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lifeguard : Hitting it off with another lifeguard (F/M, M/F)

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lifeguard : Hitting it off with another lifeguard (F/M, M/F)

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01 - Hitting it off with another lifeguard
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By lifeguard

Wednesday May 5th 1999 10:54:30

It was between my high school graduation summer and 1st year of university. I spent alot of time at our local pool and began dating one of the lifeguards. She was preparing for her 2nd year of university and we hit it off.

After several dates, I decided to let her in on my secret fantasy and she how she would react. After dinner and a movie, we returned to her place and settled in to watch some tv. During our conversation (which included past experiences) I asked her if she had ever been tied up before. To my surprise, she answered "Yes, by her brothers when they had to babysit her years ago."

I asked her about boyfriends and she asked me if I was trying to take this somewhere. I told her how I would love to have her wearing her swimsuit and bound for me to enjoy. Again to my amazement, she said it sounded like a good idea and went to her bedroom. She called me up and when I went through the door, there she stood wearing her black one piece speedo swimsuit and high heels.

As I approached her, she told me to take off my shirt and turn around. I asked why and she answered that since she was in the swimsuit, she was going to be the one in control. I took my shirt off and she proceeded to tie my hands behind my back with a pair of pantyhose (man I love the feeling) She next bound my elbows together with a strapless bra that is proved to be quite an effective restraint. Next she removed my jeans and bound my ankles and knees with more panyhose and a couple of belts. She informed me that it was about time she got even for all the times her brothers had tied her up and she push me down on her bed.

At this point, I got worried. She asked me why I wanted her in her swimsuit and the only thing I could think of was she looked good in it. She then pulled another pair of panyhose over my head (Like a bank robber) and stuffed a pair of fresh panties in my mouth using the legs of the pantyhose to scure them in. Standing back she smiled and informed me that I was in for some new experiences and she left the room.

About 15 min later, she returned dressed in a bikini and carring a pair of scissors and her one piece. She then sat beside me and asked if I had anything that I wanted to see. I answered mmmmmmmmmmm and she proceeded to blindfold me by placing her one piece over my head like a mask and securing it with some duct tape. I then felt her cutting away and my shorts and it was a pleasurable evening.

We stayed together for several years before jobs forced us to separate. I enjoyed many more experiences with her and may write more if you like. PS... to our gals that like to bind. Its amazing how many things you can wear on a date can end up being a great binding and gagging tool.

Tuesday July 6th 1999 01:02:05

Great stories people. Sorry I havent been writing but I am not a computer whiz and when my computer went down, it took a while to solve the problem. Anyway, I am back and thought I would continue my lifeguard story.

As I stated earlier, Marsha (not her real name for obvious reasons) was a lifeguard at the pool in our town. We hit it off and on the first binding date, she turn the tables on me and I ended up being the bindee.

I got my turn a week or so later. It was Marsha turn for closing up the pool and I waited to walk her home. She was wearing her one piece speedo suit with a sweatshirt over top of it.

As the other guards left, Marsha made her final check of the pool and I waited in the staff office. As I was looking around, I notice some soft rope from the rescue balls that they have lying on the floor and my mind went into overdrive.

She walked through the door and I was waiting for her. I had made a slip knot so I could quickly wrap it around her body. As she walked in, I threw the rope over her shoulders and pulled it tight. She let out a gasp and then relax.

"As my prisoner, I am ordering you to remove your sweatshirt." I relaxed the rope and helped her remove the shirt. (Yes the outer doors to the building were locked.) I placed her hands behind her back and used the rope to bind them together and then tie them to the small of her back.

Laying her down on some flutter boards, I pulled the rope to her knees and began to wrap it tightly together. Marsha asked how I was going to get her home and I answered, "Who said anything about going home?" I finished by tieing her ankles together with the same piece of rope and rolling her onto her back.

"How long will I have to stay like this?" she asked.

"Considering you kept me most of the night, be prepared." I answered.

I found a bandana and used it to cleave gagged her and used a small towel to blindfold her. My goal was to take her home but since I did not have a car handy, this led to a minor problem. I decided to take advantage of the situation and spent a little (30 minutes) running my fingers over her body and count the goosebumps that would appear. I blew in her ear, kissed the neck to the swimsuit line and tickled the feet. Watching her squirm was more than I could take and soon began to find a way to get her home.

In the end, I had to untie her but she gave me the promise that this adventure would continue when we were safely at her home. What I should have done was make sure that I explained how things were going to continue but that will continue in another story. (Yea, I was suckered in again)

Write to you later and keep posting. this is a great site.


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