Greg : 01 - 48 Hours Of Ecstasy (f/m)

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Greg : 01 - 48 Hours Of Ecstasy (f/m)

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01 - 48 Hours Of Ecstasy
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By Greg

Tuesday, April 9th 2002 - 08:05:07 AM

48 Hours Of Ecstasy (Chapter One)

This is a true story that took place during the Christmas season this past year. Before I begin the re-telling of this story, let me start by saying a little bit about myself. My name is Greg. I am an 18 year-old high school student who just loves both tying and even more so being tied. Before this day I had been tied up on a few occasions by my ex when we were together, but nothing prepared me for what was in store on this winter's day. Before I forget, I should describe myself. For starters I am about 5'7", 145 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes. This particular story involves my friend Rachel. Rachel is about 5'7" as well, 130 lbs., soccer player build, shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, great legs, and succulent feet. I have a foot fetish, and much to my appeal, so does she. Although at the time of this story I had no idea about her fetishes.

On this particular occasion she came over to visit me while my parents were away on vacation. It was the perfect bondage setting, nobody home for several days, except I had no idea that the day would include and bondage whatsoever. I just figured she'd come over for a couple of days to visit. I never knew what the next 48 hours with Rachel would include.

Rachel and I had been good friends for several years, and, as I stated earlier, neither of us realized that we both had a love for bondage, foot-fetishes, and the like. I always had a bit of a crush on Rachel, but never pursued her because we were often already in relationships. On this particular day we decided to rent a DVD together, The Abyss. I had the DVD ready and was expecting her over at any minute. I went into my room to change and put on a pair of jeans, a sweater, and black shoes. Minutes after I changed she rang the doorbell. I opened the door and she was a thing of beauty. She was wearing a black leather jacket, white blouse, black skirt, tan pantyhose, and knee high black boots. I was in heaven just looking at her. To be honest, I never saw her look so good.

Anyway, we embraced and began talking for a while, and eventually sat down on the couch and began watching the movie. She had seen the movie like a million times and naturally started to quote almost every scene in the movie. After a while of putting up with this I clamped my hand over her mouth tightly to stop her from quoting every scene. She began mmmpppphing softly into my hand and began to struggle some. Naturally, I kept my hand as tightly clamped over her mouth as I possibly could. She would reach her hand up to pull my hand away and I eventually let her go.

When I pulled away she was a little flushed and although I wasn't sure if she enjoyed being handgagged, I could tell she definitely wasn't opposed to it.

Rachel, obviously flustered asked,"What was that for, Greg?"

I responded by telling her, "If you're not going to keep quite I am going to have to gag you."

She responded by saying, "If you're not careful I might turn the tables on you."

Hearing her say that sent shivers down my spine. Now don't get me wrong, I love being dominant, but there is no doubt in my mind that submission is total bliss. So, instead of being behind her where I could handgag her, I sat in front of her hoping she would eventually handgag me. Almost immediately I started talking through the movie. Seconds later she grabbed my left hand and sat down on my right hand so I could prevent her from doing what was about to happen. As soon as she had my hands she clamped her right hand over my mouth as tight as she could. I almost lost it. I started mmmmphing into her hand.

"Mmmmmmmph, mmmmmmmph, mmmmmmmpph", was about all that came out. Her hand was like a perfect fit over my mouth. I enjoyed it so much and wanted nothing but for her to keep her hand over my mouth so I started to struggle hard against her palm but she just kept me at bay by tightening her grip. Keep in mind, she is a soccer player and is only a few pounds lighter than I am, so despite my legitimate struggling, she pretty much had me securely at bay. I pushed my head forward but she clamped down hard and pressed my head against her chest. I was totally at her mercy. As soon as she had me against her chest she let go of me and I spoke.

"I had no idea you were so aggressive, Rachel. If I'd known that I would have tied you up to make you behave."

Rachel quickly responded. "No, I think it's you who's going to end up tied up, Greg."

It was pretty obvious to me that Rachel was into bondage so I had to ask the question most of us dread asking for fear of rejection.

"Rachel, are you into bondage at all? I'm only asking because I'm getting that impression from you."

Rachel responded like only Rachel would respond. "Uh, well it seems to me like YOU are the one with a love for bondage. But, yeah, I love it too. I had no idea you were into it. If I'd known that, I'd have tied you up when we were kids playing cops and robbers."

"So you're dominant?" I asked.

"I prefer it that way, but I also enjoy being tied up. To be honest with you, I'd like to scrap the movie and take this subject a little further if you don't mind." Rachel responded.

How could I resist. Of course I said yes and before I knew it she asked me if I had anything to use for a little game. Because I was already into bondage, I had a very nice stash of materials for playing with. I took Rachel into my bedroom and took out the stash, which included, several dozen lengths of white cotton rope nicely separated and ordered by length, two rolls of duct tape, a red ballgag, two ace bandages, and several rolls of black coban. Coban was always a fave of mine for gagging. Coban is a self adhering cloth material that secures like duct tape without the sticky messiness of duct tape. It's perfect for wrapping around the mouth.

Getting back to the story. Rachel was, needless to say, impressed.

"Damn, Greg. I don't even have this much stuff."

I responded by telling her, "I always keep it here just in case. I never in my wildest dreams thought we would be using it on each other. Rachel, believe me, I want to play with you, I just never knew. I guess our friendship is going to be a little different from now on."

Rachel responded, "I know, but I think it's worth it. Besides, we both find each other attractive, right? We both like bondage, right? Why not?"

I don't know what was more exciting, knowing that she had a little crush on me, or knowing that she knew I liked her. In any case, I couldn't argue with her on any level.

"So, Greg, will you let me tie you up?"

I replied, "Sure, just make absolutely certain that you tie me as tight as you can. I want to be tied up so well that I can't move. You can do whatever you want, tie me anyway you want, just make sure it's tight."

Rachel wasted little time. She asked me to take my sweater off and I did, revealing a black nylon tank top. I instinctively placed my hands behind my back and she placed my palms together and started wrapping coils of white nylon rope around my wrists. She wrapped them about eight times and then used a raven's head and cinched the knot tightly.

"Go ahead and try to struggle against the rope a little. I just want to see if you can get it loose a little." Said Rachel.

I tried my best but the knot was perfectly tied. Rachel then started tying my shoulders and elbows in place. Now, how she did it I still don't know. But she elaborately tied my elbows together as closely and tightly as she could. I'm not ultra-limber so I couldn't get them completely together, none-the-less, she tied my elbows and pinned my shoulders with a long strand of rope that wrapped around my body about five times.

"How do you feel, Greg? Is that tight enough so far." Said Rachel.

"It's incredible. Keep going." I responded.

She was glad I was so enthused, because she had a lot more tying in store for me. She then took some rope and tied my legs above the knees. She must have wrapped about four or five lengths of rope around my legs and then cinched the knot. It was a little difficult for her to get the rope cinched at first since my legs were so tightly bound, but she eventually tied them perfectly together.

I was started to get really hard at this point. It was total heaven for me. Part of me was more excited since I knew she wasn't even done yet. Most of me was anticipating being gagged. I love to be tied, but I LOVE being gagged. The more layers and the tighter the gag, the better the experience. I love being gagged into submission.

The gag wasn't the next thing she used. She still had more to do before that happened. She then tied my legs below the knees and cinched the knot after wrapping several layers of white rope around my legs. Then she started at my feet.

This is the end of Chapter One. Please let me know how you like the story so far. This is indeed a true story, which will hopefully enhance the reader's imagination and experience while reading this story. Please let me know if you like the story so far and post any comments or questions. I'd love to hear from readers. Chapter Two will be posted shortly.

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Wednesday, April 10th 2002 - 07:36:05 AM

48 Hours of Ecstasy (Chapter Two)

Now, keep in mind, I love female feet. But I really love having girls give my feet attention. Say what you will, but I like to keep my feet in great condition so that when the time comes, a girl will enjoy my feet. I was pleased that she took proper action.

"Greg, now that I've got you a little helpless, I think I'm going to take advantage just a little. Hope you don't mind." Rachel said.

At that she started untying my shoelaces and slipped off my shoes one by one.

"Rachel, what are you up to?" I asked.

She didn't respond, she just kept on. She flipped me over onto my back so that I was facing her. Slowly, she began slipping my socks off. I flexed my toes a little and started to get a little playful by raising my feet a little toward her mouth. She told me there would be time for that later and began binding my feet.

"Tight, Rachel. I really want them tied tight so I can't...mmmmmmmmph! mmmmmmmph!" Right then she stop tying my feet and clamped her hand over my mouth, placing all of the weight of her hand and body on to my mouth. I squirmed as much as my helpless body could but couldn't even move. Her hand clamped over my mouth so tight that my cheeks must have been bulging out. Playfully, I kept trying to cry out and moan.

"Mmmmmmmph! Mmmmmm, mmmmmmph! Mmmmmmmmmph!!!!" Was all that came out.

Rachel commented, "I love to hear you moan. It's such an attractive sound coming from you."

I almost died hearing her say that. She then got off of me and started back at my feet. She must have wrapped my feet in nearly a dozen coils of rope. Her ropework was quite impressive too. Very neat and precise, which is a huge plus in my book. When the bondage looks good visually, it usually means it's being done right. She was certainly tying me up better than I had ever been tied up. She made a raven's head at the ankles and started cinching the knot holding my helpless barefeet together.

Rachel then flipped me back over onto my stomach and handgagged me tightly. "Time for your mouth, Gregory! I am going to gag you so tight you won't be able to say a word. All you'll be able to do is moan and scream and there won't be anything you can do about it."

I was in total heaven at this point. I tried crying out and again started to mmmmmmph as seductively and as softly as I could. Rachel knew I was enjoying this, and by the looks of things, she was loving it. Rachel kept her right hand clamped tightly over my mouth and with her left hand she grabbed the ballgag. She released her right hand and started to push the ballgag into my mouth. The ballgag was standard sized and fit perfectly into my quivering mouth. She buckled the gag as tight as she could without it hurting me. It was a perfect fit. I moaned and moaned, breathing loudly through my nostrils as she buckled the gag into my mouth.

"That's just the beginning, sweetie. I've got much more to go." Rachel spoke.

I was already in bliss, but what she did next was great. She took the black coban and placed it to my ballgagged lips. She started wrapped the coban over my already securely gagged mouth. She just wrapped and wrapped layer after layer until the coban ran out. She wrapped the gag around my mouth about fifteen times before it ran out.

The coban was neatly wrapped around my already gagged mouth and it prevented me from spitting out the ballgag. Not that there was any chance of that even without the coban. But, I wanted it this way. The double gag was great because it not only filled my mouth, which satisfied an oral fixation, but also created a great sensation with the coban wrapped around my mouth, acting as the perfect seal over my lips.

"How's that, sweetheart? Are you happy now? Just wondering, because we have 48 hours together, and that only took 20 minutes to tie you up and gag you. There's so much more yet to come, Greg." Rachel said.

Now I was completely tied up and gagged and I was still hoping she would add one last feature to my current situation. Just as I thought that she bent my knees and I knew what was coming. Yes!!! Now I was being hogtied. It's what I wanted because it made the soles of my barefeet so vulnerable. She couldn't quite get my wrists and feet touch, but it was still a very tight and secure hogtie. I started cooing into the gag and began twisting around, testing my bonds. The bonds were secure and I was totally at her mercy. I couldn't move my wrists at all and my whole body was immobile. My feet were exposed to her and I was just waiting for my feet to be touched. I wanted it so badly but there was nothing I could do but wait patiently.

"Greg, I'm going to make this so worthwhile. Trust me. But first, I want to leave you for a little while. I'm going to blindfold you in a second and leave you to struggle for a bit. I want to hear you moaning and see you squirming when I get back. Just don't worry, I'll be right back." Rachel said.

She then took out another roll of coban and blindfolded me with it. Now, the first thing I thought was, she's going to leave me like this and we didn't even discuss safewords. Well, apparently Rachel had done this quite a bit before because the next thing she said was the following.

"I'm going to leave this bell in your hands. It's a little Christmas bell that I had in my purse. If you aren't doing well, just ring the bell consistently, and I'll ungag you."

She had all bases covered and at that she kissed me on the cheek and left the room. Or so I thought. The impression I got was that she was leaving. I later found out that she never left and just wanted to watch me struggle.

I started struggling with all my might. I started the gag talk right away. "Mmmmmmmmph! mmmmmm, mmmmm. Mmmmmmph!!!! Mmmmmmmph!!!!"

I started struggling with all I had in me but the ropes were too tight. The ropes wrapped around my wrists were snug and weren't letting me go anywhere, especially since I was hogtied so effectively. I started wriggling my toes and feet testing the ropes wrapped around my ankles but they were extremely tight. I kept moving my toes and feet hoping to get somewhere but it was useless.

The bonds holding my elbows and shoulders were the only thing that was uncomforting me in the least. But, everything else made it worthwhile.

I began testing my gag again by trying to push on the ballgag. The gag was securely locked in my mouth and the coban sealed my mouth shut. It was just like someone had wrapped duct tape around my mouth. It was the ultimate gag. I started moaning for Rachel again, trying to get her attention, totally unaware that she was still in the room, getting off, no doubt, on watching me struggle. I started in again.

"Mmmmmmmmmph!!! Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmph!!!"

I kept squirming and moaning. This went on for what seemed like an eternity. In all it was probably about ten minutes until I heard Rachel talk.

"So, is my little abductee ready for me? We have so much playing to do, sweetie."

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Thursday, April 11th 2002 - 10:17:19 PM

48 Hours Of Ecstasy (Chapter Three)

Rachel then grabbed my hogtied feet and began raking her fingernails on the soles of my feet. I squirmed as much as my bound body would let me but there was nothing I could do. I moaned into the gag in protest, although I really wasn't protesting it at all. The gag was so secure that only mild a "mmmmmmmph! mmmmmmmph" would escape the gag.

Rachel started playing with my feet by starting at the heel of my foot and would move up to the soles with her fingernails. It was total heaven even if it was torture! I don't think I've ever "mmmmmmmphed" that much in my life. I kept moaning and wailing into the gags that held my mouth secure.

Rachel spoke, "Poor baby. I love seeing you struggle, it's so empowering and erotic. I'm just starting too."

I wanted nothing more than for this to continue, and it did. Next, Rachel grabbed my feet at the ankles and started to lick my toes. She tickled my feet so gently with her tongue that it was both erotic and ticking. She darted her tongue onto each toe and gently massaged my feet with her hands. She then started to nibble and suck on my toes and that pretty much started to put me over. I was completely in a state of bliss at this point. She started at the pinky toe and moved closer to the big toe, spending about a minute on each toe until she reached the big toe. As soon as she got there she started sucking on my big toes while tickling my soles. I tried to struggle, but I was in such a state of euphoria that any struggling at all was totally futile. I cooed softly into the gag and gave up any struggling at all. I just let her tickle me and torture me for what seemed like forever.

"I hope your enjoying this as much as I am, sweetie. This is quite a nice surprise. I had no idea you enjoyed this so much." Rachel said.

She then stated the tickle torture again. She started tickling each foot but instead of starting at the heel, she started in between the toes. I tried to fend her off by curling my toes and wrinkling my soles but it was useless. She raked her nails in between each toe and onto the balls of my feet. I struggled again, with futility. I tried stopping her with my hogtied hands, but my feet were just out of reach. I flexed my toes and feet as much as possible, but she was ruthless. She kept tickling my helpless feet for a good 15 minutes.

When she finally stopped, I was totally out of breath and exhausted. She then decided to play nice and started to massage me a bit. She rubbed my tired soles and every so often gave me a very sensual lick up the sole of my foot to keep my at attention. She moved down to my bound knees and rubbed my calves and thighs a little. It actually tickled more than it massaged, but I didn't have the strength to protest. I moaned into the gags just to let her know how much I was enjoying it.

"Are you okay? I just want to make sure your okay?" Rachel said.

I gave her an affirmative nod and with that she took off the blindfold and told me she was leaving for a minute. At this point I was surprisingly still comfortable. The ballgag was the only thing that hurt but I wasn't ready to have it taken off quite yet. When Rachel got back, she brought into my room a ladder back chair from the kitchen.

"It's like I said, we're hardly getting started. The chair is for later. As long as it's okay with you." Rachel said.

As soon as she said that I noticed she had something in her hands. She brought with her some ice cubes from the freezer. My eyes made daggers at her hand.

"Oh, this is just a little something I want to try on you. Don't worry, it's just as torturing as my fingers are. My ex-boyfriend used them on me and it's incredible." She said.

She then moved behind me and grabbed my feet. I was trembling with fear. I had never had someone place ice cubes on me so this was really a new experience. She grabbed my feet and I immediately curled my toes.

"This isn't going to work. You can still squirm too much." Rachel said.

She opened the drawer with the rope stash and with a knife that was in the drawer, she cut some small twine and held it in front of me.

"Since your little toes are being so squeamish, how about I tie them up too." She said.

She laughed a little under her breath and placed the twine in between my big toes and my second toes and tied my big toes together. She wasn't finished either. She tied off the end of the rope to the ropes that held me hogtied, exposing my barefeet even more than before. Now, I had been tied up before, but never tied up this well and this elaborately. I couldn't believe that she was this good at it, but I sure as hell wasn't complaining. With the layered gag tied over and into my mouth, protesting wasn't even an option anyway!

As soon as my toes were tied, she began to wet the ice cubes and started gliding them across the soles of my feet. I yelled softly into the gags.

"Mmmmmmmph, mmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmph."

She asked if I was okay and again I nodded. She started again, running the cold ice cubes along my arches and towards the balls of my feet. I moaned loudly and started to quiver all over. I was partly turned on by it all and partly waiting in anticipation of where the ice cubes were going next. She kept the ice cubes at the balls of my feet and began to lick the wet spots along my arches with her tongue. She licked up and down, sucking all of the water off of my soles. She then moved to the part that she wanted tortured the most. My toes.

She placed two ice cubes on top of my exposed toes. This sent terrific shivers down my body and as much as I fought it, my toes were completely helpless. She glided the ice cubes all along my toes from the pinky toes to the big toes and kept on until the cubes melted. After the cubes melted, she playfully snickered and began sucking my toes. I lost it at this point. I cried out into the gag. She knew the ice cubes were something I'd enjoy and she was right. If I only knew just how kinky she was before, this would have happened ages ago! She kept sucking my toes and when she finally finished, she sat along side me.

"So, how was that? Are you ready to take those gags off now?" Rachel said.

I nodded and moaned affirmatively and she started to unwrap the coban. After the coban was removed she unclamped and unhooked the ballgag and removed it from my mouth. Thank God I don't drool, because the length of time she kept the ballgag in for would have made most drool quite a bit. I stared into her eyes and spoke.

"That was so incredible. What's next?"

Because this was such a new and pleasing experience on so many levels, I just wanted to keep going. Who knows what else she had in store.

Rachel said, "Well, I think the chair is looking mighty appealing right now. What do you say we get you untied and we'll get you ready for the next round? Okay?"

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Thursday, April 25th 2002 - 08:16:57 PM

48 Hours of Ecstasy (Chapter Four)

When Rachel asked me if I wanted to be tied up again, this time to a chair, I certainly jumped on the opportunity. Rachel had just hogtied me tighter than I had ever been tied before and I was still wanting more.

At this point I was still hogtied. Rachel had only removed the gags from my mouth and it took a good five to ten minutes for Rachel to untie me. After all of the ropes had been removed from my body I noticed how much rope had been used and it was amazing. There was rope everywhere and lots of marks all over my body.

As soon as I was untied, I asked Rachel if I could use the restroom first so that I could "freshen up." I just wanted to regather myself more than anything.

"That might be a good idea, because you're going to be tied up for a long time, sweetie." Rachel said.

I just grinned and walked across the hall to the restroom. When I returned, I noticed that Rachel had all of the rope nicely separated and ordered by length. She also had taken out the roll of duct tape from the drawer where I kept my bondage stash. The chair had been placed in the middle of my room and Rachel was laying on the floor next to the ropes.

"So, how do you feel? I mean, was there anything you didn't like or anything you want to say?" Rachel asked.

I responded, "Words just don't do it justice. It was amazing. I've never been tied up so well like that before. Too bad it's such a difficult position to stay in for a long time. I really didn't want you to untie me!"

Rachel said, "I know. I've been hogtied like that before and I couldn't stay that way for more than 45 minutes or so. It's hard on the wrists when your hands and feet are tied like that."

I added, "The ballgag was a little hard on my jaw. When you gag me next time, try something new. I want to see what you might want to try on me. You seem to know what I like anyways, so be creative."

Now I had been totally satisfied just knowing how much Rachel enjoyed bondage, but knowing she had a liking for feet was really an added plus. I'm sure most of you will agree that combining two or three fetishes is much more fun than one. I addressed this to Rachel, "It was a real treat having my feet played with so much. I love that! I hope I get to play with yours at some point."

Rachel responded, "Oh, you will, sweetie. I promise. I like having my feet played with just as much as you like having yours played with. I didn't know you had a foot fetish."

Ever since I was a kid, I always loved girls' feet. I don't know why or how it started and I don't care. I always sneaked a peek at Rachel's feet. For as long as I've known her I've always had a little crush on her and I always noticed her feet. She has perfect feet from heel to toe. Rachel always kept her feet very well pedicured. I'm guessing she's about a six or a seven in size. Long toes, smooth soles, and always painted toenails. Just perfect. I addressed Rachel, "You know now. I love having my feet played with. That's why I keep them in such good shape. I always dreamed of having my feet played with, I just never thought it would ever happen. Especially with you."

Rachel blushed a little and responded, "I liked tickling you and I certainly enjoyed seeing you squirm. We'll have to do that again. This time though, I want to tie you to a chair. I want to see if you can get out of a chair-tie. The nice thing about being tied to a chair is the longevity. I can keep you tied up for a long time and I plan on keeping you my prisoner for quite a while. I just want to see if you can get out of the chair-tie."

A little curious, I asked "So what will you do while I'm tied up? Are you just going to sit there?"

Rachel responded, "I'll be in the room with you, watching you. I'll probably watch a little television or something. Don't worry."

I told Rachel that I wasn't at all worried, just a little curious. Rachel seemed to be a little sadistic in that she liked seeing me so helpless. But, believe me, I loved knowing Rachel loved seeing me bound and gagged and totally helpless. I was ready for her little challenge, too. At the same time, I was actually kind of hoping she would tie me up well enough that I couldn't get free.

At that moment I sat down in the chair and Rachel gave me instructions to place my hands behind my back, palm to palm. Rachel took a very long length or rope began wrapping it around my wrists. She started higher up on my wrists and worked her way down, in all she wrapped my wrists about a dozen times. As soon as she finished wrapping my wrists with rope, she started wrapping my wrists horizontally and finally cinched the knot high up on my wrists, keeping the knot well out of fingers reach.

Rachel asked me if the ropes were too tight and I said they were fine. After telling her my wrists were fine, she began binding my elbows. As I mentioned earlier, I am not the most limber person, but I can get my elbow fairly close. Rachel got my elbows tied by wrapping rope horizontally around my elbows leaving about six inches of slack between each elbow. She then used the remaining rope to cinch the ropes, keeping my elbows bound very comfortably. The ropes were very snug and showed little sign of causing me any real discomfort. On the other hand, there was no way I was getting free. She could have stopped there and she would have won the challenge.

Of course, Rachel was just getting started. Rachel sat on top of my legs and asked, "So, are you comfy?"

"You know I am. You're such a tease, Rachel." I responded.

"I know, but you love it. I'll tease you even more later. You know you love it!" Rachel said.

She then kissed me on the cheek and asked me to place my feet together. She took a long strand of rope and started wrapping the rope very neatly around my ankles. The rope felt so snug on around my ankles and I felt so helpless. While she was binding my ankles together, I began to struggle with my wrists. Testing the bonds, I realized that I was not getting free. My wrists were bound together too well and the added elbow bondage prevented me from struggling much with my wrists.

Rachel finished binding my ankles by cinching the knot. She had bound my ankles about a dozen times horizontally and about six times vertically. My ankles were totally helpless and she wasn't done with them either. She took the small twine and tied my two big toes together to further immobilize my bare feet. I wiggled my toes a little and couldn't get my feet apart at all.

Rachel then moved up to my knees and began wrapping rope around my legs just below the knees. After binding my knees, she cinched the knot and moved behind me. Rachel then clamped her hand over my mouth and pulled back a little forcing my head back against her body. Rachel spoke, "I think I know exactly how I want to gag you. I think we'll skip the ballgag and move to something different. For now, though, I think I'll just use my hand."

I struggled with all of my might and tried to move my head around, but she held my mouth tightly and I couldn't budge. When I tried to free my hands, the ropes binding my arms prevented me from getting anywhere. I kept working on trying to get free from her hands but I was helpless. Rachel then grabbed the duct tape and ripped off a long strip with her teeth. Using her free hand, she held the duct tape up to my handgagged mouth and spoke, "Keep your mouth shut."

She then removed her hand and pulled the strand of duct tape over my mouth. She handgagged me again over the duct tape and sealed the tape tightly, sealing my mouth. She repeated the process again by placing three more strips over my mouth. Two in an X and another over the X. I probably could have worked the tape off since she didn't stuff anything into my mouth before using the tape, but she was well prepared when it came to gagging me. She then took the coban and began wrapping it around my tapegagged mouth. She tightly wrapped the entire roll around my mouth, preventing me from working the tape off of mouth. It would have taken a good amount of struggling to get these gags off of my mouth. "That should keep you quiet, sweetie." Rachel said. "Time to tie you to the chair."

When she said that, I thought I was already tied to the chair. After all, my ankles, toes, knees, elbows, and wrists were already bound. However, what she meant was, she wanted to tie my body to the chair. She started my taking a strand of rope and looping it around my bound wrists. With the rope looped around my wrists, she tied off the other end to the lowest rung on the back of the chair. She tightened off the rope, leaving very little slack. This left my wrists tied not only together, but to the chair itself as well.

Like clockwork, she then moved down to my feet. Kneeling down, she looped a rope around my bound ankles and tied them off to a rung in the back of the chair just below the seat. This forced my feet to the back of the chair. I tested the bonds and they prevented any forward motion at all. She then moved up and harnessed my body to to the chair by wrapping rope around my chest. After she wrapped my chest to the chair, she brought the remaining rope through a raven's head behind my back and looped the rope back over my shoulders, tieing off the rope to my shoulders. This harness, effectively tied my chest to the chair and prevented me from getting my body away from the chair.

"Almost done. Don't worry, I won't be far." Rachel said.

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Awesome story. I love the face she has a foot fetish too and clearly experience I. The art of restraint and torture. I particularly loved the big toe tie back to his ankles. The best way to keep someone's soles stretched and vulnerable
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