell any of my dates about my love for bondage for fear of completely scaring them. Therefore I was left only to tie and chain myself as I often did in my self-bondage playing. Yes I said chain. I was and am into heavier, more hardcore bondage and liked it to not only be restrictive, but completely inescapable. Heavy chain, leather cuffs, and locks were one way to accomplish this. Plus the locks aided in a means of a time release for my self-bondage by freezing the keys in a block of ice, etc. I did not always use chain and love a good rope tie as well, but this was not as easy in self-bondage. You should also know that I am very handy and had made several pieces of bondage gear back on the farm during highschool. Allow me to explain my complete set of leather and steel cuffs.

I used 3-1/2 inch wide, 3/8 thick leather straps cut to the exact size for my wrist, ankles and neck and a 5 inch band for my waist. Of course the waist belt was a couple of inches too small, making it very restrictive around me as I locked it on. I then cut and bent into circles thinner bands of steel and adhered them to each leather cuff along with welded post and holes for padlocks. The metal was thin enough and flexible enough to allow me to pry open the various cuffs to slip them over my wrist, ankles, neck and waist but made them very strong with no way to move them once locked on. I used these cuffs in various ways during my self-bondage with one of my favorites being a complete chain set. Sort like a prisoner is made to wear to and from the courtroom, only 20 times more restrictive. Well this is what I did one night that summer about a week and a half before summer school started.

I should explain, I rented a house with one guy who was not there during the summer, so I had the place to myself. It was about 6:00 pm on a Thursday and I had arranged my release method as was ready to put the chain set on. My release consisted of placing the two different keys (and spares) to the padlocks I would use (I have several padlocks keyed the same) in my fireproof safe in the basement. This was one of those real heavy two drawer safes that there was NO moving or getting into. I had already frozen the safe keys in a glass full of ice and had hung the ice block next to the ceiling in the basement, way out of reach. I figured it would take about 4 hours to melt and keys to drop to the floor.

Back upstairs, I had several pieces of bondage gear laid out on my bed and in the box next to it. I put on all the cuffs with no locks. I will say that was all I was wearing at the time. I then locked a very short piece of chain (three, one inch links) between my ankles. This made walking with tiny steps possible, but very difficult and very slow. I then locked a chain from the middle link of my ankles up to my waist belt, only I made sure I bent my knees a few inches before locking it to the belt so I would not be able to fully straighten my legs. I then ran the same chain up to my collar, again bending at the waist several inches before locking it home. Finally, with on padlock I locked my right wrist cuff to a solid ring at the right side of my waist belt. I then worked hard to one handedly lock my left wrist to the wide belt like my right. The corner of the door frame helped to push against.

There I was naked, chains forcing my knees bent, waist bent, and hands locked to the sides of my belt. I could move around slowly and knew at some point I would have to negotiate the stairs to get to the keys. The problem was knowing when they would fall so I did not go down too early. Getting back up still chained was not easy. With the cuffs tight on wrist and locked to my sides, I had no room to move them at all and could barely reach to a light switch, for example, little own do anything else. I was suck.

I had barely closed the last lock and was contemplating my situation when I jumped at the knock on the door. I knew if I remained still in the bedroom, they would soon leave.

Boy was I wrong.

I still remember my heart dropping when I heard the key hit the lock, the front door open and the familiar voice of my good friend Shelly (not her real name).

"Jim (not my real name) are you here? I just stopped by to get a book I left here last week."

I forgot that I had given Shelly a key to my house when I went back to my hometown the week previous. She and her roommate Jill needed a place to stay for a week while their apartment was being cleaned and painted. Understand, Shelly is like a best friend to me. We did almost everything together and although we shared almost everything, she had no idea I liked or was into bondage… That was something I never told her. And even though she was a very attractive girl, we never did anything on the sexual side.

I stood as still as I could not to make the chains rattle, although I am sure she could hear my heart pounding. It didn't matter, my worst fear came true as the book she wanted was in my room and she quickly rounded the corner and walked in.

The look on her face I will never forget as she first saw me there hunched over with all that chain. She froze solid and just stared, not saying a word. I, of course, was also frozen and couldn't talk. It seemed like an eternity before her face expression began to change. It went from shock to a big smile and into laughter.

"You did this to yourself, didn't you?" was her first words.

She began to walk around me looking at everything and all I could say was a soft yes.

"I had no idea you were into such heavy stuff. Where are the keys?" she asked.

I was so embarrassed I could have died. If I recall she had to ask me twice before I could muster up enough nerve to talk and tell her about the ice, safe, etc. She told me not to move and left the room. It was after I heard her go down stairs and later in the kitchen, I assumed melting the ice under hot water, that it began to sink in what had just happened.

It was awhile before she reentered the room dangling the keys and still laughing. She said she had never been around bondage before, at least not something as severe as this. She could tell I was still in shock and tried to assure me everything was all right. That she was not offended, in fact intrigued by it all. Not to mention thought I looked pretty good standing there naked, in chains and with my head forced to be lowered. She began to ask me all sorts of questions about how long I had been into bondage, about what I have done, what things I liked, etc… I found myself telling her everything, like how I was more Dom my nature but fantasized about being kept tied and chained and forced to be submissive through bondage…. I recall one set of questions from her about the chain set I was in. She asked how long it would have taken before the ice melted. After telling her she asked what was the longest time period before I had been in the chains at one time. I told her probably eight hours when I tried to sleep in them once or twice. Finally she asked how long I fantasized about being kept in the chains at any one time.

I remember explaining that fantasy and reality were two different things. I fantasized about being kept in chains them for several weeks at a time, but that the relativity of it was, one would probably go crazy with frustration after only a short period. She then began to look over and ask questions about all of the other bondage items I had on the bed. Different gags, hoods, blindfolds, etc She became intrigued with a set of bondage milts I had. Let me explain them. I did not make all of the toys I had accumulated over the years. These were a typical set of purchased leather milts with no finger holes that locked around your wrist, allowing some movement of the fingers but restricted the use of your hands. I, of course had to modify them to make them more restrictive. Silly me! What I did was cut and bend a piece of steel plate and placed it on the inside of the milt so the backsides of your fingers rested against it. The plates were bent into a C shape so once the gloves were on, they forced your fingers to be bent into a loose fist. I then welded rods from the plates, though the leather, to 3/4 inch steel rods that your figures were forced to cup through the leather. There for you could not straighten your figures at all or close them together, making your hands completely useless. Shelly kept coming back to the milts, even trying one on and commenting on how unless her hand became. She asked if since she had the keys, she could unlock one of my wrist and put on the milt. I agreed telling her I would have put them myself, but then there would be no way for my to lock the locks, or of course unlock even if I had the keys. They didn't work for self-bondage.

Shelly unlocked my left wrist, no removing the cuff, just sliding on the milt and locking it was a smaller padlock. She then relocked my cuff to the belt. She commented on how much better it looked to have my hand completely useless and told me not to move, she would be right back. Before I could register what was happing she entered the bedroom carrying a piece of paper and sprung the question on.

"Jim, since you are looking for someone to keep you chained and I am standing here holding the keys to your freedom, why don't I give it a shot. Nothing sexual, but since I melted your ice and ruined your timed release, why don't I hold the keys for awhile. You have nothing going on do you? May as well stayed chained, right?" she asked.

I was dumb founded. She was right, I had nothing going on till summer school started, a week and half away and I so badly wanted to experience such a thing, but now, with her? I could barely speak. I told her I did know what to say and asked how long she was talking about. She laughed and said "not knowing how long you will be kept chained as my slave (she was trying to add to the moment with big words) is all part of it. I am sure it will be longer then your overnight stay, but I am new to this all and will go easy on you. I will give you five minutes to think about it. If you want to be kept as my chained slave, sign and date this paper. Remember there is no turning back whats so ever. If I return and the paper is signed, you are mine and nothing you say will change that! If it is in not signed, I will hand you the keys and watch you unlock yourself." She unlocked my right hand, laid a hand written sheet of paper on the end table and left. I will never forget what it said.

"I, Jim ___ give you, Shelly ____, the complete right to keep me chained as your slave indifferently, until you, Shelly ___ say otherwise"

I can not honestly say I recall the exact thoughts that went though my mind, but I do remember signing the paper with a shaky hand. I also remember the gleam in her eyes when she walked in and saw my signature. I did not even feel her sliding right hand into the steel lined milt, but distinctly heard to click of two locks. I was stuck.

She spent the next few hours laughing about my situation. Being naked in front of her, in full chains and completely helpless and dependant on her. Not being able to drink, eat, or even go the bath with out her help. She said if I was lucky, I could use my noise to turn the channels on the TV. She helped me do what was needed to get ready for bed (how embarrassing) and said she was going out with some friends.

"If only you could join us" she laughed.

What a night. Shelly is a home nurse and she stopped by on her way to work on Friday morning. I begged for her to release me, but she just laughed. Again around noon when she checked in, I did the same. Again a laugh. It was about 5:00 pm when she came in with strange look on her face. She had me set down and told me the story. She explained that she really wanted to keep me chained for most of the day, but feared that she would turn soft and come and let me out. So when she was waiting for her roommate Jill to come out of the gas station last night, she placed the key ring with all the padlock keys under the passenger seat of Jill's car.

Jill worked at a clothing store at the mall and just finished telling Shelly that she had to work till 3:00 on Friday. Shelly knew that after work she could tell Jill she needed her keys to look for an earring she had lost. That's when she said, "I guess your wish may come true to be kept chained for a longer period." She sort of laughed with she handed me the piece of paper. It read something to the effect of: "Shel, I found out I don't have to work till Monday at 3:00. I took off early to go home for the weekend and won't be back till afternoon on Monday. I'm sure I won't see you before I go to work so don't forget we have plans to go out with Heather and girls Monday night. I will meet you straight from work at _____."

At first I thought she was kidden. Jill's home town was approx. 4 hours away, but the more as she talked and the more I say that was not her writing, my heart sank.

"You mean I can't be released until Monday night? I have to stay like this till then?" I asked.

She laughed and said, "no. You will have to stay like this till as least Tuesday morning. I am going out Monday and may not get the keys till after work on Tuesday." To make a long story short, I was kept chained and completely dependant on Shelly until Tuesday morning. Four and a half days total. I time I will never forget it. Without going into detail, (please let me know if you want me to) not only was being kept naked and chained bad enough, Shelly added different twist at times. To list a few, she would unplug the TV so I had nothing to do during the day. At times she would add a gag or blindfold for hours, tie me to a chair, chain me to the pole in the basement, etc…

Hope you liked what I shared.


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