Wonderful Girlfriend (F/M)

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Wonderful Girlfriend (F/M)

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I am dating a girl named Sarah. She is a little more than a year older than me. She is a senior in college, and I’m a junior. For the record, I am six foot, and she is five foot one inch. We’ve been dating for five months, so I decided to reveal that I like bondage to her. I have never told anyone this before, so it is a big deal for me. I told her I mainly like tying, but I would also like being tied. She tells me that she isn’t into bondage and doesn’t have any kinks, but she is willing to tie me up. She is a very understanding girlfriend. She says she is really against being tied up herself.

Although she says she doesn’t have any kinks, I don’t think that’s true. She doesn’t seem to realize she is into feet. When we cuddle naked, we will rub our feet on each other’s feet. She will even rub her feet up and down my legs.

We plan to have her tie me up on a Friday night after her Archaeology Club meeting. They are showing a documentary on how to sustain a greener environment. Since neither of us have rope, we decide she will tie me up with my belts and one of her belts. She also has a pink ball gag that she won at our college’s safe sex carnival earlier that school year. She says she has never used it. She brings her things in a cute unicorn metal lunchbox and leaves it in my dorm room for later. She is really into unicorns.

Sarah and I walk back to my dorm after watching the documentary on green environments. The metal unicorn lunch box is waiting for us. It is filled with a bunch of fun toys that can and will be used on me.

Sarah and I climb onto my bed. We start to cuddle. Sarah has her right arm around me then wraps her right leg around both my legs holding them snug and still. I slip my left arm under her leg so she is in control of my body's movement. She is holding down all of my limbs.

I lean in to kiss her. She leans in to kiss me back. It is a passionate kiss. She has my lower lip. At the end of the kiss, she lightly bites and tugs on my bottom lip. It feels so great.

Eventually we move on to undressing each other. I love taking off Sarah's shirt. I love undressing her in general. It makes me know she trusts me by letting me do it. I get satisfaction by taking off her bra myself.

I have her naked except for her panties, I stop. I know she likes to keep those on. She has taken off all of my clothes except for my boxers.

“What now?” Sarah asks.
I put my hand over one of her boobs. “We cuddle for just a little longer.”
She wraps herself around me, securing me again. I had told her I love it when she does this.

After a few more minutes I announce, “I'm ready.”
“What first?”
“I think we should start with the wrists. You can use your pink belt.”

As she is opening up her unicorn lunchbox, I lean forward and put my wrists together behind my back. I try to get my elbow as close together as I can.

“Oh. You want me to tie them behind your back.”
I get nervous, “yes…”
“Okay, let me see.”
She loops the belt around my wrists and tightens it until it's completely touching me around my wrists.
“Is this good?
“You can make it tighter.”
“Do you want it tighter?”

She tightens it and hooks the belt. I try to move down the bed some so I can lay down. This proves to be a difficult task.

“What now?”
“You can use a normal belt to tie my ankles together.”

As she is grabbing a belt, I cross my ankles, so this tie can be as tight as possible. She loops the belt around my ankles.

“You can make it as tight as it can go.”
“What if it cuts off circulation?”
“I will let you know.”

Sarah pulls the belt taut. I can feel the pressure from the belt. It feels nice. I have now lost complete control of my body. Sarah is in charge of what happens to me.

“Is there anything else?”
“Could you tie my knees as well?”

Sarah grabs another belt. “Just around your knees?”
“You can tie it right above my knees.”

I bend my legs, so my knees are in the air to make it easier for her to tie. Sarah ties it just as tight as she tied my ankles. Then she goes to synch the belt in between my legs. I’m impressed that someone who isn’t into bondage would think to do this. She shoves her hand in between my thighs. Since my legs are tied so tightly and thoroughly, her hand is very tight in between my thighs. This really gets me going.

I feel very secure with three belts holding my limps from moving. I lay my legs back on the bed.

“Are you ready for the gag?”
“Not quite yet.”

I am laying on my bed. Sarah has been crawling up and down the bed to get me all tied up. It was nice getting to see her naked. Completely exposed as she got me tied up.

Sarah lays down next to me and wraps her leg and arms around me once more. She runs her hand through my hair. It feels nice to have no control and have her soothingly comfort me while holding me down to the bed.

After a few minutes, I lean in to kiss her. We end up kissing for over a minute. After I pull away, she asks me “could you get out of that if you wanted to?”
“Not the legs, but I could probably get my hands free because it isn’t super tight.”
“Do you want me to make it tighter?”

I roll over onto my stomach. Sarah gets up smiling knowing she is going to better restrain me, immobilizing me. She undoes the hook and pulls the belt as tight as she is strong enough to make it, not because she is into it, but because she knows I will enjoy it.

“That feels better. I think I’m ready for the gag.”
“You think or know you are?
“I want the gag.”

Sarah helps me to sit up since my hands can’t assist me being completely restrained behind my back. She grabs the pink ball gag from the unicorn lunchbox. She holds the ball up to my mouth. I have to open up wider in order for her to finish getting it into my mouth. She proceeds to tighten the restraint behind my head as tight as it will go.

I lay back down. She lays next to me squeezing her boobs into my chest as she wraps her arms around me to keep me nice and secured. She uses one of her feet to rub my legs. She rubs my thighs as well as my calves with the sole and top of her foot. Although she says she doesn't have any fetishes, I know she has a bit of a foot fetish. I secretly want to worship her feet, but one thing at a time. One time I did kiss the top of her foot when we were cuddling.

“I’m really sorry,” she says.
“I have to go to the bathroom.” I nod at her. I say through the gag to take my dorm key and lock the door behind her. She gets off the bed, gets dressed, and leaves the room. She left me naked, tied and gagged on my bed. I truly can’t get out of the belts. Just the thought of her having the control over me and completely reliant on her coming back made me really excited. I knew she would. We love each other.

She came back a few minutes later, but it felt like longer because of my predicament. She gets naked again and climbs back onto my bed. By this point, I’m drooling from the ball gag, so she takes it off me. We cuddle with me still tied up for roughly another half hour. Then she unties me.

I wanted to be unrestrained in a certain order to make sure she had the control. First my knees, then my ankles, then my wrists. We get dressed again.

As we always do before I walk her back, she stands on my stool so we are almost the same height, although I am still a bit taller due to our height difference. Then we kiss. Usually we only kiss for a few seconds, but since tonight was special, we kissed for about a minute.

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Post by slackywacky »

She is a wonderful girlfriend indeed. Nicely written, thanks for posting. Will there be other adventures?
Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.
Slackywacky aka FH.

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Post by DanPeterson2019 »

I can share more stories if people would like me to.

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Post by Canuck100 »

DanPeterson2019 wrote:
3 days ago
I can share more stories if people would like me to.
Great story, quite hot! You’re lucky to have her

I’d love to read your other stories

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Post by TapeBondage123 »

Awesome story!! Thank you for sharing.

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