Recovered Briefings on Project Lockdown (M/MM)

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Recovered Briefings on Project Lockdown (M/MM)

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Outlined below are briefing notes of the now-dissolved country of Grubortza. While the country struggled with many issues in its final days, they were overwhelmed by our superior technology on multiple fronts before the invasion, one project is chronicled below. Additional annotations by Dr. Liam Ufford, father of the device all subjects of our colonies must wear. Let his words be a reminder to those who would cross the great Skish nation.

[May 8, 2018]: Project Lockdown secured funding from Home Office. Purpose is to equip devices capable of monitoring movement, listening to conversations, and alter behavior. Intelligence Division will begin drafting a list of potential foreign dignitaries. Design Division will begin converting initial blueprints into wearable prototypes.

[May 22, 2018]: Intelligence Division identified 501 potential targets, in the process of filtering those further by the following criteria: 1) net worth of gained intelligence after effort to equip device; 2) ease of equipping device; 3) fallout from public discovery for either country. Design Division working to circumvent the following obstacle: how to prevent removal by user.

"Obviously the solution is partly on an improved design and partly on an educated user. Even if there aren't actually any explosives in the device, the target doesn't have to know that."

[June 5, 2018]: Home Office approved two targets may be used for Project Lockdown, and redirects focus to those working within embassies, not specifically dignitaries. Further targets may be utilized after successful trial runs. Intelligence Division highlighted five high-return profiles, and Home Office will deliberate their options. Design Division working to circumvent the following obstacle: device is noticeable under business casual and business formal attire.

"Those idiots can't read. My notes clearly indicate that the tube is pointed downward, not upward."

[June 19, 2018]: approved targets are "Arnold Heitzman", an intern at the Skish Embassy and "Julio Santiago", passport clerk at the Poblari Embassy. Both individuals will be intercepted outside their embassy, equipped with Project Lockdown devices, and given directions not to 1) remove device for fear of explosion, 2) tell others of device either directly or indirectly, 3) change day-to-day behavior. Design Division has four completed prototypes.

[July 3, 2018]: Home Office cancels Project Lockdown due to unresolved concerns including: breach of international law in conscripting foreign operatives; complications in maintaining secrecy; microphones not picking up clear audio through business casual or business formal pants. Intelligence Division dissolves after redacting sensitive information. Design Division dissolves after destroying three prototypes; the fourth is not accounted for despite repeated internal investigations.

"Months of my life wasted because of the bureaucrats at Home Office. I'll teach them. I just need time and resources, and I know just where to go."

[January 14, 2020]: Intelligence memo forwarded to Home Office titled: "Derivative of missing prototype of Project Lockdown found online for sale on Skish website". Marketed as a chastity cage with remote locking features, including a social app where users can share their locked status, connect with others to trade control of locks, and play games to increase or decrease time locked. Home Office sent a notice to internal leaders to not equip this device under any circumstances due to security concerns.

"Yes, yes. If you post it online, people will buy it. They'll will make and share reviews about it. You'll mostly catch low-to-no-sensitivity individuals, but I assure you that eventually someone higher up is going to think with the wrong head and lock themselves. Then you'll have them by the balls, literally. Spy on them, blackmail them, do to them what they were planning to do to you."

[January 28, 2020]: Travel for Dr. Liam Ufford, a team lead on Project Lockdown, indicates he has not returned from Skish for two years. Not seen publicly since. Presumed defected. Presumed as the source of the missing prototype and now-trending derivative product. Home Office purchased several devices and determined there are spyware components including: microphone, GPS-tracking, Bluetooth connectivity. No known internal leaders using device. Suspected count of domestic civilians purchased the device around 500-1,000, concentrated in major cities. Home Office initiated a task force for response, designated as Prison Riot..

[February 11, 2020]: Hiring for the Prison Riot put on hold. Major resources devoted to responding to COVID-19. Prison Riot requested major homeland technology companies not allow derivative prototype to be discoverable on their websites, for security reasons. Online sales of derivative prototype continue. No known internal leaders using device.

"So shift focus: target the masses instead of the heads. I'm just a designer. You're the ones pushing the product."

[February 25, 2020]: Prison Riot forwarded report to Home Office titled: "Known features of spyware product". It details the use of the derivative prototype by two junior technicians on the task force. Users claimed the first week locked they had trouble sleeping but have since adjusted. The devices are comfortable and snug. Users who retain control over their own devices may set a timer of up to 359 days, during which the device will remain locked. The companion app shows time remaining locked. Users may play tile-matching games within the app to spin a victory wheel, with prizes to reduce or add locked minutes. Users who transfer control to others allow the new controller to 1) unlock the device, 2) set a new timer, 3) vibrate and/or warm the device, 4) transfer control back to the original owner, 5) pass control to a new owner. The junior technicians will continue to test the devices, transferring control to their supervisors and each other.

[March 10, 2020]: Surge in purchases and online reviews for product. Individuals and online retailers are promoting the device with discount codes. Being on country-wide lockdown has also been a driving factor in sales across domestic civilians. Suspected count of domestic civilians using the device around 3,000-4,000. Technology companies cite their own privacy rights to not interfere with their online traffic. Prison Riot drafted outreach letter to intelligence leads in other countries on known and unknown security risks of derivative prototype, but Home Office discouraged such outreach due to concerns of ultimate liability.

[March 24, 2020]: Junior technicians part of Prison Riot have reported trouble connecting to their devices. App support has been lagging. Prison Riot petitioned Home Office whether they could set up secure email and contact information for reaching out to the app support team. Benefits would include: 1) gaining intelligence on foreign spyware and 2) unlocking the junior technicians after two months locked. Risks would include: 1) exposing Prison Riot task force initiative.

[April 7, 2020]: Home Office denies request to contact foreign app support team due to security concerns. Junior technicians are put on monitored lockdown to prevent them from reaching out through their own personal communication. Prison Riot task force is dissolved.

"I understand your frustration that they did not take your bait, and that the task force tether is cut. But this is an opportunity to cast a wider net...Yes, I still have full confidence in my design...I mean, of course I'm not going to wear it...Stay back, stay back!"

[May 19, 2020]: Social media posts report connectivity issues for large amounts of users. Users are unable to unlock and remove devices even if they retained control. Social media profile for derivative prototype issues public notice they work to resolve connectivity issues.

[June 2, 2020]: Report that the Representative of Linrawa has been locked for a month and unable to unlock his device. He has received a ransom from an unknown email claiming to release his locked status and app usage history unless he pays a large sum. Email is forwarded to Home Office for handling of the sensitive situation. Decision is to move the representative out from the public eye until the device can be safely removed.

[June 16, 2020]: Two more reports of public officials are directed to Home Office, each with notices to pay large sums or be outed as a user of the device. Users are still not able to unlock, posting online that their devices will randomly vibrate sometimes for long periods. Some users have sought medical attention for help in removing, but x-rays of the devices show it is not safe to remove due to unknown components inside the devices.

[June 30, 2020]: News outlets report on multitudes of people locked in these devices with no safe way of release, prompting questions of whether Home Office should step in or if that violates personal privacy rights of citizens. Home Office does not issue response. Users share personal stories of long-term effects of being locked, including reduced stress and increased pleasure. Other users post how they were able to get unlocked by transferring ownership to user "Big S". Home Office discovered these posts came from unverified users, and that transferring to Big S left the users with a device that beeped every minute. These users could no longer remain discrete.

[July 14, 2020]: Public unrest grows over Home Office's non-response. Locked users show increased usage home-delivery apps. Users continue to play in-app tile-matching game, noting they are required to play at least once a day or their device will beep constantly starting at 6AM. Users also note they are now discoverable using the in-app map. Some users are arrested for burglaries, thefts, and kidnappings, each claiming they were blackmailed to doing so by Big S. Home Office creates task force, Secure Front, for identifying domestic users.

[July 28, 2020]: Secure Front uses in-app map to locate domestic users. Users are transported to secondary location and detained to limit risk of further violence under duress. News outlets report on detention of users, some arguing against due to personal freedom rights and some arguing for due to safety of others.

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Post by Mummyboi »

So far so good

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Post by Viperbound7 »

This is neat, would love to see where this goes and learn about the fates of the detained.

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Post by bigsmile21 »

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on March 10, 2020:
"Just purchased a new chastity cage. Very excited! Offers remote play with others through an app. Currently self-locked and playing around with the settings. I think it looks pretty sleek, but what do you all think?" [picture attached]

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on March 17, 2020:
"One week locked and loving it! A tight fit, so it's a constant reminder that I'm locked (now by someone else) throughout the day. @lockerroomjoe says I'll stay locked another week if this post gets 100 likes/shares."

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on March 24, 2020:
"Thank you so much for the attention! More than my dick's gotten in two weeks. @lockerroomjoe is holding an auction for my ownership status. Kind of hot. Comment below of how much you think I'm worth."

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on April 7, 2020:
"New ownership rights go to "Big S", who doesn't have a Chitterchat account but messaged through the chastity app. Said they'd pay big money to do "whatever they wanted" to me. Too bad @jockerroomjoe said I don't get to see any of that cash. Kind of unfair if you ask me. New instructions to come tonight, but to be honest I'm hoping for some sweet release soon."

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on May 19, 2020:
"No word from Big S in over a month! The app keeps crashing every time I open it. The chastity cage doesn't even register on my phone anymore as a Bluetooth device. I know you guys keep egging them on in the comments to keep me locked, but I haven't had release in two months. Please, will someone message Big S?"

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on June 2, 2020:
"The app support team is crap. Took them a week to respond to my email and even then they said they couldn't detect my device. It's right here!"

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on June 9, 2020:
"Tried having guys over as a distraction. Have to explain to each one the long story of why I'm locked and why I can't unlock for them. Some find it hot, others are find it weird. Those that stay seem to lose interest in it after a few nights. Has definitely changed my dynamics in bed. I've been living with this thing for over three months now and some days I forget it's there, until it's time to shower or I reach in my pockets for keys/wallet."

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on June 16, 2020:
"Finally, finally, finally! The app is working and I can see their messages. They sent me an initial "Hello!" message a week after they'd "bought" me, a few messages after that asking for a response so they could play, and more recently the tone shifted to angry. Replied that I couldn't get the app to work but they didn't believe me. They changed my unlock date to six months from now. Six months! They also changed the prize wheel settings on the in-app game to be 75% odds to add more days and 25% odds to remove days from the counter. If I play the games I might dig myself a deeper hole, but at this point it's my only shot at release."

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on June 23, 2020:
"I tried reaching out again and they scolded me for whining and added another month to my lock-up time. This sucks. But I think I've timed the spinner on the games to where it almost always lands two tiles over. I've been able to shave off a week using this trick. See below and comment if it helps!" [picture attached]

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on June 30, 2020:
"I've deleted the prior post. Please stop sharing the pic. Big S messaged that they didn't like me "cheating" and added 1 day for each like/share to teach me a lesson. The trick doesn't seem to work anymore, so I guess the app developers caught on and changed things up. My cage started beeping this morning. I don't know if it's related to Big S's retaliation, cause I can't find any setting for it in the app. It's loud, so I didn't go out today in case someone noticed."

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on July 7, 2020:
"Beeping has slowed down to once an hour. Woke up to the cage vibrating this morning. Big S messaged me that they thought I'd earned a reward after deleting the bad post so quickly. Trouble is the cage has been vibrating all day. It's quiet enough that it doesn't make any noise (unless my keys or phone touch it in my pockets)."

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on July 14, 2020:
"New app policy requires me to play a game at least once a day. I'm still at 75/25 odds, so I've added more days than I won any reprieve. At this rate I will continue to stay locked, and it will be my own fault. Thought of messaging Big S for a reset on the odds, but saw they'd left me a weird message. I have to stand outside they mayor's office in just my underwear and hold up a protest sign against some bill on steel trade. I'm honestly not sure what to do."

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on July 21, 2020:
"Went to the protest and there were at least fifteen other guys in there. All in their underwear, with the chastity cage clearly outlined underneath. Camera crews showed up and started filming. One guy got embarrassed and started walking away. He got across the street then collapsed, holding his crotch. We froze. A cop walked up to us and told us to disperse. I didn't know who I was more afraid of: him or Big S. We didn't move, and more cops showed up. We all spent the night in jail, still in our underwear, and are out on bail. I checked my messages and Big S said I did a great job. They took off a whole month!"

Chitterchat post by yungblood26 on July 28, 2020:
"Having a record sucks. I lost my job thanks to being on the news and the arrest. Public defender says we all have the strangest defense they've ever heard of, but they'd still work to sort things out. My cage has been vibrating like crazy since I earned my "reward". The other guys from the protest are staying together as a sort of support group. Scared of what comes next, but at least I have them."

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Love the premise!!
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