Kenny : 02 - "Bodyguard and client" at scouts meeting (mmm/mm)

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Kenny : 02 - "Bodyguard and client" at scouts meeting (mmm/mm)

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02 - "Bodyguard and client" at scouts meeting
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By Kenny

Friday, April 19th 2002 - 02:02:23 PM

Bodyguard and client

Here is one of my stories I hope you all enjoy it. The events in this story took place back in March of this year. There were only 5 guys involved, Me(18), Dennis(14), Dana(13), Cody(16) and Tex(17).

Cody and Tex Were brothers who had just recently transferred to our troop back in January and had been in Dennis's old troop from back in Texas. These two guys were huge both over 6 feet tall, and weigh in excess of 250 pounds each.

These guys who were in Dennis's old troop and enjoy messing with Dennis at troop meetings just for fun and catching up on old times . We would joke around with each other and usually it was me or Dennis who got picked on. Everyone would make racial jokes towards me which I dont mind usually cause I make about myself as well and everyone would pick on Dennis simply because we could. Dana would get a few here and there since he was the shortest in our group. At meetings leading up to the campout Tex and Cody would tell Dennis that at the next campout they were going to get him. What made things worse for Dennis was that his birthday was the weekend of the campout.

A couple of weeks prior to the campout I was in a bind trying to decide whose side I was going to be on. As much as I wanted to see Dennis tied up I eventually decided that I since it was already two on one I would side with him to try and make things even. At the meeting prior to the campout I informed everyone of my decision. I said I would be Dennis's bodyguard and stand ready and willing to take anything Dennis does. When I did this Dana decided to side with Tex and Cody Mostly out of spite but also just to mess with Dennis. So now the sides were set. BTW this event only involved the older scouts that went on the campout there were about 5 other scouts and an adult and since I am 18 I am considered an adult so was the second adult on the trip.

The camp we went to was one of the camps own by the council. It had tent sites and cabins. Our troop planned on having the youth stay in the cabin and the adults stay in what we called the "doublewide" which is a mobile home type building with two large bedrooms and two smaller bedrooms. But we were informed that the adults and the youth had to stay in the same area to the youth got to camp in the "doublewide". The younger scouts took one large bedroom and the older scouts took the other.

It was already dark so stayed in the "doublewide most of the night only leaving for an hour or so to play a game of manhunt which is basically a version of hide-and-seek where there are teams. It was between 9 and 10 PM on a Friday and I was with the older boys in their room. We were goofing off talking and playing cards. We had finished playing the card game and began talking when Tex started to get some rope out. I said "Uh-oh" in anticipation of what was going to happen next. I told Dennis to get behind me and when he did I spread my arms out saying he had to get through me first. While we were talking me and Dennis were slowly backing up until we were in the corner near the door. We didn't try to run out since Dennis was barefoot and I had had my boots on but did not want to run and leave him to the sharks. Meanwhile Dana and Cody sat on their bunks waiting to see whats going to happen next.

Tex finally got close to us and then reaching out and looped the rope around one of my wrists and when he tugged on the rope it made the loop tighten around my wrist. I wasn't worried so I did not attempt to get the rope off my wrist. Tex next started to wrap the rope around my upper body randomly and when he started wrapping Dennis ran across the room. Tex told Cody to grab him which, he did and when he did he held on to him very tightly and Dennis just sat there and waited for his fate. At the same time I was frantically spinning around keeping myself from being wrapped up.

Everyone commented that the way was spinning and turning made it look like I was breakdancing. After I got out of the rope I tried to ran across the room to assist Dennis but I got halfway across the room before the rope around my wrist caught me and made me stop dead in my tracks. Tex then caught up with me and grabbed my wrists forcing them behind my back. I tired to pull my wrists free but to no avail. Tex then told Dana to tie my feet together so I couldn't run. Dana then grabbed some rope, which I was carrying in my pocket and proceeded to tie the rope around my ankles and before he finished he had looped the rope between the shoelaces of my boots before finally knotting it off. Next Dana stood up and began tie my wrists parallel to each behind my back using the rope that already looped around my wrists while Tex held my hands back. He coiled the rope around my wrists a few times then wrapped vertically and tying the rope off when the rope ran out.

While I was being tied Dennis attempted to get away but was only able to break lose of Cody's hold to a short time and Cody caught up with Dennis at Dennis's bunk where was to my right and slightly behind me. After Dana finished with my hands and then forced me onto my knees, Tex went to got the duct tape, which was mine, and taped the fingers on my hands together, excluding my thumbs. He then told Dana to gag me while he and Cody dealt with Dennis.

Dana was a bit apprehensive about doing since he did not like putting duct tape on people's faces. He asked me if I minded and I told him to go ahead and that it was no big deal and then placed a single strip across my mouth. With a single strip across my mouth I just simply pulled my lips apart and it came off. Dana then just took the tape off and left me ungagged.

I was able to maneuver fairly well so I turned around so I could see what was being done to Dennis. I watched as they tied each of his wrists to a corner of his bunk and then tied his feet together and with rest of the rope tied to one of the poles on the foot of the bed. Dennis was on his back tied down to the bed and he could not move to avoid anything that Tex did to him.

As I watched Tex and Cody deal with Dennis the adult walked in the door and we all looked at him to see what he had to say. He simply said them "make sure that you untie the assistant scoutmaster (referring to me) before anything happens" and with that he left and closed the door.

I then proceed to attempt to get my hands free and I was doing pretty well. The rope around my wrists was not very tight so I trying to slide my hands out but before I could finish Dana who was standing behind me saw what I was doing and warned Tex but Tex just game him two more ropes and said use these. I just sighed and said, "Ah man." Dana used the same technique of wrapping the ropes around my wrists and then frapping between my wrists cinching it off. So now I had three ropes tied around my wrists and I probably could have escaped but I was more worried about helping Dennis.

Since I had been struggling with the ropes for several minutes my hands had gotten sweaty and the sweat loosened the adhesive on the duct tape around my fingers and I was able to slide the tape off my fingers on both of my hands. From this point on Dana took more of a passive role and watched us. I then was able to scoot on my knees to the corner of the bed by Dennis's feet where the rope was tied to the bunk and began to untie the knot luckily my hands were at the right height to reach the knot. Before I could finish however Tex gave me a slight push, which caused to me to lose my balance and feel forward landing on my chest and stomach with a THUD. Everyone looked down at me except for Dennis because I was out of his view and they all asked if I was Ok since I wasn't moving. I wasn't moving because I was too busy laughing but I managed to say that I was fine and I lay on the ground for a few minuets laughing and watching Tex torture Dennis.

Tex had brought a cooler with some sodas in it and took an ice cube from the cooler and held it above Dennis's forehead and let the water drip onto him. Dennis could not take this I don't know why but it caused him to squirm like crazy but the ropes kept him put. Tex would let the water drip on his head for a while then would move over and let it drip on his arm and switched back and forth when ever he pleased but it had the same effect on Dennis no matter which spot the water dripped. Tex then came over to me who was lying on ground on my side and let the water drip onto my head. I sat there and looked at him giving no reaction.

He asked "Doesn't that bother you Kenny?" and I told him "nope, it is just cold and getting me wet". With that he returned to Dennis since he was more fun to torture.

I don't believe Tex or Cody ever tickled Dennis that night but they could have since he was barefoot and was at their mercy. Dana was thoroughly enjoying the entire thing and was laughing at us. During the time Dennis was being tortured I made several attempts to untie the rope the was tied to his bunk and each time he would cheer me on "come on Kenny untie it" and each time before I could finish I was knocked off balance by a small push and fell to the floor.

I was able to get to my knees again by getting on my side and bringing my knees up towards my chest then roll onto my knees and used my head to push myself off the ground and sit up. The entire event last maybe an hour I am not totally sure but after Tex and Cody felt enough time passed hey said "ok lets untie them now" after that command he and his brother Cody began to free Dennis while Dana untied me. It took several minutes to untie me since there were more ropes to undo. Overall I think we all had fun. I know I did.


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