Wire : Hanging Out (M/F)

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Wire : Hanging Out (M/F)

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01 - Hanging Out
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By Wire

Sunday July 4th 1999 03:28:04

When I was a sophomore in college I got to witness one of the most incredible bondage scenes I have ever heard about. It was literally bondage without bonds - no handcuffs, ropes, or anything else.

It started with me, my roommate Bob, and Sharon, his girlfriend. We were all in our dorm room watching a tennis match on TV. I'm not sure what it was that Sharon was doing to annoy Bob - I think she was trying to make out with him, and he was embarrassed to have this happen in front of me or really wanted to watch the tennis match. Anyway, Bob finally had enough.

He got off of his bed picked Sharon up in a big bear hug, and marched her towards the door. i thought he was going to throw her out of the room, but when he got to the door he began to try and hang Sharon on a clothes hook that was bolted there. After two or three trys he managed to loop the back of her belt over the hook. He then let her go, leaving Sharon hanging suspended on the door.

"What do you think you're doing," Sharon asked.

She then began to struggle to get free. Since her feet were suspended three or four inches from the floor she couldn't just lift herself off the hook. She reached around behind her back and tried pulling her belt over the hook, but she couldn't lift high enough to get free. Sharon then tried to push her hands palm down against the door and lift herself free. However the she could only lift herself up an inch or so before her hands would slip away. Sharon finally decided to take off her belt. She was able to pull the tongue of the belt free, but there was too much weight on the belt for her to unbuckle it.

Sharon was now both frustrated and angry at her inability to get free. She ordered Bob to let her go. To my surprise and delight Bob ignored her.

Sharon went through a second, more frantic, series of attempts to escape, which were no more successful than before. After about twenty minutes Sharon was exhausted, and hung limply from the door. I couldn't believe how turned on I was watching the poor girl struggle. Bob left Sharon hanging for over an hour, until the tennis match was over.

Finally he walked over and unhooked Sharon. She stiffly walked over to the bed, retrieved her shoes, and without a word exited from the room.

I was sure this was the end of Bob and Sharon's relationship, but to my surprise by the next day they had made up. This was to turn out to be the first of several bondage games that I witnesed, and in some cases participated in, while at college. When I have time I will share more of my experiences with you.


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